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2012.05.09 04:18 arthurlockman 'MURICA! FUCK YEAH!

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The do-it-yourself, machine-free tattoo community dedicated to educating and participating in the art of stick’n’poke tattoos. They may not be good looking, but they are also not well done. And that’s fine.

2012.03.26 18:38 deanbmmv Ask Games

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2023.06.06 17:55 Yaboi_skinny_genital Duffle bag regs

I'm deploying soon and have a large UCP deployment bag as one of my duffels. I understand backpacks must be OCP or black but I've seen coyote, OCP, black, and the normal green duffel often. LT is saying UCP is most likely not allowed but I don't see that anywhere in regs. Any help?
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2023.06.06 17:55 baddieandsaddie Honest Answers

It seems like everybody hates Dr. Cameron, my question is WHY? She seems sympathetic, intelligent, and a little naive. She is a good doctor from what I have seen. I just started House MD a month ago and am almost finished with season 2 and I don’t hate Cameron yet. Let me know why so many dislike her or why she is the least favorite of the doctors!
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2023.06.06 17:54 Haunting-Bit-374 Looped audio works in Beepbox but not in Audacity?

Sorry for weird title, but my issue is when I create a song that loops, it sounds amazing in beepbox with zero pop or weird "off" sound. You know, when something loops perfectly and you can't hear the transition from end to start.
Well, when I put the audio in audacity to check the loop, I can definitely hear the transition and it doesn't sound good like it did in Beepbox.
Any advice or ideas as to why that is?
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2023.06.06 17:54 steinAEU First time touring Germany

Hey everyone. I'm currently having a 2 week vacation in germany. Currently in Frankfurt until Saturday then I go to oberstdorf. So far I'm 100% enjoying my stay. Love you guys can't wait to see more of Germany. This won't be my last visit.
Throughout the last few days I have been taking notes or a journal of my observations. Thought it might be interesting to share. ........... Stark contrast between the rail station and the city center. , plans for improvement?
Lots of dogs. No dog leashes?
Lots of bikes. Does it give people any anxiety? -Manners?
Opinions on graffiti.
No recycle in some parks?
How is Public transportation affordable?
Expected more birkenstock.
Really neat to see people relaxing and having a good time on the river park. Drinking beer too.
Something about drinking beer after a long walk is super refreshing.
Walked about 20-30 km per day.
I appreciate and want to thank all the vendors/clerks who tried to understand my broken kindergarten German.
Lots of construction.
Parks seem to need some maintenance?
Chives on food
Sauerkraut is wayyy better than in America
Starbucks still taste like crap
Beer is more crisp than the beer back home.
Why does it take longer for the alcohol to hit? Note my home city is higher in elevation
Museums are cool. Every one I been to had at least one school class. I wish American schools had more field trips instead of stripping away funding.
Mustard is better as well. Ketchup tastes the same
So much asparagus Tobacco pipes
Some doors are heavy Sparkling water is easier to drink
I took a turn at the drinking a "after work" beer at the river park. Note is this what freedom feels like?
Holy shit there's a lot of museums.
Aldi is way cooler here. No self check-out? Beer is way cheaper too. Why so many tiny spiders? Warm beer is not bad. Killed 4 crawling on me.
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2023.06.06 17:53 fhdjnjcj Question about 지 말다 form.

So I’m currently studying the 지 말다 form to give negative commands. And I came across these examples.
포기하지 마 = Don’t give up (Casual)
그건 먹지 마요 = Don’t eat that (informal)
My question is why is the 지 말다 form not the following in the above examples?
포기하지 말아 = Don’t give up (Casual)
그건 먹지 말아요 = Don’t eat that (informal)
So why is the form not 지 말아 for casual speech and 지 말아요 for informal speech and instead they are 지 마 and 지마요 for casual and informal speech?
Thank you for any help.
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2023.06.06 17:53 Efaith2070 Best place to live

After feeling bogged down with traffic and high prices of living. I decided to look online to let the internet tell me where the grass is greener. I was quite surprised to see Arlington mentioned 3x on this list. Looking for a bit of encouragement, please share why you choose to live here and continue to choose to live here.
Some context if you're interested: I've moved around quite a bit PA, SC, CO, AZ, and now VA and like it here besides my previously mentioned gripes. My husband and I recently got married and I'm excited for the future, and want to stay but are not totally convinced that this is where we want to place our roots.
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2023.06.06 17:53 Gadamar The best women singers (Gothic Metal and related subgenres)

To me, they are the best women singers, ever, of all times, and in the entire world.
My favourite women singers / voices / vocalists, in the world.
Not necessarily in any particular order, to me they are all AMAZING, in their own style, and Metal sub-genre, etc.

