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2023.03.10 01:41 BuckRowdy Is Rupert Murdoch alive?

No one has done more damage to democracy in the United States and the world over than Rupert Murdoch. This sub will check whether he is still doing damage or not.

2023.06.07 17:49 Double-Ad2659 Dealing with a big mistake... Need some advice

Hey everyone, I could really use your help right now. I'm an average woman in my early twenties, and I'm feeling incredibly guilty and stuck in a tough situation. I'm hoping to share what happened and get some advice from you all.
So, here's the deal. It happened yesterday, and I've been feeling all sorts of emotions since then. I've been in a great relationship with an amazing guy for a while now. But then, out of the blue, I messed up big time.
Long story short, my boyfriend's close friend and I ended up alone together. It wasn't planned or anything, it just happened. And well, I made a terrible mistake. I crossed a line that I shouldn't have, and now I'm filled with regret.
To be honest, I don't want to get into too many graphic details, but let's just say that it was more than just a kiss. I messed up, and I feel awful about it. The worst part is that my boyfriend has no idea any of this happened. I'm carrying this secret, and it's tearing me apart.
That's why I'm reaching out to you all. If anyone has been through something similar or has any advice on how to deal with the aftermath, I'd really appreciate your insights. I love my boyfriend so much, and I want to make things right, but I have no idea where to start.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm already being hard on myself, so let's keep the comments supportive and helpful. I'm here to learn from my mistakes and find a way to fix the damage I've caused.
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2023.06.07 17:49 Nephase Just hit my daily goal of $100 in 1 hour because this was my first order of the day

Just hit my daily goal of $100 in 1 hour because this was my first order of the day
This was my first order of the morning it was originally $13 for 6 miles to the military base I’m at and they put meet at the gate so it was much easier then I did 2 more orders of $9+ and I’m already done for the day in less that 2 hours
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2023.06.07 17:49 YeetnessBeetness Am I screwed? (Over exposure)

I have a Canon m50 mark2 that I've been using for quite some time. However, I recently lent the camara to a friend, and when I got it back all photos looks like the attached image. I can't see any damage to the sensor, and it does the same on multiple lenses. The perculiar thing is, that it doesn't have this overexposure when recording video, which I find really odd.
Does anybody have a good suggustion as to what might be the issue and so if there is an easy way to fix it?
Processing img e3rn5p3mam4b1...
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2023.06.07 17:49 Dekerboi About higher dimensional Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball higher dimensional scaling is a weird subject to talk about. There're plenty of arguments for it, most focusing on Otherworld, I'll be discussing that and a few other argumentations explaining how higher dimensional DBZ doesn't hold up to scrutiny, at least to me.
We'll look at this post by u/ProfectusInfinity on Otherworld to start off. Now firstly, he confuses transcendent & transcendental, the latter is defined as anything that has to do with spiritual/non-physical worlds, it's nothing about higher dimensionality on its own, even mathematically speaking. Otherworld is the afterlife, it would be beyond everyday experience. Using transcendental that statement makes more logical sense. Their second point is discrediting Cipher, claiming he admitted Herms was bettemore reliable than him, but that's not what he's saying. Looking at the full context of the tweet, Cipher is saying Herms has translated nearly everything Daizenshuu related; if you needed something translated, Herms already has the translation for you. Not that he's the best at it, or better than Cipher, this is putting words in his mouth. Cipher doesn't like answering powerscaling questions, unlike Herms, who doesn't care for the most part. Using that tweet to say Herms is better than Cipher feels disingenuous. Herms' translation doesn't correlate to higher dimensionality anyway, as explained earlier, it's a moot point. Infinity shows a tweet of Cipher bringing up 'extra-dimensional' to refute people's claims on Otherworld. Now this brings up the question, why refute Cipher's newest version of the translation for an older version. Especially when both translations have the same message worded slightly differently, 'extra-dimensional' is defined as being outside the physical reality of the universe/outside Einsteinian's space-time.This makes sense as the Otherworld is outside from the Living World.
This pic is sent, but, like with Herms, it says transcendental, not transcend. Infinity proceeds to share multiple interpretations from other translators. After that he gives a TL;DR, concluding all interpretations of Otherworld are equally valid. First one, they say transcendental isn't synonymous with spiritual, but uh, no it is, especially in this context when we're referring to Otherworld, Dragon Ball's version of the afterlife. Remember words are derived by context. Naruto does refer to 'dimension' as a 'time & space axis', but spatial dimensions are scalar quantities and have no dimensional value. Most of these answers Infinity received are vague, first one doesn't give a straight answer, second one goes with 2, but the other options aren't excluded due to the vagueness of said statement, as it is not designed precisely, third one says 'transcend dimensions' correlates to all three, confusing transcendental & transcend, fourth one is reluctant to pick the third interpretation due to how DBZ works. Fifth one brings up transcendental being a good translation and it's better to ask someone who's familiar with Dragon Ball. Now infinity doesn't show this, but there's another comment under Doberman explaining whether it's referring to spiritually or higher dimensionality cannot be construed by the phrase (essentially Doberman's answer but more bluntly). You'd need to go by how Dragon Ball itself describes it. They go with 2, saying there's no spiritually (which is different from saying spiritual, those are two different words), no higher-dimensional phenomenons, and different planets are equally visible from Otherworld. He asked here on, the answer he got was native speakers wouldn't be able to answer this any better than a non-native. Now with all of that, only one, maybe two translations abide by Infinity's conclusion: Otherworld is higher dimensional, other interpretations being supplementary.
Now we move onto this scan here. Infinity gives us three takeaways:


