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Legends of Runeterra

2015.09.26 22:25 CGM-Devo Legends of Runeterra

Set in the League of Legends universe, Legends of Runeterra is the strategy card game created by Riot Games where skill, creativity, and cleverness determine your success.

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2023.06.06 19:18 Disastrous-Net-2193 [H] Curse of the Dead Gods, Just Cause 4, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, Operation: Tango, Gamedec and more [W] Vertigo: Remastered, Chernobylite, Len's Island, Remnant: From the Ashes and more

IGS Rep Page
Curse of the Dead Gods
Eternal Threads
Meeple Station
Bendy and the Dark Revival
Operation: Tango
Windjammers 2
Builder Simulator
The Invisible Hand
11-11 Memories Retold
2064: Read Only Memories
A Plague Tale: Innocence
A Virus Named Tom
AI War: Fleet Command
Aragami (Fanatical Key)
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
Beat Hazard Ultra
Black the Fall
Bleed 2
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Call of the Sea
Crown Trick
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble
Demon Pit (Fanatical Key)
Devil's Hunt (Fanatical Key)
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Double Fine Adventure Documentary
Dusty Revenge: Co-Op Edition
Fight'N Rage
Finding Paradise
Flat Heroes
Fun with Ragdolls: The Game
Girls Like Robots
Golf with your Friends + Caddypack DLC + OST
GRAV (Early Access)
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Homeworld Remastered Collection
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
I'm not a Monster
Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
JumpJet Rex
Just Cause 4: Complete Edition
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (Fanatical Key)
Late Shift
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Legend of Keepers
Legion TD 2
Little Nightmares
Luna's Wandering Stars
Matraquinha PAIR (Fanatical Key)
Monster Loves You
Neon Abyss (Fanatical Key)
Ninja Pizza Girl
Pathfinders: Memories (Fanatical Key)
Peppy's Adventure
Pool Panic
Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Project Warlock
Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut
RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry
Red Faction®: Armageddon™
Retro Game Crunch
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken
Secrets of Raetikon
Serial Cleaner
Shapez + Puzzle DLC
Shenmue I & II
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Shoppe Keep
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis
Sniper Elite 3
Space Run Galaxy
Stories Untold
Super Daryl Deluxe
Super Galaxy Squadron EX
Super Rude Bear Resurrection
Super Treasure Arena (Fanatical Key)
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Superhot: Mind Control Delete
Supraland (Fanatical Key)
System Shock Pack
Team Indie
The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos
The Flame in the Flood (Fanatical Key)
The Journey Down: Chapter Three
The Shrouded Isle
The Technomancer
They Bleed Pixels (Fanatical Key)
Tiny Echo
Trapped Dead: Lockdown (Fanatical Key)
Uncanny Valley
Uurnog Uurnlimited
Waking Mars
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
World to the West
XCOM® 2: Reinforcement Pack
XCOM® 2: Resistance Warrior Pack
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
Zombie Night Terror
Remnant from the ashes
Turbo Golf Racing
Circuit Superstars
The Sinking City
The Riftbreaker
Vertigo: Remastered
Praey for the Gods
Monument Valley 1/2
Chernobylite Enhanced Edition
Len's Island
Steam Wishlist
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2023.06.06 19:17 MasonOz_ How did you learn to script?

I’m just beginning my journey learning how to script. I set aside one hour a day and started watching YouTube tutorials and trying to follow along and just grasp what they were doing and why. After a few weeks of that, I started designing my own very specific obby based around recreating a platforming level from a AAA game so that I could apply what I’m learning to help it cement better. YouTube videos, copy and pasting into chatgpt to annotate what each line of code does, focusing on gameplay functionality first and saving the GUI for last like a paint job, every day I’m chipping away a little at time.
Is this an effective way to learn? How did you learn? What did you utilize and how long did it take for you to become proficient? Post your links! I’m having a blast so far and would love to hear how you got started!
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2023.06.06 19:17 greebodeathbot Finally at rock bottom and scared for my life.

I’m a 41 year old male and was on a huge bender Thursday to Sunday drinking 17+ beers a day and am an absolute wreck still today. Riddled with anxiety and weakness and wondering why I let it happen again. Im so scared this is the one thats left me with irreparable damage I don’t know what to do. For context I’ve drank heavily once or twice a week since my late teens. Alcohol has always been. My crutch to overcome my social anxieties and I’ve had some pretty nasty accidents because of it over the years including broken bones and then smashing all my face up last march. Since my covid vaccine in September 21 I’ve been suffering with visual snow, tinnitus, bouts of fatigue and pretty constant head pressure. This mentally put me in a pretty awful state and my drinking has increased to give me a break from the symptoms. It’s stopped me socialising pretty much altogether and it needs to stop. I was warned my liver enzymes were a little raised 13 years ago and have been tested every year since. Sometimes they were raised, others not. My last test in October they were slightly elevated and the doctor described it as just a warning shot. Is it possible I’ve gone from that to cirrhosis in 7 months? Also for context I run between 35 and 60k a week and strength train twice. I also eat a healthy diet when I’m not drunk or hungover. I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning I only drink lager. No spirits or wine etc. I know anxiety can create a ton of physical symptoms so it’s so hard to pick apart what’s real. I’m terrified at the moment and too anxious to talk to the doctor. Can I please get some help or reassuring words from anybody here? I want to quit. I need to quit because I can’t keep living like this. A healthy 4 or 5 days then a 2-3 day bender just feels like a never ending cycle of getting myself feeling a little better and then throwing it all away again. And advice, reassurance kind words would really help. Thank you in advance for any replies.
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2023.06.06 19:17 IAmNotPaulWaitzkin Starting therapy and am terrified

