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ex (26f) won’t stop contacting me (27f) during no contact - do i ignore?

2023.06.06 19:27 e_de_k ex (26f) won’t stop contacting me (27f) during no contact - do i ignore?

tl;dr: broke up with my ex for the second and final time three weeks ago. they agreed on no contact, but have contacted me every week since. how do i handle this?
i broke up with my ex for the second and final time three weeks ago. it’s complicated, because we live within - 2 minute walking distance from each other. i said i needed no contact. since the break up, the first week after no contact she tried to leave me small gifts in my mailroom. the next week, she walked her dog down my street during the time she knows i sit on the porch in the evening. the third week, she tried to email me, and then she texted me yesterday.
i’ve been ignoring it because to me it shows how my boundaries are not being respected. the email said she wanted to see me because she’s worked on herself and wants to apologize, but if that were true i feel like she’d be respecting my need for space.
the neighbor situation is not ideal lol
i did say during the breakup it’d be nice to just see her around as a friendly neighbor and chat civilly from time to time, but i don’t see how that can happen without no contact & having time to get over our past first
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2023.06.06 19:23 SweatyHotStuff Thoughts on budget for turning a room in our basement into a small bathroom with a kitchenette?

I think our max budget is around $15k. We have a friend that does this work and his friend rate for us is $250/day. Do you think it’s reasonable to do this work in 2 weeks? That would be $2500 in labor, so $12,500 in materials. He’s coming out soon to check things out, but I wanted to get some thoughts from here so we are better prepared on what to ask for and what to expect.
Run down…
-Remove carpet (I can do this before) -Plumb to toilet, tub, sink and kitchen sink area -New floor over entire room… I think same flooring over entire space -Install bathroom stuff (I think the biggest wildcard overall for this project is how/where the tub/shower would fit in) -Roughly half of the room for bathroom/half for kitchenette -Frame/drywall to separate two rooms -New electrical plus light fixtures -Add a new door to separate the stairs that come down from upstairs from this new room.
Here’s a photo of the space. I’d say the room is roughly 11.5’ x 14.5’…
Behind where the mini cooler is in this photo, I think a toilet would perfectly fit in there a little storage/closet area. There’s a small bathroom in our kitchen right above this area and the plumbing from that toilet comes down right there. Is it going to be possible to tap into that plumbing to do the plumbing for this room?
For the kitchenette, Ikea has two options for around $600 that includes cabinets/storage and a sink.
Crazy thinking we can do this for around $15k or doable?
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2023.06.06 19:18 margyrakis Garlic in Dog Food

The other day I went to the pet store to pick up a new frisbee for my dog as well as some grooming items. Upon checkout, I was given some free samples to take home. One of these samples was a dehydrated dog food from The Honest Kitchen (Grain Free Chicken Recipe). I tried out the sample and was soooo in love with it for one particular use case - managing my reactive dog with a "magnet hand" in a squeeze tube (the alternative is using his kibble and dispensing it into his mouth, but my hands get slobbery). It was super easy to mix up to a consistency that worked well in the bottle, and my dog loved it on our walk. It didn't upset his stomach, so a couple days later, I went back to the store to buy a 4 lbs box of this dog food - not to ever replace his diet, but to instead make about 2oz of it to use on our walks as management.
All was well until today I realized the food had garlic in it which I thought was toxic to dogs. Should I stop using this dog food as management during our walks? Before I was using his Hill's Science Diet kibble which he loves, but I really dislike the slobber on my hands from having to manage him (especially in the winter); however, I absolutely do not want to give him something that is unsafe for him to eat. On the manufacturer's website, they say that garlic in small amounts is not harmful (and instead healthy), but I wanted to ask veterinary professionals instead. Is feeding about 2oz (1/4 cup) of dog food containing garlic every day something that may be harmful?
He is a 45lbs english springer spaniel as a size reference!
Edit: Obviously I could find a comparable alternative without garlic, but the store will only accept returns of unopened products for three days after purchase. It was $55.00, so I'd just hate to waste it. But if it's unsafe, of course I'd toss it.
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2023.06.06 19:18 AggieMike96 [WTS] Perth Mint Silver Lunars - Series II (2008-2019) and III (2020-2023) - Complete Your Collections!

Happy Tuesday, PM Redditors! Today is another round of silver Lunars from Australia's Perth Mint. Each coin comes in its original capsule. Please see the details below!
Series II (2008-2019):
Series III (2020-2023):
Please reply below before sending me a PM or Chat. Please be patient, but I'll respond to all messages as soon as possible.
Pics - I am MORE than happy to provide high-resolution pics (obverse, reverse, and on the Sigma) upon request. Please just ask!!!
Offers - I will entertain reasonable offers, especially for multiple coins. I woke up this morning to a water leak (d**n 1970s galvanized pipes), so I'm in a negotiable mood! Please no lowballs as I think my prices are fair, but willing to negotiate for larger quantities. Also, if you need a Lunar that is not listed, let me know and I'll check my collection. For example, I have some 2020 Rats/Mice laying around that I didn't sell over the weekend. I'll send pics to confirm, if interested.
Shipping - $5 for USPS First Class in a small cardboard box for up to 8 ounces and $10 for over 8 ounces in a SFRB. I do not use bubble mailers, only cardboard boxes! Check my feedback - I pack securely and use plenty of tape! I'll do whatever I can to help; however, once in the hands of the USPS, it's between you and them for any issues. Please let me know if you'd like insurance or signature confirmation, and I'll check the rates. A tracking number will be provided as soon as possible. I plan a trip to the Post Office Wednesday morning for deals funded by then; otherwise, shipping within 24 hours of payment receipt.
Payment - Zelle preferred; Venmo or PPFF for members with feedback; all with no notes.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.06 19:17 e_de_k ex (26f) won’t stop contacting me (27f) during no contact - do i ignore?