The scan says it's an entirely separate universe encompassing another level of reality. It does not say it's a higher plane of existence, that's misleading.

2 & 3.

Just because one thing is aspired off something else doesn't correlate to it having identical qualities, it has to actually show being identical. Surfbone elaborates on why in his response towards Infinity's post.
They had license to produce the game, not that it's gone through editorial mandates from Toei or Toriyama to make sure information is correct. Cindy wrote the handbook with Mike Pondsmith & Paul Sudlow, one of these three (Cindy) was executive producer for DB, DBZ, and GT, but you have to consider which version he had a help in. Cindy managed the English dub for DB, Z & GT, more specifically, Saban & Funimation in-house dub from the 90's-2000's. They helped market for multiple DBZ games in the west, Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, Super Dragon Ball Z, etc. Dub-only terms such as 'next dimension' & Home For Infinite Losers are brought up in the rulebook, there's a page about HFIL here. Both of those terms are in the scan Infinity shows in his post. Along with that, there're multiple contradictions & errors in that rulebook, for instance Freeza is described as being 'vaporized' by Goku on Namek. To see all the errors made watch this video, it is long, though. You can't say "Oh, but Toriyama has stated before that he considers his staff and others who work on extended Dragon Ball material to be more knowledgable than him" when the people you're citing are stating things like this.
Toriyama explicitly claims "people more knowledgeable about Dragon Ball". DBZ: Adventure game is not valid as holding it up to any amount of scrutiny shows they don't know more than Toriyama himself. Toriyama didn't 'soft approve' anything, his illustrations were in it, nothing less, nothing more. HFIL wouldn't be brought up if Toriyama did approve.

