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2023.06.06 18:12 dblwall Has it really been 55 years?

On June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel), and he was pronounced dead the following day.
Kennedy, a United States senator and candidate in the 1968 Democratic Party presidential primaries, won the California and South Dakota primaries on June 4. He addressed his campaign supporters in the Ambassador Hotel's Embassy Ballroom. After leaving the podium, and exiting through a kitchen hallway, he was mortally wounded by multiple shots fired by Sirhan. Kennedy died at Good Samaritan Hospital) nearly 25 hours later. His body was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Sirhan, a Palestinian who held strong anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian beliefs, testified in 1969 that he killed Kennedy "with 20 years of malice aforethought"; he was convicted and sentenced to death. Due to People v. Anderson, his sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972 with a possibility of parole. As of April 2023, his parole request has been denied 17 times.
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2023.06.06 18:09 ebradio The Front Bottoms Announce Tour with Kevin Devine, Vundabar, and Slothrust

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2023.06.06 18:08 motorsport_central Entrance for kids under 16 at Le Mans

So sadly there was a misunderstanding with the group I was about to go to Le Mans with on Thursday, which left me without a ticket. And as I won't be able to find a ticket for me in two days, I thought my 14 year old brother could go with them and use the bed in our hotel that now wouldn't be used. So on the website it says that kids under 16 can enter for free with an adult. Still I am not sure wether they can just go or with them or if they would still need an extra kids ticket. Can someone of you help?
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2023.06.06 18:07 Riced-out-civic CE vs. Premium Plus in Snow Storms

Does anyone have experience with using the windshield de-icer and/or “off-road mode” in bad snow storms?
I am not sure if I would regret not having this, I realized how much I missed the wiper warmers since I had got rid of my wrx a while back. I have been stranded in a hotel during a horrible blizzard because in a Volvo (rental) the wipers froze up to the point the bolt came loose and it was incredibly frustrating. I typically drive from Boston to Ontario to go skiing each year, along with other ski trips and always seem to be driving though a terrible snowstorm at least once a year!
That being said, I am set on the CX-5 (vs. a newer model I cannot name bc it removed my post just a second ago).
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2023.06.06 18:06 gseppious I am back

So wife kept her promise for my birthday back in March to get a hotel room and have crazy circus sexy(her words) which we did and it was fantastic. Then everything dried up after that. All the old excuses to tired to this to that. I was doing everything I could not to force be romantic or whine or complain. It went on like this til now. I told her in a calm voice that it's been a while why don't we get some alone time and I take you to dinner with out kids just a date. Well she agreed and jumped at the chance. We met at the restaurant I came directly from work and she met me there. We sat on the patio and laughed flirted. She was a new person again. She gave ever signal that she needed this to decompress. She talked about once the 12 year old went down we can spend some alone time. I told her that would be fantastic but not needed. Then her phone rang it was our oldest 26. He just got done with work and needed to borrow money. This phone conversation lasted the entire dinner. I paid while she was on the phone. She side hugged me as we got into our sperate cars to go home. Once home she told what our oldest needed. I told her that is fine but it was supposed to be a date night. Then she started in on how I was mad at her for talking to our son. I assured her I wasn't angry I told her we don't get alot of time together amd I was looking forward to dinner with her. The rest of the evening went about the same with my 19 year old and 12 year old. Once they were in bed she started to message her mother telling her about our oldest and his issues. (He is a new home owner) that sparked a call from the mil. Which lasted til 1 am. I was done with the day and told her while she was talking her mother I'm going to bed. She said good night and as I am leaving the room she tells her mother that *hes mad cause she talked to the oldest at dinner and didn't pay him attention * which wasn't the truth. So DB has been since March. So fast forward anther 2 weeks she tells me I been mean because of the ruined date night and not to expect anything til I adjust my attitude. I totally forgot about the situation amd hadn't ask for anything since 😅 I been busy with another project at work. I looked her and said that's funny because I forgot about it. Then she tells me all the ways I been grumpy and mean. Which were things from last year.
What the hell is her problem ?
If she doesn't want to have sex or anything just say so why make a fight out of nothing or bring up old stuff that isn't relevant now. So confusing. Then add on that she ended up doing stuff to me then saying that should last you a month. Like I'm some kind of machine that needs oil.
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2023.06.06 18:05 measy718 Weekend in San Juan