Also, underrated, I think.
To me, her voice and singing style is outstanding, is like one of those voices when you think "she can do whatever she wants / like with that voice". Impressive, awesome talent. Impressive, awesome band.

She have been impressing me from day one, in like year 2008 if I remember well, with the official video of "House of heroes".
Her movements, her strenght, etc., strong interpretation, however, at the same time so feminine, elegant, delicate, and beautiful.
Although we are physically very different, somehow I can feel related to her.
Her face expressions, etc., amazing.
She is like my role model for a Metal singer. Very inspiring, I admire her very much.

And my inspiration to me, to try to learn that style too.
I really would like to see her in a Gothic Metal band! (And / or in a Melodic Death Metal band).

Also, an inspiration singer!
I still have to know their lyrics content, however, from I 've heard, I think they are an amazing band.
If you know more bands like ELUSION, where the woman singer switch from harsh vocals to clean, etc. etc., in the same song, and musically like this band (or Gothic Doom, Power, Folk, Melodic Death), please let me know, I will appreciate it!

All of them are very talented. If I could, I would definetely make a video to show them to you here, and to the entire world!
However, since I can't, here it is the list only, of the best women singers in this world!
The ones I like and admire the most, and my main singing inspiration / influences.
I also like / admire more singers /voices, such as Liv Kristine, however, I think these are the main for me, so far.
(I don't really sing, I like it SO MUCH, however, it is only a 'hobby', I guess, I am just a fanatic of singing).
Thank you!
Best regards from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
What do you think? *_* Do you know some of them, maybe? And / or do you want to share something about the topic?
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2023.06.06 17:53 amnotfine Insecurities started and still not ended....

Actually it all started when I was 14 years old. I was doing good and all before that because I didn't realized about my insecurities and was happy till that age (wish I was the same). But anyway, it all started when all my friends whom I thought will be my forever friends ignored me and went away from me. The painful thing is, like we 4 members were friends and yeah the 3 of them are still friends. I distanced myself because of their avoidance. Till to this day I don't know why they talked to me and why they avoided me and all! And that's when it all started. Though I have 2 friends with whom I'm sharing everything and all (not from that 3 members ofc) l. First I ignored my insecurities and tried to be more confidence and yeah I was good till 15 but that's when it got all bad. Actually my insecurities are totally based on my physical appearance and only about that. I was way beyond afraid to face people and while talking with other people showing my face, I'll have the thoughts like "what will people think about my face?" "Will it be ugly when I talk?" "Will it be weird to see when I laugh showing my teeth?" "What if my voice sucks?" and everything! Literally like everything even how my eyebrows will look to them haha! And it all gotten to the even worst phase when I started comparing myself with other girls. "Woah she's pretty! I wish I was like her" "Her teeth are so in order and her laugh is beautiful! I wish I could laugh comfidently like that too"! Ik every people have their own insecurities but comparing myself with others is maybe one kind of a insecurity of mine. I have so many fault in my physical appearance that I could even write a book about them! And I never really said this to anyone but for the first time I want to share this to someone who doesn't know me. I want some comforting words to express my insecurities here so that atleast... Atleast a little burden which I stored in my heart for years may get less. I'll stop for now! But I will share everything to feel better! Thank you for reading this!
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2023.06.06 17:53 CUDAcores89 I moved here in August 2022 after graduating college and wow do I regret it. How can I make a couple of friends?

I'm from Michigan but attended SIU. I graduated from college with my Engineering degree back in May of 2022. Right after graduation, my parents kicked me out of the house. I sublet an apartment in Michigan for three months and got a call from the company I currently work at one week before my lease was due to end. I moved to Kokomo in August of 2022.

I've been living here for 9 months so far and I haven't made a single friend. Kokomo is not exactly a hopping place for 24yo single college graduates. If you have a young family or are very religious, you'll have no problems here (Kokomo has a ton of Churches). But if you're a young professional, this is not a great place to live. I drive out of state once a month to visit friends I have in Michigan and Illinois.

Now, many of my coworkers live in Northern Indianapolis and commute. why am I not doing the same? Because I'm saving for Graduate school. I've decided to work towards a masters degree in Computer science, so I'm taking some pre-requisite CS classes online at Ivy tech. The significantly lower cost of living compared to Indianapolis combined with the short commute is keeping me in Kokomo.