Dimension Of Swirling Lights

Now this argument is based on Gogeta & Broly's fight where they break reality. The post here is what we'll be looking at. Firstly, infinity sends an interview from the production team in DBS: Broly. Infinity claims the production team's goal was to create super dimensional special effects. Here's the problem with this, the interview linked doesn't state this. Makino & Yakoo talk about how modeling works, and Yokoo bringing up 'mathematical formulas' is referring to computer graphics/CG; they're talking about algebra & trigonometry n'shit, not 'higher dimensionality'.
Makino: First of all, we call it “modeling,” and create a three-dimensional model based on a design with settings and color specifications. It's the work of creating a "form" such as raising the character according to the design, creating a diorama-like background, and making it look okay from any angle. If you just create a "shape", it will end up as if the figure is just there. After doing the work called "setup" to put in, I will finally enter the animation work. The animation work is to bring the set-up model into the actual background, make it act, set up the camera, and finally create a picture like a storyboard. After that, we will add "effects" there. Finally, we will work on "compositing" to combine them. It's like shooting in anime. We use the same software that we used for the shoot, so if you give it to the photographer in that software's file format, they'll be able to do it with compatibility. Our job is to allocate that series of flows to each person in charge.
Makino: For the first time in this movie, we got to see character models. Including Mr. Shintani's corrections, I was able to show it in a state of perfection, so I was confident, but it actually received a good evaluation. I was very happy because they were interested and said, "I'd like to see it from a different angle--Lastly, please give a message to the readers who are looking forward to the movie.
Makino: It's a CG of a work that everyone in the world knows, so I'm making it with the feeling that I'm fighting. I hope you can feel that passion while watching the movie. I will make something that will meet everyone's expectations, so please look forward to it. This time, we will fight in various places, so the battle scene will change several times. One of them uses a background that can only be done with CG. Normally, we create a three-dimensional image based on the actual wilderness or the sea, but we don't have a complete original image for that scene. The director gave me an order saying, ``I want you to make something new that takes advantage of the characteristics of CG.'' It's going to be a technical story, but there is software called "Unity" that is good at constantly moving things with a huge amount of information in real time. It's software that's often used in games, but this time we're using it to battle in a place that doesn't actually exist, like a different dimension.
Yokoo: If you give the software information about what kind of atmosphere it should have, it will create a CG world that will make you think, "How about something like this?" Seeing that, we are also surprised, "Wow, it's going to be like this!" Different dimensions are expressed in mathematical formulas and converted into 3D. The technique used in other works has been further developed in this work, but I still don't understand it (laughs)
Not once is 'extra-dimensional', or 'super-dimensional' uttered throughout that whole interview. Infinity proceeds to bring up spatial & temporal dimensions, but those don't have dimensional value.

Koyama & Kaioshin realm

These scans are cited to argue Kaioshin realms is 7D because of Koyama, but problem is you can use Koyama's own words to debunk this. He's claimed his statements shouldn't be used and has no authority over Dragon Ball.

Jiren 'transcending time'

Jiren was only above Hit's timeskip not time. Hit states "At this rate, I won't have enough to keep him trapped until the end. He's simply too powerful." All Jiren did was overpower Hit and crush the puhttpsrple ball, he didn't transcend anything. Earlier the same fight, Hit's time skip was worked on Jiren. If Jiren really was transcendent over time, Hit's ability would've never worked in any point of the fight. 越える (Koeru) in this context refers to exceeding as in overpowering. It's being literal and we know that. Like said earlier, words are derived by context.
That's all. I had a lot to say about this specially about Otherworld. If you enjoyed this dumb little tangent thanks, I guess. Bye.
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2023.06.07 17:49 ArgyleGhoul Is the Spider Magical?

