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Public subreddit for those that need phone advice. Topics: Carriers, Phones, Prices, Market, ETC.

2023.06.07 18:08 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 223

Sir David
The inner shrine building of the Imperial War Shrine is more subdued than the memorial garden and mausoleum outside to a degree. Made of the same sandstone color material as much of the rest of the Imperial city's older buildings, it's nonetheless a bit darker in tone, the lighting subdued to help with those who seek quiet contemplation of the various artifacts of legendary heroines within. It was a working shrine after all, first and foremost.
The first floor had a long hallway with a rich Imperial purple rug down the center over what appeared to be polished marble. The long hallway naturally leads the body and the eye straight to a pair of sumptuous doors made of lacquered wood. The actual sacred space was through there, and was strictly off limits outside of very specific ceremonies. That wasn't just for guests, but even the Wardens couldn't enter the realm of the divine without cause, and preferably a priestess as escort. Branching off from those hallways were various rooms for contemplation, prayer... and the occasional cell for ritual self purification.
Miri'Tok gestures through one doorway even as the Wardens continue to head up the passage. "Nar'Jan, I'm going to give our guests the grand tour. We'll meet you in the Ward Room in a bit."
Nar'Jan raises a hand in acknowledgement without looking back. "As you will it, I suppose no one knows your own ancestor's history better than you do, and you're here more often than some of the Wardens when you're on planet. I'll send one of the girls to fetch you when the police show up and ask for statements."
"Just have them bring me. No need to complicate things. Two tourists were assaulted. They defended themselves and I intervened."
"Aye aye ma'am. Best to avoid stirring up the diplomats."
The room that Miri'Tok lead them into was a different... tone in some respects. The room was cooler in temperature, and the lighting down to a bare minimum. Ten sarcophagi layed out in two rows on a marble floor, the wooden flooring ending at the doorway. Each warrior had been laid with their head towards the wall with an aisle down the middle, a crimson carpet leading to a final pair of sarcophagi, laid side by side. At the foot of each statue was a weapon rack, each displaying a gleaming, lovingly maintained weapon.
There was a relief of the warrior within carved into the stone of each sarcophagi with the same loving detail as the statues outside. The color palette of the room was shifted somewhat by the torches that burned quietly over each sarcophagus, the flames adding depth and shadow to the lifelike, cheery faces. There was no sadness or solemnness in the faces of the dead here, but a lively good humor that seemed to lift the spirits, even in a place devoted to the dead.
Eleven flames filled the room, for twelve sarcophagi. A few of the flames were blue, but the majority were green, save for the last. One torch burned between the final two sarcophagi at the far end of the room, and that flame burned white with a heat that David swears he can feel from the entrance of the room.
"The legends tell us..." Miri'Tok begins, "That these torches were lit from the dying embers of my noble ancestors and their companions as they passed away. This was not the first memorial or mausoleum for them you see, originally they were buried in the Imperial mausoleum itself, deep beneath the palace. A few millennia back, the then Empress decided her own spiritual ancestor's most faithful warrior, as the current Imperial family had recently seized power shortly before, deserved her own crypt of high standing, that people might be able to visit and pay tribute. This was also concurrent with the founding of the modern institution of the Imperial military. The Empress then, as now, believes in holding up heroes to the people, and telling their stories, but most especially to their warriors. Telling stories of great deeds, both our own, and our ancestors, inspires and warms the heart of the warrior, and encourages others in their own acts of valor and courage. I have had the blessing to travel the galaxy and work with other military forces. I am aware this tradition is... old, by many standards, perhaps even barbaric, but it is our way."
Sir David shakes his head as he steps deeper into the room. "Hardly barbaric when it's a common heritage of all soldiers Miri'Tok. People just call it different things or describe it in different ways when they feel themselves as having become more 'civilized', whatever that might mean. Such things remain however, no matter how they're dressed up and ritualized. The stories of those who came before us, the legacy of our ancestors, by blood or by spiritual bonds of kinhood from serving in the same unit, and our own tales, be they of survival, victory, or simply trouble one finds on shore leave still remain, and are still told, in much the same way as they have always been. I have seen this time and again in every professional military on my homeworld, and repeated in every soldier I have met off of Earth. For all our differences, in how we fight, why we fight... we aren't so different in the end."
Miri'Tok nods solemnly before leading David and Ariane forward. "Please allow me the honor of introducing you to my ancestors, Mira'Tok and her beloved husband, the sorcerer Dus'Kvun. Long is their shadow over our family, for so great is their example, that many are the battle princesses that have followed... and per Dus'Kvun's own request, no sorcerers. Not one. We treat our menfolk quite differently than many Apuk because of his example. One would think other families would learn from their own sorcerous ancestors, but oft forgotten are the lessons of the past, as we said in the garden just a short while ago."
"You almost speak about Mira'Tok as if she was alive... and honestly with these carvings I'm half expecting her to sit up and speak now."
Ariane near whispers reverently, seemingly resisting either taking photos or perhaps more likely for the studious Agela, taking notes.
David lets his eyes play across the stone relief carved into the top of Mira'Tok's sarcophagus. It really was remarkably life-like, the brightness of her smile seemingly gleaming in the low light of the room... even as the stone eyes of Dus'Kvun whispered of blood and fury... with just a hint of good humor that seemingly would have complimented his bride in life.
"They are remarkably lifelike, were these carved when the shrine was built?" David asks.
Miri'Tok shakes her head. "No, these are original, carved shortly after their deaths. The statues outside were carved based on the reliefs by a descendant of the original sculptor."
"How did they die?" Ariane asks, clearly enamored with the story, practically leaning in to catch Miri'Tok's every word.
Miri'Tok sighs in a way that was somewhere between wistful and mournful. "Mira'Tok and Dus'Kvun died in each other's arms of old age per the family's story, choosing to go to the dead lands together even as they were together in life. The other heroines... Some died on campaign, but most died as old women, shortly after my ancestor passed away, seemingly following their leader and sister wife until the very end. As a mark of respect for the sisterhood they shared, their nine lines were fully brought into the Tok clan, as if they had truly been clutch sisters at birth, instead of just sisters of steel and marriage bonds."
Ariane steps around a bit, looking at the sarcophagus from another angle. "I'm surprised I haven't seen her story in a book somewhere."
"We have zealously guarded my ancestor's story. It is mostly in history books, though I have been negotiating on behalf of my family with... a close associate in hope of arranging for her to lend her talents to bring the story in to a more casual format to modern people, that Mira'Tok might not be forgotten."
All of the sudden something clicks in Sir David's head. Something was missing. "Ah. That's interesting. The other women, Mira'Tok's companions, are laid to rest with their weapons, but the blade of Mira'Tok, the one from the statue, isn't here."
Miri'Tok brightens up. "Ah yes, it's not here. It's in another room. It's where I was before coming out to find you squaring off with those thugs as it happens. It's where I spend much of my time in the shrine. Please, follow me."
Miri bows deeply to the remains of her ancestors, her reverence for Mira'Tok and Dus'Kvun evident in her every movement before leading Ariane and David back into the corridor. A bit further up the hall towards the shrine a hallway splits off to the left and Miri leads them past several rooms.
"This is part reliquary, part museum, and part shrine for contemplation and meditation. The historical artifacts are just that, relics of our history, but they also hold great spiritual value."
A bit further down the hall, Miri'Tok shows them into the second to last room in the corridor, where three gleaming weapons wait for them. The war blade of Mira'Tok is perhaps the one part of her statue that doesn't do her justice. The glittering weapon was massive. Like Jaruna's own massive warsword but a masterpiece for a master swordswoman instead of a brutal piece of steel for the brutal work of killing like Jaruna's weapon. David notes that a fair bit of embellishment has been added to the weapon, embellishment that was lacking in its smaller sister blade.
The slightly smaller Apuk war blade was a dark, black, shiny metal that David didn't recognize, and had a bit thinner of a profile than the more meaty Apuk war blades. It had a hefty guard that looked excellent for striking and blocking, and a hook on the back edge of the blade that could pull or cut armor straps and the like in skilled hands. It was a brawler's weapon, easily as suited to Mira'Tok from her build and smile as the massive war blade above it. The embellishment on this weapon was less pronounced, but looking closely revealed a few gem stones worked into the guard and overall masterful craftsmanship.
Next to them, displayed vertically, was what at first blush was a very plain, simple war sword with a shape similar to the smaller of Mira'Tok's two weapons... until David looked closer and saw the vines that wrapped around the haft and into the guard. Vines that were alive even now.
David straightens up and gestures to the third weapon.
"The sword of Dus'Kvun I presume."
"Good eye. It's name is Flamedrinker." Miri'Tok nods approvingly. "Heh. Really as serious as I try to be while at the shrine, I have fond childhood memories of the great sword in particular. It was named Sunflame after Mira'Tok's passing. The smaller blade is Night's Edge. I built a replica of Sunflame as a girl and even tried to fight with it! No matter how much strength I put into it, I couldn't, I received a vicious defeat at the hands of one of my elder sisters, and a moral lesson all the same. I-"
A polite cough from the door draws everyone's eyes to one of the purple clad Wardens who salutes cleanly.
"Ma'am, the city police are waiting for your statement."
Miri'Tok nods. "Then I'll leave you both here for a moment if that's all right? Ariane? Sir David?"
David waves her off. "Just David please, we're all friends here."
Ariane nods. "We'll be fine. I want a better look at these gorgeous swords!"
Miri'Tok departs with a bow, the Warden falling in behind her, leaving David and Ariane alone.
The mood in the room drops a few degrees, Ariane's face a bit downcast as she turns towards David more fully, her large, fluffy ears drooping like a sad puppy.
"...Why did you send me away? I'm your wife. Or soon to be your wife. Or something."
First Last
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2023.06.07 18:07 Pacho2020 Why did Cere...

