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Lost my drive

2023.06.06 18:39 Moss-and-Stone Lost my drive

My fellow gym kings and queens, I have been losing my way lately.
I (28M) have gone from working out constantly since high school and college to barely getting myself into the gym 1-2 times a week. I had myself up to a 3 plate bench, a 4 plate squat, and a 5 plate deadlift at one point maybe a year or two ago, and now I barely have the energy to take hold of the bar. I find myself ending up at a different kind of bar most days instead.
I think its a combination of factors. Not getting enough sleep, sitting all day and dying of boredom at work, only having like 1 meal a day, smoking and drinking too much, haven't had sex in at least 3 years, and just general stress from how fucked the world seems to be.
The steps to solve my problems seem so simple too: Stop going to the bar. Sleep earlier. Meal prep. Stop paying attention to the doom and gloom. Actually put some effort in, ya know? But going to the gym after work just feels like more and more of a chore lately, instead of being a place I want to go to so I can de-stress and feel good and strong.
I don't really know what I'm asking for here, Its just been frustrating being like this and I need something.. something is missing...
My drive. My motivation. I WANT IT BACK.
Please help me find it again.
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2023.06.06 18:31 MelYouKnow Being Part of the Solution

Hello friends! I've recently gotten involved with George King Bio-Medical, Inc and after reading so many posts addressing the cost of care I wanted to offer a possible route some may be interested in. I know what you're thinking...."plasma donation?!? It's a scam!" It's not. They pay for most expenses on donation day, pay you for your "donation", and make sure you're taken care of and comfortable. They are so incredibly caring and compassionate about the bleeding disorder community and making a positive difference. I believe bleeding disorders run in the founding family which motivates their mission of helping to advance research and improve treatments.
Don't hesitate if you are interested - trust me, you'll be glad you did! You can contact them on their website or I can give you the contact information for the lady that coordinates with donors (send a DM). I hope some can find some financial relief. Plus you get to contribute to the research that will hopefully help more people in the community in the future.
- Love & Light
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2023.06.06 18:29 matthewstocks Roommate stole all my Stuff

So I’ve been living with two people. For anonymity we can call them Bill and Sonny. Bill is my older brother and sonny is a disabled older gentleman he takes care of for money. My brother moved him into the house to make taking care of him easier. It’s a rental and my brother was the original lease holder until he moved us in. In Jan. we signed a 6 month lease agreement that was to be renewed at the end of this month. Due to activities within the home that would immediately cause us to be kicked out, and other general annoyances I decided I would move out and not sign back on. I told my roommates that I would be gone by the end of the lease renewal. Well it wasn’t taken well, and some comments were made that made me feel better if I stayed outside the residence until my lease was up. I grabbed some important items and stayed with my other sibling. Texted both roommates that I would be returning for my belongings in a day or two. Texted them the morning of and said if be by in a few hours. My other brother goes with me just to play peace maker. Well I enter the home and I’m told I’m not allowed to go to my part of the house which is upstairs because “he already has tenants in there.” I said that my belonging were still there and he told me that they weren’t and motioned towards the garage. Well what he said was mine was a sleeping bag, a 32 in tv that wasn’t mine, and a trekking pole. He locked himself on the top floor and stopped answering his phone. He then sent me a text saying I abandoned my property and due to failure to pay rent I’m not allowed to just walk into his house. Now I’ve paid him in cash every month and he writes a Cheque to the leasing office for the house. I had just given him rent the week beforehand because he was short on money, and I figured I could just pay my share of rent to him early so he could take care of his finances. I called the police and when they showed up he latched the door Shut with the safety chain so I couldn’t get in with my keys. He then ignored me and the police yelling into the house. Cops let me kick the door in because I’m on the lease, I had mail in my name, and my keys worked on the locks. He started yelling to the police about how I’m not allowed in and blah blah blah. They made him sit down at a dining room table while I grabbed what I could. A lot of my belonging were stolen. My bed, a gun, multiple knives and camping equipment, my social security card and passport etc etc. I have a list. I called the leasing office and told them everything that happened including meth being present in the home. They didn’t seem to care or to be too helpful. They told me I should sign an amendment taking me off the lease. I said I’d rather stay on until the lease was up this month so I still have legal rights to enter the property to get anything. They asked if I wanted to go back. I said not at this time but If I decided to before the month was over I want to have legal rights to enter. They didn’t seem too happy about me saying this so I can’t only assume I’m not getting any help from them. She told me he tried calling and asking them for documentation that stated I abandoned my property, and then backtracked the next day and said he only asked for documents stating I was moving out. She also said she couldn’t give me any documents stating I have legal rights to enter. “What about the lease I signed in January maam?” …. Few moments of silence followed by them saying ok. I asked if they needed anything from me to prove what I’m saying like photos of the drugs being done in the home etc etc. They told me no. Kinda don’t know what to do next now. Because he pawned a lot of my stuff.
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2023.06.06 18:28 Jules_Delgado Apartment Lease

I have been trying to sublet from someone and was verbally instructed to apply to the apartment and sign the lease in my portal. That lease was for 12 months and I am trying to sublease from someone for two. I was told to sign the 12 month lease and they would change the dates to be within 2 months. Now they have switched up on me over email and said I am responsible for the 12 month lease and need to reapply for the 2 month sublet. It is $200 per application and I would also have to pay $350 to sublet my new 12 month lease to get out of it. What can I do here? They refuse to speak to me on the phone and only communicate over email.
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2023.06.06 18:17 timmit65 MSP as a springboard to a career change?

I'm trying to change careers in my 50s. I have always worked with technology, but never in an enterprise. I've never worked in a company larger than 20 people.

When I say I've always worked with technology, I've been in sales and have always sold hardware and software that worked with computers (first via cards, then USB, then network, now Thunderbolt and Network). I have always supported those products and, also, done the IT work for my small companies. That said, the hardware and software I've sold and supported has always been in the creative field Audio and Video editing, broadcast, or production (live production events for up thousands of people. Digital Mixers ecosystems, video walls, loud speakers with network ports, wireless mics that are networkable and for the longest time helped people digitally record audio, first to tape, then to stand alone units snd for 20+ years to computers). For 95 % of the items I work with, if they are networked, they're not on the main network of the venue, or at least on a VLan. Again, I'm in my 50s and have worked in the creative field, I rarely touched a PC until 15 years ago. The Mac was and is king. Pro Tools wasn't available for Windows until early 2000's and wasn't stable until Win 7. Photoshop wasn't available for Windows until 2000?, but was an oddity for years. So, I've never had to use Active Directory.

I now have the A+ and Security+ certs (there are tons of military contractors in my area, so Sec+ is the most common cert asked for). I have an interview with an MSP Wednesday I'm not that sold on the company, but their client is a major hospital in the area. Would 6 months there be enough time to make me more marketable to a better MSP or a defense contractor? I keep getting interviews, but have only been offered 1 job. The pay was too low to consider.

I have been studying for Network+, but I only want to continue if I have to. Much like Sec+, my interest level is pretty low. And, it's pretty stressful studying it for me. But, some of the job adds ask for networking, switches etc. Should I push on through, if this job doesn't work out?

