Home depot vacuum hose

Home Depot rented me two faulty chainsaws. They gave me 20% off the price, but not a refund. Is there anything more I can do at this point?

2023.06.06 17:15 spaghetticourier Home Depot rented me two faulty chainsaws. They gave me 20% off the price, but not a refund. Is there anything more I can do at this point?

Important details:
*the safety equipment they gave me was broken, it was only that one of the ear muffs was detached but still broken. The saw gas cap was so dirty with old gas I had to use pliers to open it.
*The first chainsaw they gave me didn't function at all. It simply wouldn't turn on. This was confirmed by the renter employee when I brought it back. They gave me a second one which he started in store to confirm it worked.
*the second one turned on and was functional for about 20 minutes, then stopped working entirely. Would not turn back on, at this point it was 730pm and I couldnt saw anymore anyway.
*I return the next day, the first guy can't start the saw at all. A second guy comes and gets it started. This is great except I needed it the day before. They refuse a refund because it worked then and there, but I only had it for one day and needed it to work the day before.
The employee dropped 20% from the price, but I still feel like they took my money and I received nothing in return.
Any suggestions on how I could get my money back? Or anything else I should do?
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2023.06.06 17:12 PaleOverlord Trying to Rollover from Home Depot FutureBuilder plan into Amazon Fidelity plan, need help!

I hope this is a good place to post this.
I was employed at Home Depot (HD) and invested a measly $23 into their FutureBuilder plan (FB). I didn't last long there. In May, I started working at an Amazon warehouse and elected to contribute 4% of my paycheck into their 401k plan at Fidelity. I went back onto the HD FB site and added the Fidelity account under their institutions lists on my account page because they require it to be there for 14 days before I can rollover to the new institution.
I was just on the HD FB site and tried to initiate a rollover since it's been over 14 days but it tells me I do not have an account to rollover to. If I withdraw, there's a fine print that says it will deduct a $25 fee.
I went to the Amazon Fidelity site to try from their end but it says the plan doesn't allow online rollovers. It gives a link for "rolling over from another employer plan" that wants me to create a new account.
Should I create a new account and rollover the HD FB money into it? If I do create a new account with Fidelity, will it override the Amazon plan or will I now just have two fidelity accounts?
If you can't tell, I'm completely oblivious to investing/retirement saving.
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2023.06.06 17:05 Capable_Hedgehog969 Fleas?! Help

Is it possible to get rid of fleas in a home (once animals are vet treated) and with all wood floor without having to call in pest control to spray chemicals? Anyone experience this and remember how long it took?
Vacuuming 2x daily. Cleaning everything. Decluttering. Pets are on prescription meds now. Our yard has been treated twice and about to be a third time but we’re trying hard to avoid any chemical sprays in the home. Any insight appreciated
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2023.06.06 17:00 ellwearsprada A week out from heading out, time to get caught up on chores homies.

I clean for a living.
Go ahead and get caught up on your laundry and dishes.
Vacuum and tidy up the rooms you don’t normally use.
Get ya yard mowed.
Make sure you don’t have any wet clothes in the wash when you leave for Roo.
Get your last minute supplies.
Find a pet sitter.
When it’s time to really leave on Monday and Tuesday you’ll have everything caught up/done and it’ll just be a matter of doing a load of dishes, taking out your trash, and throwing wet clothes in the dryer, and you’ll come home to a clean and tidy house! Happy Roo!!!
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2023.06.06 17:00 ventvisionusa Keep Your Home Clean and Safe with HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

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2023.06.06 16:54 Shoddy_Dragonfruit38 I (F19) don't know what to do about my relationship with my dad (M53)