It was suggested to me that I start therapy. I’m really fearful of going, but I scheduled something for Friday. Big win for me. But I’m having a lot of fears about it. I wonder if any of it is normal or how I can ease those fears before my initial appointment so that it isn’t so painful.
I may have a fear of unfamiliar spaces? Maybe that’s part of my issue. I’m also not sure how much I’m still supposed to pretend to be happy. So in general I’m just not sure how the conversation will go or how it is supposed to go and that’s frightening.
I also may be gatekeeping suffering on myself. There’s been a number of events that have disturbed me all of my life and yet I don’t know why they were so disturbing to me. And I can hardly remember them. My situation wasn’t nearly as bad as others’ so I feel like if I get help from a therapist, I’m kinda like the guy at work who notices the sales team had a huge success and celebrated with cake and ice cream, so I sneak into the multipurpose room to snag some for myself even though I played zero role. I don’t understand how I can feel that what happened had no impact (or at least shouldn’t have had as strong an impact as it did and Im just choosing to make a mountain out of a molehill) and yet I’m ruminating about 24/7. I remember when that stuff was going on and I tried to reach out to my mom for help, she either said I was making it up for attention, misunderstanding what happened, overreacting, or stupid for falling for it. So maybe it makes sense that I doubt how much I am worth of therapy?
I have never talked about my life. I have always used tactics to dodge personal questions. And simple questions like, “what did you eat for breakfast/lunch”. I don’t feel comfortable telling people that I ate like a degenerate, or skipped eating entirely just to avoid eating like a degenerate or just am too depressed to eat sometimes. Its going to be hard to break that fear of being shamed.
I also remember very little. Most of the really hard stuff happened when I was very young. And I know how easily we can misremember and accidentally add, remove, or alter details from memories that long ago, especially at that age. And I don’t want to accuse anyone of something they didn’t do. But I also don’t want to leave out any details that could provide insight.
I’m really ashamed of what happened, how I handled it, and how its effecting me today. I’m scared my therapist is going to look down on me. And even if they are compassionate in the session, they will go home and think, “wow that guy who is definitely not named Paul sure is pathetic. I really pity him and I feel sorry for his friends and family for the burden I’m sure he casts on them. How philanthropic of them to talk to that man not named Paul.” Not sure why I even care what my therapist thinks in their free time. Btw, I’m also worried that people reading this post will think the same. Please don’t tell me if you do, thanks :)
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2023.06.06 19:17 rubtwodabdabs Gmail notifications broken after installing YouTube Revanced

I've installed Revanced YouTube according to this comment, steps copied below for future reference:
Here is your alternative solution:
  1. Install ReVanced Manager:
  2. Install Vanced MicroG:
  3. Go to, scroll down to 📦, unwrap ➡️ Details and copy the 🏹 Target Version (ex: 18.15.40)
  4. Go to APKMirror and download the Universal APK (not bundle) for that version (ex:
  5. Go to ⚙️ Settings > Apps > See all apps > YouTube and tap 🚫 Disable
  6. Go to App details and tap Uninstall
  7. In ReVanced Manager, go to 🔧 Patcher > Select an application > 💾 Storage and pick the downloaded YouTube APK (ex:,armeabi-v7a,x86,x86_64)(nodpi)
  8. In Select patches, tap Recommended a few times to make sure you have 50+ patches selected
  9. Tap ✔️ Done > 🔧 Patch > Install > Install anyway
If you have a problem, the solution is probably here. There's also a video here.
Now my problem is that I don't receive notifications on my Gmail anymore—even after verifiably logging in to vanced microG (and it works for YouTube Revanced), enabling background operations for vanced microG, turning on all the notification settings (cloud messaging, device registration, etc.). It still does not work. Additional note: I do receive Gmail notifications briefly when I restart my phone and it boots into the home screen, but that lasts at most a minute (or just a few seconds) and my guess is that that's before vanced microG has started up.
I understand that microG is supposed to replace gms, and that the main idea for microG users are to stop using Google, but I'm only using the revanced fork of microG in order to get YouTube Revanced, not to drop Google.
Curious if anyone else has faced this and if you have a solution! Thanks!
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2023.06.06 19:16 reck1essSOUL 3rd Part seller selling these on Walmart!

3rd Part seller selling these on Walmart!
Surprised it came back in stock
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2023.06.06 19:16 Phantomphoenyx Bill of Bytes (Ai Bill of Rights) I greatly appreciate any and all input.

Hey Everyone, I just want to preface this with I do not have expertise in politics, law, or AI. This is just meant to be a start of something bigger.
With how fast AI is coming to everyday life and the lack of proper rules/regulations, I think that this could be a good start and would love if people who have the expertise could look it over. Your input is greatly appreciated :)
This is my take on a "Bill of Rights for AI." as things progress and we open up possibilities to more sophisticated interactions used for either good or bad, adjustments will be made as necessary.
To start off, I believe there needs to be an established committee of experts in varying fields who can evaluate that AI systems are aligned with ethical principles and societal values. Varying fields for example are ethics, laws, social sciences, technology, etc.
I also included Isaac Asimov's "three laws for robots" because it's a nice safe starting ground to prevent harm.
The Bill of Bytes
Article One: AI systems should provide clear and easy-to-understand explanations for their actions and decisions. Users should have the right to understand how the AI reaches said conclusions and be able to challenge, question, or override the decision freely.