Ill be in san juan august 4th -6th on a solo trip to see a basketball game at the coliseo. What is the normal fare for a taxi from SJU to somewhere like isla verde or old san juan? Any recommendations on where to stay for a solo male? Hopefully looking for somewhere safe with a balcony for smoking. I have an extra ticket if any lady wants to join me for the game on August 4th :)
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2023.06.06 18:01 TheGreenBoxGaming Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes Ch2 Ep12 - The Missing Room

As the team runs down the lead on V-Cell, they find themselves in the Boxer Hotel in a strange room that reveals more than they bargained for.

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2023.06.06 18:01 LordGaulis Least favourite map (vermintide 1 and 2)

Screaming bell is my least favourite in terms of ascetic. It’s helmgarts merchants quarters but apart from the one tavern, markets screaming bell end event with the hillside escape the level is a forgettable series of street shops, residential areas and no fewer then three statues landmarks. Do the U5 comment on these statues?That’s not bad as almost half of the level is then memorable, but it’s still the most overused level in vermintide with the waystone escape appearing in the tutorial and the start and end of the level in a quiet drink.
Much preferred the vermintide 1 uberriek merchants quarters, as not only do we see the markets and residential but the granary and warehouses, including the garden home of the richest merchant in uberriek. Much more of the residential could be entered and explored with multiple fully accessible pubs, taverns, canal, including outside eating long tables and tents setup in the markets with balconies overlooking the market with a massive statue of the towns founder in the middle… with a legend of buried treasure under the statue by bardin.
There is also signs the townspeople fought and lost a war against the skaven with the granary on fire with multiple buildings missing walls like a rat orgre broke through and the gates are shut tight with many barricades. True screaming bells has shut gates and barricades but where’s the destruction? It just feels like fatshark wanted to go bigger with this ascetic in helmgart but failed to make it as memorable…
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2023.06.06 18:00 Kind-Contribution-27 Bob Lazar story has aged well

Since 1989, Lazar has achieved public notoriety as an Area 51 conspiracy theorist.[d] In May of that year, he appeared in an interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS, under the pseudonym "Dennis" and with his face hidden, to discuss his purported employment at "S-4", a subsidiary facility he claimed exists near the Nellis Air Force Base installation known as Area 51. He claims that the said facility was adjacent to Papoose Lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake. He claimed the site consisted of concealed aircraft hangars built into a mountainside. Lazar said that his job was to help with the reverse engineering of one of nine flying saucers, which he alleged were extraterrestrial in origin. He claims one of the flying saucers, the one he coined the "Sport Model", was manufactured out of a metallic substance similar in appearance and touch to liquid titanium. In a subsequent interview that November, Lazar appeared unmasked and under his own name, where he claimed that his job interview for work at the facility was contractor EG&G and his employer was the United States Navy. EG&G stated it had no records on him.[34][e] His supposed employment at a Nellis Air Force Base subsidiary has also been discredited by skeptics, as well as by the United States Air Force.[4][35]
Lazar has claimed that the propulsion of the studied vehicle ran on an antimatter reactor[36] and was fueled by the chemical element with atomic number 115 (E115), which at the time was provisionally named ununpentium and had not yet been artificially created.[4][37] (It was first synthesized in 2003 and later named moscovium.)[38] He said that the propulsion system relied on a stable isotope of E115, which allegedly generates a gravity wave that allowed the vehicle to fly and to evade visual detection by bending light around it.[39]
No stable isotopes of moscovium have yet been synthesized. All have proven extremely radioactive, decaying in a few hundred milliseconds.[40] Lazar said the craft was dismantled, and the reactor he studied was topped by a sphere or semi-sphere which emitted a force field capable of repulsing human flesh.[41] He explained that the craft was split into two main levels.[f]
The reactor was positioned at the center of the upper level, with an antenna extending to the top,[g] surrounded by three "gravity amplifiers". These connected to "gravity emitters" on the lower level, which can rotate 180 degrees to output a "gravity beam or anti-gravity wave" and that the craft would then travel "belly first" into this distortion field.[42]
Lazar has claimed that during his joining the program, he read briefing documents describing the historical involvement of Earth for the past 10,000 years with extraterrestrial beings described as grey aliens from a planet orbiting the twin binary star system Zeta Reticuli. As of September 2019, no extrasolar planets have been found in the Zeta Reticuli system.[43][44] In 1989, Lazar said the seats of the saucer he saw were approximately child-sized and that he had seen alien cadavers of a corresponding size.[45][46]
He said that while walking down a hallway at S-4, he briefly glanced through a door window and saw what he interpreted as two men in lab coats facing down and talking to "something small with long arms".[47] Three decades later, he said he did not think he saw an alien, but speculated that he saw a doll used as reference for the size of the alleged aliens, and that a nickname used for them was "the kids".[47]
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2023.06.06 18:00 sync19waves Trying to understand reactivity dependant on the environment