I recently moved out from my family home because I could no longer take living with my stepmom. I constantly felt as if I was walking on egg shells and filled with anxiety about what she might say or do next. She was never physically abusive but she had her moments where she left me traumatized and constantly made me feel belittled and less. I tried to explain this to my dad and he did not care, so I moved out.
Yesterday, it was my brother's birthday and my dad dedicated a post to him on Facebook. We are 3 years apart. This is all fine but then I realized he's never actually said happy birthday to me on Facebook. I go through his profile and my brother has birthday posts all the way back to 14 years old. My family is also going out to dinner for his birthday as well, something they haven't done or offered to do for me in YEARS. Additionally, his Facebook is all about my brother. The profile picture and his sports. When I graduated highschool it was a simple congratulations can't wait to see what you do in the future. My prom picture was a simple repost of my boyfriend's mom's post. We had been together for about 3 years at that point and all he could say was "my daughter and her boyfriend going to prom...". And when I moved out he was angry with me for not trying to have a relationship with him, but he was the one who stopped trying and caring. He asked why I never brought my boyfriend over and I said why would I when I don't even feel comfortable enough to live in this home. He can spend thousands of dollars on my brother in a month for hockey, but when I get scholarships and go to community college to get my payment down to $600 a semester he's the one complaining about paying despite having a college savings he's in control of. My step mom wouldn't let me vacuum my car on the side that was next to her car in the garage in the winter because she was scared I'd scratch her car despite me vacuuming my car there before with no issues. But now she offers my brother to drive her car while she's gone. He got his license less then a month ago, of which my dad posted every step of the way. But only posted when I got in a car accident.
He once was a great dad and I cry over missing the man he used to me. The dad who would help me get my tights on at 5 years old because I couldn't understand the nylon. The dad who packed my favorite sandwich for dance class. The man who actually brought me flowers for the smallest thing. The man who actually cared about who I was even if it wasn't what he expected of me.
This is kind of a rant I just need to get off my chest but at the same time I don't know what to do. I'm so angry and kind of just want to let him no I'm not interested in a relationship with him as of right now. I mean when I told him I would not see him if my stepmom was there he said okay, but he doesn't care. Because when I asked if I could ride their new boat with just him he said, if I go, she goes. He was also the man who let his wife scream at me for missing a spot on the floor that could only be seen in the light. He was also the one who let his wife punish me cruely and belittle every thing I do. Never letting me feel like I would ever be good enough in their, specifically her, eyes.
TLDR: I don't know what to do about my relationship with my dad. I'm not sure if I could write him a letter and cut him off, but it almost seems he's already done that. I'm just so angry and filled with rage.
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2023.06.06 16:52 monsieurvampy Monday night was my first CPAP experience.

Morning all,
This is another first-night experience. I've been suffering from fatigue and brain fog, which based on my neuropsych testing can be based in either Long Covid, Sleep Apnea, both, or another factor. I did an at-home sleep study and have an AHI of 27.3 with a supine AHI of 82.5.
I received an Air Sense 10 (had to add an SD card to it) and a Philips DreamWear Full face Mask. I'm trying to figure out a few solutions to a few issues I had last night and your input would be appreciated.
Images: https://imgur.com/a/xZKDXDo
  1. The Tubing Quick Release and the Hose are not flush. I've checked multiple times, its in all the way. This is a source of an air leak. How have people resolved this? I don't remember feeling the air leak at the doctor's office. is this normal?
  2. Nose breathing. I noticed at times it was easier to breathe through my mouth than my nose. Sometimes readjusting the placement of the mask cushion helped. I am a combination breather. Typing this up now, it may be sinus related. I have the Humidity and Hose Temp set to Auto. Is this where it helps to adjust slowly?
  3. I usually get up twice a night, sometimes more. Is the mask on/off recording that even though I hit the Start/Stop button first?
  4. I actively sleep, at least sometimes in the beginning on my side/stomach with my arm stretched out and under my head on the pillow. Does anyone else sleep like this and what has worked for you?
  5. I actively sleep on my sides and when I am resting my head on the pillow, its actually resting on my hand (left hand for left side, right hand for right side). I didn't do this last night but I can't think of a situation where the mask won't be in the way. Unlike the above sleeping position, the front vents wouldn't be an issue.
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2023.06.06 16:46 throwthegodaway Had a nightmare about being harassed on the street

