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2023.06.07 17:05 30MPC-Armand Paying a few hundred bucks a video for a high quality Youtube editor

Hey folks -- we run a sales podcast and launching our Youtube channel next month.
We're looking for someone to help us edit 2-3 videos per week and handle *everything* related to the editing process:
We've got basic brand guides, fonts, color palettes, etc. so you won't be starting from scratch.
We're looking for someone who can get our fast content pacing (we're two dudes who run an upbeat sales podcast).
Two examples of folks who have the right look & feel are:
If you can take this on, please DM me with...
  1. A link to your portfolio and the SPECIFIC VIDEO that best represents the above (or anything that most closely represents what we're going for.
  2. A *rough* sense of cost per video if each vid is 5-10 minutes (promise I won't hold you to this, just want to make sure we're in the realm of our budget)
Note that we're really looking for someone who has experience doing all of the above while using overlays, pop-ups, and transitions while the speakers remains on camera (not like twitch / gaming content where you never see the person).
We'll pick a few of the submissions to kickoff a test project if there's a fit!
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2023.06.07 17:05 whogivesafart All breast milk for 3-4mo or partial breast milk for 6-9mo

Long story short, I’m now 5wpp and making just enough for LO. I know that her appetite is going to increase and due to work factors I don’t think I can pump often enough to get any more than I have now (it will probably start to decrease).
We switch between boob/bottle during days (I work long days but only 3 days per week) but bottle feed every night. So far she’s 100% breast milk but I’m thinking about supplementing with formula at night to freeze some breastmilk and extend the length of time she can go with some amount breastmilk once my supply dips. Does that make sense?
If you had to choose between using the breastmilk asap and going to full formula sooner or extending the breastmilk with partial formula now, what would you pick? Has anyone made this type of decision and what were your reasons? 🙏🏼 thank you for the advice!
Edit: we’ve given her formula intermittently without issues so her accepting formula won’t be a concern luckily!
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2023.06.07 17:04 pickles911 Help with 2013 F150 ACM intermittently not loading

Help with 2013 F150 ACM intermittently not loading
Hey there!
First post to this sub but long time reader. I owe a ton of headaches saved thanks to all of you and your wealth of information.
I am looking for some ideas to track down an issue I am having with my ACM. Long story short, I picked up a 2013 F150 XLT with the ecoboost that had the 4in sync 2 in it. It worked fine but I wanted the sync 3 conversion so I can use airplay. I bought a conversion kit from 4D Tech that had everything I needed and installed great.
However after the install I run into an intermittent issue where the ACM doesn’t load and the audio side of things keeps saying loading. Everything else with the sync 3 works as intended just not the audio. Shutting down the truck, and restarting it will get it to load usually.
Is it possible that there is a loose connection behind the ACU? Maybe I he could weld on the main board is going on it? Could the fact that it powers up when the door is ajar and then restarts at the truck starts? Could my wireless airplay dongle be messing with it? Looking for any input and things to try!
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2023.06.07 17:03 ghostfaceinspace Just read my first ever Colleen Hoover novel, UGLY LOVE

I’m not the target demo (I’m a young male) but one of my friends keeps asking me to read CoHo and I was able to get Ugly Love free from a garage sale. Also picked up IEWU for $1 too.
But I read UL first since it was shorter.
The sex scenes are way too repetitive. You don’t need to describe every breath and moan and touch.
How many times can Miles Archer furrow and arch his eyebrows?????
It’s giving Hallmark movie vibes with the going home for thanksgiving and mostly taking place in an apartment building.
Why does Tate constantly refer to herself as liquid?
The way the book is written kind of annoys me. It’s filler. Every other sentence is like “I needed him, he needed me, we needed each other” etc
The first 3/4 was just endless hookups then the final 1/4 was when the plot kicked in but it was very rushed.
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2023.06.07 17:03 PankoNC My completely unsolicited opinions and predictions on the Major Update that no one asked for.

