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Carpets for Airports

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Carpets for Airports

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A place to love your 90s Country.

2010.06.04 14:57 makewebsiteearnmoney r/Walker

This is a subreddit for the TV show Walker on the CW network created by Anna Fricke and starring Jared Padalecki and Ashley Reyes. The prequel spin-off, Walker: Independence, stars Katherine McNamara and Matt Barr.

2023.03.29 21:58 dreamwalker3334 Everyone do your thing but...

I'm not trying to pass judgement on anyone but I just did roll call & wow, this is a space called BloggersCommunity
And it's not what I thought it would be.
I teach ppl how to make money online especially through affiliate marketing and I've been giving out advice since Octobet 2022 on different subs on Reddit
This is just ppl promoting themselves.
Personally I won't promote myself or any of my sites on social media (not even a link to an article) because I actually know what I'm doing & I don't have issues with getting traffic.
a new site should target keywords with KD 1-10, if possible.
I just created a new site after Christmas, it's the one where I teach ppl & I created because of the demand
But I've written 22 articles and none have a keyword with a KD over 20.
This business works like this
1)You find what your target audience wants/needs
This is why I'm here helping ppl, I remember what it was like before but I'm here because in talking to other bloggers - I learn what my target audience wants and it sets them up, going in the right direction
2) Once you learn what they want, you create content & offers, making sure its visible to that audience
Don't get visibility- you fail Only visible to a different audience - You fail
EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ( answering questions, solving a problem, etc)
people won't buy from you, just because you offer it. No conversion is ever taking place if your prospect hasn't thought about a product &/or is looking for something like it to solve a problem they have
3) You give your target audience exactly what they need
Overall, it's not that easy but if you do are targeted and deliberate in each step getting to the conversion
It really is that easy.
One thing I'd recommend to anyone that doesn't posses the skillest to make money online
Is do some research & find a mentor
I wouldn't be where I am, if I hadn't done this.
It wasn't until I learned these skills that I truly even realized what I didn't know prior to learning them
Good luck, I hope this helps even one person
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2023.03.29 21:58 BlownCamaro I just hooked my PSVR1 v2 to my Series X - and yes it works in Cinema mode

All you have to do is set the Series X to 1080p. HDMI from Xbox to VR receiver and VR Receiver to rear port on Xbox USB. Very simple, you're moving only 2 cables. It would NOT work in 4k, so remember that. Leave HDR on (if you have v2). Whatever you last had the VR receiver box set to will be the display you still have - I used medium screen size. You cannot change this on the Xbox.
You will not get sound from the headset, so hook your headphones into the controller. I used the Dolby Atmos app to configure but you don't have to. The sound is VERY loud and clear. I just played Forza Horizon 5 for 4 hours and man, I feel like I have sea legs lol. But it was fun!
Make sure on Forza Horizon 5 you set the display to 1080p Performance mode! It was terrible on Quality mode, and I could see the frame rate stutter on left/right quick turns. Not so on Performance mode. This was a headset issue as my tv did not do this.
I used the Logitech G920 wheel and pedals and the inside view of the car. The great thing about this, is you see the steering wheel on the display but not the one you are actually holding! It always bothered me seeing one real wheel and one digital wheel - broke the immersion for me. Now it looks realistic and I can tell you I was driving better than I EVER have before with that view. I was never good at drifting but now I am. It's almost like it slowed the game down a lot. 150mph feels like 100mph, I am not even kidding. It's like I am ahead of the game and sure makes it easier.
For me, screen drift to the left is STILL an issue and I have to turn the headset on and off every 30 minutes. It's pissing me off and I wish I could fix that.
One other issue is the Xbox controller loves to turn off every 15 minutes and that kills the audio to the headphones until you turn it back on. I am trying to find a solution to that as well.
Overall, I give the experience a B+. I left it hooked up because I will play it again tomorrow. It's not VR, but the huge screen and being inside the dark car looking through the windshield over the steering wheel (because of the headset blocking ambient light) make all the difference for me. I don't notice the crappy resolution except when looking far down the road and I got used to it pretty quickly.
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2023.03.29 21:58 barryhuffman Good place for reliable laptop reviews?