...try such a big easily countered move?
She should've known from her image training (me dying repeatedly) that big moves won't work against him.
We had figured out exactly what would work. We had him...and then she takes over and tries to come off the top rope! She just had to add some spice to it.
She should've thrown her lightsaber at him, thrown books at him like he did to her, pull the other archive cases down on him...go find a blaster from one of the dead Stormtroopers in the hangar...anything but getting up close and personal to finish him off.
He was damn near one shotting us the whole battle. Getting anywhere near him was clearly NOT optimal.
After seeing the scene a couple of times, I finally reached the point where I could analyze it somewhat objectively.
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2023.06.07 18:07 WatercressActual5515 Mobile performance VRAM x Draw Calls

Mobile performance VRAM x Draw Calls
Hey ppl, i'm developping a for mobile in UE5.1 and i was doing some tests with a room to decide a better practice for room design, my dilemma is that if i join the walls and floor into a single mesh i would get less draw calls, but when i build lightning it'll make bigger lightmaps which would be stored in VRAM-RAM, tearing meshes into multiple tilable meshes would allow me to keep in memory only currently in use LMs, but would increase draw calls, so which should be my approach on this?
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2023.06.07 18:07 LoveLadyThirteen What’s causing my migraines? I’m not even sure what I’m asking here. Looking for support.

(Sorry for formatting- writing from my phone)
35 F Daily headaches- both tension and migraines Dx with chronic migraines
Had a baby in 2010 First migraine in early 2011 Topamax since 2016 Total hysterectomy 2018 (still have ovaries) Tried nearly all abortive meds Nuvaring, BC patch, Yaz Botox since early 2021. Started at 80 units, upped to 100, now at 155 (max allowed) as of yesterday. No history of migraines in family. Insurance: Kaiser (ugh)
I’m at my wit’s end. My husband, bless his heart, is tired of seeing his wife as a zombie.
I saw my neurologist yesterday. I asked to be taken off Topamax (thanks to lurking in this sub) and to be put on Qulipta. She declined and said it’s either Qulipta or Botox- Kaiser isn’t allowed to do both. Since I respond well to Botox, she suggested we continue with the Botox and taper off the Topamax, although I’m terrified to be taken off any preventatives, even Topamax, because I suffer from daily headaches and I don’t want that to get even worse. She was pretty unhelpful when I asked about alternative treatments or reasoning behind my migraines. I’m finally getting an MRI next week (which was supposed to be step one before starting any migraine treatment- an oversight on her part). She suggested I make an appointment with my GP/ PCP if I want to talk about hormones or any other underlying factors that may be setting off my migraines.
So… I have an appt tomorrow morning with a GP. Kaiser doesn’t test hormones as they fluctuate so much throughout the day it’s just impossible to measure them, which I understand. I’m wondering if I should still ask for a Qulipta Rx and just fill it outside of Kaiser so I can be done with Topamax altogether.
My husband is fed up with dr’s giving me the run around. He doesn’t understand that there’s really no black/ white reason for the cause of migraines. I think my migraines were really set off by my hormones fluctuating after giving birth, then the hysterectomy, and now approaching peri-menopause, however he doesn’t want “speculations”. He wants a doctor to pinpoint exactly where it happened in my history. He’s tired of seeing me in pain, which I appreciate and understand, but he can’t accept the fact that dr’s really can’t do that. That’s not how migraines work.
Anyway, I guess I’m here to just ask the crowd your thoughts. If you were in my shoes and restricted by Kaiser’s rules, would you still try and fight for Qulipta? Based on my history, would you say it’s reasonable to assume my migraines were triggered by hormone fluctuations? Is there anything I should be doing or asking the GP tomorrow? Thanks for listening to me ramble.
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2023.06.07 18:07 mrizzo10 Golfing in wildfire smoke

Are you guys cancelling tee times for air quality? I’m near NYC and have been in a smoky haze for 2 days. Really looking forward to a round on Friday. Am I crazy for golfing in this? Does an N95 make me immune to this shit?
View Poll
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2023.06.07 18:07 taleasoldastime96 A couple of questions about a trip to Oahu

