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Where can I get icing gel in Canada? I see these being used in Japanese nail tutorials with chrome powder. Thanks!

2023.06.07 17:31 reshimator Where can I get icing gel in Canada? I see these being used in Japanese nail tutorials with chrome powder. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 17:11 yournailsupplier 2023'S BEST MILKY WHITE GEL POLISH

Modern intricate nail designs have gradually replaced the traditional plain nail art. But not to the point that all nail art is become useless. The color Rice Water, also known as Milky White, is one of many manicure patterns that continue to stand the test of time and demonstrate their undeniable allure. The Milky White hue nail style is highly opulent what type of nail polish lasts the longest and still adheres to modern fashion while having a traditional beauty.
The phenomenon known as "milky white nails" has become more prevalent in the second half of 2019. It's a semi-opaque white with a ghostly transparent effect that strikes the perfect balance between a sheer white manicure and an opaque white manicure. This appearance seems to demand a professional's skill.


There is no doubting the stunning elegance of stone nail art, therefore practically every preferred nail art can be adorned with little stones to enhance the beauty of the hands. The major reason to have extra beads and crystals in your nail kit is because of this. To help you maintain your delicate beauty without being overly obvious, get a cool, pleasant Milky white color manicure with shimmering crystal stones.


With these milky white glitter nail art designs, let your personality shine. Sparkling nails will be your suggestion when you're out on dates or at gatherings in the dark.


The mother-of-pearl designs will shine acrylic powder wholesale near me most prominently on milky white nails as your style is highlighted. The hidden mother-of-pearl designs appear to be dispersed, yet they are actually arranged extremely gently and flawlessly. So experiment with a nail design that suits your personality!


Even though this hue is straightforward, it is extremely understated and popular among DIYers and manicurists. It peaked in popularity in the middle of 2019, and it is still going strong now.
This "Milky" is frequently chosen by celebrities, influencers, and beauty vloggers for their nail set and is paired with clothing from renowned fashion houses like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Nicky Minaj,...
This shade conveys a feeling of grandeur and refinement. It may be used with any other colour, charm, glitter, and more to create one-of-a-kind, opulent nail art designs that range from simple to fashionable.
With a few of these explanations, it is simple to see why Milky colour is a "MUST HAVE ITEM" in every nail polish collection and is consistently adored and utilized by everyone.



LDS is a recent invention and a modern brand. The nail business is using these products far more frequently. This business is praised for its high-quality goods and affordable rates, as well as for its committed and robust product package design.
A product in the LDS Healthy Gel Polish & Matching Nail Lacquer collection is LDS 149 Milky Way. LDS 149 Milky Way is one of the 179 colors in this series. Two products are included in the LDS 149 Milky Way - 0.5oz kit: the transparent bottle is nail lacquer and the black bottle is gel polish that requires UV or LED light. Both products dry rapidly and are simple to apply. Get the most common color and SOAK-OFF with ease. The basic structure of nails won't be harmed, and it can persist for at least two weeks. You could argue that this is a product well worth trying out, appropriate for both amateurs and experts, with superb quality and an incredibly alluring pricing.

Set of Kiara Sky 623 Milky White Gel Polish and Matching Nail Lacquer

We are not unfamiliar with Kiara Sky or the goods from this company. The fact that Kiara Sky 623 Milky White is consistently on the company's list of best-selling items speaks much about its caliber. One of the more than 200 shades in the Kiara Sky Gel Polish & Matching Nail Lacquer Duo Set collection is Kiara Sky 623 Milky White. The color is very pigmented, free of harsh chemicals, and simple to remove by soaking. Curing only takes 30 to 60 seconds under an LED/UV lamp. After that, a high-gloss finish and long-lasting wear are possible.

Gel polish and matching nail lacquer in the OPI H22 Funny Bunny duo set.

OPI has consistently been a market leader in the manufacture of nail polish. It is also the most well-known brand of nail supplies worldwide. The OPI H22 Funny Bunny will therefore satisfy even the most picky customers because it is an OPI product.
Obviously, OPI's products are more expensive than those made by Kiara Sky, LDS, DND, and SNS, but the additional cost is justified by the superior quality of the products. This color is quick and simple to apply and has more shine and acetone nail polish remover fewer chipping. In addition, it can withstand strong wear and shine for up to 3 weeks.

Gel polish and matching nail lacquer duo set from SNS Basics

This brand-new, cute SNS beginning kit features complementary manicures and pedicures! With two complementary items, SNS Basics 1+1 is an easy and affordable solution. The clear SNS Basics 1+1 bottle is nail polish (needs no UV/LED curing) and the white SNS Basics 1+1 bottle is gel polish (needs curing under UV/LED nail lamp). This enables salons to provide either pedicures or manicures. SNS Basics 1+1 carries on the SNS legacy of emphasizing healthier product components and is available in 150 perfectly complementary hues. Every color will be sold as a set, consisting of a Gel and a Lacquer, as shown in the website's images.

DND 448 Snow Flake, a matching nail lacquer and gel polish duo set.

In the nail industry, DND is a well-known brand which nail polish lasts the longest that offers everything needed for nail art, and it is utilized not only in the USA but all around the world. DND goods are of high caliber and affordably priced. Along with being easy to remove in only 10 to 15 minutes, DND gel&lacquer duo has a high gloss sheen that can stay for up to 2 weeks or more without flaking or peeling. With LED/UV light while using Gel polish and without LED/UV light when using regular nail polish, this DND collection's 379 hues make your nails apply quicker and feel thinner.
Each brand's products have their merits, and they are all unquestionably good products. We anticipate that this post will assist readers in selecting the best product for their needs.
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2023.06.07 16:51 Amaterasuchan I love chrome so much!