Looking for a new laptop. I've come to really distrust Amazon reviews (and reviews on retail sites in general), and am wondering if there is a good place to go to find reliable reviews for laptops. Anyone have good go-to sites? I'd rather not need to sift through hundreds of personal views - would much prefer a decently reliable at-a-glance compilation of reviews
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2023.03.29 21:57 salamanderwizard_ I want to rip my hair out and skip the wedding

I've been procrastinating planning our wedding (tbh hoping we could elope but we couldn't come to an agreement). As I was falling asleep the other night, I realized I've wasted so much fucking time so I only have 6 months until the day of. I feel sick to my stomach I'm so overwhelmed. In the past 2 years I've only managed to accomplish buying a dress and looking at venues because they were the fun and easy things. I'm starting to feel like it's impossible to get everything done with the way my executive function is lately. I've been going to therapy, eating better, exercising, getting outside, and doing literally anything else besides wedding shit. I even considered doing my taxes today instead of emailing the photographer for a quote, and I fucking DREAD doing my taxes. This happened a few years ago when I was opening my business and I felt pretty horrible during that time. It took a long time to feel back to normal, I don't want to feel that way again if I can help it. We're on an extremely tight budget so we can't afford a planner. My partner has ADHD and they say they will help, but they expect me to tell them what to do and when to do it (I tried to talk about the mental load with them but I don't think they really understand). I asked what if they planned the entire thing, they said it wouldn't be as good as if I planned it. My sibling has offered to help but they work full time, have kids, and just got divorced so I don't want to bother them. I feel like I should be able to do this. People say they loved planning their wedding so why dont I. I thought I would naturally hyperfocus on this after getting engaged, but it's been quite the opposite.
For those of you who have gotten married, how did you get through it? What made it less complicated for you?
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2023.03.29 21:57 ATLBravesFan Would Sonos Era 300s be better as surrounds than my current setup of 2 Fives? Placement would stay the same

Would Sonos Era 300s be better as surrounds than my current setup of 2 Fives? Placement would stay the same
Looking for advice on whether or not I should get era 300s to trade for my fives. I currently use them mostly as surrounds paired with my are and 2 subs, but also listen to music each day. My current setup has my fives above my kitchen cabinets (see photo) as that was the only logical place to put them, I have set them on two stands to angle them down. If I was to replace the fives with era 300s would the surround experience be that much better with my limited availability on where i can put them? The fives sound good to me where they are but would upgrade to the era 300 if it was a significant upgrade for surrounds
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2023.03.29 21:57 eastybeasty1 [Recommendations] I measure as a 36F (UK size) - cups too big, what size to try next?

I've been putting off bras for a long time now but finally plugged all my measurements into the calculator which measured me at a 36F/36FF.
I decided to order a fair few hoping that at least one would fit me but alas. All of the bras seemed a good fit at the band, and the gore seemed to lie at my sternum. On all of the bras though, the cups were too big and gaped at the top. No swooping and scooping was enough. I only tried on the 36F as the cups gaped on them without trying the 36FF.
I'm not confident in the world of bra buying and I know in theory plenty of people find bras to fit them but it's not happened for me yet. I tried on the Curvy Kate daily plunge bra, artisan balcony bra and balcony bra and Flirtelle swish balcony bra.
What size should I attempt to order next? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm in the UK. Also open to bra suggestions especially padded bras.
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2023.03.29 21:57 Firm_Setting_7445 If it sounds too good to be true, it always, is and always will be no matter how hard I try...

if it sounds too good to be true, it always, is and always will be no matter how hard I try...Whether you follow money or god, your origin will always get in the way and that we only have temporary privileges. These morons want to run a story on you on how deeply flawed you and how perfect they are rather than helping the human race prosper. They get away with using mind control devices from the TV and other social media platforms to control the population.
Whoever and whatever made this matrix was a moron. A slave to socialism. They are not here to help the human race. Why would they want to do that? It damages their business model.
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2023.03.29 21:57 laps_laps High ejection fraction gallbladder