The only thing I've done here is sign up for the local Makerspace. I'm building my roommate an Electric bike, and they have the tools and the space required to make things. Other than that, I go home and study or watch TV in my apartment after work. I MAY be willing to try one of the many churches, but only if they have younger people and are okay with me being Athiest. If they're not, than I would prefer to simply not attend.

I have a plan to leave Kokomo by August-December of 2025. By this date, I will either be in grad school or have found a new job in Michigan, so maybe all of this doesn't matter. But I'm tired of coming home to an empty apartment and I just feel isolated. I don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.06 17:53 Disastrous-Status19 Being a SAHM = default parent

I’m just tired. I’m a FTM, I had my baby boy early at 35w+3d due to severe preeclampsia. He was born having respiratory issues and spent 26 days in the NICU. Since he was in the NICU, I was exclusively pumping and I still am. He seems to just prefer the bottle. He came home almost a month ago, which was so relieving. He’s now 7 weeks old (2 weeks old adjusted) I’m so happy he is home. But I’m so tired. My husband uses the “I have to work” excuse to not get up at night - ever. He has only helped with the night 2 times and that was on a weekend. He will wash pump parts and bottles when he gets home. He does some household chores, but feed the baby or get up at night? Nah. He’ll feed the baby if I make him. He’ll change his diaper but in comparison to how much I take care of the baby, he doesn’t do THAT much.
I wash pump parts and bottles too. And do the laundry. Throughout the whole day so him doing it once or twice when he gets home doesn’t feel like much help. Doing the dishes and household chores is easier and less stressful. Our baby boy isn’t colicky or anything. He just constantly wants to be on me and be held which gets exhausting.
I’m tired of exclusively pumping. I’m tired of being the only one who gets up at night. I’m tired - literally. I get 4 hrs or less of sleep it seems every night. Why? Oh because I get up for the baby then I also have to pump which makes the whole thing last 1-2 hrs before I’m back in bed. I have an oversupply and have to pump forever. I love my baby but I’m tired. I love my husband but I wish he’d help with the baby more.
My husband says “sleep when I get home” except half the time that doesn’t happen and the other half I don’t want to because when I do get a break, I just want to relax. I don’t want to sleep and then wake up and repeat it all over again. I want to eat because I barely eat throughout the day. I want to just sit on the couch and I want to spend time with my husband. But now I have to choose between that or taking a nap. Sigh.
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2023.06.06 17:53 ViProCon New WPN feature (questions)

HI all. I'm reading up on WPN because I might need to implement it into a new network. This is a student residence network with 16 suites, approx 3-4 people per suits, and as these are students they likely have 3-5 WiFi-enabled devices each.
My goal is to end up where I can micro-segment the network, but not in the old VLAN way. WPN appears to be perfect for this. But what I haven't seen a direct answer to yet is, will all traffic between each iPSK group be completed isolated from each other? The goal here is security. I'm not yet sure whether it's best to segment per user or per suite, because roommates sometimes want to send each other stuff by way of AirDrop and such, so I think I'd probably want to create walls around all devices associated to humans in each room and make all that one WPN instance. .
Anyone have experienced implementing WPN yet?

PS: I just read that this feature only functions on WPA2. What's up with that? WPA3 is the only standard that really should be used at all, so why can't WPN support that mewonders.
Article I'm reading:
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2023.06.06 17:53 Inuja What's wrong with her?! 😭

What's wrong with her?! 😭
My (very dark 😎) Green Jade is missing a leg, 2 of her legs are unusually pale und she has a weird whitish growth... She just had some babies. Maybe a failed molt?! Anyone know what's wrong? I've isolated her in the meantime...
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2023.06.06 17:52 m3tAda7a Firing range crashes all the time after season 17 update

So after i downloaded the apex season 17 update the firing range has been crashing constantly when i play it with a friend, sometimes it crashes 5 secs after i spawn, sometimes we get to play a little before it crashes, basically when it crashes my whole game freezes and it doesnt close or anything, it just freezes.
Im not sure why this is happening, my pc isnt insane but its good enough for this game.
Can someone help me out with this? I cant seem to find anything about this online.
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2023.06.06 17:52 alexandriamiks Found out my best friend planned a trip without me, feeling a little sad but probably overthinking it

