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2016.06.11 19:21 j1ggy Former Pizza Huts

Yes, everything really is on Reddit. This subreddit is dedicated to recognizable Former Pizza Hut locations. Why? Well, because we wanted to.

2013.10.07 23:54 Grandmaofhurt Not foolin' no one.

If it used to be a pizza hut, it belongs here.

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Sexy Pizza

2023.03.29 22:16 Beautiful-Subject981 I need to get something off my chest regarding employment... TW: Suicide.

I think that working in modern jobs has traumatized me in some way. I have been unemployed for nearly 2 years now, and every time I try to get a new job, I get this wave of anxiety and (what I would say is) PTSD that prevents me from moving forward with the hiring process. Don't get me wrong - I don't hate working. I self-taught myself music theory, self-taught myself piano, and I love doing housework/cooking/working with plants, all from my own will and decision to do so. I am also currently engraving sheet music for a small-time musician, without pay, from my own will, simply because I like him as a person. It's not the idea of putting effort into things that I hate, it's all the abuse and trauma that comes with working in modern jobs that I hate.
How?: 4 months of it were while I was still living with my parents at the beginning, then when I moved out, my girlfriend has been making the money. She's fine with it, and even said she'd rather not have me work with my mental state being the way it is. As a balancing out of sorts, I take care of most or all of the housework, as well as spending the time to do our budgeting and make our grocery lists and meals. I've also been working on my piano skill, as well as becoming a great home cook and learning gardening skills.
What?: Now about that mental state... Every time I get to the part of job-hunting where I receive an interview request, I set the time, say I'll be there, and then I just freeze up. I think about the awkward conversation that awaits where you pretend to give half of a shit about the job, acting all professional, and like the job is more than what it is. Then I remember all the abuse I've faced while working, all the stress, all the nights where I couldn't sleep because I kept dreaming about work. All the times the workload got pushed on me because my coworkers were slacking, all the yelling, the noise, the social anxiety. The monotony of it all, the amount of places I've worked at and yet every place is the same. It just overwhelms me, and I just get this mental roadblock that prevents me from getting into a new job.
Why?: So the first couple of jobs I worked at were fast food joints.
  1. The very first job I had, I worked at for 1 month. I got violently yelled at starting a week in for the simplest of things, and also got a hand injury that took over a week to recover because they did not properly teach me how to operate the fryer. Now this was my first job, so yeah, I wasn't the best of workers because I had no idea what I was doing.
  2. Moving on to my second job, different company, I was considerably better at working. I was beginning to figure out how to do things faster, and... over the course of 4 months, conditions got worse at this job. The general manager was throwing temper tantrums, throwing things around the kitchen, and yelling at every employee. The night manager was having sex of several kinds in the bathroom (or by the soda boxes, which was out of view of the cameras) with her boyfriend instead of working, which put all the work on me (I had to do drive through, food line, and sometimes even closing tasks by myself for extended periods of time). Almost all my coworkers were the same age as me, and as such, mocked me because back then I was still really silent and socially awkward and didn't fit in.