Some time ago, part of my group was unknowingly trapped in Alterdeep as the other half of the party attempted to locate them and rescue them in the real world (while also roleplaying their simulated selves). This was right around the time that the warring between house Freth and house Auvryndar had reached a boiling point. House Auvryndar was doing well, having already lead the party to destroy Azrok's legion and assuming control of Stromkuhldur in the wake, but much work still needed to be done if the drow house was to take charge of the entire upper half of Undermountain.
Muiral the Misshapen still posed a problem for the house, regularly picking off scouts and messengers between the areas they control. If Auvryndar were to reach its peak influence, he would need to be dealt with. Vlonwelv decided to arrange for the adventurers to meet with her personally upon their arrival in the area.
Sure enough, the party found their way to level 10 at one point, and were chased out of the area in an effort to flee Muiral. After being lead to speak with Vlonwelv, the party was fairly convinced that these drow were more useful allies than enemies (a sentiment likely shared between both groups). Eventually a bargain was struck and the party promised to kill Muiral.
However, the dungeon caused much distraction for the group, who was already in the midst of trying to deal with Xanathar's guild after killing The Xanathar. With little time to keep the party's own hands on operations, a lich confidant of Xanathar's took leadership over the guild and a string of kidnappings in Waterdeep followed shortly thereafter (though it would not be for many months that the group would realize the two events are actually unrelated).
When the party finally arrived on Skull Island to confront the new leader of Xanathar'a guild, they were rather surprised to learn that a lich was now leading the goblinoid forces. In a moment of rash decision-making, the group attempted to assault the leader right then and there. Goblins poured from every shadow and crack imaginable as the lich effortlessly kept a distance and harried them with spells. First, the lich killed the artificer. Then, the fighter became overwhelmingly surrounded by hobgoblins and was decapitated. The party wizard knew the fight was swinging the wrong way and urged his party members to flee. Panic ensued as the party members desperately tried to escape, with only half of the party managing to do so. The others were captured and placed into Waterdeep (here I made some adjustments to the book for the story because it was a good opportunity to introduce alterdeep without trying it to different villains, so I had Nihiloor of the Xanathar guild controlling Alterdeep from somewhere in the sewers of Waterdeep).
At this point, I filled in the other players what was going on, and asked them to all roleplay simulations of themselves to add to the realism of it, all while I peppered hints and clues to those trapped in the simulation that they weren't in the real world.
Fast forward 4 or 5 sessions later, they still haven't escaped the simulation and finally decide to deal with the Muiral problem. They go down to the 10th level using some gates and effectively "hunt the hunter". The fight proves more challenging than expected (Muiral is a slippery bastard), but they are holding the upper hand and forcing Muiral on the retreat. They manage to wound him pretty badly, so I have him try to escape. He scuttles into a nearby room and casts polymorph on himself. He turns himself into an ordinary spider and hides in a chimney. Muiral (and I) thought this was a pretty good escape plan.
The party all gives chase and dash into a seemingly empty room. They start looking around and asking questions, eventually deciding to check up the chimney because "you never know". I described that: "inside the chimney are remnants of cobwebs, old and new that choke the interior of this dusty stone shaft, indicating it has not been used in some time. A small garden spider spins a web in the corner near the flue".
At this point, my drow paladin finally gets some really good use out of his innate detect magic and asks "Is the spider magical?". His character has particular feelings about spiders due to his studies of Lolth under the church of Eilistraee, so it made perfect sense that his character would ask this. The cheers of I KNEW IT that followed were more magical than any spell cast that session.
TL;DR Party defeats Muiral because of the Detect Magic spell.
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2023.06.07 17:49 Foward- Current TS post military question

Hey guys so I’ve done some looking around and just want some clarification and recommendations.
I held an active TS in the military starting in 2020. I separated about 8 months ago. From my understanding my TS will expire either 2 years from date of separation OR 5 years after it was granted whichever comes first.
So in my case I’ll have the full 2 years until it expires. During this time my TS is referred to as “current” and this is something I can leverage to employers as it is easy to make it active again. This was something I was not aware of as I thought the clearance expired the day I separated.
That being said, I’m in college currently once completed I plan on applying for federal positions. The problem is I’ll be finishing school close to when the two years is up and the TS will expire.
First any clarification on my understanding of stated above to be correct would be helpful.
Second any recommendations on how to not let my TS expire while still in school would also be very helpful.
Thank you for the help!
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2023.06.07 17:48 halfbakedmemes0426 Jupiter is not a planet(?)