I can't talk about this to really anyone else because most of my friends have some kind of Harassment/SA trauma but it was really. Really unnerving and I need to get this out of my head.
So in this dream I was walking home late at night, maybe 2-3am, I don't even remember why? But I had my backpack on, my usual outfit of cargo pants/tank top, and my switchblade hooked on my pocket. I didn't have my phone, dunno why. I was in a strange city, somewhere downtown where it was dark, not many lights, not many apartment buildings either, mostly businesses. I remmeber this part because I knew screaming for help would have been useless.
There were two garbage collector men, and one of them was an older guy with long gray hair a beard, deep voice, wearing a camo ball cap. The other guy looked to be younger, like mid 20s even, had short black hair and generally looked nicer? I don't know how to put it.
But I walked past them, then they both started following me. The older man started talking to me, and I refused to talk back to him. He said things along the lines of "You're out late at night, where you going?" Then "You look nice. It's a nice night." Then finally "You're alone, yeah? We were going to head to home depot, you should come along with us." And I started walking faster. I picked up the pace, stood taller, put my hands by my sides.
He grabbed my hair, which was longer in this dream for some reason, because I always keep it short? I quickly said "Don't touch me." And he grabbed my shoulder and said "It's not nice to ignore someone. You shouldn't have done that to me."
I could feel my heart beat in my throat, the rough pull on my hair, the footsteps of the other guy walking up beside me. I reached for my switchblade, but all my mind could scream was 'He's going to rip it out of your hands. You're going to die.' And 'Can you even stab him in the right place? Will he back off?' And I just.. hesitated as he grabbed me again,
Then I woke up.
I'm so severely mad at myself for hesitating, that was a dream, what would I have done if that was real life? I took self defense classes, I was taught how to use knives, and yet I still couldn't do it! And the other guy, who I thought would help me, also was just.. going to further it along, it felt sickening. I don't know why I would have a nightmare like this, if it was some kind of wake up call, or some sick joke my brain wanted to do to remind me of past trauma. And that stuff of "your dreams predict your future" stuff is terrifying to hear right now :,,)
Just good god. Screw that. Felt like my heart beat was going to burst out of my throat, and left me feeling gross and anxious when I woke up. I'm going to see about self defense classes again.
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2023.06.06 16:41 sandiego256 Has anyone hired the parking lot guys from the Home Depot for household labor?

Interested to hear how that went.
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2023.06.06 16:38 boeing545 The Home Depot Coupon Code & Discounts - 10% Off

Here is the The Home Depot Coupon Code & Discounts - 10% Off
Hurry up so you dont miss the latest discounts and coupons.
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2023.06.06 16:37 Gloomy-Tangerine-560 Home Depot vs Home Depot Canada

As a frequent lurker of this subreddit and a service desk employee, it surprises me how similar yet different the company is across the border. For example, I did not have to do a drug test when I got hired. We have different policies on benefits and tuition reimbursement. And I think our OF systems are completely different too. One thing is for sure though, and that is the customers are the same (and not in a good way)!!
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2023.06.06 16:37 boeing545 The Home Depot Promo Code - 20% Off

Here is the The Home Depot Promo Code - 20% Off
We find and share these amazing discounts for you.
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2023.06.06 16:31 royalgrey I quit and here is my opinion on “is lowe's a good place to work?”