Hey everyone! My husband and I have been talking about going to Hawaii for the first time for quite a while, and we’ve finally decided to make it happen in February of 2025. We want to give ourselves plenty of time to save so that we can make it a once in a lifetime experience!
Obviously this is a long way away, but Im super excited so I’ve already started planning. We’ll be on Oahu for 8 nights and 7 days. I have a few questions!
  1. My husband loves being spontaneous on vacation, whereas I’m more of a planner. So we’ve decided to do kind of a mix of both. One of our spontaneous days is going to be a drive up the windward coast, just kind of taking in the sites and stopping wherever we feel like. I know there are a lot of popular spots there, so I thought it would be a good place to just stop at whatever looks cool. Obviously we do have a few spots we want to try to hit, but we’re just going to kind of take it easy. My question is about food. I’d like to have a few good options near the coast that we can hit if we’re in the area so that we don’t have to eat a hot dog at a crappy tourist trap. Any recommendations?
  2. Since we will be there in February, we’re obviously hoping to see some whales. I know Maui is the best for that, but most of our must hit spots are on Oahu and we really want to take in everything we can on the island instead of trying to island hop. I’ve heard that you can see whales from Makapuu lighthouse, and I think I’ve heard of some whale watching tours as well. I know sometimes you just have to get lucky, but be honest with me. Where are the best places to get lucky, and should I not get my hopes up?
  3. We are considering the Queen Kapiolani hotel. I LOVE the look of their Diamond Head views, so I think we’re going to upgrade to one of those. It looks like it’s close to the action, but still far enough away to not be horribly crowded and loud. Has anyone stayed here? What did you think?
Any other recommendations or tips are definitely appreciated! I know it’s a long way off, but I’m so excited!!!
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2023.06.07 18:06 Dlgrs Parents aren’t coming to my graduation

Parents aren’t coming to my graduation
When I came out everything went to crap, but I think my family started understanding the reality of not having me in their lives anymore?…so they randomly called me. Shocked me a lot but I went with it.
They asked when my graduation is and my dad even mailed me a check to pay for my cap/gown/fees. I sent invitations out last week and clearly he’s had a change of heart. I feel kinda stupid for even thinking he could’ve come around. I was looking forward to them being there. But whatever he says, goes. No one ever questions him or goes against him, not even grandma.
He canceled the check (I didn’t even know you could do that til I Googled it) so now I can’t even walk at graduation. I was counting on that. I called and the school won’t help me with the commencement fee or to get a cap/gown. I’m super short so borrowing one from a graduate is near impossible. And I need the correct tassel/stoles anyway.
I was excited after the convo with my parents and now I’m just mad all over again. I’ve been through so much lately and this is the one thing I was looking forward to. And for a split second I thought I had a family again.
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2023.06.07 18:06 Individual-Ad-8652 Connecting Intl JetBlue flight at FLL

Hello I’m planning a JetBlue flight from JFK to Lima, Peru and the JetBlue app is only giving me a 2hr 10min layover at FLL.
Is that enough time for someone using the mobile passport app and no check bags? I use it all the time when coming back from Colombia.
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2023.06.07 18:06 Kerrpy Poetry that Bilal Wrote in Prison (Perhaps some probative value?)

I was searching for Bilal related materials and, along with the pictures I posted in the other post, I came across these poems that were all but scrubbed from the internet. The "Tacenda Literary Magazine" is the source, although it seems only this and one other particular edition was taken down out of a total of twenty available for download.
The gist of these poems seem to be centered around the motif of Bilal grappling with his imprisonment. I know it seems like a stretch but I wonder if there is anything in these poems that perhaps some armchair Reddit psychologist finds interesting.
In case anyone was wondering, the source is here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Acknowledgement - Ahmed is part of the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program at the DC jail and has taken courses in journalism and public affairs."
I Rise
The doors open I hear the clanking of the chains
I hear the music of the keys
As they follow step of the boots
"Go In" they say "Step In" they say
fear in my chest, Tremble in my feet
I ask, Is it the color of my skin
Or is it the name of my kin
I wonder CAN I RISE

I see the light of disappointment
The darkness of the deep
The paleness of the life
The sweat of the cold skin
The stiffness of the spine
In all the faces known and unknown
I wonder CAN I RISE

The bed that breaks the backs
The floor that crushes the knees
The chairs that mold the bones
The food that digests intestines
The blanket that suffocates lungs
The shoes that corn the heels
I wonder CAN I RISE

All in kitchen say, They can't
All the doctors say, We can't
All the C.O.'s say, You can't
All the nurse says, She can't
And the dispensers say, They can't
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

The nights are lonely
The days more so
Lost in the loud
laughter of the C.O.
The loud bangs of metal doors
The shouts of "COUNT TIME" seem far but clear
Everything's far that felt so near
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

I like to play in the gym, but my hand does not want
I like to run on the court, but my feet don't want
I like to watch others score, but my eyes don't want
The lifeless bodies with no goals
The harsh hearts with no souls
I touch and see everyday
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

We gather in the room
All hearts filled with gloom
Eyes looking for the light
To make us shine bright
Here comes the hand of prayer
And washes off layer after layer
The grim shadows of sorrow
Giving us hope for tomorrow

We gather in the room
All brains with nothing to loom
Empty hands with nothing to do
Thinking what? having no clue
Now comes a lady with a pen
She leads us into the book of den
The doors are opened for our minds
The windows fling with no blinds
I learn, we learn, I laugh, we laugh
Bright eyed, supportive, with a scoff
My teacher tells me that YOU SHALL

With the power of the books
With the strength of the smiles
Looking around in all the nooks
with my pen I tread miles
I tell my loved ones, I am fine
I tell them my teachers are divine

All the teachers say they can
And the librarian says she can
And the admin says we can
They guide and bring us to dream
They teach us, tell us, how to dream

I know we wear orange today
I know we are here today
But I know not what tomorrow holds
But I am sure it's made of gold
I RISE with the candle light
I RISE with the sun so bright
I RISE with my morals high
I RISE with my head held high
I RISE with my vision clear
I RISE with my life in steer
I RISE with love in my heart
I RISE with my soul apart
I RISE with the color of my skin
I RISE with pride in my kin
In My Mind's Eye by Bilal Ahmed

The sun is shining bright
I see my shadow in the light
Sharp and clear it stands
Through the window as it lands
The grass is green outside
The trees swaying far and wide
I close my eyes and feel the breeze
The pollen is going to make me sneeze
The clouds travel in the blue sky
The daffodils open without a try
My mind has opened this eye
A different one, not one with I cry
The silence of the deadening rose
Is this a butterfly tickle my nose?
The book that I am hushed in
The painting that I am brushed in
Takes me leaps and bounds
To see the scenes and hear the sounds
What do I see far away?
Is it a person or a thing a lay?
Is it moving or standing still?
As I focus I get a thrill
It is ME standing in the day
Looking up and arms away
Is it still orange I am wearing?
I am still here! I look staring
Zoo by Bilal Ahmed

A trip to the zoo was always fun
sky was clear and hot in the sun

A sunny bright day, blinding light
everyone is about, left and right

Hard to find parking in the mid of town
Metro is a good choice, just ride it down

Two pandas greet us at the double gates
Calendar says Zoo's open on all the dates

Of course we carry a lunch box with us
Sandwiches and cold drinks for all of us

We stop, we drink, we stop, we eat
We are hungry and sweating in this heat

We see snow cones, we run to them
We buy them dripping there and then

We laugh and play as we cool down
Hand in hand singing into town

We see the lions, zebras and elephants
We visit snakes, amphibians and ants

We come upon an exhibit huge
It looks like a tall big refuge

We enter and see a big hall
It is lined with bars around the wall

Then there is glass to see through too
Is it here when you see a reflection of you

Is it a building where primates are living
Each in its cell, wait! What are they giving?

