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Animals can create and organize their environment better than humans, and animals taught humans through the duration of life-time

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This subreddit is for discussion and links related to topology. All levels of topology are welcome - from undergraduate students exploring basic concepts to academics wishing to discuss recent results.

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Welcome to Vegan_Travel! This purpose of this community is to bring information together on where, and how, to eat vegan while traveling around the world.

2023.03.29 21:56 pennyforyour-thots DIY Spice Blends - How long do they keep?

I’ve been recreating quite a few HelloFresh recipes lately, and a lot of them involve their spice blends. Thanks to this sub’s master list of HF’s seasoning blends, I’ve been able to make them myself!
However, I almost always have a good amount of each seasoning blend leftover. I’m wondering how long they can be stored (either in a clean spice jar, or double-bagged in a Zioloc baggie) before the spices start to lose their potency? I know that a lot of spices don’t keep past 6 months before they start losing their freshness/flavor.
Does anyone here have experience with making and storing spice blends for HF recipes? If so, how do you store yours (plastic bags, spice jars, etc.) and how long have you found they stay fresh and flavorful? And do you pre-make any blends to keep always on hand, or do you make them as needed only when a recipe calls for them?
I tried doing some Googling, but the answers were all over the place, I just couldn’t seem to find a concrete answer.
Much appreciation in advance to anyone who can weigh in!
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2023.03.29 21:55 iksnet [Morey] 2 tickets tonight for our game against the Dallas Mavericks at 7:30PM to a random person who gets this trivia question correct: Since the ABA/NBA merger who are the player(s) to avg 30 pts, 10 rebs, and 4 assists that did not win MVP?

2 tickets tonight for our game against the @dallasmavs at 7:30PM to a random person who gets this trivia question correct:
Since the ABA/NBA merger who are the player(s) to avg 30 pts, 10 rebs, and 4 assists that did not win MVP
Reply to this message to have a chance to win
Obviously, he means reply to his tweet, but you can also answer it here! Who is Daryl Morey referring to?
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2023.03.29 21:55 Sunshinedrink the most dangerous of them all

Hello everyone,
when I feel mixed up, I write short flash stories. Here's the last one:
The work was done. The earth was finished. The gods stood all around it, and looked at what they had created. They looked at all the valleys they had formed, at all the mountains they had peaked.
"I made the most dangerous animal on this planet.", said one god, "I made the mouse. It spreads plague and eats every animals food stash."
"Pfah", replied another, "my animal is way more dangerous. The cat eats your mouse for breakfast. It is the most dangerous animal on this planet."
And so it came that the other gods also joined in on this discussion, whose animal was the most dangerous of them all:
"The tiger is bigger than a cat, so it hunts more dangerous prey than the cat."
"The elephant is the greatest animal. If threatened, it will just stomp its enemies into the ground."
"The vulture is the scariest. It stalks its prey from a safe distance, and then in a quick second it pierces down and pins it to the ground."
So the discussion went on and on. Everyone thought they made the most dangerous and scary animal of them all.
"My animal", said the final god at least, "must be the most dangerous of them all."
"Why?", the other gods asked.
"Because it kills not to hunt or to defend. The human kills out of pure enjoyment."
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2023.03.29 21:55 Optimal_Canary_4849 My bf broke up with me over rave tickets. I don’t know how to cope.

I’m on here in search for an answer I guess. Not long ago, my (ex) boyfriend (18M) and I (18F) got into a discussion over a huge rave happening soon. We talked about it 2 weeks before because I mentioned it and noticed him to be quieter than usual as we headed to a birthday celebration for his sister. He was angry, he said he wasn’t going to stop me from going, but that he doesn’t like raves and the fact that I’m possibly going. I agreed that I wouldn’t go and that I would only go to small raves.
Fast forward two weeks, and the thought of the race still lingers in my head. I want to go and I’ve always wanted to go. It was my little getaway from studying and work and I wanted to do this since I was 15.
I get the ticket and now comes the day when I tell him. I tell him that I don’t want to live in regret and never go. I thought maybe I’ll spend a long time with this man and I should enjoy my youth before I have kids and adult responsibilities. I don’t love him less and I don’t plan on just “letting loose.” I understood why he didn’t prefer that i went. All of it according to him was for safety reasons. But i had family and friends that would keep me safe. I told him that i would be fine and then I did a horrible thing in giving him an ultimatum. I told him, if he can’t be with a person like me then he should think about his own happiness first. This ticked him off, and an hour after he dropped me off home. He ended things with us.
In my head I didn’t need my partner’s permission to go to a rave. However I’m starting to think I’m wrong.
I don’t know what to do and I’m blaming myself. Was I right to just get the ticket? What i should I do there hasn’t been any contact yet?
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2023.03.29 21:55 autotldr Melting Antarctic ice predicted to cause rapid slowdown of deep ocean current by 2050