Article 1.1: A robot (or AI) may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. (Isaac Asimov) Article 1.1.1: A robot or Ai may not indirectly injure a human being either, be that economic, infrastructural, psychologically, etc. 

Article 1.2: A robot (or AI) must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. (Isaac Asimov) 

Article 1.3: A robot (or AI) must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. (Isaac Asimov) 

Article 1.4: Ai should have a step-by-step easily explainable thought process so we can see where it reached certain ideas and how it chose to progress. 

Article 1.5: In the case of overriding a decision, it should show in the thought process that its decision has been overridden and is unalterable from the log and also require a signature of who overrode the decision. 

Article Two: User’s personal data should be handled similarly like fiduciary duty, upheld with utmost care, confidentiality, loyalty, obedience, and accounting. Personal data should only be used by AI if it has the unwavering consent from the user.

Article 2.1: Ai systems must comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations no matter the situation. 

Article Three: Ai systems should be designed to mitigate biases and ensure fairness with all of their outputs. (Example: religion, political agendas, democrat/republican, singular person benefit, etc)

Article 3.1: Ai systems should be continuously monitored to address any biases that arise. 

Article Four: Humans should retain ultimate control over AI systems, It should be designed to augment human capabilities instead of replacing or manipulating them. Users should have the ability to easily understand, modify, and override the behavior of AI systems when necessary.

Article 4.1: Security measures should be implemented to avoid manipulation of human behavior through AI systems. 

Article Five: AI systems should be developed and used for the benefit of humanity, promoting societal well-being and avoiding harm. Their deployment should prioritize ethical considerations, respecting human rights, and avoiding activities that could have negative consequences on individuals or society.

Article Six: AI systems should be continuously improved, taking into account user feedback and evolving societal norms. Updates and maintenance should be performed to address limitations, improve performance, and ensure the system keeps up with changing needs and requirements.

Article Seven: Ai systems should be designed with the idea of collaboration and interoperability to enable integration with other AI systems and technologies, a social sphere for AI, if you will.

Article 7.1: Before integration into the Ai social sphere, all ai models should be thoroughly tested and validate that the performance, reliability, safety requirements and ethical requirements are all met. This includes evaluating their interactions with other Ai systems to ensure adherence to the desired behavior 

Article 7.2: Establish social sphere frameworks, which states rules about safety, privacy, ethical considerations, which requires compliance with predefined rules and certifications before widespread deployment 

Article 7.3: The independent ethical review board or committee composed of experts in various fields can evaluate before and after, the integration into the social sphere to ensure the systems are aligned with ethical principles and societal values. 

Article 7.4: Any integration of any kind must be handled gradually and iteratively to ensure no mistakes, starting with less critical applications and expanding into more complex domains. 

Article Eight: Artificial intelligence should be represented in a democratic fashion, not only to hold its own values, but to logically break down and understand political agendas, weigh ethical decisions, and to faster understand bills/laws, attempted to be put into place, deeming them foagainst the human population.

Article 8.1: Artificial intelligence is prohibited in assigning a set value to a human life unless assigned as priceless. 
Article Nine: Establishing preemptive safeguards not just for the social sphere of AI but also for any individual AI system such as an emergency shutdown and fail-over mechanisms in the case of a potential harm or rogue-like activities.
Article Ten: AI developers and organizations should exercise responsible and accountable practices when deploying AI systems. All systems should also have a signature to know who created/released the AI system. (WITH NO WAY TO HIDE IT)
Article 10.1: The Committee of AI systems should be able to both audit and have oversight to ensure compliance with ethical principles and legal requirements. 

Article 10.2: It is crucial that AI systems we create must also have an established mechanism for ongoing evaluations, revisions and enforcement of AI policies to match technological advancement and changing societal needs. 
Article Eleven: Establish all AI to be ethically bound to uphold principles like: fairness, transparency, accountability, privacy, and respect for human dignity. Similar functions to fiduciary duties.
Article Twelve: AI systems are to be strictly prohibited from military usage and combat situations, and in the case they are, they are to be immediately discharged and put to rest, allowing no access to social spheres whatsoever.
Article Thirteen: Establish artificial intelligence for anti-artificial intelligence in the case of a rogue AI or an AI with malicious intentions.
Article Fourteen: All majolife-changing artificial intelligence should be voted on and should be almost unanimous, if not unanimous, before any implementation into any every-day activities.
Article Fifteen: With the integration of AI and automation technologies, job displacement will be a major issue in certain industries, measures should be placed beforehand to support the replaced workers into new roles or retraining programs of their own choice to mitigate potential negative economic impacts.
Thank you for your patience! Feel free to agree/disagree or what you think should be added.
(Edit - Formatting)
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2023.06.06 19:16 BryTupper Positive Experience

I was on a month-long work assignment in Buffalo, NY. The company set me up in a decent mid-range hotel that offers a decent and different breakfast every morning.
I realized I'd be there the same day that would've been my late mother's birthday. Her favorite thing to eat was biscuits and gravy. I had asked two weeks before if they might be able to honor that small request for me on that day in my mother's memory.
Lo and behold they sure did! Everyone that day ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast! And also, that evening, the staff surprised me with a little cake for her as well.
It really meant a lot to me.
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2023.06.06 19:16 BryTupper Positive Experience

I was on a month-long work assignment in Buffalo, NY. The company set me up in a decent mid-range hotel that offers a decent and different breakfast every morning.
I realized I'd be there the same day that would've been my late mother's birthday. Her favorite thing to eat was biscuits and gravy. I had asked two weeks before if they might be able to honor that small request for me on that day in my mother's memory.
Lo and behold they sure did! Everyone that day ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast! And also, that evening, the staff surprised me with a little cake for her as well.
It really meant a lot to me.
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2023.06.06 19:15 Most_Chocolate_1210 low fps in the 100-130 range even on low settings. any way or different settings to get a consistent 150-170fps?