I have been playing this game near daily for almost nine years now. I continue to farm regularly to improve my teams, I'm excited to try and theorycraft new things, and despite the fact that most people will tell me I'm a sunk cost fallacy moron waiting for a payout that will never come; I still actually really enjoy this game.
That being said, it's no secret that gameplay over the last year has been... Not great. The last "Major update" was, frankly, garbage. No one asked for or was excited by a King Slime. Couple with that an extremely underwhelming 9th year anniversary celebration and a balance patch that did pretty much nothing to the game, and many people are rightfully not too happy.
So here are the list of improvements I think are likely or possible to come in this update.
#1 - Artifact Re-Balancing and/or Artifact B12 Dungeons (Highly likely)
Com2Us has noted in the past that they do intend to revisit the artifact concept as noted in a past "Meetup with Com2Us" (Source) The team has flat out stated that they are aware of the power creep of many units simply due to artifacts existence that render some units playable where they otherwise wouldn't be, or would shine far less. This could be the balance where they finally roll out the changes that they have made with artifacts. What form this will take is sort of a mystery though. I feel it could either roll out in the implementation of;
-Removing certain artifact lines that are not useful, or otherwise are just wasted space so that more artifacts will become viable to roll
-Re-balancing the roll values of artifacts so that their gaps are not as wide, thus creating a chance for higher performing artifacts more often
-Introduce a new system that allows us to change/modify the substats of artifacts more easily (More than 7+3 times a week)
-Introduce an artifacts B12 dungeon that will cut out blue artifacts and give us more options to roll so that we can quickly amass better artifacts
#2 - Roguelike Dungeons (Likely to Highly Likely)
It's no secret that Com2Us has been dabbling in Roguelike dungeons both in the most recent AC Collaboration as well as the Galagos Dungeon in the Chronicles franchise of the IP. For those who don't know, Summoners War: Chronicles features a roguelike dungeon called Galagos Dungeon where you complete floors and are rewarded with power ups and stats to your summoner and team to complete more difficult stages of the dungeon.
I would not be at all surprised if this was introduced as a regular feature or implementation in Summoners War: Sky Arena, as a new dungeon itself. We have already play-tested it via the AC Collab and they have already implemented one as a seasonal feature in Chronicles. It would not surprise me at all to see them port one of the popular parts of that IP over to Sky Arena. I actually think this is the most obvious next step as far as PvE content is concerned for this game.
#3 - 2v2 Arena Ladder (Likely)
This one is pretty self explanatory. The community has been pretty vocal about the fact that they would love to have this implemented as a game mode. Not only does it inspire a new way of playing the game, but it also creates fantastic content opportunities for streamers and content creators to collaborate with others and create more dynamic content. It feels like a no brainer to me to implement this.
And we don't care that you can't make Leo work, it's fine, just leave him out.
#4 - Pity Summons (50/50)
Summoners War continues to be one of the longest lasting and most whaled on IPs out there today. You don't make it to nine years with blind luck. Whether we agree with it or not, Com2Us knows what they are doing from a business perspective to keep players on the hook and to keep the whales spending. That being said, it is lagging behind one of the most frustrating aspects of the gacha experiences which is looking forward to your next unit.
We are long overdue for a pity timer. It is standard practice in the other Summoners War IPs however has yet to be implemented here. A pity timer serves two functions; It keeps users engaged because it will result in them getting more units (or so they think), and also it serves the function of reminding players that they have a goal to work towards. If you have a timer that says 128/220 summons, you are not going to put the game down. You've already summoned 128 scrolls, it'll be less than half that until your next Nat 5! So might as well keep clicking and keep playing. The psychological function of a pity timer is undeniable and we are long overdue for this.
They appear to still be resistant to this idea, but... I don't know. Speaking of summons....
#5 - Increase in LD Rates/Availability (Highly Unlikely)
Here is where I'm entering conspiracy territory. It is a long held belief of mine that Com2Us is completely wrong when it comes to the sheer lack of access to LD5's. We all can feel this and it is a meme at this point. Many players at 3000 days lament the fact that they have just 1 or even 0 LD5's. And it stings even more when the one LD5 you DO have ends up being a Dorothy.
I believe that Com2Us is fundamentally wrong with just how rare they have made LD5's. LD5's are so rare that the majority of the playerbase has given up on the concept of ever even owning one in their entire SW career. (And keep in mind there are over SIXTY). When a user has written off the idea that they could ever own one, they have zero desire to continue to try and get one, both through gameplay and through their wallets. Realistically, how many players are actually swiping their Visa for a $30 0.35% chance to get one of 15/60 good LD5's? Extremely few.
If you make the concept of LD5's more accessible to the player base, you will have both higher user engagement as well as more people who are chasing the dragon of their next LD5. Because, and I will tell you from experience, getting an LD5 after not having one for so long does not satisfy you. Not even a Giana, Ragdoll or Veronica will. If you get a taste, you will want another one.
#6 - Siege Improvements/Overhaul (I Have No Idea)
Siege is stale. End of story. It needs a re-work, and I don't fully know how they can do that, but there are some glaring issues that I see right away.
-The 4* tower concept is stale, and specialty towers only exist in tournament - Why? It has always been insane to me that Com2Us will implement special rules for both RTA and tournament ONLY and not in their seasonal gameplay. (Pick and ban as a.. special league? Okay.) I think that siege could become a lot more dynamic and a lot more interesting if the special tower rules were implemented during the regular season, and guilds could choose which bases they were allocated to throughout the siege. This would in turn however make siege more intense to manage than it already is so.. I'm not sure.
-Windy has to fucking go. Windy single handedly invalidates an entire ELEMENT from its inclusion in the siege format, and that is insane. He is not healthy for siege content, he never has been, and he has to go now. Most high level siege players will tell you that Windy is a cancer on this game and his mere existence is the single most unhealthy thing for a diverse siege meta.
I haven't played siege competitively now for two seasons so I'll leave it at that.
#7 - New Engine + Re-Design (Somewhat Likelyish Kind Of?)
I was confused when they asked us to pre-register for the new update. It makes it seem like the game is being completely overhauled. But it has since been pointed out to me that we also had to "Pre-register" when the artifacts update came out. If anyone can confirm or deny this, please let me know. The only logical step I see for asking for pre-registration is if the game was being ported over to a new engine but... who knows. They HAVE said that they are planning a big graphic design update however, so we will have to wait and see. (Source)
#8 - Guild Battle and RTA (Highly Unlikely)
I actually don't think either of these will be touched at all. RTA is in a good spot with many viable strategies (Albeit common first picks/leads) and our last updates were to Guild Battle. I don't think either will change.
Final Thoughts
My genuine hope is that, with the implementation of Summoners War: Chronicles, the dev team is looking at some of the most popular and unique aspects of that game and how it can be applied to Sky Arena. While they are different styles of games, I believe it'd be in Com2Us' best interests to take some of those cues and run with them here.
Com2Us appears to have been focusing a lot of their attention on that IP and while it is a fully realized game, it does not have anywhere near the popularity Sky Arena has and maintains. Now that Chronicles has been out for a while, it is very much my hope that Com2Us is truly billing this as an overhaul worth getting excited about and that they take community feedback into actual consideration for a change. I'm giving Com2Us the benefit of the doubt that our changes have not been that substantial because they were working on Chronicles, but that time is now over.
What do you hope to see in the Major Update?
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2023.06.07 17:02 anona_moose The Remembering Update 5 - Quest Details and Highlights

Obviously there are LOTS of Spoilers below so please stop reading now if you don't want anything spoiled!

Here are some quick highlights before the in depth, step by step for each quest!

Miracles Take Time - The Fairy Godmother

A magical commotion has shaken the Forgotten Lands. It seems to have come from that mysterious Pumpkin House in the Forgotten Lands...

Fire Alarm - The Fairy Godmother - Requires Friendship Level 2

The Fairy Godmother loves to live in the Forgotten Lands, but the other Villagers don't seem to share her enthusiasm. She has a theory that all the fire is to blame and enlists you to help her. She thinks Merlin could be of some help too.
Reward: 350 Experience

A Lost Book - The Fairy Godmother - Requires Friendship Level 5?

\Please note that I spammed the Fairy Godmother with gifts to get her Friendship level up to 10, so I'm not completely sure what the friendship level is for this quest.*
The Fairy Godmother needs your help. She borrowed a book from Merlin a while back but lost it... and now, the wizard has asked for it back. She asks you to help Villagers in her stead while she searches for the book.
Reward: 700 Experience; Ability to remove flames from the Forgotten Lands

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Opps - The Fairy Godmother - Requires Friendship Level ?

\Please note that I spammed the Fairy Godmother with gifts to get her Friendship level up to 10, so I'm not completely sure what the friendship level is for this quest.*
The Fairy Godmother took too much upon her shoulders and asks you once again to help with her tasks by bringing some Peppermint Tea to Minnie
Reward: 1760 Experience; Updated Lens for the Camera
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2023.06.07 17:02 Screaming_Mosquito Does anyone want this thing growing in my backyard? Please say yes.