tl;dr: broke up with my ex for the second and final time three weeks ago. they agreed on no contact, but have contacted me every week since. how do i handle this?
i broke up with my ex for the second and final time three weeks ago. it’s complicated, because we live within - 2 minute walking distance from each other. i said i needed no contact. since the break up, the first week after no contact she tried to leave me small gifts in my mailroom. the next week, she walked her dog down my street during the time she knows i sit on the porch in the evening. the third week, she tried to email me, and then she texted me yesterday.
i’ve been ignoring it because to me it shows how my boundaries are not being respected. the email said she wanted to see me because she’s worked on herself and wants to apologize, but if that were true i feel like she’d be respecting my need for space.
the neighbor situation is not ideal lol
edit: i did say during the breakup it’d be nice to just see her around as a friendly neighbor and chat civilly from time to time, but i don’t see how that can happen without no contact & having time to get over our past first
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2023.06.06 19:16 chabz_mcbabs Neighbors Trees Are Pushing My Fence Down (Columbus, Ohio)

I live in Columbus Ohio, and the unkempt trees on the property line from my rear neighbor’s house are growing into my wooden fence and causing it to buckle and (likely eventually) collapse. We have small children and dogs whose safety I am concerned about, but I’m unsure how to approach this as I don’t want to jump straight to legal action obviously, but Ohio law seems very murky from what I can tell on rights and responsibilities for this. I’ve no issue paying for repairing our fence, but that doesn’t solve the issue of the trees growing into it. My first thought is to try to talk to them directly to resolve it and offer to split the cost for tree removal or mail a letter outlining my concerns (if they don’t answer the door) but based on the way their property isn’t well maintained, I’m not confident about getting a response and/or getting an adversarial or noncommittal response. We don’t have an HOA so I’m wondering if attempts to resolve this initially are unsuccessful, what the next best course of action would be.
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2023.06.06 19:16 Brahms12 I am new to this group. I would like to share a prologue and welcome! Any helpful critiques. And thank you for reading.