I love chrome so much!
I had this done at a spa, but I do my nails myself a lot, any recommendations for brands of chrome powder to get? Or is it pretty much all the same? Thank you~
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2023.06.07 16:42 efh1 I've decided to open source my research into vacuum balloons and a potentially new approach to nano foams. This information is very interesting when compared to the UFO metal sphere analysis published by Steve Colbern

I've decided to open source my research into vacuum balloons and a potentially new approach to nano foams. This information is very interesting when compared to the UFO metal sphere analysis published by Steve Colbern
I've been doing online research as well as some tinkering and was planning on building a prototype to demonstrate the first ever vacuum balloon, but I'm running into issues with expenses and time. I believe I've identified 2 approaches using well known materials that should work but one in particular that could be pulled off by a garage tinkerer with extra time and money to spare on the project.
Along the way I also started experimenting with creating foams using a technique I've basically invented as far as I can tell. I can't find any literature on it. I've gotten mixed results with it and am just not sure if it will ever work at least without being done properly in a lab setting. The approach has a lot of promise and I'll explain why.
There's a lot to go into on this subject. I've written about vacuum balloons before so if this is a new concept for you, you should give it a read.
I'm human so some of this work could have errors in it, but I have done experiments to test my theory and gotten interesting results. I have measured weight reduction in some of my designs and I have accurately predicted the results in cases where I could measure properly. That gave me a lot of hope to continue on at first but it's just a lot of work and I went way over budget early on. I can't keep pouring money into the project anymore and it hurts to say that because some of the results are so interesting. Also, life gets's busy and I can only tinker for so long.


The best shape is a sphere because you need to withstand the atmospheric pressure outside the balloon pushing in at about 14 psi. For the same reasons we build bridges with arches, the sphere is the best shape for this because it will spread the forces out evenly. It becomes a matter of having a material that can withstand the compressive forces and in the case of non-uniformity (which to some degree is always going to be present) shear forces. Of course, the material also needs to be lightweight or it will never lift. Many sources will erroneously tell you no such material exists, but this isn't true. In theory, there are multiple materials that would probably work but the issue starts to become the total size of the balloon (and defects.) You could make it out of glass, but the balloon would have to be incredibly large and would be insanely prone to shattering and that's even if it was made defect free so there's really no point in trying normal glass. This is where choosing your materials is key so that you don't waste your time.
The volume of a sphere is V = 4/3πr^3
To calculate the buoyant force of lift at atmosphere you can simply multiply the volume by 1.29 kg/m3 and that will give you the amount it can lift in kg. Simply multiply by 2.2 for conversion to get the number in pounds. This formula was derived from the formula below.
The 1.29 kg/m3 is the fluid density of atmosphere and I simply removed the acceleration of gravity to show the force in units of pure weight rather than in Newtons. It's a simple calculation and understanding it is key to helping you design the vacuum balloon.
Now that you understand how to calculate the lifting force of vacuum in a sphere you can run a bunch of numbers and see for yourself that the lifting force is very small below radius 1 and grows exponentially above radius 1. This means it will be exceptionally hard to build a working vacuum balloon below radius 1 but unfortunately there are limitations to building large structures as well. Usually you want a prototype to be simple and cheap, not experimental in and of itself. This means the first demonstrated vacuum balloon will likely be about 2 meters in diameter or about 6 feet. It also means a vacuum balloon of very large proportions would potentially have incredible lifting force.
Now that you understand the relations between size and lifting force all you need to do is calculate the volume of the envelope of the spherical balloon. This is done by simply calculating the volume of a sphere of the size of the envelope and then subtracting that by the volume of the inner void. The difference is the volume of your envelope and you can easily calculate the weight of your envelope by multiplying the density by the volume. If you do this while calculating the lifting force and plug different numbers in you can easily see how the ratio of weight to volume works. You can also see how the density influences this and even can compare the volume of different shapes if you really want to just to see how much better a sphere really is than perhaps a square.
It's very important to point out that one of my biggest lessons in building prototypes is that there can't be any defects. I originally was making hemispheres and trying to join them together before pumping down to vacuum and every time there was a failure it was at the meeting of the two hemispheres. One solid piece seems to be necessary. It's conceivable that two hemispheres can be joined and bonded to become one solid piece free of defects, but I unfortunately did not have the materials to do this. I did do some experiments and found that you can reinforce this area with lightweight bamboo if necessary. However, these were small preliminary designs and I'm not confident that would scale well.
It's worth noting that the next best shape is a cylinder with hemispheres on each end. Basically a tic tac shape. It's only worth attempting this shape if you have reasons to from a manufacturing perspective. For example, I played around with the idea of making a foam sheet and then rolling it into a cylinder before it set rather than attempting to cast a foam hemisphere. It only makes sense if you are attempting a volume too large to pull off as a sphere for practical reasons (like it would't fit in garage or won't caste evenly.) Because it still needs hemispheres it's a design best left for after demonstrating a spherical design.