Hey all, I'm feeling down lately and struggling to understand my girl and her reactivity. I just want to vent a little in the hopes of feeling better. I adopted her with 11months and she is 3yo now - a malinois mix to my post-adoption surprise, we have been with trainers since I got her home. But I want to focus on the now.
Her main issue is strangers around and in our home. She goes crazy, to the point I muzzle her for the hallway and until the entrance. Once we gain enough distance she is 99% of the time okay, I moved about 6 months ago and with the 3 trainers she has meet was amazing... In an environment far away from home. We went to crowed places and she showed no reactivity towards people... But at home she is so different.
With dogs she also varies, she can get harsh on marking others but she went consistently to a doggie daycare with 10-20 dogs and another dog hotel with no issues, she has so much fun with dogs. And also off lead on a big field playing with me. The happiest videos I have of her ar in those instances. On the lead she is a hit and miss.
I struggle a lot because since her reactions scalated towards people around the home, less off lead time and interactions I gave her due to struggling to trust her. Thing is: she is always the happiest off lead, either playing with me or with other dogs. Since we moved 6 months ago and she doesn't have her daycare or group clases, she has been having less of that. We now live with another dog and they play sometimes. But I feel like I'm failing her due to the fear I have of her crossing the line of biting someone / another dog - it would break me if that happened... But the precaución I have causes us to have less free and happy moments. She can play with ALL kinds of dogs at the daycare, but with me it seems like 50/50 she snaps at them. She can meet someone away from home with no apparent issues, but if someone unknown comes near the building where we live she just wants to rip them apart.
It's a duality that I struggle to understand. I just want her to be happy and free, but it seems like the more time passes the more I have to restrict her freedom as a precaution. It makes me feel awful.
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2023.06.06 17:58 Mental-Rain-6871 Once Upon a Time in NI - Memories

I just watched the first two episodes of this brilliant series and holy shit it stirred up some memories, both good and bad.
I know that a lot of Redditors are not old enough to remember the bad old days of the 1970’s so I urge you to absorb the series. It really highlights how easy it was to get sucked in to the paramilitaries, something I have talked about before. It’s all discussed in a very personal way. The discussion with Jean McConville’s son was especially touching, though a difficult watch.
I loved the sections on Terry Hooley, the godfather of Irish punk rock. I was a regular visitor to Good Vibrations, opposite the Europa Hotel back in the day. It was there that I was first introduced to Stiff Little Fingers, a band who literally changed my life.
I remember coming home on leave from the Navy and going to the Harp Bar to see bands like OutKast’s, Rudi, Big Self, and Starjets. The atmosphere was fucking incredible, an oasis of positive madness amongst the mayhem of the outside world. Remember, bands rarely played in NI in those days because of a mixture of fear and an inability to get insurance. It was absolutely mental in the best way possible.
I’m obviously old enough to remember the civil rights marches, Bloody Sunday, Bloody Friday, and the loyalist strikes. I remember how Bloody Sunday was portrayed, and justified, by the media and how much we were all lied to about the atrocities committed by the British army. Sadly, I also remember how those murders were celebrated in loyalist circles.
Just be aware that there is some really gruesome footage of bodies being scraped up on shovels and dumped into bin bags in the aftermath of the IRA’s Bloody Friday bombings.
If you have not watched this, I really recommend it, and I would love to hear your thoughts if you have.
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2023.06.06 17:58 YouFartedBlood Can someone explain to me what’s going on with the Orange line in Vienna?

