Match each type of problem-solving strategy with its corresponding example.

[Waybound] Waybound podcast series

2023.06.06 17:52 acog [Waybound] Waybound podcast series

Over the past 3 years I've been sponsoring a podcast to cover the entire series. The host does a mix of commentary along with reading excerpts.
You can see the full series here, or search for the Spoil Me Podcast in your podcast app, then within the Spoil Me feed you'll need to search by book name to find the relevant episodes.
The first episode of Waybound will be recorded today, June 6, at 7-8pm Central on Crowdcast, and the podcast episodes are usually uploaded 2-3 days after each live recording. If you want to attend the live recording you can do it here.
The recording schedule for Waybound averages a couple of episodes a week, so full coverage will go from June 6 through August 10.
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2023.06.06 17:51 AdFlashy8552 Do East Asians(Chinese etc) or south Asians(Indian etc) face more difficulty in dating and fitting in socially in the west

I was having this debate with my friend just for fun because we talk about heinous things all the time. It’s well known that both of these are at the bottom of dating charts for whatever reason but who faces more challenges. It feels like because of the rise of East Asia and their pop culture there are more people into East Asian guys than Indian and there are also a lot more explicit negative stereotypes about Indians as seen very evidently on Reddit. I don’t know anyone honesty who’s type is a Indian though they may be attracted to some indian adjacent looks but the explicit type isn’t indian. People also universally respect Japanese and Chinese culture and like the food whatnot. They also think of them as economically high status. Indians get mixed reactions from similar treatment to East Asians to very nasty stereotypes
However East Asian guys are also considered very feminine and are often emasculated. Also Indians seem to move up corporate and social hierarchies very easily. Like the amount of Indian CEOs whether it be Wall Street or Silicon Valley or even in Politics Rishi Sunak, PM of Ireland, PM of Portugal, there are 2 Indian candidates in the Republican primary for president(Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley) is honestly ridiculous.For some reason East Asians aren’t able to rise like that.
However my personal feeling is this- top tier Indian> top Asian in the west . This is because top tier Indians fit western beauty standards very well take a look at Bollywood actors. While mid and low tier Indians < mid-low East Asians. I think a lot of Asians are considered attractive in a fetish kind of way.
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2023.06.06 17:51 AutoModerator [Download Course] Kaye Putnam – Convert with a Quiz (

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 17:50 willkode eCommerce SEO Ask Me Anything Get your SEO questions answered!

Hello everyone, It's time to host another SEO Ask Me Anything.
I'm Will, a Shopify SEO expert with over a decade of experience. I've helped many users here improve their sites SERPs for free. I'm here to answer any SEO questions and review sites all for free.
To head off a few questions that I know I'll get.
What SEO research tools should I use - ahrefs and screaming frog (or sitebulb)
What are the top SEO factors
Content: Quality and relevance of the content on your website.
Keywords: Relevant keywords that match the user's search query.
Backlinks: Number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website.
User Experience: User-friendly design, fast loading speed, and easy navigation.
Onsite Optimization (doesn't have to be 100% perfect, just better than your competitors)
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2023.06.06 17:49 NotKemoSabe The PGA Tour, LIV, and the NBA

For those that don’t follow golf the Saudis started a golf league and threw piles of cash at all the top players to join. Bas
Out of the blue today it was announced that the PGA tour and LIV were merging. This is a massive deal.
The NBA is next.
They can offer contracts without salary cap limits.
No rules for prep stars having to go to school.
They offer Giannis, Luka, Jokic, and Embiid 4 years/$300 million each.
They go after name veterans like Carmelo and Dwight and Blake.
They target each years prep class with money. They can develop and get paid and still go to the nba eventually.
Offer 60 game seasons.
They will have a formidable league in a short time.
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2023.06.06 17:49 ThrowRa_Ok_Visit6089 Anyone who has experience with being the child free partner in a relationship with someone who has a kid willing to share their experiences?

