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2020.10.09 18:39 TerryCao JeanMains

A fan community dedicated to Jean that is connected to a theorycrafting community. Our discord server is in the largest Genshin Impact network after the official Genshin Impact server

2022.09.24 19:00 tasty-tap-water GenshinGaysE

E is for everyone! GenshinGays "E" is dedicated to the SFW appreciation and discussion of the male characters in Genshin, and exists as a safe space for all.

2021.04.08 22:14 Seagullbeans Jeanluc

A subreddit for the ship of Jean and Diluc from Genshin Impact!

2023.06.06 18:03 VEGETTOROHAN I told my friend how cloud gaming works and he called me a dumbass for giving misinformation. Was I wrong?

So I told him that the game is run on Their Devices or computers in data centres and they process and transmit the information in our devices through internet.
But my friend rejected the claim. He said game is run on their servers and you don't need a device to run the game and so the New Genshin Impact Cloud service from Hoyoverse should be free as no device or resources are needed to run the game.
What happened is that Mihoyo is going to release cloud service for Android players of Genshin Impact due to storage issues of Mobile players. The service is still in Beta.
I told him that the service can be paid as they need to invest lots of resources and so he got offended and started using abusive language against both Mihoyo and Me. He called me dumbass for not knowing how cloud services work.
So did I gave any misinformation?
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2023.06.06 17:41 Waterparks- FAQ: The Verification Process [READ]

The subreddit has decided to post about and clarify what the verification process is, and specify the rules.
The verification process refers to when a large account (in terms of 5 stars) is posted and up for exchange (sell or trade).
In order to guarantee the safety of traders and limit chances of being scammed, moderators require the owner of the large account to verify that they own it.
Upon posting a large account, a moderator will lock the post and comment asking you to verify ownership of the account. The post about the big account will be locked/taken down until verification has been complete. Attempting to circumvent verification in any way may result in a kick or ban from the subreddit.
In order to verify, all steps below must be completed.
  1. Screenshots displaying the account’s 5 stars and 5 star weapons, including any eidolons and any superimposes, must be taken and the account UID must be shown clearly in all photos. These screenshots must be sent to the mod team/a moderator.
  2. A screenshot of the account profile must be taken with your Reddit username displayed as the profile name and/or with your Reddit username in the bio. The account UID must be clearly shown in the picture.
Here is an example of what the mod team is looking for here. Where it says “Genos” in the image must instead be your Reddit username AND/OR your Reddit username can be in the bio section (where it says “No bio” in the example provided above).
SIMILAR IMAGES ARE REQUIRED TO VERIFY A GENSHIN IMPACT ACCOUNT AS WELL. If you have any questions, contact the subreddit via modmail!
Please message a moderator with the required images. Once you have done so, it is recommended to contact the subreddit via modmail and state which moderator you have messaged. This ensures a faster verification process.
All steps must be completed in order to successfully verify. If you fail to complete a step, moderators reserve the right to remove your post.
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2023.06.06 17:40 Astrelite Genshin Impact PS5

Can anyone help me find a way to get some Genshin mods on my PS5??
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2023.06.06 17:23 AngeIEevee Gamer Haven

Hi there! My name is Eevee and I’m the owner of Gamer Haven (one of the servers recommended on this subreddit). Thought I’d pop in with a little post and say hi and happy pride month!!
Looking for a safe place to find fellow gamer girls? Look no further! Gamer Haven 𓆩♡𓆪 is a great place to find friendly gamer girls to talk about games with, or to find some friends to hang out with. We are open to everyone, but our server is mainly targeted to girls. There’s a safety verification questions to answer through text that we have in place before fully letting anyone in as we want to keep our server a safe and positive place free from trolls and toxicity 💜
We have lots of chats for categorized fun, like Memes, Selfies, Question Of The Day, Animals, Arts n Crafts, Books, Food, Music, Nature, and even more for specific games and genres like Genshin Impact, Valorant, League of Legends, Phasmophobia, Disney DLV, Final Fantasy, Fortnite, Overwatch 2, Minecraft, and more! ! We also have lots of optional profile roles, pingable roles, Pokecord, the Sofi anime based card game, and so much more!!!
All we ask is that you read our Rules chat when you join, be yourself, and have fun! And we are an LGBTQ+ and ally friendly server 💜
Server Invite (
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2023.06.06 17:03 ngmcs8203 /r/oaklandathletics and the June 12-14 Reddit Blackout to Protest the API Pricing Changes

(This post has been modified from our mod friends at /ffxiv with their permission.)
On behalf of the /oaklandathletics mod team: while this isn't A's related, we know that time is of the essence for this message and the change will affect a large majority of our community as well as those across reddit.