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)
Melting ice around Antarctica will cause a rapid slowdown of a major global deep ocean current by 2050 that could alter the world's climate for centuries and accelerate sea level rise, according to scientists behind new research.
A team of Australian scientists looked at the deep ocean current below 4,000 metres that originates in the cold, fresh and dense waters that plunge down off Antarctica's continental shelf and spread to ocean basins around the globe.
England said the slowdown of the deep ocean current caused those deep waters to heat up.
Dr Steve Rintoul, an oceanographer and expert on the Southern Ocean at the Australian government's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, said as the deep ocean circulation slows, fewer nutrients would be returned to upper layers of the ocean - affecting the production of phytoplankton.
"Unfortunately, these locations are all close to the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, which are melting away as a result of fossil-fuel-caused global warming."The meltwater dilutes the salt content of these ocean regions, thereby making the ocean waters less dense and thus not heavy enough to sink down and push away the waters already there.
A slowdown in the deep ocean current could also affect the amount of CO2 that the deep oceans could lock away, Rahmstorf said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: ocean#1 deep#2 water#3 current#4 around#5
Post found in /worldnews, /climate, /environment, /EnvironmentalNews, /AutoNewspaper and /GUARDIANauto.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.29 21:55 anonymoussyrian Noor Alzuabi's experience leaving Islam

Story found on Quora. Do you relate to his experience?
“I was born and raised in Mountain View, Ca. My dad is originally Syrian and was raised in Saudi Arabia, and my mom is also Originally Syrian, but she was born and raised in Baltimore, Md. My dad was completing his masters in something IT related, and my mom was getting her bachelors when I was born. I lived in California until I was about 5 years old while my dad worked at Oracle, until he moved to Saudi Arabia, where he was offered a great job. He also wanted to be near his parents since he was their only son. I then lived in Saudi Arabia for around ten years until me, my mom and two sisters moved back to Ohio, so I can complete my last year of high school and start college.
I went to an Islamic school, was at the mosque often, all my friends were Muslims, I learned the religion very well I would argue, and I didn’t have a girlfriend who “messed with my brain”. I mention that because that’s the first thing people asked about.
My parents are definitely the practicing and religious type of Muslims. They made sure they taught us the religion, made sure we prayed, fasted, read and memorized the Quran ( yes I memorized the entire Quran by the time I turned 13), and lived our lives based on Islamic teachings and guidelines.
Now I’ve had my doubts and have been on the fence for the past four years, and that’s when I essentially stopped practicing Islam, except for my parents satisfaction. I’d only pray if they told me to and I’d often tell them I prayed when I actually didn’t. I’d eat during mandatory fasting periods when no one was around. God or religion was simply not an important part of my life anymore. Now I didn’t straight up not believe in God, I just had serious doubts and I simply didn’t care ( hey, I was 14…).
Four months ago I had some extra time on my hands, and I thought to myself, “I’ve been putting this off for a while now, do I actually believe in God?”. So I sat and thought, read, looked for answers to my questions and reached a conclusion that I was finally comfortable and confident with, there was almost no way I could get myself to believe in the Islamic God (Allah) or any other God for that matter.
I told myself I’m now an atheist.
At first I wasn’t planning on telling a soul. Not a friend, a family member, nothing. But then about a month later, it was the month of Ramadan, we were in Saudi Arabia for the summer, and I decided to tell my sister. She is 14 but I really trust her even though we didn’t have the best relationship. She wasn’t shocked, surprised, mad or anything. In fact she was kind of interested. I then told a close friend and cousin. I realized he has been on the fence for a while, but didn’t want to take the “risk” and just entirely leave the religion until he is absolutely sure, I respected his decision we talked and discussed a lot and remained close friends. If anything, telling him brought us closer.
Another friend (my closest friend) was completely surprised. Here’s how the initial conversation went. I remember it almost word for word, but I’m translating it from Arabic:
Note I had no idea what his reaction would be.
Me : “ bro, what’s one thing that if I did, you would be like yeah we aren’t friends anymore?”
Him: “ What? I can’t think of anything, why?”
Me: “Wait so there is nothing I can do that’ll make us no longer friends?”
Him: “ Yeah”
Me: “ Well what if I stab your mom or something”
Him: “ I guess, then I’d probably just stab you back :) “
Me: “Or if I become an atheist or something”
Him: “Nah, I have a close relative who became an atheist and we’re cool”
Me: “Oh, well I think I’m an atheist”
Him: “ haha, yeah right”
Me: “ No I really am”
Him: “You’re joking, right?”
Me: “No, I’m serious”
Him: “holy shit! For real? Why? What happened?”
And then came a bombardment of questions. He told me he believes beyond a shadow of doubt that I’m making a mistake. We spoke, discussed and even debated for hours on end, yet we are still closer than ever.
Later on, against my friends and sisters advice, I decided I had to tell my parents. I sent my dad a long and well thought out text about a few weeks later, when I was in the airport heading back to Ohio, since I was taking summer classes. My parents reaction may have been the hardest part of the whole ordeal. Here’s the exact text.
Salam (Arabic for peace), I would like to tell you that I respect and love you both, this may come as a shock but I hope that you could take this gracefully and with an open mind. I've lived four years of “hypocrisy” and lies, and I thought it was time I finally shared this with you, since I'm done with putting up a front (to anyone). I'm no longer a Muslim, I thought, I searched, I asked, I read, I tried to find answers to my many questions but to no avail, and that among many other reasons is why I chose to no longer believe in any God, or Gods for that matter. I've had really serious doubts for the first one or two years but I then stopped practicing Islam entirely, except in public and at home for your satisfaction. I can go on and on but I'm not trying to start a debate. At this point I think my decision is final. I can't ever thank you guys enough for every thing you have done to make me the best person *I* could be and as much as I appreciate that, I'm sad to tell you that *I* can't be the person *you* want *me* to be, and as much as this may sadden you, it's the truth. All of that, I ask you to please accept as fact, and how you would like to approach that is up to you completely and I'm fine with almost any decision you make as long as you're bearing that in mind.
Now I know this may come as a shock so I sent this over a text to give you guys time to think and discuss before I hear from you.
I’d say they were shocked. My dad started off by telling me it’s the devil, and that I should ask God for help, he then told me to reconsider and think some more and ask the right people and scholars about all my questions, which I did do. He didn’t want to tell my mom, but he eventually did since she noticed how depressed he had gotten. My mom was traumatized, and I don’t use that term lightly. She couldn’t sleep for days and was constantly crying until she saw a psychiatrist, and became sick for a while afterwards. Fortunately they remained on somewhat good terms with me. They told me I am still their son and they would still support me no matter what (I got in an accident and some trouble, and they were there for me throughout the whole affair), but I should keep searching for the truth. They came to accept it in the end, and they’re no longer pushing me or pressuring me to do anything related to the religion.
I told a few friends who I’ve gotten close to in my previous two years in the US. They all said they would still remain close to me and support me, no matter what, and would always remain my friends, but I’m sad to say, I feel like we probably drifted apart. Hopefully it’s just that we’re all really busy.
A few senior members in the community new and they’ve talked to me a lot. Unfortunately I lost most of my relationships with older members of the community whom I was simply acquainted with. Although they are all great and wonderful people to know, we had nothing in common except for the fact that we met at the same mosque to pray and then just sit and talk or “socialize” afterwards.
Things do become and still remain (less so) slightly awkward and tense at home, and around friends whom I didn’t become so close to. My oldest and closest friends now just joke about and make fun of me being an atheist every once in a while. In summary, I don’t regret telling people or “coming out” I just wish it didn’t initially hurt and shock my parents as much as it did.”
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2023.03.29 21:55 Abentura This is perhaps obvious to many of you, but is somewhat mind blowing to me: ChatGPT can teach me how to use ChatGPT