I just moved here and have really little experience with the metro in general. The only way I’ve gotten into DC is just taking the Orange line out of Vienna to Foggy bottom/ a few times. I have a friend who purposely bought a hotel room close to Vienna station to visit next week and we planned to go into DC two of the days but i see people on here saying Vienna station is shut down and you have to take a shuttle? My questions are - is the shuttle at Vienna station? is it a pain in the ass? I tried searching on google maps and it seems like i get on a shuttle and it takes us to Rosslyn station and then from there we could get onto the orange line into DC? So i guess when heading back to Vienna out of DC it would be same thing and i would need to get on and go to Rosslyn and then from there take a shuttle to Vienna? Sorry, again very inexperienced with the metro hoping someone can break down into simpler explanation for me so I don’t endup lost with my friend because we are both two young girls.
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2023.06.06 17:54 CantaloupeOk1753 Best last minute app…

Best last minute app…
Greetings- just making final plans for a departure on Friday. I have a few apps for finding places to stay but I am trying to figure out the best app for last minute spots. I would like to be able to drive until I am tired and then relatively quickly find a nearby place to set up my tent cots. There is a last-min-hotel-room app but I cannot find one that seems like it will work well for last minute car camping…
Don’t need water or electric.
Photo of my set up and a very approximate route (due to google’s 10-stop limitations with several contingency plans depending on how things are going).
Thanks to everyone.
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2023.06.06 17:53 LuckyLundy Passport office is playing with my emotions.

So. My passport was received in New Orleans (Locator 42) on 3/20. I am traveling on 6/10. At the time, the quote for routine service was 8-11 weeks. I got my son’s new passport within a few weeks last year so I figured that was a generous time quote and figured even if they took the entire 11 weeks, I’d still get my passport before I travel.
On 5/27 I call NPIC and was told I wasn’t actually within 14 days of travel because it doesn’t include weekends and I needed to call back Tuesday (because it was Memorial Day weekend).
That Tuesday (5/30) I call and ask for expedited service and shipping and reiterate I’m traveling on 6/10. The lady says she’ll put that through but there’s still no guarantee I will get passport before travel date or an appointment 5 days before if it comes to that.
Not loving that response, I also reach out to my house representative. They get back to me that day and say they’ll send an email for me to respond to with to give them my applicator locator number and proof of travel. They said they reached out to the New Orleans office to see if my expedited request came through.
Friday 6/2 at around 6PM ET I check my status and see “Approved” and that it will be shipped to me and arriving on 6/11. I let my representative’s office know and ask if I can do anything to make sure the overnight shipping goes through. That same night at 7PM I check status again and it’s back to “In Process.” I let rep’s office know about this change and ask if that maybe means they caught it and are updating the shipping.
Monday 6/5 I call NPIC and I’m told no appointments available. Rep’s office said expedited request still did not go through but the agent they spoke to seemed to imply my passport was being worked on and they would call them again tomorrow to check on printing and shipping tracking number. I call the New Orleans center customer service and I’m told my passport is en route to being printed! They didn’t see expedited shipping on my account but they were sure it would go through. I have hope!
I keep checking the status all through the evening but keep only seeing “in process.”
This morning (6/6), I call NPIC and I’m told passport is still in process. Only appointment available is in El Paso, TX for tomorrow morning at 11:30AM. I would need to fly there tonight and book a hotel because there are no flights that can get me there in the morning before the appointment. Also idk what time I would need to book a return flight four because I don’t know if they can print my passport there or if they have to ship it back to me.
My rep’s office emails me saying passport is still in process and they’ll check again tomorrow. I respond to the email and let them know that I was able to get an in person appointment in El Paso and it is extremely inconvenient and expensive for me to get to my best option? They responded saying there MIGHT be a chance that the New Orleans office can get me my passport in time, but there is MORE of a chance of me getting my passport in time if I go to El Paso.
I call New Orleans customer service. Woman says it’s en route to being printed (what I heard yesterday) but then says “ oh wait let me check on that. Can I put you on hold?” I say yes but then the phone disconnects I called back and a different person says “ the person who you spoke to before is checking on some thing - I can see her notes. She is probably going to call you back when she’s done.” And confirmed my phone number.
That was almost an hour ago and I’m about to call back to check on if someone is actually checking my passport or just toying with my emotions.
Anyone have any experience with them pulling you back and forth like “APPROVED! Jk… PRINTING! Jk… book a last minutes overnight trip to El Paso. Screw your infant child who you’re the primary caretaker of.”
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2023.06.06 17:53 cumlattes Im not paid overtime or holidays