I dive into the use of aerogels and xerogels in the article referenced above. The purpose of these foam materials is because when engineered properly they retain a lot of their strength but lose a lot of their weight which actually increases their strength to weight ratio and that's exactly what we need to make this work. There is no material in bulk form worth pursuing for this design. You absolutely have to use a foam material. Even if you could pull it off using glass or beryllium, it's just not practical even for demonstration purposes. During my search I found the most attractive material in the bulk to be polycarbonate. It's still not worth trying in bulk form, so I invented a way to make a foam out of it. Polycarbonate is lighter and stronger than glass. Nobody has ever made an aerogel out of it that I'm aware of. I did not image my foam because I'm not doing this work in a sophisticated lab, but I can say fairly confidently that it's about 75% porosity. That's impressive, but I suspect that a lot of the bonding is weak and there's defects, but in my defense I used an insanely primitive and low tech technique.
There are two well known foams we all have access to that in theory should work. Styrofoam and polyurethane.
I understand that may cause you to sigh in disbelief. After all, polyurethane was invented in the 1930's at IG Farben and styrofoam in the 1940's so they are not only old but very ubiquitous. I should also point out that aerogel was invented in the 1930's and was once mass produced by Monsanto. None of these materials are new.
I used the given compressive and shear strengths published by a local styrofoam manufacturer to identify some common commercial grade foams that are very light weight that should work in theory if there's no defects. I tried working with them to have some custom shapes made, but they unfortunately are limited to 4 feet for one of the dimensions of their die blocks. This is very problematic even if we knew how to fuse two styrofoam hemispheres together. I'm not going to say it's impossible, but it makes pulling it off more challenging. I did do some experiments with small 1 foot diameter styrofoam hemispheres that are commonly available and managed to measure a weight reduction before it imploded. Anybody can replicate these experiments. I expected it to fail because the thickness was less than 1 inch. I found the best design was to nest two of these styrofoam spheres within each other but with the orientations opposing so that the point of failure for the outer sphere was across the strongest points of the inner sphere. This should create a perpendicular crossing of the hemispheres of the inner and outer shells. This is also where I tried some glues. Gorilla glue works best and sure enough it's a polyurethane. I was so impressed by it that I switched over to attempting polyurethane designs for the sphere.
I found a polyurethane foam used in boating that is only 2lb/ft3 which is very impressive. It also boasts a compressive strength of 38 psi. I figure that means half an inch of this stuff would be able to handle 19 psi theoretically. That's 5 psi above the 14 psi we need for our vacuum balloon. It's not a lot of room for error, but it works in theory.
What I like about polyurethane is that you can fairly easily make custom shapes with it and DIY. I experimented with a few different techniques and can say that you need this foam to be open to the air to set properly, but it does take on conformal shapes fairly well. The best method I found to make a hemisphere out of it was to actually blow up a rubber balloon and fit that snug into a styrofoam sheet for support and then pour the polyurethane foam onto it and let it set. You can then use cutting tools to clean up the extra material. This method works, but the cutting is a pain as I did it by hand. Precision will likely be necessary to properly join the two hemispheres and I learned this the hard way when I tried to join them. A more precise way to form the hemispheres I found was to buy plastic hemispheres and coat them in wax (to make removal of the polyurethane easier.) This is far more expensive than the balloon but gives more precise results. You can find people selling these in sizes up to 6 feet but it will get pricey. It's worth mentioning that I had a hard time removing the set polyurethane from the plastic even with a wax coating (which I also verified experimentally is the least sticky thing to use) so I'm not sure it's even the best approach. I've tried reaching out to polyurethane component manufacturers but so far no response. I'm sure outsourcing this would remove a lot of headaches, but also be very expensive for such a custom piece.
Just to highlight why I think this commonly available polyurethane foam is promising I want to calculate a 1 meter radius sphere of one half inch thickness to show that it should work in theory. Of course, this means no defects including the joining of the two hemispheres which is still a problem to solve but it's possible gorilla glue and precision would solve it. Maybe a DIY'er with their own CNC may want to give it a shot.
Using the volume of sphere formula given above we see that the volume of 1 meter radius is 4.187m3. The volume of a sphere of 1 meter minus 1/2 inch is 4.0295 m3. The buoyant lift of that is 11.44 lbs. The difference in volume (to find the volume of the polyurethane used) is .1575 m3 or 5.56 ft3. At a density of 2 lbs/ft3 that gives a weight of 11 lbs of polyurethane. That's less than the 11.44 lbs of lift.
I know what you're probably thinking. How does it hold vacuum? It's true that polyurethane and styrofoam are not expected to hold vacuum (I actually did find experimentally that styrofoam does hold partial vacuum for a few hours after it's shrunk much like the LANL aerogel) but you can simply wrap the sphere in plastic to hold vacuum. I planned on experimenting with dip coatings, but for experimental purposes I came up with a very clever design that I will explain later. Just know that the plastic doesn't have to be very thick to hold vacuum so it's very much within the range of possibility to coat the sphere in a thin plastic layer at less than .44 lbs. Plastic is very dense, but we are talking about literally a few mils of material. This is also why I roll my eyes at people who mock me for attempting a design with materials that don't hold vacuum. You are not limited to materials that hold vacuum for your design when you can simply add a layer for that later.

Experimental Set Up

I initially bought one of those vacuum chambers made out of a large steel pan and thick acrylic. Mechanical pumps are easy to find and relatively cheap. Mine came with the chamber. However, I quickly found it wasn't big enough and attempting to build a larger one looked costly. This is where I got clever and shocked myself with a very cheap set up that actually works. I simply bought regular large sized vacuum bags designed for storing cloths because they have a clever little self sealing mechanism that traps the vacuum. These bags are not meant for actual vacuum with a mechanical pump so I wasn't sure how it would work. I also had to find a way to rig it all up. As funny as it sounds my solution was to take the nozzle of an empty plastic bottle that happened to fit onto the hose and then I cut a piece of EDPM rubber to cover the end meant for the bottle and put a small slit in the center for air to move through. I then pushed this into the self sealing part of the vacuum bag and it actually creates a seal and pumps down! And when you remove the pump it self seals!
I found I sometimes had issues with pumping down properly and solved this by using a metal straw that I placed inside the bag near the seal and directed towards the sphere to act as a channel. Once again, to my surprise this works very well.
So, I then disassembled my original steel pot vacuum chamber and used the parts along with some parts I had to buy online to rig the pressure gauge into the system so that I could verify how much vacuum I was achieving. I'm a bit proud of this DIY set up because it works so well.
In order to properly record your results you must weight the vacuum bag and the metal straw as well as your experimental sphere before vacuuming. Then vacuum it down and pay attention to the gauge. If your design is not very good it may implode before achieving full vacuum. That's okay. You can actually measure a weight reduction without reaching the full vacuum. "Full" vacuum in this case is actually what is known as low vacuum. Low vacuum is all you need for a vacuum balloon to work as you have effectively removed most of the air and it's not necessary to reach medium or high vacuum.
This set up was for spheres of only 1 foot diameter and I don't think there are bags large enough for 6 foot spheres. However, my plan was to use a heat gun to stitch a bunch of the bags together to make it work. It's dirty but once again it should work theoretically. I was also planning on using a heat gun to section off portions of the bag to seal it around the sphere and cut off excess material but that part is really only necessary if you are about to achieve lift. I imagine it's possible once you've proven you can make a structure strong enough and light enough for lift that a better technique would be to incorporate a valve and find a way to dip coat the sphere to seal it. I never got this far.