Lightning split the heavens exposing the night sky in a collage of crimson and lavender. The stunning and instantaneous color-scope illuminated the shadowy darkness and revealed a glimpse of the looming storm in the distance.
How beautiful, she thought as she stood, gazing out of the front window in her evening gown. The air was perfect and, for the moment, was calm and still. But when she looked down her hand was shaking. Images and thoughts flashed through her mind: her future, their new house, motherhood… her mind drifted. She thought about how lonely another night alone was going to be; how much she missed him when he was away.
Isotta tried her best to keep herself occupied during the long weekends when he was gone, mostly by gardening through the Spring and Summer, but she also read a lot. She’d already gone through the stack of novels in her husband’s study: The Godfather, Papillon, The Chosen, Fahrenheit 451, to name a few - It was a pleasure to burn, she thought.
They were just diversions though, the reading and the gardening. She used them to sideline the unpleasant feelings that crept in now and again. It was important to keep them away; to never let them take hold of her or her feelings. But she knew it was coming. She knew it was just a matter of time. She could sense it. Maybe I should start knitting baby clothes, she thought. And she sighed deeply and smiled.
Her parents and sister were not in the country and other than a brief visit a while back, she hasn't seen or spoken to them in almost a year. In this new life, this new neighborhood, she had no close friends other than the kind woman she met a few weekends back at the grocery store. A woman who was also pregnant with her first.
Looking across the house, through the living room and over the dining room table, she saw that the TV was still on. The Dick Cavett show. She had forgotten that she left it on. He had a lot of famous American guests on. Some of them she knew but most she didn’t. She liked his show, the few times she watched it, though she never paid too much attention to it. Plus, on this night the volume was turned way down allowing the sounds of the weather, the distant rumble of thunder and the building gusts of wind, to hold her allure for the evening. It kept her company.
The damp air crept in through the screen door on the porch and she felt its humid touch on her skin as the rain began falling, a drizzle at first. She relaxed to the sound of the popping droplets on the asphalt.
Isotta James, who came over from Italy and had been on her own since she was sixteen, was a very intuitive and free-spirited young woman. She loved the adventure she was on and enjoyed her new surroundings; the cool climate of Long Island in the Autumn.
It excited her to be married to an officer and live in a foreign country. She always dreamed of living in America and now it was a reality. And, she was looking forward to his return after the weekend so they could go out on more adventures together: hiking up Bear mountain or visiting fort Ticonderoga upstate, taking a day trip up to Woodstock for a romantic weekend. But she especially loved visiting New York City. That was the place where she felt the freest. Especially with him. It was so new to her and the energy was tangible . She could spend all day with Thomas in the city, holding hands, visiting museums and strolling down the sidewalks. She loved the food too, eating dinner at one place and dessert at another. It was like being back home in Barri but different. She felt so special when they were together.
As the night descended further and the sounds of the storm became spectral, a touch of late night tedium and discomfort snuck into her mood. Isotta, spending much of the evening downstairs trying to keep herself engaged, finally admitted to herself that she was tired and there was nothing more to keep her interest so she christened it a good time to head upstairs for the night.
She seemed to float in her blue sleeveless nightdress as she reached to shut the blinds. Then she turned off the T.V. and the light in the living room and walked through the house towards the stairs, turning the upstairs light on first. One step at a time, she told herself as she carefully walked up, suddenly aware of how tender her feet felt. Going up and down the stairs each day was taking its toll and she avoided it as often as she could. Subtle pings of pain began pulsing through her hips that she continued up the flight. Only one more month to go, she thought while she labored up the remaining steps, her expectant belly competing with her tiny frame. Groucho Marx, she mumbled. Yes, it came to her in a flash. Groucho Marx. That’s who was on the Dick Cavett show, she remembered him now. You Bet Your Life, she thought. And she did.
Once atop the last step and slightly out of breath, Isotta paused to collect herself. She took another few steps but then abruptly stopped. A faint dizziness came over her. She tried to wish it away but instead lost her balance for a brief second and braced herself, one hand reaching out to the wall. She glanced around as if forgetting where she was. Looking down she could see that her hand was shaking again. Harder this time.. She became light-headed and her vision blurred. The room began spinning and a lurching sensation grew from inside her belly. Something, she murmured aloud as she caught breath, something isn’t right.
She was telling herself to lie down, thinking she was going to pass out but instead she forced herself down the length of the hallway toward the bedroom, thinking that getting into bed would bring the most satisfying relief. It’s amazing how just walking up a flight of stairs can be so exhausting when you're 8 months pregnant.
But before she reached the bedroom, the cramps came back with an unforgiving determination and, with a sharp grimace, she clutched her belly and dashed into the bedroom, almost tripping over her own feet as she half stumbled toward the end table. She exerted herself as she reached for the side of the bed and with a flick, turned on the table lamp. She pulled out the drawer and rummaged around until her hand found the Rx bottle she was looking for. She twisted it open and promptly downed two pills and then hiked herself up onto the bed with a grunt.
During the pregnancy, Isotta was treated for eclampsia and the magnesium pills were the only safe thing that eased the woozy symptoms which came on frequently and were sometimes severe.
There's a heavenly feeling, though, in that first moment when you lie down in bed. First it's the feet and then the knees, the shoulders, the neck and eventually an awareness of your entire body sinking into the mattress.
She pulled the covers up to her neck and turned over on her side, maneuvered an extra pillow between her legs and then reached out to turn off the light. Isotta lied as still as she could enduring the queasy discomfort, knowing that it would take a few minutes to kick in. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and after a few patient minutes the nausea and spinning began to dissipate. Her head felt cool from the perspiration and her nightgown clinged uncomfortably to her back. But it didn't matter. Everything felt calm again even with the rumblings of the storm and the great flashes of light. With a gentle sigh, she closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.
Isotta woke up a few hours later. It was normal for her to wake up in the middle of the night but this time it was different. She had been having that dream again, the one where she was drowning in the bathtub with her baby in her arms. She could still feel the water filling her lungs and the anxiety rising in her chest. She sat up in bed abruptly and looked around the dark and silent room.
The dream had always been a terrifying one, but tonight it had been even worse. She could still see the look of confusion in her baby's eyes as the water rose around them. She could still feel the desperation as she struggled to keep them both afloat.
Isotta believed that if you need to get your mind off of something, the best thing was a change of scenery. So, she got out of bed to use the bathroom and on her way back stopped to peer out the bedroom window. The rain was still coming down and the wind was whistling around the corner of the house. She could barely see anything outside when she gazed into the darkness, but she thought she heard something. Movement in the bushes? Isotta held her breath so she could hear over din of the storm and, after a moment, the sound came again. Shh-Shh-Shh. It was hard to tell if it was the weather or if there really was something making that noise.
It crossed her mind to put her slippers on and go downstairs to see what was causing the noise but she was sure that it was the wind or the cover of the trash can dangling in the bushes. Thomas forgot to tie the lid down again, she thought. How was I going to sleep now? But then it stopped. Isotta waited for a bit, just to be sure. But it never came back. After a pause she decided it must have been nothing and returned to bed. It wasn't the first time she was alone in the house and it certainly wouldn't be the last. She relaxed again into a fetal position, tucked the pillow between her legs and pulled the covers back up.
The more she thought about it, the less sure she was that she heard anything at all. It could have just been street noise coming through the rain, she thought. Who knows?
She lied in bed and thought about wha to do the rest of the weekend. She really wanted to spend time in the garden. It was the perfect month to plant the Aronias and the Dahlias. The soil will be moist and easy to move around, especially after a hard rain. It wasn't going to be easy, being 8 months pregnant, but she was going to do her best.
The laundry definitely needed to get done too. She needed her gardening pants and knee pads and she had asked Thomas a thousand times to move the rocking chair to the other corner in the nursery. I should probably do it myself, she thought.
Just as she was falling back into sleep, she heard it again. Shh-Shh-Shh. But it was louder and bigger now. Something was definitely moving and it was closer, a lot closer. What?, she whispered in disbelief. It sounded like someone dragging a rake across thick grass in short powerful heaves. Her arm started shaking again.
There was a soft grunt like a man's voice and what sound did like a knock on the window. Just as she was about to get up and turn the light on she felt Thomas getting into bed next to her. It was dark and, although she was facing the other way, she could feel his weight easing down into the mattress beside her. That's odd, she thought. What's he doing home?
"Hi honey," she whispered in a half-woken voice.
A few seconds went by but there was no response. Maybe he was too tired to speak or maybe he didn't want to wake me up? Finally she could relax and drift off to sleep again but she caught herself.
"Honey?" she said again, this time with more curiosity.
But there was only Silence. And then she remembered, as clarity replaced drowsiness, Thom was supposed to be gone all weekend. He would have called if he was coming home.
She searched for his mannerisms: the way he shuffled his legs in the sheets, the heat of his body, his smell, the way he reached for her hand under the covers… only there was no heat, and no legs shuffling. Instead, what she noticed was how still he was. She could feel the chill radiating off his skin and there was a smell that was growing more and more bitter by the second.
“Who’s here? Thom? Is that you?” she asked in a nervous whisper.
There was more movement in the bed, rolling and shifting. The darkness was heavy, pressing Isotta down. Thomas shouldn't be home for two days, she thought.
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2023.06.06 19:11 Routine-Operation234 Dad asked me to come to house with 30+ dogs to swim with my two small children.