WARNING TO THE READER: I am unsure of the contents of the ahead post, if I am wrong I would like to know in excruciating detail why I am, if I am somehow correct, well I doubt some guy on reddit (me) thought of this before any actual astronomers did, so I'd love to see what other people have said about this as well.
The IAU definition of a planet in the solar system is as follows:
  1. a planet is in an orbit around the sun
  2. a planet has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium
  3. a planet has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit
Jupiter does not meet definition 1, because Jupiter is a very heavy object, so heavy that it's barycenter with the sun is outside of the sun's radius. The relationship between Jupiter and the sun isn't such that it is orbiting the sun. it and the sun are both orbiting a shared barycenter. If Jupiter were even more massive (for once, these six words are not spoken in relation to nuclear fusion), this system would even more closely resemble a binary system between it and the sun.
A major dispute to this claim is that, if we are using IAU definitions of things, then really we ought to use the IAU definition of an orbit. The IAU Office of Astronomy and Education states that,
"An orbit is the path of a moving object in a system around the center of mass of that system, caused by the mutual gravitational force between the objects in the system. For systems such as the Solar System, where the central body is much more massive than the other bodies, this center of mass lies inside or close to the most massive object (in the case of the Solar System, the Sun). In a binary star system the center of mass the stars orbit often lies between the two stars."
this definition is... vague. What is the defining line of "very close" to the larger object? Why are binary systems only assumed to be stars? Surely a large planet, and a small star could form a binary system with very similar characteristics to that of a system with two stellar objects. If there is a definition of "very close" why is it not listed here?
That is... basically all of my argument, Jupiter's orbital path is much more like a binary system than a truly singular orbit (though, solar movement is affected so much by other bodies that it isn't a simple two body system with a simple orbital period for the sun around the barycenter, though jovian movement is dominant in the sun's path), and the IAU definition of an orbit is inadequate for determining what counts as orbiting an object, and being in a mutual orbital system with an object, though, other sources I've seen on general orbital mechanics seem to agree that the barycenter of a system, or one foci of the lesser object's orbit should lie within the other object's radius for it to be considered solely orbiting that object.
Author's Note:you may notice this post is rather poorly researched, and contains no mathematics, that is because it is a reddit post about an online semantics argument, that I wrote in less than an hour after thinking about the topic for a couple days, and not an academic paper. If I have gotten something fundamentally wrong, (which I very well might have done), I would love a correction. If this topic has been discussed before, I would also love to be provided a link to that prior discussion, I think it would be really interesting to see.
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2023.06.07 17:48 DRK-92 Info about Tarisland by me.

Hello, I'm Pve_Zone, as always I will post my video and the translation. If you like the information, please give me a like on the video.
Also, if you want to confirm what I am going to write here in my video, you have in-game screenshots and gameplay, enjoy:

Exploration and world
  1. The world is instanced with an open level design, being necessary to use the teleport and therefore go through a loading screen every time you want to change regions, since there seem to be no physical connections between the different regions.
  2. There is fall damage, but is not significant.
  3. You can both swim and dive, both not being limited in any way.
  4. There are both flying and terrestrial mounts and collecting them increases their respective movement speeds.
  5. Each region contains a series of horizontal objectives such as collecting chests, collectibles or taking photos in certain locations.
  6. There is a day/night cycle and there is also rain.
  1. The game has both genderlock and racelock, so each class can be a single race and gender. For example, the priest will always be a female human while the paladin will always be a male elf.
  2. The aesthetics of the equipment is quite limited, except for the paid skins and some that can be obtained in-game.
  3. The sounds are static, listening the same sounds in any situation, for example, the tapping is heard the same on stone as on sand as on grass.
  4. The equipment goes by item level and has the classic rarities of all MMORGPs.
  5. There are 5 types of professions and during crafting the equipment can change its grade based on the RNG, granting additional stats or abilities. In addition to this, the materials that are required for crafting are not fixed, being able to choose between the group to which they belong, similar to New World.
  6. The equipment has a gem system as a means of customization for the builds.
  7. Both the inventory and the warehouse work by a system of slots. Both are expandable with in-game currency.
  8. The game does not have bodyblock in any area.
  9. All materials and objects have a tooltip that tells you how to get them.
  10. There are no automatic systems, however, in a screenshot auto-pathing is mentioned. We don't have it unlocked yet so we'll see how exactly it works in the future.
  11. The mobile interface is not customizable, but it does have a good variety of options. We do not know if the PC version is customizable.
  12. The market uses in-game currency, being the currency silver or gold, in order to obtain gold you must exchange silver to obtain it.
  13. The Cash Shop does not have a single P2W item or anything that offers any kind of significant advantage over F2P players.
  14. The achievement system offers rewards for completing them.
  15. Guilds have levels and also their own warehouse.
  16. Characters can sprint, although it doesn't seem to be limited by anything.
  1. The combat system is a tab-target in which you can move both for auto-attacks and for the use of skills.
  2. Enemy attacks are telegraphed making it easy for you to evade their damage.
  3. The game has 2 specializations, a branch of talents per specialization in addition to ultimate skills.
  4. There are skills with a GCD and others without a GCD.
  1. The parties are for 5 players and there is a LFG integrated into the game.
  2. The dungeons have 2 difficulties, having these simple and clear mechanics. Also at the end of them an information window opens that allows you to see the performance of the party.
  3. In the normal dungeons the loot is individual, while in the elites there is the classic system of Need and Greed, in addition to the fact that they have their own currency.
  4. There is a PvP system based on BGs, although we haven't been able to dig into it yet.
There is one more detail hidden on the vídeo ;)
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2023.06.07 17:48 Hakej Upgrading an item that has scaling aspect & extracting it is CONFUSING

