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2023.06.06 18:24 bratisonn I need advice TW: Self harm

I need advice. My mother is both my best friend and my biggest trigger, which is very difficult to manage.
I've lived on my own for a year and a half, and in that time, I didn't self harm once. I don't think I had any BAD episodes either. Financially, it was a struggle on both my mom and I, so she suggested we move back in together. I would be saving $1000 a month. I agreed.
One week in, and I have already self harmed and gone into full on meltdowns. My triggers are my own demons to resolve, but it doesn't help that she is a pathological liar. My biggest trigger is her dating (which I'm working on), but instead of sitting me down to have a conversation about it, she lied about where she was going (against the advice of her therapist). Lying is also one of my other triggers so compounded, I'm going through the ringer. I'm splitting so hard because now it's not even just me that is the problem that I need to cope with, she's also the problem because she's incapable of navigating the world without lying.
I can still rescind my 30 day notice at my apartment and just move back in, but I am so torn between the money I would be saving. I knew moving back in with her that I would be triggered and have a hard time, but I didn't think she would be so callous and cause this to happen within the first week. She would also be left with this new apartment that is more expensive than where she moved from, so I feel bad about that.
She goes back and forth between wanting to help me in my healing and wanting to do whatever she wants regardless of how it hurts me. I'm willing to be reasonable, but she just keeps causing to lose more and more trust in her.
Besides this very specific trigger, we get along fine and if this hadn't have happened, I literally wouldn't be second guessing living with her at all. I'm just not sure if I'm safe, especially with her going out of her way to do things dishonestly. I'm sure I can stay with her regardless, but I would really have to shut down to survive. If I moved back out, I would probably sever the relationship with her anyway.
I hope I provided enough context. What would you do? Would you stay for the money and learn to cope? Would you protect yourself?
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2023.06.06 18:24 Unfairlybanned156 I don't even know how to title this.

I'm at a breaking point not only with Reddit unfairly banning all my accounts but also with this community. I understand that the beginning of the season ranked reset is ripe with everyone sweating it out for ranked but this season is fucking terrible. I've been trying to just casually test guns to see what may fit my playstyle, and it's nothing but meta weapons everywhere. Frontline, TDM, 10v10 Shipment, Attack of the Night, Prophunt, you literally cannot escape toxic ultra meta tryhards. And honestly, on top of all the bugs, glitches, extreme desync, the horrendous predatory micro transactions, overpowered bots, and unproveable possible soft hacks being used cause kill as are literally broken, no wonder people are leaving this game.
Had a game last night on SnD ranked where I cleared a 1v4 and somehow botched difusing the bomb, tied up 3-3 my teammates just decided to with suicide or wait until everyone was dead to start playing. My mistake led to them deciding to throw the game on purpose.
What the fuck is wrong with this community?! Honestly fucking delete the game if you're gonna act like this. There's a whole ranked game mode. I'm switching back and forth between playing ranked, grinding diamond on the FFAR, and grinding levels to 300 and the only difference is bots in gamemodes. I don't understand the mentality of having to win win win every single game, like there's a punishment if you lose. It's literally pixels on a screen. Quit taking this game so seriously. It literally is driving people to cheat.
  1. You're not gonna get caught using soft wallhacks. People post on here all the time about people doing shady shit like preaiming the floor through multiple walls, and this community EATS PEOPLE ALIVE!!!! This community RELENTLESSLY attacks people, even if they prove someones actually cheating, its brutal for no reason. They don't give a morsel of the benefit of a doubt that someone got mad cause they was losing and decided to use wallhacks for a round or 2 to get back up. That's all I see. Go play SnD and win 2 rounds and watch the enemy team suddenly turn the tryhards knobs to 11.
  2. The bots are so overpowered and the tryhards want them more powerful. This community has complained for the past 2 years that every season bots are getting stronger in increments. Why should I put up bots having auto aim and always headshots. When again, the killcams are so buggy and glitchy, i can just use a bit of autoaim and not get caught, cause this community, when showed the evidence, will blame lag, desync, aim assist, the player being bad at the game, skill issue, etc, etc
  3. Why should I care when 90% of this community thinks they're CoD Mobile Pro material, and they treat this game like its real life. I remember the Summer of 2020, going to get on and play a few games spend 15 to 30 minutes. Win or lose, have fun. The bots werent Terminator T-3000s, meta spam wasnt so extreme. Sure the NA-45 and Akimbo Fennics had been bad for a month or 2 but those got fixed quickly and there was a new meta next season Now I gotta spend 10-15 minutes warming up to go play against ultra tryhards who's moms will disown them faster than a trans kid getting disowned by their Republican parents for coming out. On a meta that's been the same for nearly 2 years, for no reason. There is absolutely no reward in this. I have 21k games, 7k podiums, 2k MVPs, 456k kills. They're numbers on a game that maybe potentially extinct in a few years. Oh my bad, you must be trying so hard for that Bronze Crate Coupon so you can get a free uncommon boat skin, or those 20 shards for a recycled skin. I'm sorry.
  4. Why should I care about the integrity of the game anymore. With everything I just stated above. Why should I care about "skill issues" anymore. When ruining some tryhards day by forcing them to lose puts a big smile on so many people's faces. I used to think cheaters were complete scumbags. I don't. I think they're saviors. Getting tryhards to quit one by one.
Your days are numbered.
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2023.06.06 18:23 MingusJ Pellitory of the wall problems?