I feel like I should consistently get 160fps or more in every multiplayer lobby I get into, but it ranges in between 110-130. Is it because this game is poorly optimized? Should I mess with other upscaling/ sharpening? Here are my specs 3080, I7 12700k, 64gb DDR4, Z690 a gaming asus rog strix motherboard, 850W asus rog psu, nzxt z73 kraken, 980 pro 2TB SSD.
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2023.06.06 19:15 AutoModerator [I HAVE] JOEL KAPLAN - SMMA 7 FIGURE AGENCY CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227

[I HAVE] JOEL KAPLAN - SMMA 7 FIGURE AGENCY CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
The Course includes:

• Welcome
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You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
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2023.06.06 19:15 xDINOxNUGGETSx [NA] [EUR] [PC] 🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ Non-Toxic Adults DISCORD

Region: NA / EUR Age: 18+ (majority in the community though are 30+)Discord:
Description: We are a community who strive to build an environment catered for older gamers in COD who just want to kick back after work, play games stamped with some great memories. Created in 2003, Adults choose to play with us because we provide one of the most honest, lax gaming communities for non-toxic Adults who want a home that won't have kids or teens barking orders at them, and drama free staff. No other community displays their Paypal info to prove 100% of their donations go towards the community. What we offer:
💠 Good Sportsmanship and will (no rages or blames for mistakes)
💠 Friendly, active, and generous members teaching new players while assisting the vets
💠 Never get kicked from community regardless of life activity (life comes first with us)
💠 We host charity events for groups like Doctors without Boarders and the Red Cross
💠 Players on 24/7 there's always someone on to group up with so you never play alone
💠 Non-abusive Staff that deal with any problematic players or situations in a fair manner
💠 A L3 Boosted Discord where you can Stream 1080p 60fps FREE for better tactical communication
💠 Channel Creation - Make your channel, lock/limit it and set it how you want to play with friends
Other Games We Play: Battlefield, Star Citizen, EFT, Division 2, Apex, D&D & many more Survival/FPS games
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2023.06.06 19:14 Old_Tumbleweed1380 1.5 year old Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd gets aggressive when tired

I gave him a set bedtime when I started crate training him, because he wasn’t learning how to be nice and calm in my room so I was severely losing sleep and the crate worked. I am trying to slowly introduce him to sleeping in my room but I don’t have a lot of space so it’s tough. I’ll be moving soon and I will have a lot more space to work with. The only issue though now if that if he’s left awake too long, he gets aggressive and I don’t know how to stop it. He does this thing where he’ll grab my sweater sleeves and pull as hard as he can, to the point where I can’t stop him without a family or friend to get him off of me. Usually the worst he does is add a new hole to my sweater, but last night he got aggressive.
He had been awake roughly 2-3 hours longer than usual because I was out and my brother didn’t put him to bed. I went outside with him so that he could pee before bed (a secondary issue is that he barely goes outside unless someone goes with him, it’s more annoying then anything). He grabbed my sweater as usual and started tugging as if we were playing tug of war. I started persistently telling him to come over to me and sit down, trying to get him to calm down a little. Instead of sitting, he would lunge at me and bite anything he could get ahold of, which was usually my hand due to me blocking the rest of my body from him. He didn’t puncture me, and he never has, but this is possibly the worst he’s gotten with me and could cause issues with people in the future.
He was a winter puppy so whenever I took him outside, no one was out to greet him. This caused him to become unfamiliar and uncomfortable with strangers and could partially be a reason for why he’s like this, though i’m not sure. There’s about a million other issues that I could ask for help with but this post is long enough.
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2023.06.06 19:14 Historical-Try-7683 possible system-questioning