I was born in the 1990s. My elementary school had a technology guy come in every couple of weeks and teach us technology stuff. One thing he taught us was how to use basic search commands on Google. For example:
filetype:pdf "coffea arabica" and "polyploidy"
to get PDFs from .gov domains that mention "coffea arabica" and "polyploidy"
These commands still work 20 years later, and have given me a mini superpower compared to people who don't have this skill, especially as Google has become more clogged with SEO over the years.
If I was back in elementary school today, and had that same sort of instruction, I'm sure we would learn how to use ChatGPT. What's mind blowing to me is that I can use ChatGPT to get that instruction.
I've started to think that I should imagine ChatGPT as a real person with relevant expertise when formulating prompts and follow-ups to prompts (although I understand that I should view the outputs more critically than I would if they were written by an actual human expert).
Here is an example of such an exchange:
I have no experience with coding or API. I would like Chat GPT to use Wolfram Alpha for math calculations. Tell me how to do this in a way I can understand.
I understand that you're new to coding and APIs. I'll try to explain the process as simply as possible so that you can use Wolfram Alpha for math calculations through the Wolfram Alpha API. We'll use Python, a beginner-friendly programming language, and make HTTP requests to access the API.
Sign up for an API key: To use Wolfram Alpha API, you need to sign up for an account and get an API key. Follow these steps:
Go to the Wolfram Alpha Developer Portal: Sign up for an account or log in if you already have one. Click "Get an AppID" and follow the instructions to create a new AppID (API key). Install Python and required libraries: Next, you'll need to install Python on your computer:
Download Python from and follow the instructions to install it. Once Python is installed, you'll need to install the requests library, which allows you to make HTTP requests in Python. Open a terminal (Command Prompt on Windows, Terminal on macOS/Linux) and type:
pip install requests
Write the Python script: Create a new file called and open it with a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, or Visual Studio Code. Copy and paste the following code into the file:
import requests
def wolfram_alpha_query(query, app_id): base_url = "" params = { "i": query, "appid": app_id, "format": "plaintext" } response = requests.get(base_url, params=params) response.raise_for_status() return response.text
if name == "main": app_id = "YOUR_APP_ID" # Replace this with your actual AppID query = input("Enter your math query: ") result = wolfram_alpha_query(query, app_id) print(f"Result: {result}")
Replace "YOUR_APP_ID" with the actual AppID you obtained from Wolfram Alpha.
Run the script: Save the file and go back to the terminal. Navigate to the folder where you saved For example, if you saved it in C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents, type:
cd C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents
Then, run the script by typing:
When prompted, enter your math query, like "2+2" or "sin(pi/2)". The script will send the query to Wolfram Alpha, and you'll see the result in the terminal.
That's it! You can now use Wolfram Alpha for math calculations through the Wolfram Alpha API in Python. If you want to learn more about coding and APIs, I recommend checking out online resources, such as Python tutorials or API documentation.
What if I want Chat GPT to use Wolfram Alpha during a longer response? For example, writing out a step-by-step explanation of how to solve a physics problem, but using Wolfram Alpha for the parts of that explanation which require math calculations
To integrate Wolfram Alpha into a longer response with step-by-step explanations, you can break the problem down into smaller parts and call the Wolfram Alpha API as needed. Here's a general outline of how to do this:
Break the problem down into smaller steps. Identify the steps that require calculations. Write a Python script that combines your explanations with Wolfram Alpha calculations. As an example, let's say you have a simple physics problem: finding the final velocity of an object in free fall after a given time.
Problem: An object is dropped from rest. Calculate its final velocity after falling for 3 seconds.
Identify the relevant variables: initial velocity (u), acceleration due to gravity (g), time (t), and final velocity (v). Write the formula for final velocity: v = u + g * t Plug the values into the formula and calculate the result using Wolfram Alpha. Here's a Python script that combines explanations with Wolfram Alpha calculations:
import requests
def wolfram_alpha_query(query, app_id): base_url = "" params = { "i": query, "appid": app_id, "format": "plaintext" } response = requests.get(base_url, params=params) response.raise_for_status() return response.text
def calculate_final_velocity(app_id, time): initial_velocity = 0 # Dropped from rest gravity = 9.81 # Acceleration due to gravity (m/s2)
query = f"{initial_velocity} + 
Is that the full script or did you run out of characters? (note: it was weird to me that there was nothing after the "+")
Apologies for the incomplete response. Here's the full script to calculate the final velocity of an object in free fall after a given time, using Wolfram Alpha for calculations:
python import requests
def wolfram_alpha_query(query, app_id): base_url = "" params = { "i": query, "appid": app_id, "format": "plaintext" } response = requests.get(base_url, params=params) response.raise_for_status() return response.text
def calculate_final_velocity(app_id, time): initial_velocity = 0 # Dropped from rest gravity = 9.81 # Acceleration due to gravity (m/s2)
query = f"{initial_velocity} + {gravity} * {time}" result = wolfram_alpha_query(query, app_id) return float(result) 
if name == "main": app_id = "YOUR_APP_ID" # Replace this with your actual AppID time = 3 # Time in seconds
print("We'll calculate the final velocity of an object in free fall after a given time.") print("Step 1: Identify the relevant variables:") print(f" - Initial velocity (u): {0} m/s (dropped from rest)") print(f" - Acceleration due to gravity (g): {9.81} m/s^2") print(f" - Time (t): {time} seconds") print() print("Step 
Finish writing the script starting from the final, incomplete line in your most recent response. Don't include anything about 'apologies' just write the rest of the script.
Here's the continuation and completion of the script:
print("Step 2: Write the formula for final velocity:") print(" - Formula: v = u + g * t") print() print("Step 3: Plug the values into the formula and calculate the result using Wolfram Alpha:") final_velocity = calculate_final_velocity(app_id, time) print(f" - Calculation: v = 0 + 9.81 * {time}") print(f" - Result: v = {final_velocity:.2f} m/s") 
This is the completed script that calculates the final velocity of an object in free fall after a given time, using Wolfram Alpha for calculations and providing step-by-step explanations. Remember to replace "YOUR_APP_ID" with your actual Wolfram Alpha AppID.
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2023.03.29 21:55 yrntmysupervisor How do I make these clips wider instead of taller?