Recently my brother told my mom he would not speak to her until she went to rehab. My mom missed out on the announcement of brothers baby. She misses everything now. She refused to come to another get together at my house.
My dads health has been declining around her because she stays up all night drinking and carrying on and he can barely sleep. His stress levels are through the roof and he has heart failure. He got away for one week and looked incredibly healthy for once but he went back.
Now my dad has reached out and asked me to come swim at the house they are cleaning that has 30+ dogs. He shouldn’t even be cleaning it as my mom controls the money they get from it and he has to do all the work and it’s hard on him.
It makes me incredibly nervous to even think of bringing my small children around that many dogs that are not familiar with small children. I think my dad is asking to boost my moms spirits as she’s always left out now because everyone is tired of her ways. Why should I be put in uncomfortable situation or even be asked. It’s frustrating because nothing they do ever makes sense. It’s not to the benefit of me and my kids. It’s just enabling their bad behavior
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2023.06.06 19:04 appleatchaash AITA for giving mom cold shoulder after repeatedly blowing me off?

A couple years ago, we moved 4.5 hours from family. My mom was very immature about it, complaining she'd never get to see her grandkids, but we assured her we'd still come visit and told her she could come and stay with us anytime. We regularly visit, but usually stay with my mil as she has a large house with many spare rooms, including a crib for the baby. My mom's house is small, and my adult brother lives there with his fiance, as well as my adult nephew and my grandmother. Plus, she has 3 dogs and 2 cats in the house to which myself and my kids are all allergic to. Since we have moved, my mom has been to our house 2 times, once to pick my two older kids up and then once when she brought them back home. She stayed a total of maybe an hour. Any time I invite her up, she says she can't because she has to care for my grandmother or she has to work. My grandmother does need care, but my mom divides the care between herself and three of her brothers and my brothers fiancé. And my mom only works every other weekend.
This past weekend, we traveled down to visit to have a joint birthday party for our two older kids so we could celebrate with family. We had this scheduled months in advance and I made sure to tell my mom to request off work. Two weeks ago, at my brother's wedding shower, I reminded her about the party. Surprise, she didn't request off and had to work. My children were devastated that she wouldn't be attending their party. This is not the first time she has failed to request off and bailed on events. Also, when we still lived nearby and I was experiencing a high risk pregnancy while living alone with our two older kids, at the time 4 & 6, (husband lived at our new house to renovate before we joined him) she blew off promises to help me so she could either work or travel.
At my brother's wedding shower I brought up to her that she always does this, but can somehow find care for my grandmother and can remember to request off when she wants to go on vacation to Florida multiple times a year. She got offended and said kinda flippantly that she would try to find a cover for her shift, but not to expect anything.
Since then, I've had minimal contact with her, only occasionally responding to messages with short answers. Brother says I'm being an AH, but I'm tired of her breaking promises to my children.
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2023.06.06 19:04 Purifiedx For those with more small wildlife around, do you have problems with your dog catching and accidentally hurting them?

I have a BC/GSD mix. We moved to a rural area (farmland all around) last fall and this spring has brought a lot of challenges. He's so sweet but his prey drive to catch fast things is so high. We already had to put two baby chipmunks and a bunny out of their misery because he injured them. Also found a robin fledgling but luckily once it flew 10ft then stood still he didn't do anything but watch. He doesn't want to kill them but play, like a cat. So if he catches one he picks it up and puts it down waiting for it to move again. I actually saved a few he hadn't harmed but accidents happen.
He also has trouble listening now or takes forever to go potty because he just smells for scents looking for animals.
Kind of just looking for similar stories.
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2023.06.06 19:01 ringaaling Took the dog to the vet for a check-up and my mom surprised me by wanting to put the dog down.