Pellitory of the wall problems?
This stuff is growing all over the front yard. It's growing out of the base of the rose bushes. It's growing out of the star jasmine. It's everywhere. Will this kill the plants around it? I just moved into a new place in LA. We've had more rain this year than ever before so all sorts of new problems seem to be emerging. Besides pellitory I'm dealing with rust and powdery mildew all over the roses. I posted a couple days ago about the roses. I am a total novice when it comes to gardening but the jasmine and roses are so beautiful, I want to do everything I can to save them. Any advice? Thanks so much!
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2023.06.06 18:23 bagagwa Is sending sexy texts kinda silly??

I (23f) have only been married for a little over 2 years, and things have declined a little in the bedroom. We’re both busier than usual, and husband’s got a lower libido that kinda snuck up on us. My libido is not low. Quite the opposite, but I’m not sure how to entice him or get the mood going without the typical help of him being just as horny as I am. It’s new territory trying to help us both.
I’m thinking about sending him some pictures or texts while he’s at work, but every text I think of sounds silly. Even the pictures seem a little far fetched or random to send.
Am I being ridiculous or is sexting kinda silly? Like, we’re not dating anymore so there’s not as many nudes sent back and forth like we used to. Idk what changed, but the thought of sending him a pic with a witty little text seems funny.
Maybe I’m just getting in my head about this bc I worry he’s gonna see it and go “oh. Uhhhhh, ok?”
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2023.06.06 18:23 BachhalZone Which is the best open-world RPG from Assassin's Creed last releases?

Which is the best open-world RPG from Assassin's Creed last releases?
On October 27, 2017, Assassin's Creed Origins was made available. As many people may remember, Ubisoft took a year off in 2016 before releasing this game, and when it did, it wasn't at all like its predecessors. More open-world, RPG-like gameplay was substituted for the traditional action-adventure genre. Although the RPG aspects in Assassin's Creed Origins weren't as robust as those in Odyssey or Valhalla, it was the new beginning of everything.

Some people may like traditional Stealth play but some like RPG style. What would you select from the options!



Personally Odyssey has been my best from all which contributes all the options as per my opinion!

View Poll
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2023.06.06 18:23 AverageFNaFEnjoyer56 I did the 9 months later thing but i waited EVEN MORE.