How do I make these clips wider instead of taller?
That seems to be the only way I can expand them and searching leads to way too many other answers that aren’t my answer.
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2023.03.29 21:55 Nieuman 31 [M4F] SF Bay Area, CA - A Call to Connect: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Good Wi-Fi

In this vast and ever-expanding universe, it's rare to find deep and meaningful conversations, to find people who yearn to explore the mysteries of existence and to contemplate the complexities of the human condition. And yet, it's precisely through such conversations that we're able to shed light on the shadowed corners of our souls, that we're able to find solace in the shared experiences of others, that we're able to glimpse the beauty that lies beyond our own lives.
I'm an introverted individual with a love for the arts, literature, philosophy, and all things profound. I've always been driven by a thirst for understanding the world, like a kid in a candy store, except instead of candy, it's deep discussions that make my heart skip a beat. Lookswise, I have a slim physique but my mind is a behemoth of curiosity and wonder, churning with tides of questions that even Google can't answer, as I'm constantly seeking answers to everything. And standing at 6 feet tall, I'm pretty sure that makes me the perfect height for contemplating the infinitely vertical possibilities of the universe.
By trade, I'm a humble worker, toiling away at a low paying job, yet my heart remains steadfast in its pursuit of understanding everything. I find solace in books, losing myself in the stories and theories, and I'm seeking to expand my knowledge and to see things I've never imagined before. I may not make six figures or have a six pack, but my mind is rich and robust with ideas about life, the cosmos, and everything in between. Who needs moolah when you've got the timeless works of great thinkers throughout history to lose yourself in? Besides, I hear the pages of books taste delicious when you're really hungry.
I prefer DM, not chat. I hope to connect with like-minded individuals who share a similar passion for the things that truly matter in life. Rather than curling up to watch some Netflix we can curl up to read some Nietzsche. Though I wouldn't mind doing both. Netflix and Nietzsche anyone? Whether we converse of the works of world-historic figures, or of our own personal experiences and struggles, it's my hope that together we'll find meaning, comfort, and wisdom in our shared endeavors.
So if you're a seeker of truth, a lover of knowledge, and a fan of the profound, I invite you to reach out to me, so we can embark on a journey of the mind and the soul, as we get to know each other inside and out in our search for meaning. Let's dive into the unknown and revel in the richness of the human experience. Because the beauty of life lies not just on the surface, but in the depths of our hearts and minds, waiting to be uncovered and understood.
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2023.03.29 21:55 TheRSSProudHindu Not liking LGBT does not make some one homophobic but voluntarily hurting the group physically