My mom asked me to help her take the dog to the vet yesterday for a check-up. This is normal as the dog can be a handful to take in the car. She's a much older dog. She's a small dog and is around 17 years old.
We get to the vet and the doctor is asking how she's doing and just checking her vitals and my mom starts going on about how she's deaf, blind, dementia, etc. And I'm like how do you know this? And she says she runs into furniture or has trouble walking. And I don't know how it happened but before I know it, they're talking about "how many good days she has left." And talking about putting her down.
I'm honestly blind-sided because from my perspective, she's still kicking. She eats, drinks, jumps on the table to get to the cat's food, poops on the pad we have, and still gets excited for walks. We've never had to put a dog down before so I just didn't really speak up except to say I don't think she should do it today, like wait until the rest of the household can say goodbye.
Like she was ready to do it that day and scheduled it for the next day. I feel like she talked herself into it and was reminded of when my grandma's health deteriorated. The dog was my grandma's who passed away not three years ago so there's an emotional connection there and my mom says she takes care of the dog and sees her struggling to get around sometimes or has to make her eat.
On the drive home, I don't know what was said but we were crying and I guess she talked herself out of it and asked me if I wanted to push it but I didn't feel like I was allowed to make that decision, since she's technically her dog. So I asked her what SHE wanted to do and she said she wanted to push it back.
Anyway, I'm not sure why I wrote this except to say how upsetting it was to go to the vet, expecting just a check up, and have it become a discussion on putting the dog down. Is there a right time to know when to do it? She's not in pain, her vision is going, she's kind of stumbly. I put in an order for one of those halo vests so she doesn't bump into furniture as much.
Now that I know my mom sees the dog this way, It's depressing watching the dog now. I can't imagine what would have happened if I didn't go with her to the vet. Would she have just done it?? She was practically ready to.
I don't know, it was just very upsetting. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.06 18:53 AnonymousEbe_new Deadlift - 88kg

Deadlift - 88kg
Looking back at it I can tell that I made the mistake of pushing my knees too much forward to the point where they went part the barbell
And that my head wasn't in line with the rest of my spine.
Other than that I worked on everything else- leg drive, bracing.
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2023.06.06 18:52 Routine-Operation234 Would you bring your two children under two (23 and 4 month old) to a family members house that has 30+dogs roaming about ?

My mom has yet to see my second born baby. She has made no attempt to see my kids by driving here but she cleans a house 30 minutes from me that houses 30+ dogs. My dad invited me to bring my kids to go swim in the in ground pool. I felt very conflicted saying no, worried about that many dogs, and also the fact that my mom doesn’t seem to really care to see my kids so why should I. My youngest brother just announced they were having a child and she wasn’t even present for it. She’s hell bent on not coming to my house even when everyone else shows up. I’m her only daughter and I don’t know why she treats me like this. And now I’m conflicted on taking my kids there. I really don’t want to because I have went before with my first child and felt anxious on arrival with the dogs and they never got too close but she was small. This time she is up and running around. She’s used to our small friendly dogs but not 30+ dogs. This sounds bizarre even as I write it.
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2023.06.06 18:52 Routine-Operation234 Would you bring your two children under two (23 and 4 month old) to a family members house that has 30+dogs roaming about ?

My mom has yet to see my second born baby. She’s a an alcoholic and has little to no contact with me and my siblings. She has made no attempt to see my kids by driving here but she cleans a house 30 minutes from me that houses 30+ dogs. My dad invited me to bring my kids to go swim in the in ground pool. I felt very conflicted saying no, worried about that many dogs, and also the fact that my mom doesn’t seem to really care to see my kids so why should I. My youngest brother just announced they were having a child and she wasn’t even present for it. She’s hell bent on not coming to my house even when everyone else shows up. I’m her only daughter and I don’t know why she treats me like this. And now I’m conflicted on taking my kids there. I really don’t want to because I have went before with my first child and felt anxious on arrival with the dogs and they never got too close but she was small. This time she is up and running around. She’s used to our small friendly dogs but not 30+ dogs. This sounds bizarre even as I write it.
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2023.06.06 18:51 ryancarton user on r/shrooms gives his cat shrooms on accident. The subreddit insists it’s fine, he doesn’t take it to the vet, and they all send positive vibes. Some users are very upset at this outcome.