They are giving each other love with looks
They are passing time with their books

They jump, they climb, they swing, they scream
They curl, they squeeze, they tire then dream

Day in day out the routine they follow
As time goes their eyes grow hollow

They have plates, cups, spoons and heap
They stay busy, look busy and sometimes sleep

People walk around and watch them with awe
With their transparent lunch packs in their paw

They see the drinks, cotton candy and snow cones
They smell and see all the colors and tones

Are they the slaves, or are they primates? NOOOOOO! They are humans just only inmates

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2023.06.07 18:06 FinancialAd9090 Airport Parking Assistance

I nearly missed my flight today in terminal C. The long term parking spaces in multiple garages were full and I had to park my car in the 1 hour space. Is there anyone that would be willing to help move my vehicle to a long term parking space so I don’t get towed. I’m happy to provide verification I am the owner via dm and happy to pay if someone is close and can help. Just direct message me if you think you may be able to help. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.07 18:05 v0yev0da I call this deck PEMDAS

I call this deck PEMDAS
I keep the card cost low and invest in power boosting and energy reducing cards like Hulk Buster, Iron Heart, and Beast respectively. Beast also helps prevent my 1 costs like IF and HT from getting popped and allows me to punch cards left one more time.
Overall it’s a deck with a lot of setup and sitting around knowing that the opponents power is mostly staying still and that you can whip your cards around starting T3 with turns to spare.
Can’t wait for 2099 and Silk to drop.
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2023.06.07 18:04 skelement Pop-up headlights: 1990 Toyota MR2

Pop-up headlights: 1990 Toyota MR2
I knew they made different variations with the Matchbox mainline MR2 but didn't know they did with Moving Parts. I found the one with up headlights a couple weeks ago and just found the one with down headlights today. I've been a big follower of the BoostedBoiz YouTube channel for a few years now so I'll blame them for getting me into these cars. Love that this one is white just like his is too.
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2023.06.07 18:04 stabbincabinwizard Theory: if you saw the greys in your room during childhood (6-10 yr range), you were abducted as a toddler and don’t remember.

This happened in the 90s. A little nervous posting about this, as I don’t like thinking about it, but will answer any questions.
My family went to a secluded campground in the porcupine mountains (the upper peninsula of Michigan). I was very young, around 4 years old. The campground was an open field surrounded by old growth forest. I was swinging at the playground while my mom was setting up the pop-up camper. I remember being magnetized toward a path leading down to the shore of Lake Superior. You could not see the shore or lake because the tree line was very thick, but there were stairs leading down to it. I remember making a beeline toward it. I remember walking past my mom, setting up chairs in front of the camper. I remember wanting to stop and ask her if I could go to the path, but I didn’t stop and just kept walking. She didn’t notice me leaving either.
The water was still, the sky was grey. No one else was there. On the shore, to my right, was a mass of half submerged boulders leading out 20-30 feet into the lake. Kind of like a snake. At the very end a big boulder nearly submerged in the water.
I go and play on the rocks, but stay on the shore. I’m perched up on the largest boulder, looking down on the crevices. Just observing the little ecosystem there. Water would surge and run through all the crevices and openings between the boulders and I was totally mesmerized by it. I remember being happy. I hear a big wave, lots of water rushes through the rocks, almost touching my feet. I remember frowning, very deeply. Instant change in emotion. And then I black out.
When I come to, I’m being led up the stairs by a younger couple. My mom was running around frantically asking other campers if they had seen me, enlisting help to find me. The couple says I was “all the way out on the rocks.” She tells them to show her. We all go back down to the shore. They point at the “head” of the snake, the very last boulder far out in the water. They said I was standing there, like in a trance, and wouldn’t answer their calls to come back. Like I couldn’t hear them at all. They had to physically climb out and get me. My mom starts asking questions in a rapid fire sort of way, says where were you? Why did you do that? How long were you gone? When did you leave the playground? I was a nonverbal child (was in speech therapy), so I just point directly to our right, toward the mass of boulders on the shore. She says no, you were there, pointing at the farthest one, far into the lake. I point again at the exact boulder I was sitting on. She looks a little concerned now and asks if I remember, I shake my head no. She asks what I remember and I don’t answer, just dazed as fuck.
The only reason why I remember is because my mom remembered, and was particularly disturbed about my missing time. She would keep asking if I remembered how I got there, I would tell her no. At one point she even asked if the couple who brought me back did anything to me. Sure as fuck hope not, but no.
My memory ends on that giant boulder and comes back when I’m halfway up those stairs holding the hands of this couple.
Fast forward two years later, I can’t sleep and I’m facing the wall. I turn over and see a tall, thin, white alien standing behind my door. Almost translucent. Big black oval eyes. Staring at me. I felt no fear, just stared back. It had very long fingers. It was making a looping circle with its finger behind my door, going counterclockwise. My eyes kept flicking back and forth between its eyes and it’s hand movement. It’s nodding it’s head side to side, kind of swaying, like it was studying me. At some point I think, I should be afraid of this, and hide under the covers. I peek out again and it’s gone. I fall asleep immediately afterward.
See title, I am sharing this story because I believe all of us who experienced the greys in our rooms, actually had an abduction event in early early childhood we don’t remember. If you had an experience with these greys in your room during childhood, ask your parents if there was ever a point where they had a “missing time” experience during your toddlerhood. Or if there was a time where you disappeared and reappeared somewhere near and unusual. There has to be some sort of tagging process and doing so when our brains are still underdeveloped would pose the least amount of risk toward abductees remembering the experience.
Remembering the grey in my room, I feel no fear. But when I remember the rocks, there is a huge sense of dread and impending doom. Reading the posts here encouraged me to speak out about this, which I’ve never done before and am doing so thru a burner account, but I want to see if anyone else experienced something like the boulder incident before their first alien-in-my-room experience.
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2023.06.07 18:04 ElixirBeard Gaming friend is extremely jealous of other group

I've known this guy and have played games with him weekly for years, let's call him M. M has always been a cool and funny dude with a lot of other friends too, he introduced me to a few and we quickly started a big group playing nearly every single night by this point.
Life gotten crazy for us all, and haven't been on as often as we used to, but he has noticed that the others in the group have started getting online and creating their own lobbies, not inviting us even if we are online. I get it, it sucks having to wait for each other for rounds and it's chaos trying to talk with that many people. But M is kinda losing his mind. Making annoyed comments EVERY SINGLE TIME they are online, taking a screenshot every time, saying "you read my message why didn't you respond", screenshotting the read receipts, and sending it back to them, only for them to continue to ignore it, asking me to send messages since they're more likely to respond to me than him. He's now created a separate group chat to show me and 1 other the "evidence" of them not inviting's creepy and can easily see why these people have distanced themselves from him. He's was going on and on the other night about how he's convinced they probably have their own groupchat now. Yeah man, they probably do.
I don't know what to do at this point. I tried to be supportive, make jokes, tell him maybe the next night. He gets so upset, I'm not sure if I should try to talk to the other half of the group privately, try to talk to M, it's just really effecting him and I can't help anymore without straight up saying why they distanced themselves.
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2023.06.07 18:03 FrontpageWatch2020 [#962+1904387] Plate carriers slow me down and I prefer to stay mobile [r/tacticalgear]

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2023.06.07 18:03 CeresInLibra Tentex Forte - Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Tentex Forte, an Ayurvedic-based supplement manufactured by the renowned brand Himalaya, is a well-known aphrodisiac that offers numerous benefits in the realm of sexual health. It is specifically designed to address functional erectile dysfunction (ED) and improve the frequency, quality, and sustainability of erections. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Tentex Forte, including its benefits, recommended dosage, and potential side effects.