To clarify my expectations, I don't want to do anything in security or networking! I only want desktop and systems admin., and whatever networking is necessary for desktop and systems admin.. I don't think AD will be a problem for me to learn. As long as there's a GUI, I usually take right to things. I have been the Super Admin for Zoho CRM for the last 15 years allowing permissions creating new users, deleting users, etc.. I also have a good amount of experience with VTC, especially Ceiling array microphones and DSPs, but again since I don't have any Cisco hardware experience, I don't get a second look.

Given this info and the subject any recommendations would be appreciated. TIA!
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2023.06.06 18:15 altimage Staying in the King's Chamber?

I've read accounts of tourists, many years ago, being able to stay for a few hours at night alone in the King's Chamber. I saw an account of a group that payed around $2k USD and were allowed to hang out from 10pm-1am with guards/guides outside the pyramid entrance.
Is this still a thing? If not, are there any other unusual pyramid related things like this that can be found?
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2023.06.06 18:09 Hefty_Helicopter7794 Demoted the king and was ready for more.

- Apologies for my grammar, English is not my native language.
- And vague about company shizzle and longer than I anticipated, so grab a coffee, thee or other liquids.
- During this process I also informed my lawyer about the situation and just kept asking for all the damaging (for my future boss) emails.
- And also, without my SO I would have quit a long time ago, but with very expensive consequences.
First week of 2023 I started with my new job for bus driver, the company gave the chance for me to get my bus driver’s license and I would at least work for 3 years and after those 3 years I could go my own way if I wanted to.
I started with 5 others, we helped each other, had 3 - 4 exams, during that time I purchased a online program to get more practice test for the exams. Well, I went through those tests at all the first attempts (thank god, because I definitely underestimated it). I shared my account and it helped and eventually everyone got through the first phase (January) . During the first phase we had several instructors, and our main instructor “AH” (fake name XD) was…. Well to keep it civil, not nice and behaved like a king.
Then we got to the driving lessons Phase two (February)……. AH was thankfully not my driving instructor I got a colleague of him, and they were close “C”. At first nothing was wrong, first-time jitters, I was too careful at first but that was to be expected because a bus can cause a disaster when not handled properly.
Unfortunately, after my second lesson there was a dead in the family that hit harder than I expected, so I called for that lesson to be rescheduled, no problem and done. And I thought I was done for that day. Some crying and happy movies and being there for my SO, because it was his uncle.
Well just a few hours later I received an e-mail for a meeting, about my progress and future job. I wrote a email about the dead and that I didn’t know when the funeral was etc. I was able to go to the meeting.
Yeah, the meeting…. (With assistant manager (AM) and HR dude) Well first I was late apparently for 10 minutes, I read the wrong time so that sucked. Got a lecture about time, time time, Jada Jada (I think it was my 3rd time through my whole life I was late, my second time was cause of someone jumped in front of my train) I prefer to be awfully early. But anyways back to the meeting, I informed them again that I had a dead in the family and was still in mourning (they also received that email, and it was like the heard it for the first time). I asked them if that is the reason for this meeting, because it was only a few hours after I called my lesson off.
They said no it was of some complaints….. I said oke, what kind of complaints because nobody spoken to me about it. Well, you remember AH? He made a list(just him). I’m overweight and working on it everyone knows it and sees it.... everyone knows I can have 1 night I can eat a favorite dish without counting anything. I shared that I had a pizza (this was the day before an exam, so studying and I was home alone and not in the mood for cooking), because they know. …. It was a disgrace I had a pizza, your are not being “vital”blah bla blah” a whole speech I really think he looked something up to say “And that even they could eat an WHOLE pizza”….. we have pizza’s from 20 to I think 50 cm here, 20 cm is not big, it’s the size of a supermarket pizza maybe smaller.
- So the first complaint was I ate a pizza.
- Second complaint: I do not have respect for the instructors. Gob smacked……
- The third complaint struck hard on my integrity, because I want to help people, I’m doing it all my life. The complaint was, I made it for my fellow future colleagues a living hell. This was the moment I was MEGA gob smacked…. I literally didn’t know how to react.
After a couple of seconds, I just stared to ask questions( and ugly crying unfortunately not my best moment), who and why, because I was a month in and nobody told me, and AH had said in the mail that the others where to scarred to talk to me….? I’m not a bogeywoman, for some reason I always end up as the “caring mom” in the group. And some point I just blatantly asked if it was AH that made the complaints… and they couldn’t say that, but I knew enough.
After al that shit and me still crying 1 of them gave his opinion about me but tried to form it as a question. “You don’t give me the feeling of being happy with this job” . I just looked at him, I’m not driving the bus on this moment (my brain added, or you would probably be dead right now, thank god my anger could keep that on the inside). That was the end of that meeting.
I went crying home and a hour later I had my driving lesson again. I had told C that I had that meeting and she asked about it and I just went right back into ugly crying. She was shocked and angry, what the hell were they thinking…. From what it looked like she was ready to kick someone in the A. (unfortunately I found out later she was the one who told about something What AH saw a no respect to the instructors, the part about being to careful, I was saying yeah but.. those bikers or I don’t know what that car was going to do, etc.) This was common for everyone in the first days of driving lessons in a bus, so she felt guilty to me and angry to AH.
I couldn’t lose that feeling it kept bugging me and I had good contact with my fellow colleagues, so I tried the casually ask about it and that opened some doors. Everyone knew about it but didn’t know it was me…... well now they knew and were pissed, because I helped them. And found out that I wasn’t the only one who wanted nothing to do with “AH”. Even got info from groups who started a month earlier and made complaints about him.
The Revenge:
So I called the “education department” because I wanted it in writing that I don’t have the see his ass anymore. And OMG, apparently, they had heard about my “meeting” and they actually called all the other instructors I had for the first phase and they didn’t recognize me in those complaints… hallelujah! And mister AH had 8 to 9 complaints on his name from 8 to 9 different people (mostly women).
This was the moment I was going for mutual destruction, I already had a “bad name” because of AH so what the hell…! Only problem I had to keep in mind that I don’t do anything crazy that they could use for me getting fired, or otherwise I would have to pay everything back. So I needed to be careful.
So just keeping my cool started to talk to the other instructors and they also found out about all the complaints and also didn’t know it was me. Found out that ALL THE INSTRUCTORS (exept for C) hate AH, his way for instructing was years 60/70 style, he had the gall to say to 1 of his students to hit him with an iron pointer(a telescopic thing and point at something) if that student would do something again he didn’t like. But that was just 1 of the stories I heard. And started to encourage other people who had problems with AH to make a complaint as well at the education department.
The only thing I knew is that I wouldn’t get him for my driving exams and after more an more complaint kept coming in he was never scheduled for an exam again, nobody wanted him. Some of the higher ups wanted to contact me for the story, they were free and had my number. Never heard from them again.
First time of my driving exam I flunked, because before I had the exam AH had the nerv to come by and “wish me luck” (this was the moment that I started to think I definitely need therapy, but I was stubborn), so failed that day. Called to complain again to the education department Second time 2 week later I passed thank God and no AH before my exam. So, phase 2(first week March) was done.
Now was the moment for my transfer to my location of work, because of being short staffed it took longer, and at some point, I knew I needed help because I couldn’t digest the meeting that I had in February. So I wanted someone to talk to in this country we have laws, and you can ask for an inhouse doctor or a confidant. No question asked, because a inhouse doctor needs to evaluate if it is necessary. And they denied through email, BINGO. Later I got a email for signing my contract and talking about why I need to see a inhouse doctor, BINGO again, we have LAWS they cant ask for medical information.
My lawyer on this moment was happy with just this evidence. But I still wanted to work as a bus driver. So I went for my contract and they(not the same people from my first meeting, they just heard the “beautiful parts”) asked, how did it al go. And the stupid AH I am by not going to therapy, I broke down and threw everything on the table. The AH, not checking if he was right, all the other complaints, etc.
Even the part about my lawyer, that I wanted advice “how to handle the situation”. Now they were gob smacked and silent for a few minutes, while I was in full ugly cry. They asked questions, how and why, etc. Eventually I asked, Why do you think you know better then my lifestyle coach, personal trainer or dietician? Because HR dude knew about it, I was upfront about it and he still hired me. Silent again, this was the moment the manager asked if he could be excused. After this it went fast, they were gonna fix the contract signed it a week later.
After this, I called my therapist for an appointment and some EMDR. And now writing this I’m just thinking why the hell didn’t I go sooner, but that’s afterwards and can’t change that anymore.
When I wanted to sign the contract is heard from colleagues that AH was fired as an instructor and demoted to bus driver, because apparently he wasn’t fit to be a instructor. I was in full happy clapping happiness, I couldn’t reep the benefits anymore but the future bus drivers could, so that’s 1 was going in my head, ready for number 2, mister AM.
Started my mentoring(half of April), I drove on the work schedule of a bus driver, to learn the routes or how to work the system, etc. My mentor was awesome and bored, not in personality but he didn’t have to do much, sometimes I would ask “I need to turn left here if I’m correct?” so usually just a yes or a no would suffice. After a few days, my mentor said that my new AM wanted a meeting, probably that you can drive solo now. I needed 1 instruction day for some bus lines that I didn’t know, but could be handled in 1 day, because I was a quick study.
I went to the meeting (the beginning of May)and got fired, gob smacked again, only complements no complaints, because they found out that AH complaints were bogus. At first they said it was my behavior, so I asked “what behavior?” and then they switched to not being a match. But I think its damage control because I don’t have to pay for my driver’s license.
And I signed a contract that only in death I don’t have to pay for my driver’s license, and not death! Hahaha
But now a month later my mentor helped me to get a job interview for Thursday, a few towns over, so I think I’m going to be fine, it is in my old hometown plus point to that. And can’t wait to drive through the open country!
Thank you for reading!!
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2023.06.06 18:08 unisonnn [OFFER] Earn $𝟓! Earn $0 from 𝘿𝙊𝙎𝙃 and $5 from me! [Deposit Required] [US Only] [Over 300 𝙲𝙾𝙽𝙵𝙸𝚁𝙼𝙴𝙳 transactions!]