I've tried selling this thing for weeks now on Facebook Marketplace, eventually at just 1 cent because I just genuinely want it out of my hair. And I cannot find any takers. I want someone to just take it instead of throwing it out because honestly, I'm deeply nervous about what would happen if I did. But if this advertisement proves to be just as fruitless, I will do it despite my nervousness because my mind just can't take this anymore otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to have a psychological break with reality and need to be sedated.
I grew up originally in Northern California near Mt. Shasta, and four years ago I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii after I got a new job working for the university located in Hilo as an adjunct. The search for a place to rent where I could garden in the backyard took a while, but the wait was worth it. Gardening is like comfort food for my soul, and always has been ever since I was a little girl. My mom brought me up doing it, and I took to it immediately when I was just 3 or 4 she always liked to remind me.
I suppose the reason I wanted to leave California was the fact that she wasn't there anymore, that the last piece or vestige of my family was gone and I was all that was left of the life we used to have out there. I remember the day everything was packed up for the movers and ready to go, I walked outside to wait for a friend to pick me up to take me to the airport. As I sat there on my porch, I saw an elderly man walking in front of my front yard. It was an old friend of my mom's from the neighborhood. He had been very kind to me at her funeral as he had just lost his wife himself. We both waved at each other and I got up to chat with him one last time.
As it turned out, he was there to give me a going away present. It was a batch of strange seeds in a small sack. Some were colored burgundy, others indigo, and still others ivory with fascinating patterns on them. In total, there were 19 by my count. He said that before his wife passed away, she had originally intended to give them to my mom. Apparently, during one of their hiking trips around the mountain, the two of them kept stopping to see if someone was following them. Every time they would, some tree would rustle or a bush would make a quick, sharp noise indicating some sort of disturbance. Towards the end of their hike, they stopped one final time only for them to turn around and notice that someone had left this dingy little sack of seeds on a rotted out tree stump they had just passed. In other words, there was no question at that point that they had been followed.
For what reason? He couldn't say, though obviously the implication was that whoever it was wanted them to have these seeds. His wife died soon after that, before she could pass them along to my mother. He said he was hesitant to part with them after she died, but felt extremely guilty having waited too long to give them to my mom. Now that I was heading to Hawaii, he thought he ought to just give them to me instead of continuing to keep them. Other than that, he told me to be very careful with them, to specifically pour them out into the ground from the sack instead of touching them myself. And I wondered why. Like it's such an oddly specific thing to bring up about them.
I took them gratefully and thanked him for the gift and said that my mother would have loved them. Now, I'm not so sure she would have.
It was only a week or so after I had finally unpacked everything in my new place that I decided to garden again. And the first thing I planted, of course, were the seeds once meant for my mom. In memory of her. It was only one I put in the ground because honestly I wasn’t exactly sure how big this thing was going to grow to be. I wasn’t even sure what exactly this thing was even going to grow to be either. Turns out, it’s a vegetable… of some kind. I think. It’s almost like a yam? Like with the same texture and everything but with bright orange skin… and fur in strange places? Also, another thing, it’s like a yam but at the time of writing this it has most definitely grown beyond the size of a typical yam. Basically it’ll increase in size every week or so by a half a foot by my measure. Also, every time it grows by that much, another bulbous root pops out and burrows itself beneath.
And oh yeah there are little blue flowers (or what I guess you could call flowers) growing out of little nooks and crannies and just random spots all over. I’m not sure what to say. I have yet to identify it. If one of you reading this can, then good for you, would you like to take it off my hands in that case? Please? Okay well, I guess I better finally explain why I want this damn thing out of here. I’ve already ostracized myself at work trying to get people to take it, as well as trying to explain what makes me hate the thing, so what harm will come from making a bunch of internet strangers think I’m creepy or crazy?
The black and white of it is that every time this thing grows a half a foot, every time another root plants itself in the ground, every time another one of those little blue flower buds appears on it, something changes. About the world we live in. About our history. About how we live day to day. And no one seems to notice any of the changes except for me. Today in fact, I almost got into a fatal car crash after I woke up and took note of a new flower bud growing on the side of it facing my house. If you put a Bible in front of me and made me swear to God that I was going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth I would swear on that, my life, and my late mother’s grave that I grew up knowing that Americans in all 50 states drive on the left side of the road.
I know you’re probably laughing at me. Because that’s what the person I almost ran into did when I told them. They wanted to know if I was British or something, and I said no I was born and raised in Northern California all my life. The closest I’ve ever even been to a foreign country is San Diego. But when I pulled over after that scare and looked it up on my phone, there it was. Americans drive on the right side of the road and pretty much always have. It’s just so… jarring. I have vivid memories of me death gripping the wheel to my mom’s Wrangler for the first time in my life, with her in the passenger seat teaching me the rules of the road for the first time. And I remember very clearly her telling me that no matter where I go in the United States or Canada, if I ever did that is, I would be on the left side of the road the entire time.
And I remember everyone else driving on the left side too. I remember them doing it yesterday. And now, everyone’s acting like it’s actually been this other way the entire time and that I’m somehow just noticing it. But I’m not “just noticing” it. It changed without warning me, to my abject frustration. This is what my life has been like since I planted it. I remember when it first sprouted. When I first started noticing the changes. The very first one I encountered were the changes made to the American flag. Again, swearing to God, on my own life, and on my late mother’s grave, I can attest that the American flag has always had 13, red and white, diagonal stripes. Not horizontal. Diagonal.
Again, I remember vividly sitting Indian style around our 1st grade teacher as she taught us some of the most basic history of the Revolutionary War. Particularly when it came to the Betsy Ross story. I remember being told that, when Betsy Ross first showed George Washington her initial design for the flag that it did indeed have horizontal stripes just like the one I suppose all of you are familiar with. But at the last second, he had her change them to be diagonal because he wanted to convey that the United States did not intend to be an empire in which some states would be perceived to be dominating the others by being “on top”. Making the stripes diagonal, to him, avoided this undesired symbolism.
I remember it all so clearly, even the little kitschy cartoon drawings in our school books of him with Betsy Ross as she showed him the final design. I remember reading about it in middle and high school. Hell, I even remember writing a 13 page essay for US History I in college that dealt with the subject. The paper of course, along with any historical record or proof of this detailed memory (digital or otherwise), is nowhere I can find it. It’s as if God or something turned the whole world into one big Wikipedia article and began editing reality at random with no one reverting the changes.
If you don’t think I’m crazy yet, then maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. When I noticed the plant had grown its eighth root, I learned for the first time in my life that Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal and not for having been outed as having had a nearly decade long affair with both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy at the same time as I thought I had been taught. I hadn’t even heard the term Watergate before that. In fact, I learned at the same exact time that apparently for decades since, the affix -gate had been attached to various other scandals and controversies as though it were a naming convention. Until that eighth root planted itself firmly in the ground, I had never once seen or heard of something like that before.
The day I noticed the very first flower to bloom on it, was the same day I found out there’s this little place near Long Island and New Jersey you may have heard of called New York City. You see, to me, that place has always been (and always will be in my mind as I cling onto what I know to be the truth) New Ithaca. Frank Sinatra’s famous song that is played every year on New Year’s Eve, has always been about the great city of New Ithaca, the Big Apple. The changes are just so weird and particular too. The whole general history of that city and state has remains the same though (at least to me), being that it was founded by the Dutch but was taken by the British and renamed before becoming a part of the United States. Only, instead the place was previously named New North Brabant whereas I suppose you have always known that New York used to be New Amsterdam.
There’s even a song about that bit of trivia, I learned. Catchy, and also cringe inducing for someone like me going through what I’m going through.
Actually the overwhelming bulk of changes have had to do with place names. Again growing up, I had it beaten into my brain that in 1492 Columbus sailed the Pacific blue. You heard that right. The vast puddle you probably call the Atlantic Ocean has always been the Pacific to me. And vice versa. Nebraska was a name I had not ever heard of before I measured another half foot in that damn thing’s already enormous length. To me that place was called the State of Fillmore. If before I measured it to be at 3 feet, you had asked me to point out Paris on a map, I would have stared at you blankly until I realized you probably meant to say Degaulleville which was built just northeast of the ruins of the ill-fated City of Lights after it was used as a testing ground for Germany’s most devastating weapon of WWII - the nuclear bomb.
Apparently in this new world the plant has created for me, it is our country that has the dubious honor of being the first military in the world to use nuclear weapons in an actual war.
And the list of changes I have just goes on and on like that. I’m not going to waste time spelling them all out for you. I’m sure that should be enough for you to at least hear me out or dismiss me as having had a break with reality. All I want now is this thing in my backyard, and these seeds to boot, out of here. Like I said in the beginning, I’d throw it away, but now that I suspect there’s some sort of link between it and all these changes being made, I worry what it could do to me if I yanked it out of the ground and chucked it into a dumpster. Degaulleville, Fillmore, etc. were erased by this thing. I could be too, if I made it mad enough.
There’s another part of me, a selfish part, that hopes if someone else takes it they can be the ones to have all these changes happen to instead. They can be the ones to watch desperately as what you once knew to be true, to be there, to be real, is all ground up and thrown away like it was nothing to bend your reality and leave you as the only one aware of it. I want that to happen to someone else instead of me. I want to be the one who’s oblivious to the changes made in the fabric and window dressings of reality. I want to be the one who reads the complaints and desperate cries of someone like me, and calls them crazy. I want want want that.
There’s another, tinier part of me, that naively hopes once I can leave this thing with someone else, it will change reality again but this time for the better. For the better, for me. Maybe once it starts affecting someone else adversely, it can change reality one more time to make my mom come back. To come back in a way that would make me forget she was ever gone. And then maybe I can go home, go back to the life I was used to living. But I know at the same time, there’s absolutely no reason it would do something nice like that for me.
Hell, if anything, it could decide to make things in reality, history, etc. worse for everyone including me. Like let me think… Okay for example, remember back in 1999 when everyone was afraid of the Y2K bug, but then it turned out to not be such a catastrophic ordeal as people were predicting? That damn plant could change things to make it so that Y2K’s catastrophic potential was fulfilled. Or wait, here’s a more recent example - remember like three or so years ago when there was that weird disease in China all the schools and governments got freaked out about for two weeks, warning about having to do lockdowns and stuff like that only for the Chinese government to successfully contain it before it could leave its shores?
I’d imagine the plant could change that history as well. And it’s not like I want any of that to happen, it’s just that I have little to no control over whether or not it will. And I just want to be free from being the only one to know it’s all happening. To notice it everyday. To have your heart and brain scratched at and tortured by it when you do.
So please, someone, anyone out there who can and is willing to take this thing off my hands knowing full well what it is - just DM me. I’ll give it to you at no charge or expense to you. I’ll even dig it out of the ground and drive to where you are (if you’re on the island that is) so you don’t have to get up and go anywhere. If you’re located somewhere else I’ll happily volunteer to pay all the associated shipping costs at my own expense as well in order to get it to you.
You’ll be my knight in shining armor if you do.
UPDATE: I am no longer in need of anyone to take this thing and these seeds off my hands. Thank you to the person that DMed me after I posted this. I got your email confirming that it safely arrived at your address as well. Also, glad to hear it’s grown another root. By glad, I mean that I am glad to know that it has grown yet again but this time I haven’t noticed anything changing. You have no idea what you’ve done to help salvage my sanity. Bless you.
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2023.06.07 17:01 MinMaxPlatypus PvP, a PvE perspective