Lowe’s is a good place to work for only if you’re SO desperate for a job. Obviously it depends on the location, position and the people it varies, but usually pay is okay and people can get a job fairly quickly.
Here are a few reasons why you should stay away from Lowe’s.
1-) Zero transparency. You’ll never hear a manager letting you know what mistakes you have done. Instead, you will be punished for it without even knowing what you did wrong.
2-) Punishing an employee style is unfair. They will closely monitor you by managers and/or supervisors. Managers won’t talk to you and they'll make you feel ignored and isolated. The only way to move on is to continue doing your job
3-) Always understaffed and workload is a lot. They will assign you by using tech devices such as Zebra. So, they won’t forget you assigning works. They will notice if you are late for completing them. Meanwhile, if you are not completing anything on time while helping customers simultaneously, they will get you in trouble w/ a heartbeat!
4-) No recognition for hard work. Doesn’t matter how big of a accomplishment you achieved neither in private nor in public, they will not truly appreciate or show you their gratitudes. You can’t blame them because your managers also go through the same sh*t. After a while you will get used to it and not even notice anymore.
5-) Toxic work environment. There is no one you can trust which is why you have to email even the slightest things. Their managers monitor emails, so usually you will get a positive outcome. Managers will complain about you sometimes by lying. Simply because they don’t like you.
6-) Customer profile sucks. The type of customers that shop from Lowe’s is very similar to Home Depot. They are not polite people. Customers will make you feel that you worth nothing. If you don’t do something they want, they will go straight to the manager and believe that managers will screw you. (And they will)
7-) No one got your back. You work for a company and know the right things to do but if something goes sideways, you are on your own buddy. Even if you did the right thing, everybody will try to save their butts. No one will be on your side. Sometimes they will say that they got you but you will find out that is not the case.
8-) There will be a constant fear of losing your job but in reality they will never fire you. It won’t matter much if you are a hard worker or lazy worker, as long as you come to work on time, don’t steal, and try your best no one will fire you. But due to a constant blaming and punishing, you will feel like okay this time I’m done. You are okay dude. Trust me. An exception: Working too many years for Lowe’s.
9-) Look at your red color vest. It will say “Customer Service.” At Lowe’s, customer is everything. If they complain anything will stop. They are genuinely valued and employees are a garbage on the street. That’s why customers will get dummy employees. Not because staff is dummy, they are not well taken care of.
10-) Mental Health. You will truly have mental health issues man. Going through everything mentioned above is not easy. I already have seen a mental therapist for 6 sessions which costed me $225 for an hour. I’m not a crazy person but they will make you spend for professional assistance. Not worth it!
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2023.06.06 16:30 Scary_Forever_6448 Bill to Stop Employees Confronting Shoplifters Passed by California Senate