What's happening?

API Pricing Changes
Reddit recently announced major pricing changes to their API, which is the software interface that all major 3rd party applications and bots rely upon to function. These pricing changes are so extreme that all major apps will be forced to cease operating as they cannot bear the costs. As an example, the developer of Apollo revealed they would be forced to pay reddit upwards of $20 million USD/year just to continue operating under the new pricing scheme.
The consensus from the developers behind these apps is that reddit is trying to price them out of existence in order to force users to switch to the official reddit mobile app. Not only will they be forced to pay ridiculous sums (which they cannot cover) to maintain access to the API, changes to the ToS also prohibit these apps from using ad revenue to offset the new costs.
You can find some of their statements below:
NSFW & Mature Content
In addition to restricting API access behind a ludicrous pricing scheme, reddit is also planning on severely restricting 3rd party applications' access to NSFW/mature content. This will not only make the job of moderating NSFW communities significantly harder for humans, but also largely cripple 3rd party moderation bots that rely on being able to view NSFW content across multiple subreddits. Without the functions these bots provide, reddit is creating massive vulnerabilities in the areas of anti-spam and user safety.
As an example, some communities which focus on serving underage users may use 3rd party bots to automatically detect and remove accounts with a history of posting NSFW/mature content. Additionally there are other 3rd party bots that use comment history to proactively seek out and remove NSFW spam or even help detect and remove possible revenge porn or illegal underage content.

How will this affect me?

Any users who rely on 3rd party applications (like those above) to browse reddit will find that the apps will cease to function after July 1, when the pricing change goes into effect.
In addition, NSFW communities will likely see a large uptick in spam and potentially illegal/harmful content. It's possible that many of these communities will be forced to close if the human moderators responsible for them feel they can no longer keep their community safe without the proper tools these bots and 3rd party apps provide. Even subreddits like ours have to deal with a steady influx of NSFW spam, so these changes could have ramifications for the entire site.
While it has never been explicitly stated by reddit, there is also a large concern that this move to consolidate mobile users to the official app could be a sign that they are planning to fully deprecate the old version of their desktop site ( in order to consolidate users on the redesign as well.

What can we do to stop this?

Moderators from hundreds of communities across reddit have drafted and signed an open letter to reddit, asking them to reconsider the pricing scheme and to recognize the role that 3rd party apps have played in reddit's ongoing success. You can read the open letter here:
Should the open letter fall on deaf ears, many communities are also preparing subreddit blackouts in protest from June 12-14. This type of protest has been used to great effect in the past, however it is also highly disruptive to the communities participating.
Many major news publications have written about the event such as:
As the mod team for this community, our primary goal is to make sure we are serving you all to the best of our ability. We feel strongly that this is a worthy cause and that the outcome will have a massive effect on the future viability and success of the entire platform. We want to join the 500+ communities that have already committed to this action and demonstrate that our community answers the call in times of need.
However, we won't do it without you. The decision to blackout the subreddit should not be made by the mod team alone. Please share your thoughts, ask your questions, and let us know if you feel this is something we should be a part of. The mod team will do our best to answer any questions we can and we promise that any action we take (or don't) will be based on the will of our community.
We are including a poll to get the temperature of the subreddit in regards to the topic and for those who simply want to voice their opinion with a vote. We understand that this coincides with the June 13 reverse boycott, but feel this is a worthy cause.
The /oaklandathletics mod team
View Poll
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2023.06.06 16:55 beforethenandnow [M4F] The Red Zone of Crescent City.

