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Dance Moms Season 6 Full Episodes

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This is the one and only subreddit for the UK show Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison! I noticed that there was a subreddit for Dance MOMS but not Dance MUMS, so here we are! :D

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Whether you're a die hard fan or it's just your guilty pleasure, this is the unofficial subreddit for the TV show Dance Moms. Just remember, "Everyone's replaceable!"

2023.06.07 18:42 DemNikoArt ⚡ SPARK MANDRILL HERO SHOT ⚡ Here is now the full body reveal of Spark Mandrill. MAVERICKS Episode IV launching June 9th on my YouTube!

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2023.06.07 18:41 atomicheart99 King of England attempts the ‘Full Monty’ dance

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2023.06.07 18:39 erinberrypie Question about SSDI

I'm currently working full-time and have been at the same company for 10 years. But it gets harder and harder every year. I use up every sick day, vaca day, and unpaid days due to episodes. Some days I come in, shut my door, and just cry. Some days I lie and say there's a family emergency just so I can be horribly depressed or erratic without losing my job.
Would I even be able to apply if I'm currently working? Ideally, I would like to work way less (part-time of some sort) and collect SSDI to balance out the smaller paychecks. I cannot financially afford to quit my job entirely without foreclosing on my home.
I have years of history battling "depression" (which was just misdiagnosed bipolar), a confirmed bipolar diagnosis, I see a psychiatrist, I'm on the meds, and I regularly see a therapist. It's all documented. I just don't know if it's even possible in my circumstance and I can't find a great source with credible answers. Does anyone have any insight that might help? Or at least let the dream die so I can stop clinging to false hope, lol.
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2023.06.07 18:36 spidergwen16 my life was ruined

A man followed and ran after me one night two months ago and since that night when no one believed me my life has been ruined. The only thing I had close to family before was my best friend and her mom who I lived with but when I had a mental episode it was “too much for them” and all it seems like is them abandoning me again like everyone else in my life. They kicked me out after returning from psychiatric ward like I couldn’t even be there that night. and made me live with my boyfriend after making me pay like 150 for rent when I never payed before bc I was supposed to be like family. Now I have to live with my bf and pay rent here but I feel so suffocated. I can’t leave the house bc I can’t drive I don’t know how and I can’t afford it I don’t have a job yet and I’m in the city idk how I will even work when I am terrified of public transportation anywhere let alone TAMPA. Now I’m 40 mins away from where I used to live and the people I lived with before offered to help move stuff but hasn’t done shit. It makes me hate my old best friend because she was the reason I had to leave. She said I was scaring her so ever since then I have stopped caring about my old best friend. I’m so mad I don’t want to see any of them ever again. I can never go back to my old area and they made me lose all my fucking friends. I hate my bf my old best friend and her family and I have no one here. I have never been more alone. None of them have ever respected me honestly. I’m so tired of this shit. I will never speak to them again once all my stuff is moved out.
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2023.06.07 18:34 MidwestMedic18 Rental Car Accident

I’m posting this on behalf of my mom, who is not on Reddit and in her 60s. Any advice would be helpful. We are based in Minnesota
My mom rented a car through a large rental firm because the alternator went out on her car. It was a 3-day rental. She was the only authorized driver. On the second day, she was in the rental car with my 20 year old brother driving and they were sideswiped by an unlicensed uninsured motorist in a borrowed car. The rental is certainly damaged but not horribly. There’s some deep body scratches and one of the door handles was damaged. In Minnesota, insurance has to cover a rental so most people don’t do add on insurance. Both my mom and brother have full coverage through USAA.
My mom understands that her agreement with enterprise would be void due to an unauthorized driver. She is wondering if her auto insurance could also deny the claim and / or drop her. They’re good drivers. Handful of accidents. One was an animal though which is a little different.
Any help would be great. Thank you
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2023.06.07 18:33 -TerrificTerror- On todays episode or absurd fights other moms pick;

Today, while picking up my children from school, I got to chatting about diet and picky eaters.
I mentioned my 3 year old never wants to eat her vegetables but loves soup and that I now make (fresh) soup everyday and we all have a bowl a bit before dinner. That way she gets her vegetables in, I don't have to push her, cause fights and potentially cause her to resent me/vegetables or food in general. Winwin, right?