Homophobia refers to the irrational fear or hatred of individuals who identify as LGBT. Simply not liking or disagreeing with someone's sexual orientation or gender identity does not necessarily indicate an irrational fear or hatred.
People can have religious or cultural beliefs that do not align with the LGBT community without harboring hatred or fear towards them. Disagreement with certain lifestyles or beliefs does not automatically make someone homophobic.
Having personal preferences or opinions about sexual orientation or gender identity does not necessarily lead to violent or harmful behavior towards LGBT individuals.
It is possible for people to treat LGBT individuals with respect and dignity while still disagreeing with their lifestyle or beliefs.
Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are fundamental human rights. Everyone has the right to hold their own opinions and beliefs, even if those opinions are not popular or accepted by others.
LGBT individuals themselves may have different opinions about their own lifestyle or identity. It is important to respect these differences and not label those who disagree as automatically being homophobic.
People can have different interpretations of religious texts, and some may interpret them as not accepting LGBT individuals. However, this does not necessarily mean that they hate or fear them.
People can hold different beliefs and opinions based on their cultural background and upbringing. It is important to be respectful of these differences and engage in constructive dialogue.
It is important to differentiate between hate speech and a difference of opinion. Disliking or disagreeing with someone's sexual orientation or gender identity is not hate speech.
Violence or discrimination against LGBT individuals is a serious offense and should never be condoned. However, not liking someone's sexual orientation or gender identity does not necessarily lead to violent behavior.
It is important to recognize that people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but they should not use them as an excuse to harm others physically or emotionally.
People can have different levels of exposure to the LGBT community and may not have a full understanding of their lifestyle or identity. It is important to approach conversations about these topics with empathy and respect.
Labeling someone as homophobic without understanding their perspective can be counterproductive and can prevent constructive dialogue.
Education and exposure to diverse perspectives can help reduce prejudice and promote acceptance of LGBT individuals.
It is possible for people to evolve their beliefs and opinions over time. Encouraging respectful dialogue and understanding can help facilitate this process.
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2023.03.29 21:55 CantaloupePossible33 You're a TERF and you just don't know it yet!

There are many misconceptions about TERFs, but our platform is actually widely popular when you boil it down to its most simple principles! I've made a list of basic doctrines and facts that I think actually have near universal understanding and agreement in society once you see them clearly:
An Ideology, Comprehensive, Phase One:
1) Demarijuanify the American sexual apparatus beginning at the elementary school level and moving progressively to the halls of individual business human resources, state economic chambers of commerce, and of course the global Jewish Banking System.
2) Diversity training videos trace their genealogy back to the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels. This can be undone only by ritualized societal remembrance of gendered genitals.
3) Cults are the fundamental building blocks of the transgender race. If the gender critical coalition superficially resembles such cults, it is simply because the results of the last decade have forced us to organize into paramilitary affinity groups for the continued existence of primordial femininity. NO ONE can look at the events of the last 10 years and deny that society has eveolved into a state of low-level warfare in which all must participate, all must choose, brainwashing is the norm, domination is love, and we are all one inch away from the greatest extremes of violence; this is due to and among the goals of all transgenders (whether consciously or not). ADDENDUM: The transgender call to decriminalize testosterone seems on the surface an attempt to gain strength, but this is an example of why critical thinking is necessary. It is in fact an attempt to recruit bodybuilders to their coalition, an unholy alliance that should surprise no radical feminist.
4) Genitalia is gender. Periods are gender. Masturbation is NOT gender. Drugs only have a superficial relationship to gender. The human body, sexuality, libido and future of the species can be studied, organized, controlled and made productive through mastery of human genetics at the chromosome level. Transgenderism is an offense, or--depending on your metaphorical reference points to human civilization as a whole) virus corrupting the planned destiny of human gene flow.
5) People think about genitals an average of 17 times per day (Wright, Smith & et. tal, Harvard University Press, 1989). The psychosis resulting from confusion each time these genitals pop into the head in our current society without the foundations of gender has led to phenomenon such as: unhealthy relationships to social media (e.g. Tiktok), degrading mental health, drug use, blue light addictions, poppers, etc.
6) Gender is not a metaphysics but an ontology.
7) While the sexism in Freud is wrong, the implications it has for transsexualism is likely right. This has been a cause for confusion in many gender critical circles, and has even led to schisms and intra-community online guerrilla tactics deployed against our own (most being unaware of the deeper philosophical roots at play). The movement is evolving beyond these now contradictions now, as it embraces the dialectic.
8) Autogynephilia has much to offer and little to consider.
If you can agree with these, then guess what, you are a TERF! The label has obviously become harmful, but you can obviously see that the ideas and principles of the movement are pretty simple, rooted in love, and ultimately agreeable to most normal people in society.
I've explained these points to friends and family over lunch, parties, graduations, weddings, etc. and always gotten great reactions. At first their eyes get wide, you can see lightbulbs going off in their heads, after about 15 minutes of explaining they start to nod along vigorously. They say they can tell I've studied this hard and they have a lot to think about. I've never had to deal with any debate or argument, I think that's because they see that ultimately we're coming from the same place. Sorry, I know this post is long. I've had a lot of time lately, all my friends and family are just busy with all sorts of stuff it seems like they're always busy nowadays. I've really liked writing out my thoughts, it's been a great outlet, I hope it means something to someone here too.
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2023.03.29 21:55 KingNigelXLII Crazy prediction from 2018