This subreddit really helped me when I was struggling with my gallbladder, so I wanted to post my experience in case it would help anyone else.
For about a year I had horrible burning pain in my stomach and chest. I also occasionally had sharp pain in my upper right abdomen. I went through an endoscopy and was told I just had mild gastritis and esophagitis. I was given PPI medication, but it wasn’t really helping much.
I tried every diet change possible, saw multiple doctors, and went through several tests. Doctors kept telling me I was fine, but my upper right abdomen pain kept getting worse. I ended up in the emergency room multiple times due to the horrible pain, and doctors continued to tell me I was fine because my ultrasound was normal and there weren’t any gallstones. I was struggling every day in horrible pain and nothing helped.
I finally had a HIDA scan done and my ejection fraction was 83%. My doctor told me I was “normal” again. I was extremely frustrated at this point, so I looked on this subreddit since my symptoms seemed to be gallbladder related. I saw several posts similar to my experience and many of them said to get another opinion because some doctors say too high of an ejection fraction can be bad.
I went down to Mayo Clinic. I didn’t need a referral and just sent my reports from my HIDA scan. They saw me within a week and I was told by the surgeon that they are currently doing research on this very specific gallbladder issue of too high an ejection fraction. The first surgeon I saw there said it was maybe 50/50 if gallbladder removal would help, but the head of the gallbladder department ended up doing my surgery and before it, he told me it was closer to 80% chance it would help to get my gallbladder removed.
After getting it removed, I was told I had chronic cholecystitis and it was good I got it out when I did. The first two weeks were a little rough of recovery, but nothing too awful considering the pain I was in before.
It has been 8 months since my surgery. I’m no longer in the severe pain I used to be in. I am able to eat food without suffering all day with the sharp stabbing pain in my upper right abdomen. The burning in my chest and stomach is gone and I haven’t needed to take PPI medication.
I wanted to post my experience not to push people towards surgery, but to let others know that there is research being done on this issue of high ejection fraction. Just because your doctor says you are fine, please go get another opinion if you are truly suffering like I was. My ejection fraction was only 83% and my gallbladder still ended up being badly damaged.
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2023.03.29 21:57 Dr_weirdoo Roswitha has no active ability and Is basically a near-joke Character

Let's be honest, her active Is completely useless, it has near to no benefit using it. It's 2 impacts of damage that you could easily do with Ranged/Melee (Melee even has 3 impacts) with both her damage types (Chain/Bolt) Having More penetration than fire damage.
The 2 extra impacts on demons Is a joke. There Is only one Character with the Daemon trait which Is Volk. And the Daemons Archimatos summons get melted by everything since they have no armor. So the 35% extra damage to nearby daemons also Is unexistant.
In truth it's just Roswitha's Passive that carries her, letting her deal extra damage on each impact to Psychics like Archimatos and the Tyranid bosses.
She used to be REALLY good back before the clan fights rework when all bosses were Tyranid Psychics, which used to let her do most of the damage in comps that don't yet have the proper characters for damage stacking/Summon stacking.
But now she feels kinda useless. You can use her to quickly shoot down a Psychic in arena and that's about it. If you want the Faith trait you can use any Sororitas for the extra crit damage and chance, and of the other 4, 3 could get better Profit out of it.
Celestine can fly which let's her get to a better position and her skill makes her do even More damage.
Vindicta has 4 impacts and Aoe damage (plus two attacks with her skill)
And Vahl hits AoE
The only Sororitas that doesn't use the buff Is the literal healer
She feels Like a Niche Character that even her Niche Is weak. She's not on the level of Failbaddon but she's almost there
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2023.03.29 21:57 keith6110 [USA-NY] [H] Lenovo AIO PC, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 [W] Paypal

Hey HWS, I have a couple of things I would typically list on ebay. Here I applied 10% discount that ebay would otherwise charge in sale fees.
Lenovo All in one PC: Condition is very good! No cracks or scratches on the screen etc. CPU repasted, memory upgraded, SSD installed, and Re-imaged, bios updated, OS updated, cleaned with iso alcohol and ready to go! Specs are as follows: OS: Windows 10 64-Bit Model: M73z CPU: Core i5 4570s (3.60 ghz boost) Ram: 8GB DDR3 1600mhz Front Camera: 720p Hard drive: Sandisk 120GB SSD Power supply: 185w 80+ bronze rated USB: 4x USB 2.0 ports, 2x USB 3.0 ports DVD Drive: DVD Writable drive WiFi: Intel Centrino 2230 (Wifi 4) NIC: 1 Gbps Monitor: 20in LED (1600 x 900) HD+ resolution
INCLUDES: Keyboard, mouse, power cable - $150 shipped

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Veizon LTE version): This can be used to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, Twitch, Youtube, Rumble, FB, etc. I have a few of these but only listing as I am able to clean and wipe these (both physically and software resets lol ) Quick specs: Runs Android 5.1.1, has 16GB storage (With SD card expandable), Quad core Cortex-A7 chip.
INCLUDES: USB Micro USB charge cable, OTTR box case (as pictured); SIM card removed. $25 shipped
Thank, pm with any questions Timestamps Here
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2023.03.29 21:57 JacobG___ Adidas Spezial Authenticity check