According to one mom who happened to be in earshot. (She was not included in the conversation.) It is absolutely dispicable that I trick my child in to eating her vegetables. Apparantly, since she didn't consent, I am violating my child and I should not be a parent.
I laughed (rude, I know) and asked her if forcing my children to brush their teeth is also violating them, since they hate doing so.
She. Said. Yes.
When asked if not forcing them to adhere to basic hygienerules would be considered neglect, she huffed and stormed off.
What is the most absurd thing another parent has said to you?
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2023.06.07 18:32 GhostOfSorabji "Who Said?" — a fun game for all the family — and a challenge for this sub

As a divertissement from watching the many YT vids debunking FE from such fine contributors such as FTFE, MC Toon, PlanarWalk et al, I thought of a new fun game for all the family. It's called "Who Said?"
Essentially, you use ChatGPT to answer the prompt, "Write a debunking of the flat earth in the style of..." and add in a person of your choice, the idea being for your fellow game players to try and identify the person you chose.
For example, "Write a debunking of the flat earth is the style of William Shakespeare" leads to the following example:
Hark, fair audience, lend me your ears, For I shall now dispel your fears. The tale of a flat Earth, so wildly told, Shall be debunked, its falsehoods bold.
O, misguided souls, who question roundness, I beseech thee, embrace the truth's fullness. Let reason guide your intellect's might, And banish darkness with knowledge's light.
Imagine, if thou wilt, a vast expanse, A sphere suspended in cosmic dance. The Earth, a globe, round and true, A fact supported by evidence anew.
From ancient times, mariners set sail, Their journeys guided by a curved trail. The horizon, a gentle curve they'd see, Not a straight edge, as thou would decree.
When ships sail forth and disappear, 'Tis not due to some unseen frontier. Nay, 'tis the Earth's curvature profound, That makes them vanish, out of sight and sound.
Look to the heavens, O doubting minds, The celestial bodies, their movement finds, A path that's round, a cosmic design, A harmony, celestial and divine.
The moon, a faithful companion above, Shows its phases, a celestial love. If Earth were flat, how could we explain, The changing face it shows, waxing and wane?
The sun, our radiant source of light, Rises and sets, in a glorious flight. Its rays, spreading across the Earth's span, Illuminate different lands, woman and man.
And what of gravity, that unseen force, Which keeps us grounded, our feet on course? On a flat Earth, its workings are not sound, For objects would fall off, unbound.
But I shall not rest on science's plea, For there's more to debunk this fallacy. The journeys we take, from land to land, Would be much different, if Earth were bland.
In a round world, we fly, to traverse, From one side to another, in our diverse. If Earth were flat, this feat we'd not achieve, No flights afar, no lands to perceive.
So, let not thy mind be fooled by deceit, By the flat Earth's proponents, incomplete. For the evidence speaks with resounding tone, A spherical Earth, the truth to be known.
In conclusion, dear audience, be wise, The Earth, a globe, beneath vast skies. Embrace the knowledge, let thy doubts unfurl, And bid farewell to the notion of a flat world.
Another example and one I shall leave as an exercise for readers to identify. For the first person to correctly identify the person used to generate this response, I shall grant a Gold Award:
Scene: A cosy living room. A fireplace crackles softly in the background. Sir Reginald, a distinguished gentleman in his sixties, sits in an armchair reading a newspaper. Lady Prudence, his witty and astute wife, stands by the window, peering out at the night sky.
Sir Reginald: (raising an eyebrow) Prudence, my dear, what seems to be capturing your attention out there? Is it another one of those celestial phenomena?
Lady Prudence: (with a wry smile) Oh, Reginald, it's not a celestial wonder that has piqued my interest tonight. It's the absurd notion that our Earth, the very ground beneath our feet, is supposedly as flat as a pancake!
Sir Reginald: (chuckles) Surely you jest, my love! This flat earth fiasco has gained quite the following, I hear. But how can anyone, with even an ounce of sense, believe such a preposterous idea?
Lady Prudence: (leans against the window sill) Ah, Reginald, the human mind is an astonishingly peculiar thing. Some individuals, bless their misguided souls, have taken leave of their senses and embarked on a journey of misplaced skepticism. They contend that the Earth is not a magnificent globe but instead a flat plane. Can you fathom the audacity?
Sir Reginald: (smirking) I'm inclined to believe this is merely a jest, Prudence. A humorous prank designed to challenge our intellects.
Lady Prudence: (shaking her head) I wish it were so, my dear, but these flat earthers are as serious as can be. They propose that the curvature of the Earth is an elaborate deception, orchestrated by governments, scientists, and even the humble sailors who traverse the seas. Can you imagine the dedication required for such a conspiracy?
Sir Reginald: (laughing heartily) Dedication indeed! One must admire their tenacity, if nothing else. But surely, Prudence, there is irrefutable evidence to quash this notion once and for all?
Lady Prudence: (pensively) Ah, my dear Reginald, science has gifted us with an abundance of knowledge about our Earth's shape, from the simple observations of our ancient explorers to the complex calculations of our modern-day astronomers. The Earth is indisputably round, a magnificent sphere suspended in the cosmos. The curvature can be witnessed firsthand from the deck of a ship or through the simple act of watching the sun sink below the horizon.
Sir Reginald: (nodding) Quite right, Prudence! And what of the countless satellite images that depict our beautiful planet, adorned with swirls of clouds, vast oceans, and majestic landmasses? Are we to believe that these images are all part of a grand illusion?
Lady Prudence: (smiling) The audacity of such a notion is truly staggering, Reginald. Our esteemed scientists, who have spent their lives unraveling the mysteries of the universe, would surely have blown the whistle on such an elaborate charade. The notion of a flat Earth, my dear, is akin to believing that the moon is made of cheese or that cats possess nine lives.
Sir Reginald: (chuckles) Prudence, my love, you have an unparalleled way with words. Your logic and wit never fail to amaze me.
Lady Prudence: (curtsying playfully) And you, dear Reginald, always know how to make me blush. But let us not waste another moment pondering these misguided theories. There are celestial wonders to explore, discoveries to be made, and, of course, a delightful pot of tea waiting for us.
(They share a warm smile, and as they exit the room arm in arm, the crackling fireplace fills the space with a comforting glow, leaving the flat Earth notion far behind.)
Curtain falls.
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2023.06.07 18:31 Sweetcreature_hs Ending Episodes for TMKOC that we all deserve Part 2