Crazy prediction from 2018 submitted by KingNigelXLII to LandoftheLustrous [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:55 Herbalfan235573 Should I move to my bio moms?

So for context I am 16. I have been raised by my grandparents since I was 2 as my bio mom was unfit to care for me at the time and my bio dad was a druggie who eventually left to be a vagabond traveling the whole eastern coast (Michigan to florida as a line.) he came back but he left again. This is unrelated to the story so I’ll get back on track. My grandparents have always treated me like a trophy rather than a son. Primarily cus they thought I was smart, or athletic, or kind. I’ve grown to be none of those things as my resentment with how they treated me growing. They treated me as a second chance to raise their son I.E. my dad. My depression was horrible throughout my life but they never did anything about it when I told them except send me to mental hospitals and never thought to help me themselves when I told them the mental hospitals made me feel worse! I started yelling, getting snippy, and being an all around jerk. I mean I’m not condoning my actions I believe I fucked up but I just wanted them to hear me and listen to me and the only way they would was when I actively rebelled against their views of me. I became a shut in. I barely come out of my room to talk to them because whenever I want to speak calmly my grandfather starts yelling and getting aggressive towards me when i try to bring up new ideas. I mean I know he’s got Parkinson’s which will progress to dementia but I honestly can’t accept it… the man I always thought to be invincible in my childhood now can hardly hold his pop without spilling it. My grandmother is the same way. Never getting aggressive but always passively blaming me for their behavior such as “you need to apologize for the way you spoke to him. He only started yelling when you got nasty with him.” Even though I never got nasty or rude towards him just mentioned something and he got agitated. I’ve been attempting to get jobs but I can’t hold them because I notice too many things about the job that aren’t right and I also look at how I’m treated before I quit and move on looking for another one that will treat me better or pay me more. My aunt doesn’t seem to like this and acts as if she’s my mother yelling at me or as she calls it “redirection” to try to get me to do something else. I’ve been trying to sell my carvings and I’m working under the table for someone who treats me like a human being and apparently it’s not good enough for her. Everytime she comes over to my grandparents whom I live with she just talks about what place is hiring yada yada and never asks me how I’m feeling. I just once want her to see that I’m not ok but to her she thinks im faking my depression. My grandpa recently got sent to the hospital because of a fall and my grandmother who has a seizure disorder is left alone when I leave for school and she had one today. I’m currently home alone writing this because I’m lost. I don’t know whether I should stay and help or leave and do what’s right for me… my bio mom is wonderful and she treats me as an adult and my own person not someone else who’s expectations I need to surpass. She’s done so much better in the past few months than my grandparents have in my life time with them. I’ve been talking to her for years now and the topic came up of me moving in and I really want to but I’m scared of my grandparents being left alone or something happening that could’ve been prevented if I was here. Please anybody just please tell me what I should do cus I’m so lost at this point…
submitted by Herbalfan235573 to Advice [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:55 Sanyikahajdu Is Greyshop/Russianarmyshop still a working website?

So i am in love with the white stripes Combat Pants Gen 3M "Gop Tac" on greyshop. I wrote an email to them 2 weeks ago, and last week on facebook about the stock refill, but they didn't reacted to my question. Does anybody knows are they still working? If not then i think i will order from the russianarmyshop, but i saw a redditpost where people said that they are bad webshop.
If anyone ordered from them in the past 2-3 month please help me, cuz i am in love with those white straps! D:
Thank you so much your answers!
submitted by Sanyikahajdu to u/Sanyikahajdu [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:54 Gredran I've been having an issue with my FPS prototype for a while

Hello, I'm an intermediate 3D modeler, used other engines for a few months, and now Godot for a few months as well. I'm having this issue for a while, and it feels like it'd be simple to me but I cannot for the life of me understand why it's happening the way it is.