Upgrading an item that has scaling aspect & extracting it is CONFUSING
So there are a couple scalable aspects in the game if you haven't noticed, some people say that Sacred/Ancient variants make no difference and while they are technically correct from what I can tell, some aspects definitely have some scaling based on their Item Power.
One of such examples is this aspect:
I have two legendary aspects like this with different item power and their brackets are different. Bigger aspect's item power = better brackets and thus values, simple so far. The thing is - you can upgrade an item having this aspect and it will also upgrade the aspect itself, and unfortunately I completely cannot understand the basis it is going off when doing so.
I had a ring with this exact aspect and started doing some testing. First upgrade didn't change anything even thought preview mentioned it's gonna increase the damage. The second upgrade indeed increased the damage and brackets as the first upgrade should. Then I extracted the aspect and to my surprise the values were from the UPGRADED version. It didn't go back to initial value, it was the higher amount shown after the second upgrade. Then I imprinted the aspect on another item with no upgrades expecting the aspect to go back to 0, but it didn't. Now I had a legendary item with no upgrades & an imprinted aspect in it that had values tied to their second upgrade. So I upgrade the legendary item twice again and... the values didn't change. 3rd upgrade's preview shows it is not gonna change the values either.
I have no idea what is going on to be honest, one thing that is certain is that some aspects have their values based on their Item Power & you can upgrade these aspects when upgrading the item that has them, but I have no idea how it works exactly. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with combination of aspect's item power & item's item power, but I'll be honest I cannot make out any pattern out of these results. It would be much straight forward if aspect's upgrade would be tied to item's upgrade meaning if you extract aspect from 5 star item and imprint it to 3 star item it goes down to 3 star power.
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2023.06.07 17:48 Remy_The_Cat Accepting a Grim Reality

I feel a profound sadness. In my deepest of hearts, I understand how you feel about me. You care, but I'm far too flawed for me to be yours or you to be mine. I'm too poor, too old and not good looking enough. I was there for you during some hard times, and now that it is past- now that you are free- you understand that you don't need me.
I suspect that you never wanted me, but circumstance made me an powerful asset.
You're young, you're beautiful and you're incredibly successful.
The only reason you come back to me is because you know that I love you with all my heart. I'm good at chasing away your fears and doubts. Though my record isn't perfect, I am good at not judging you. And of course, you know that I want you to be happy.
Unfortunately for me, you've made it clear that you would be happier without me. I have tried to let you go. I really have done my best to let you slip into the past. But it doesn't matter. For some reason, you are drawn to me. Only you know the reason why. And I can't turn my back on you. I feel deeply in love with you a long time ago.
I try to take solace in you saying that we'd be together if I was younger. I desperately want to believe you, but I'm skeptical. There's nothing that I can do to change your heart.
And I shouldn't have asked about your trip. Deep down, I knew that you went 0-3 for your objectives of self improvement, sobriety, and that third thing. I don't blame you. I think you knew that you had no intention of those goals. You wanted to have fun, and you did. I'm glad for that.
I think that just highlights what I am to you: a friend you can rely on to pick you up, and once everything is going well, you can block my number and ignore me. You tell yourself that it's for both of us, that it is so that we can both heal and move on. But the truth, I suspect, is that you don't need me. You can keep me on ice until things go poorly.
I write these words with no anger, bitterness or frustration. I know that I'm not good enough for you, and was foolish in thinking that I ever was. Since last night, I've been engulfed in anguish, knowing that I am close to being the last man on earth that you would want.
I used to believe that I knew and understood you. That was arrogant on my part. I'm far less insightful than I'd pretended. You are complicated, and I suspect that you'll be happy once you find the strength to be rid of me. You want me to say that I'll feel the same, but that isn't going to happen.
Once we lose contact, it will confirm all of my doubts. I'll no longer be able to pretend that I'm not a failure or the loving romantic you used to say that I was. I look forward to oblivion, to feeling nothing. That's the only way that I can escape this prison.
And no, it's not your fault. I can only control how I feel. I can't be angry because I don't matter all that much to you. It sucks, but that's the way things go sometimes. Cheers.
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2023.06.07 17:48 TimeKiller024 [PC on Kongregate][2010?] A game about jousting