I live in Las vegas, Nevada. I work in a dispensary. My first call when finding out was to call the labor commission. It was the federal one, they delegated me to the state one and im waiting on a phone call but i need more information before proceeding to my HR with my findings. I don’t understand what an exempt and non exempt employee. I need to know what can b done about the fact that we are not paid for federal holidays as well as why we aren’t paid overtime
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2023.06.06 17:52 bridgetroll2 Rio hotel room security (and hotel security in general)

So I'm staying at the fabulous POS known as the Rio for a couple nights. When I walked into the room I immediately thought of a story from a couple years ago where widely know poker pro Shaun Deeb woke up to someone in his room during WSOP and found a bunch of money missing.
So, I put the latch and deadbolt on the door, and went to bed. THREE different times tonight people came and opened the door to my room, with a working key. Fortunately the latch was on so they couldn't open the door more than a few inches.
I finally got out of bed and went down to the front desk and they said it showed that room is empty, so clearly they've just been assigning that room to people over and over who I assume went back to the front desk and complained. Did they try to contact me on the room phone or call my cell phone? Of course not.
This isn't the first time this has happened to me either, I had someone walk into my room at Flamingo some time back, and on TWO occasions I've been issued keys at Cromwell only to find someone else or someone's stuff in the room.
Clearly Caesars needs to get their shit together, but just a reminder to everyone out there:
Use the latch and deadbolt at all times when you're in the room. Lock your valuables and cash in the safe when you are asleep, and preferably take them with you when you're not in the room.
TLDR: Caesars hotels are a shit show and will accidentally assign the same room to multiple people. Secure your belongings at all times.
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2023.06.06 17:50 RingofStorms I'm desperate to let go of stuff but failing miserably

I'm struggling massively with letting stuff go and streamlining. It's 90% my stuff - my husband would be chill with his computer & clothes - the rest of the house? Well that's my domain.
Our kitchen is the one room I'm giving myself grace on but I'm struggling in the craftroom, living room (board games specifically), and our bedroom.
Our 1,100 square feet apartment has one closet. One. It's meant for clothes but currently it's our pantry/storage hybrid because need it desperately.
I'm struggling to pick hobbies and finish projects and minimize things overall. Some of it's the whole sunk cost fallacy, some of it's guilt, and honestly some of it is just plain stubbornness.
I'be read a zillion decluttering books, watched shows, listened to podcasts, and nothing is helping. The house spirals out of control, I have no energy to maintain it. I just want the stuff gone and to feel like I live in a hotel. I know I can live with less stuff.
I'm stuck in a perpetual cycle of buying and purging and spinning my wheels.
How do I make my house a home? How do I get over the Pinterest/Instagram/TikTok home porn that makes me covet and wish I were them? I just want space to breathe again and I want to not feel disappointment when I look at where I live. It just feels hopeless.
What can I do to move forward? I'm so stuck.
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2023.06.06 17:50 MarlenePB Where are all the protests?