Before reading this, please first read Part 1, above 👆 is the link for part 1.
Guys this is a Part 2. I tried writing ending episodes for the show which we grew up watching. This ending is the ending which we all deserve and something that would satisfy us to the core.
Ok let's continue.
Jethalal gets emotional and doesn't wait for her to finish her aarti and doesn't care about the society members standing around. He just calls out Daya loudly and sprints to hug her. And then the whole society meets her.
After everyone meets her Jethalal asks Daya with tear in his eyes, "Daya, ab tu mujhe chodke kahi mat jana." To which Daya replies with a smile, "Kabhi nai jaungi ab tapu ke papa. Mai yahi aapke saath hi rahungi," looking at the society members she says, "Aap sab ke saath." And starts giggling.
Jethalal is still not sure about her answer and needs a proper confirmation so he asks in a more firm and strong voice, "Dekho Daya me ab yaha kisi majak ke mood me nahi hu, itne samay baad tu mere samne yaha sacchi me ese khadi hai. Mujhe mere aankhon pe yakin nai aarha hai. Mujse vaada kar, tu Pomise kar mujhe abhi ke abhi ki tu yahi mere saath rahegi aur kahi nahi jaaegi ab. Pomise?"
Daya smiles and assures her Tapu ke Papa by saying, "Ha Tapu ke Papa Ha, Pomise hai, Pakka Pomise. Mujhe maaf karna Tapu ke Papa aapko, Bapuji ko aur Tapu ko itne samay mere bina ese rehna pada. Mai ab aapke saath hi rahungi hamesha. Vaada hai aapse."
Jethalal nods with a huge smile after hearing her assurance and then Daya takes blessings from Bapuji and then hugs Tapu.
Then some more dialogue exchange happens with the society members and mahila mandal.
Then they also show Daya's maa' personality and Jethalal tells Daya's maa, "Bhale hi aap agar chahe toh aap yaha, is society me, aapki beti ke saath rahiye par me meri Daya ko mujse ab dur nai rakhunga, sasuma."
Daya's maa smile and says, "Arree Phaphde, tu mujhe kyu idhar rukha raha hai,?"
Jethalal asks with confusion looking at Daya, "Phapde ?"
Daya replies with a guilty face, "Vo.. Ma ne.. apka naya naam rakha hai. Vo aapko Phaphda Jalebi bhot pasand hai na. Islie. Phaphde."
Jethalal nods as he knows how Daya's Maa is.
Daya's maa continuous, " Aree Phaphde, Sundar aur mai Daya ko yahi Gokuldham society chodne aaye the. Ab hum vaapas humare raaste, humare ghar, Uhmmdabad jaenge."
Jethalal nods with a big smile and satisfaction in his heart because he gets his confirmation that his Daya is going to stay with him, right where he is, in the Gokuldham society. Their home.
Everyone laughs and starts talking with each other.
And then we see Sonu and Tapu smiling at each other while staring in eachother's eyes. Now as everyone in the society is busy talking to each other. No one notices them. They quietly hold each other's hand and look at their society, their home. And looks at the Krishna kanhaiya's murti at the top of the building, teasing us, to the start of their new relationship, a relationship which is being more than just friends. A relationship that Bhide will probably not stand and won't agree but maybe in the future accept them together with Madhavi convincing him.
Then Daya shouts with a huge smile, " Toh chalo is baat pe ek garba hojaye!"
"Hajae!" Everyone shouts in a sync.
And then everyone starts doing garba.
Then camera zooms out of the society and shows the garden and Krishna bhagwan mandir and then zooms out of there again. And the camera comes out of the main gate as the main gate closes with THE END.
Then we see Shailesh (Our Original Taarak's) outro monologue.
Then the show ends with the same song with Taarak mehta's full cast recreating the same video they created years ago when the show started.
This is it. I hope I didn't make it cringe or super cheesy, lol. I tried writing it as close to original as possible. And tried keeping their personality as original as possible.
I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading it till here.
And I really hope Asit Modi consider giving us the proper ending that we all deserve and would satisfy us.
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2023.06.07 18:29 realitytvshowaddict Grandparents refuse to move out of house but are declining rapidly