I (29F) have been dating a man (33M) for two years, who also has a two and a half years old daughter.
So far so good, we're a great match, great chemistry, love doing stuff together. I however have avoided his kid, since I don't really like young children. He has her every other week. We usually get together in his off week. The few times I've been there when the kid's around, I let her and her daddy tend to their business and do my own thing as well until she goes to bed. Then we hang out as a couple. It's not that I ignore them all day, if she comes to me I'll interact a little bit with her and I help out my boyfriend by doing household chores. There's no resentment, my boyfriend sees me as "his partner" and just wants me and the kid to get along, nothing more or less. We've communicated well and he says his kid is his responsibility. The only thing I need to do to support this, is give him the time and space to be a good parent. And yeah, of course let the guy vent about his emotions if it has been a hard "dad-day". This works well. We just work really well. Even though I'm always slightly uncomfortable around the young kid, I never get tired of him letting his frustrations out about how hard it can be to be a parent or his relationship with the biological mom who can be a bit of a handful. I don't mind listening and helping, as he also always does that for me. That's what a partner does in my opinion, here it's just that the worries of life are about his kid mostly... No problem.
I never wanted children. However, I'm a teacher (secondary school) so I wouldn't say I hate kids. I like them more when they're older and able to have an intelligent conversation though... I never wanted any of my own since I never felt the need to be a mother. I like my freedom and personal space to do my own thing. Pets are enough for me. Even though my partner has said that I take my role as a dog owner so seriously that I seem more invested in my pupper than some parents. I'm not entirely sure if the two can even be compared like that.. Says more about those parents than it says something about me.
Honestly I can't say that I like the kid. I don't dislike her either, even though I think she can be a bit annoying and overly dramatic, which is completely normal for kids her age. My feelings are just... Not really there.
Of course that brought me to evaluate this relationship. I'm heads over heels with the father and really want a future with him. Of course we can't do that without the kid. I can see it work, if I'm allowed to have my space. I might even really like having a teenager in the house when she gets older, since I tend to love my students and all their teenage drama. I however doubt I could handle it if the kid was with us full-time (what if the mom passes on?) and we wouldn't have weeks without her. My partner has said that he wouldn't know what to do in that situation either and that he could not handle having her full-time... Which is concerning but honest?
The thing is. I'm 29. My twenties are over. I've been in relationships, all long ones (3+ years) and I've noticed that I'm having a hard time finding a match for me. I have quite some kinky interests, which makes 'vanilla intimacy' truly boring to me. I'm energetic, always learning something new and love being spontaneous. Usually partners either don't have the same sexual interests as me or they find it tiresome that I don't "settle into a routine". Which I get, if I could, I'd change but I don't think that's possible. This man really gets me like no one ever has before. Seems like a shame to not to try to make it work even if he has a kid. The other thing is, seems terribly cruel to make the kid feel like she's unwanted. I'd never want to do that ... And I'd never deliberately do such a thing.. But I also know kids are really good at picking up stuff... Even if you never ment any harm. So far she doesn't seem to notice that I'm a bit uncomfortable around her. I also truly don't know if I'll change my attitude if I see her more often or if she gets older. I know I have students that'd I'd gladly adopt. Usually because they have a bad home situation. Or because they're just such sweet kids.
TLDR: What to do when you're childfree, 29 years old, don't want kids and your amzing partner has a kid but you want to make it work? Break up with the dad because there is no hope it will work? Or does anyone have tips how we might make it work?
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2023.06.06 17:49 webkinzcat Assuming I want to be feminine because I am a woman

Does anyone else experience people assuming they want to be feminine even when no part of their self-presentation would imply that you want to look feminine at all? Like for example, numerous people have told me (completely unprompted btw) that I don’t need to worry about having short hair because my facial features are still so feminine, so I don’t have to worry about my short hair making me look masculine at all. Another example is when I went shopping for new glasses, I was dressed entirely in masculine clothing with short hair and the guy working in the shop told me twice that I was accidentally shopping in the mens section which obviously I said I knew and didn’t care to which he replied “I just don’t want you to end up with a pair that’s too masculine for you”. Like I don’t get it, I present myself so masculinely and people still feel the need to reassure me that I look feminine. When I actually dressed femininely, no one ever made comments telling me how feminine I look, this only started after I started dressing masculinely. It starts to get very discouraging because I was never allowed to dress masculine as a kid and now that I’m an adult I can finally express myself comfortably and people still feel the need to assure me I look feminine. Any one else get this? Any insight about why this may happen?
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2023.06.06 17:49 PestyAssassin33WU93 If we draft Scoot and his career ends up being like Eric Bledsoe's peak, would you be satisfied?