A Potential New Approach To Foam

I mentioned experimenting with making foams and identifying polycarbonate as good material to turn into a nano foam. I use the term nano foam because aerogel wouldn't be technically correct. They are both nano foams. The aerogel is made using gel. This approach doesn't. It's very low tech and dirty. I theorized I could use the fact that polycarbonate is a thermoplastic to my advantage and mix it as a powder with another material that can withstand it's glass transition temperature but is also easily soluble in water. So, I found some polycarbonate powder (first American apparently to buy it) and mixed it with some ordinary table salt then put it in the oven. I know this sounds ridiculous. Then I washed the sample after it cooled in the sink and dried it with paper towels. Then I soaked it in rubbing alcohol and dried that with paper towels. Then I let it sit overnight to fully evaporate if it's a big sample. Then I weighed it. When I mix the powder in a 1:1 ratio by weight the sample after washing it weights exactly half of when I started without losing any volume. So I washed out all of the salt. But, that's not all. Because this method is basically sintering the particles together, it already had lots of air pockets in it to begin with. I attempted to make a one cubic inch sample to measure the density and it's not the most precise but the density is roughly 4.7 g/in3 which is about a quarter of the density of bulk polycarbonate. This means it's porosity is about 75%. It's not he 90-99.99% of commercial aerogel, but I personally find the initial results surprising. There's a lot of ideas I have to tweak this including playing with the mix ratio, grain size, uniformity of the particles, and aerating the powder. What I find very interesting about this technique in general is that it actually would work with anything that can be sintered including other thermoplastics, ceramics, glasses and metals. This means this approach could be used to make porous metals or even metal nano foams.

The 2009 analysis of the metal sphere UFO

I've recently been made aware of the 1994 spherical UFO that Steve Colbern published a report on in 2009. A few things stand out to me as someone who has been actively working on vacuum balloons and ways to make porous metals. First, it looks like two hemispheres nested inside each other exactly as I describe was my best approach to making a vacuum balloon based off of experimental results. Second, the sphere is presumably hollow. Third, the report clearly states that the sample analyzed was a porous metal with nanostructures present. A hollow porous shell with nested hemispheres of opposing orientation is exactly what I would expect a vacuum balloon to look like. There are ways to use my technique on titanium to make it porous although I haven't done so experimentally because it's melting point is very high. Materials other than salt could be used but even if salt was used it would be interesting because it would vaporize at the glass transition temp of titanium which actually might help make it more porous. I do believe Na and Cl impurities were present in the sample according to the report. Perhaps one could experimentally recreate this sample using this method (minus the isotopes.)


If anybody wants to crowdsource the work on this with me I'm open to it. Also, if people are open to crowdfunding the research I'm open to that as well. Either way, it's up on the internet now. Maybe 10 years from now somebody as crazy as me will pick up where I left off. I might return to this at a later date, but without help I think I need to take a break.
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2023.06.07 16:06 UnfunnyWatermelon469 [M4A] A HELLA good time