  3. Moving on to my third job, different location, same company. Beginning to have an extremely fast work pace, I worked here for 9 months, getting promoted about 5 months in. I was reliable, I did the things no one else wanted to (emptying and cleaning the fryer, being the fastest dishwasher, etc), and most importantly I did my work quickly and accurately. Yet, things were never good enough. "You still need to go faster!" "Hey, you finished that? Cool story bro go do this now!". It put me into this mental state of trying to seek approval by doing more and more, which in turn was never good enough, furthering the cycle. Also, the general manager was racist and xenophobic. There was one particular night as well where she mocked me for having depression, and even joked about me being suicidal. One of my friends was sexually assaulted at this location, and it was thrown under the rug. Many other things happened but I'm trying to keep this post as short as possible.
  4. Moving on to my fourth job, switching fields, washing cars at a car dealership. I should specify these car washes were complimentary, meaning completely free. When I first got this job, I was unbelievably happy. At first, I thought I was moving forward, because it was a big company car dealership and I thought I would be able to move up in the company because I hit it off well with the HR member that talked to me, as well as the dealership manager. Also, once again, I became the most reliable worker because I developed a system (that my manager initially thought was impossible) to wash multiple cars at once while keeping the quality the same, as well as doing multiple tasks that weren't asked or expected of me. Anyway, skip ahead a couple months, things got B. A. D. Both with work, and my mental health. The customers were getting more "karen-y", the weather I was working in was stressing me out, my manager was starting to become an arse about nonsensical things, there was a change in leadership that ruined the whole experience, and more. Over the course of 4 months, I went on a steep downward mental spiral. Because of unbelievable amounts of stress from working, loneliness, no support, and multiple other reasons not listed in this post, I decided I was going to kill myself. I started ordering the supplies I would need for my suicide while at work (because I didn't care at that point), and afterwards quit my job. For the next month after quitting my job, I (slowly) blew my money on self-pleasure (lots of pizza nights, whatever games I wanted, etc) a couple long road trips, until eventually, I hit the end of the line. My bank account was empty, my credit card was maxed, and I was completely bored and done with the monotony life had to offer. I won't go into the details (maybe I'll do so in another post) but the recovery was bad. It felt like I was dying while getting better.
  5. Last but not least, my final job, different company. Needless to say, it didn't last long, and was purely to clear my credit card and help my bank account a little. But while I was here, once again... Most reliable worker, I clock in stay silent do my work, and it's not good enough. All the while, I'm getting mocked by coworkers, particularly these 2 teens who always came in stoned and always tried to annoy me with conversations I wasn't interested in. The general manager also threw temper tantrums here, and mocked employees. There was a regular manager here as well who would scream everything at the top of her lungs and verbally abuse employees. The day I quit, was a day where I originally planned to go into work like normal. I got my clothes on, got in my car, and left for work, and then I got into the parking lot... and just no. I stared out my window, trying to force myself to leave the car and I just couldn't. My brain wouldn't let me. I almost cried, even though I haven't been physically (or mentally) capable of crying in years. Instead of going in, I sat in the car for about 15 minutes, then just turned it back on and left the parking lot and never showed up again. I've been unemployed ever since.
Why am I posting this? Well, idk, I'm looking for advice. What kind of jobs do you think would suit a person like me who doesn't like interacting with people? Who wants to try finding a workplace with a more easygoing environment and crew? I've tried looking for data entry jobs or something like that, but (I'm assuming because of my history of more physically demanding jobs) I never get a response back.
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2023.03.29 22:14 regalbeagles1 Best Pizza in Denver Metro