“Try your best to comfort your kitten. Absolutely do not leave him alone. Be with him until the effects end. Accidents happen but best you can do is assure your kitten he is safe”
“Should be fine... Don't be concerned if he disappears and yet his smile remains, this is normal”
“I wouldnt worry too much personally. I had my moms cat get into my stash 25 years ago and he lived to be 22 years old. He was quite the character as he seemed to always know and seek us out when we were tripping after that. He even had a thing for weed and would come up to us if we were smoking to get his share. Had to watch him though as he would eat my stash if he got ahold of it.
I honestly think the weed and shrooms he consumed throughout his life had a factor in him living till 22 years old, when one day he just walked out onto the road and died. Was fine and healthy one day and we found him the next. My mother even agrees with my brother and I that shrooms and weed probably had a part in him living as long as he did. That old tom cat just knew, you could see it in his eyes.”
“Hahahah kitty goes blast off. Safe trip 🏄 hope all goes well. How much bigger can their pupils get lol. Anyway on a serious note, I hope your cat has a great trip. Sending positive vibes”
“You can always post over on AskVet
I hope your kitty will be okay. Sounds like you're doing a good job keeping him calm and peaceful.”
“I have a feeling they will be far more judgmental/condescending about this situation than this sub”
“At the very least, your cat is going to be more open-minded”
“Dang hopefully it’s ok. I’m sure it’ll be fine just do your best to comfort him and pet him. This could be a neuroplastic experience where he learns to love and be calm I wouldn’t automatically assume the worst.
And please keep this thread or sub updated in the following weeks… this type of stuff would be super interesting to get some follow up on and see the behavioral changes of kitty. Best wishes 🐈”
“Your cat will be fine in like 6 hours, maybe a little wiser. Don’t let the shit heads who barely have any agency over themselves make you feel like you are some monster cause your little wandering animal ate something.
Side note: I’m impressed the little dude ate a whole stem. Not the tastiest treat I could think of”
“Absolutely insane that the first reaction isn't to call a vet or poison control in this thread. How fried are y'all's brains, jeebus. "It's not poisonous" sure when you're 100-300lbs of human but when you're under 5lbs of kitty and a whole different species, shit is A LOT different even if it won't kill the kitty. Bunch of irresponsible pet owners saying it ain't a big deal, what the fuck.
Good on OP for doing what they could in the moment but shame on everyone else.”
“I'm not a vet but I can't think of anything else you could do now. If you have pet CBD that could be good but that's about it. That does suck and I'm sure you will be more careful going forward. I would feel terrible if this was me but I get it, accidents happen.”
“TAKE HIM TO THE VET. FUCK how you look, accidents happen. Your cat is more important than your image, SURELY.”
“Call pet poison hotline immidiately” “That’s stupid. The cat will be fine. What exactly is pet position gonna do?”
“Take him to the vet please”
“why the fuck are you doing shrooms while looking after a 2 month old kitten, u should not b a pet owner lol”
“I'm sure the ingredient in mushrooms (psilocybe) only becomes phycoactive once ingested by a member of the great ape family. It's to do with the chemical reaction of our stomach acid and the psilocybe creating a compound called psilocybin which then becomes phycoactive.
With this I would say your kitten will be fine, the throwing up was an immune response for somthing not intended in the diet, you often see cats eating crass to throw up undigestable food stuffs.”
“This happened to a cat I knew. She licked up spilled tea. She turned into a super awesome cat!”
“Idk why people in the comments are downvoting people who say this is disgusting and irresponsible this is 10000% preventable and it's so fucked up that it happened this person SHOULD feel bad do you think the 2month old kitten wanted this? this is shameful. People like this shouldn't have drugs ugh”
“do not give it fucking xanax lol”
“You are so irresponsible!
Jesus Christ I am so tired of hearing about animals getting into your drugs, if you are not responsible enough as an adult, do not have drugs around children and animals. You need to fucking prioritize your life and get responsible.! To hear about this is horrendous, I have been working in the veterinary field and I have seen so many people come in with their animals who have gotten into their drugs, and had very bad consequences for the animals. But apparently no consequences for the owners which you should not have any animals or children. If it was up to me, I would put you in jail.
You are reprehensible !”
The replies to that comment are “STFU”, the middle finger emoji, and “Shut up I know for a fact your cock is small”
“He’ll be good. I’ve given dogs shrooms multiple times. They were fine.”
“today i learnt cats can trip on mushrooms... hope he's okay now and it doesn't leave any lasting effects, that's a lot for just one lil kitty”
“You need to contact a vet. Don’t listen to any one on Reddit”
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2023.06.06 18:47 Particular_Ad_6098 Is my F25 marriage worth saving with my M31 husband?

My (F25) husband (M31) have been married for 4yrs but together for 8yrs. We have had many challenging ups and downs through out our marriage but have stayed together trough it all. Just to name a few, infidelity, lack of sexual intercourse/physical touch, kissing, compliments, etc. barely any time spent together, feeling like roomates, etc.
This last year especially has been really hard on me mentally/emotionally, and i'm sure for him too. We moved 1500 miles to another state for my job, my work ended up screwing me over and failed to provide me with what they promised and now I work elsewhere and we are stuck in a state we don't want to be in any longer. Honestly the only good thing that came of this move was my dog I adopted about 6 months after moving here, he's been one of the only things keeping me together recently..
Anyway, we were in the process of working on our marriage when we moved, we had been through alot of tense situations and were starting over new. Things were good for the first couple months, he was actually making a visible effort and that meant so much to me. I made sure to tell him what I liked about what he did to encourage it more. Not long after, things just shifted. He went back to playing video games 24/7. As soon as he gets home he will take a shower and then he's glued to his console the rest of the night. He also spends his whole weekend gaming. I'm a gamer also, but I don't want to do that with ALL of my free time. He gets frustrated when I say no if I want to do something else so he just stopped asking me to join them. Now I'm left out of all of it.
I feel so isolated, I have no friends here in this state. The only socialization I get is at work and with my dog..
He is a mechanic and likes to buy "project cars/trucks" to fix up and sell. He has had the same project truck sitting in the garage the last 3 yrs. He has worked on it a hand full of times since he bought it and its just been sitting there pretty much used as storage. He also has another truck that runs and drives but just needs some TLC to be a daily driver. That has also been sitting half taken apart since we moved here over a year ago. He has been talking about going out there and working on them for what feels like forever, at least once or twice a month he brings it up.
Well, I work M-F and almost every weekend as well to make sure our bills are paid since he can't get OT at his job. My B-Day is this weekend and I just want to relax and lounge for once and just be.. He asked me yesterday to go outside for half a day this weekend to help him work on the trucks that he now miraculously has motivation to do on my b-day weekend.. I explained to him I didn't want to do that on my b-day weekend and that we can do it the weekend after. He got upset and defensive and said he would just go out and do it on his own without me. I told him that wasn't what I wanted, I want to spend time together on my b-day weekend. He can't seem to grasp that? Idk what to think. I just feel like he doesn't care about my feelings at all and as long as it's something he wants then he's all for it.
It's gotten to the point that I just do what he wants even if I don't want to because if I say no he gets upset and it ruins his whole day. I don't want to get my way and then have to deal with the grumpiness the whole time and not enjoy it.. So why even bother? I'm losing hope at this point. This is just one small thing out of many that just keep piling up. I just feel like he doesn't even care at this point and we are just "roommates" except I do all the work and pay for everything. Sometimes I feel like he still loves me, and other times I feel like we shouldn't be together. I recognize our relationship dinamic is kind of toxic but idk how to change it if he's not willing to compromise and put in the effort.. He refuses counseling/therapy, he doesn't want to do the things I suggest we try from my research, im at a dead end tbh. I love this man so much but at the same time I'm heart broken and almost ready to move on.. Please any advice will help. I'm trying to save my marriage, he says he wants to stay together but his actions show me otherwise.
TLDR: Husband and I married for 4yrs, together for 8yrs. Been through alot of ups and downs, infidelity, lack of sexual intercourse/physical touch, never spend 1 on 1 time together. He spends all of his time on video games, don't feel like he cares anymore about the relationship or my feelings. How do I save my marriage? Need advice on if I'm over-reacting or my feelings are valid.
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2023.06.06 18:46 memememuk How To Take a Stray Dog Home