Adidas Spezial Authenticity check
Hey! I bought these pair of shoes from a guy who had a pretty big collection of sambas, spezials, gazelles etc. I recently noticed that the font on the shoes says ‘specials’ instead of ‘spezials’, but the shoes overall look really good and the suede is great. Is this a regional change I’m unaware of or are these fake? Thank you and I’d really appreciate your help :)
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2023.03.29 21:57 phokyea Getting Older - Nutrition Advice Needed

Hopefully someone can help me out on this one...
I'm 34, 6'2" and 225lbs. Two and a half years ago I was 195 lbs. (which is my target weight) and less than 6 months ago I was 250 lbs. Yes, I had a couple years of drinking everyday, eating like shit, not training and being a lazy POS.
I don't care what this diet is called, but I cut out carbs, eat one big meal a day at around noon which consists of meat, eggs and veggies and fast for the rest of the day. I drink more than a gallon of water a day, and add electrolytes to my water bottle around training time. I train 5-6 times per week, generally at 5 pm, but sometimes I'll be able to make the 6 am class. I have a full time job and 3 little ones, so my sleep is not as good as it could be. I'm trying to dial in my diet to be able to train as much as I do, and still cut weight.
My training is suffering and I'm feeling overall fatigued. Is there anyone here with some sound advice on what I can change about my diet/ overall health plan to help me achieve my goals of:
1) Losing Weight
2) Training 5+ days/ week
3) Maintaining healthy energy levels
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 21:57 rook198 Gigabyte B760M GAMING X AX DDR4 for i7 13700K

Good day everyone. I would like to know does the motherboard Gigabyte B760M GAMING X AX DDR4 support i7 13700 processors out of the box? Without the need for the hassle of bios update ? Is it a good motherboard for an i7 13700K? I already bought the i7 13700K and I'm on budget, and this MB looks really nice at this price. I going to buy an rtx 3070 or etc. 3070 ti in the future. Thanks. Really need some advice from people who bought this MB, as I'm building my ever pc with 3 salaries 😅
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2023.03.29 21:57 --___--Water--___-- Please Help Me Find My Lighter

You ever have that moment where something inanimate
^moves ^^that ^little ^^bit 
And you question for a moment Reality itself // Like shit is reality warping Or is it a visual distortion Or is my brain morphing / Bro?! Is this a simulation Is my brain braking Am I on morphine Hit the breaks yo Am I Morphling Wait.... woah //
You even wonder if you're living in that moment Where you imagine what would happen / If someone you know died or you were in an accident Like the life you've lived was a dream and this is a peek Reality hitting at its peak leaves a dent / And you imagine life without them or life without you What It'd be like years down the line And your reactions or what you meant / And you factor the impact you had and realise It sums to zero / Maybe negative cos you hesitant to make an impact / World turns and it's all relative and all reaction Am I a hero with no attack Can I relax now / Are you his and are we Neo I need a neo life filled with determinisn //
No, is all that just me?
How long have I been thinking about this / Should I make this the chorus Man I just want to rhyme something with Horus / I've spent way too long figuring out what I think Probably chaotic good with a hint of neutrality Fuck that mostly lawful pretending to be chaotic Pink And doing nothing to move forward Tripping and throwing up in the sink Brain all mixed up melting like an ice rink Drowning in feeling like what the fuck am I gonna do Time to rethink what I want Stick to the plan that I make, make it true
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2023.03.29 21:57 vanwold Staying Positive?

Hey all! I maybe didn’t title this right but I didn’t want to make a giant title.
I am an eviction prevention/tenant defense legal aid attorney and I absolutely love my job. Housing is near and dear to me and I love that I get to help people stay housed or at least avoid an eviction on their record (for the most part). I am a baby lawyer (barred almost 2 months) but I did this work as a law student so it’s not new to me.
Yesterday was possibly the worst day on the docket that I’ve had in ~ 9 mos. of docket work. It felt like every tenant we spoke to was facing certain eviction, were losing their subsidies/vouchers, and had no one to turn to for help. No family, friends, etc. two tenants started crying during our discussions. It was absolutely brutal - and that was all before lunch.
So, I looked over my caseload and realized that I have 30 people I am helping avoid that fate - either by negotiating dismissals and payment plans or buying them extra time to find new housing. I decided to make a list of the cases where I’ve had the biggest (to me) impact to remind myself that yes, somedays I have people I just can’t help but most days I’m helping in a vital way. It helped put my mind back on an even keel.
I was just wondering how you, lawyers of Reddit, help yourself stay positive when you deal with difficult cases or when cases take a wrong turn. Maybe we can share tips and tricks with each other?
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2023.03.29 21:57 _Boodstain_ Question: What is Artemis and Orion's relationship in the Hades mythology?