My grandparents (in their mid-80s) have been rapidly declining in their health for the past year now, but refuse to move out of their house that my mom and aunt both grew up in over 40 years ago. The problem is that both of them can barely walk and their cognitive abilities are slowing down.
Last weekend, my grandmother fell down the stairs after trying to do laundry. We just found out yesterday that she will need hip replacement surgery. My grandfather has pretty much become a child in his later years and can’t take care of himself: he depends on her to feed him. Now that she’s having this surgery, who knows how they will manage to live in this house.
Although my mom and I live about 20 minutes from them, we both work full time and can’t take care of them 24/7. My aunt and cousin live about an hour and a half away, and can’t commute all the time to take care of them either. The easiest solution is for them to move to an assisted living facility, but both refuse to move for irrational reasons.
All of us (me, mom, aunt and cousin) acknowledge that they need to move, but I think some of them are hesitant about making the decision of moving them out due to fear that my grandparents feelings will be hurt. But at this point, we realize it doesn’t matter if we hurt their feelings, it’s more we are genuinely worried about their safety.
How can we convince my grandparents to consider an assisted living facility. I hate to see my mom so stressed, and seeing how my aunt has drive out here all the time due to them having multiple medical issues it’s not fair to her either. My mom has told my grandparents this, but they don’t seem to care.
Any advice would be great
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2023.06.07 18:29 Master-Protection-29 20+ year old vengeful pettiness comes to fruition.

A few months ago I got a call from my very distressed and angry godson, his piece of shit mother and wife have conspired to hide wife's cheating and attempted theft of estate and heirlooms.
Quick back story: I introduced Godsons parents without knowing at the time mom was a gold digging narcissistic monster. Parents had a extremely ugly and long divorce. When godson turned 18 and divorce was still on going father removed himself from his family's multi generational estate/trust to transfer all of it including house to godson. As a xmas/Hanukkah present godson served both parents with eviction notice, fathers envelop also had a rental agreement. Within a few months parents divorce was finalized and both father and godson were no contract with Momster. Due to her deplorable treatment of godson I'm was already no contract with Momster.
After godson vented about learning momster and stbx wife had been attempting to access the safety deposit boxes at banks, and safes within home with the intention of stealing contents. The final straw was wife's flavor of the week along with the vile pair of women were trying to cut into a safe when godson got home with their child she forgotto pick up. Wife and co-conspirators were so involved with the safe break in, child was forgotten and godson was called by school to pickup child.
Godson had a hinkling of wife's infidelity beforehand and had security cameras footage in home and the doors cameras were backuped to estate lawyers, godson was in the process of drawing up divorce papers due to infidelity and was waiting for the more proof because godson wanted full custody of their child. Now his child is still a minor but of the age to choose which parent they want to live with, and wants to stay with godson and in the home. Wife gets absolutely no monetary compensation due to infidelity as the very detailed prenuptial detailed. Stbx is pissed to say the least, and is trying all the dirty games momster tried all those years ago plus new games. Godson is heartbroken because he truly loves stbx and parents divorce really affected him. He never wanted a repeat of his parents divorce and didn't want his child to experience what he did.
Durning one of out last calls godson is venting about the newest manipulation of stbx and momster, and his and childs heartbreak, yes they are both in joint and individual therapy. I remembered something about his parents divorce, a little clause I mentioned to father to add to divorce decree. I never read their papers and am not sure if my little petty addition was actually added. I mention to Godson to ask lawyers to research momsters divorce papers for a 'conspiracy against estate', or something like that.
I received a text from godson "Is this your vengeful petty addition?" Followed with a image full of legalese and momsters signature at end of paragraph. The legalese basically stating any involvement to aquire trust/estate assets will nullify any and all previously incurred monetary compensation received by plantiff And all monetary compensation will be refunded to trust/estate with interest at market value. snicker snicker, I really am a vindictive and protective godmom
I texted back "Bwhahaha..... yup, happy your father was pissed enough to add my pettiness."
Yes, momster got alimony, and yes she agreed to the stipulation. So, yes momsters involvement in the attempted theft has caused her to lose alimony ,and now MUST repay all alimony with interest.
I was petty vengeful even then, cooler minds(father and lawyers )prevailed and didn't allow me to car compactor all her belongings into a big cube, so I wanted to get her where she would feel it most. And I'm shocked godsons big teddybear of a father really followed through with my addition to the divorce decree.
Momster is now crying about her son stealing from her, stbx isn't fighting the divorce or child custody. And godson and grand-godson are planning a summer world tour on momsters dime. Finally, a new and updated 'vengeful petty clause' is being added to the new divorce papers.
Don't hurt my godsons, or I'll come after you. Stbx email is being bombed with spam mail, thank from me. Whenever is see a email sign-up for free information I use hers. It's a little pettiness, and absolutely entertaining for me.
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2023.06.07 18:28 beeemkcl It's worth noting that Maeve, Ola, and Ruby actually pursue Otis and that's really why each of these relationships truly began.

