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2023.03.28 10:53 Background-Interview A Vent for No One

I am so tired of being the morale cheerleader and the shift coverer and the Mom and the Sous Chef and the myriad of other dumb shit. I would like for all of them to see me as the underpaid person I am. This isn’t an antiwork thing and it isn’t a Kitchenconfidential thing really. This is “I am a whole person that deserves a day off too” thing. Especially when I wasn’t promoted. I wasn’t given a title. I’m still the same KP they are. I’m just so tired and I want to be left alone.
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2023.03.17 18:14 Concerned_Friend338 Question for BOH

Reading on kitchenconfidential it seems that a lot of cooks are angry about servers making more money than them. Tried to ask them about this over there and my post got removed lol
Two questions
  1. Why do cooks care about how much money servers make, or how much money anyone makes if they knew their salary before starting the job?
  2. A lot of this anger seems to be rooted in the idea that serving is easier than cooking. If that's the case why don't any of these bitter cooks switch to serving? There's nothing stopping them especially in this job market
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2023.03.13 08:40 kookoobear Fast food supervisor for management experience?

A few years ago, I worked at a Panera bread. The management seemed like they were open to training me to manager if I asked for it, but I chickened out. Looking back it's funny because it's one of my biggest regrets.
I know pay isn't great but I'm already in my mid 30s and I've never been a manager before. I think it'd be a growing experience and make you more confident. Not the most prestigious thing of course but who cares.
Any comments or tips on this?
Also is it better in starting with something like McDonalds or Panera? I had a coworker who worked at both and said McDonalds is better because the product is A LOT simpler. IDK though, he seemed kinda bitter about the whole thing and liked to complain a lot.
Thanks kitchenconfidential
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2023.03.12 02:54 2dumb4python After many other tech-adjacent venture pitches, my friend has finally asked me if I can help his digital marketing firm with an NFT project and I'm about to lose it.

My background is in web development and programmatic art. I've shared my art with my friend many times because I'm proud of it and enjoy sharing what I do with people. Similarly, I've also shared my experience with web development with him. Unfortunately, it feels like sharing anything that even remotely hints that you "know how to computer" with someone that lives the hustle mindset is a terrible idea because it will always lead to the same place - cryptoshit.
My friend has always been a bit of an idea guy, and I don't think he will ever outgrow being one. He espouses the idea of business (as in the idea of making money doing functionally nothing) and everything about advertising; he studied digital marketing in college and has regularly shares his aspirations in developing advertising material that he feels inspires people to purchase products, a subject which I abhor in every ideological manner one could. As far as economic opinions go, we could not be further polar opposites. Regardless, he is still very much my friend, but this is a significant point of moral contention on my end within our relationship.
He's shared with me a handful of business ideas in attempts to get me onboard because he believes that I'm good enough with computers to run a business/startup. I'm certainly more computery than your average bear, but the prospect of running a business is beyond my scope of practice, and founding a startup as the only technical member is unthinkable for me. I've shared my reservations with him and amused his pitches with what little genuine advice I can because he's my friend and I wish him well, though it does wear on me. There's only so much uninformed aspiration a person can cope with before feeling tired by it. Not to too my own horn, but many of our conversations on the subject of businesses he'd like to develop seem to go something like this.
The other day, he asked me if I could help him and his digital advertising firm with an NFT project - he pitched the idea of generating procedural art NFTs as a part of a restaurants receipts, and providing one time "download codes" via QR code on the receipt for customers. This hurts me.
Could I make the art?
Yes, that's my hobby.
Could I write the code to mint NFTs?
Yes, given the time and resources.
Could I tie this into some kind of PoS?
Probably, again, given the time and resources.
But is it a decent idea that merits the effort?
Absolutely not, and I don't know if I have the heart to tell him that bluntly.
First and foremost, I must say that this isn't a new idea at all and it's and incredibly competitive space. I'm sure most of you have seen other ventures which tried to pair NFTs with real-world purchases or other various forms of receipts; it's not a novel idea which means that there's no competitive edge to the idea, making it difficult to pitch without empirical evidence to show in your pitch to clients. Just the other day I read "What is an NFT, and where can I eat one?" on kitchenconfidential. Many other marketing firms and standalone businesses and startups are already trying to get in on the NFT grift. Every large company that has ever managed to sucker themselves into the fallacy that NFTs were a commercially viable venture has already tried to offer them over the last 3 years, and every single one of them has failed miserably. Largely due to the competition and demonstrable failure of the venture, there is very little ground for anyone - let alone a fledgling firm comprised of juniors and outside amateurs - to successfully pitch NFTs as a viable commercial strategy for any business. Let alone fucking restaurants.
Competition aside, purely looking into the commercial viability of the move is alarming. NFTs cost money to make based purely on man hours involved in their creation, which is a large expense to take up for an unproven marketing strategy. NFTs also cost money each and every time you mint them, which is a continued expense that must be paid either upfront or in real time, and can be not-insignificant depending on the implementation and the circumstances (anywhere from cents to hundreds of dollars given implementation and demand). In practice, the expenses accrued in running any kind of NFT business strategy will be variable; this is very unappealing for business owners/clients because it means they will be difficult to expense and will have variable rates of return. The cost alone is a hard sell, but then we move onto returns and it gets scarier.
Why did practically every commercial NFT grift ever attempted fail miserably? People hate NFTs. Every fucking example of NFTs being presented to a consumer base shows that they're a commercial disaster that nobody fucking cares about. And even ignoring the commercial flop that they are, people hate NFTs. The idea of wasted computation and energy for the sake of shouting into the void that some illegible string of characters is "the owner" of some blob of code that spits out a URI to an ugly, uninspired, soulless JPEG is revolting to more people than not. People fucking hate NFTs. The negative sentiment regarding them alone could be enough to tank any business by reputation alone, and presenting that issue to someone chasing the pipe dream of making money off of other peoples' ideas years after the fact feels like a moot point. Nobody would buy this shit, and incorporating it into the cost of services is destined to fail due to its cost variability and the potential negative impact on the brand. Even if there were a commission on resale, there would realistically be no money coming in from this, and believe it or not, that's not a good thing for a digital marketing firm or a client business.
I love my friend. We've been through the shit together and arguably got through it because we were friends. I want the best for him, and I'd love nothing more than to be successful with him. But Jesus F. Christ, guys. I'm so sick of crypto grabbing a hold of people and rotting their brains. There is no world in which this idea works out, let alone with the two of us at the wheel. Not only are the market conditions of clientele and the assets, technical limitations of implementation, and the marketability of the idea terribly poor, there wouldn't even be any start up capital (!!!). Similarly to his other "ventures", there would be no seed money to even attempt doing this, which means nobody would get paid for their time (read: me and my time).
It's already a hard no, but I'm so sick of this. I'm sick of telling my friend that his ideas won't work (in much more polite wording). I'm sick of seeing people fantasizing about the monetization of everything forever. I'm sick of this delusion that's being sold to desperate people at the expense of their time and effort and real money. I hate crypto so goddamn much.
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2023.03.01 07:57 Batman-Sherlock In r/Kitchenconfidential.