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2023.06.06 18:22 Accomplished_Ad4675 Will this ever get better? I need help

Hi guys, looking for some perspective/advice on my sleep problems.
Ever since I got pregnant and had my baby (he's 7 months now) I have had trouble with sleep. During pregnancy I blamed pregnancy, and during the newborn stage/nursing I blamed those things and thought "oh, this is how I am supposed to feel. I'm an exhausted new mom." Well, now I am not pregnant, not nursing, have a baby that sleeps through the night, and a wonderful husband who will do most of our baby's night care for me, especially when he's not working. And I am still waking up 10 TO 20 TIMES EVERY NIGHT.
Falling asleep is only easy with a hefty dose of melatonin and hydroxyzine, but they DO NOT keep me asleep. If I am lucky, I will stay asleep for 90 mins-2.5 hours before waking again. The rest of the night is usually wake ups every 20-45 minutes. I did not realize how bad it is until a couple weeks ago I looked at my Apple Watch sleep data from the last 5 months or so and realized the longest consecutive period of sleep I have had in those 5 months is a little under 4 hours. That was once. The rest of the "long" periods are the 2.5 hour ones.
In the last month or so my husband has stepped up so I can get more hours to myself to sleep, so the amount of sleep I have gotten has gone up, but the consistent wake ups have not gotten any better. I feel like a zombie most days and really only push myself to do stuff for the sake of my son. If he wasn't here I probably wouldn't try to do anything. I feel guilty saying that I have a sleep problem when there are some nights I can get a cumulative 8 hours, but that's only happening because my husband is providing 12+ hours for me to focus on trying to sleep. I do have existing depression and anxiety issues outside of my sleep issues, but can tell that they are intensely worsened by bad sleep (duh).
My husband has taken a few weeks off work because I have been so overwhelmed but he goes back soon. I have asked my psychiatrist for a different med but have to wait until next week for an appointment. I don't drink alcohol or caffeine, we walk 2-3 miles 4 to 5 times a week and as previously stated we have a 7 month old so everyday is at least 8,000 steps and lifting 20lbs regularly throughout the day. I am on multiple medications but no stimulants and nothing new since these issues began. I do have PTSD from events years before the pregnancy, am diagnosed with a panic disorder, and am in recovery from substance use disorder (2.5 years sober). What can I do? I just want to feel alive again and not feel like every morning/afternoon is a fight and every evening is preparation for struggling again that night. 4 hours of consecutive sleep a night every day would be amazing. More would be incredible.
Thank you for reading this if you took the time, it is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 18:22 Hot_Cranberries Should I pay these bills ? Or dispute ?

Hi, I’m confused with bills I received and any comment will be appreciated.
I had anthem PPO with $1k deductible remaining. I was pregnant and saw a in-network provider. Just regular in office covered visit. They were all paid by the plan. Example below. All the bills last year were paid by the plan.
Billed by provider $180.00
Plan discount - $106.03
Allowed by plan $73.97
Plan paid -$73.97
What you pay $0.00
Remaining ind. deductible $1,000 out of $1,000
Have a new pregnancy and saw the same doctor for same matter at same site. Standard covered pregnancy service. This year I have Empire PPO with $1.5k ind deductible. (In-network and same benefit)
Now this time I got many bills to pay - example like below
Total Billed by provider $195.00
Plan discount -$92.18
Allowed by plan $102.82
Plan paid $0.00
What you pay $102.82
Remaining ind. deductible $1,500 out of $1,500 This time the plan didn’t pay.
Additional context is that I switched anthem PPO to empire PPO in the middle of the year so it’s been a lot of issue on insurance’s side that it’s not properly recorded (termination not reported, out of network billing mark for in network billing etc) and I had to call like 10x times to figure it out for them. so I’m wondering if it’s also part of such error.
I’m confused what’s the difference in these two cases as benefits for the standard pregnancy doctor visit is the same under these two insurance and both times I had remaining deductibles. But earlier ones (anthem PPO ) is paid and the other(empire PPO) isn’t paid.
Could anyone guess what the reasons are? I called empire and they said whether it’s covered service or not I have to pay until deductible is met. Was I just lucky with earlier Anthem bills that they paid even though the deductible wasn’t met?
Any comment or idea would be helpful for me to better understand this and plan my doctors visit accordingly.
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2023.06.06 18:22 FamiliarForm9122 Test-Optional

Hi! I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed on this Reddit. I’m new to actually using it. I was wondering what my chances of admission are without submitting any scores.
For some more context: I’m an upcoming senior at a small high school in Virginia. My stats:
GPA: 4.0/4.0 Class rank: 4/80
I have taken the most rigorous classes since my freshman year
I’m very active in clubs/extracurriculars
Come from a low-income family and I’m a girl
Over 60 community service hours, looking to hit 100 this summer
Student tutoaide at the school
Own a small graphic design business
Let me know if you have any questions or if I can give any additional info:)
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2023.06.06 18:22 boltman007 I (26m) need help managing multiple options 23 + 21 F) among resurfaced feelings for (26f) - how do I manage?