Ok so for those who don't know in the original mythology Orion was one of the Giants and he and Artemis became very good friends over time due to their mutual love to hunt, in fact it's one of the only positive relationships that Artemis ever has in Greek mythology and one of the ONLY relationships she has that is positive specifically with a man. (Every other man is either killed or ends up very worse for trying to seduce or befriend her). Anyways eventually he swears to kill one of every animal and Gaia (or Artemis) don't like that and so creates Scorpio to kill him afterwards he is given a place in the stars by Zeus.
However later on totally non-Greeks and such made a dramatization as they theorized that Artemis and Orion may have actually had something more than friends, backed up only with what one Greek said which inferred that something more may be going on. Anyways in this version Artemis and Orion are still really good friends but do feel something for each other (although it is unclear if they ever "acted" upon this feeling) Apollo gets jealous because he really doesn't like the idea of his sister getting seduced (or just being in a relationship where his always fail) and so bets that Artemis cannot hit a dot across the sea, she hits it only for it to end up being Orion which she places him in the stars afterwards.
Now I'm all one for being more to the original myth, and I totally support Artemis being asexual (which she is btw) however I really like this kind of friendly relationship between Artemis and Orion and I like the idea that Artemis didn't and doesn't want to be physical and Orion respects that and they just remain really good friends who consider each other more although never act differently, and the Gods (Apollo) cannot comprehend this due to them all being hyper-sexual rapists half the time and thus sabotage it.
I'm just wondering which is cannon for this world?
I also think it would make a really cool Hades game if one day we play as a child conceived of Artemis and Orion in secret and who wants to return their father back to his mother and so travels from the mortal world, to Olympus, and then even higher past Uranus (the personification of the Heavens) to reach their father and return him to the mortal world. All the while dealing with Apollo trying to sabotage him/her along the way with beasts and monsters with him calling in favors from his siblings to also do so. Meanwhile Artemis' other family helps them travel higher blessing them and maybe even get the Chthonic gods to help.
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2023.03.29 21:57 RMCM1914 The JW "get-together" I attended the other day.

My wife is PIMI and we went to my in-laws for a party (ooops...that's too "worldly")--I mean, a "get-together"--the other day.
I've been inactive for a decade and hibernating since the pandemic so it was the first time in years I'd been in a group of PIMIs.
About a dozen were there and in the same room so the discussions included the entire group. One brother brings up a situation he encountered a couple of decades ago when, as a newly appointed MS he learned of a case of ongoing abuse of a young person in his congregation at the hands of an Elder.
He said he was concerned that reporting it to other Elders on the same body might result in it being swept under the rug. So he actually called both the Circuit Overseer and NY(!)
He then proceeds to tell us that he was so disappointed when they simply gave it back to the local Elders to handle. (Of course) They did nothing--other than reprimand HIM for not following the "theocratic arrangement"--and the abuser is still an Elder in another part of the country where he moved to escape the scrutiny.
He concludes with 'There are a lot of bad things that go on in the organization.'
(I mentioned the ARC and NO ONE in the room was aware of it. This group was middle aged and includes Elders and pioneers. Not slackers.)
His next sentence after decrying the "bad things" going on: 'Jehovah is going to have to clean up a lot of stuff.'
Then--almost like a choir--the rest of the room (except me of course) chimes in: 'Jehovah will take care of it. The only thing we need to worry about is making in to the New System.'
And the conversation moved on to more pleasant topics, and all was good in JW Land.
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2023.03.29 21:56 smalltownsour Participation oriented lecture classes that force you to talk to people are truly evil