I've been experimenting with a prototype that I've been combining pieces from Garbaj's series into Godot 4. I figure some things I may be able to do differently now in Godot 4, but my main first challenge was getting the series at all.

So I began with an assault rifle, then a pistol type weapon(aka fast and slow raycasting weapons) no effects yet.

Herein lies my issue now. One of Garbaj's tutorials is a flamethrower, so i used my existing weapon switch code(works with my assault rifle and pistol which both damage properly) and when I add in the flamethrower, the flamethrower works, but now the assault rifle will still be able to kill my enemies in the Enemy group, but NOW my assault rifle and pistol will cause an error in the AOE code of the flamethrower:

Here's the different code I'm referring. Let me know if you need anymore reference or understand what the issue is with what I give. I'll gladly give more but I don't want to give too much or too little:
Assault Rifle Fire Function:

func fire ():
if\_action\_pressed("fire"): if not player.anim\\_playing() and particles.emitting == false: if\_colliding(): 
var target = raycast.get_collider()
if target.is_in_group("Enemy"): -= damage
if == null:
return 0
 anim\"AssaultFire") particles.emitting = true print("Assault Rifle fired for " + str(damage)) else: anim\_player.stop() particles.emitting = false 

This is the code on a totally different gun, the flamethrower with AOE code, that gives the error. The line in question that gives it is the -= damage line
func _on_timer_timeout():
var enemies = fl\_box.get\_overlapping\_bodies() for e in enemies: []( \-= damage if []( == null: return 
The error is: Invalid get index 'health' (on base: 'StaticBody3D').
Now, as you can see I'm attempting a solution which isn't working lol. I know that my enemies have health variable, but my grounds and my other environments don't.
The solution I previously tried was giving a "GroundHealthHandler" script and giving it like 1000000000 health, but I'm sure this is not only tedious, but also prone to errors later on if I forget, and if damage increases, players can unintentionally destroy the ground. Obviously I want control over whether that happens or not. But, making the handler and putting the health on the ground StaticBody3D obviously it stopped the error.
When I totally switch off the flamethrower, everything works fine. enemies are damaged fine by , since they have a health variable.
As you can also see, I tried to check that if health is null, AKA not on a body, then don't worry about it! But maybe I'm going about that wrong?
So what's going on here? Will I have to rethink the flamethrower code a little? It's similar to grenade logic. And why doesn't the assault rifle raycast care when it hits ground when the flamethrower isn't active, but cares when it IS active?
I'll gladly clarify more or share more code as needed. This has stumped me for a little while.
Thanks in advance!
submitted by Gredran to godot [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:54 brunzotf How much does a Teaching Assistantship pay in Vancouver for a person on student permit?

While I tried searching for this online and on this sub across other threads, I couldn’t find the exact answer. So folks from Vancouver, would love to hear from you:
1) My wife has gotten into Emily Carr for the MDes interdisciplinary course. She has also been offered a TA position ‘worth $1000 CAD for the first year’. Does this mean that she is getting a 1000 for the whole year? Wouldnt that be below the minimum wage? Is minimum wage applicable to folks on student permit?
2) What part time jobs can one look at for a graduate student? And what are the typical part time hours like, say at a cafe?
Apologies if this has been asked before. But we are just figuring out finances out on this. This info would really help.
submitted by brunzotf to vancouver [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:54 10marketing8 How is bitcoin still trading (for now) at $27,000?

How is bitcoin still trading (for now) at $27,000?
Your guess is as good as Mark Cuban’s.
“I wish I knew the real reason,” the tech entrepreneur and investor wrote in an email when asked about bitcoin’s resurgence, adding that the cryptocurrency’s supporters would say it is a safe haven at a time of global financial unrest. “I honestly don’t know.”
It’s a reasonable answer. Amid the smoldering crater that is the crypto market, bitcoin has somehow made maybe not a comeback, but at least a stand. For all the tokens, coins, forks, chains and NFTs, bitcoin remains the gold standard in cryptocurrency.\_source=facebook&utm\_medium=social&utm\_campaign=news\_post\_social&utm\_term=daily\_news&utm\_content=news\_post\_kathi3
For more investing news:
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2023.03.29 21:54 AutoModerator [Get] Trading Hub 3.0 Full Course

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2023.03.29 21:54 Tantra_Charbelcher Can someone explain Ducks, Newburyport to me?