Hello everyone,

There is a stray dog living in a small park that I like. He does not wander around the city but always stays in the same place. I started feeding him, it's been three months now. The people who live there say that some woman brought the dog from somewhere, it's a Labrador, 8-10 years old. Although the woman brought him from somewhere, he lives in the street/park and does not have a home, a proper home. They said I could take him if I wanted to.

The thing is, he seems very shy/scared. I'm not a dog expert, hence the question. I bought him bowls, one for water one for food that I always leave in his spot. In the beginning he would not even eat with me around, now he eats with me around, lets me pet him, eats from my hand. But as soon as he finishes the food he walks away, never even stays with me. When he sees me coming towards him, he usually gets up and starts wigging his tail (I suppose he is happy?) but that is it. I tried to put a leash on him twice but that ended up terribly, always walks away and when I approach him with the leash he sticks to the walls as if afraid I would beat him with it. My question is, how do I take him home? Is is even possible? I think he has been in the streets for some time, maybe he is used to it and does not want to leave? What if I just put him in the car and drive away? I want to give him a proper home but I do not want to cause him more harm.

Thank you for your answers
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2023.06.06 18:40 SimbaTheSavage8 Sweet Child Of Mine

She was down on her knees in front of the altar, her lips quivering in their speech, her face as white as chalk. Her eyes focused on the figurine occupying the altar in front of her and tried to ignore the shadowy tentacles dancing and flopping in the background. It reminded her of giant octopi looking for prey.
Her eyes misted with tears as her mind flashed back to a few days before. She had gotten into a huge argument with her father. It had escalated into a shouting match; him furious that she had bore no child for him to love, her begging for time she did not have. In the end, she was thrown out of the house, her fortune eliminated, her life in ruins.
She remembered her father’s face still as he slammed the door on her. Red as a lobster, eyebrows furrowed deep into each other, hands clenched into fists and spit bubbling up at the corner of his lips. It was worse than her most terrifying nightmares.
“Please,” she whispered now, hands clasped together in her prayer. A small tear slid down her cheek and splashed to her feet like a little pearl. “I’ll do anything…”
The figurine shifted. “Anything?”
She swore a small smile crept up the side of its face, but it was gone as soon as it appeared. “For thy devotion I will grant thee a son, but the cost is more than the sun.”
She screamed. “Thank you!”
“Look outside for thy prize, for it will come at sunrise.”
It was close to dawn when she finally stepped outside the cathedral. The sky shone bright like gold, and the early morning light washed over her like smooth buttermilk. She smiled, already imagining her newborn son cradled in her arms and bouncing on her father’s lap.
But she couldn’t take another step without her sides splitting open in pain.
She looked down to find her belly the size of a small fruit and still swelling rapidly. She could feel her baby thrashing against the uterus walls and groaning like it was being held down in balls and chains. It made the hair on her arms stand on end.
Then, her abdomen started to crack. Chunks of flesh fell out and disappeared into the nearby bushes.
Then a tentacle snaked out, thin and wispy like smoke. Then another tentacle. And another. Slowly and surely, tasting the air for the first time, and then the flesh, feeling the soft, bouncy skin underneath shadowy fingertips. She backed away until she bumped into the walls of the cathedral, and watched, paralysed, as it slithered down her chest and up her neck, its claws, expanding across her face and into her eyes.
The last thing she thought, as her nose, her eyes, her skull and brain and everything else melted into black goo and vanished into nothingness, was that this was the most peaceful she had felt for a long time.
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2023.06.06 18:39 v1omega My disappointment with 10th Eldar

So I just feel like venting into the void and hopefully some may prove me wrong here...