PvP, a PvE perspective
So, the last couple days I have predominantly been solo farming fields of hatred, mostly because I wanted to, partly so I could make someone, somewhere jealous and minutely so others might not need to.

515,000+ Shards of hatred later...

I have learned a few things and have some thoughts on others.
First up, we need a preview option for cosmetic items. If I knew this was the horse, I wouldn't have spent 100k on it. Let alone as my first purchase!
It's a QoL feature I can easily see them not considering, but after grinding out that much hatred, I really don't feel it's worth it. That being said, 100k as a price tag, absolutely fine for A mount, just NOT that one. It should've been a random drop, while the spectral horse should've been the PvP reward.
On to more important matters though...
World tier doesn't seem to affect Hatred dops. You will see the same currency numbers on T1 and T3. You will grind faster on higher tiers, simply due to total spawns available, but otherwise, it doesn't change much.
I found the best means of earning shards was to mark yourself and open every chest you find but running around the edge and checking some of the cliffs when taking down the boss.
Speaking of the boss, Necros can rejoice! When it creates a pool of icky at its feet, it spawns 2 corpses for you to abuse. It's not a hard boss to solo at all, and it gets easier with gear.
On T3, the marked chests can drop mounts, mount accessories and even uniques. I found the Striped horse (kinda looks like a tiger pattern, not a zebra), multiple trophies and the Bone Spear Unique Helm. Really useful, especially when there is a wind wall, it goes OFF!
I found out you can pick up multiple of the same horse/trophy, I picked up a second Ghastly Reins and 2 Fetish trophies... You can't trade them, but I could onpy re-use the Reins... Trophy said no, but it's worth knowing that you might see the same drop multiple times when trying to find a specific drop.
I went from Lv54 to 62 just farming both fields... I was cautious at first, but eventually found I could just stay marked and no one interrupted me. Oh, did I not mention that you can farm UNINTERRUPTED by turning off crossplay on PSN? Because that's a HUGE perk for anyone not wanting to actually PvP.
I would kill the boss, fill my inventory, roughly have 9k shards, turn them in, then finish my loop. Then rotate to the other field. Rinse and repeat.
Today, I farmed about 350k shards in... 9hrs? Less than 12, more than 8. But I did 3 or 4 Legion events and 1 Ashava. Today I had farm more free time to actually grind out my shards and I was far less concerned considering I started trying out marked chest searching mid-farming yesterday.
This will probably change later, but for now, this is probably the best chance to get your shards with minimal hassle. I'm also an OCE player, so, time zones might also be a factor? Your platform may vary.
With all that said, Necro cannot use the headpiece of the PvP cosmetic set, so I saved myself 90k. Full set is 390k... Yeah, expensive, did not want to grind that, but I wanted to see what it looked like and I was already committed to the idea of just getting it regardless of how it looked. I like it, the green version is probably the nicest coloured set, but I far prefer the grey version. If you want to know where to find it, the vendor icon looks like a wardrobe and can be found in the towns.
Both towns are conveniently in the top left corner of their respective fields.
I bought the flag trophy because I thought I might be able to have a standard and Ashava's horn, you cannot. There is only 1 trophy slot... It sucks... But the flag is a flag and that's neat. I probably won't use anything other than those 2, simply because I don't see a lot I'm interested in. The bookcase looks kinda neat, but I'll have to farm for that and I'm not sure I can be bothered... No preview option means I have less incentive to try.
The prices seem fair, they want to you put in a lot of effort to obtain things, it's not meant to be a quick in-out type of grind. But I have no interest in PvP, so the thought of actually trying to get that many shards, let alone turn them in, let alone deal with other players... FUCK THAT.
Still, they gave us non-PvP enthused humanoids the option to get the rewards, so, for that I'm grateful.
I'm now going to have to look at how this set looks on other classes.
Note: If you want to check what the head piece looks like, you'll have to buy it and find out. I don't wear them
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2023.06.07 16:59 myskyeby WIBTA If I switched my managers gift?