- Maeve in SE 1.01 bonds with Otis over their 'social pariah status', Maeve is affected by Otis's 'sex therapy' advice to Adam, Maeve learns from Aimee that Otis's advice works, and then somehow (I consider pheromones the possibly reason) Otis knows Maeve's looking him and she waves to him and he waves back. At the end of the episode, she literally approaches him with the Sex Clinic business plan. But she also flirts with him.
Maeve in SE 1.02 ensures Otis knows that Jackson isn't her boyfriend and that Maeve/Jackson were merely having sex.
I reason Maeve during the Pool Scene in SE 1.04 was trying to ascertain whether Otis was interested in being her boyfriend. She pushes him in the pool. She seemed to intend for theirs to leave the pool together--whether she was going to try to kiss him after brushing his eyebrows is an open question--and thus the school would literally see them dripping wet together.
Maeve in SE 1.05 tries to kiss Otis.
Maeve in SE 1.07 tries to get Otis to ask her to the dance. After Otis's Speech on unrequited love, Maeve goes to find Otis and clearly wants to talk about Otis/Maeve with him.
Maeve in SE 1.08 after the trophy/letter gesture from Otis, rushes to his house to literally be with him.
Maeve in SE 2.04 effectively tells Otis she's in love with him and that she wants him to lose his virginity to her and not Ola.
- Ola in SE 1.06 literally asks Otis out. In SE 1.07, she strongly hints to Otis that she wants him to ask her to the dance.
- It's implied that Ruby in SE 2.06 after Otis's Speech and Maeve's leaving danced with Otis. Ruby had sex with Otis. I reason Ruby in SE 2.07 spread the news that Otis had slept with her. Ruby in SE 2.07 gets Otis to hang out with her for several hours even getting him to leave school early.
Ruby in the SE 3.01 flashback grabs Otis and has sex with him. Ruby at the end of SE 3.01 waits for Otis by the bike racks, tells him they should "keep seeing each other, because, you know, [she] likes having sex with [him]", and she gets him to make out with her in public. She does this intending for the school to see Otis/Ruby.
Ruby at the end of SE 3.02 asks Otis if he wants to be her boyfriend.
Ruby in SE 3.03 tells Otis, "I love you."
Otis Milburn is physically attracted to Maeve Wiley, Ola Nyman, and Ruby Matthews. But he doesn't really pursue any of them until after they pursue him.
Otis in SE 1.02 wears his nicest shirt and put on aftershave, but Eric Effiong had to pretty much force him to go to Aimee's party. And Maeve had invited Otis and Eric to the party.
Eric in SE 1.03 convinces Otis that Maeve asked Otis on a date.
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2023.06.07 18:28 Efficient_Sand_7341 What Is A Woman got 175 million views. Tucker's first episode has 20 million views in just four hours. We're watching as Twitter becomes a legitimate platform to watch not just short clips but full monologues, shows and even films. Absolute game changer. Huge win for free speech.