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Benefits of Tentex Forte

  1. Acts as an Adaptogen: Tentex Forte functions as an adaptogen, aiding in the rejuvenation of the body and improving sexual performance in men.
  2. Treats Erectile Dysfunction: Tentex Forte is known to effectively treat erectile dysfunction by dilating the arteries and enhancing blood flow. One of its key ingredients, Tribulus Terrestris, helps in sustaining erections for longer durations.
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Answers to Important Questions about Tentex Forte

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2023.06.07 18:03 -xcerberusx- WHY THE HELL AM I SO LAZY.

i have a math test tomorrow about something i dont even understand. I literally dont understand anything at math. And i know im going to fail the exam.
Why dont i study then? well good question. I think im too fucking lazy or something. I just phisically cant study. I cant concentrate. I dont understand the words i am reading. it just confuses me even more.
anyway i wanna relapse rn so bad. i deserve to fucking bleed i literally deserve to die oh god why do i even exist like seriously. What is the purpose of my existence? All i do is always the same routine, wake up, go to school, come back from school, eat, stay with my phone until i go to sleep.
I literally dont do anything in my life. I have no purpose. Why did my mother give birth to me? Im literally useless. Why didn't she just abort me?
And now im here, whining like a baby, complaining about everything when there are people so much worse it so much struggles. My life is perfect i literally have everything. I have a family, a house, i have food, i have internet, i have a mobile phone etc. There are people who dont even have that. Guess im just being disrespectful ig.
Like my mom says, i shoudlnt be complaining because there are people that have it so much worse. so my problems will never be valid ig . lmfao. wish i could slice my arm open and bleed out
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2023.06.07 18:03 Splicer94 9 months jobless, is there any hope for a creative industry job or am I f'd?

(24-25NB) Last autumn my contract for a dream job was rescinded last-minute and ever since then, I have not been able to recover. 100+ applications and over a dozen interviews later that all turned into rejections on the last step, I'm feeling less and less hopeful.
In the meantime I've been living from the severance that was given to me after the rescinding, but that amount is getting smaller and smaller by the day and I don't have much runway left.
For context, I work (or have worked) in the creative industry doing everything from graphic design to video and photo editing. During this jobless period I've tried to pivot into UI/UX by creating new personal projects for my portfolio, but it's not panning out because there's very few jobs to begin with, and the few that are available are in the cities very far away from me.
I'm also self-taught so I have no completed tertiary education: and I don't have a driving license either so can't get a delivery driver gig, AND I'm very weak physically so no warehouse/factory jobs either.
The biggest problem is that I'm burned out of life in general, I don't enjoy doing this work anymore, but at the same time I've got no energy to be learning new things either (like I used to have back when I was teaching myself graphic design and the like).
And not to mention the AI onslaught... while I've been using it myself and trying to keep up with it, I can see how both it and the current financial crisis would result in companies that would've normally put out job postings, instead just doing their design work in-house.
Ideally, I would love to have a remote job (or at least an office job in the 4 mid-size cites that are 20-50 min away from me) that's creative in nature and STABLE, but this seems to be mission impossible in the present day (and likely in the future).
So what do?
Moving out is not an option because, even if I were to land a job in the capital, the cost of moving + living there would eat up any salary I was offered there so it'd be a bunch of effort for no gain and possibly even lower quality of life.
Maybe it's worth pointing out that I also have two elderly family members whose earnings are barely enough even for them, so if I don't soon figure out a way to earn money again, not only will I be broke but they will too (and they are yet another reason why moving out isn't an option).
Lastly, it seems this subreddit is very US-focused, so if you can, please refrain from giving advice that's only applicable there. I live in one of those countries that's nearly entirely centered around its capital city, all the while that city itself is unlivable both in terms of life quality and in terms of how much money is required to live there.
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2023.06.07 18:03 RedRobin0605 24 and Counting...

I recently took a trip with my girlfriend and two best friends to Florida. It was amazing and I had the time of my life. We were celebrating my 24th birthday, which was the 5th of June. On that day I had a sudden near-panic attack (the first I've ever had).
The trigger was thinking about my dad, his getting on in age, and the idea that death was coming for him. That saddened me, but it brought up my own death and suddenly I felt like I was sliding down a cliff and couldn't grab anything to slow me. I feel like life is passing me by, and I could enjoy it if only I had the time and money. There's so much to see and do, so many things to enjoy and I just never seriously sat and thought about the end of it all. I guess, being young, I assumed I'd find a way out of the whole deal or cheat death in the end.
Anyone have anything they've found solace in? I look to Thoreau or Whitman often to get inspiration on how to keep positive, but that fear of missing all of this is creeping through my every thought like an ice pick.
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2023.06.07 18:02 IDidAOopsy 120 gallon tank in mobile home.

Hey y'all,
So I got a shubunkin goldfish for my daughter a month ago. Well, I knew absolutely nothing about fish and went to a local pet store. They were not helpful like I thought they would be compared to a large pet store. (Currently in 20 gallon tank. Had to do a fish in cycle when I realized I was mislead on info through research that night. Was traveling for work otherwise large tank upgrade would've already been made. Learned a lot on taking care of the fish)
So very quickly I realized what I was getting into and started working my butt off to learn everything possible. Well, I don't want any risk of growth stunting or stress to the fish so I bought a 120 gallon tank, appropriate filtration, new gravel, air stones/pumps, etc. I am not sure the best way to support it though. I was thinking 8 ton post jacks located at each edge of the aquarium under the flooring. In-between the jacks and mobile home, and across the supports in between the edges, id use a 2x4 or 4x4.
Does this sound like sufficient supports? Any advice on safeeasier means?
P.S. I asked my daughter (5) if she'd be willing to re-home the fish and get fish suitable for smaller tanks. It is completely her choice though because I won't tell her I'm just getting rid of an animal she already loves when she was given permission to get it in the first place. So now it's time for me to make it work and give the goldfish the best life possible.
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2023.06.07 18:02 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Adoring Fans: Part 2