A year and a half ago - I wrote a story where I met a girl after having just moved into town. We went out for a bit - and it was over as quickly as it started. I let my mind run, and the delusion take over, and I am still struggling to recover.
If you're curious about the full backstory (which is very relevant and gives context)... it's called "I fell too fast" on my profile. There's also an unsent letter as well.
Just this past weekend, I was out on a date with someone else... and guess who showed up to the bar I was at... the one from last year. Coencidentially, it was the same bar that I had been with the past girl, and was only the 2nd time I had been there - the only other time being with her.
I was sitting out in the sun with my date when I saw her car pull up and saw her get out. When I went inside to pay the tab, I spoke with her briefly - and when she looked over at me, I got the same exact butterfly feeling in my stomach as I did when I first laid eyes on her. She's still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life.
Just recently in the past couple of months, I have written (an unsent) letter to her - and still think of her pretty much every single day. From values, to goals, to work ethic, to her smile, to her personality - she checks every single box imaginable. In our 90 second conversation the other day, I told her 1 of 3 things that the letter contained.
Now, here comes my issue - I have 2 other females I'm seeing (one was who I was actually on a date with the other day, and the other is also someone I really care a lot about, who wants to date me seriously). The girl who wants to date me seriously won't have sex with me until we're in a "committed, labeled relationship". I don't want to just jump into a relationship because of sex, and I feel it's still worth being single for a little while.
I'm not quite holding out hope from the one from my past anymore - I've decided that if the universe brings us back together then that's cool but I am struggling with this anyway. I have been praying to help me get over her. To focus on myself, to build my own projects, my own dreams, my own life. But I know it would be better with her by my side.
With my 2 new options - it's a case of when do I start labeling? I have some travelling coming up that makes my timeline and calendar very busy and convoluted. Do I sleep with both? How does one handle multiple partners? Do I enter into a relationship with someone I care about but am still unsure of? And, should I send that letter for real to my dream girl?
Please lmk if anyone has questions or needs more detail to help. Thanks for reading
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2023.06.06 18:22 kirbybotsss Need a second opinion re: becoming active again in an org that my ex is the current head of

my ex (of almost 2 years now) is the current head of an organization that I used to be a member of. I really enjoyed this org, and was pretty active. We actually met and got close through the org (ironic but I was an active and outgoing member even before her). The difference is that when we broke up I decided to be the one to stay away from the org to give us space and to venture towards other things (it's pretty close-knit. Even if I still wanted to be an active member, we would have to interact for sure, which I didn't want because you know, heartbreak and trauma and all that jazz). Anyway, long story short, it's been almost 2 years, and I'd like to say I've made leaps and bounds in my healing, but not really at a place where I could see her and be comfortable. Given this, I want to be active again in the org (I never wanted to leave anyway, I just did it because of the breakup) but that means I will have to interact with her which I don't really want to do. What's your opinion on this, should I be active again (tradeoff being I'll be part of a community I really love but have to interact with my ex which I already know will bring all the trauma back up and just be overall... uncomfortable for me) or should I stay away? or should I wait it out and give it more time then go back when she's not the head anymore/ when I feel ready to have to interact with her? I mean I'm aware the third option is probably the best but the more I wait the more I know I won't be able to really be active because of work and other life priorities etc; If she wasn't the head and just a member I'd probably just do it, but because she is I will have to be a member under her and that's just bleh. Let me know your thoughts, I just want some other viewpoints on this issue.
Giving more context below: 1) First love, first heartbreak (not first relationship though). Bad breakup. I was the one who broke up but I didn't want it - it was more of I had to walk away for myself in the end.
2) Initially we said we'd be in good terms (Even friends) but of course that's kinda bullshit right lmao soooo we're not really in good terms.
3)) We have seen each other a few times in parties but we avoid each other (except for one time I wanted to be the "bigger person" so I greeted them bye after a party but that was it. Luckily we don't have close mutual friends so it really has been out of side out of mind for the most part.
4) Never stalked, ever. Once we broke up I never tried to dig into anything or look at her social media again (we still follow each other out of courtesy I guess but I've muted her lol). I think she has too because she used to watch my stories but now doesn't. So it's weird, it's like we follow each other but also don't???
5) Had another relationship after her but I've since broken up with that person because it was getting toxic annndd we just weren't compatible. So am single but alright with it, need more healing to do anyway.
6) Trauma is definitely still there on my end. Not ashamed of it, I've done a lot of self-reflection over the almost two-years and I've come to the conclusion that I don't think I'll ever 100% get over this, just learned to live with it and accept it as part of my new reality. I'd say I do find genuine joy in my life and know that I can still live a fulfilling life despite this crutch. Still though, I don't want to relive it as much as possible (who would want that?!)
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2023.06.06 18:21 BillbieT Allergy pills