Entire streets with huge retail spaces vacant, lofty warehouses vacant, food prices too high, rental prices too high, literally just inflation on every corner, the homeless are being a arrested, car break-ins so severe the general public is helpless to them, it is very difficult to get a decent job and now a hotel magnate is unable to maintain a couple of major hotels in the city either? I know that inflation is just a moment in the economic flux but isn’t anyone actually angry?
I just moved to this city and I know it’s not all bad news but at what point does this city feel obliged to get into the streets and take a stand against things like this? In LA protesting for anything is super rare. Is it the same here? Does every one just hunker down into a community and hope for the best while supporting each other?
I’m sure I missed something but what are officials latest statements on all this? Particularly the soaring prices of everything…are we not all just working at the same rate while everything has inflated??
Sorry, I know it’s a naive rant, but I’m just confused how people are dealing with all this…
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2023.06.06 17:49 albmin22 My site can’t be reached error

So I’m pretty new to MySQL but I used it along with PHP to implement a create/switch account feature on my project. It was working well on my home wifi/a hotels wifi, but now that I’m on my schools wifi I am getting “my site can’t be reached, local host refused to connect.” I know I just created the server locally on my laptop, but I’m not sure why it works on some WiFi’s but not others (made sure MySQL and Apache was running on my XAMPP). Can anyone provide some information about this or how to fix it?
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2023.06.06 17:48 MediocreSubject_ Architects and Personal Style

Full disclosure - I’m not an architect but recently have been spending a bunch of time traveling for work and meeting random people at hotel bars, meetings, and out and about.
I seem to be noticing the correlation between a stranger with impeccable personal style and a fair amount of polish and them being an architect. In the last few weeks, any time I’ve struck up a conversation with a stranger who seems to be really nicely dressed they tell me they’re an architect (n=5).
Can someone tell me if this is just a coincidence? If not, what’s the secret? How are you all so nicely dressed? How do you all develop that personal style that looks so put together?
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2023.06.06 17:46 PartyDoctor Question: Dealing with Mio for returns?

TL;DR, how is dealing with Mio for returns?

I recently moved into a new apartment with a balcony / outer area on the ground floor.

I was looking at various furniture stores and finally settled on Mio to pick up a table & chairs for outside. I measured intently to make sure that the table & chairs would fit the space (even so far as going to get a lazer measurement tool, to be precise).

The day finally arrives, and the table after assembly, doesn't fit the area comfortably/at all. I went to the store in Stockholm, and they told me I don't have a right of return option if the table has been assembled (which seems... ridiculous). Their own site, just states that the return needs to be unassembled, not that it can't be previously assembled.
Not to mention, that the first day that they were supposed to arrive, they are stating that they called me 5 times, but, I never received a single phone call, and then make me pay for re-delivery.
Honestly, at this point, I would never be able to recommend them, but, in the efforts of trying to deal with the returns, not sure how they would compare to Ikea, Amazon, or Hemtex when returning products.

Has anyone ever dealt with them and returns in the past? How did it work out?
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2023.06.06 17:43 cariwinkle Struggling to continue fighting *TW: self-harm*