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2023.06.06 18:04 motherlovebone1 [FOR SALE] Selling a Handful of Records! Rock, Metal, VMP, Acoustic Sounds, Mobile Fidelity, etc.

For sale. $5 PayPal G&S shipping to CONUS. DM if interested! (Jacket/Media)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced Acoustic Sounds 2x45RPM (NM/NM) - $55
Counting Crows - August and Everything After Acoustic Sounds 2x45RPM (NM/NM) - $80
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me Acoustic Sounds (NM/NM) - 60
Carole King - Tapestry Mobile Fidelity (NM/NM) - 55
Suicidal Tendencies - S/T Original Press (VG+/VG+) - 30
Modest Mouse - Lonesome Crowded West VMP (NM/NM) - 40
Johnny Cash - At folsom Prison VMP (NM/NM) - 40
Slipknot - .5 The Gray Chapter 2022 Pink Press (M/M) - 40
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium Box Set (NM/NM) - 125
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication 2022 Walmart Purple/Yellow Press (M/M) - 40
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way 2022 Walmart Purple Press (M/M) - 40
The Beatles - Revolver 2014 Mono (NM/NM) - 85
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf (VMP) (NM/NM) - 100
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me Acoustic Sounds (NM/NM) - 70
Carole King - Tapestry Mobile Fidelity (NM/NM) - 55
The Beatles - Revolver 2014 Mono (NM/NM) - 90
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf (VMP) (NM/NM) - 80
Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged (Music on Vinyl) (NM/NM) - 160
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (30th Anniversary) (VG/VG) - 120
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2023.06.06 18:00 wildcardgyan Tech Mahindra Global Chess League

Global Chess League is a joint venture between Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra and FIDE. The six team rapid event will be held at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club from June 21st to July 2nd, 2023. The tournament will be played in a double round robin format with the top two teams qualifying for the final. Each team consists of 6 players - 3 male, 2 female and 1 non-2700 junior.
Given below are the 6 teams and the player roster.
Balan Alaskan Knights: Ian Nepomniatchi Teimour Radjabov Nodirbek Abdusattorov Tan Zhongyi (W) Nino Batsiashvili (W) Raunak Sadhwani (J)
Chingari Gulf Titans: Jan - Krzysztof Duda Shakhryar Mamedyarov Daniil Dubov Alexandra Kosteniuk (W) Polina Shuvalova (W) Nihal Sarin (J)
Ganges Grandmasters: Vishwanathan Anand Richard Rapport Leinier Dominguez Perez Hou Yifan (W) Bella Khotenashvili (W) Andrey Esipenko (J)
SG Alpine Warriors: Magnus Carlsen D Gukesh Arjun Erigaisi Elisabeth Pahtz (W) Irina Krush (W) R Praggnanandhaa (J)
upGrad Mumba Masters: Maxim Vachier-Lagrave Vidit Gujarathi Alexander Grischuk Koneru Humpy (W) Hariva Dronavalli (W) Javokhir Sindarov (J)
Triveni Continental Kings: Ding Liren Wei Yi Yu Yangyi Kateryna Lagno (W) Nana Dzagnidze (W) Jonas Buhl Bjerre (J)
Ganges Grandmasters look the weakest team of the lot with many barely active players. Vishy Anand last played at European club Cup in Oct 2022, Hou Yifan just came back to chess, Leinier hasn't played for a while.
Chingari Gulf Titans look the best team on paper, strong players on all boards. Duda is probably top 5 rapid player, Dubov is a world rapid Champion, Nihal is probably the best youngster when it comes to speed chess, Mamedyarov is a beast, Kosteniuk and Shuvalova on the female boards are too strong.
But we all know who the fan favourites will be though - SG Alpine Warriors. How can you even put Magnus, Gukesh, Arjun and Pragg in the same team? This is the team most of India would be supporting. Their women boards are a little weak though with Elisabeth Pahtz and Irina Krush.
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2023.06.06 17:49 Methos0012 [3.21] Loot from 500x max investment The Feared Invitations (Uber Atziri, Uber Cortex, Uber Uber Elder, Flawless Chayula)