If this post is still up, yes, it means that I'm still searching. I am NOT replacing any current partners that I'm roleplaying with, so if my current partners are scrolling through this subreddit and see this post, I assure you that I am NOT replacing you or ending our current roleplay in favor of a new one, so please don't burn me at the stake just for posting a new ad. Put your pitchforks and torches down. I just have, like, a couple reliable roleplaying partners that have put up with my madness for more than one day, and I'm looking to hopefully add more to that roster. Just please be literate (or higher) and willing to roleplay on Reddit.
materializes out of nowhere Why, hello there, good sir, ma'am, or cosmic eldritch deity from the vast, unknown universe that Metallica wrote a few songs about. If you can't tell by this chaotic mess of an ad, I'm looking for someone to roleplay with! I forgot to introduce myself. Where are my manners?! You can call me Bones (a nickname that one of my partners gave me) or Phantom. I've been roleplaying for over six years, starting off on Roblox (the cringe years), then moving on to Amino (still cringe, but slightly REFINED cringe), and, after being fed up with Amino's bullshit, migrated to this lovely hell hole. I don't know if you'll see this or even pay any mind to it (let's face it, no one reads anymore, and I doubt anyone will read this snooze-fest, no matter how hard I try to be funny and entertaining), but I hope I hear from you soon. I'm looking for someone who's detailed and will stay for the long run. I want to do something involving you playing a demon that slowly falls for a human (me). I have a plot that involves that and dives deeper into what I mean, which I'll get into later. Here are some things about myself that you should know.
• I've been roleplaying for about six years.
• I write in third-person and past tense only.
• I only roleplay on Reddit. I can't believe I have to make this bold just so I can make as explicitly clear as I can, but a lot of people ignore this and this ends potentially great roleplays abruptly. I will not bend this rule for you. I don't roleplay on Discord, Kik, Amino (at least, not anymore), or anywhere else, and I never plan to. I only roleplay on Reddit, and that's final. Seriously, READ, FOLKS! It's not that hard! You're participating in a hobby all about reading, for crying out loud! I seriously cannot stress this enough. I do not, and will not, roleplay on Discord.
• My literacy is flexible. It can vary depending on how much you give me to work with and if I'm feeling a sudden creative rush. As long as you put in effort, I'll put in effort. However, don't feel like you're pressured to write a billion words. It's okay to write a paragraph or two when it's just our characters are talking or doing everyday things. Just write more than a sentence or something wimpy like "sits down cutely."
• I LOVE to talk OOC! Don't be afraid to talk to me to plan future plot-points or even just joke around about our characters, geek out over their dynamic, send me memes, anything. I'd love to get all excited and talk with another roleplayer about the roleplay, our characters, or, hell, even just random shit (just no trauma-dumping. I may be old, but I sure as hell ain't wise or the best at giving sage advice). Also, communicate with me about decisions that I've made that you don't like. I'll be more than happy to delete my original reply and fix it for you.
• This isn't really important, but for scenes where my character is driving, I'll add lyrics (and a link to the song, in case you wanna listen to some awesome tunes while we're roleplaying) to songs that fit the vibe of the scene, sorta like a soundtrack for our roleplay. The songs will mostly be metal and rock, though. I mean, come on, I'm a metalhead. Also, I'm kind of nerd who's obsessed with LEGOs and loves capybaras, prairie dogs, funny/cute cat videos, and guinea pigs, so there's that. Some will be old classics, some will be pretty recent (I use that term loosely, because most of them are gonna be from, like, the mid-2000s or 2010s). You might recognize some of them, and others will be completely new to you. I'm a huge fan of the classics. Is the '80s an awesome decade? Hell fucking yeah! Was I around when these classics were all the rage? Sadly, no, but I wish I was. METAL FUCKIN' RULES! What was I talking about? Anyway, moving on.
Before I get into the plot, let's set some ground rules and make some things clear.
• Listen, I'm all for writing some spicy scenes and dirty talk (at least, later on in the roleplay), but I'm not trying to get my character out of his clothes as soon as we start roleplaying (or -- and I vividly remember this happening once on Amino -- they immediately try to jump in the roleplay as soon as they DM me. Big ol' fucking yikes). I want character development and an actual relationship between our characters to blossom, not just mindless, back-to-back sex scenes. There's a difference between ERP and just wanting to beat your meat to some words on a screen (hey, that rhymed! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it).
• Put effort into your introduction. If you have as much energy as a sloth and can't be bothered to tell me what you want and put in your own input and ideas and want to make trying to plan a roleplay with you feel like an egregious chore, then there's an extremely high chance that I'll ignore you and block you. Like, come on, man. SELL YOURSELF! No one's gonna wanna roleplay with someone who just casually says, "Hi," "Okay," or "Yeah" every time they try their best to communicate, while the other person does fuck-all to give any ideas. You're a human being, not a fucking robot. Don't give me that NPC energy. Sorry for the rant. Just put in effort.
• Literate or higher. I'm not asking for a professional author or anything, but please just give me something to work with. Like I said in one of my previous paragraphs, it's okay to write less if our characters aren't doing anything that important.
• For the love of all that is metal and unholy, don't ghost me! I never thought I'd have to add this rule, but so many of my partners that responded to my previous ads DMed me, saying they were interested, and then they just disappear without a trace and I end up getting more ghosts than a Spirit Halloween store, as if to promise me gold and then flip me off and tell me to get lost. I get that work/school and life can get in the way, but for the love of Jesus skateboarding Christ, if you're gonna be busy, either don't respond to this ad and only respond to it when you have the time to do so or let me know in advance instead of just fucking off into oblivion without giving me so much as a heads-up and leaving me wondering what the hell I did wrong.
• Have good grammar and punctuation. I'm trying to roleplay with you, not pop a blood vessel while using both of my braincells to figure out what the hell you're trying to say.
• Write in third-person. First-person just freaks me out for some reason.
• CONTRIBUTE! PROVIDE YOUR OWN IDEAS! Don't make me come up with all the ideas while you just sit there and say, "Okay" to everything. Tell me what you want to include. If I wanted to be the one calling all the shots, I wouldn't even be here, now would I? Don't make me do all the progression while you just twiddle your thumbs and reply to what my character is saying instead of moving the story forward. You're supposed to play your own character. Write the actions you think they would do, decisions they would make, things that they're feeling/thinking, etc. Roleplaying is a two-player game. I can't be the only one moving things along while your character does nothing. ---------‐---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Without further babbling (or, well, with further babbling, since there's more to read after this. AHHH! MORE READING! MY ENGLISH TEACHER DIDN'T PREPARE ME FOR THIS! HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE THIS ONSLAUGHT OF WORDS?! Don't worry, you're almost there! I believe in you! Well, kinda... Okay, I'd be lying if I said I did, because there's no way you're gonna read all of this, and if you do... I'm scared of you. Why are you the way you are, reading all of this mess? You scare me), germs and people that don't identify with those terms, here's the plot...
In a world where humans and supernatural creatures coexist in peace, on a rainy afternoon, a human is peer pressured by their friends to go to a nightclub. This human was mysterious and obviously didn't want to go, since he usually only frequented bars when he wasn't dealing with his friends being idiots, but he begrudgingly gave in to their persuasion, and when they get there, he unknowingly crosses paths with the owner of the establishment. The owner, however, was far from what they seemed on the surface, and it seemed that the same went for the human they encountered. His aloof, standoffish demeanor that acted like a sign that said, "Stay away," and could make any warm room feel like a frost-bitten, abandoned, desolate wasteland only seemed to draw them in rather than drive them away, making them wonder what he was and who or what could have possibly made him the way he was. Everything about him intrigued them, from the dark colors of his clothing, his handsome and dangerous looks, his deep, chilling, hauntingly beautiful, intimidating, melancholic, warm, and smooth voice that both terrified even the bravest of men and could soothe a troubled soul, his overall behavior, and, especially, what lies beneath the surface of his human flesh. For the first time, the demon wanted something other than what monster could be lurking beneath a man's pants.
The owner was a total 180 from the human. Instead of being irritable, grumpy, and mysterious, they were more of a charming, classy, sassy, seductive, promiscuous, flirtatious extrovert, well-known for running one of the most successful nightclubs in the city, scouting out any potential lucky people that could be perfect mates for them, flirting, and sleeping with anyone that they found attractive. They had the appearance of a human, but underneath that, they were something else... literally. A literal "demon in the sheets," if you will. They were a very powerful and ancient demon that had seen and experienced it all, from Lucifer's downfall to the dawn of humanity. A demon of lust, to be specific. This demon could change their gender at will. They could be any gender they want. They were a deceptive, deceitful, alluring, seductive, lustful, shape-shifting demon that will do absolutely anything in its unholy power to lure men, women, and anything that walked on two legs to secluded areas, devouring their prey once they got a hold of them and had no further use for them after they got their fill, moving on from victim to victim, each meeting the same fate. This particular demon was tempting, but the price for a night with this devilishly attractive creature was a gruesome end for any lucky or unlucky soul that fell for their deception.
At least, that's how they were for centuries until the demons, angels, and humans made an agreement around the early 20th century. Unfortunately, for the specific demon in question, this meant that they had to give up the thrill of the hunt, their lust for blood, the look of horror and dread on humans' faces as they watch their comrades being torn to shreds by an inhuman entity, the flesh between their sharp, pointed teeth, seeing their helpless prey's heartbeat stop and their body go limp as their fruitless struggle to run away and free themselves from the sharp end of their tail come to a screeching halt as their screams grow silent and their color wash from their skin, watching the life drain from their victims' eyes like the blood draining from their body, the feeling of their prey's blood dripping from their mouth and staining the teeth that did the deed, and anything that made them feel superior to the prey they once hunted centuries ago, and they had to give it all up for men and women lusting for them, devout pastors getting on their knees for their new God and devoting themselves to them, and only them, the horrified looks on husbands and wives' faces as they came home to find their significant other in bed with someone else, professors' shocked expressions as they found out that their student had been sleeping with another professor to pass their course, and the fame among humans that came with owning a successful nightclub. It was demeaning, to say the least, having all feelings of power and superiority stripped away and being forced to adapt to a modernized society where the weaker race doesn't fear them. It was thrilling to hunt for weak-willed creatures and to be hunted by said weak-willed creatures, but now their prey was desensitized to demonic trickery and knew every trick in the book. It wasn't fun anymore. There was no point in hunting them if they weren't scared, especially nowadays, where any signs of real demonic activity were written off as "fake" and "staged." They had to give up everything. One thing they haven't given up, though, was their lustful ways. They were still a predatory creature by nature, but that urge to lunge at a human and rip out their organs from their fragile body and listen to their futile pleas for salvation died down, along with any feelings of bloodlust. Times have changed, and so have the traditional views of monsters that were thought to be mere figments of the human psyche, created to instill fear in readers of the horror genre and be associated with extreme forms of music and fantasy roleplaying board games that were deemed "satanic" by misinformed parents. These monsters used to be real, though, and they struck terror in the hearts of man, etching their reputation in myths, legends, and cautionary tales that were designed to scare children into obeying their parents and guardians.
During the early 20th century, these monsters came out from hiding, seeking to make an arrangement with the humans that feared them and the angels that protected the monsters' prey. The humans would go on with their lives as usual, the demons and other monsters would coexist with the humans as long as they promise not to harm them, and the angels would keep a watchful, vigilant eye to make sure everything goes as planned, as they always have.
Of course, this particular demon's physical appearance wasn't too different in any of their many, many human forms or their demonic form. The only notable differences were the color of their skin, the sharp claws that replaced their nails, the color of their eyes, their sharp teeth that could rip and tear into flesh and bone, the horns that made themselves prominent, and the sharp, heart-shaped tail that grew from their rear that they could use as a weapon when they were in their demonic form. Their personality wasn't all too different in either form.
They were a powerful demon that represented one of the seven deadly sins, specifically lust. Men and women alike wanted them and were wanted by them, and anybody that wanted to be somebody wanted to be them. They were practically famous in the human realm, for reasons that were good and bad. Whatever they wanted, they always had very effective and persuasive ways of getting, and people that caught their attention were no exception. The more challenging the prey, the more fun the game of cat and mouse was. They always found ways to get whoever and whatever they wanted, and who could say no? Given their reputation and irresistable looks, it was completely impossible to deny them. It would have to take a will of titanium to resist their charms. Because of their otherworldly good looks, they never knew the sting of rejection, and anyone who did somehow manage to reject them would bewilder them, but also intrigue them further, making them want their prey even more. They enjoyed the trill of the hunt, and challenging prey was much more valuable to them. Thanks to this newfound fame among humans, they had that feeling superiority and power again, but it wasn't the same as being feared by the lesser beings. Infamy wasn't the same thing as being a fearsome creature of the night, but it was the next best thing, considering they had to give up preying on human flesh and could only prey on their lust. Such a frivolous and meaningless role had its perks, though. While they were no longer free to terrorize the land and hunt and kill God's favorite creation for sport or out of pure, unbridled spite towards the creator that had wronged them, the bright side was that they were free to partake in lustful activities as they please, with the condition that no one got hurt. They could live with that restriction. As long as they were able to live up to their title as the sin of lust, they were happy with their demotion.
They noticed something... peculiar about the human that had reluctantly wandered into their debaucherous domain, but what was it about him, exactly, that made them crave him so much? What was he, exactly? These were questions that burned (hehe, get it? 'Cause they're from Hell? This is why they call me "unfunny" watermelon instead of "funny" watermelon...) in the demon's mind. They couldn't see anything about his physical appearance that would imply that he was anything but human. He was definitely eye-catching to them, and his attitude was unique compared to the other flies that got caught in the demon's web of sin. The way he made the demon work to win his affection and pleasure intrigued them. It was the only thing the demon had never experienced or seen in any human before. They never experienced what it was like to jump through so many hoops and hurdles just to please one human. They were so used to humans willingly getting down on their knees. Something about him was definitely off, but that something made them want to find out more, and maybe it was just their mind playing tricks, but he definitely seemed like someone -- or, rather, something -- from their past that they knew all too well, and it couldn't be a mere coincidence. The demon's initial goal was pretty simple -- to indulge in sin and encourage others to sin, but now, their new goal was to find out what this human really was, and why they craved him, out of the eight billion souls that they could enslave. He was a code that they wanted to crack.
Regardless, finding out what makes this captivating "human" tick and trying to get close to him was going to be the most fun this demon's had in centuries. Even though he was one to play hard-to-get, that wouldn't stop them from trying to have him all to themselves. After all, they enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. This would be more amusing to them rather than excruciating. There was no sign they would go away any time soon, and this meant that this boy would have to deal with them for the rest of his life. It wouldn't matter how stubborn or harder to attract than most humans he was. Sooner or later, he would belong to them. Maybe they would even fall for this strange and intriguing human along the way. Maybe he would even fall for them. Maybe they would both fall for each other. Fate's a funny mistress, so anything could happen, really. The traditional rivalry between angels and demons could cause the two to despise each other, drifting them apart, or maybe they have more in common than they think, bringing them closer. Did the demon even know what love is beyond lust? Maybe not, but that's why they say there's a first time for everything. Maybe they'll even discover the secrets of the prey they're pursuing and find out why their target had been withholding these secrets. Would the two accept each other for what they really are, or will their secrets tear them apart the more they find out about each other?
This long-winded plot (which you probably didn't read (or, at best, skimmed through to get to the juicy bits), because who the hell wants to read a plot that's as long as a Stephen King novel, am I right? Who wants to read in a hobby all about reading? Reading's for losers and nerds!) is basically just my trademark, roundabout way of going into more detail about what I meant when I said that I was looking for something involving a demon falling in love with a human all the way in the beginning of this post and saying that this plot is about a lust demon falling in love with a human who's not all that he seems (because I love torturing people with reading. IT'S YOUR FUCKIN' NIGHTMAAAAARE, HAHAHAHA!). There's your TL;DR, people that didn't read that wall of text. If you did read all of that, first of all, are you sure you're okay? No, seriously, are you sure that didn't hurt your noggin? That was quite a lot of words being thrown at you. Second of all, congratulations! You survived my rambling! You get this, uh... this... Yeah, I don't have a reward. Just, uh... scrambles around for something Here! Take this chonky capybara... that I don't have... Okay, you know what, there is no reward. Sorry. You just get more words after this, but the good news is, this post is almost over! You're so close to the end! Oh, and I'm afraid of you!
If you've read up to this point, please reach out to me if you see this and are interested. Messages that are just "Hi" or just some horny shit tell me that you didn't read this and that you want to waste my time, so all you'll get from me is a meme, GIF, or joke at your expense. If you actually read this instead of just being like, "OoH, a NeW aD! LeMmE jUsT sEnD a MeSsAge WiThOuT rEaDiNg ThE dAmn ThInG bEcAuSe ReAdInG sCaWy," please tell me a little about yourself (how long you've been roleplaying, timezone, how you'll contribute, literacy, etc.) in your opening message (preferably in one, condensed message so I don't get spammed with a billion messages full of stuff you could've just written in one message instead of beating my poor monke skull with messages upon messages). Maybe even tell me what you like to listen to and give me a sample for good measure. That way, I know you've read this. Anyway, send your chats my way if you're interested! 🤘
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2023.06.07 16:01 demogreen Looking for place to rent for lash/art and awesomeness