Eric Bledsoe's peak season was in 16/17 where he averaged 21/5/6 on 43/34/85 shooting with 3 turnovers a game. Bledsoe averaged 4 3pa per game.
If Scoot's prime averages were these, would you be satisfied at the #2 pick?
Scoot's g league production was: 16/5/6 on 43/28/76, 3 to/g, 2.7 3pa.
This is obviously just a brainstorming exercise and Scoot's potential is a lot higher, but I feel like this is a really good statistical baseline for someone with his play style and skill set.
They essentially have identical body types. Bledsoe at 6'1, 215 lbs with a 6'8 wingspan, and Scoot at 6'2, 200 lbs with a 6'9 wingspan. Both are
It seems reasonable that Scoot's averages may end up being similar to Bledsoe's best season stats considering his general production in the g league.
In this scenario, Scoot never becomes a knockdown 3 point shooter, nor does he increase his 3pa (averages 3 3pa in g league), but he ends up increasing his free throw percentage and rate to help him attack the rim more.
His overall fg% becomes similar to a lot of hyper athletic guards that cannot shoot at 43%, making roughly 7/16 fgs a game. Both Westbrook and Wall hover at 43% for their career.
His 6 assists per game is due to him sharing the majority of his minutes played with LaMelo, and playing more as a combo guard when they are both on the floor. I do think Scoot will average more just because of how unselfish his play was in the league, and how good of a playmaker he already is.
Unfortunately, his turnovers from the g-league translates to his career in the NBA. Scoot averages 6.5 assists/3.5 turnovers while Bledsoe's best season was 6.3/3.4.
Anyways, Bledsoe's 21/5/6 would be Scoot's prime averages in this scenario. So it would be multiple seasons of this type of production.
How would you feel if this was the outcome?
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2023.06.06 17:48 mapsedge Searching for a fieldname in a stored procedure, recursively, with a starting point...

In the system I'm working with, in several instances a stored procedure is called that calls other stored procedures to gather and output data, e.g.
Stored Procedures dbo.get_pizzas dbo.toppings dbo.cheeses dbo.crusts dbo.ingredients dbo.sizes
And from that comes six or seven resultsets which the C part of the MVC app deals with. In real life, I've got a dozen result sets of at least fifty fields each and I want to track down from which stored procedure a particular field comes.
The only search plug-ins I've found so far search the entire database for a string. It would be very useful to say, "start at dbo.get_pizzas" and have the search recursively work the tree.
Is there such a tool?
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2023.06.06 17:46 road2wardhealth Road to a good and healthy life

The road to a good and healthy life involves several important factors.
First, maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial to keep the body healthy. Secondly, incorporating exercise into daily routine helps to maintain physical fitness and overall well-being. Additionally, getting enough sleep, managing stress levels and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and excessive drinking are also important. Regular check-ups with healthcare professionals can help detect and prevent health issues before they become serious. Finally, having a positive attitude, nurturing healthy relationships and pursuing hobbies and interests can contribute to emotional and mental health. By following these practices, one can pave the way towards a good and healthy life. Second, maintaining good grooming habits is essential for men. Taking care of personal hygiene and appearance can leave a lasting impression on others. Men can start by maintaining a regular skincare routine, including daily cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. Keeping hair well-maintained, either by regular haircuts or styling, can also make a significant difference. Proper oral care, like brushing and flossing regularly, is crucial. Men should also pay attention to their clothing choices, making sure they are clean and fit well. Maintaining good grooming habits can also boost confidence and self-esteem, leading to a more positive outlook on life. Third, hair care is not just a concern for women. Men too, need to take care of their hair. Men's hair care is just as important as any other aspect of their physical health and appearance. However, many men tend to neglect their hair, thinking that it just needs shampoo and a quick comb-through. But that's not enough. With proper care, men can keep their hair looking and feeling great. First and foremost, men need to choose the right hair products for their hair type. Every man's hair is different, and using the wrong products can do more harm than good. It is important to choose a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for men's hair. These products are formulated to work well with men's hair, removing dirt, oil, and product buildup while also nourishing and strengthening the hair. Additionally, men should use products like styling gel, hair spray, or pomade that are appropriate for their hair type. Another important factor in men's hair care is regular washing. Men should wash their hair at least every other day, depending on hair type and lifestyle. Regular washing helps to keep hair clean and healthy, removing dirt, oil, and sweat.
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2023.06.06 17:45 AutoModerator [Download Course] Lea Gucciardi – Shopify Code(x) Course (