Platform(s): PC
Genre: An upgrade kind of games where you get money to upgrade equipment to do better
Estimated year of release: I'm not sure when it released but I think I played it around 2010.
Graphics/art style: I can't remember the art style but it was definitely 2D.
Notable characters: The only notable characters I remember are the main character who wants to get rich from the tournament, his descendants, who wants to fulfill their ancestors legacy, and the final boss, who had cool armor.
Notable gameplay mechanics: When you start a match you have to build up speed on your horse, then when you get close enough to your opponent you have to aim your lace to do damage, but also aim your shield to stop them from damaging you. If you win the round you get some gold to buy better armor, a better lance and shield, or a better horse. If you lose you die and your descendant tries to finish the tournament with some of your gear.
Other details: I can't really think of anything else about the game, though I am pretty sure I played it on Kongregate.
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2023.06.07 17:48 Comfortable_Fox940 2k towards a course in Data Engineering

My employer is offering 2k towards a class/certification. I have extensive experience in SQL and have done data migrations the old school way of using stored procedures etc. I really want to get a better understanding of the tools and methods of running a data pipeline. I have limited experience with Python. Is there a recommendation for a good “all-in-one” data engineering course I can take? I’d really like to take up the offer of using the 2k towards this.
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2023.06.07 17:48 Salt-Bath2873 Love this!

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2023.06.07 17:48 TreeWhaleFall Had a wonder weapon concept. The A.R.G.B.A.W

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2023.06.07 17:48 ThrowRAghostbitch FWB(24M) caught feelings for me (24F). How to end things?

Hey y’all, any and all advice is appreciated and I’m happy to answer any questions! TIA!
We first met/started talking about 6 months ago. We’ve only hung out like 4 times? When we first started talking, I made it very very clear from the first conversation that I was not interested in a relationship and legit just wanted a booty call and maybe a friend idk. He said that was totally fine and he was on the same page so we agreed to be and stay FWB. I’ve had this same convo with him multiple times to remind him that I’m still not wanting a relationship. Every time, he agrees with me. I’m not the greatest at reading between the lines so I took what he said at face value and just assumed he really did agree.
Everything was great for a while- fun conversations and chemistry in bed. All you need for a FWB relationship. Well maybe a month or 2 ago I went over and we hung out/did the deed, whatever. Afterwards, he looks at me and starts joking saying he has a crush and I’m very special and whatever. He said it in a way where it felt like flirty pillow talk- absolutely nothing more. I did not reciprocate but I didn’t immediately shut him down either (first mistake). A couple weeks later he shows up to my work unannounced with roses and fresh baked bread. I told him “you better be careful, or I’m gonna think that you caught feelings.” He responded in a light jokey way and moved on and later we had a conversation how I still don’t want a relationship- he said respected and reciprocated that. I figured I misunderstood things. Last week he shows up again with flowers and bread, unannounced. I’m thoroughly convinced the only reason he hasn’t shown up unannounced to my house is because he doesn’t know where I live. At this point I’m convinced he has feelings for me, and I’m not super comfortable with it.
This morning he texts me and asks, “what are your goals for us?” Among other questions like what’re my goals for myself and how can he help me get there? I feel like this is my opportunity to break things off. I don’t have goals for “us”. But here’s the thing- as y’all can probably tell, he’s obviously a great guy. He really hasn’t done anything wrong and just seems like a romantic. He clearly would make a great partner- everything he has done has been above and beyond any of my past partners. But it still stands- I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. And I don’t want someone to be waiting for when I am ready. So, how do I let him down easy while still being honest and standing my ground? This is a tough one for me and any advice would be appreciated.
Disclaimer that to avoid this situation happening again in the future, I will now stay away from the whole FWB scene, convenient as it may be.
TLDR: FWB caught feelings for me. He’s very sweet though and has done nothing wrong, but texted me this morning asking about my goals for us. How do I tell him that I don’t have any, and I’d like to end things (in a nice way)?
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2023.06.07 17:48 Reasonable-Ad9555 Dyu d3f battery upgrade?