I've had friend problems in the past, lost some very meaningful friendships that sometimes continue to hurt me until now. Because of this, I tend to overthink friendships. I also really value quality over quantity, so I only have a few close friends who I value. Because of this, I sometimes overthink to the point of stressing myself out over nothing.
I have a best friend who I tell everything to and I want to do everything with. She's a social butterfly and has a lot of best friends where as she is my best friend. I'm not sure if that makes sense but I am one of 4 people she considers her best friends, and she is who I consider my best friend.
She includes me in most of her plans but I recently found out that she planned a trip overseas without me. I don't know if she did it intentionally without me, but what hurt me is that she invited people on the trip who are also my friends. People who aren't as close to her as I am. I don't know why she did this really, she honestly could've just forgotten because she has a lot of friends. I know that I'm most likely overthinking this again but I'm really just hurt that she didn't tell me about the trip.
For more context, she moved overseas but planned this trip with people from our home country. So it's not like this trip is only with friends she made in her new country.
Anyways, I'm probably not going to talk to her about it. I found out because a friend told me she's going to be out of town that weekend. I asked her where she's going and she said "To (insert vacation destination)! Didn't (best friend) invite you?". So it definitely wasn't some devious plan to purposely exclude me from the trip.
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2023.06.06 17:52 ElChappie1 My colleague who is notorious for flying off the handle spoke really badly about a client while they were on the phone and I'm the one who got in trouble. How do I handle this?

My colleague who is notorious for having a short fuse had someone calling for her today which I picked up the call for. They said who they were after and I say to my colleague that it's so and so calling for you. The client is still on the phone. I must admit I didn't put them on hold like I normally would. My notoriously hot tempered colleague then proceeded to say the following: "oh this f****** b**** again!" then proceeds to ok the call to be put through.
I put the call through as normal and go back to what I was doing. My colleague gets off the phone and immediately yells "my name, the call wasn't on hold!". I put two and two together and realised the client must have heard what my colleague said. My higher up then grills me asking why I didn't put the client on hold and says that what I did was stupid.
Regardless that I neglected to put the client on hold, I find it outrageous that I was the one in the scope when it wasn't me who flew off then handle and acted unprofessionally.
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2023.06.06 17:52 legolas7722 Apple Wallet ID

Need advice:
Why wife and I got into an argument. I left my wallet at work , but my iPhone has my license and insurance in the wallet app. Is this acceptable forms of Identification if for some reason I get pulled over? My wife thinks no, but I think yes because during the process to get it requires contact with the DMV.
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2023.06.06 17:51 goofyahhusername2002 Are those warning signs?

I (20f) have noticed strange symptoms in my mom (42f) for a while, and I don't know if I should be worried. It could be her anxiety + adhd.
Here is what I noticed:
From how I see it, she seems extremely distracted, maybe stressed, and confused. Like I said, it could be anxiety + adhd. But I still worry if it might be something more. Her mom died of suicide when she was 2. I'm not sure why, I never pressed to ask about it. I think they chalked it up to bipolar or something. But my brain can't help but worry maybe my mom and grandma have some sort of dementia gene. And that maybe it will fall on me. We all have mental illnesses.
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2023.06.06 17:51 crazy8point5s Camsoda or Cams/Streamray - does anyone actually have any luck on these sites?

Hey gals - I'm trying to assess whether or not I should bother streaming on these two sites, I have had very minimal success with camsoda and I legit have not had one person come into my room on cams. To be fair I have only turned my stream on for cams a handful of times (mostly because they require your bitrate to be so low, and other sites that I cam on, like Chaturbate, require it to be higher, I wonder if this is because they know what the other site is requiring and are trying to discourage multi-streaming?) But Camsoda, I pretty much have turned on every night, and I haven't made $100 since I started camming there about 2 months ago. I typically have upwards of 100 lurkers/non-coin holding viewers, and will occasionally get a few stray coin carrying viewers come in, tip me a few coins, then leave. I've only gone private on there once, so from my experience, it's mostly just freeloaders. I've also picked up a few people who have been able to get my snap without paying for it (it isn't posted on any of my other socials, the only thing I can think of is that it's the same username as my cam handles, it really isn't that big of a deal because I don't even really use it outside of communicating with a few regulars to coordinate setting up times for vid calls) that spam my SC and then constantly come into my room and demand freebies. Point is, the only thing I've gained from that site is slightly annoying fruit flies that buzz around my room waiting for freebies or me to do a show and lurkers that say nothing.