[Download Course] Lea Gucciardi – Shopify Code(x) Course (

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2023.06.06 17:45 Plastic_Wild Prize picks picks for June-6th-2023

Prize picks picks for June-6th-2023
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2023.06.06 17:45 thethirdgreenman Burnt out, who to talk to about it?

I know the easy/obvious answer to this is my manager, but I just don't get the sense that will end in any way positive. I've come to him previously with concerns about my workload, for help with tasks, for things related to the people I manage, and he usually just turns it on me about "what can YOU do to solve this", "how can YOU be more efficient" or says things like "sorry, that's just how things are right now". Furthermore, we just had layoffs a month ago and while I've been a good performer and don't think I'm on the chopping block, I worry that he would just view this as a reason to replace me rather than help me. Regardless, there's no trust there whatsoever at this point from my end, and this is uncommon between me and my managers (he's my 9th, and is only the 2nd I haven't felt comfortable with).
I've been at my company for a long time, and want to stay because it allows me to be remote and be fulfilled in aspects outside of work more often than not, lately being the not. Things can't continue with the way they are on my current team and with my current manager, so I'm unsure of what to do or who to talk to about it. I used to have a good relationship with HR but all my contacts have quit/been laid off. I'm not sure whether or not it's worth talking to anyone within my company about it just because I don't have that type of relationship with anyone who can actually do something about it, and again, I do worry about giving them a reason to let me go in a time when they've shown they're comfortable doing so. Anyone have any suggestions/advice here?
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2023.06.06 17:45 Signal_Spell_3588 Coworker told me I'm hard to work with.

Recently a older coworker told me I'm"hard to work with because I don't talk to her ( I work at rehab/ senior home) so I talk to her about work related things such as new admissions, what residents needs what , and things of that nature, But thats about it. I don't feel like engaging with her 99% of the time because she the type to talk to you with headphones in on your lunch break lol but seriously. It's very annoying at times especially in the morning so I keep my responses to a minimum so I don't come off as rude and I thought I was doing a good job but now it's like even that's an issue. I don't feel like I'm wrong but maybe you guys have a different view from the outside looking in.
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2023.06.06 17:44 FreeDescription6478 The birthday text :(

Broken up a year. Dated for 6 months. Didnt speak for 6 months. But we had some contact a few months ago after seeing each other randomly. This was before her birthday and when it came around to the day I texted her just to say happy birthday.
I asked her if she wanted to go for coffee the week after. So we met up a couple of times and had a great time she was so happy to see and talk to me. But when we would text it didnt feel right. Neither of us said at the time if we were meeting up as friends or not. It felt like she was confused about me but I am no mind reader. I am almost certain she knew I still had feelings for her.
Everything went a little weird. She cancelled on me last minute when I asked her out for a drink, I did not try to rearrange cause I felt something was off. We didn't speak for another few months, though I really wanted to. I was thinking about her constantly.
My birthday came around and because we had not spoken in a while and the way we left it was very awkward, I did not expect a text from her.
But the morning of my birthday I get a text from her saying: "Happy birthday! Hope you're having a fab day." With a little embarrassed smiling emoji lol.
I wait a day or two and reply just saying thanks and how are you? We go back and forth for a few days. The texting feels different, she seems more interested this time. So I ask her if she wants to go for a walk.
She doesn't text back for a few days and then finally she does. She tells me she would love to see me again but she's just got into a new relationship and didnt think it would be a good idea at the moment but she hoped I was good.
After seeing this I lost it a little. I had been planning to tell her how I felt and it all came out in one text. I dont regret telling her how I felt and she thanked me for opening up about it. Told me she wanted only friendship. I didnt respond and its almost been a week. Not sure if there's anything to say.
I'm not angry anymore and maybe this is going to help me move on.
But I just cant help thinking... Why did she text me and start talking to me if she's in a new relationship?
She knew exactly how I felt I'm sure of it. Like she knows she shouldn't be doing that.
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2023.06.06 17:44 Mindless-Ad2583 I watched my best friend die when I was 10 and his mother is to blame (long read, I am sorry)