I just found this sub and it looks like you guys knows what you’re doing.
I’ve done som research but can’t find a simple answer; can I upgrade my dyu d3f 36v 10ah (250w motor) e scooter to a 48v battery?
What i know is the controller have to support 48v and I’m unsure at this point if it does but thru some googling it looks like most controllers support this?
And when I’m browsing replacement battery they state for ex: “48v 10ah 1000w”
Can my 250w motor support this?
I really hope you guys can help me in the right direction.
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2023.06.07 17:48 SONICSPUD Reworking Heroes In Da game

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2023.06.07 17:48 dreamjobonline AIIMS Delhi Jobs Notification : जूनियर रेजिडेंट के 198 पदों पर निकली भर्ती, 17 जून अंतिम तिथि

AIIMS Delhi Jobs Notification : जूनियर रेजिडेंट के 198 पदों पर निकली भर्ती, 17 जून अंतिम तिथि
AIIMS Delhi Jobs 2023: All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi has issued a notification for the recruitment of Junior Resident (Non-Academic) posts for the July 2023 session. A total of 198 posts will be recruited through this recruitment. This recruitment has been done for various departments including Neurology, Neuro Radiology, Pathology, Radiotherapy, Burns and Plastic Surgery.






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2023.06.07 17:48 handsgoat Japanese Traditional (Irezumi) artist in the Philadelphia area recommendations

as the title says, I am looking to get a leg sleeve done and want to do a traditional Japanese design.
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2023.06.07 17:48 Turbulent_Motor_4585 Thanks, I didn't know I needed a second one. I guess transmog

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2023.06.07 17:47 NaturalAlfalfa Selling a car

So I want to sell my van, and I'm not sure of how it works. If I list it on done deal or somewhere, how is payment etc handled? Feels sketchy giving my car to someone until I see the money in my account.
What's the safest way of doing it?
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2023.06.07 17:47 Bluebride1987 Forsaken PvP/PlayStation/USA/chernarus/friendly admins who teach who are from uk eu and america/bunker/420 friendly

Forsaken PlayStation Chernarus
A land where those who don’t belong fight to the death. Will you find Allie’s or faction to run with or will you walk alone. The forsaken don’t fear punishment for we already paid the price!
With active traders for those times of need and unique events that appear in and out around the map; including a ufo that can abduct you and kill you if you get too close.
We invite you to start your journey here while the server is growing. Don't hesitate. Join the discord today!
Key Features: • 💥 Weekend raids - Damage on Fri-Sat-Sun - 8am-12am (est) • 🤑 Sellables • Interesting Role titles to earn • welcome loot when you spawn • 💵 5k Starting cash - Discord • 🔫 10x loot • 🍦reduced zombies • 🛡️ Factions • ⛔️ trader with safezone • 🔒 increased animals • 🛒 premium killfeed • 🎨 paint ball arena • 💥 events • 👑 friendly admin who teach • 🎈 ufo events, ghost ships events and plane events that move around map • 🎟️ Keycard bunker
Good luck out there!
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