The city was almost unknown at the start of the century. It didn't have the vibe of Seattle's Boeing SeaTac, or the overwhelming might of NorCal's "Silicon Valley." In fact, it wasn't much of a city at all. But, after decades of investment, its become a small but incredibly influential force on the American West Coast.
It was Crescent City's peculiar legal situation which made it so attractive to industry. Due to reforms in the late 2030s, the Government had stewardship over a huge swath of land as "a sovereign territory within Northern California." Ironically, that same wave of reform in NorCal also pushed corporate interests to search for less restrictive jurisdictions.
At any rate, an extremely lucrative deal was hashed out with the governmental leadership: a special economic zone in Crescent City's port, heavily dominated by corporate interests. In exchange, an exorbitant yearly rent payment would be distributed to the city’s council, and corporate forces (they claimed) would help police on the remaining sections of the city’s land. NorCal, happy for the excuse to give the companies their own neoliberal playground, turned a blind eye to the whole affair. Cyberlibertarians flocked to the city for its lax laws on body-modding, drugs, guns, gambling and prostitution. Companies flocked to the city for tax purposes.
In a matter of years, undeveloped coastline became choked with skyscrapers. Illegal squatter communities formed in the barren, native highlands, away from the pressing control of the city. However, Corporate forces still regularly arrive to burn down encampments, and wasteland-dwelling rebels ride through city streets on jeeps or bikes. The city itself is a patchwork of high-rise complexes and immigrant communities, carved into expansive "corporate parks" created by rival factions. Heavyweights like Shuzuoka, Bryer-Stanley, and Nwajiuba can all be found there.
The so called “Red Zone” was a pleasure district, located in the heart of Crescent City’s corporate wonderland. It had sprung up in the late 2050’s, a new development that promised a world of pleasure, hedonism, and stress relief. New buildings, a monorail link to the Metro, it had been the hot, new development. It was the go-to place in town to get fucked up, and get fucked. Bars, body-modding clinics, tattoo parlours, strip clubs, and brothels were the norm, and it had a reputation for the particularly wacky and weird. It was also where I lived and worked.
The establishment I was working in was called Bloom, owned by the elegant and elusive Lady Sapphire, a former sex worker herself, who’s hard work had earned her an empire of debauchery. And she loved it that way. Her marketing has lots of Georgia-O'Keefe-style suggestive flowers, but in neon. Lady Sapphire’s Bloom was one multi-story building. Strip club on the ground floor and basement, the bar, club and discotheque above that, photoshoot and private rooms upstairs, and actual living quarters on the top floor. Bloom is a jack-of-all-trades: stripclub, porn studio, a tight-knit community for the women who work inside it. Everyone gets a vote and everyone decides on pay... but everyone knows Lady Sapphire is really the one in charge.
I worked there as a security guard, meaning I was always on the front line of wacky and weird. Out of everyone in the city, why did Bloom hire me as security? To quote Lady Sapphire: “One, you can take a punch. Two, you're not an asshole. Three... Indy thought you were cute."
I’d gotten the job when I’d gone to the Bloom with a friend after losing a bet. Supposedly it was a "consolation prize." Really, it was just an excuse for him to see some tits. One of the other patrons had gotten rough with one of the working girls, Indy. I didn't even have to think about it: I stood up to him, and when it escalated, I beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Lady Sapphire likes to say I "saved the guards some ammo" that day, and she wasn't kidding: when I had looked up, a guard already had a loaded shotgun in hand. Some of the girls patched me up and just like that, I was hired by Bloom as a bouncer...and more, if I was up for it.
The Metro ride is packed today: office drones in their starched collars and pants, studiously avoiding eye contact with anyone. Early birds in astonishingly spiky and skimpy party-wear.
The monorail rumbles four stories off the ground. A few tourists gawk at the windows, staring down at the huge, flashing billboards that run down East Avenue. It was intentional, Indy ahd explained one night, excitedly recounting a holovideo she watched on the city's urban planning. The rail lines got laid down first, so the corps could have stuck it right in the middle of the street if they wanted. But they wanted a monorail, just for people to gawk at the view. Increase the ad-value.
I stop at three or four different stations along the way. More partygoers. A homeless man with a long, empty face, trying to shush the yapping Chihuahua in his arms. One of the office drones thinks she's being real stealthy as she gives her coworker an over-the-pants handjob.
I reach my stop and exit into the Red Zone. Partygoers flood out onto the streets. Several of them stop to listen to a Mariachi band playing. The lead singer clearly has some kind of augmentation: he sounds like he's singing three or four notes at the same time, belting out a Spanish ballad.
Bloom is around the corner--four stories tall, plus a basement, with an animation of a huge neon flower opening and closing luxuriously. The smell of spices drifts to me from the kebab stand across the street. I’ve got two hours before peak time, when I’ll properly need to be on the clubfloor. Been working here two or three months, and I know the gig pretty well by now.
The monorail journey seemed to always be different, and yet always the same. Something was always going on, it was never the same faces, but it had become so routine that it all felt like an extension of the same ride. I rubbed my hands as I left the station, my hot breath fogging in the air. How the fuck did these people not freeze to death? Working in this district, I saw more tits, cocks and pussies in a half hour commute that any normal person would see in their life. But then, that’s the nature of the district that I found myself in. This was a place of pleasure; degeneracy, debauchery, and good old fashioned hedonism to its core.