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2023.06.07 18:28 David_13710 My complaint with Season 3, showing less and will never telling

I don’t know if anyone else had an issue with since the start of season 3 there was clearly a lot to unpack that we never got to see, Roy and Keeley breaking up is a clear example, if it was even shown in the first episode of the season, it would give Keeleys ‘independence’ story a lot more ground and give Roy’s bond growth with Jamie only more meaningful.
Ted Lasso as a show is built on the depth put into characters actions by their conversations and choices, even John Obi-Wan Gandalf says in the show which is quoted by Ted. “It’s our choices Gentlemen, that show who we are far more than our abilities”
Moments of choice and conversation were never given, the team deciding they want Nate back, Nate returning and the awkwardness surrounding it, the team being told Ted is leaving. All of these moments, while may feel repetitive of seasons 1 and 2, you shouldn’t leave out a show that’s built on facing unknown. “A challenge is an awful lot like riding a horse, if you’re comfortable while doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong”
What I loved about season 1 and 2 was that the episodes were more concise meaning when they needed drama and impactful scenes they took the time and put in the effort. Season 3 while still enjoyable as a show felt distant from the two prior and at times felt it didn’t know where to go and only had tunnel vision on the finale and had to put 11 more episodes in so they just squashed in whatever they could to meet all audiences.
I don’t know if this is common consensus but I just wish we saw those conversations, those debates, the awkwardness, more than the football or love interests but development on our characters full growth rather than sideline it or make it happen off camera.
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2023.06.07 18:28 No-Lack-7038 Home based pet treat business in Sg

Hi, I am a fresh grad working a full time design/marketing job now but I’m always interested in starting my own small business.
Recently I have been thinking about starting a home based pet treat business to earn some side income and hopefully make it into a side hustle job for my mom to do at home since she have retired.
However, I don’t really know if there is any requirement or things that I should look out for. So if you have any experience and advice please share with meeeee! 🙏🏼
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2023.06.07 18:24 cieloazzuro90 My conspiracy on kylie and Jordan / Tristan drama and also her relationship with stas

Okay listen. I just saw someone's comment in this sub regarding stas and Kylie and I can't help but think she is definitely lesbian. But my personal opinion is stas is not. Let me explain my thoughts. I recently watched life of Kylie and thought it was so apparent that she wanted more from Jordan. I don't know if they were really together or she was just hopeless in love with Jordan but there was definitely more than friendship. So you remember the episode when she wanted to marry Jordan and kris was like what do you mean, are you lesbian? Of course she didn't say yes. But I felt like it was an attempt to finally make it official with Jordan because Jordan didn't want to be kept a secret any more. Maybe kylie didn't make it official after all because she knew her mother wouldn't approve. Or maybe Kris just threatened her not to lol Also you can even see during life of Kylie that kris tried to get Jordan away from Kylie. Before I saw the show I thought that she just wanted to get her away from Kylie because she wanted full control of her daughter and didn't want her to be influenced by anyone else e.g. her best friend. But now after I saw the show I absolutely think that kris tried to get rid of jordan because she didn't want her daughter to be with her! Of course she would not approve of that relationship. Now rewind to the Jordan Tristan drama. We have heard from several people that Tristan was not with khloe at the time. Also we know that he had been cheating on her with numerous girls anyway. ain't no way it hurt Khloe's feelings because of a kiss when he was capable of way worse lol The whole thing was just made way bigger than it actually was. Only to destroy Jordan and control kylie. Poor Jordan! So now I'm wondering maybe they made this whole thing public only to force Kylie to leave Jordan! And also to show Jordan not to mess with them because they could easily destroy her! It wasn't about Tristan nor khloe at all. It was only about Kylie.
Anyway back to stas. I cannot unsee that Kylie is probably in love with her lol and stas being a social climber would do anything for money so she'd act like a lesbian for her but deep down she's just not in love with kylie so the relationship could never be fulfilling for kylie if stas doesn't truly love her. She's being used for money. Let me know what you guys think.
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2023.06.07 18:24 kath3rineln Becoming a step-parent - YOUR EXPERIENCE?

In a couple months I'm getting married to a widower with an 8 y.o. who wasn't yet 2 when mom died. I guess I'm looking for recommended resources or your experience in this situation that could help me as I step into this new role of parent, but more so as CO-parent. What I mean is, how do I properly JOIN my new husband in the parenting arena. I asked him previously if he was ready to let go of the full control he's had over parenting and he said he was, but I still want to tread carefully so as not to have him feel undermined by my own ideas and approaches. I want to have another conversation with him about this but I'd appreciate hearing from others with experience first so I can make it a productive conversation. THANKS!
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2023.06.07 18:23 Efficient_Sand_7341 What Is A Woman got 175 million views. Tucker's first episode has 20 million views in just four hours. We're watching as Twitter becomes a legitimate platform to watch not just short clips but full monologues, shows and even films. Absolute game changer. Huge win for free speech.

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2023.06.07 18:22 Particular-Shape1576 Had a son with foreign GF - need to move back to USA in the next 18 months.