Has anyone had luck in using allergy pills for upper esophageal EOE? My lower and mid levels are <5 thanks to a recent 2fed, but my upper esophagus was >100. I’ve never had levels that high and doc said she thinks it’s something environmental. I’ve been living in a new city for a few weeks now and my throat is still feeling swollen and inflamed. I’m wondering if it could just be straight up allergies? I’ve never had allergies before but I have heard this year has been crazy for allergies and wondering if Allegra or something might help.
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2023.06.06 18:21 No_Boysenberry_8042 Work/insurance making no effort to fix a screwup that could cost me 1200 euros

I asked work to max out my pension contribution, in very clear terms. I have no idea how but between them and the insurance agent, they managed to fuck up communication so badly that they maxed out my pension and then signed me up to a second one that was also maxed out. I only found out by a message from HR saying "ho hum hmm it seems as though we are getting charged twice for your pension, please find out what this means" - I had no idea because they didn't know I had been signed up for a second pension, so they never took a cent out of my pay and it did not show up on my payslips. They only noticed they were getting charged twice 3 months after the error started, so multiple payments later.
I worked out what I owe in backpayments and its about 1200 euros out of my take-home pay. It will take me to just over minimum wage for that month. I've had to work overtime until 10pm for this job in recent weeks, and now I am effectively going to be on minimum wage for a month unless they take it out of my pay for months at a time. I have no idea whether what I was signed up to was any good or if I will at least get interest on the lump sum when it is paid out in 30 years' time or whatever.
I just cannot fathom how they could screw it up this badly. It's mindblowing. I literally just asked them to increase my payments by 10 euros and they increased them by 300. I signed some disembodied piece of paper but I thought it was for the pension I already had, to approve the changes, and it ended up being for a whole new contract I was never advised about or told about.
Insurance agent and work have made noises about reversing it and it was all a big mistake blah blah but are not communicating with me properly. I don't know how much money I can even afford to fucking spend for the rest of the month, and they don't care about giving me any clarity on this. I am looking for a new job immediately. Work just wants me to fix it. I JUST WANT THEM TO FUCKING FIX IT.
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2023.06.06 18:21 NoThanksReddit13 NDCBU installation, # of parcel lockers?

I seem to remember reading the new minimum requirement for parcel lockers per number of deliveries in NDCBUs. An association near me is finally replacing their ancient CBUs that had separate parcel lockers. Only took them 1.5 years of 16 customers on hold because of a vandalized mailbox.
Looking at the concrete pads they have poured I can see many of the smaller CBUs Will be combined into larger NDCBUs. I know the newer ones often have one or two parcel lockers at the bottom but I'm thinking they are not going to be enough. I'd like to be able to force them to install separate lockers near the boxes that are insufficient, Sam delivering 32 customers and I only have two lockers, I think it's supposed to be one locker for every 10 or so maybe even fewer with today's parcel volume.
Thank you, dealing with this association has been almost as bad as pulling teeth...or maybe a root canal. They think because they own the mailboxes that they get to dictate exactly how things are going to be done. They were insisting on installing them facing away from the paved driveways because customers didn't have to stand "in the street" with the old boxes, technically they aren't in the street. I think we set them straight but I'm not sure if our maintenance guys will be installing them or if The workers the association hired will.bolt them down. It's going to be interesting if this entire place has to be put on hold, it's half my route!
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2023.06.06 18:21 PichardRetty Newly planted hydrangeas browning a little with color fading