I am moving back to Denver from Portland Or and am in desperate need of pizza advice! Portland has an exceptional pizza scene and I don’t recall Denver’s being all that good. That being said I moved out of Denver 7 years ago. Help me avoid the clunkers and hone in on the best.
New York style, Chicago, Detroit, Midwest bar pizza, etc…I love all pizza.
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2023.03.29 22:13 Qunka_ 31 [M4F] NYC - Everyone loves company!

Hello! I'm hoping to meet someone I really vibe with here. Pic of me.
I'm looking for someone to chat with about the day to day, someone to play games with and watch movies / shows, someone to go out and explore the city with. If you're 420 friendly we could enjoy that together too!
I work in engineering and spend most of my free time either working on hobby projects or playing games. I enjoy building mechanical keyboards and computers, and right now I'm playing Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy XIV, and Pizza Tower. I'm excited to take the Engineering exam (for licensure) and to move out into a new place later this year (so long roommates!).
Full disclosure - I'm scheduled for a vasectomy this summer, so if you're looking for something long term you have to be okay with being childfree! We can be Dinkwads though!
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2023.03.29 22:12 masters_ATCP_BOT Pizza Hut Japan Tops New Pizza with All the Cilantro — They are calling it the "Too Much Cilantro" Pizza.

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2023.03.29 22:08 CRAZY729 🌴 Project Oasis RP v2 🌴• 💯 Quality Roleplay • 🔫 Gangs & Businesses 🏢 • 🍂 Drugs & Jobs 👔 •

🌴 Project Oasis RP v2 🌴• 💯 Quality Roleplay • 🔫 Gangs & Businesses 🏢 • 🍂 Drugs & Jobs 👔 •
Chances are if you're reading this you are in need of a new home. We hope you choose Project Oasis as your new home.
At Project Oasis we take our role-playing very seriously. In order to give our players a pleasant and enjoyable experience, our server is run by a modified version of the well-known QBcore Framework. Project Oasis RP was founded by experienced role players and was developed over the course of over a thousand hours. Right now is the perfect time to join Project Oasis because we just recently launched Project Oasis V2 in January 2023 with a brand-new economy.
At Project Oasis we want to encourage individuals to roleplay in any way they wish, we want to create an environment that makes it fun to play any job or character in the city. Since opening in June 2022, we have experienced rapid growth. To provide the best service, Project Oasis has a great team of administrators, staff, designers, and developers who are here to help you enjoy your experience in the city.
Project Oasis RP - Values
Value 1 - Quality Roleplay
Above all, we value quality roleplay here at Oasis. We want you to create memories, be creative, and most importantly have fun!
Value 2 - The Oasis for All
We know you have joined our city to check it out and are probably looking for a new home. Our aim is to be everyone's Oasis in the desert. That one little golden place where you can seek refuge.

What does Project Oasis RP have for you?:
🏢 Player Owned Businesses
🚗 Custom Import Vehicles With Custom Handing
🚙 Street Racing
🤙 Gang Friendly RP
📈 Fresh and Recently Wiped Economy
🎽 Custom EUP
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly
👀 Tons of Fun For Everyone
😎 A lot of Scripts To Make Sure Nobody Gets Bored
🚔🚑🚒🧑‍⚖️‍ Always Hiring LEO, EMS, Fire, Lawyers, and DOJ
👓 Fully Optimized Server With Good Connection
🎉 Weekly Events

Civilian Jobs:
  • Taxi
  • Electrician
  • Tow Truck
  • Window Cleaner
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Delivery
  • Garbage Collector
  • Bus Driver
  • Builder
  • Post Office

Player Owned Businesses:
  • Burger Shot
  • Pizza This
  • Arriba Mexican Restaurant
  • Pearls Seafood Restaurant
  • Vanilla Unicorn Stripclub
  • Bahama Mamas Nightclub
  • Pacific Bluffs
  • White Widow
  • Weedlands
  • Redline Performance Shop
  • East Customs
  • Only Tow
  • Bayview Hunting Lodge
  • Luxury Autos
  • Real Estate
  • Plus More To Come!
If you have a business idea, submit a proposal and if it's something we like, we may bring it into the city!

Government Jobs:
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas EMS Department
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Department of Justice

  • Mining
  • Gold Panning
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Lumberjack
  • Diving
  • Illegal Diving
  • Laser Tag
  • Go Karting
  • Bowling
  • Tenis
  • Pool
  • Recycling Center
  • American Truck Simulator Job
  • Plus Many More!

Illegal Activities:
  • Chop Shop
  • Car Boosting
  • Sign Robbery
  • Parking Meter Robbery
  • Grave Robbing
  • House Robberies
  • Store Robberies
  • Armored Truck Robberies
  • Lab Truck Robberies
  • Jewelry Store Robbery
  • Fleeca Bank Robbery
  • Pacific Standard Bank Robbery
  • Paleto Bank Robbery
  • Maze Bank Robbery
  • Humane Labs Robbery
  • Casino Heist
  • A Secret Heist
  • Plus Many More!

There are millions of other ways to do illegal things in the city, all of which are hidden under the surface which you must roleplay with citizens to get more information on!
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2023.03.29 22:05 dark_covfefe Pizza roll party! 2 bags for $1 (25 pieces per bag) at my local GO

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2023.03.29 22:04 epileftric This is what you get by blindly ordering a Pizza Napolitana in The Netherlands.

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2023.03.29 22:04 Reksew_Trebla Some ideas I had for the Detective Club of Gotham Academy showing up in YJ.