For reference I am quite successful on Chaturbate, I average about $75/hour, and finally hopped on Streammate and made $60 in my first hour on there. Maybe I just don't fit the aesthetic for the site? I'm a tall, athletic MILF with magenta/purple hair and a somewhat gothic/alternative look to me (very subdued, I don't consider myself goth but I wear a lot of black because it goes really well with my complexion). Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong? That is my guess for cams, I don't fully understand how the room structures work (like what actually is the nude room? Do I have to sit there naked or do I get naked once someone comes in? The explanation on the site is very vague). I would like to give cams more of a shot, especially since I cam late at night and they offer the "happy hour" between 3-6 am, but at this point I would rather use my bandwidth to just stream somewhere I'm actually going to make money. I've been trying out LiveJasmin as well, and I'll be honest I am not a fan of the site. I can't figure out how to set up my Lovense using OBS/the browser chat (as far as I can tell you can't do this? Please correct me if I'm wrong) and that's another question I have regarding their room structure - is my camera not visible in the member chat? I had a few viewers tell me that they could not see my cam or hear me in the member chat and that it was only visible in the free chat, but one of them seemed to hear me ask the question if he could see me, so I am suspicious of that statement, lol. It doesn't really make sense why I wouldn't be visible, it seems like they just wanted me to go to free chat, but if they are able to go into the member chat, what's the motivation there? The site is also SUUUPER strict, my account is currently suspended because the last night I cammed there I accidentally forgot to turn off one of my cameras when I switched over to my "dance cam", which was more of just annoyance than anything, but my non-explicit pic has been accepted and then rejected a few days later like 4-5 times without much explanation as to why. That site seems more hassle than it's worth. So far I like the traffic and clientele on Streammate, but I don't like that I can only stream there because they discourage the use of OBS. Which honestly isn't the end of the world either, if I'm going private it's not like I'd be streaming on other sites anyway.

So I guess my bigger questions are, do a lot of people see the same problems with Camsoda & Cams, and if not, could I be missing something? And other girls who have seen success on Chaturbate & SM, are there other sites that you also do well on? I still haven't decided if I'm going to continue camming on LJ, if anyone has success stories with that site, I would love to hear your feedback. In my experience guys will take me private for a few seconds and then end it, it's very frustrating because I will end my stream on other sites and then they end the private, so I make like 50 cents. That site also seems overly involved, I'm on SextPanther, Mvids & OnlyFans, I really don't have a ton of extra time going through all their prompts & their video/photo uploader is not the best. Sorry if I seem like I'm just complaining, I am really just trying to paint a full picture of my experience so I can (hopefully) get the best feedback. As always you guys are awesome, thanks in advance! 💋
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2023.06.06 17:51 urbanhag Why should I give a rat's ass about the 3rd party app/API situation on reddit?

The only compelling argument is that blind people may have issues with accessing reddit, but my understanding is that there are a bunch of programs people can use to either magnify or use a text-to-speech function that reads the text to you, and that those would still be able to be used to access the content of the site.
Why should any of us care about the profits of third party apps, especially ones we have never even used? Shit, why should I care about Reddit's profits for that matter?
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2023.06.06 17:51 Boots402 Why does my Ear Pro sound more comfortable than a Suppressor?

A few days ago I got to try out a buddies Surefire Mini 2. The suppressor is supposed to reduce the report of the rifle by 30 Db while my Ear Pro has a rating of 23 Db. Yet when I shot suppressed WITHOUT my ear pro, the shot was far more uncomfortable than when I shot unsuppressed WITH ear pro. Does anyone know why?
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2023.06.06 17:51 NirvanaFan2014 Day Of Fate and what this song has done to me (there’s a lot of waffling)

So I never thought that much of Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 Transformation and always thought it was overrated. “Oh Android 16 talked to him, a guy he’s never met, big whoop.” But it wasn’t until I saw the Abridged version with Day of Fate that i started thinking differently.
I watched the original Japanese version and I got it. I understood why so many people say it’s their favourite moment. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to justify saying Goku’s Super Saiyan Transformation is my favourite moment in the series now because of TFS and their cover of Unmei no hi.
The song is incredible and makes me tear up or flat out cry almost every time I tear it. The song, the great voice of Hironobu Kageyama, Masako Nozawa’s scream, the Oozaru roar, the dead silence before the transformation, it’s all perfect. The original English dub was also pretty good except the inner monologue from Gohan.
Although I do really like the line “And I won’t watch this any more!” Right before Gohan transforms. It just doesn’t fit without the rest of the monologue because it doesn’t make sense. Cell’s line in the original dub is also the best. “Another fighter, you could have saved.” It’s so arrogant and smug and is a lot better then every other versions generic defect line.
It’s a shame it took a fan parody for an English version of the transformation to have Unmei no hi in it, but I’m so damn glad TFS did it. I don’t like KaiserNeko for a lot of reasons, but I’m sure he was one of the driving forces behind using a cover of Unmei no Hi, which in itself is also fantastic so I appreciate the “elitist” fan that he seems to be. The line “I wont surrender at the turning point of destiny” is normally where I crack. If you read all this, thanks, and let’s hear what you thought of the TFS version of Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 Transformation.
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2023.06.06 17:51 fuzzylynx I think that Ted - despite his warmness, kindness, and gentleness - is a fundamentally broken (but still positive) man. His purpose is to help others, but he cannot (and perhaps will not) help himself.