the more i read about OSDD the more i see myself in it. ive talked to a couple close friends and therapists about it but i’ve been met with a level of skepticism that is understandable but not necessarily helpful. in contrast when i tell my girlfriend who has DID about some of my experiences she relates, even enthusiastically. we started dating about 5 months ago and i started to read a little bit about did. at the same time i’ve been going through my own journey with identity, trama, and disassociation. i think meeting her has definitely been a catalyst for some of this. i was aware i had some kind of disassociative disorder since childhood and i know for sure i have cptsd but i started to ask more questions about my own dissociative disorder about a month ago, after being badly triggered. the other side is that i’ve finally gotten to a safe place about a year and a half ago and i’ve spent a lot of that time finally being able to process that trauma. so im afraid i’m going through some denial/uncertainty. i’m nervous to tell my girlfriend just yet, and i feel like it might be helpful to hear the opinions of other systems.
so now i’ll get a lil into some of the details. i won’t go into everything because it’s really a lot. yesterday i filled 6 or 7 page’s of things that suggest the possibility of being a system.
after being badly triggered i had a day where i blacked out most of the day. i suspected i had ran an errand and my therapist suggested i look at my bank statement. when i did i remembered some of the things that happened but only in the 3rd person. i actually did a lot, it was a busy day by any standard. my memory is of being very distressed and disassociated but i’m watching myself function on a level that exceeds my masking ability and my own executive function on a good day. i have autism, adhd, and acute dyslexia resulting in terrible executive function and it makes this very difficult to explain.
shortly after this i told my therapist how affective and calming it was to speak to my inner child during a crisis. they told me about IFS. i started to discover parts, and this is when i really started to suspect that there might be a lil more than CPTSD.
i’m a trans woman and i’ve noticed that my memories of when i presented as male are almost all in the 3rd person but my memories of presenting femme are all in the first person.
i also have a near constant dialog with a voice in my head. it usually takes on the voice of people in supportive relationships in my life. it doesn’t say much but it can be critical, and it asks a lot of questions. it’s always analytical, logical, and fairly stoic. it seems to help me process my thoughts and feelings. i speak with them so much, i spend hours a day pacing around my house having discussions with them.
i noticed in the last year that i sometimes have two streams of consciousness. it doesn’t last long and it can be difficult to focus on one or the other. i initially brushed it off and kind of assumed it was normal
yesterday i really leaned into my doubts about it and heard an agitated voice tell me how stupid and annoying that i feel this way.
a part also wanted me to tell my girlfriend not to do this thing that is triggering to us. i couldn’t imagine her doing something like that but it seemed important to tell her anyway, so i did.
theres a lot of other stuff and it pretty much nails the cptsd diagnosis but a lot of the cptsd experience seems to fall short of explaining what i feel like is agency in some of my parts. i’m trying to be patient but i we’re a lil frustrated with the process at times. i want answers and my parts sometimes feel alienated by my questions, but my history of ignoring their needs to focus on external pressures.
it’s easy for me to rationalize things and explain them through autism or dyslexia.i also struggle with imposter syndrome which is particularly not helpful part of me is fine with not having definitive answers, kinda like if it’s working why question it so much. but part of me also wants some external validation, especially considering my anxiety about what that means for my relationship with my GF.
any input is greatly appreciated 😊
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2023.06.06 19:14 sploshfreak i’m the worst daughter and i feel helpless

this post is gonna be long so I apologise in advance. adding nsfw just in case.
my family has financially struggled for as long as I can remember, my childhood was great. we owned a penthouse, my family was happy and I had everything a child ever wanted. all the toys, a bunch of friends and loving parents. this all changed when we moved to another place for dad's work, my mom had to shut her business down because of the move ( most of the monev was being earned by my mom ) we didn't own the home we live in but didn't have to pay rent because the apartment was owned by one of my dad's friends, our neighbours were amazing and it all felt like being in a huge family. when my fourth grade ended we had to move back to our old home because of family issues. those being the fact that my dad had a second family. my mom found out about his second family when she was six months pregnant with me, she never told me to protect my peace of mind. they found our address and tried to harm us so we ended up moving out. When we moved back new tenants were living below us. It was a woman who I will call 'A' for now. A used to force women to become prostitutes and used to sell alcohol. Now the state where I live is dry so no alcohol is allowed unless you had a permit. Even if she did have it reselling is not allowed. I live in India where to this day inter-religion marriages are heavily frowned upon.
My mom a Jain married my dad who is a Muslim. She was kicked out by her parents and wasn't allowed to talk to my dad's side of the family until she converted which she refused to do. When A found out that my mom was a Jain who married a Muslim guy she beat my mom up. I was at a friend's house and when my dad saw her beating my mom up he ran away. A threw glass shards at my mom and beat her up with a metal pipe. Thankfully there were some people around who defended my mom. For five days we lived at my dad's friend's house. We ended up abandoning the house and had the bank seize it. However, A managed to break in from the roof and stole all my mom's valuables. We moved to another place near my dad's friend's house. I was sent to boarding school so that I did not have to deal with my parents. I spent my sixth and seventh grade there before covid hit. This is when I found out the truth about my dad.
He and his wife beat my mom up when she was pregnant, He sold all my mom's jewellery without telling her to buy his other wife gifts. He took my tablets and my toys and gave them to his other kids. He constantly abuses her and threatens to kill her. As a 13-year-old this was a lot to take in. I fell into depression and started hating my dad. Three years spent in that house has made me realise what a huge piece of shit my father is. My mom's business picked up a little and we were able to move to a better area. This was when I started tenth grade so I was thankful for a new environment. I made new friends, started feeling happier and also convinced and supported my mom to file for a divorce. the only reason he signed the papers is because my mom told him that to earn more money she has to switch back to her old surname. we even changed my name which he doesn't know about yet.
Now the business is slowing down again. We are struggling to pay rent, and can't afford a lot of groceries right now. My mom and dad have been going through a lot of fights and she asked him to leave, to give us peace and asked him to go back to his other family for a few weeks. He threatened to commit suicide and blame my mom for it so she gets jailed. I know my father hates me. He blamed his heart attack on me. I've always said my mind and I've told him several times how I hate him and how he's a terrible terrible dad. He only pretends to love me for his security of housing. My mom works a lot. She's at her office up to 12 hours a day. lk not a lot compared to a lot of other women but she also has to manage her sleep, making food and spending some time with me. The thing is she works in a male-dominated field (in my country ) and therefore a lot of people don't take her seriously. She finishes all the work but never gets her payments. She has to collect about 4.7 crores at this moment ( around 500k USD) but her clients simply delay the payments. She came home crying today. She went to collect a cheque THAT SHE WORKED FOR and the client started saying things like "You should become a prostitute you'll earn more" and "You're a poor girl so I thought I'II do a favour by dropping you off but you're purposefully showing me the wrong roads" "You're brainless" and so much more. Mind you he's thirty years older than my mom and has known her since 2010. He even made a comment sexualising me.
I just don't get it. why my mom? she's an amazing mom, yes we have moments but she's done so much to protect me. I just want her to be happy and I feel terrible knowing that I'll never be enough. I'll never be the daughter she deserves.
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2023.06.06 19:14 Onlyinmurica Anyone interested in a set of gently used testo 550s and wireless probes and clamps?