Now before I tell this story some background knowledge is needed, my friend Sam (I never learned his last name as we were kids and that topic never came up, and out of respect for the dead that is his first name) was born with lung cancer because of his mother’s smoking history while pregnant, he was already dying from the time he was a baby BUT I consider the fact that he fought it until he was 10 made him a champion in my eyes… the summer between grades 5 and 6 my grandma takes me on a trip across the country, on the way back we visit him in the hospital as it had been a few years since we actually saw each other, little did I know this would be the last time of us seeing each other. As I enter his room like I had done a few years prior (3-4th grade) he is looking unwell but optimistic, he tells me about how his cancer worsens and has spread to other vital organs in his body and he is unsure how long he will last, his mom comes in after about an hour of us chatting (his mom was a large woman probably in the 250-300lbs range) she always resented her son and blames him because she has to pay for his medical expenses instead of “moving to the Bahamas and be surrounded by adoring hunky men” because he started out with the lung cancer he depended on an IV and an iron lung of sorts to breath, of those machines become unplugged then he can’t breathe and suffocates. She convinces a doctor to have a chat with Sam asking him if he is giving up and that it is ok to do so ( I think she told him that Sam said that he wants to die but I am unsure) Sam outright says “I want to live” and a few hours later his mom manages to bribe a different doctor to pull the plug and end sam’s life. Nothing happened to the doctor and since this was over a decade ago I don’t remember the doctors name as this was my first and only interaction with him. I have never seen his mom again and I hope that remains the case because that woman is undeserving of everything she now has. I am sorry the story was long but I have been holding this and Sam close to my heart for years and becoming a dad recently myself inspired me to tell his tale, ps: Sam knowing he was going to die chose for me to receive his last words as he choked on the lack of oxygen “live your life for the both of us” and I live by this code to this day. Thank you for reading
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2023.06.06 17:44 yawaworht21432 I'm Ashamed of Being Seen with My Friends in Public

Throwaway for obvious reasons, not sure if that needs to be said but w/e.
I'm gonna come across as an arrogant asshole (or maybe that's just the truth) no matter how I word this post, so I'm just gonna go all-out with it.
I'm an attractive guy. Not a professional model but I have done a few spots. I often get complimented on how I look and how I dress and, for better or for worse, but a great deal of care into my appearance. I'm also good in social situations, mingling and striking up conversations with strangers and the like does not bother me.
Besides fashion my biggest hobby is gaming. I've been playing MMOs for most of my life at this point and I have made some great friends in this time. And I truly do consider them friends. They are great people. Caring, kind, funny, supportive, everything a good friend should be.
But I just do not want to meet up with them in public. We all live in different parts of Europe, so meeting up is quite rare, but when it does happen I almost never want to go out on the town or w/e. Again, these are amazing people that I truly do care for, but I guess you could say they have more of a "stereotypcial gamer" look. You know the one. Smell is not always great either. Some of them are also quite lacking in social skills when it comes to interacting with strangers. I do not hold any of this against them. I realize that this is all just me being vain and pretentious and an asshole all around.
Typing this all out just now has helped me realize how horrible this mindset is, but that's how it's been. I feel like being seen with them in public makes me look worse by association and I care too much about my appearance so that makes me anxious.
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2023.06.06 17:44 thr0vver If friends don't invite me to go out anywhere, does it always mean they don't give a s**t about me?