This league there have been a lot of different opinions about the profitability of The Feared Invitation. While Empyriangaming´s small sample size certainly showed a volatility in short term profit margins, bigger sample sizes by u/ToiletOfGold and u/ixmike88 showed that it is still profitable. So here I am with another big sample size that I am going to compare with my findings from last league.
Here is the data from 500 max investment 100%+ IIQ Feared Runs (including Uber Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Uber Cortex and Flawless Chayula). I´ve been doing 5 x 100 Runs with 3 Quad Stashes of Loot I had to sort out after each 100 Runs. One full run takes me 10-12 minutes, so I was able to do 5 runs per hour.
For each encounter, I am going to give a little advice, followed by a breakdown of cost & profit/loss, a conclusion and a comparison. These lists only contain the profitable and very rare drops. Values are average market prices.
My build: Cold Flicker Strike Slayer (15 Frenzy / 15 Endurance Charges) PoB: LINK (Uber DPS Config)
Atlas Tree: Uber notables, Wandering Path with all Synth nodes
Uber Atziri Make sure you can burst her down fast enough so she can only ever enter her Split Phase (the Add Phase takes far too long). Reflect immunity required. Cost: 0.25 div per Set; 125 div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Atziri´s Reflection (1.6 div) 5 8 div
Atziri´s Disfavour (4 div) 0 -
The Price of Devotion (26 div) 0 -
Triumvirate Authority (-) 6 -
Atziri's Acuity (-) 6 -
The Ultimatum Aspect Fragment and the Sacrifical Garb Base Armour seem to drop every 3rd or 4th encounter. Since they dont really sell, I didnt bother picking them up after a while. Total loss (Uber Atziri): - 117 div Conclusion & Comparison: Uber Atziri is still just entry cost for doing The Feared. Atziri needs some additional high tier drops. No changes compared to 3.20.
Uber Cortex (Replica/Default) Boss rush. Make sure you can run any mod combination, have a second character set up that can do it or in the worst case, buy a carry service. The Replica version is a little cheaper, has more global map modifiers, can be a lot more difficult and has the identical drop pool. In very rare cases, you get Synth map modifiers that make it worth full clearing the map (e.g.: %ChanceToDropDivCards and %IncRarityDroppedBy). Cost: 1.5 div per Map; 750 Div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Rational Doctrine (8 div) 9 72 div
Bottled Faith (1.5 div) 46 69 div (medium variance)
Garb of the Ephemeral (30c) 57 7.8 div
Forgotten Reliquary Key (4 div) 7 28 div
Nebulis (10c) 147 6.7 div
Notable Synth Item drops: +1FrenzyShieldSTR (50 div), +1PowerShieldINT (50 div), ExplodeWand (40 div), %IntRing (30 div), DexStackBow (15 div), ExplodeStaff (8 div), +1PowerShieldSTR (2x 8 div), GraceAuraEffRing (5 div), AuraEffHelmet (2x 5 div), FlammabilityOnHitRing (5 div), IntStackingWand (3 div), IgniteSceptre (3 div), CritMultiRing (3 div), %DexBoots (2 div) and around 15 items that have sold for up to 1 div. Total loss (Uber Cortex): - 567 div (without Synth items), - 310 div (with Synth items) Conclusion & Comparison: Pretty disappointing but to be expected, Cortex profit heavily relies on amazing Synth drops. The unique drops are worth less in 3.21 but with Crucible around, the Nebulis easily sell in bulk.
Uber Uber Elder Personally, I found this to be the most difficult of fights (Flicker Strike is not a great skill for it). Just run circles around the bosses and try to burst down the shaper as fast as possible after every Add Phase so he doesn´t use his Bullet Hell. Good luck dodging if Maven decides to clone the bosses in the arena. Cost: 1.5 div per Set; 750 Div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Watcher´s Eye iLvL 87 (4,5 div) 185 832.5 div
Orb of Dominance (1 div) 55 55 div
Sublime Vision (8 div) 8 64 div
Decaying Reliquary Key (4 div) 5 20 div
Double Impresence (-) 12 Sold two (22 Div, 4 Div)
The Shieldbearer (2,5 div) 5 12.5 div
Eternity Shroud (45c) 5 1 div
Voidforge (8 div) 1 8 div
The Gulf (20c) 5 0.9 div
Indigon (30c) 56 7.6 div
Soul Ascension (-) 7 -
Voidfletcher (-) 66 -
Total profit (Uber Uber Elder): + 277 div Conclusion & Comparison: The Watcher´s Eyes themselves easily pay for the Uber Uber Elder Runs. Very profitable by itself. Voidforge actually exists as drop. No changes compared to 3.20.
Flawless Chayula [BREACH REWORK] Breachstones also roll random modifiers, so they can be a little tricky. If you dont use CastOnDeath+Portal, make sure to place a portal halfway through the Breach. Flawless Breachstones are 45 seconds faster than the normal version. Chayula can be permafrozen so that one was the easiest encounter for me. Chaos resistance helps a lot. You can level Gems in your Offhands. As of 3.21 you can use It That Fled´s Breachstone Bargains to increase the rewards of the Breachstones. They unfortunately do not speed up the encounter itself. Cost: 1.5 div per Stone; 750 Div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Fractured GlobalDef Grasping Mail (50 div) 11 550 div
Uul-Netol´s Vow (8 div) 9 72 div (high variance!)
United in Dream (40c) 169 30.7 div
Red Nightmare (150c) 18 12.3 div
Green Nightmare (1.5 div) 25 37.5 div
Blue Nightmare (40c) 26 4.7 div
Skin of the Lords (-) 19 250 div (Details below)
I´ve dropped 63 fractured Grasping Mails (71 in 3.20), so you can still expect one to drop every 7-8 runs. The mods are weighted (1 in 4.25 chance to hit Global Defense), so you can expect to drop one FracGlobalDef every 32 runs. I´ve dropped 19 Skins of the Lords. These have a really high variance because of socket colors and the Notable. The most valuable ones had at least 3 blue sockets and a good notable: GhostDance (50 div), Iron Will (39 div), GlancingBlows (30 div), SupremeEgo (25 div), Acrobatics (18 div), AvatarOfFire (20 div), Magebane (15 div) Total loss/profit: - 40 div (without Skins), + 210 div (with Skins) Conclusion & Comparison: I was quite unlucky considering the FracGlobalDefense droprate (11 instead of avg. 15), otherwise the Breachstones would have easily payed for themselves. While there was absolutely no reason to run normal Breachstones in 3.20, I can´t say the same for this league since I dont know the droprates of Blessings and Skin of the Loyals.
The Feared Invitation [ATLAS CHANGES] Make sure you can run any mod combination or have counter measures available (e.g. I used an Enduring Mana flask on "no leech" invitations). I prefer to kill Cortex and Atziri first if possible. Invitations were rolled to 8 mod 100+IIQ, you can vendor 5 failed corruptions for a new one. You also drop a lot of invitations from the bosses. Cost: ~45c per 8-mod Invitation, 100 div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Maven´s Writ (1.4 div) 632.2 885 div
Uber Elder Red Fragment (0.5 div) 173 86.5 div
Uber Elder Black Fragment (0.2 div) 165 33 div
Bottled Faith (1.5 div) 28 42 div (medium variance)
Watcher´s Eye iLvL 85 (1 div) 93 93 div
Blessings of Chayula (1.2 div) 4 4.8 div
Orb of Conflict (0.25 div) 110 27.5 div
Dying Sun (20c) 39 3.5 div
Garb of the Ephemeral (30c) 28 3.8 div
Atziri´s Reflection (1.6 div) 1 1.6 div
Nebulis (10c) 118 5.3 div
Triumvirate Authority (-) 15 -
Atziri's Acuity (-) 12 -
Skin of the Loyal (-) 29 90.5 div (Details below)
I also dropped 86 Awakened Gems, the most expensive ones being several EleDmgWithAtks and VoidManipulations. Profit from Gems is around 16 div total. Two double corrupted uniques sold for 1 div each. Notable Synth item drops: SpellDDBow (25 div), SpellDDNebulis (20 div), ExplodiWand (25 div), EleWeaknessOnHitRing (5 div) I´ve dropped 29 Skin of the Loyal, the most valuable ones with 3B2R1G (20 div), 4B2G (12 div), 4B1R1G (5 div) Total profit/loss (Feared): + 1102 div (without Skins/Synth), +1267 div (with Skins/Synth) Conclusion & Comparison: Even tho they removed the small Maven Crucible IIQ nodes on the Atlas, the higher Maven´s Writs price as a result make up for it. The removal of Flawless Chayula Breachstone drops in The Feared put a huge dent into the profit that can not get fully covered by Skin of the Loyal drops.
Notable Drops: While I dropped 2 Mirrors of Kalandra in 3.20, I did not drop a single one in 3.21. I might just go for another 500 runs until I drop one.
Profit from 500 Full Runs: +653 Div (Default Drops) // +332 Div (Synth) // + 338 Div (Skins) Profit per Full Run: 1,3 Div per Run (Default), 2,6 Div per Run (Default/Synth/Skins) Profit per Hour (5 Runs/hour): 7-13 Div* *doesnt include the time to sell/buy/sort
Final conclusion: The Feared is still very profitable, even tho not as good as it was in 3.20. Most uniques are worth less, we lost the IIQ on the Atlas and Skin of the Lords/Loyals add another layer of drop RNG.
submitted by Methos0012 to pathofexile [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:46 Fair_Present_140 Space AU Idea