Newly planted hydrangeas browning a little with color fading
Hello all,
We recently began landscaping our home finally. The first(and only thus far) things we planted were these 3 hydrangeas. The Mrs. and I are very inexperienced working with plants/shrubs, so we're not sure exactly if the plants are doing fine for being in a new home in year 1, or if there is anything we can do to help them out to be more healthy.
As the title states, these are recently planted. It has been about 3 weeks at the time of this post. We've tried doing our research and have tried to maintain a consistent watering schedule of 2 to 3 days a week to keep this healthy, but the browning is what has us worried.
I am assuming the color fading of the flowers themselves is just natural, but being so new to the scene I am not too confident in my assumption. I know in year one it can look ugly at times as plants grow their roots and get used to their new homes, but I guess we were just looking for some advice or reassurance to make sure we give these things the best opportunity to flourish
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2023.06.06 18:21 SeaImmede2117 And a happy New Year!

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2023.06.06 18:21 maroonwarrior71 Build-planning analysis paralysis... need sanity check & suggestions/help

Apologies in advance for the omg-long post. It's breaking my brain.
I've spent so much time on fb marketplace and learning about castoff enterprise gear... and so much time researching components for a new build... and looking into nucs & tiny/mini/micros... I've learned so much but I just feel like a hungry person in a restaurant with a small novel for a menu. So many choices & options that look good and I just don't know the best way to go that quite nails it.
I'm hoping if I share my current equipment & use cases, the bottlenecks/issues I have, and what I currently think my desired outcome is... that you guys can point me in the right direction.

Current gear & uses:

Big picture - coaching & workouts, podcast recording/production, website design, "homelab" type personal projects
Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (i7 8650U, UHD iGPU) - "lives" at my desk in finished basement office space, travels as needed - used with Lenovo TB3 Dock (2nd gen) - Internal screen + 3 external monitors - Startech DisplayLink adapter used to make 3rd external (4th total) screen possible - zoom meetings & regular office-type / creator work happen here
Old Lenovo k450e desktop (has GTX 730 I think) - lives on other side of basement in "den" space, which doubles as home workout space - uses the den's led TV as primary display - only used for live 1 on 1 / group workouts over zoom, using OBS Studio to incorporate other needed elements to the stream - also can use one of the Thinkpad's external screens (via hdmi switch) for convenience so I can stay in one place to boot it up & open programs pre-session (takes... a while. it's old 😅)
QNAP TS-454A - personal NAS used for the typical *arr apps, Plex server, etc - currently has 12 TB usable, 1.2 free - dabbling with Docker, managed via Portainer. Actively using vaultwarden & paperless-ngx. Installed piwigo, homeassistant, nextcloud, etc, but haven't really done much with them yet due (waiting for more capable machine)

Current issues/bottlenecks:

  • when in Zoom meetings on Thinkpad, can't do too much else or it'll affect Zoom. Makes it difficult to effectively multitask and use reference material, take notes, screenshare things, etc. Using OBS really taxes the system.
  • used to use the Thinkpad instead of the k450e for the workout streaming/zooms using a CalDigit TB3 dock & that TV. Easy enough to just bring it over & use 2nd dock. Allowed use of OBS but just barely, and ended up with crashes/issues during a stream that led me to just use a separate machine
  • k450e is a dinosaur, takes forever to start up or open programs, not sure where the bottleneck is but either way it's a powerhogging inconvenience I'd like to get rid of
  • QNAP has served me well, but it's not very powerful and the integrated graphics can't do a whole lot in the way of transcoding for Plex. It also takes foooooorever to consume large doc files in Paperless, as well as taking a long time for other data-intensive tasks. Need something beefier, esp if I want to go down the homelab rabbithole & really play with homeassistant, set up nextcloud, and just generally "do all the things"
  • I'm sure I could solve some of my issues by not driving 4 screens on the Thinkpad, but it's helpful for my ADHD to dedicate different screens to different purposes and be able to keep certain things in view (out of sight out of mind). I imagine with a new setup I'd just be running the 3 external screens (no thinkpad), which would be fine.