Part 1
"You're right," I said. "I hate it."
"You got a better idea?" Inanna asked. I shook my head. "No, and no time, either, let's go."
"Dude, you need like, a sergeant or something. I got you," the man said as he and his girlfriend or wife followed us back to the lounge.
"What kind of leadership experience do you have?" Inanna asked him.
"Uh, nothing like your husband," he admitted. I couldn't help but smirk. "Good, you've got the job," I said.
"What?" he asked.
"I know how the show portrays things, but in reality, Jerry's less of a leader and more a guy who's just kinda good at planning and really well liked. He's actually more of a lone wolf, really."
He looked at his girlfriend, who looked back. Both of them looked worried. I didn't blame them one bit.
"Okay," Inanna said as we reached the door. "This is on you, babe. Maybe turn your aura on a bit, and give your voice some extra volume."
I felt my cheeks burning. This was even worse than going on stage a few hours ago. At least then, there was some structure, and I had Inanna with me to take some of the attention.
I opened the lounge door and stepped in, the others hot on my heels. I stared at the crowd and felt my heart begin to flutter. Everyone here could die if I failed. So no pressure.
I followed Inanna's advice and let my natural aura slip a little loose. I could feel the weight of the woman's gaze change as it reached her. A second later, a few people, mostly women, nearest to us turned to eye me.
Inanna took my arm in her hand. "Remember, you want to be a little bit arrogant, babe. You don't have to be a dick about it, you just have to be straightforward. Acknowledge who you are and what you've done. Speak straight to them, and above all, act as confident as you can. Maybe work up a little righteous indignation. You're always a lot more confident when you're angry."
I nodded, accepting her advice. I put a little magic into my voice and cleared my throat. The sound was loud, but only a few people noticed in the din inside. People continued to talk and speculate and cry all over the room.
"Excuse me," I said. Nobody really paid me any mind. "Can I have your attention, please?" I asked. Still, nobody noticed. I glanced at Inanna, who shook her heard slightly. I decided to take a different approach and channeled Gary.
"EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!" I shouted, goosing the magic on my voice a bit. My words carried through the large room and a silence fell as all eyes turned to me.
"Okay, that's better," I said. I began to pace back and forth, hands on my hips, trying to strike a confident-looking figure. I was probably failing.
"Most of you probably recognize me from the talk just now. For anyone who doesn't, my name is Jerry Williams. I'm the man whom the character of Jimmy Waters in the television show The Legend of Jimmy is based on. Not everything in the show is accurate, but the broad strokes are.
"I killed Astoram. I led the takedown of the Cult of Blood. I led the way in the fight against the primordials, and I was the one who killed Sarisa and saved the Sixteenth World. Those parts are all true."
A ragged cheer went up from the crowd, which made me blush again. This was not an appropriate time to cheer.
"As you all know," I continued once I thought they'd be able to make out my words again. "This ship is under attack. For those who didn't see it, it's a kraken. As it turns out, they're much bigger in real life than Hollywood ever prepared us for. The kraken is hunting, and it plans to eat us-" A collective gasp rose from the crowd, but I pushed on.
"It plans to. But it's an animal, and I'm a human being, so I'll put my plans against its, any day. But to make my plan work, I need everybody who can to help. As many people as possible. I can't kill or drive this thing off myself, at least not without sinking the ship in the process. But with your help, we can fight this thing off.
"My wife here is going to be producing some weapons. What I need is for everyone who can swing a sword or shoot a rifle to make an orderly line right here and get your weapon. We don't have a lot of time, folks, so it's important that you remain calm and orderly. An old maxim of combat is 'Slow is smooth, smooth is fast,'. We'll finish much faster by remaining orderly than by rushing. So please, start lining up now. Together, we can fight this thing. We can drive it back into the depths, and go home with a story to tell our families."
This time, the cheer was overwhelming. It startled me with its ferocity. Despite my admonition, almost every young man and quite a few middle-aged men, along with a surprising number of women of all ages surged forward, eager to be the first volunteers.
Inanna rushed over to push a couple of square tables together, along with the couple from outside. They got them laid out and got behind them just in time. I had never understood why Inanna kept an entire arsenal of weapons in hammerspace until then. I'd told her many times that there was no way she could use hundreds of slightly-enchanted swords or almost a thousand gen-1 through gen-3 assault rifles and a similar number of handguns she regularly collected from the DCM group in lieu of retiring them (depending on the exact sub-generation, they couldn't always be upgraded to the latest standards of enchantment). But now I understood. She'd been preparing for a day like today.
I wondered idly why it was that people felt the need to look to me as the hero, when really, Inanna was the one they wanted. She was smarter, more experienced, and a better leader than me, no doubt. But she seemed content to be an intimidating figure standing at my side.
I was jealous.
Inanna began producing weapons and handing them out. She didn't let the volunteers choose their weapon, but assigned them as she saw fit. She had quite the variety of weapons, too. Shorter folks got polearms, mostly large Dane axes with six-foot hafts. Larger folks got swords, either knightly sword or viking swords, but the largest folks got longswords and -in the case of a six-foot three woman with broad shoulders- a zweihander, not unlike Inanna's own blade.
The guns were also distributed to anyone who professed any military or other shooting experience. These, she passed out purely by request, asking if they'd prefer a rifle or handgun. I was initially surprised at the number who chose a handgun, until I remembered that a lot of people would have experience shooting those at gun ranges and in large, rural back yards. She quickly got the couple involved, so they could serve three people at a time. With each interaction taking only four or five seconds, we were arming several dozen people a minute to start with. Inanna was even smarter than I originally thought, though, and she began hauling out weapons by the armful and dumping them off, grabbing the occasional newly-armed volunteer and pulling them behind their impromptu counter to help assign weapons.
Soon, she was off the line entirely, letting the others do the assigning as she continued to add to a pile of swords and a pile of guns. A dozen people stood behind the table two minutes in, each one assigning a dozen weapons a minute.
The ship shook three more times as we passed everything out. I had each person join me outside after they'd retrieved their weapon. A few of the people with guns took potshots at the giant tentacles, but I had them lower their weapons. For this to work, we all had to attack at once. We needed to surprise the beast with pain.
Finally, Inanna joined me outside, letting me know she was there by slipping a hand between my legs to fondle me. I turned to face her and planted a kiss on her forehead. "You ready?" I asked.
"To be the first to ever fight off a kraken?" she asked with a laugh. "Fuck yeah."
I nodded and added more magic to my voice.
"Okay, listen up! I need to group you up into units! I need a hundred people per unit, that's about one for each of the eight tentacles-" I was interrupted by one of the ship's massive smoke stacks being ripped free by one of the tightening tentacles. As soon as it finished collapsing, I continued.
"Start grouping up now! We don't have a lot of time!"
The man -I still hadn't caught his name- from the couple who'd been helping us rushed forward and began grabbing people, assigning them the task of leading units. Huh, that was quite inspired. Maybe he should be leading.... I glanced over to see Inanna giving me a slight shake of the head, having figured out what I was just thinking. I shrugged and looked back to the crowd, which was now showing some divisions as people clumped up. I waited a few more seconds for the scattered people still not in a group to get into one before I continued.
"Okay, You guys are team one," I said. "Head all the way aft, to the very last tentacle. Start attacking as soon as you hear the rest of us shooting. The folks with swords will chop the bottoms of the tentacles, the folks with guns will shoot the tops. Try to get your people into the best positions to do the most damage possible. Go."
The group turned and began to jog aft.
"Okay," I said, gesturing to another group. "You're team two. Same instructions, just pick the next tentacle up. Go."
The other teams began to follow, not needing any more instruction.
"How much time do we give them?" I asked Inanna.
"Three minutes," she said without hesitation. I nodded, as that sounded about right. Still, it was going to be a long three minutes. The ship continued to creak and groan from the strain of the tightening tentacles.
"This is gonna be close," the woman said. I took my chance. "Hey, what's your name?" I asked.
"I'm Charlize, and my brother is Jason," she said.
"Your brother? Oh, I thought you two were, uh..." I stammered. She flashed me a grin. "We're from Alabama, but not that part of the state."
"I uh, just didn't expect a... A brother and sister to take a cruise... I mean... Ugh. Sorry. It's fine, apologies if I offended you."
The woman looked at Inanna, an eyebrow quirked. Inanna nodded. "Always. It's a part of his charm."
I watched the last team get into position near the closest tentacle. "Okay," I said. "Let's join them."
We all ran over. I decided to use my sword, summoning Godslayer from hammerspace. As the blade appeared in my hand, the magic caused everyone around me to turn and look. The shimmering air around the blade raised a lot of eyebrows.
"Wow, I can feel that thing," one woman muttered.
"I've been layering enchantments on it for years," I explained.
"Did you name it? All cool swords need a name," a younger guy who looked to be a fellow after my own (nerdy) heart asked. I pursed my lips and balked at the ridiculous question.
"Of course," I said. "This is Godslayer."
"Holy shit!" he said, his eyes widening. A few others turned to check it out.
"Yes, this is the sword I killed Sarisa with. I also took Tysrane's hand with it, but that's... I'm not exactly proud of that," I said.
"Bet Tysrane isn't, either," the nerdy guy said. The woman who'd first spoken looked at him and said, "Bet Tysrane makes a point of not pissing off Jim- er, Jerry."
"Fuck yeah," the nerdy guy mumbled. I blushed.
"Is everyone ready?" I asked loudly. A ragged chorus of agreements greeted me. I realized I should be more inspiring, so I tried again, adding the magic back to my voice.
"Are we all ready to show this thing what happens when it messes with us?!" I shouted. A harsh cheer erupted.
"Lets go, then!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and rushed forward to the giant mass of glistening flesh before me. Gunfire erupted behind me as me and dozens of others began slashing into the tentacle.
As the assault picked up in pace, a new sound emerged. It started as the crackle of broken parts of the ship's superstructure, the tentacles writhing in response to the sudden pain. But it changed into a gurgling roar that grew louder and louder.
Suddenly, the roar grew more hoarse and I glanced aside to see a massive shape rising behind the structure to my left. Using a bit of magic, I jumped onto the roof and rushed to the edge.