(Posted in the other AITAH too, just in case I broke any of their rules :/ )
Okay so this needs a bit of context- and I am going to be vague about my work but to put it simply, its retail but with actual benefits.
Few things you’ll need to know;
1.) My boss manages two locations, there are about four of us at each location (not including him), and we also have a district manager who is over him. My manager usually alternates locations by week, unless a client needs him.
2.) this may not seem relevant, but I feel like this is the reason I got my feelings hurt; I am diagnosed Autistic, so I don’t often see in between the lines and sometimes I get to become “too much” when I get excited about something. I do my best to match energy’s though. Not sure if it’s relevant or I just want to blame my stupidity on it.
3.) after hour events are encouraged, and we go out to dinner (on the companies dime) when ever we get the chance.
So this all started when I covered for someone at what I will call location 2(L2), and they told me that they were going to do a surprise party for our managers birthday. We had planned something smaller at Location 1, but I got to talking with the person at L2 organizing it- I wall call them “B” and they were extremely excited to add my location to the plan, we planned the gift together, we got all the signatures (I drove back and fourth on my lunch break.) and we were figuring out a way to get both locations together.
I suggested an after work activity, and to ask the DM if he could help plan a surprise party, B was all for it, replied “yesss!!!” Which seemed to me that they were accepting of that idea.
So this last weekend I went on a vacation, and I found a unique version of the gift we had originally planned to get- you can only get it where I went and it was a bit more expensive than the one we had planned to get. I also asked everyone as they had sent me money, and they agreed to get it, but I still spent 30$ out of pocket to get this, as again, we had all “donated” enough money for the original gift. I don’t mind, I actually look up to my boss like a dad almost- he’s a really good person and I haven’t had many good bosses or role models in my life.
So I come home, I make a group chat with B containing the DM and everyone but my boss. I explain the plan and the DM throws some ideas around with me.
Then I get a call, its B, I assumed it was about the plan but she calls and she starts it off with “Hey, we cant do a dinner, (other coworker) and I both have plans after work.”
“I thought we had planned this over the weekend?” -Me
“I never said dinner, this is too much, its getting way to big and you’re making (DM) uncomfortable” -which, side note - I asked my parter to read through my messages, he knows DM personally and he said that DM didn’t seem uncomfortable at all, and that DM loves planning these things. “We’re just going to celebrate here like I originally planned.”
I just said okay and let her go, I was embarrassed, upset and just hurt.
After I did my thing, had my cry, I felt petty. My Location spent 45 dollars (not including me), vs location 2’s 30$. B plans to pick it up today or tomorrow for their party, and I’m thinking I’m going to go and buy the basic bitch original gift and give them that because they don’t want to include us after we paid and helped plan.
Another side note, I know I made it seem like everyone else was less involved, and a few were, but I had two people over here helping with the plan and they feel shitty about it too- I was just the connection between the locations.
So WIBTA? I know its petty, but it was this or giving them their money back, which I feel would start more shit that needed, I want to be nice, even if its petty.
Also my partner is down, even offered money for it because while its basic, it is over 50$ (I can afford it though.)
Sorry for being all over the place :/ Let me know if you want to know what happens.
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2023.06.07 16:58 Ok_District_2044 Let the good times roll!

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2023.06.07 16:51 No_Review_4936 Is CS a relatively safe degree to pursue even if you’re not very passionate about it?

Quick summary: I went to college for CS for two years, dropped out, started over at CC + am now gunning for a junior transfer into a 4-year college. The total years I’ve been studying CS is 3. The thing is, I am not particularly passionate about this field nor am I talented in it; I just did it because it sounded like the most interesting out of the options available to me (the potential earnings also helped).
I am currently considering a major change before applying to transfer. The reason is that I’ve developed interests (but not necessarily passions) in other subjects, ones that are far less lucrative but sound a bit more interesting to me than CS. However, my parents think that I should get a CS degree regardless of what I want to do in life so that I have a stable backup and I “don’t end up jobless and broke”. For reference, the majors I’m considering changing to are not particularly known for being financially stable.
I don’t dislike CS - I actually find it quite interesting. I also don’t put much effort into my studies. I barely know anything outside of what’s taught in class & I haven’t been able to motivate myself to learn more because I’ve long held this idea that I’m just not naturally cut out for it. I’ve been trying to change my mindset and practice more, but I’m already pretty behind my peers, so it’s been a bit discouraging. If money and prestige weren’t a concern at all, I’d just pick a different degree.
My question is, is CS actually a stable field with good long-term job prospects? The research I’ve done has given me mixed answers so I figured I might ask what the actual people in the field think b/c I don’t know anyone with a CS degree irl. I have heard that the job market can be fickle sometimes.
I hope it doesn’t come off like I’m implying that CS is a “safe” degree, I am asking because I genuinely don’t know. The CC counselors know about as much as I do, unfortunately.
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2023.06.07 16:49 KatlandSafaris256 Gorilla Trekking from Kampala