I push past the queue of early birds, knocking at the door and getting greeted in by the previous shift, my thick, knee-length Black coat flowing behind me as I walked. I adjust my armour weave under my shirt, and check the handgun strapped to my thigh. If some fucker tried me, they’d better go for the head. It was warm inside, gentle synthy music drifting in the entrance hall, soft neon lights around. All flowers opening their petals in an almost far-too-obvious suggestive way. I catch a couple of the girls as I head to the lower security office to clock in. They smile flirtatiously, exactly as they always did. I couldn’t fault them or be mad. It WAS their job after all.
Inside the office was Garrett. The oldest, meanest, toughest son of a bitch the district had. You fucked around with Garrett, and you found the fuck out. Normally in an irreversible kind of way. I mean, MAYBE if you could afford cyberware, maybe it would fix it.
“Elias.” He grunts simply. I nod. “Garrett.” I swear the only time I heard this guy say more than one word was when he talked to Lady Sapphire. Then it would be like 5 words. At maximum. I clock in and turn to him. “Am I on cams, doors, or patrol tonight?” I ask. “Patrol.” He says again. I purse my lips. Happy fella, weren’t we?
“Alright. You probably know already but I think the vending machine guy is due tonight. And have you seen Indy? She had a surprise for me, she says.” He raised an eyebrow. “Nope.” He replied. I pat his shoulder and wink. “Helpful as always buddy. See you on the floor.” He slaps my hand away, and I chuckle as I walk out.
Patrol. Right. I start climbing to the second floor. I hear the screams of delight as the doors open downstairs and I roll my eyes. My voice is deep under my breath.
“Let the fun begin.”
Well, that might be the longest stream of semi-coherent consciousness I’ve managed to get into one post. If you’ve made it this far, well done for getting through it. Hopefully you’re the kind of person I’m looking for, and hopefully the type to get the vibes and themes for what I want to play. Those who get it, get it!
Theme-wise, this is my rendition of the now classic cyberpunk genre. Corporate and liberal wonderland, gritty, drugs, body mods, alcohol, and sex galore. Everything turned up to 11, and maybe some more after that.
As eluded to in the wall of text above (sorry, I get carried away sometimes), I’m playing Elias. Elias is a young-ish guy in his 20’s, hired on the spot by one of the establishments in the pleasure district after an “incident” while he was visiting. He caught the attention of the owner, Lady Sapphire, the guards, and Indy, the girl working there that he aided.
For appearance, he’s a big guy. Standing at 6’3 with a muscular and athletic body, he is definitely a presence in person. He has jet black hair and facial hair, both kept short. Blue eyes, a wonder to look into (or so he claims he’s told). Most often wearing a long black coat and matching trousers and boots, with armour-weave underneath. In short, he looks like a more handsome version of the typical futuristic security guard. He talks shit, takes shit, and gives shit.
And what about you? Well, I’m open to you playing just about anyone that you wish! Will you play as one of Bloom's patrons, a woman with cash to burn, neon hair, and a will to let yourself free? Are you a regular, or here for the first time and guided by reputation? Will you play one of the girl's working there, a woman under my protection? Are you new or established? Have we met, spoken, even hooked up already? Do you like me or not? You could be Indy, the girl I saved the day I was hired. How has our relationship changed? Do you feel like you owe me, or that I owe you? Are you even still working there? Or maybe you want to step into the shoes of Lady Sapphire, the gorgeous empress at the top of it all. Do you want to thank me for a job well done? Offer me promotion as a personal guard? Or do you just like to fuck staff members now and then? I will leave how you look and what your personality is open to interpretation, as I feel it will be best for you to really make the character your own!
Kink-wise, I am quite open. Anything not explicitly listed in my limits below should be able to be worked in, provided you ask me about it. That being said, here are some of my favourites: Domination, cheating, seduction/dirty talk, sexy outfits/lingerie, rough sex, risky sex, creampies, giving and receiving oral, being deepthroated, face fucking, face sitting, making out, spit, impact play, anal, light restraints, and threesomes (FFM).
My limits are as follows: underage, being pegged, anything bathroom related, beast, vore, gore, and lack of detail.
Now, down the more boring admin stuff. This post took quite a lot of effort to write, and so I would really appreciate a creative and detailed response from you, if you are interested. I'm not asking for you to write a novella for a response, or even to match me, but one paragraph just saying you like the idea or "I want to play" just won't cut it for me, I'm afraid. Don't rush a response to grab my attention, as long as this is up, I'm still looking for someone to play with. You're far more likely to catch my attention if you really show me that you're interested! I typically write between 2 and 5 paragraphs in normal messages, and at the very least aim to get at least one response out per day, but I am normally better than that. I am also located in GMT timezone, and while I am open to talking to people from any timezone, please understand that I may not always be around. I try to communicate when I won't be around for a little while. I adore creativity and detail, even if it's weird or out there. In other words, go for it and ask me!
I am looking to roleplay ONLY on REDDIT. Yes, this is a dealbreaker. PMs (Orange Envelopes) are preferred, but chat will work if it's detailed enough. If you've made it this far, 1.) you're VERY appreciated, and 2.) please include your favourite flower in the title of you message so I at least know you reached the bottom. I am really looking forward to writing something with you here!
All the best, and I hope to see you soon!
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2023.06.06 16:49 OkAdhesiveness4303 genshin impact hentai manga