Desired new setup:

  • need enough processing/graphics power to run OBS with multiple webcams, screen capture elements, would like to do chroma key (green screen), etc, and to be able to do it while also driving my 3 primary displays & whatever else I'm doing on that desktop/workspace concurrent with the zoom meeting
  • would like post-processing for podcasts/audio in Reaper to not take a million years
  • need a raid array for NAS, not sure if ZFS is the best option for file system or something else
  • would like 2.5 GB networking
  • would like enough oomph to be able to go bananas with homeserver things including lots of automation & camera-related things in homeassistant (looking at people/object recognition with Coral, etc)
  • looking at Intel because quicksync for Plex. Plus, I know & understand Intel and would prefer to stick with that rather than AMD even though I think I'd love to have ECC memory (but do I even really need it?)
  • would like to not consume a ton of power for the basic homeserver type things, which it'll do 24/7. I understand it'll consume more power when actively being used for daily office work, zoom / streams, audio & video processing, etc.
  • really hoping for TB4 either on the i/o backplane or at least via PCIe & mb header
  • DDR5 feels like a smart choice both for power efficiency and speed/oomph
  • really don't care about RGB 😂
  • need plenty of SATA because "lots of storage for cheap"
  • wifi 6e is nice but a 2.5 gb hardline is fine, I can live without wifi... it's not going anywhere
  • I like the idea of IPMI but I know that complicates things probably unnecessarily?
  • I like the external LCD on the QNAP but I imagine that's something I can do without?
  • Hotswap bays... something I thought was a must-have but probably really isn't.
  • would really like to not spend a fortune. $400+ mobo and $400+ cpu make me hesitant.
So... that's where I am.
Idk if it's a good idea to do it all with one machine running proxmox to virtualize what I'm currently doing with the QNAP, and... virtualize my daily driver office computer (thinkpad w/3 displays)? Is that... totally stupid / not gonna work how I imagine? I mean... accessing my "office desktop" (prob win11 pro) remotely would be pretty nice... and I already do that with the NAS... 🤔
I'm worried a NUC-type machine might not be enough for what I do in the office space, but if I put all the oomph in the new server across the basement why wouldn't I just use that as the daily driver too?
If I do try to do it all in one machine, is an i5-13600k a good idea? overkill? Would I be able to do it in ITX form factor or do I need to look at mATX (or... ugh... do I actually have to go full ATX?)
Presently I'm trying to find a z790 (DDR5, 2.5G network, plenty of m.2 & sata) to use with an i5-13600k as an all-in-one solution. But I'm having a hard time finding the right thing. Am I even on the right track?
gah. halp. 🏳️🆘
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2023.06.06 18:21 Mountainman1994 Interviewing Vent (sorta a follow up to my last post)

My last post I was very frustrated at how my employer gaslight me about a promotion when I started, and how insanely rude my boss was too me about asking for said promotion. As a lot of you recommended leave, look for a new job. Totally agree.
The interview process has been an absolute nightmare. I have had place squeeze 3 interviews into 3 days and then not let me know if I got the job or not till a month later. I have place saying they need someone to start right away and apparently are still interviewing people a month later. I have had to do hours or writing assignments, sneak interviews while at work, and basically sacrifice my sanity for this interview process. I am truly working 2 jobs. The worst part is I have probably done 65 interviews so far and only heard from like 3 jobs. My sister in law had 13 interviews at a place before they rejected her. How is this fair? Why are companies allowed to take this freaking long and essentially torture prospective hires?
One last note I was add that's so unbelievably frustrating to me is the barrier I am finding is I switch jobs every year or two. In my industry that does not pay well, it does not offer raises or bonuses and I have rarely had upward mobility. I switch jobs every couple of years because despite being college educated and having 5 years of experience I am barely being paid enough to live in the city I am in and they know this. I am finally applying for jobs that make wages my friends have been making for 2-3 years now, but apparently I am flight risk cause 2 years I was getting paid half of what these jobs are offering and I left that job.
I know this is long, but I am genuinely getting so beat down and upset. I am a very upbeat guy and I don't hold onto things and I am very upset all the time and having more fights with my partner. I am currently in therapy trying to work through things, I just hate this is where we are as a society.
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2023.06.06 18:20 crumbskins Reshaping multiple years of local authority data (long to wide)