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2023.03.01 06:07 dildusmaximus R.I.P Johnny. update post

I never expected my original post in kitchenconfidential about him to gain the traction it did. The outpour of love was moving, especially the long thread of 'heard' comments. I tear up just thinking about that. I appreciate all the comments and upvotes.
At the time, I was asked if the family had a gofundme, and they did not. With their permission, his friends have set one up in hopes that maybe we can help his family cover the funerary costs and any extras they might face in their time of grief. We wish to make it as easy on them as possible.
I know not everyone will donate, i hope you'll atleast share it or write some kind words for him. Anything and everything is immensely appreciated!
Much love and sincerest thanks!
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2023.02.26 06:52 Takeoffdpantsnjaket Chef didn't like the feedback from our guests

Had a two top come in tonight and they were those people that bitch about everything. App came out, no comment. Entree came out, no comment. Course three and suddenly they wanted to complain about everything received so far, saying their app was "stringy" and "over salted" and their entree was "cooked wrong." I happen to work at a very high end place with a very well known chef and a strong crew, and chef himself was on tonight so he had cooked the entree. Well, he didn't like being told he did wrong (because he didn't, that shit was phenomenal!) so he went to address the concerns with the customer directly. This is where this story becomes kitchenconfidential worthy.
Chef comes back and asks me about their app. "Did you season it?" "Yes, Chef." Did you taste it? "Of course, Chef, everytime. Tasted delicious to me, sir, and identical to every other one I sent out tonight." "OK, come on." He pulls my towel from my apron and and he proceeds to walk me through our very crowded dining room to the guest's table, his hand on my shoulder the whole way. The wife looks up and sees us, drops her fork, then immediately puts her hand over her mouth, eyes big as silver dollars, obviously fearful her husband had cost me my job "This is the person that prepared your dish. You didn't like it? Perhaps you can teach him to do better." They said not a single damn word. He eyeballed them for about 10 seconds in an awesomely awkward silence, then looks at me and says "do better next time, yeah?" to which I reply "Of course, Chef, thank you. I'll try my best to improve," and he send me back to the kitchen. The husband wasn't very impressed with us poking fun while showing him there are consequences to complaints and that if you're an asshole trying to get a free five star meal you may cost a professional their job in doing so. That wife tho, well I'm sure they'll be talking about this one for a long while!
I fucking love my job... and also fuck all those people with a four foot soup paddle. That shit was on point.
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2023.02.13 18:28 gelatomancer Shamelessly stolen from r/kitchenconfidential

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2022.12.14 18:36 Cyborg_Huey Sioux Chef Needed (found in r/kitchenconfidential

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2022.12.12 18:37 heaneyman Serendipitous