Alright, so the main point in favor of this idea, right off the bat, is that Hunter, Gus, and Ms. Noceda would have the times of their lives if a spacecraft landed in the backyard.
So things would start off with a spacecraft landing in the backyard.
The second point was how successful Philip/Belos was in nearly exterminating an entire society entirely by himself. If this is the effect that a single human being could have upon a foreign world, what would happen when all of humankind took to the stars? Most of the population has transcended from Philip's conservative viewpoints, but there are still plenty that hold tightly onto them. Even if these views become extremely rare as humanity advances toward spaceflight, there would still be thousands or millions of humans that would hold them, and what could such a number of people accomplish if they followed the same path as Philip? Any alien life we encountered would be subject to the threat of extermination by a large number of radical human supremacists.
To go further, what if it wasn't a minority of the population?
In an alternate reality (which would have both an alternate Boiling Isles and an alternate Earth), Caleb and Philip Wittebane never found the portal to the Boiling Isles and remained in Gravesfield. As he grew into adulthood in the human realm, Philip's religious fanaticism developed just as strongly, and he amassed a religious following on Earth resulting in the formation of the highly successful Holy Revivalist Church, and instituted a series of crusades against Earth-based witchcraft that would have put Salem to shame. Having never met Evelyn, Caleb is indoctrinated by his brother and serves as his right-hand man. The Holy Revivalist Church becomes prevalent throughout the United States, and Philip, having acquired total power over Gravesfield, pronounces himself the first Governor-Priest. Members of the church are sworn to chastity, but Philip makes an exception for any member of the Wittebane family, beginning a chain of descendants that maintains control of the church for centuries.
By the modern era, the Holy Revivalist Church has effectively converted the United States into a conservative theology. The nation has devolved into small shut-in agrarian communes, which all pay a heavy tax to the church to maintain the church-controlled military. All scientific matters are handled directly by church officials, to prevent the public from challenging the role of the Creator, and the immense funding they are receiving have allowed them to develop advanced technologies that are mostly withheld from the public. Any behavior that deviates from they church-approved way is associated with witchcraft and cause for immediate imprisonment.
The current rulers of the church are Governor-Priests Eldred and Darwin Wittebane. While they are on a campaign with a hundred heavily-armed soldiers to storm a resistance compound, the portal to the Boiling Isles finally opens up, and they are transported in, armored vehicles and all. The alternate Luz, who was a resistance soldier, falls into the same portal. (The alternate Boiling Isles will be slightly different - the Collector never visited it, as the Archivists would exist between all the multiverses at once and could never be in two at the same time, so the Titan there died a natural death, laying down with its hands/paws folded over its chest, and plenty of offspring for King to socialize with. Most people won't be the same because the Titan's body is composed differently and would therefore fertilize different life, but the Blights would have to be around because some things are meant to be. There would be a new set of glyphs too, with some of the previous ones mixed in)
Eldred and Darwin take a note from Philip's would-be book and begin convincing the witches that they are gods through displays of their technological abilities. Due to their technological advantage, they are not so concerned with the threat that witches pose to humankind, but instead take more of a colonizer approach, attempting to see how the Boiling Isles can be harvested to supply the theological United States. Titan blood is the new oil. Basilisks, unfortunately, would be captured and studied for their camouflage properties. Gallbladders might even be synthesized for Eldred and Darwin to enable them to perform magic without glyphs. The only thing they cannot do is create a portal back to the human realm for reinforcements, although they are working on doing so.
Now, where's the spaceflight?
Alternate Luz is watching what's going on, and The Collector happens to discover this world as well. They recognize her from the normal world and decide to help. The Wittebane's complex is well-guarded by sci-fi weaponry, making an invasion impossible, and Alternate Luz has not had the time to recruit an army. Instead, being more militant than the normal Luz due to her background, Alternate Luz directs The Collector to steal a spacecraft from the Holy Revivalist Church's military so she can use it to destroy the compound. The Collector does so (through Archivist magic) but decides that Alternate Luz could really use the backup of the main squad, so the spacecraft is sent through an Archivist Portal to normal Earth to collect everyone first.
All sorts of things could happen from here.
This was the brainchild of excessive sugar intake and the hour of 2:00 a.m.
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2023.06.06 17:37 joinstemaway Special note for grad students and above: Use the code 'MENTOR' for free access to the internship program! 🚀 STEM Starter Projects ➡️ Master Skills ➡️ Gain Real-World Experience & Solve Challenges!