It would probably show up no earlier than Season 6, since I feel a decade or longer timeskip in Season 5 would be too early, but introduce the Detective Club/Pizza Club from the Gotham Academy comics after a timeskip so Damian can be grown up and as Robin. Technically, a timeskip wouldn't be needed, and they could have Damian's role filled by Tim Drake, since he's the current Robin, but Damian has been shown to have been born already, so I feel like they should wait for him to be Robin.
As for Katherine Karlo, since the Clayface of Young Justice is Matthew Hagen, my idea is to most likely resolve this by having a piece of Clayface having broken off at some point in the past, and adopting the identity of Basil Karlo. Maybe he could be adopted by Vincent Karlo, who is Basil's father in the main comics
This offshoot of Clayface would have a kid at some point, and that would be Katherine Karlo. How Hagen fits into the family dynamic, I'm not sure yet, but that'll be for a future plot.
Basil Karlo gets infected by Joker Venom at some point, and becomes Clownface (this is an actual thing that happened in the comics, though it was just a piece of Basil Karlo Clayface that got infected). Katherine will either get officially adopted by the original Clayface at this point, or will be taken care of by the Batfamily, unofficially, of course.
Maps eventually replaces Damian as Robin, because Damian will become Batman (keep in mind the writers have actually been passing time properly, so Bruce can't be Batman forever. Bruce will have a similar role to Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond, but with Damian being Batman instead of Terry).
The Detective Club will still be a thing after they graduate, maybe as a sort of offshoot of the Batfamily, through Maps being Robin, and Mudface (Katherine) maybe being adopted by the Batfamily. Plus some of the others are already costumed vigilantes and/or metahumans, so that'll work to their advantage in staying a superhero group. Damian might become the leader of the group at that point, but I feel like they should make him only involved if absolutely needed, like the Justice League was to the Team, and instead, Olive or Maps will lead the Detective Club.
Anyways, those are the few ideas I had for bringing in the Detective Club into Young Justice.
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2023.03.29 22:01 XFriskyBX232 [RECRUITING] Reddit Night #90V2UGJQ Official RCS Clan Lvl 21 Open War Log CWL CRYSTAL 1 Clan Hall 10 International (English) Discord Required!!

Welcome to Reddit Night

Welcome to Reddit Night (#90V2UGJQ), an official clan of the Reddit Clan System (RCS)! Grab a drink from the cooler, a slice of pizza, and pull up a chair to the fire with some friends under the stars! ⛺️

If you’re looking for a clan that is a relaxing community with aspirations to build and war together Reddit Night is the perfect place for you! With ties to the RCS, you will gain an incredible amount of knowledge for the game while meeting some amazing people along the way!

Minimum Requirements:

(Currently looking for th10+)
Our requirements are a bit negotiable but fairly tight due to the size and demand for a spot in an RCS clan.

Our goals:

Basic Requirements:

Clan Capital

If interested in joining Reddit Night, follow the Discord link below! We can chat and cover the rest of Reddit Night’s rules and the RCS.

See you by the fire!

Discord Link In Game Link
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2023.03.29 21:52 Acti-Verse California food burn

Hello, Recently I picked up some pizza from little Caesars and when I got into my car I went to take a bite. The pizza was so hot that it blistered my lip and roof of my mouth. Can’t taste anything as well. I’ve had hot pizza before but i feel this was much hotter than necessary. Especially when the “caution hot hot” is hardly visible because it’s placed in a kinda hidden area. Anyway, I’m just really surprised that the pizza was as hot as it was and god forbid a child trying to grab that and bite into it. It was hotter than any soup or coffee I’ve had. Is there legal grounds to sue or at least file complaint legally against them?
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2023.03.29 21:51 YTreddit986 Acho que ele não gostou do emprego...

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2023.03.29 21:50 Jazzlike_Dirt_6230 Chicago Tavern Style Pizza at Home

Chicago Tavern Style Pizza at Home
I'm from west Minneapolis and tavern style pizza is king here. I like to use bread flour in my dough for the crunch, and have no problem with a good canned sauce (after homemade efforts, I encourage it for this style). If you're from around here Lunds & Beverly's hot Italian sausage is God's gift to pizza, I crank my oven to 550°F and put it on raw before the cook. I recommend a good cheese (I use Sargento) 80% mottz 20% cheddar. This is super doable at home and I really mean it, the quality is so close to Broadway, Carbones and Chalet (local tavern pie shops) that you'd never know the difference. I love this style, probably my favorite!
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2023.03.29 21:49 whatzyours Only 1994 - But.....

Only 1994 - But.....
I work at a K8 school and this was on the discard table. I thought it was pretty cool. 😍
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2023.03.29 21:48 Moropheles Pizza Tower sleep paralysis i had.