Looking for place to rent for lash/art and awesomeness
Short read: A local loca gata does lashes in the day and art 24/7 from pet portraits, large wall decor, jewelries and more.
I am in search of a place where I can sublease or rent long-term. The space I'm looking for has a front where I can make an art studio, display works with opportunity to grow while there would be a section in the back to take care of my beauty clients.
Long read:
It's weird, it seems to scare real estate folks to where one ghosted me today at 8am when an appointment was already scheduled to check out a space, salon suites are not the right fit, and I need help!
I love making people beautiful and art has been my closeted passion so figured why not combine the best of both worlds together and grow from there. I've kept them separate and it's like living two different lives.
Alot of beauty places are set up to be posh and cater to a specific status and although my beauty services are a luxury and investment, I believe beauty is for everyone of all backgrounds. My decor is more like a tattoo shop meets Earthbound with an occasional Giger influence. I am rejected at nail salons because I won't bend the knee to do pedicures and manicures.
The oddity stems from the versatility of my art and ever since I moved to Denton, was finally met with very supportive folks and lovers of creativity, giving me courage to post here for help. Lost two work locations back in April and was grateful to have Bullseye Bike shop let me lift down car hoods and chuck autoparts to help me make ends meet.
I don't seem to fit in anywhere but I am not discouraged!
Grateful to still have a job in Mansfield, markets to showcase my art but the long commute makes no sense when I could just grow something and be an active part of the community where I live.
If you want to help, even liking and following me via my IG/FB would mean a lot so you can share to others who might be interested in my works or know of the perfect place for a weirdo like me to build a business.
Here is a collage of my two passions! Thank you for reading this far! Have a good day and you're awesome!
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2023.06.07 15:45 chotulus Quenching Your Thirst on Keto: Discover the Delightful Drinks for Weight Loss