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Special note for grad students and above: Use the code 'MENTOR' for free access to the internship program! In this mentor role, your guidance will not only earn you a team showcase, but also points to unlock the full benefits of our platform.
These are more than great deals - they're investments in your future. Step into your journey with us today!
Get started now at 🚀
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2023.06.06 17:32 browntown152 Forge of Fury is turning into The Hobbit

I am running Forge of Fury from Tales from the Yawning Portal for my party of 4. I have dropped the adventure into our homebrew campaign as a dungeon, and had the party encounter a group of a dozen dwarves on their way to attempt to reclaim their ancestral home of Khundrukar and its treasure.
This occurred partway through a different quest, and I was expecting them to come back to check it out later where they would find the aftermath of a battle between dwarves and the Orcs in the Mountain Door. Of course, I should have anticipated the promise of dwarven treasure overwhelming their focus for the main quest, so now they are accompanying these dwarves straight to the Forge.
Which is honestly fine, and I have noticed that I have accidentally engineered what is basically the adventure from The Hobbit with a party of 4 replacing Bilbo.
I'm wondering if anyone has any fun ideas I can incorporate to give it more Tolkien flavor and sort of pay homage to the Hobbit. I have already given the dwarves very Tolkien-esque rhyming names and might have them sing some songs.
Also wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to deal with adjusting the fight with the orcs to account for so many allies? I am probably going to find a way to split the group so the dwarves can do their own combat off screen so I dont have to run such a large combat the whole time.
submitted by browntown152 to DMAcademy [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:19 sinnerman2233 Please let me know what you think of the backstory in my fantasy world.

a long time ago the world was normal-sized. no bigger than Earth. it was ruled by the sorcerer king. He was a virtuous and wise king whose only flaw was his lacking a companion. He had no interest in the noble women. he saw them as boring and weak. he remained alone for years until he met a woman who caught his fancy.
She was the assassin sent to kill him. She had disguised herself as a maid and remained hidden, preparing for a day he would be caught off guard.
The king, of course, knew exactly who and what she was the moment she showed up. he simply didn't care. the list of people capable of killing him was two names long. lucifer and god.
One day while he slept, she struck. before her dagger could even touch his skin he was already behind her in a new outfit.
"you sure are patient. but not very quick. I had enough time to put on my robes while you were dilly-dallying."
She tried to activate the poison in her suicide tooth but was surprised when, instead of cyanide, she tasted blueberry juice.
"I replaced the poison in your tooth with fruit juice. I've been bored."
She looked at him with resolve. "ill never tell you who ordered the hit. No torture will break my spirit."
"I've already killed Duke Montesquieu. And the entirety of the black hand."
She looks unphased. "Your cheap lies won't trick me. you may have killed Duke Montesquieu but I've been receiving letters from the black-hand leaders for months."
"yeah, those were from me. You've been receiving letters from me. I've been receiving all the letters you sent back as well."
She watches as he opens a drawer and her letters begin pouring out.
"W-why? Why play along with this charade? Why not just kill me and be done with it?"
"As I said. I've been very bored. Tell you what. How about we both pretend this never happened? I'll keep pretending to be oblivious and you keep trying to kill me. If you actually manage to kill me one day you can have anything you want. Don't worry about being arrested I've already set it up so that whoever kills me gets all my stuff. it keeps life interesting."
She agreed and time passed.
Every day she tried to kill him in a new way. Every day she failed. She tried to kill him throughout winter and summer and spring and fall the holidays included. No day was off-limits. Not even their wedding day. Even the day she gave birth to their daughter had an assassination attempt.
This was how life was for the king. Many did not like the idea of a king marrying a commoner let alone a former assassin. But he couldn't care less. for the first time in a long time, he was happy.
This was until tragedy struck. One of the many people out to claim the bounty the king had placed on himself attacked. But unlike the rest, he didn't have the sense to make sure his family was out of the blast radius.
The attack killed his wife and daughter. If that pain wasn't enough there was also the fact that his wife was in hell for her past actions.
The king's life became consumed by the desire to rescue his wife and daughter.
He looked into the mystic arts. (magic system here:
The combination of magic and mystic arts was expressly forbidden. but the king cared not.
by combining Magic and mystic arts something new was created. Heretical arts. From that point on he was known as the heretic king.
Heretical arts were immensely powerful. magic and mystic arts interacted in a strange way. when using them at the same time instead of working additively or multiplicatively they worked exponentially.
This allowed The king to open portals to heaven and hell to retrieve his family.
This transgression did not go unnoticed by Lucifer and God who decided that mankind was to be punished for their insolence.
What the people didn't know was that the death of his family and their subsequent rescue were orchestrated by the rulers of heaven and hell. All so they could have an excuse to invade the mortal realm.
As heaven and hell invaded the king did not send his army. He stood alone. He fought the armies of heaven and hell for 100 days without moving. God and Lucifer decided to step in themselves.
God and Lucifer teamed up and still could not kill the king easily. They fought for weeks until eventually, the king fell to his knees. He had long since discovered the two's plan.
God spoke. "you have fought well. But you are just a man. Your race is only fit to serve."
Lucifer spoke. "A mortal was never meant to hold such power. Your existence is blasphemous. how admirable."
The heretic king spoke. "Fickle and pathetic. That is all you are. But I am worse. Creation is mankind's birthright. I would never allow trash to have it."
He placed his hand down on the dirt. "The world shall remain forever unconquered."
Instantly magic began to flow from all corners of the universe infinitely empowered by mystic arts.
The planet began to shake as it grew and grew. For 100 days and 100 nights, the planet grew.
When it was finished growing it encompassed the entire universe. This single planet was now the size of the universe.
Mankind Barely survived the calamity. Most of them were scattered across the massive globe.
The angels and demons retreated.
Knowledge of magic slowly faded as societies were too scattered to communicate.
Humanity had devolved back into its tribal roots.

This is just part one! I'll post the second part tomorrow!
submitted by sinnerman2233 to worldbuilding [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:12 inverted_MiG Should I quit my internship

Three days before I got an offer letter from a company as a trainee Recruitment Consultant. It's a six month contract and the termination policy says "I can quit at any time".
I signed the contract thinking that I could only apply for January 2024 intake as most September intakes are closed as of now.
I have two offer letters for January intake from different college. Yesterday my student recruiter agency called me and said one college has opened their portal for September intake. I instantly applied for a course in HRM.
Incase I get in for September intake, which is like less than three months from today, I'll only be able to work for the company for three months and I'll have to terminate it.
The company only will pay me commission and its remote.
My questions are :
a) can I continue working with the team for three months more when I'm on a student visa in Canada?
b) if I quit my job and it only says three month of internship on my resume, will it be hard for me to find jobs in HRM after I graduate from the college ?
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2023.06.06 16:51 bedrock-player-360 My new oc: Paws (of doom)