I'm in this class that's graded 80% on exams and 20% on in-class participation, which already feels fucking criminal. It's an absolute nightmare for me because 80% of my grade depends on my dog shit memory, and the other 20% requires me to answer PollEverywhere questions correctly (which also sucks because the internet connection has been terrible for me recently and my cell service doesn't reach the lecture hall well, so if the wifi is acting up, I just miss the question). The real issue for me is that over and over again throughout the class, we're supposed to be discussing concepts with our neighbors. I understand my professors point that it helps us to understand the content more, but as an autistic person with severe social anxiety, it feels like an exercise in public humiliation.
Talking to strangers makes me feel uncomfortable, but at UW, it's extra bad. At least in my classes, I notice things are extremely homogenous, and I tend to stand out a little because I dress pretty differently from the vast majority of people around me. It already puts me on edge when I turn to talk to the person next to me and they look at me like I'm a fucking alien, so the anxiety of potentially saying the wrong thing/answer is really intense. However, if I don't talk to anyone, then one of the "peer facilitators" will come up to do the discussion with me. It feels really embarrassing to have TAs step in because I have nobody to talk to, and just makes everything worse. I know they're just trying to be helpful and have good intentions, but after it happened to me a couple times today, I started crying. If it were up to me, I'd never go to the class and just watch Panopto recordings, but because of the grading and the fact that I don't feel confident about my future exam scores, I have to go regardless.
I'm mostly just here to rant because I'm frustrated, but also would love to know if anyone else hates this sort of class so I can perhaps feel less embarrassed about how stressful it is for me.
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2023.03.29 21:56 MastaFoo69 a really neat info nugget from todays 'special stream'

New update coming out. If you are on 2023 perpetual, you only get bugfixes, no new features, only get features if you are subbed. Who doesnt LOVE to spend more money to get less features? I knew Maxon would rapidly piss away pixologics good will with the community; but its nothing short of impressive just how quickly they did it.
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2023.03.29 21:56 pennyforyour-thots DIY Spice Blends - How long do they keep?

I’ve been recreating quite a few HelloFresh recipes lately, and a lot of them involve their spice blends. Thanks to this sub’s master list of HF’s seasoning blends, I’ve been able to make them myself!
However, I almost always have a good amount of each seasoning blend leftover. I’m wondering how long they can be stored (either in a clean spice jar, or double-bagged in a Zioloc baggie) before the spices start to lose their potency? I know that a lot of spices don’t keep past 6 months before they start losing their freshness/flavor.
Does anyone here have experience with making and storing spice blends for HF recipes? If so, how do you store yours (plastic bags, spice jars, etc.) and how long have you found they stay fresh and flavorful? And do you pre-make any blends to keep always on hand, or do you make them as needed only when a recipe calls for them?
I tried doing some Googling, but the answers were all over the place, I just couldn’t seem to find a concrete answer.
Much appreciation in advance to anyone who can weigh in!
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2023.03.29 21:56 TheWayOfEli PS Remote Play Experiences

So before I thought PS Remote Play only worked while in your home / on your home wi-fi and just sort of extended the display from your tv to your phone / tablet. I've recently discovered that it can be used away from the house, which makes it much more valuable to me.
I've never really tried game streaming / cloud gaming before (not sure what the difference is here) but am interested in giving it a go. I don't know what people's experiences have been like using the service though. I found some old YouTube videos, but nothing particularly recent.
I'm not sure how much these networks and connection speeds matter, but I have Fios Gigabit internet at home where the console would be located and have strong 5G connection on Verizion's mobile network in the US.
I was hoping some people could share their experiences with the service. Is it terribly bad at poor connection speeds? Would it be a good experience for me if I was away from home on a school campus and just used either my 5G connection or school's wi-fi? Or even then are games hard to play due to input lag, no matter what connection you have?
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2023.03.29 21:56 HonkyBoo Why I love the Great British Weather: A sarcastic ode to grey skies and endless rain!

Hello fellow Brits! As I sit here staring out of my window at yet another grey and rainy day, I can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for our wonderful British weather. Yes, you heard me right - I'm actually thankful for the constant drizzle and perpetual cloud cover that seems to define our fair island.
I mean, what's not to love? The way the rain soaks through every layer of clothing, leaving you shivering and damp for hours on end - it's like a free cold shower, but without all the hassle of actually getting undressed. And let's not forget the joy of waking up to the sound of raindrops pounding against your window, knowing that your commute is going to be an absolute nightmare.
And then there's the way the grey skies make everything look so...dull. The lack of colour is just so soothing, don't you think? Who needs sunshine and blue skies when you can have endless shades of grey and beige? It's like living in a black and white movie, but without any of the glamour or excitement.
And let's not forget the way the weather brings us all together. Nothing bonds us Brits like a good moan about the rain - it's practically our national pastime. We can all stand around in our waterproof jackets, huddled under umbrellas, united in our misery. It's like a giant communal therapy session, but with more complaining and less actual therapy.
So there you have it, folks - the many reasons why I love our glorious British weather. Who needs sunshine and warmth when you can have rain and grey skies? It's like being constantly hugged by a damp, miserable cloud. What could be better than that?
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