Hi, I'm an US citizen. My foreign gf and I had a son, he is already a citizen since i did a CRBA.
My son(7 months old) was born with a serious condition which needs several procedures, one being a surgery at age between 2-4, which i intend to be done by a specialist in Texas.. I didnt marry my gf yet (definitely planning to) due to possible immigration issues (gc delay / uscis timing not match my kids health needs).
Should I marry her in a foreign country then apply and wait for a GC? Or should I move back to the US, she enters as a visitor and then we get married there? Would that be problematic immigration-wise ? (Entering the country with a status but with an intent of marrying).
It is not important to get her a working permit or anything like that, since she is a full time mom.
Any ideas on how to proceed?
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2023.06.07 18:22 DoubleElk9934 I think i became a monster please read i know its a (BIG Story) i need feedback.

Hello everyone. I think im turning into a monster everyday. I am a male (teenager). I think im not ok and not normal. To begin with, i had a normal, fun experience at Kindergarten. It was fun. I didn't understand a word, everything was fun and games, i was a kid. At primary school, i got my "traumas"or bad experiences. My mom told me to work hard (i was six years old) and study hard. I was getting the best grades, and i had girls. Everyone loved me unconditionally, i had friends, peers etc. This continued for the first two years. At the following years of primary school, i would have the consciousness, to hear, understand and mimic my parents behaviour. My parents were toxic. My dad would always curse at my mom and say her words like : btch, he, lesbîan, stupid etc. He was clearly abusive and when under pressure, he would give my mom slaps and beat her ( not so badly ). He would also make racist comments about my mom. Dont blame my younger self but, i adopted this bad vocabulary to my mom and family. My dad was never there, when i needed him. I recently learned, he was abused by a gang of three, when he was 8 years old. He never got through it (trauma). My mom was strict, had always an angry expression to the slightest misbehavior. She would tell me to be a nerd. She would punish me for not cleaning my room, with a whopping punishment. When i didn't feel like showering, she wouldn't let me sleep as a punishment. (She was on my room for the whole night singing loud nonsense, just because i didn't shower. So the next years at primary school, i didnt have friends. I was just speaking with another nerdy boy. The last two years of primary school, were BULLYING years. My worst period. My mom was from the same country as my bullies mom. So they had been somehow friends. My mom would tell me to bring my bully to my home. I explained to her that he was clearly a BULLY. He bullied me for my body. She never took me seriously. My bully was well behaving at my home, and my mom was giving him consumables (food). When he would go to his home, the food my mom gave him, would be thrown away. Imagine how painful it would be, bringing your Bully to your house ! When my mom realised that i got traumatized of this, she cried and apologized, and told me that she wants me to be thriving. I had ( and still have growing rage ) for my bully. So i confronted him. I told him that he ruined my life. He immediately responded. - "i like ruining your life". Omg! I got stunned by such an answer. My already introverted self would meet the quarantine of Covid-19 pandemic. It lasted for about two years. These two years my parents poisoned me mentally. They brainwashed me more into the idea of going out is bad. They already told me to never get out to socialize, but now they had a reason. I never had friends. These two years, i never got out ! Ok, i got out 1,2 or 3 times for just 5 minutes. Every kid, didn't give a fck about Covid-19, and would go outside and have fun with friends, while i was sitting home, seeing my mom being abused. She was so miserable, when she was wrong, she would always remind me that she stayed with my dad, because she "wanted to raise me right". My dad, would always, till today call me names like : bullied, "why did you poop such a big shit, did anyone fck you up"? In rare instances, where i would get outside, he would tell me : "why are you getting outside, you go outside to get your drg dose?" When i wasn't getting outside, and obeyed him, he would ask : " why dont you get outside? Did you get fcked up?" I mean, i was a boy back then! No offense but im not gay. And im not a dr*g addict ! I was a kid ! I fell into gaming and got addicted more. Now, i get the torture of seeing my bullies succeed. I suck at school. Everyone else at my classes, is a kid ! I lost the ability to be a kid because my silly parents/bullies ruined it. When i go outside im an complete angel. When im at home, i am abusive to my own abusive parents. I still dont have friends. My school mates are all kids and have fun, while im sitting with my social anxiety, as a quiet kid. my teachers tell me " you give school shooter vibes " everyone treats me like a criminal. I hate society. My parents would always fight with me, and i would apologize, and the circle continues. I wish i had a better childhood, because you see, i cant treat my childhood wounds. I want to make all pay. Its like my own parents plotted to ruin my life. They ruined my social skills. • I never played with my peers. I would always stay at home. I have low/no friends • I became abusive. My parents were abusive, they apologized, i apologized, and the vicious circle continued from the beginning. Its like they tought me to be abusive. • I got a trauma from being bullied. • i became a sociopath i guess. They would always tell me to be kind outside so that our family had a good image. • I got addicted to gaming because otherwise i would lose my mind in such household. • i guess i will never get myself a loving wife, im full of misery, and im furious. • i cant start a proper conversation. • i got addicted to fapping. Now i stopped it. •I wish i never slap my mom. Sadly i slap her regularly, in emotional outbursts, but she deserves it. •I curse at my father. He was the most weak father figure. •I lost trust in society. I literally cried for help to teachers when i was getting bullied. They saw it. They did nothing. • I became a quiet kid. • I have childhood nightmares. Give me a reason not to suicide. And when i say it and i mean it, my mom will laugh at me, saying that im a coward and i will never do such a thing. She is basically provoking me. My parents cared for an overall image of what the society thinks about them. I always had a food to eat, but thats not the problem. The problem is my mental health. Sadly, now i understand what my family did to me. Im 16. I want to have a relationship and when im older to have kids. Not being an abusive sociopath with no friends, being called psycho by all. I really need help. I think my character is already forged. I think i have 2 faces. The one face is for society, and the other is my abusive behaviour at home. I dont feel any guilt for hitting my toxic mom. Even when she cries of me being abusive. She created it. Im so mentally sick. Please guys if you write something helpful, do it. I really want to know my mental problems. I love you all. I hope its just puberty
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2023.06.07 18:21 RS3_Seal The Penguin Threat Honor and Glory for Neitiznot! RS3 Released Episode #19
Yo how you doin'? Fresh video for your consideration, let me know what you think!
For newcomers:
RS3 Released is a chronological snowflake account (a la J1mmy's By Release series). Doing quests unlocks content/updates up to the next quest.
This is a "full" episode, is focused entirely on questing and lore. In "half" episodes I will explore all the content that doing these quests unlocked.
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2023.06.07 18:18 ThickWall4661 My dad beat my mom, bite me then run away