My new oc: Paws (of doom)
I based him of mort from king julien
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5,400 Metres Drilled to Date
June 6, 2023 – TheNewswire - Victoria , Canada –– Teuton Resources Corp. (“Teuton” or “the Company”) (TSXV:TUO) (Frankfurt:TFE) announces that it has received a report from its Joint Venture Partner Tudor Gold Corp. (“Tudor Gold”) stating that drilling progress has been made on its 2023 exploration program (the “ Program ”) at the Treaty Creek Joint Venture property, located in the Golden Triangle of Northwest British Columbia.
To date, the Tudor Gold has successfully completed over 5,400 meters of infill and step-out drilling, which forms part of a larger diamond drilling campaign spanning at least 25,000 meters. Currently, there are four drill-rigs in operation. [For plan view, click here: ].
The first hole of the season, GS-23-164 , a 150-meter step-out to the northeast has successfully reached its intended depth, intersecting the DS-5 Zone. This intersection revealed mineralization and veining from 558 m to 1,083 m, including a consistently observed, strongly altered, stockwork vein zone from 885 m to 972 m, similar to previous DS-5 holes.
Another noteworthy drill-hole GS-23-167 , a 170-meter step-out, recently entered the CS-600 Zone intercepting disseminated chalcopyrite with minor copper sulphosalts and several semi-massive chalcopyrite veinlets associated with strong silicification and potassic alteration. [For core photos, click here: ]. The Goldstorm system is now approaching 2,000 meters in length along the NE axis and remains open in all directions and at depth.
Based on the exciting results of holes GS-23-164 and GS-23-167, another step-out drill hole, GS-23-169, was collared and is currently at 357 m of a planned 1200 m depth targeting a further 150 m NE step out from GS-23-167 of the CS-600 Zone. Furthermore, the technical team is planning to construct two additional drill pads for future drilling activities located at approximately 150 and 300 meters further to the northeast. These new drill pad locations will enable continued exploration of gold-copper mineralization targeting the north and northeast extensions of the CS-600 and DS-5 zones.
In addition to the step-out holes, two infill holes are currently targeting areas of the Goldstorm Deposit to convert inferred resources to the indicated category. Hole GS-23-166-W1 , is at 570 m of a planned 1150 m depth and targeting a pocket of inferred CS-600 ounces, as well as a northward expansion of the DS-5 zone. Hole GS-23-168 is at 1008 m of a planned 1800 m depth and targeting the deep CS-600 zone infilling between holes GS-22-157 and GS-21-113-W2.
Results from the Program will be provided by Tudor Gold once final assays are received and compiled.
Ken Konkin, President and CEO of Tudor Gold, commented: “The safe and efficient start-up of 2023 exploration campaign has been a huge success. We thank our good neighbours at the Brucejack Mine for allowing our ground crews to mobilize drills, equipment and supplies over our winter road by utilizing the Brucejack Mine access road. We have successfully completed this exercise over that past few years and we very much appreciate the assistance to allow our crews to safely get the job done. The recent drill intercept in our northeastern most hole GS-23-167 has prompted our technical team to construct more drill pads to target the northeastern aspect of the deposit as clearly the CS-600 domain continues to expand in this direction. Pad builders are now completing several set-ups for the two-remaining drill-rigs that are committed to drill the Perfectstorm Zone which lies equi-distant between our Goldstorm Deposit and Seabridge Gold’s Iron Cap Deposit. We anticipate the start-up of the two rigs at Perfectstorm over the next 2-3 weeks.”
The Program
The 25,000 m diamond drilling program at Treaty Creek has been designed to test the north and northeast mineral extensions of the Goldstorm Deposit where drilling in 2021 and 2022 intercepted the highest grades of gold, copper and silver mineralization at the Treaty Creek Project. These results contributed to a significantly upgraded Mineral Resource Estimate, which reported an Indicated Mineral Resource of 23.37 million ounces (Moz) of gold equivalent (AuEQ) grading 1.13 g/t AuEQ and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 7.35 Moz of AuEQ grading 0.98 g/t AuEQ. In addition to the northern step-out drilling at the Goldstorm Deposit, Tudor Gold plans to carry out exploration drilling at the Perfectstorm Zone (“PSZ”) to follow up on six drill holes that were drilled in 2020 and 2021 which all intercepted gold and silver mineralization, highlighted by hole PS-21-06 which returned 118 m of 0.66 g/t gold, 3.69 g/t silver including 31.5 m of 0.84 g/t gold, 6.09 g/t silver. PSZ is a gold-dominant mineralized system measuring 1.3 kilometers (km) in strike length and is located approximately 2.5 km southwest of the Goldstorm Deposit and approximately 2.5 km northeast of Seabridge Gold’s Iron Cap Deposit near the southwestern boundary of the Treaty Claim block.
Qualified Person
The Qualified Person for this news release for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43-101”) is Tudor Gold’s President and CEO, Ken Konkin, P.Geo. He has read and approved the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for the disclosure contained in this news release. Dino Cremonese, P. Eng., is the Qualified Person for Teuton Resources; although he has not independently verified the technical information contained in this news release, he has no reason to believe it is not reliable; as President and CEO of Teuton, he is not independent of the Company.
About Treaty Creek
Teuton was the original staker of the Treaty Creek property, host to the large Goldstorm deposit, assembling the core land position in 1985. It presently holds a 20% carried interest in the Treaty Creek Project (Tudor Gold is responsible for paying all exploration costs up until such time as a production decision is made and owns a 60% interest; American Creek Resources owns the remaining 20% interest, also carried). Additionally, Teuton owns a 0.98% Net Smelter Royalty in the Goldstorm deposit area. It also owns numerous additional royalty interests within the Sulphurets Hydrothermal system on properties such as the King Tut, Tuck, High North, Orion, Delta and Fairweather properties.
The Treaty Creek Project hosts the Goldstorm Deposit, a large gold-copper porphyry system, as well as several other mineralized zones. As disclosed in the March, 2023 news release [click here: ], the Goldstorm Deposit has an Indicated Mineral Resource (as defined in NI 43-101) of 23.37 Moz of AuEQ grading 1.13 g/t AuEQ (18.75 Moz gold grading 0.91 g/t, 2.18 Blbs copper grading 0.15 %, 112.4 Moz silver grading 5.45 g/t) and an Inferred Mineral Resource (as defined in NI 43-101) of 7.35 Moz of AuEQ grading 0.98 g/t AuEQ (5.54 Moz gold grading 0.74 g/t, 0.85 Blb copper grading 0.16 %, 45.08 Moz silver grading 5.99 g/t), with a pit constrained cut-off of 0.5 g/t AuEQ and an underground cut-off of 0.7 g/t AuEQ. The Goldstorm Deposit has been categorized into three dominant mineral domains and several smaller mineral domains. The CS-600 domain largely consists of an intermediate intrusive stock and hosts the majority of the copper mineralization within the Goldstorm Deposit. CS-600 has an Indicated Mineral Resource of 9.86 Moz AuEQ grading 1.10 g/t AuEQ (6.22 Moz gold grading 0.70 g/t, 1.98 Blbs copper grading 0.32 %, 51.1 Moz silver grading 5.71 g/t) and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 3.71 Moz AuEQ grading 1.19 g/t AuEQ (2.32 Moz gold grading 0.75 g/t, 0.76 Blb copper grading 0.36 %, 18.71 Moz silver grading 6.01 g/t). The Goldstorm Deposit remains open in all directions and requires further exploration drilling to determine the size and extent of the deposit.
About Teuton
Teuton owns interests in more than thirty properties in the prolific “Golden Triangle” area of northwest British Columbia and was one of the first companies to adopt what has since become known as the “prospect generator” model. This model minimizes share equity dilution while at the same time maximizing opportunity. Earnings provided from option payments (received in cash and often also in shares of the optionee companies), have provided substantial income to Teuton.
Interested parties can access information about Teuton at the Company’s website,
Respectfully submitted,
"Dino Cremonese, P.Eng."
Dino Cremonese, P. Eng.,
President and Chief Executive Officer
For further information, please visit the Company's website at or contact:
Barry Holmes
Corporate Development and Communications
Tel. 778-430-5680
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Cautionary Statements regarding Forward-Looking information
Certain statements contained in this press release constitute forward-looking information. These statements relate to future events or future performance. The use of any of the words "could", "intend", "expect", "believe", "will", "projected", "estimated" and similar expressions and statements relating to matters that are not historical facts are intended to identify forward-looking information and are based on the Company's current belief or assumptions as to the outcome and timing of such future events. Actual future results may differ materially.
All statements relating to future plans, objectives or expectations of the Company are forward-looking statements that involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company's plans or expectations include risks relating to the actual results of current exploration activities, fluctuating gold prices, possibility of equipment breakdowns and delays, exploration cost overruns, availability of capital and financing, general economic, market or business conditions, regulatory changes, timeliness of government or regulatory approvals and other risks detailed herein and from time to time in the filings made by the Company with securities regulators. The Company expressly disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise except as otherwise required by applicable securities legislation.
Copyright (c) 2023 TheNewswire - All rights reserved.
Universal Site Links
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2023.06.06 16:43 Seahawks_Fan12 Schwazze is a Buy in cannabis stocks, says Beacon