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2023.06.06 16:43 24kkSniper GENSHIN OPTINIZER IS A LIFE SAVER

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2023.06.06 16:06 EmixInfinity Please help me find a game

Some time ago I saw a trailer for a game. I don't know where and when I saw the trailer. I know the game had similar graphics to Genshin Impact and had real-time action combat in the trailer there was a guy fighting boss monsters. every time between the fights was a cool move/transition. The character used a sword if I remember right and in the trailer, it didn't switch between different characters.
As a fellow gamer, I humbly request help with finding the game.
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2023.06.06 15:51 Antique-Coconut-8069 This is how ReddTv gets in the rankings. Recycling. No team

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2023.06.06 15:31 WinWolfz So...What's going on with Reddit June 12th?

Infographic About What's Going On
If you've been on Reddit, you may have seen several other subreddits talking about the blackout that will be occurring on June 12th - June 14th. But, what exactly is going on, and how will this affect you (and the gastroparesis subreddit?)
The History
Reddit is "killing" 3rd party apps and APIs July 1st. They're doing so by setting exorbitant fees that developers of these apps and tools are unable to afford (upwards of 20 million dollars). Many people rely on third party apps for a number of things, including browsing Reddit on their phones, using accessibility tools such as screen readers to help with vision impairment, writing bots to help reduce spam, etc.
Reddit also wants to manage and remove these apps' ability to access NSFW items. While this mostly means porn, it can also expand to anything labeled NSFW — including medical images such as feeding tubes, surgery pictures, etc that may be helpful to users in medical subreddits.
How Does This Affect Us at / Gastroparesis?
While the changes may not affect you directly, especially if you use the desktop new site or the official app, it CAN impact your fellow users. By removing third party apps and limiting the ability to access and moderate information, you may see an increase in spam, decrease in users, and have a harder time finding valuable information you need.
So, What Can I Do?
I am VERY hesitant to blackout /Gastroparesis unless there is unanimous consensus from the other mods, and general agreement among the community as this is a medical subreddit and I don't want to limit people's access to helpful tools, advice, and support when they are already struggling. But, Reddit's changes may ultimately affect these services regardless.
Even if we don't join the protest, there are things you can do to support the communities that are: Don't access Reddit (if possible) from June 12th to June 14th. Limit interactions with posts you see, don't submit new posts (as this brings clicks, views, and ad revenue to the company) and try to be supportive of your fellow users.
BUT I want to hear what YOU, a member of the community think about all of this. We're a relatively small group in the great cog of things that is Reddit, but your voice is still important. Do you agree with this? Should we join in? Is this absolute crap and we're all being idiots? Please feel free to share your opinions below.
And as always, thank you all for being a great community. Life is hard enough with our health issues and daily struggles, and this group helps touch many people who may otherwise be struggling alone. <3
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2023.06.06 15:21 Lysena0 Unexpected beetlejuice