I am using a dataset which contains characteristic data of children at a local authority level in England. I am trying to reshape the data in Stata so that I can compare the grouped characteristics of children across different local authorities at different time periods (e.g., Comparing 'number' of those in 'Age group_10 to 15 years' or 'Gender_Female' or 'Ethnicity_White' in Haringey 2022 with 'number' of those in 'Age group_10 to 15 years' or 'Gender_Female' or 'Ethnicity_White' in Croydon 2022).
I've attached an example image of the csv file I've imported into Stata, as well as a dataex generated subset of some of the data in Stata below.
I think I need to reshape the data from long to wide so that for each local authority (la_name), all years of data is on one line (left to right/wide - I hope that makes sense!). I'm really struggling to figure out how to do this correctly in Stata.
I'm very new to data analysis and Stata so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
[CODE] * Example generated by -dataex-. For more info, type help dataex clear input int time_period str9 new_la_code str8 la_name str53 group_characteristic str3 number 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_1 to 4 years" "56" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_10 to 15 years" "142" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_16 years and over" "126" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_5 to 9 years" "48" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_Under 1 year" "15" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Asian or Asian British" "13" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Black, African, Caribbean or Black British" "186" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups" "53" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Other ethnic group" "25" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Refused or information not yet available" "0" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_White" "110" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Gender_Female" "161" 2022 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Gender_Male" "226" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_1 to 4 years" "49" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_10 to 15 years" "219" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_16 years and over" "192" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_5 to 9 years" "67" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_Under 1 year" "23" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Asian or Asian British" "113" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Black, African, Caribbean or Black British" "154" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups" "93" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Other ethnic group" "c" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Refused or information not yet available" "c" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_White" "176" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Gender_Female" "218" 2022 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Gender_Male" "332" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_1 to 4 years" "45" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_10 to 15 years" "154" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_16 years and over" "127" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_5 to 9 years" "37" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Age group_Under 1 year" "29" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Asian or Asian British" "13" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Black, African, Caribbean or Black British" "192" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups" "41" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Other ethnic group" "23" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_Refused or information not yet available" "0" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Ethnicity_White" "123" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Gender_Female" "161" 2021 "E09000014" "Haringey" "Gender_Male" "231" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_1 to 4 years" "46" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_10 to 15 years" "244" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_16 years and over" "283" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_5 to 9 years" "83" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Age group_Under 1 year" "24" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Asian or Asian British" "142" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Black, African, Caribbean or Black British" "181" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups" "96" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Other ethnic group" "c" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_Refused or information not yet available" "c" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Ethnicity_White" "248" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Gender_Female" "254" 2021 "E09000008" "Croydon" "Gender_Male" "426" end [/CODE] 
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2023.06.06 18:20 Soufianenj Is it worth starting PUBG in 2023? (New player)

Been playing pubg mobile for years and i loved it (played many mobile games as well) but switched to console and currently on PC and it’s the best decision i’ve ever made.
Im planning to start PUBG and was wondering if it’s worth it and also the current state of the game? I see that it’s still in top 10 steam games player base wise however i heard that it still has bugs, lack of support, and hackers? Is it true guys?
It’s also the first time i’ll be playing with a keyboard and mouse so it’s a whole new experience!
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2023.06.06 18:20 bearlybearbear Beware PIGS the Englishs are walking sexual diseases...

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2023.06.06 18:20 PastHorror Has anyone figured this out? (MCPE Android)

Has anyone figured this out? (MCPE Android)
I have a test world on my old android phone that is almost 4 years old. I wanted to copy it into my new phone since i can no longer update Minecraft on my old phone (no more data space) but apparently the new android OS on my new phone does not allow files to be tinkered with. I have tried converting the test world into .mcworld and directly port into my new phone's Minecraft app but it always fails. I have also tried to copy the files via PC and it still didnt work. Is there any other way i can migrate my world or am i just going to lose her forever? :(
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