More context:
My good friend introduced me to his group of friends, there are around 6 guys total. We've been hanging around for quite a while, usually because when I go out with my good friend, we usually end up meeting with the other guys.
So, I thought that I've become really good friends with those guys, since they seem to like me and we're seeing each other a lot. I felt like I'm a part of the group. But, my good friend went away for a long while, and no one out of the group took the initiative to want to go out with me, call me or something, I wasn't getting invites from anyone. Usually the good friend was inviting me to parties or other things, but now, I'm getting nothing.
When I asked one of them about if they've been hanging around lately, they said that they still do, and if they're going to be doing something together, they'll tell me.
Well, apparently they went to a festival this weekend, I saw it on instagram, and when I asked why didn't anyone tell me, he just said that I should have called or something.
Should I stop wasting my time on them?
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2023.06.06 17:44 Familiar-Let-5035 Why is girl-on-girl bullying not acknowledged by feminists?

This is by no means an effort to be inflammatory. I've been personally sorting through a lot of trauma related to my childhood and a very large portion of my self-esteem issues stem from being chronically left out by groups of girls and women as I was growing up.
I know it's really easy to make fun of teen girls who pride themselves on "not being like other girls" because their interests aren't conventionally female-coded and they can be a little obnoxious about it. But in my experience, that attitude doesn't come from nowhere. It's not always a declaration that someone thinks she's special or unique. A lot of the time, those beliefs come from the realization that the girls you've been trying to connect with since childhood will never include you, like you, or understand you. It's an understanding that the only way to earn their acceptance and respect is to conform to their expectations, and it takes a lot of bravery as a kid to continue down your own path to stay true to yourself despite the loneliness and ridicule.
Those weird little girls are really, really lonely. They've been watching their peers have huge sleepover parties, camping trips, and later on, concert/prom/homecoming outings, birthdays, etc., taking polaroid photos and making tons of memories in a close knit group. Seeing that kind of thing all your life and never understanding why you don't deserve that kind of friendship is really hard when you're growing up. It's especially difficult to get older and realize that the vast majority of your peers view your failure to thrive socially as a personal fault.
So why is the default response to shame the outsiders for taking pride in their own interests instead of addressing the ways that young girls are socialized to exclude people?
Yes, I know that there are a lot of extreme examples of the aforementioned NLOG behavior, but even more subtle or harmless iterations of it are met with heavy judgment for "putting other women down". It honestly comes across as very insecure and insincere.
Imagine trying for your entire life to form the close lifelong bonds of female friendship only to fail over and over without any guidance. It's socially crippling and leads to a lifetime of isolation and self-blame. I've noticed this a lot in women and girls with ADHD, autism, or traumatic homelives.
So, I guess the short version of my question is this: why is it more common for feminists to sweep this phenomenon under the rug? It's a very real issue that's typically brushed off as "internalized misogyny" and never addressed further. It almost feels like the feminist movement is more protective of the mean girls, because calling them mean is reinforcing stereotypes that were enforced in 90's coming-of-age movies.
(For clarity I am NB but still identify heavily with the female experience for debate and social justice purposes).
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2023.06.06 17:43 korilove491 I wish I could roll back time