What the fuck is this shit? I mean really? A dozen of the most premier literary awards for 500 pages of uninterrupted word salad? Am I losing my mind? This book is completely incomprehensible. It is a test of human endurance to see how long you will stick with something based on critical acclaim. You can't do this to human beings. Like, how dare you? How dare you take your artist's journal you wrote while reading The Artist's Way, publish it, and then become a literary superstar.
How on earth did anyone edit this book? How did a book agent read this and think they had literary gold? And this isn't even the first time I've seen this happen. This is an exact copy of A girl is a half formed thing. How can you do this to people? Do you have no respect for the limited time we have on this planet? The joke is over. Ha ha, you combined 100k words at random and then convinced critics to give you what were once serious awards. I can read The Giver or The Poet X and clearly see why those books won awards. I can't finish this book because it is destroying my will to live. This is the literary equivalent of that fungus that attaches to ants and then grows into their brains and turns them into zombies.
This is gross. This spits in the face of anyone who has seriously tried to write a novel. Anyone who has struggled for years to even leave the tiniest scratch on the monument of collective literature, and you waltz in, you fucking AI drone and barf up a word slurry and become one of the most respected contemporary authors alive today. Enough. Just admit this was a massive hoax. Just admit you're screwing with us. It stopped being funny a long time ago. No one's laughing.
tl;dr, can someone please explain to me how Ducks, Newburyport is seen as an actual book let alone some gripping piece of literature that is reshaping what we know about literature?
submitted by Tantra_Charbelcher to books [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:54 MovieMaster2004 How terrifying Rimuru must be from human perspective.

So, we look on Rimuru and the gang from a reader’s perspective and we can call them strong but in the latter volumes, most of Rimuru’s pals don’t look as strong the enemies they face, like with Adalman vs Fenn for example.
But think about Tempest from a human perspective in the Cardinal World, especially someone in the noble class who has some spies and can check on Tempest.
So, back before the Octagram’s birth, people thought demon lords were as strong as Seeds, like Clayman, Carrion or Frey. These guys had 2 to 5 close subordinates that are considered their strongest servants: the three beastketeers, the five fingers or the twin wings. Higher majin in strength at best. The demon lords themselves had unique grade weapons, incredibly expensive to have.
From LN V5, we know that someone acquiring a demon lord seed happens maybe once every century or so.
Now some slime born a few years ago has not only acquired the seed, but actually awakened as a True Demon Lord. That Demon Lord has several majin with the strength of a Seed, the “Four Heavenly Kings” is basically the known elite group but thanks to the Tournament, they could confirm at least one other Seedling.
That slime had awakened on the same day as the great and venerable Storm Dragon, one of only four True Dragons in existence after consuming an entire army of 20K strong from Falmuth, and had managed to tame it, whether through a conversation or by brute strength is unknown.
That slime has a demon that could take on two of the “Ten Great Saints”; the “enemies” of the Demon Lords, and also soloed three of the “Seven Luminaries” legendary “heroes” who have been alive for hundreds of years.
All of the Slime’s higher subordinates have unique grade weapons.
Now, looking from an economical and political lens, the Demon Lord has rule over the Great Forest of Jura, which is at the very centre of the world basically and make it perfect for trade to receive goods from Dwargon, Sarion and eventually the eastern empire as well as the demon lord Milim’s domain, the fabled Destroyer. They can also mass produce FULL POTIONS, previously thought to have been lost in ancient times and remember, mass producing potions of any quality or growing hipoktue herb is rather a rare thing as well.
This fledgling nation has constructed superb roads in no time from Dwargon to Blumund and has what is believed to be a novelty and stuff reserved for nobles and royalty like hot baths are easily accessible.
That nation is backed by the strongest military for the simple reason of Veldora’s existence, a terrifying force of nature.
Oh, did you also see the newly born demon lord talk to the fucking Destroyer so casually and laugh? What, they are friends??? Best Friends??? That Tyrant of Destruction, befriending a SLIME????
Now, you are in LN V11 and as councillors, you need to have this DROP DEAD GORGEOUS lady Testarossa (you are super jealous of this demon lord, who has unfairly sexy aides at his beck and call) command an army to protect your nations from the northern demons who could annihilate the world for all you know. Then suddenly, one of the closest servants of the ancient demon lord, The Lord of Darkness, Guy Crimson steps in out of nowhere and your death is eminent (good thing you don’t know about Primordials) then suddenly, that green haired lady seems scared from Tempest’s councillor, and she runs away.
Now, you are in LN V13-16 and it turns out, the Eastern Empire is attacking, and whoops, the slime’s servants accidentally wiped out the army million strong. Then another battle commenced, and he STILL won, though it seems the surroundings are completely scorched, telling you how dangerous the battle must have been, and…… the demon lord sustained ZERO FUCKING CASUALTIES! Ya, ZERO, a big fat ZERO! Not even the rank n file soldier!
Oh by the way, did you hear? That slime had awakened at least SEVEN True Demon Lords! Huh? It hasn’t even been a century and SEVEN monsters had acquired seeds and awakened????? And they are all still serving someone else?????
Oh by the way, the slime also has a talented blacksmith that can actually make LEGENDARY and MYTHICAL grade weapons, and ALL of his subordinates have them?
He also has this labyrinth where you can die and resurrect just fine and he is using it to make TONS of money off of adventurers (good thing you don’t know that Veldora is the final boss).
Oh, and somehow, Tempest has access to near INFINITE amounts of high quality magisteel and hipoktue herb. The scientists in Tempest are discovering and inventing mind boggling inventions right and left.
Ya, Rimuru definitely earned his title as Chaos Creator!
submitted by MovieMaster2004 to TenseiSlime [link] [comments]