The kraken's body had broken the surface. I could see where the tentacles joined the body, and in between them, the beast's mouth. It didn't have a beak like an octopus or a squid, but a massive, gaping maw full of sharp, pointy teeth. As the mouth rose above the water, the sound grew deafening, drowning out even the gunfire.
I stared at the thing as the mouth closed and sort of drew back into the body, the roar dying out. With a sudden loud hissing sound, the mouth shot back out, almost like a goblin shark's jaws, opening wide and releasing an enormous spray of a steaming black liquid.
The fluid splashed over the ship, smoking and bubbling where it landed. A few people were splattered with it, and each and every one of them screamed and began to try to wipe the sticky substance off themselves.
"Get them to the pools!" I shouted. "Get the injured to the pools!" A few people heard me and I watched as one burly older gentleman grabbed a flailing young lady, tossed her over his shoulder, and rushed to the pool. He splattered himself with the fluid, which bubbled and smoked as it struck him, but he paid it no mind. When he reached the pool, he jumped in with the woman, and I saw him drag her under and start stripping her clothes. More bodies splashed into the pool, and I nodded in approval. Taking off whatever clothing was soaked in the stuff was a good idea.
I turned back to see the beast sucking its jaw back in again. This was no good. It had already knocked about one in ten people off the line, either suffering from whatever kind of acid this was, or helping those so afflicted. If it kept this up, it would stop us.
That's when I realized that my first plan was viable now. Its body was out of the water. I could target it, right now, and end this.
I rose into the air, charging my strike. I dismissed Godslayer and, having learned from my efforts against the primordials, dismissed my clothes as well. I really liked that T-shirt.
I flew up and away from the beast, reaching a point about two hundred yards away from the ship. I could see the ends of tentacles in the water below me, really speaking to the size of the creature, as those tentacles were currently still wrapped around the ship.
I closed my eyes and prayed. "Please let go, please let go." I opened my eyes back up and waited.
The beast spat more acid onto the deck, but it had already splattered the people nearest to its mouth, and those near to them had helped. Only a few people caught some of the acid, and a few more stopped to help them get in the water.
The beast was thrashing now. I could see the ship rocking back and forth, and the tentacles were coming loose and tightening down. I watched, waiting for my chance.
Finally, blessedly, it happened. Six of the tentacles lifted up, the ends slipping out of the water. They were no longer grasping the ship, having pulled back to end the pain our ragtag army was inflicting.
I drew in as much power as I could manage and shot forward, my shield forming a shell around me.
Charlize Mayberry, Totally Not Fucking Her Brother, Jesus Christ, They're Just Best Friends, I Mean, it's Her Brother For Crying Out Loud
Charlize watched as Jerry made the inhuman jump to the structure to her left to survey the battle. She could see the kraken's body, and she could see Jerry's shoulders and head as he regarded it.
He looked even more impressive than his counterpart in the show. Magic that she could see and feel surrounded him, making him crackle with strange colors she couldn't give name to. His sword shimmered, the blade a thing of immense gravity, drawing the eye to it. His shoulders were firmly set, and even from behind, she could sense the grim determination. She remembered a scene from the show, where Karen had watched him and whispered "Angel of Death," and she decided right then and there that that scene had actually happened.
When the kraken spat some kind of burning black bile over everyone, she heard him shouting, as if he'd been prepared for this. She found a man screaming to her right, trying to get the stuff off his face. "Come on!" she yelled, grabbing one of his hands and rushing him to the pool. By the time she got there, the water was gray and muddy, and partially or entirely naked people with serious-looking burns were climbing back out. She shoved the guy in, watching him go under. A few seconds later, he emerged, scrubbing at his face.
"Oh god, oh god, oh god... Thank you," he said, his eyes still squeezed shut. She could see the wound on his cheek where the acid had eaten into the skin, but he had managed to rinse most of it away.
"Come on," she called, "Get out." He blinked his eyes open, then swam to the edge. More people were coming in, and she worried that the pool water might get saturated with enough of the acid to become acidic, itself.
Charlize helped the man out of the pool, then turned to look back down the ship. The tentacles were rising, one after another, trying to escape the pain of gripping the vessel. Those armed with guns continued to fire, pouring lead into the savaged appendages as those with melee weapons caught their breaths.
She watched as all but two of the tentacle lifted off the ship. Hope swelled in her breast and she glanced over at a burly, older man with no shirt on, leaning on his knees and catching his breath, next to a younger woman in nothing but a pair of panties, laying on the deck with burns all over her legs and torso.
The man caught her gaze and flashed her a grim smile. "Almost," he said. Charlize nodded and raised her rifle, shooting at the distant tentacles that remained attached to the ship.
She had only fired once or twice when the entire ship shuddered and a deafening crack caused her to look up. She saw a golden streak flash into and through the beast's body, which was more clearly seen from her current position on the pool deck.
The kraken simply exploded.
Chunks of wet, slippery flesh flew outward with enough force to bowl over anyone they struck and leave dents in the metal sides of the ship. The two remaining tentacles on the ship let go, pulling back under the water as the six in the air flopped down, sending a cleansing wave of seawater over the deck.
The water ran red with the kraken's blood as it swept over the sides, carrying chunks of monster and a few people who'd been caught off guard with it. Charlize grabbed one guy and helped him catch his footing before the flow subsides.
She straightened up and looked over to where the dead beast was sinking beneath the surface. A gold-glowing figure emerged from the water, and Charlize recognized Jerry.
He was naked. His body was hard and tightly muscled, but lean and agile-looking. His skin glowed with a golden light, and she could see red lightning playing about his skin as he rose into the air and then glided over to the ship and sat back down.
The crowd, who had begun cheering at the beast's death, fell into a hush of awe as the all turned to the glowing figure. He exuded power, commanding every eye to look at him. His feet settled down on the deck and he walked forward.
With a sudden rush of heat in her cheeks, Charlize realized that he was rocking an enormous hard-on. Like, impressively big. If she'd seen one like that in a porno, she'd have assumed it was CGI or a prosthetic. If she'd been able to think straight, she'd probably have found it a little ridiculous.
He walked past her, turning his head and clasping her shoulder. "Thank you," he said with a smile. Her knees went weak as his touch and she began to reflect upon the fact that, at least in the show, Ishtar loved to bring women home for herself and Jimmy.
She watched him thank everyone he passed, until he finally found his wife. They embraced, and then a few seconds later, they vanished.
Charlize caught her breath and let her heartbeat slow down. A woman approached her, and she recognized her as the last person whose question Jerry had declined to answer during the talk.
"Do you know where there cabin is?" she asked. Charlize shook her head. Another woman approached, holding hands with an effeminate-looking man carrying a handgun. "They're in the Princess Suite, it's in the big stack up fore," she said with a gesture.
"I'm gonna go see if they're there," the first woman said breathlessly. The couple nodded, and all three of them took off. Jason put his hand on her shoulder and she looked at him.
"I'm, uh..." Charlize said, making up her mind right then and there. "I'm gonna go do something. I'll be around in a bit."
She hurried inside, found an elevator to ride to the top floor and the hurried down until she saw the door labeled "Princess Suite". She knocked on it.
A second later, the door was opened by a naked woman that Charlize didn't recognize. Looking past her, she could see a tangle of limbs. Moans and gasps already filled the air.
The woman stepped aside as Charlize stepped in and immediately began tugging at her shirt.
Jerry Williams, Just Wants a Quiet Vacation For Once In His Life
The next morning, I sat on a deck chair on the upper observation deck as the ship pulled into port for repairs. We'd all been given vouchers for a new cruise, as compensation for the one cut short by the attack. The captain of the ship had come to personally thank me for rallying the defense. Unfortunately, she'd done this during the orgy Inanna had organized right after the attack, and it had taken the bridge crew over an hour to locate her when she failed to return.
I winced, thinking about that.
Inanna had turned her chair to face mine and had her legs on my lap. A few other people were also laid out with us. Mostly women, but a few men as well. All of us had come up here from my cabin. All of us were naked, and though this wasn't a nudist cruise, nobody seemed inclined to complain. The staff had recognized Inanna and I, and we were being waited on hand and foot.
I took a sip of my champagne and rubbed Inanna's shin.
"See?" she said. I glanced over to see the sun glistening off the light sheen of sweat coating her dusky skin. God, she was so beautiful.
"It wasn't so hard, was it?"
"I'm still not so sure I'm cut out to be a leader. And I'm still not convinced that the risk of me turning in the asshole from my visions is past," I said.
"Bah," she replied dismissively. "You are a leader, whether you like it or not. You're a hero, like it or not. I know you wouldn't have chosen this position, but it's been chosen for you, and the best thing you could do is be the best damn hero you can be."
I thought about that for a minute, and honestly, I couldn't argue the point. Maybe she was right, and I should do a bit more in terms of being a good hero, instead of just keeping my head down and trying to help where I could.
"Besides," she continued a moment later. "Emperor Gerald had sixty years of Sarisa whispering in his ear to get that way. You've got me. I'll keep you on the straight and girthy."
I laughed. "Straight and narrow," I corrected.
"It's anything but narrow," she replied mildly. "Although, now that I think about it, I prefer when I'm the one on the straight and girthy." She reached down to grab my hand and pull it up to her pubic hair. I gave it a little tug, then ran my fingers along the stretch marks at the base of her belly. Those were possibly the sexiest part of her whole body, and even the least sexy part of her was jaw-dropping. She opened an eye to frown at me, until her gaze roamed down and noticed the effect that touching them was having on a different part of me. Her feet shifted over to that part and I felt that old familiar thrill as she touched me. It was just as intense this time as it had been the first time.
"Ready for another?" she asked.
"I think we should relax for a bit," I said. Inanna smirked and her eyes focused past me. "They don't," she said. I glanced behind to see two of the women from the orgy walking over.
"You forgot to turn your aura off, love," she said as she set up and moved to sit on my lap.
"Here we go again," I groaned as hands and lips began to touch me.
Don't tell anyone, but in all candor, this was the part of being a hero I enjoyed the most.
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2023.06.07 18:02 MarcGuile Been getting into mono records, don't have a mono cartridge. Should I buy this old Thorens?