I got scared so I ran, I got scared because you weren’t just acting that way through the phone; you were kind gentle, patient, loving, caring and everything else in person, face to face. You weren’t just all talk. You cared and I felt it but have never felt it before, so I ran. I self sabotaged, I’m sorry I ruined us. Your seamless transition the one that I was present for begging you to talk to me to open up to me to try and work things out. I wasn’t perfect I take my fair share for driving you away. But I did love you, I do love you. I begged for your time as well it was much later than I should’ve I kept up with your schedule I fought for you. I fought to keep you I faced anxieties I was doing good and making way to be suitable for you. I know that love isn’t enough to live on and while I do think maybe going our separate ways was necessary for me to become exactly what I said I would be. And hope that eventually you knock out of fooling yourself. I’m not stupid I may be getting the short end of the stick. You may have felt like I was never there but I was I tried. I didn’t give it my all and I should’ve given it long long ago but you are basing the possibility of a future with me solely off of my past and while that past is creditable and painful that isn’t who I am today and certainly will not be who I am tomorrow. I long for you not because of our past nor the possibility of a future but because you are someone who taught me love. Someone who I can’t see myself living without. I’m sorry for the disrespect lack of respect I’m sorry for all of the pain I have caused I am sorry for never amounting to what you saw within me. But your fooling yourself if you truly believe there is nothing here still. Be harsh cover it up do what you must but I am no fool. We shared a genuine connection. A connection at the first site of each other. It was small and it developed over time. It was beautiful it was grand and I did what I thought was right. I got into this thinking there wouldn’t be a lot of time for us and I was okay with that I didn’t want to impede on your success I never wanted to feel like I was getting in your way. I knew what I wanted to do but just continued to allow my own depression and attitude get the best of me allowing it to dictate my life. I will forever regret the failure that is the way I treated you I will forever miss you. I will forever long for you I will forever love you. I won’t be moving on for some time. I won’t be able too I don’t want to I just want to live my life with my person. That isn’t what you want and I have to respect that. I have to respect your wishes and while you may not see it now I promise you no one will understand you the way I do. I hope they do I pray for your health and happiness I pray someone else is able to make that beautiful smile shine and to have that embarrassing shy latina I once loved glow as radiant as I know her to be. I pray for you to live a successful life and that all well end up well for you regardless as to what I want. For I know what I have for you is love in its truest form and I hate myself so much for realizing it so late. I hate myself so much for allowing you to escape my clutches because I didn’t take care of you I didn’t take care of us and I would give anything absolutely anything and everything for one more chance to make you laugh to make you smile to even hear your heart pound. I am going to be what I set out to be not in hopes of your return or in hopes of your regret but because I can’t let you get the best of me. I cannot let the loss of my best friend continue to hold me down. I hope you realize that you truly are my bestest friend. My life is filled with regret. And forcing my own best friend my life partner against me will be something I live with forever but I promise you I will be who I set out to be and there is nothing that will stand in my way for this is my life’s work and I will not let it ride on either it will or it won’t. Love is found in the most unexpected places. You deserved to be loved to the maximum. I wanted to give you the best life but couldn’t even get a grasp of my own life. I have read and re read the things that were attached and I have read them over and over again. I never ever meant to hurt you. To cause you such pain and distrust. I have loved you now and I will love you always
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2023.06.06 17:42 RoSpectre Hruodland F006 Blancpain FF Ocean Commitment Homage

Hruodland F006 Blancpain FF Ocean Commitment Homage
First, I recognize that this is a bit of a ridiculous watch. But it had such a great color (look at that red!) and I'm a sucker for FF designs I thought I'd give it a try. Regarding the brand name, it's definitely awkward, but I read that "Hruodland" is an old high German version of the name "Roland", who was a legendary Frankish hero. It's also my grandfather's name, so it gets a bit of a pass from me.
I could definitely do without the "Commitment Ocean" label -- it sounds like the place your girlfriend takes you to hold your head under water until you propose. It is of course the trademark-dodging rework of Blancpain's "Ocean Commitment" charity, which benefits ocean conservancy via the sale of the limited edition watch that Hruodland has homaged here. They should have just done the globe picture with no text on this dial, or put the WR number there.
So how's the quality? Mostly hits with a few misses. Overall the finishing is very good. Shape and polishing are excellent. I love the bowl shape of the case, which helps it wear well because the case slopes inward to a 37mm diameter, down from 41mm at the bezel. Hands and dial look flawless, and the date wheel is color matched dark red.
Bezel action is OK... a bit of side to side play and the clicks are a bit plascticky, comparable to Seikos I've used. The crown action is the biggest let down. The crown is a bit crooked and wobbly when unscrewed and is very hard to screw back down... it tends to cross thread very easily.
The clasp unfortunately must be an off the shelf design, because it is too tall and clearly made to accommodate thicker links. The engraving on it isn't bad but it's just basic lasering, same with the caseback.
The PT5000 is excellent in this watch -- maybe just lucky but it's running at +1spd and despite the crown being a bit slippery, the movement feels smooth to wind and setting the date and time feels good as well. Since Hruodland is modifying these with the colored date wheel I wouldn't be surprised if they are calibrating the movements a bit, too.
So is it worth the money? These watches come at a premium, which makes sense when things like the sapphire bezel and custom colored date wheel cost extra to make. The case is very well executed, too. Overall, if you like the design, it's a decent buy if you get it during a sale, and there aren't really any other options for this design on the market. But the dodgy clasp, bad crown wobble and screw down, and mediocre bezel action are a bit of a let down.
If you're tired of Rolex and Tudor clones, though, give this one some thought!
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