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2023.06.06 15:19 Maleficent_Cut_5626 genshin porn

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2023.06.06 15:03 WirSindDaWoObenIst Was haltet ihr von diesem Skin? [Nahida / Genshin Impact]

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2023.06.06 14:51 lost_and_found_TA That feeling when your all body needs to cry but aren't doing it to not wake up the person lying next to you

I'm (30HLF) in a relationship with 29LLM for 7 years. In db for, I don't know, 5? Is it really a db if we have sex once in a few months? The longest break from sex was a year. Full year. I feel so, can't even describe it - ashamed?
Lack of sex has a strong impact on my mind's state, and that's pathetic. I even don't know why I'm writing all of this. Probably just to throw it out, cause this night I couldn't sleep, feeling bad about all of that. He proposed some massage before falling asleep (we both do it regularly), and I just refused, maybe hoping to hear the question "Why?" but he just turned around. I know he was thinking about that but didn't ask a question. I would just answer that "It just turns me on too much and I just can't sleep because of that" but, yeah, no conversation.
I know the advice you can give me - cheat, leave him, and talk to him. The first and second are out of the question. The last one - it's complicated. He avoids "serious conversations". It's luck that we don't have many problems in everyday life. After maybe two or three years of relationship we did have some serious thing going on (I don't even remember what it was about exactly). And what happened? During the talk, he said something like "I'm not good enough for you, we should break up". And we did, but the same night we were talking more and decided to work it out.
He literally preferred to break up than to talk about problems. I am afraid that nothing changed, even though I'm always trying to talk about things "delicately". Once I told him straight on about my libido and sexual needs, but he just eluded and nothing changed. We didn't talk about it more.
I tried to initiate a few times a long time ago and always was rejected, so I just stopped - the feeling of whining for intimacy was destroying me.
I was thinking many times about leaving him. There are moments when lack of sex is frustrating for me and it literally hurts me, especially when we're laying in bed, and he is giving me some massage or something, and suddenly turns around with a phone in front of his face. And I just lay there, numb, until the sun is pouring into the room. Every time I was distancing from him, I noticed little change in his behavior. He becomes, hmm... More affectionate? More caring? The person I want him to be every day. So there was a vicious circle: no sex for a long time -> my frustration and more distancing -> him becoming more caring and eventually, it lead to sex. I noticed this pattern and stopped the "distancing" part because, first - it made me feel like I'm manipulating him, and second - I got the impression he only wants sex when is afraid of me distancing from him. Yeah, I read about attachment styles and, I guess, we both don't have healthy ones.
I spend a long time thinking about possible reasons for our DB. Did I change physically? Not so much, I think (I changed my hairstyle from pixie short 7 years ago to really long, and now sth in the middle; I gained abt 5kg but now I feel better). The most change is my employment status - now I earn way less, but every day I'm doing some courses to find sth in another industry. He earns a lot and pays more for rent than me, but I do most of the chores. I'd say we spend little money for everyday needs and I don't expect him to pay for any of my "cravings". We both work remotely, so we sometimes spend almost 24h together but mostly in other rooms. For me it's not a problem - we're getting along well, and have much time for ourselves (for him, it's almost always sitting in front of the computer - gaming or scrolling mindlessly).
Our sex life was never exuberant. At the beginning of our relationship, we had sex maybe a few times a month. He was addicted to porn but said he stopped watching it, and then we had less and less sex. It coincided in time with me finding more pleasure in sex (I was really afraid and embarrassed at the beginning, cause of my previous experiences). At the time I could say I really like sex, the (almost?) dead bedroom problem started.
And now I'm torn apart. We're really good partners and I love him, even though sometimes I feel we're more of roommates than lovers. I feel the frustration in my body and am ashamed of it - it's just sex after all. We do have some sorts of intimacy - massages, fooling around, hugs sometimes even. I don't want to ruin the relationship because I just want to f**k.
I don't know what I want from this post. Maybe send me some hugs. But please, don't say I should leave him.
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2023.06.06 14:45 MediocreBlatherskite Post-trip report: 25L for 5 days: Family Reunion (rambly version)