Are you following a keto diet and wondering what drinks you can enjoy while still achieving your weight loss goals? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore a variety of refreshing beverages that can perfectly complement your keto lifestyle. From hydrating options to flavorful creations, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and discover the delightful drinks for weight loss on a keto diet!
1. Stay Hydrated with Infused Water and Herbal Teas
Staying hydrated is crucial for overall health and weight loss success. Kickstart your day by infusing water with slices of refreshing citrus fruits, cucumber, or mint leaves. Not only does infused water add a burst of flavor, but it also provides essential hydration without any added sugars or carbohydrates. Sip on this revitalizing beverage throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and support your weight loss journey.
Additionally, herbal teas are excellent choices on a keto diet. Flavors like chamomile, peppermint, and ginger can offer a soothing experience while promoting digestion and relaxation. To enhance the taste, add a squeeze of lemon or a dash of cinnamon. These herbal teas are perfect alternatives to sugary beverages and can contribute to your weight loss efforts by keeping you satisfied and hydrated.
2. Delightful Coffee and Tea Variations
Good news for coffee enthusiasts! You can still enjoy your favorite morning cup of joe on a keto diet. Opt for black coffee or espresso, which contain negligible calories and carbohydrates. To add a touch of creaminess, use unsweetened almond or coconut milk. If you crave a sweet taste, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or a few drops of sugar-free vanilla extract.
For tea lovers, green tea and matcha are fantastic options. Packed with antioxidants and metabolism-boosting properties, they can support your weight loss goals. Prepare a hot cup of green tea or indulge in a frothy matcha latte made with unsweetened almond milk and a keto-friendly sweetener like stevia or erythritol. These delightful coffee and tea variations will keep you energized while staying true to your keto lifestyle.
3. Powerful and Nutrient-Rich Smoothies
Who says you can't enjoy a smoothie while on a keto diet? Swap the traditional high-sugar fruit smoothies with low-carb, nutrient-rich alternatives. Start with a base of unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk and add a handful of leafy greens like spinach or kale. Incorporate a scoop of high-quality protein powder and a tablespoon of healthy fats like almond butter or coconut oil. To add flavor, consider using a small portion of low-sugar fruits such as berries or a quarter of an avocado. Blend it all together for a satisfying, keto-friendly smoothie that supports weight loss and provides a nutrient boost.
4. Revitalize with Sparkling Water and Homemade Sodas
If you miss the fizz of sodas on a keto diet, fear not! Sparkling water can be your new best friend. With zero calories or carbs, it offers a refreshing and effervescent experience. Enjoy it plain or experiment with infused flavors like lemon, lime, or even a splash of sugar-free fruit extract. You can also make your own homemade sodas by combining sparkling water with natural sweeteners like stevia or erythritol and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice. These bubbly alternatives will quench your thirst while keeping you on track with your weight loss goals.
5. Indulge in Keto-Friendly Mocktails
When you're in the mood for a special drink to celebrate or unwind, why not try keto-friendly mocktails? Get creative with combinations of sugar-free flavored syrups, fresh herbs, and extracts. Mix them with sparkling water or unsweetened coconut water for a refreshing and guilt-free treat. For example, a mojito-inspired mocktail can be made by muddling fresh mint leaves with lime juice, adding a splash of sugar-free simple syrup, and topping it off with sparkling water. These mocktails provide a delightful experience without compromising your weight loss goals.
6. Nourish with Homemade Bone Broth and Herbal Infusions
Incorporating homemade bone broth into your keto diet not only provides a comforting and warm beverage but also offers numerous health benefits. Simmer bones with water, vegetables, and herbs to create a rich and nourishing broth. Sip on it throughout the day to support your overall well-being while aiding in weight loss. Additionally, herbal infusions like nettle or dandelion tea can provide detoxifying effects and promote a healthy digestive system.
Embarking on a keto diet doesn't mean giving up on tasty and refreshing beverages. With a wide range of options available, you can quench your thirst and support your weight loss goals simultaneously. From infused water and herbal teas to coffee variations and smoothies, there's a drink to suit every palate. Stay hydrated, be creative, and enjoy the delightful drinks on your keto journey. Cheers to your success!