I don't have sleep paralysis much, but this one was too weird not to share. (i made it very dramatic, by the way, so i don't normally type like this.)
I only intended to take a brief nap, but I ended up sleeping for quite a while. I began to dream about Pizza tower when I was in deep sleep. I was playing an old demo, and for a while, the game was normal until I came across a door that I literally never saw before, even after I played the game so many times.
Of course, I entered the room through the door, which was just a room with a small drop and a few enemies...nothing special. During the drop, I ended up pressing the dash button, which revealed a hidden wall, I was surprised since it showed "7 hiden rooms out of 6"...
There was just a pineapple head humanoid saying "focus"...and i was like "focus on what?"
I kept moving forward and found a very easy plataforming challenge. I easily completed it and moved on to the next room, where the screen was completely black, and the words "did you focus?" flashed on the screen, I assumed i had to do what I did in the previous room again, and so I did, and forward i went.
There was the pineapple head humanoid again saying "hear" and so i was like "oh, i'll probably have to hear to advance the next room". I turned up the volume and moved on to the next room, where an unbearably loud ringing sound began to play. I couldn't even look at the screen because my eyes were hurting from the pscicodelic flashing light in the background. It was so loud that I tried to just leave the room, but I couldn't. I tried pausing, but the noise didn't stop, and it got even louder every second.
I threw my headphones forward, but the extremely loud ringing noise was still audible, to the point where my ears started bleeding.
My eyes shot wide open in real life and i was awake, but I couldn't move my body or turn my head, but you could see my room. The noise was still there and i couldn't do anything about it. My ears were burning from how loud and painful it was.
I was panicking, I wanted to cry, I wanted to run away and just rip my ears out. But I couldn't even do any of that.
After a few seconds... or minutes, I'm not sure. It lasted so long that i don't even know anymore.
It stopped.
And I immediately came here to type all this out.
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2023.03.29 21:46 Mamboo07 If I were to come up with a DLC expansion for Pizza Tower

Here's how I imagine it with a little plot:
What's New?
  1. Mansion Madness (Mansion Level)
  2. Frozen Frenzy (Strongcold, everything starts to melt when Pizza Time comes in)
  3. Watered Down (Unused Water level, now as a full level taking inspiration from Alantis)
  4. Kung-Fu (Kung-Fu level, would look more Japanese)
  5. Purple Panic (Snick makes his debut as a playable character, something like the levels with Gustavo)
  6. Cheese Dragon (BOSS)
There's not really much, but oh well.
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2023.03.29 21:42 justakidfromflint What should I play?? Lots ALL my games progress.

I lost my phone so I was able to recover the apps I paid for but every single one of them is back at square one with only empty slots to put in your employee.
I really love all the games although I did get burnt out for a little while but I'm back and ready to play I have a vast majority of the Papa's cooking games including sushiria, donuteria, cluckaria, taco Mia, the cupcake one I can't remember the name, the pizza one and the hot dog one I don't think I'm missing any.
I want to start playing the games again although it's unfortunate that I have to start from the very beginning which game would you suggest I start out with?
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2023.03.29 21:41 BioSkull Swimmington fuckin dies in the new season

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2023.03.29 21:40 kaleuhsalads calories per slice for 14inch margherita pizza?

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2023.03.29 21:37 Snoo_95745 Girl what line?

Got this on the day bpd has tape all around it and closed 😂
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2023.03.29 21:33 thebigcabidge Anyone have their own seasoning mix?

I really started picking up on cooking about 2 years ago on my own and I’m trying to compile some different seasoning mixes. I love making my own rather than buying the mixes from the store but was really impressed with some Cajun mixes I bought recently.
I’ve tried to copy stuff on my own like Pizza Huts breadsticks or KFCs Nashville Hot recipe but always end up missing something.
Hit me with what you got and I’ll be sure to try it out!
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2023.03.29 21:33 Avocadosandtomatoes Can pizza be cooked in an offset?

If you get it really hot with a shit ton of wood.
Wondering if you can cook a pizza in it?
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2023.03.29 21:32 ThomasGregorich 12-year-old in Milwaukee charged with killing a man to steal his guns. Police say a pizza receipt led to the arrest

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