Me (M17), my sister (F20), mom and dad we live in a different state from my grandparents. We planned to have a get together at our place. So there was my grandma, aunt (dad's young sister), aunt's two daughter. Relation between my mother and father is absolute bullsh*t. It was an arranged marriage and in India it's NOT common to take divorce, so they are forcefully living with eachother Lately they were getting into an argument more often and my grandmother tries to control my father, so fills his ears against my mother
June 1st 8:30am I woke up to the sound of my mother being beaten, i ran to her in half awake state. I saw my dad throwing punches at her with his full might, grandmother just standing there and my sister, aunt and her daughters were shouting (trying to stop him). I grabbed my father by his shoulder and keep pushing him while he was biting my shoulder (i didn't felt it probably because i was so high on adrenaline) My grandmother fell coz she was right behind my father (She is old and it's hard for to walk or stand for too long) I kept pushing him till his back was touching the bed (approx 2 metres behind him from initial point) My sister pulled me and yelled at face stop
Thankfully all the physical stuff was stopped Everyone was yelling, arguing, trying to look innocent
Then my father left along with my grandmother and cousins with their
The bite on my shoulder was so deep that if i wouldn't have dropped him on
the he could have tear off my flesh
And now he is saying that i was choking him that's why he bite me (it doesn't even make scene. How can he reach my shoulders while I'm choking him)
I wish I was dead. It'd be better then calling these f**kers my family (I'm not brave enough to kill myself)
I barely slept, had food or did anything from that day. It feels so hard to even get off my bed
Any suggestion how can I get my mind off all this and continue my life
I glad that read till here... I hope a real nice person gets in your life
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2023.06.07 18:16 Glittering-Bite20 High NT, high risk T21

Just wanted to give a summary of my journey so far in case it helps anyone else.
33 years old, first time pregnancy. BMI 20.
12 week scan - NT measuring 4.4mm. Nasal bone present. Screening bloods 1.6 Hcg MOM and 0.4 papp-a MOM. Given 1:5 risk for T21. Was told if they could give me higher they would.
Was booked in for amnio at 15 weeks as felt it would give more assurance than CVS, so worth the extra week’s wait.
Went for private scan 3 days later and NT measured 3.4mm. Still high but resolving?
13 weeks - Did NIPT to pass the time. Expected high risk and then amnio to confirm before TMFR.
14 weeks - Low risk NIPT much to everyone’s surprise. PPV 91%. Still felt uneasy so kept appt for amnio.
15 weeks - Did amnio. Was uncomfortable but not painful.
Should have initial results for T21, T18, T13 and sex chromosomes by 16 weeks. Full microarray by 17 weeks.
Booked in for structural anomaly scans at 17, 19 and 21 weeks if we get that far.
It’s been a drawn out and confusing journey. I mourn for the happy pregnancy experience I lost and have been unable to feel bonded with or excited about this baby. I am so sorry for those here who are on similar paths.
If anyone has any comments or questions, please feel free to share. Just looking for some camaraderie while still in limbo.
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