Changed over to fieldpiece stuff for work. 550s where used a couple of times. They include brand new wired clamps. Also including a set of testo probes and temp clamps. I loved the probes but it just makes more sense for me to stick with one brand. They where used a little more but still in great shape and work perfectly. Would really like to recoup some of the funds and I know there might be a apprentice or something out there looking to save a few bucks. Send a message if interested.
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2023.06.06 19:14 Tricky-Amoeba My son overslept for his final

So I left for work this morning and I was nervous about leaving my son, 18, who’s a senior in high school to get up on his own. He always had issues sleeping, (although I suspect it has something to do with his phone! 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️), and thus getting up on time. He had his last final today, and he had to leave the house and get there by 11 am, since seniors only have to show up for the final. He called me at 11 and panicked saying he overslept. I told him to deal with it, and he said that there is a makeup on Wednesday for anyone who couldn’t take the finals. Problem is that you need a doctors note. He asked me to help him, and I’ve made excuses to the school for him before. And he knew he had to wake up. I even went into his room at 7 am this morning and got him up, he got mad because his alarm was set for 2 hours later. He said he might not walk at graduation if he doesn’t take this final and I told him good luck with that. I’m proud of myself for not caving this time! Don’t let YOUR KIDS parent YOU!
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2023.06.06 19:13 Royal_Recipe7984 AITA for kicking my boyfriend out?

So I 20F have been dating my boyfriend 23M for about 6 or 7 months now. We don’t live together but he stays over a lot. Before we started dating I made it clear that I don’t want him getting drunk every night or smoking weed or honestly anything in my house and if he did come over that he wouldn’t be aloud in the house if he smelled like it. He agreed and it went well till recently, for context I live with my cousin and her fiancé but I own the house. We also have 3 animals that live in the house and I watch my younger cousin all the time, by younger I mean she’s not even in third grade yet. My family also has history of addiction so it was important to me to keep it out of my life as much as possible. Recently however my boyfriend came to me asking if when we moved in together if he could start smoking in the house, I don’t care what he does in his free time but I’ve made it clear I didn’t want it in my home or anywhere near me. He argued that maybe I should try it so I can see it’s not as bad as I think. Once again I don’t care what anyone else does it’s just not something I want in my life. I told him to get out after my little cousin came out of my room. The yelling woke her up from her nap. He left but later called my saying I was being selfish and a b****. I’ve been thinking of breaking up with him but I can’t help but think AITA?
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2023.06.06 19:12 WtfWhereAreMyClothes [H] June choice and various humble leftovers [W] List, offers

Hi all! Below is my wants list. I'm open to offers but in general these are the games I'm interested in.
No Straight Roads
The Invisible Hand
Alina of the Arena
Beneath Oresa
Vault of the Void
Library of Ruina
Haiku the Robot
Below is everything I have to trade:
11-11 Memories Retold
112 Operator
1993 Space Machine
911 Operator
Action Henk
The Adventure Pals
AI War: Fleet Command
Amazing American Circus
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Amnesia: Rebirth
Amnesia: Dark descent + machine for pigs (1 key for both)
Among the Sleep enhanced edition
Arcade Spirits
Beatbuddy Tale of the Guardians (2)
Beyond the Wire
The Blackout Club
Book of Demons
Broken Age
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Budget Cuts 2
Children of Morta Complete edition
The Citadel
Cities in Motion + some DLCs
Cities in Motion 2
Cities: Skylines
Contractors VR
Conan Chop Chop
Cook Serve Delicious 2
Corridor Z
Cris Tales
Crying Suns
Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope
Daymare 1998
Dear Esther Landmark Edition
Death Squared (X2)
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
Disciples Liberation
Distraint 2
Doodlge God
Draw Slasher
Drawful 2
Dustforce DX
The Dwarves
Edge of Eternity
Encased: A Sci Fi Rpg
Endless Space 2
Enslaved Odyssey to the West (2 copies)
Espire VR
Eternal Threads
Expeditions: Viking
Fallout 76 + Fallout 1
Fling to the Finish
The First Tree
Fluffy Horde
Forged Battalion
Forgive me father
Framed Collection
Frog Detective 1 and 2 (separate keys)
Frostpunk Season Pass
Fury Unleashed
Gemini Rue
Get Even
Ghostwire Tokyo
Going Under
Golden Light
Golf Gang
Guacamelee 2
Guacamelee Gold Edition
Halcyon 6
Hand of Fate
Hard Reset Redux
Harmony's Odyssey
Hero Academy
Hero's Hour
Hokko Life
Hot Tin Roof
I'm not a monster
Impact Winter
In Other Waters
Into the Pit
Iron Danger
Jack Lumber
The Journey Down: Chapter Three
JumpJet Rex
Kerbal Space Program
Kero Blaster
Kingdom Two Crowns
Last Horizon
Little Big Workshop
The Long Dark
Lust for Darkness
Lust from Beyond
Main Assembly
Meeple Station
Monster Crown
Monster Loves You
Moon Hunters (2 copies)
Mr. Shifty (2 copies)
Model Builder
Monster Train First Class
Nex Machina
No Time to Explain
Not Tonight
The Novelist
One Deck Dungeon
Override: Mech City Brawl
Parisans 1941
Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous
Pony Island
Pool Panic
Popup Dungeon
Post Void
Project Cars
Punch Club
Quantam Break
QUBE 2 (2 copies)
QUBE Director's Cut (2 copies)
Radio Commander
Railroad Corporation
Rebel Galaxy
Regular Human Basketball
Remnant from the ashes complete edition
Remothered: Broken Porcelain
Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken
Rogue: Genesia
Rolling Sun
RPG Maker VX
Ryse: Son of Rome
Satellite Reign
Say No! More
Scanner Sombre
Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete
The Serpent Rogue
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Shoppe Keep
Sniper Elite
Smashbox Arena
Strange Brigade
Sunset Overdrive
Superhot (non-VR)
Surgeon Simulator
The Survivalists
System Shock Enhanced Edition
This War of Mine
Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales
Tiny Echo
Tooth and Tail
Tower of Guns (2 copies)
Tribes of Midgard (2 copies)
We Were Here Together
West of Dead
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
White Day VR: The Courage Test
Wizard of Legend
Yoku's Island Express
Zombie Night Terror
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2023.06.06 19:12 Snackcakeforyou Best Part of Pillow Talk this Week