Bill to Stop Employees Confronting Shoplifters Passed by California Senate

Lawmakers in California are hoping to push through controversial legislation that would ban retail staff from stopping thieves stealing from their stores.
Senate Bill 553, which was submitted by State Senator Dave Cortese, has been passed by the State Senate and will now progress to policy committees in the State Assembly. Cortese hopes the proposed law will prevent workplace violence and protect staff from being forced by their employers to step-in during robberies. But some store bosses are furious about the plans, with the California Retailers Association mocking the move as an open invitation for thieves "to come in and steal."
The political wrangling in California comes just weeks after Home Depot security guard Blake Mohs, 26, was shot to death during an attempted robbery in Pleasanton, California. Other cities in the state are also facing their own problems as they attempt to deal with lawlessness.
San Francisco has been gripped by a crimewave that has seen Whole Foods close its downtown location after just a year of business, with bosses saying they were unable to "ensure the safety" of their staff in the city. Nordstrom followed suit by leaving the city this month, but many smaller businesses have had no choice but to remain, despite attacks on their premises.
The proposed new laws come as stores have blamed shoplifting for hitting their businesses, with Target issuing a statement in November blaming "organized retail crime" for an eye-watering $400 million loss in its profits in 2022.
Cortese, a Democrat representing much of Santa Clara County in the heart of Silicon Valley, told Newsweek: "SB 553 is focused on protecting employees. The bill does not prohibit employees from stopping theft. It does prevent employers from asking non-security personnel to confront a person involved in criminal activity. We don't want rank and file employees to be forced to place themselves in harm's way."
During an interview with Fox 2/KTVU, he said: "More recently, we've seen another spike in retail violence; [At] Safeways, Home Depots, it just seems to be happening every other day... What we're saying in the bill is it's not ok for employers to take a rank-and-file worker, somebody whose job is really something else... and say, 'Hey, you know, if there's an intruder we're going to deputize you to intervene.' People get hurt and often killed that way."
A statement issued by Cortese's office noted that assaults in stores rose during the pandemic, citing 2022 analysis by the New York Times, which found that assaults in grocery stores increased by 63 percent from 2018 to 2020, and assaults in convenience stores grew by 75 percent. The statement added that workplace violence is the second leading cause of fatal occupational injury.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that workplace violence affects nearly 2 million workers each year, with female staff suffering from higher rates of nonfatal injuries than their male counterparts.
A retail security survey published in 2022 by the National Retail Federal (NRF) also suggested the issue may be getting worse. The annual survey of the retail industry's loss prevention professionals found that "retail shrink is an almost $100 billion problem."
According to the survey, retailers blamed "external theft" for the greatest portion of "shrink" at 37 percent, while 28.5 percent was deemed to be the result of "employee/internal theft." The difference was made up by various factors, including processing and control failures. The survey found that 37.9 percent of respondents replied that no associates were allowed to apprehend shoplifters in their organizations.
The California bill, if enacted in law, would require employers to provide active-shooter training to workers, keep a log of any violent incidents, and allow companies to apply for workplace violence restraining orders.
SB 553 is not targeted at—and does not affect—trained security guards. In fact, the bill highlights the need for dedicated safety personnel.
But Rachel Michelin, president of the California Retailers Association, told Fox 2/KTVU: "This bill goes way too far, number one, where I think it will open the doors even wider for people to come in and steal from our stores."
And she added that most stores already prevent ordinary workers from confronting shoplifters, saying that most hire employees specifically trained in theft prevention for that purpose. "It [the bill] says no employee can approach someone who's shoplifting, so even if someone is trained on how to deter someone from doing that, now they're not allowed to approach someone. So what does that mean? We are opening up the doors to allow people to just walk into stores, steal, and walk out."
Newsweek has reached out to the California Retailers Association for further information and comment. Several large retailers, including Target and Walmart, have also been approached for comment about the proposed law.
The bill is currently subject to adjustments as it progresses through the State Assembly's policy committees.
Update 6/6/23, 6:04 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include additional comments by State Senator Dave Cortese.
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2023.06.06 16:26 bowedsiding95 Home Depot is selling a $4,500 'boathouse' tiny home - it's pre-built and can be delivered in two weeks

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2023.06.06 16:22 DealsCanada ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box 6 ft. x 12 ft. x 8 ft. Peak Style Storage Shed in Grey $134 (reg. $436)

Link: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/shelte … 1000781026 Price: $134.00 Discount: 70% Retailer: Home Depot
Spotted this on stocktracker and it’s probably a price error so I would move fast if interested. Could also try and price match at Lowe’s. https://www.lowes.ca/product/canopy-sto … -330737122
Link: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/shelte … 1000781026
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2023.06.06 16:21 Silent-Advisor-5850 Home Depot in Newark Ohio

Does anyone actually work in this store or do they just sit there and complain 👀🤔
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2023.06.06 16:21 magenta_placenta Homesepot $44K pre-fab house, 540 sq. ft. 1 Bed and Roof Deck - have these Home Depot kits been talked about here?

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2023.06.06 16:18 BroMandi [Home Depot] (2-Pack) RYOBI USB Lithium 2.0 Ah Rechargeable Batteries, $24.97 [Deal: $24.97, Actual: $39.94]

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2023.06.06 15:54 dataentrytard WIN a $50 Home Depot Gift Card (06/12/2023) {US}

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2023.06.06 15:54 dataentrytard WIN a $50 Home Depot Gift Card (06/12/2023) {US}

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2023.06.06 15:50 BroMandi [Home Depot] Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion High Output 6.0Ah Battery Pack (6-Pack) 48-11-1862-48-11-1862 - The Home Depot $529 [Deal: $529.00, Actual: $897.00]

[Home Depot] Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion High Output 6.0Ah Battery Pack (6-Pack) 48-11-1862-48-11-1862 - The Home Depot $529 [Deal: $529.00, Actual: $897.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]