Look for US cannabis company Schwazze (Schwazze Stock Quote, Charts, News, Analysts, Financials NEO:SHWZ) to continue expanding its empire in New Mexico. That’s the skinny from Beacon Securities analyst Russell Stanley, who updated clients on the stock and company on Monday and reiterated a “Buy” rating.
Schwazze, which has vertically integrated operations in Colorado, where it has the #2 retail footprint, and in New Mexico, where it’s also #2 in retail, announced on Monday the completion of its acquisition of Sucellus, which operates in New Mexico as Everest Cannabis.
Everest has vertically integrated operations including 16,000 sq ft of indoor grow capacity, 34,000 sq ft of outdoor capacity and an 8,500 sq ft manufacturing footprint, along with 14 combined adult-use and medical dispensaries.
“This acquisition fits well within our growing portfolio of retail brands alongside R.Greenleaf, and firmly positions us as a top operator in the New Mexico market,” said Nirup Krishnamurthy, President of Schwazze, in a press release.
The $38 million purchase price includes $12.5 million in cash, a four-year $17.5 million unsecured note paying five per cent and $8 million in stock. There is also an earnout of up to $8 million, payable in stock and based on revenue of the acquired stores over the first 12 months. (All figures in US dollars except where noted otherwise.)
Stanley said the added stores takes Schwazze to 32 across New Mexico, which is just behind leader and private company Ultra at 38 locations.
“We continue to expect SHWZ to work toward development of a 50-60 store platform in New Mexico. As discussed in last week’s update, legal sales in New Mexico are up 15 per cent quarter-to-date based on April + May data vs. Jan + Feb. However, NM features a relatively large number of retailers (630+ adult-use stores), and we expect the eventual rationalization to present SHWZ with very attractively priced acquisition targets,” Stanley wrote.
Stanley said Schwazze is coming off a strong first quarter where top and bottom lines beat his forecasts, and he said SHWZ is showing EBITDA margins that rank very high compared to the rest of the US cannabis space. The analyst said Schwazze is likely to counter ongoing price pressure by leveraging margin expansion opportunities like centralized buying and distribution, automated manufacturing and increased sales of house brands.
“Given SHWZ operates in two intensely competitive states that other operators have largely avoided/exited, we view Schwazze’s adjusted EBITDA margins as particularly impressive,” he said.
Stanley maintained a C$3.00 target price on SHWZ, which at press time represented a projected one-year return of 107 per cent.
Schwazze is a Buy in cannabis stocks, says Beacon - Cantech Letter
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2023.06.06 16:39 derf_vader Lady says she's an employee and wants the employee discount, but the pinpad didn't prompt her for a zip code to verify...

Ok, tell me your store number and I will call and verify with the sfl there. She works at a store two states away and doesn't know her 5 digit store number.
Ok, tell me your employee number you clock in with and I can verify it against your ID in the back office. She hasn't memorized her employee number she clocks in and out with.
Ok, if you have direct deposit just show me a deposit from Walgreens on your online banking app. You can cover the dollar amount with your finger. She doesn't do direct deposit.
Ok, then just show me a recent paper pay stub. "It's in the car, I will be right back."
Spoilers, she wasn't right back and my cashier had $80 worth of go backs to put away
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2023.06.06 16:39 Kage_Oni Health insurance didn't cover $700 worth of tests.

I(33, 48375) was just looking at my Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan health insurance portal and noticed that the blood tests I had done had a nearly $700 of tests that weren't covered.
I don't want to pay this and it seems silly I should have to.
Where do I start? Do I call my doctor and ask them to submit it under a different diagnosis or do I appeal this with my insurance company?
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2023.06.06 16:32 OpportunityNo4350 previous f1 actions on k1

Hi all!
My fiancé (USC) filed K1 petition for me last year and we just got the email from NVC today. I tried to apply for a B visa to visit him in November 2022 but unfortunately got rejected under 214b. The visa officer also mentioned that I overstayed my student visa in March 2020. As I closely examined the dates, I'm having some questions seeking for advice. Below is my US timeline (YYYY/MM/DD):
SCHOOL 1 (master degree): program starts-ends 2017/8/8-2018/12/12 (according to i20)
OPT starts-ends 2018/12/13-2019/12/12 (according to i20)
2018/12/26-2019/12/25 (according to US gov SEVP Portal)
【Question: Which one should be subject to? Did my grace period start on 2019/12/13 and end on 2020/2/10 (as in on i20) or 2019/12/26-2020/2/23 (as in on SEVP Portal)?】
Then I transferred to a new program with same SEVIS ID.
SCHOOL 2 (language program):
notice of intent to transfer: 2020/2/2
offer letter: 2020/2/12 program starts-ends 2020/3/2-2021/3/2 (according to i20, second page says "current session end date Aug 21 2020 ") 【Question: Does this count as an overstay like what the VO mentioned during my B visa interview? If so, how many days did I overstay?】
I only signed up for about 3 months' class and signed exit form on 2020/5/28
【Question: Does grace period apply to this program?】
The pandemic was really bad at that time and my flight tickets kept being canceled. So to be safe I filed an I-539 visa extension petition and my case was received by uscis on 2020/6/25. In the end I departed on 2020/8/26. On 2021/3/17 uscis notified me to get biometrics for I-539, however I completely missed the email so I failed to act upon it, and got rejected on 2021/7/9. 【Question: Does this rejection affect my K1? Is there anything I need to pay close attention to at the K1 visa interview?】
Thank you so much for helping!!
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