Been getting into mono records, don't have a mono cartridge. Should I buy this old Thorens?
Okay guys I need help. I've been down the jazz rabbit hole for a few years now and over the past few months I fell even deeper, developing a taste for those late 50s/early 60s mono originals. Which leads me to the problem mentioned above: I do not have a mono cartridge to properly enjoy these records to their fullest potential. What I do have is a Rega P8 (with the Ania Pro cart) so fitting a second tonearm or switching headshells is not an option.
Well, one thing lead to another and a lucky coincidence now put me into a position where I could buy an old Thorens TD 125 MK II with an SME 3009 tonearm from my local and trusted hifi dealer (where I bought my current system including the Rega) for 800€ (plus a new Mono cartridge). He used to professionally restore Thorens turntables for nearly 2 decades back until a few years ago, and he also gave this one a check-up and fixed a few things (new belt, new capacitors for the electronic motor control) and said it works like a charm. Plus it looks absolutely beautiful and is in great condition from what I can see!
The thing is, I don't know jackshit about vintage hifi so I have no idea if there are maybe better options out there I didn't consider yet? Does the Thorens really live up to the hype I read online? Same for the SME tonearm? From the stuff you can buy online the 800€ sound like a great deal, but again, I dont know jackshit about vintage hifi and have no clue how realistic these online prices are.. I guess I'm not even sure what I'm trying to ask, probably just wanting to hear some opinions on the whole thing?
Any input from the community will be greatly appreciated 🫶🫶🫶
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