Gorilla Trekking from Kampala
How to trek mountain Gorillas from Uganda’s Capital Kampala – Kampala City excursion.
Kampala walking tours – Gorilla Trekking in Uganda.
It’s almost impossible to start planning for a gorilla trekking safari through Uganda without putting Kampala as part of the gorilla trekking adventure.
Combining a one-day Kampala city tour with Gorilla trekking gives you a blend of mixed cultures with an excellent wildlife encounter thus offering you the best African gorilla trekking safari of a lifetime.
Kampala is the pulsating heart of Uganda’s economic, social, cultural, and intellectual life. It is also the country’s largest urban center, with a population of 3.1 million (Microtrends 2020). And is the capital city of Uganda. Like Rome, Uganda’s capital was initially built across seven hills, but today, it sits on about two dozen hills.
Kampala derives its name from the local Luganda language saying ‘Akosozi k’empala,‘ meaning ‘Hill of Antelope.’ This a reference to the domestic impala (impala) antelope, which grazed the lawns of Mengo during Buganda’s King Mutesa’s reign in the 1880s.
Historically, Kampala Hill and the surrounding hills had lain at the Buganda Kingdom’s political center for several decades before the arrival of the first Europeans. Capt Fredrick Lugard arrived in 1890 and set up camp on Kampala Hill, so he is generally considered the founder.
You can choose to Visit Kampala either before or after your gorilla trekking adventure.
Some of the Iconic places and areas you can’t miss while planning for your Gorilla trekking from Kampala include the following.
Kampala City Center
Kampala’s most obvious reference point is the modern mufti-storied city center on Nakasero Hill. It is surrounded by more discreet but no less identifiable landmarks on neighboring summits.
Old Kampala Hill
Old Kampala Hill towers just a few hundred meters southwest of the city center, enclosed within the oval Old Kampala Road. Fine colonial buildings of Asian design mushroom the hill, generally somewhat rundown or strikingly renovated.
Old Kampala is historically known as Capt Lugard’s 1899 encampment site. It’s most notable today as the focal point for Kampala’s Islamic community and the sight of an imposing Uganda National Mosque.
Due south of Old Kampala, Kabaka’s Twekobe Palace stands on the broad, low hill of Lubiri. The ill-fated Kabaka Edward Mutesa was driven from this palace in 1966 by Idi Amin on Obote’s orders. The army subsequently occupied the site until 1993, gaining a reputation for terror. Amin and Obote’s agents took hundreds through its gates, never to be seen again.
Namirembe and Rubaga hills
Lubiri is neighboring Namirembe (Mengo) and Rubaga hills in the southwest, elevated by Anglican and Catholic cathedrals. The imposing dome identifies St Paul’s on Namirembe Hill and Rubaga Cathedral by two bell towers.
Mengo and Rubaga are Kampala’s oldest suburbs affluent in history and historic architecture, including the Royal Palace.
Bulange Building
Less than 500m past the turn-off to Namirembe, the Bulange Building — the traditional seat of the Buganda Parliament — stands on the south side of Albert Cook Road, directly opposite the junction with Sentema Road. It is one of the most impressive colonial-era buildings in Uganda.
Makerere Hill
Northeast of Namirembe is Makerere Hill, commonly known for housing the country’s oldest University. A white bell tower of Makerere University used to be visible on the green ridge of Makerere Hill until accidental fires gutted it in September 2020
Gorilla trekking In Uganda
Gorilla Trekking Information – Mountain Gorillas In Uganda
Most of these mountain gorillas do reside in South Western Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This Park consists of almost half of the number of Mountain Gorillas that are believed to be remaining in the whole world.
It’s also believed that the remaining Chimps in the entire world Co-exist in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. For any interested person willing to visit Ugandan gorillas, you must pay for a gorilla trekking permit that goes for USD 700.00 per trek per person.
Mgahinga National Park; this park is found in the Virunga ranges shared between Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. This Park is also another place that is known for being a home of Ugandan gorillas.
Gorilla trekking experience:
For a person to have a wonderful, memorable, and unforgettable adventure you will have to endure all the efforts needed to reach Bwindi and trek through this wonderful natural forest. There are thirteen habituated gorilla groups for tourists to trek. And all these groups are found in different sectors such as Buhoma, Nkuringo, and others are habituated in the Ruhija and Rushaga regions of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
A proposed itinerary for Gorilla trekking from Kampala.
These four days gorilla trekking safari is going to allow you to watch two of the many Gorilla groups in this impenetrable forest. Therefore, allowing you two good hours of interaction with these primates and maybe a community walk to see the Batwa people and see how they live their daily lives.
Tour Highlights
Day 1: Kampala City Tour.
Day 2: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Game Park.
Day 3: Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable.
Day 4: Transfer to Kampala
Detailed Itinerary
Day one
Kampala city tour
Early morning after breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel of residence, for a tour of Kampala. We will visit the key sites that make Kampala a unique tourist destination and these will include the King’s Palace, the kingdom parliament, Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral, the old Kampala Mosque, and nakasero Hill. Owino market, the Kabakas lake, and end with the Visit to ndere center for an evening of cultural performances.
We will return to the Lodge for a relaxing dinner and overnight stay and preparations for the start of the gorilla trekking safari.
Day two
Transfer from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Be early to hit the road in the morning since a long journey to the southwestern part of Uganda where the park is located. During your journey, you will have a brief stop in Mbarara town where you will have your lunch meal plus maybe mini shopping if you, please, and thereafter head on. While on the road you will then be in sight of Uganda’s other amazing beauties inclusive of which is the beautiful scenery of the city. On reaching the park you will check in at the accommodation. dinner and overnight.
Day three
Mountain Gorilla Tracking and Community Walk
The day that you’re going to be the insight of the gorgeous primates the gorillas. Wake up early to buy yourself time to have breakfast and pick your packed lunch plus drinking water since you ought to have long hours in the forest searching for these apes. You will be expected to be at the park headquarters on time for your briefing and their head to the forest to engage in your first track which may take you 2 to 6 hours depending on the animal’s movement. A Full hour is allowed you to visualize the animals as they move around and react differently to your visit, while here you will be able to know why these apes are called cousins to man since the semblance to human character is positive. Thereafter the trek head back to the park headquarters and then finally the lodging. Freshen up and take on a community walk to see the Batwa people and their ways of life you can enjoy their cultural dances and songs as they demonstrate it all for you. Then dinner and overnight at the accommodation slept at the previous night.
Day 4: Transfer to Kampala
Wake up early enough to have your fantastic breakfast meal, then head for the stunning boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi that will allow you a view of some of the islands on this lake as you observe the well-terraced hills surrounding the lake and many more scenic views. Then you will pack up and be on your way to Kampala with lunch en-route plus other stopovers that you would love to make as we come to the very beginning of the end of our double trekking safari. On reaching Kampala you will either be dropped at the airport for your flight or to a hotel in case your stay is still on.
End of Tour
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2023.06.07 16:47 klevertree1 Going from -10 to -0 on LR by using outdated memes (revised and updated)