bags: topo designs 25L and bellroy mini sling 4L
- thick white hoodie - thrifted, gave this away to my relative
- jean shorts - thrifted (lee)
- reversible linen shorts - candid clothing brand
- nike pros - overruns
- elephants pants for sleeping (i like to call these my 'gap year in southeast asia' pants) - borrowed mom - white shirt - overruns - 2 black crop tops - thrifted and gifted - 1 graphic design oversized shirts - gifted - 1 sleep shirt - event shirt - 1 sundress - borrowed from sister - bikini - thrifted (eighth mermaid) - nude sports bra - bench - nude bralette - h&m - underwear - i think i brought 9. a mix of thongs and seamless undies - 2 regular socks - hot topic - 1 above-ankle socks - daiso - 1 no-show socks - running store
- white crocs - platform vans (i need the height)
misc: - 3 ziplocks in case my parents or grandparents buy my food i gotta bring home and i repackaged some stuff into those bags and it saved me so much space. - toiletries - i decant my bigger toiletries into the small travel-sized ones i bought from hs or other containers. i haven't bought travel toiletries in years. - emotional support water flask. i have anxiety about getting dehydrated or having a heat stroke in the summer. airports also have expensive ass water bottles. - metal cutlery set. i bought this 5 years ago in university and they've always come in handy.
- extra tote
electronics: - extensions chord
- camera
- kindle
what i didn't need/use: - a bathing suit but would still bring it next time since i can use it as undies if i need to. wouldn't mind looking for more a comfortable pair of bathing suits that genuienly work well as undies or vice versa. - a fourth pair of socks and 3-4 undies. i get nervous to run out of intimates when i travel so i re-wear slightly worn socks and shirts. i can't skimp on underwear. i'm a juicy lady. i always do x amount of days x 2 +1 - yoga/beach/multipurpose towel. would still bring next time in case there are any last-minute beach plans, yoga classes, or if i had time to work out. it packs tiny so it barely takes any room. i like it way more than microfiber towels. im a bit of a germaphobe and get really quickly icked out of using the hotel towels. idk, maybe something to talk about in therapy. - sports bra. didn't workout, would still bring it again though. looking for a cute and comfy low-impact sports bra that i can use for as a bathing suit too. also, what is everyone's travel workouts? - second black crop top. would still bring again since it goes with everything and is super light fabric. since i was able to borrow a shirt from my cousin, that was my designated "breakfast shirt" - another pair of shorts. i haven't really found the unicorn pair of shorts for me. my jorts are versatile and i can fold the hem up for a more feminine outfit but they're less comfortable than my linen shorts. this is probably why i only wore them once the entire trip. but then my linen pair of shorts ride up because of my juicy thighs and the garter isn't tight enough so if i have a phone in my pocket, it sags on one side. i also have that problem with pants. please recommend some in the comments. - my nike pros. would always bring. i can use it for anti-chub rub, under dresses, sleep shorts, working out, etc. - just-in-case toiletries. i don't think i even touched half the stuff i brought. i was just trying out this new toiletry bag i saw in my mom's house. again, borrowed without permission. i realize i overpack in toiletries.
What I wish I brought: - a flowy pair of pants. this goes with my previous paragraph. i hate denim jeans but linen rides up. i ended up borrowing one from my sister. i haven't really found my unicorn pants, but the one i borrowed were pretty close. - a "breakfast shirt" that i can wear for breakfast without a bra on. i dont like wearing outside clothes to bed. sleep clothes stay on the bed and will never leave the hotel room for me. again, im a bit of a germaphobe. it also why i bring sleep pants and not shorts when i sleep somewhere new. - maybe a casual shaket but i didn't really need it for this length of a trip. borrowed my mom's at one point because the mall and parts of the airport were cold. i also borrowed a short sleeve button-up from my sister on the plane. top 5 items: - MVP: extension chord - my has 3 USB outlets and 3 prong versatile outlets. my entire family (5 of us in total) didn't have any charging problems. - i-went-on-a-gap-year sleep pants. wore them 3 nights, then wore them on the plane back. it kept me covered but i didn't overheat. had pockets!! - h&m bralette. kinda gave of that human-type of kind of stink after 4 days but it's so comfy all day. - kindle. visiting people, air travel, hotel recharging --there's a lot of waiting and it helped me stay off my phone. - my backpack! wonderful thing. my family was surprised at how much i was able to pack to make it 10kg on the way back. it still fit under the plane seat. thanks to this community for recommending it for short girls like me.
overall review & insights: - as usual i overpacked with undies and socks, no regrets at all. if i had a washing machine i can use my packing list for a whole week in southeast asia. i really like my regular wardrobe in general so i really didn't mind still lugging any of the items i didn't use. with a couple more pieces i can probably do a month with just my 25L backpack. around 90% of my closet is either thrifted or borrowed without consent from my older sister. 😇 so borrowing clothes with travel buddies is also an option when you eventually get a bit bored of your clothes. shorter trips are a good way to check up on a capsule wardrobe if you do use one. since my front lobe fully developed, i've become extremely discerning with all the new items and clothing i acquire. - since i was traveling with family, i actually ended up with a 10kg backpack and our family had to check a bag, despite being a carry-on only family. ah yes, gotta love gift-giving during family reunions.
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2023.06.06 14:42 Motor-Butterfly-7976 Price plss