Started watching the show in the last year, a few things have made me think wow.
  1. I've always loved Rush and was already subbed to rush so Krieger's vans, perfect.
  2. Couldn't shake the H Jon B. as Bob Belcher because I'd only heard that voice, for ages...so the Fuge and Riffs episode cured that...Mind blown.
  3. Same culinary vein, 'Bastard Chef'...Anthony Bourdain a big influence and being subbed to kitchenconfidential before this, perfect. (ArcheRandy definitely wants to change career...)
  4. 'DOM'...fuck me that's a blast from the past.
Thanks for listening
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2022.12.07 16:42 checkmateitaly Pay for training

Kind of a dumb question but i had an interview and the interviewer told me that for the position i need to train a couple of days and i should pay about 40$. Mind that i tried to apply directly as a cook not a dishie or other position that requires less knowledge so i guess it's fine but ive read that normally i shouldn't pay this so I'm kinda worried. I live in eastern europe if that means anything. What do yall think, Kitchenconfidential ?
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2022.12.02 21:24 cabbage5545 What do you do to avoid burnout in the kitchen.

I typed “how to avoid burnout” into YouTube and was bombarded with dumb advice from entrepreneucontent creator types that I just could not relate to. So kitchenconfidential , what do you do to avoid burnout?
Context: I work about 60 hweek (I’m salary) as the chef in a fancy-casual restaurant inside a high end clothing department store. It’s corporate, and while it’s not my absolute dream job, they treat me pretty well, the menu is decent, and I have full benefits. I’m pretty happy there overall, but sometimes the lack of creative input and the corporate structure makes me feel like I’m selling out myself and my craft for the magic compounding interest of a matched 401k. On the other hand, I can actually see cooking as a viable long term career path for the first time in 12 years in the industry.
Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I wonder what the point is. Sometimes I wish I had a window to look out. Sometimes I’m happy to just be laughing at some dumb joke a line cook made.
Since I don’t have any input on the menu and general direction of the restaurant, one thing that I’ve found a lot of joy in is helping my crew develop their cooking skills. It makes me happy to hire younger people with experience mostly in pizza and fast food and help them grow into cooks with a diversity of skills.
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2022.11.24 16:45 Harvey404 r/Kitchenconfidential taken from there.

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2022.11.14 07:10 bradley_magnificent I made a post on r/kitchenconfidential to request that people indicate on the menu when there are onions in the dish and someone reported me to reddit cares

Lol https://www.reddit.com/KitchenConfidential/comments/yuoz35/a_personal_request_to_all_menu_makers_if_this_is/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button
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2022.11.10 21:14 Neet-Neet-Delete Lending knives, Yay or Nay?

Lending Knives, Yay or nay?
Sup folks, Me here.
TLDR up front: Do I lend out my knives to my colleagues or no?
So I started in the kitchen bout half a year ago, and I’m loving it. But even before I started in the kitchen I worked a lot with knives and sharp tools, and such knew how to maintain and sharpen knives and the like, and now that I work in the kitchen I’ve become even better at it, such that my knives are some of the sharpest in the kitchen where I work.
I also have several colleagues who don’t know how to maintain their knives well, I don’t even know how you can blunt a global unless you intend too. But despite offers to teach them how to sharpen a knife or telling the chef I can give a small class on it, none of em want to learn, but they do want to borrow my knives, and then I get them back dirty, dulled or once even chipped.
Do I put my foot down and refuse to lend my knives?, do I buy a cheap beater knife to lend?, or do I just keep lending em out to not seem like a jackass?.
Note, the knives I use aren’t high range Japanese or hand made by a master smith. the most expensive one is my limited edition Damascus Sabatier chefs knife.
(I also posted this on kitchenconfidential, I just really want an outside opinion)
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2022.10.24 04:32 Brick90 is there subreddit for gas station attendants similar to r/kitchenconfidential

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2022.10.04 06:57 WildSoapbox Haven't been around lately chefs, but I am still kicking it. This meme got removed from r/kitchenconfidential, so I'll leave it here

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2022.09.13 18:51 NoIamNotSwedish DDoS protection???

DDoS protection???
We're gonna run a dedicated server for our Minecraft network, thought aboutTCPShield or OPNsense, can anyone recommend something?
EDIT: I've noticed but i can explain, I joined this subreddit in a hurry and this was the first thing i saw:
thats reddit catfishing
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2022.09.12 00:12 lodav22 Ragebait anyone? Not even that believable given the current popularity of the r/antiwork and r/kitchenconfidential subs. Ugh.

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2022.09.10 02:35 Elfere What's the going rate for a prep/cook at a fancy place like the Hilton these days?

I was outta the game for 10 years. Just got back on the horse. I had a shit minimum wage (15$h) At a busy lake side place for a month before asking for what I'm worth.
Just secured a job at a place (like a 6 chain small town place - ) for 17.75h + tips day time shifts only (at my request)
So. What does a hotel like the Hilton have to offer me? Did I already luck out with the smaller place that's willing to work with my hours?
I'm sure it would be more glamorous at the Hilton. But I doubt I'd be anything other then another employee.
It kinda sounds like Ive already made up my mind. But I'm curious to know kitchenconfidential's take on this.
Feel free to ask me questions. I'm in Canada.
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