Hi all,
This will be a long post because I think I just need to get it all out somewhere.
I am a single mom to two kids (8 & 14). They both live with me full-time. They have different dads, and the father of my youngest is very involved, and we get along well. We co-parent well. He takes her often (one day a week and every other weekend, typically a bit more during school breaks). He pays CS. We attend events together (birthdays, softball games, etc.). I get along with his wife. It's just a really good co-parenting relationship.
The father of my older daughter (we'll call her A) is the complete opposite. He has a drinking problem, and I believe he is doing drugs now too. I'm not completely sure about the drugs as he lives 4 hours away, and I barely speak to him, but he is starting to lose teeth and other signs. My daughter has mostly lived with her father and stepmom up until 4 years ago. Throughout the time she lived with him, I had to deal with him withholding me from seeing her and verbally abusing me. It was like nothing I did was good enough. He even eventually made his wife at the time stop meeting me halfway. So, I would drive all the way there to pick her up or meet stepmom 3 hours away from my house - just to have weekend visits. I never took him to court because he comes from money, and I have had a much different life than him (I grew up in a single-parent household of an addict) and felt like I had nothing to fight with. I didn't realize how bad things were with him until one day A's stepmom called me and explained his drinking was so harmful that she was going to leave him, but she did want to leave A with him. This is when I found out just how bad his drinking had become, he was waking up drinking vodka, had seizures when he wasn't drinking (that A witnessed while they were on a plane flying back from a vacation), and has been in an accident with A in the car. And many other things I found out all at one time. This obviously was a dire situation, and A's stepmom got her to me within a week. A has been with me since.
Her dad has not given me a dollar of CS. He has been up to see her one time in this 4 year period. He came for his mom's wedding and stayed here for the weekend but only came to see A for an hour and a half, even though I asked him to see her more. Any time A has seen him outside of that 1.5 hours, it has been because of me either bringing her to the town he lives in and staying there in a hotel with her or me meeting her step gma halfway. She doesn't stay with him because 1. I won't let her, and 2. she doesn't want to because she knows it isn't safe. So when she is there, she stays with her gpa and step gma. Dad occasionally visits while she is there. I have constantly had issues with him coming in and causing emotional and mental damage with how he talks to her. He is constantly badmouthing me and her stepmom. I have found self-harm marks on her after a big incident with him when she went to visit. I have had her in counseling since she came to live with me (she's been through multiple counselors because she doesn't end up liking them) and have done what I can to help her cope.
But I think I finally hit a breaking point a couple of months ago when I found out she tried to OD, taking a bunch of Benadryl right after he started telling her that I didn't love her and I abandoned her to go party when she lived with him. I finally took out a loan to hire a lawyer, and I am asking for supervised visitation/communication through a third party that he has to pay for and temporary sole custody until he undergoes psych and addiction evaluations and completes any recommended treatment that comes from that.
However, right before this suicide attempt happened, she had been saying she wanted to go live with him. This usually happens any time she gets in trouble. I have found out she has been vaping, drinking, sending nudes, meeting random men on Snapchat, and a bunch of other risky behavior. I found this out all at once when she was in the mental facility due to the suicide attempt when I went through her phone. So, when I found something out, I take her devices (phone, computer, etc.), set chores, and I'm making her volunteer this summer. I told her she couldn't get a job or learn how to drive until I see she is being responsible. So, when she figures out that I find something out, she would call her dad from her friend's phone while she was in school and tell him she wants to live with him.
Honestly, I don't know that he will even try to fight anything in court because I know he knows deep down that he is not a good parent to A. That's why he never tried to get A back when her stepmom brought her to me. We have had one court hearing via Zoom, and he didn't show up and hasn't hired a lawyer that my lawyer knows of yet. We have another court date on June 22. But now he is telling A he is going to fight for full custody, and I'm trying to keep him away from her by filing a "restraining order" and that I will get arrested for kidnapping. While I know this isn't true, it just fuels more of this teenage rebellion and turns this whole thing into a giant battle. It also feels like I'm fighting his whole family by myself.
I'm honestly at my wit's end. Being a single parent is so hard. It's hard enough on its own. But I feel like I'm constantly fighting this person and trying to protect A to the best of my ability while at the same time parent in scary situations against a person that is egging this behavior on. I'm just losing it. I feel like I can't win. I'm pretty sure I will win this court stuff, but it's still scary, and this is so hard, and I just don't know what to do. I also don't know how long this court situation will go on and I don't know that I can afford to take out another loan to continue to pay for the lawyer. Honestly, I hate saying this, but part of me just wants to give up and let her go live with him. And I'm mad at myself for even thinking like that. I know how awful that would be for her. I know how manipulative and toxic and abusive he is. I would never actually do it but I'm mad for even thinking it. I'm just struggling so much with all of this.
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