This might be a bit lengthy, so I'll throw a TL;DR up at the top. Also, spoilers abounds. Lastly, this is a bit stream-of-consciousness and I kind of needed a place to dump it.
TL;DR - Ted doesn't practice what he preaches, and doesn't really know how to be close with people. Who he is at the end of the series is basically who he was in the beginning.
So, first scenes/episode of the show ... we see Ted traveling to England to be a football coach. He's leaving his wife (soon to be ex-wife), his son, his family, his friends, his would-be support network (more on that later) ... he's left everything he knows, to become the head coach of a team he's never heard of, in a country he's never been to, for a sport he doesn't understand. His only companion on this journey is Beard.
While in England, he joins a community and fosters positivity wherever he goes. His success with the team revitalizes his newfound community. He seeks mental health support when he starts having panic attacks - and in doing so, Dr. Fieldstone softens as well, becoming a fan of AFC Richmond. There's all of the character development for all of the other characters (Jamie, Roy, Keeley, etc) so I won't get into that in as much detail, but suffice it to say they are all, mostly, changed for the better - and helped to get through some emotional blocks they have. Throughout the show, we see Ted helping others, be it on purpose or by his presence and attitude and the sort of "world" that springs up around him. He has a profound effect on those around him.
Last scenes of the show, we see Ted traveling back to the United States to be with his son. Beard has stayed behind in England. Ted's now-ex-wife is still in his life, but no longer as his partner. His former marriage counselor is now potentially a continuing part of his life, but not professionally. He's coaching his son's soccer team, and he should be happy. And yet, he looks like this:
That is not the face of a happy man, nor of a man that is at peace. It reminds me of the last scene in The Graduate, where (spoilers for a 56-year-old movie) the central characters escape together - one from a marriage she doesn't want, and one from a life he doesn't want. They escape together, run onto a bus laughing and cheering ... and when the moment has passed, they look depressed. They look confused and uncertain. They got what they wanted, right? So why aren't they happy?
As I watched the series, I like many others saw Ted as this irrepressibly happy and positive force. And I think that's what he wants everyone to think, too - that he is happy, that he is optimistic, that he practices what he preaches. I think that Ted, too, thinks that if he keeps up that image that some day it'll be true. But it's not. He's got walls up all around him, and he doesn't let anyone in - not really. People reach out to help him, and he deflects - even after all of the counseling and help he's gotten, he continues to deflect help and minimize his pain. We can't expect immediate change in a person, nor can we expect change over a few years - but at the end of the series, he's still, in my opinion, mostly the same person he was in the beginning.
Hell, Ted doesn't even really make many decisions of his own. Michelle tells him they need separation, to be apart for a while. Rebecca offers him a job (one which she intends to have him fail) in a foreign country. Ted doesn't seek out the separation himself, nor does he seek out the job; he's offered these circumstances, and he goes with it. He's seemingly happy coaching at AFC Richmond, but when his mother comes to visit and tells him "your son misses you", he decides then - not before - that he needs to return home to be with his son. When Beard tells Ted that he's going to stay in England, Ted rolls with that too.
In the end, with Ted I think we see someone with severe abandonment issues (shocking, I know), who as a result of that doesn't let anyone really get close to him. Those who were (Michelle) or are (Beard) close to him, he doesn't let in any further. And in the end, he ends up leaving the team he built up from the bottom.
That final scene, with Ted watching the soccer game ... he's not happy, because he hasn't been happy for a very long time. He hasn't taken control of his life and his circumstances, and he's doing the best he can to do what he thinks is best - to do what he wishes someone had done for him when he was young. Heck, one could argue that Ted, as a character, exists solely to move other characters along their journeys - a catalyst for change, while remaining unchanging.
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