But I am uncomfortable with the idea that I find Tau to be more fun to play on paper than Eldar. While I will reserve my final judgement for when the indexes come out but I just feel like we lost a lot of flavor. So brace yourselves because I am about hit us with walls of text.
  1. The new strands of fate is actually great. I don't mind it but I'm just a little sad that its so front loaded. Once you roll the strands that's it. There is no more interaction with your army rule outside of Farseers manipulating them. This is fluffy to me so I am willing to overlook this small gripe.
  2. I do not understand the point of Eldar anymore. We lost Battle Focus, which is fine because I thought it was too unhealthy for the game, but that removes our move-shoot-move identity. Our hyper specialized identity has been taken by the primaris units which are more durable than us so I feel like we're not that hyper specialized faction anymore. We lost most of our psychic power with the phase going away and being replaced with flavorless shooting profiles and somewhat-flat passives. While it increases our power level and consistency in getting the powers off, we don't feel like the quintessential psychic faction anymore (that title is now held by the nids). So I struggle to see what the faction identity is anymore. If it is fate manipulation through strands and our absurd reroll mechanics, then I think there are so many other flavorful ways of conveying that. I just find the free reroll to be a very boring detachment and incredibly strong.
  3. Eldrad got done dirty. Ahirman and him I see as the premier psychic units (maybe tTiggy and Mephiston + a few others) yet somehow we only have two spells to speak of. People seem to like Mind War but I fail to understand why. It requires Eldrad to be within 18 inches of a character and visible. This would either mean: you never get to use it because characters will be screened out , or you have to be out of position to use it due to the short range. Yes, you can put Eldrad into a unit of guardians (and warlocks but we havent seen their stats) but a unit of guardians are not a great bodyguard unit. They die to lasguns and bolters. And without reattaching Eldrad, I feel like you are only really taking him for Doom and the +3 strands. The +3 strands is great and I have no problems with it. Doom as a power, should be accessible to other seers. If it isn't then I'll be very disappointed. The new Doom is fine with me as I see it as a healthier version of 9th. I just feel that Eldrad being our defacto leader is kind of a whimp when compared to something like the Neurotyrant...a nameless Tyranid monster leader that has more psychic powers than both Ahriman and Eldrad.... It just feels like we got cheated out of Farseers being a swiss army knife/ glue of our faction.
  4. With the drop of lethality within the game, GW somehow forgot about what made Eldar a problem child in the first place. While yes, HoD was very oppressive, I feel that Support Weapons have been the most aggravating thing to play against (Swooping Hawks are in a league of their own). I play Ynnari, and I play them competitively. I almost always took at least one squad of three support weapons and never took them in friendly games. I feel like they hit just as hard in 10th than they do in 9th. It spits out mortal wounds which I thought was the objective of 10th, to reduce mortal wounds. That's why they removed the psychic phase? The weapons just feel uninspired. The same applies to the scorpions. Scorpions in my head, were the answer to Space Marines, but it seems that they wont be able to go toe to toe with them due to the damage drop off.
  5. Power level. Eldar feel like a top tier army. They are 100% S tier in my mind. They beat out any other faction by a pretty significant mile. We have a more front loaded Miracle Dice system, which allows for alpha strikes with our scorpions and infiltrating units (and Warp Spider that move 24"....). We have an insane detachment rule for free rerolls. We have Vypers that can remove cover from units. We have the aforementioned Support Weapons which vomit Mortal Wounds. We have insane battle line troops like rangers who can kite the enemy and guardians who give us more value. This is all great to me. Its always fun being the villain of the meta. But I know what its like to have our faction to be knee capped...I mean this in the nicest way possible. But I wish that we weren't so strong because we would have less eyes on us. As it stands, I feel like we're the problem child.
I'm so sorry. I just felt like venting. I tried to talk to some of my friends about it, most of them are just telling me to be patient while also failing to understand the difference between flavor vs strength. I understand this type of thing happens with the indexes and we haven't seen any of the points but...I just feel like we lost a lot of flavor and gained way too much strength in return. So my final question is, should I feel uncomfortable with the idea that my favorite faction will not be my favorite faction to play? Tau look so much more flavorful and fun to me...Thank you, and I apologize for the wall...
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2023.06.06 18:37 Embarrassed-Law7381 10 of these bugs were latched around my dogs eyes and snout. Does anyone know what they are?

10 of these bugs were latched around my dogs eyes and snout. Does anyone know what they are?
Went on a small hike in NY yesterday. Our little dog was sniffing around bushes and tall grass, which I thought was okay at the time. This morning I noticed little dark brown round bugs latched on his eyelids and around his eyes and snout. It looked as if they liked the moisture of his eyes. We picked them off with tweezers, and we are giving him a bath and close inspection now. I’m thinking it must be some kind of tick…
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2023.06.06 18:36 SFStandard Waymo Kills Small Dog on San Francisco Street, DMV Report Says

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2023.06.06 18:34 RevolutionaryHat3767 The hurt lurking inside me

5 months and 1 day since the first day. For two solid months, the pain was unbearable, like rusted gears grinding in my chest. It would literally stop me in my tracks, and sometimes my knees would give out. Then suddenly, something changed... I discovered that my horizon had opened up. That for myself and for my children, our future was what we decided to make of it, that while we mourned the loss of what we thought was to be our future, we didn't have to let that define us.
Onward I went, with almost a spring in my step, free from lies and treachery, I felt empowered, confident that I had this now under control. The people around me, my children included, were baffled at I almost seemed... happy?
For many weeks, it seemed too easy. How could l have moved on so quickly? It was like the pain was gone but, it was still there but I only felt it if I allowed myself to go there. It definitely seemed too easy and I worried that something was still out there (in there?) lurking, waiting for the right time to strike.
Little signs at first... I'd be walking around my house alone, while my children are staying at STBXW's apartment, and I began to say things out loud again to myself... "Fucking stupid!" "Pfft, fucking moron..."
Whoa... where did those come from? Weird...
Another week goes by, and I'm sitting on the floor, talking with my dog, and it's like he looked right into me, and his eyes told me he was sad too, like we had both been discarded, and as if to say, "where is everybody?"
BAM... total water works... I suddenly found myself laying on the floor, sobbing and gasping for air for the first time in months.
What the fuck? I thought I was done with that part? No part of me wants her back, and there isn't anything that could change that.
Right now, I feel a desire to be productive, to move and get after things but it's like I've been hobbled.
I know this will pass, but man I sure wish I could just shake it off.
Thanks for listening.
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