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2023.06.06 14:34 Wee-Taku Genshin Impact cosplays I photographed during Fanime 2023 Part 6

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2023.06.06 14:27 OnePrior2021 genshin impact hentai manga

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2023.06.06 14:24 Lepanto73 Just had a literal nightmare about the Legio Infernalis

I'm recovering from COVID (fully vaccinated, so it could be a lot worse.) That being said, I have weird dreams when I try to sleep while sick, so...
I dreamt that the Legio had a MASSIVE presence in the galactic southeast. Their frontier was guarded by stations called 'Blood/Brain Barriers'(?), and they crippled your fleet with explosions/mines(?) if you tried to fly past.
Their capital was this HUGEMUNGOUS station with about 3400 DP, escorted by a few other defense stations which could somehow join the battle (which Dream!Me really thought was unfair). The station came into existence when a space whale swallowed an AI, which converted it into a station from the inside out (yay dream logic).
I engaged the station just to see what it'd be like, despite having like 2 ships after my Blood/Brain Barrier encounter (I recalled having a decent mid-tier fleet before then), planning to savescum when I inevitably got deleted. But I wussed out within a few seconds of starting the fight and ran away (the stations were shooting at me immediately even though I spawned at the bottom of the map).
I also spent about half the dream on a nearby Legio forest-planet colony, where Scaramouche from Genshin Impact was part of the Legio garrison and I suspected him of stealing my pillow (dream logic).
(BTW, I've never actually fought the Legio myself, though I play with Tahlan Shipworks; I guess my panicky dream brain just decided to be scared of them.)
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2023.06.06 14:05 ToothPuzzleheaded Join me for a Genshin Impact Drawing Livestream! Watch your favorite characters come to life!

During the live stream, I'll be sharing my drawing techniques and processes, answering questions, and most excitingly, bringing the characters to life right on my digital canvas. It'll be an interactive experience where you can enjoy art and chat with other Genshin Impact fans.
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2023.06.06 14:05 ToothPuzzleheaded Join me for a Genshin Impact Drawing Livestream! Watch your favorite characters come to life!

During the live stream, I'll be sharing my drawing techniques and processes, answering questions, and most excitingly, bringing the characters to life right on my digital canvas. It'll be an interactive experience where you can enjoy art and chat with other Genshin Impact fans.
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