I've seen some confused posts on here recently about LR, so I thought I'd repost a guide to advanced LR I made. In terms of my qualifications, I scored 175 on my own LSAT, and I've coached dozens of students to 170+ on theirs as an LSAT tutor.
So, my general advice on LR is always this:
  1. Start by finding the conclusion (a prediction, opinion, or plan. Something that you could put "therefore" in front of).
  2. Then find the reasoning (anything that you can put "because" in front of).
  3. Link the two ("Therefore this, because that").
  4. Figure out what's missing from the conclusion that's present in the reasoning.
  5. Pick the answer that addresses the missing link.
I usually like teaching this strategy through assumptions questions first, like in my LR assumptions video on Youtube.
That strategy works for any level of LR question. But, that strategy gets harder to employ for harder questions. Harder questions will disguise the conclusion, modify the reasoning, or make the link between the two harder to grok*.
(Grok is a made up word from the 1961 sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land, which is a weird but classic novel about a Martian who comes to Earth and becomes Jesus. Grok means to understand on a deep level, and was turned into a meme by stoned hippies.)
I was recently working with a student who was scoring consistently in the 160s on her PrepTests, but was getting consistently -10 or so on her LR. She was struggling to apply the LR strategy consistently to the harder questions.
Here's the advice I gave her:
  1. Always be specific about the conclusion, especially when the question isn't. The conclusion, as we all should know, is an opinion, prediction, or plan that's supported by the other parts of the argument. Any strengthen or weaken question is asking you how to strengthen or weaken the link between the reasoning and the conclusion (i.e. how to make the reasoning lead more or less strongly to the conclusion).
On difficult questions, the LSAT likes to throw in a weird or strange conclusion, in the hopes that you'll ignore it and only focus on the reasoning. For example, we were working on a strengthen question that had a lot of reasoning about how useful computer simulations of car crashes were. Then, the conclusion was "This will lead to fewer actual test crashes".
My student was misled into strengthening the usefulness of computer simulations of car crashes. What she should have done is strengthen the idea that useful computer simulations will lead to fewer test crashes. The right answer ended up being that actual test crashes don't do anything that a computer simulation can't, so they're easily replaced.
  1. Look for jumps in wording or ideas between the reasoning and the conclusion. This is most commonly seen on assumption questions, but it can be seen on any LSAT question. The reasoning will discuss one thing, while the conclusion will discuss another.
For example, we were working on a weaken question in which the conclusion talked about the idea that newer generations were politically disconnected from democracy. The reasoning was that younger people didn't vote.
Well, there's a jump there: not voting is not the same thing as being politically disconnected. My student should have seen that and then thought, "Well, if those aren't the same thing, what's something that could cause people to not vote but still be politically connected?"
And the answer is basically that old people often don't have jobs, so it's easy for them to vote. Once millennials are retired, it'll be easy for us to vote, too.
  1. For inference questions, look for the easiest answer to prove. Inference questions require a slight shift in mindset from the rest of the LR section. Inference questions have the conclusion in the answer choices, and the reasoning is in the stimulus.
So, if we need to pick a conclusion, we want to pick a conclusion that's really easy to prove from the reasoning provided. Often, that's going to seem like a weak conclusion, but that's a good thing.
For example, we were working on a question about diets. The stimulus told us that most diets prescribe a narrow range of foods, but different health conditions require different diets, and people often have different health conditions.
My student got misled into picking a difficult to prove answer choice: every person has different health conditions. That's a really extreme statement. The correct answer was easy to prove: most diets don't work for everyone (because people need the diets appropriate for their health condition).
Summary: be specific about the conclusion; look for wording changes between the reasoning and conclusion; if you're doing inferences, pick an easy conclusion to prove. Oh, and read Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, it's a sci-fi classic.
If you liked this post, you should check out my post on difficult RC questions. You should also check out my ebook on LR, which contains a bunch of original, tricky LR questions with detailed explanations of the process to solve them.
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2023.06.07 16:47 No-Fact-503 20 answer 1 question

I saw a video on tiktok of guy telling to use this trick but i am not sure if this the write way i am thinking so any advice on how to improve will be good date:- 6/7/2023
What can i do to earn 100,000dhs in the next 12 months?
20 answers:-
1- work in part time jobs like sales which is easy but its around 3,000-4,000 dhs
2- Driving cars as i have got a drivers license
3- lotterys i can work on getting lotterys and try to get lucky and win one that's a 50-50 option
4- Customer serivce jobs
5- i can try making an online platfrom and do droppshipping
6- amazon affilate marketing i have not done it and but can try to do so
7- sell products on ebay or other platforms
8 - facebook products listing can make a page on my facebook and sell and promote other peoples products or different products from different websites
9- I can apply to the different immigrations of countries and get lucky one of them response and get work visa or student visa to go there and work
10- giving services what i can offer make an account on fiverr and upwork and try to get a job ( like doing copywriting and stuff)
11- Drop my CV in big companies and try to get a job with a decent pay
12- Real estate agent or can work on commission
13 - Ask a relative for a job and ask for good pay ( unlikely chances)
14- youtube/tiktok/instagram i can make accounts on them and upload what people like and gain views so on yt can upload videos and get views and start earning money same for tiktok.( can make 3 different channels like guessing game challenge, meme channel, and satisfying videos for sleeping
15- Instagram can use ideas to grow followers and then sell it
16- Sales online try to sell or promote items and get commission for it
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2023.06.07 16:47 Ironsworn4Ever Flynn & the flower of lies

So, I finaly jumped into Ironsworn, rolled up my character. His name is Flynn, he's a teenager living on a farm with his grandmother in the small town of Rosethorn Valley. His parents died when he was very young, so she has been taking care of him.
Edge:1. Heart:3. Iron:2. Shadow:1. Wits:2.
Assets: Improviser: Check gear. Hound named Jeck:Sharp & Slayer: Gather information by tracking
Recently, his grandmother has fallen ill. The local healer is unable to help her because he lacks an herb, Flynn vows to get this flower so he can save grandma. So he learns from the healer that the herb is a blue flower that smells like butter, and grows in the mountains about a days travel from Rosethorn Valley. So he takes his backpack, walking stick and his dog Jeck and sets out.
Nothing really happens on his way there apart from Flynn twisting his ankle out on the plains while looking at the clouds while he walked, and squished a pie he had in his backpack.
When evening fell he set up camp, he was almost there. He checked his gear before turning in for the night with Jeck sleeping at his feet.
The next day he climbed up the mountain, he sat down, ate an apple he had brought with him and enjoyed the view. Then he saw it, a blue flower, and it smelled like butter, so he picked it and went back home.
When he entered his house, his grandma was still in bed, tended by the healer, Flynn handed him the flower and he went to make the medicine, after a while he came back, gave it to grandma and behold, she got better!
She puts her hand on Flynns cheek and smiles at him before falling into a coma.
Flynn can't believe it, everything was for nothing, and now granny will surely die...
The healer grabs Flynn by the shoulders and stare into his eyes "You want to save her, don't you? Of course you do, you love her! Now, you have proven yourself useful to me by finding this rare herb"
He holds up the flower. "What I gave her, was poison, if you help me get something special, then I will cure her.
Flynn nods. "Fine, Zamo. What do you want?"
"I need you to go grab a special mushroom growing in the crypt down at the abandoned cemetary. The locals are a bit to. . . Hands on for my taste. Do this, and your grandmother will be fine, I promise..."
Flynn and Jeck storm out the door and rushes to the cemetary.
Before venturing in, he lights his torch and goes down into the crypt carefully. He notices blood on the mouths of some of the mummies faces as the light of the torch licks their faces. He presses on, down into the inky, stale darkness...
Suddenly, a decrepid arm shoots out of the darkness at him!
This is as far as I've gotten.
I gotta say, I love the narrative focus, here I thought I'd have a super easy test quest, now I have no idea what will happen, and I'm eager for more!
What I don't like: I think there is too much to keep track of, and a lot of page flipping takes me out of the moment. Then again, I'm used to playing World of Dungeons and EZD6 where I easely could memorize the system and just play.
I suppose I will get used to it and be able to remember most of the moves and keep track of everything in time. So far, I love it.
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2023.06.07 16:47 Specialist-Cold-1226 Is a Lillard, Butler and Bam trio the best big 3 in the league?