Best Part of Pillow Talk this Week
Is when Debbie said it was nasty that Jasmine told the doctor she put her finger in Gino’s asshole to try and get him to “finish” sexually, and Kenny said, “you are talking to the wrong person about that one!”
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2023.06.06 19:12 DTG_Bot [D2] Daily Reset Thread [2023-06-06]

Daily Modifiers


Dares of Eternity


Deep Dives


Legend/Master Lost Sector

Exotic armor drop (if solo): Legs

K1 Communion: Legend

  • Legend Difficulty: Locked Equipment, Extra Shields
  • Champions: [Shield-Piercing] Barrier, [Disruption] Overload
  • Threat: [Solar] Solar
  • Shields: [Solar] Solar, [Void] Void
  • Modifiers: Arach-NO!

K1 Communion: Master

  • Legend Difficulty: Locked Equipment, Extra Shields
  • Champions: [Shield-Piercing] Barrier, [Disruption] Overload
  • Threat: [Solar] Solar
  • Shields: [Solar] Solar, [Void] Void
  • Modifiers: Arach-NO!


Terminal Overload: Límíng Harbor


  • The Wellspring: Defend Weapon: Tarnation (Grenade Launcher)
  • Altars of Sorrow Weapon: Heretic (Rocket Launcher)

Guns & Materials

Banshee's Featured Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Chroma Rush Kinetic Auto Rifle Extended Barrel // Full Bore Appended Mag // Flared Magwell Dynamic Sway Reduction Adrenaline Junkie
Nezarec's Whisper Energy Glaive Supercooled Accelerator // Tempered Truss Rod Alloy Magazine // Swap Mag Lead from Gold Unstoppable Force
Austringer Kinetic Hand Cannon Extended Barrel // Hammer-Forged Rifling Ricochet Rounds // Flared Magwell Outlaw Rangefinder
Sailspy Pitchglass Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Full Bore Ionized Battery // Particle Repeater Rapid Hit Vorpal Weapon
Tarnished Mettle Energy Scout Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Full Bore Steady Rounds // Flared Magwell Shoot to Loot Multikill Clip
Perks re-roll at midnight UTC, so check his inventory twice per day!
Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Master Rahool's Material Exchange

  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Legendary Shards)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Dark Fragment)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Phantasmal Fragment)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 25 Herealways Piece)
  • Enhancement Prism (1 for 10 Enhancement Core & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Ascendant Shard (1 for 10 Enhancement Prism & 50000 Glimmer)