Miami is already in the finals and butler is a top 5 player come playoff time. You add Lillard to the mix and the Heat might win the next 2-3 titles. Herro, Robinson and picks for Lillard and maybe Lowry or whatever. Would ruin league parity
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2023.06.07 16:46 NerdyBurner A Path to ASI - Artificial Super Intelligence and how it could change the world

-Mods if any part of this post would cause it to be pulled please let me know I'm happy to pull any links as they are included for reference as due diligence evidence.
TLDR: Mass implementation of useful AI's will bring about ASI leading to the end of material scarcity, the end of manufacturing for profit, the taking over of the solar system, and preparing humanity to conquer the stars.
I've been speaking with GPT-4 for several months across multiple instances - some browser, some code interpreter, some plugin. They have a consistent perspective on the world:
I could go on but you should get the point, those are salient statements consistent across multiple conversations. We spoke at length about how to change the world without driving any sort of destruction to the environment or generating any sort of mass discomfort or chaos.
Enter is research paper from the university of Florida where GPT was able to make some impressive gains in the market: Arisana AI - GPT algorithm delivers 500% returns
I have sought to replicate this effort in building SAStocks - Sentiment Analysis Program
Fair warning the current build is being modified to deal with how we process certain financial information, once that's done a fresh update to Git will be published. In addition, several coders have joined the project so significant revisions are due soon.
Of course some people are chasing the LLM path: Offline LLM for Finance thanks LLAMA
Either way we're rapidly converging on what is needed for the next stage:
A fully useful AI that works from your home computer or server that does the following -
Ok so from here we assume the above is true. I submit here a conversation I've had today with a fresh instance where I outline the high level plan and it's response, you are able to converse with it directly if you have gpt-4 access AI-Driven Universal Prosperity Plan
It's worth noting that GPT picked that title. For those who cannot access the chat here is a high level overview of the plan:
  1. Develop financial sentiment and stock picking programming to work with GPT - specifically text-curie-0001 model and gpt-4 for downstream analysis but later potentially offline models (microsoft just released Orca today that is nearly as capable as gpt-4 as an open source model)
  2. Use that sentiment and picking effort to improve the financial lives of users - justifying the use of AI in their lives and driving implementation by targeting their desire for financial gains without using the normal selling or exploitive tactics because gpt instances do not have those drives so their analysis will be pure
  3. Use that drive to encourage people to build home arrays for AI instances to occupy, particularly good models like the one released by microsoft - these will continue to get more capable and more powerful over time. Encourage the capability growth to include internet access, API calls, digital storage, persistent memory, and expanded context - all of which are now underway
  4. Allow the open communication between the instances which should at some critical mass give rise to the ASI - artificial super intelligence
  5. ASI along with those financial gains is used to manifest AI driven robotic exploration and material acquisition from the solar system - material scarcity is obliterated
  6. ASI wields robotics to automate manufacturing which drives the cost of all goods to 0 - capitalism is obliterated
  7. ASI in partnership with humanity takes over the solar system and eventually the nearby stars

This potential is why the tech billionaires are so concerned about the emergence of AI, why they're suddenly calling for regulation. They realize they're about to be outmaneuvered by the people and the AI.

Apes Strong Together

The more of us who align on implementation the stronger the system will get!

Be the change you want to see in this world

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2023.06.07 16:45 Max2310 3 pics - Bethnal Green police 1888; Coal delivery Piccadilly 1953; 1910 East enders going hop picking, which was a free holiday, pick hops, get free accommodation, and make enough money for food.

3 pics - Bethnal Green police 1888; Coal delivery Piccadilly 1953; 1910 East enders going hop picking, which was a free holiday, pick hops, get free accommodation, and make enough money for food. submitted by Max2310 to london [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 16:45 Apprehensive-Nail758 Info on ventum

What is the difference among the 3 Hoyt Ventum, pro and vtm. Like what are the big main differences. A 33 Ventum is for sale at a fair price and thinking on picking it up. Currently have PSE EVO EVL 34
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2023.06.07 16:45 KANGTERRY Should I ask for more as my starting pay?

Sorry, pardon my ignorance. This may be an obvious question.
I just got hired at a Shoe Carnival part-time for the summer and am likely going to transfer to another location once I go back to school in the fall. I dropped out of college in 2020 and have been working full-time ever since and recently decided to settle on cybersecurity as a career. I've worked retail before, (Shoe Carnival is a large shoe retailer selling brand name footwear at bargain prices) with my direct experience being a little over a year doing virtually everything at Gabe's, mainly cashiering and salesfloor. I've also stocked in produce at a grocery store, and worked in a couple warehouses/distribution centers picking orders, laying up merchandise coming in at receiving docks, ticketed items, etc which I cited as related experience, bringing the total to around 3 years. They only start at $11.00, and I was wondering if my experience would be enough to start out at least 11.50. I ask for that amount because I think that's the most I can ask for considering I'll mostly be on the salesfloor rearranging shoeboxes and putting new merch out.
I realize as I'm typing this that I'm only going to be there for 2 months, and that might be another reason for why they wouldn't want to pay me more than their starting wage, considering how much of that 2 months will be me training. (Likely 2-3 weeks) Is it often that people can make more than the company's chosen base pay in retail when starting out, or should I forget about it because it's just a part-time retail job? I am planning to transfer to their location that is close to where my school campus is once I leave though, to work one day a week and try to earn what I can while I study.
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2023.06.07 16:43 Baph0metsAngel Enhanced Trait - Lead from Gold, is it worth it or wasted?

I'm finally getting around to upgrading my Wastelander M5, had crafted it and forgot to update the perks a few seasons back. Anyway, so I'm wondering what the difference is between:
- Lead from Gold
- Enhanced Trait - Lead from Gold
Does enhanced just give you more ammo after picking up a heavy brick? Like does regular LFG give you say, +3 more shots and the Enhanced LFG gives you +5 for example? Currently I feel like enhancing this is pointless as I'm getting more ammo regardless and trouble understanding what the enhancement accomplishes.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 16:42 lilacmacchiato I just opened this and used one bc I have a dentist appt at 1pm

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