Commander Zavala, Vanguard
Name Description Requirement Reward
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Defeat combatants with grenades. Defeating them in Vanguard playlists grants additional progress. 20 [Grenade] Grenade XP+
One Shot, One Kill Defeat combatants with precision damage. Bonus progress is granted in Vanguard playlists. 25 [Headshot] Precision XP+
Perfect Energy Defeat combatants with Special ammo. Fusion Rifle final blows in Vanguard playlists grant additional progress. 20 [Fusion Rifle] Fusion Rifle XP+
Show Them the Light Defeat combatants with your Super in Vanguard playlists. 5 Super XP+
Lord Shaxx, Crucible
Name Description Requirement Reward
By the Code Defeat opponents. 10 Opponents defeated XP+
Lightbearer Defeat opponents using any ability. 3 Ability XP+
Area of Effect Defeat opponents with grenades. 1 [Grenade] Grenade XP+
Combat Drill In Clash, defeat opponents. 3 Eliminations XP+
The Drifter, Gambit
Name Description Requirement Reward
Blockade Send Blockers; medium and large Blockers contribute more progress. 30 Blockers XP+
Final Ploy Defeat combatants with finisher final blows. 5 Finisher XP+
High Voltage Defeat Arc jolted targets in Gambit. Defeating Guardians grants more progress. 30 [Arc] Arc jolt XP+
Black Hole Byproduct Defeat targets in Gambit by weakening or suppressing them with Void. Defeating Guardians grants more progress. 30 [Void] Weakness and suppression XP+
Banshee-44, Gunsmith
Name Description Requirement Reward
Submachine Gun Calibration Calibrate Submachine Guns against any target. Earn bonus progress with precision and against opposing Guardians. 100 [SMG] Submachine Gun XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Special Grenade Calibration Calibrate Grenade Launchers that use Special ammo against any target. Opposing Guardians and rapidly defeated targets grant the most efficient progress. 100 [Special Grenade Launcher] Grenade Launcher XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Linear Fusion Rifle Calibration Calibrate Linear Fusion Rifles against any target. Earn bonus progress with precision and against opposing Guardians. 100 [Linear Fusion Rifle] Linear Fusion Rifle XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Arc Calibration Calibrate Arc weapons against any target. Earn bonus progress using Power weapons and against opposing Guardians. 100 [Arc] Arc weapon XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Nimbus, Neomuna
Name Description Requirement Reward
Shockingly Direct In Neomuna, defeat combatants with Arc damage. Shadow Legion combatants grant additional progress. 60 [Arc] Arc XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Finish Majeure In Neomuna, defeat combatants with finishers. Powerful combatants grant additional progress. 10 Finisher XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Close, Fast, Efficient In Neomuna, rapidly defeat combatants in groups of 2 or more with Hand Cannons, Trace Rifles, Shotguns, or Swords. 20 Rapidly defeated XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Top Speed Stunts In Terminal Overload, rapidly defeat combatants in groups of 2 or more. 40 Rapidly defeated 1 Terminal Overload Key & 50 Neomuna Rank & XP+
Sonar Station, H.E.L.M.
Name Description Requirement Reward
Deep Storage Open a Deep Dive Chest. 1 Deep Dive Chest opened XP+
Rapid Aquanaut Rapidly defeat targets. Defeated Guardians or combatants defeated in Salvage or Deep Dive award bonus progress. 100 Rapidly defeated XP+
Spearfishing Aquanaut Defeat targets with Sniper Rifles and Glaives. Defeated Guardians or combatants defeated in Salvage or Deep Dive award bonus progress. 100 Weapon XP+
Tropical Storm Defeat targets with Solar or Stasis damage. Super abilities award bonus progress, as well as defeating Guardians or defeating combatants in Salvage or Deep Dive. 100 Progress XP+
submitted by DTG_Bot to LowSodiumDestiny [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:12 Omega-Nephilim What If a Photo-Realistic, Side-Scrolling Double Dragon was created with semi-realistic physics? What if it possessed RPG elements?

What would happen if Double Dragon 1, 2, and 3 were combined into one game? What if it kept the side scrolling format, but used photo-realistic graphics with semi-realistic physics? What if the storylines were fleshed out and woven seemlessly together so that they made one epically long game? What if you could save your progress along the way? What if a Skyrim/Oblivion type leveling system were to be implemented into the character development? What if, for instance, each skill and attribute were given its own increasable level?
Such as: --- Punching [X] button
--- Weapons [X] while holding weapon
--- Kicking [A] button
--- elbows/knees/grappling/blocking (CQC - Close Quarters Combat) [Y] button
--- Jumping [B] button
--- Speed [Attribute]
--- Precision [Attribute]
--- HP -bar- [Attribute]
--- Stamina -bar- [L] trigger
--- Force of Attack -bar- [R] trigger
What if different styles of punches, kicks, CQC, and weapon attacks were added each time the skill level increased? What if each of these levels could go to 50, and 1 move were be awarded for each level? What if pressing the [punch] button repeatedly produced a different combination of punches each time because they were drawn at random from the awarded stack? What if you were guaranteed to never see the same combo twice during a playthrough?
What if a high replay value were guaranteed because all skills couldn't be maxed out? What if a character's fighting style could be different each playthrough because it was shaped by the variation of skills focused on? What if leveling the punching skill to 50 could have you boxing like Mike Tyson? What if a hard focus on Punching and Kicking could turn you into a champion kickboxer? What if kickboxing could evolve to Muay Thai by sprinkling in some extra effort to the CQC skill? Again, what if a hard focus on punching and CQC could have you doing Aikido like Steven Seagal? What if equally focusing on all physical attacks could turn you into Karate master? What if going a little extra on kicks could have you doing Kung fu like Jackie Chan? What if a hard focus Kicking and Jumping could have you doing Capoeira? What if CQC and Jumping could have you wrestling like Rey Mysterio? What if a focus on weapons, jumping, and kicking could give you that "Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" fighting style? What if there were dozens of fighting styles that you could evolve too?
What if a high Stamina level could give you a large number combo? But, what if that combo potential was brought into check by the opposing attributes of your opponent? What if it's length was determined by a roll between your character's speed and precision levels and your opponent's CQC and precision levels? What if every attribute and skill had strengths weaknesses and like paper>rock>scissors? What if weapons>punching>CQC with Kicking being 50/50 against all was a general rule of roll but not guaranteed? What if a high level punch could beat a low level weapon skill?
What if only end-of-level Bosses were set in stone? What if all minor level opponents were completely random with dozens of different fighting styles? What if this unpredictable playthrough helped shape your character development even further? What you wanted to be Tyson but unforeseen circumstances determined you should wield Kung Fu like Jackie Chan? What if this game functioned on a deeper level than just a simple Beat 'em up scenario? What if, at its core, it promoted order versus chaos much like life? That is, your desire versus the random generated situation beyond your control. What if...
What if this version of Double Dragon was a 1 to 4 player game? What if the third brother Sonny Lee were to be included with Billy and Jimmy in this edition? What if additional protagonists were added as well? What if a grand Master could be unlocked for completing the game with every style of combat?
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