Get Your FREE Keto Cookbook Today and Start Losing Weight in Just 7 Days!

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2023.06.07 15:44 yournailsupplier 2 LOVELY AND MEANINGFUL GIFT ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

Have you ever pondered the significance of exchanging presents on Christmas Day? Who or what created this format? How has it developed over time? What present do you prefer this year? Now, every Christmas, you are conditioned to believe nail tech school cost near me that you must decide whether to buy a present for your loved ones, your friends, or yourself.
The fact is that giving Christmas gifts has evolved over time into one of the holiday's customs and a worldwide custom for many individuals. One of the most important holidays of the year seems to be symbolized by the present given during Christmas, as well as by the way in which that the entire globe displays love for one another, especially because everyone is aware that it is Christmas Day and that God's Son Jesus was born!


Three kings from the East (now part of Iran and Syria) came to pay their respects when Jesus was born in Bethlehem wailing in a manger in the beginning of the story of the Christmas gift. They came bearing three priceless gifts: myrrh, frankincense, and gold. Gold denotes that Jesus is king, frankincense declares that Jesus is God, and myrrh portends Jesus' suffering and death in order to atone for humankind. These are the three colors that are associated with Christmas, and occasionally, both fashion and decoration have drawn inspiration from them.
The festival is officially observed nails art on December 25 (the main holiday), but is typically observed beginning on the evening of December 24 because the Jewish calendar counts days beginning at sunset rather than midnight.
Giving gifts on Christmas Day has significant religious overtones for certain people. because Jesus was killed for mankind by being nailed to a cross. Giving presents is viewed as a representation of your tiny acts of kindness toward others without expecting a return favor. People demonstrate their love for friends and family through gifts.


What to treat a special someone this Christmas
With more than 30 days until Christmas, however, cosmetics, fashion, and other industries start announcing gift programs for the 2023 holiday season, pairings with various pricing and promotions that will primarily appeal to women. Nail polish product lines, kits, and gift sets from important and well-known brands stand out among them the most. Women are constantly drawn to beauty and are passionate about lovely things; as a result, they take extra care to look their best during special occasions. Gift sets of gel nail paint colors are therefore certain to be the loveliest and most heartfelt presents for mothers and little girls alike.

You may believe that you are a frequent customer of a particular cosmetic or nail polish brand, in which case you just stay with it and use the products from that brand, the label being complete. Why don't you attempt to alter something new, though? Maybe the same high caliber as other businesses and the alluring holiday deals would make you adore them.
Currently, LDS and Lavis Nail System are offering clients a ton of very alluring promotions, giveaways, and offers. In addition, their gel nail color paint gift sets come in a variety of exquisite, lovely colors. In particular, the present boxes help to conserve the environment by being constructed of paper that is easy to disintegrate and is eco-friendly. Additionally, these gift items feature a lavish, feminine, and delicate style.


LDS: LDS is a company that specializes in offering high-quality nail care products as well as nail polish, dipping powder, and specialist nail instruments including mynailsart nail drills and nail lamps. This brand recently entered the US nail market, swiftly had some success, and, most importantly, enjoys high levels of customer confidence in both the US and Canada. Their gel nail polish offers an amazing luster after curing, a glossy and smooth finish, and the perfect amount of thickness when applied to the nails. A LDS gift set features 9 different lovely colors, all of which are equally durable and won't chip or fade over the course of three weeks.

LDS gel manicure

Lavis: Lavis nail system is a brand-new nail polish that is entirely made in the US with safe, natural chemicals that provide clients piece of mind. Although recently introduced, the unique feature of this product line is that it inherits and distills the benefits of older gel nail polish products while eradicating the drawbacks of gel polish and Lavis gel polish gift set with lovely colors. In addition, this product line feeds and protects consumers' nails from weakening and breaking, and Lavis gel nail lasts up to more than 3 weeks or even 1 month. With a thin plastic glass design in the middle of the box to highlight the items, it is a very feminine and lovely pastel pink box.


With these lovely gift sets this Christmas, you may my nails art express your affection for your family, friends, or other loved ones. Giving them distinctive nails is a heartfelt way to express your love.
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2023.06.07 15:27 North-Drama-2846 Starting BIAB (Accountability Post & Advice Needed!)

I’ve started BIAB today and am determined to grow out my natural nails after years of biting, skin picking and acrylics (I would sometimes even pick off the acrylics). I have depression and anxiety and it’s really hard to stop but I’ve reached the end of my tether.
The only thing I am concerned about is I have a tiny ‘hole’ in the lunula of my left thumb — you can see in the second pic where it’s red. I’ve had these before due to picking at the cuticle which has led me to pick off the entire thumbnail at various points in my life :(
Has anyone dealt with the above problem before with holes in their lunula and how to leave them alone and not make them worse?
Also does anyone have any essential items (hand creams, oils, scrubs, fidget tools, etc) that helped you stop picking? I really need to throw out all the nail clippers I use to pick but am almost struggling to bring myself to… It’s a real addiction.
Hoping to update this with progress pics to keep myself accountable.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 14:07 Ralfop PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail

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2023.06.07 13:21 Bandarbolamaxbet Acrylic Nails Extensions Design

Acrylic Nails Extensions Design
The acrylic nail extension design is produced by mixing liquid monomer along with a powder polymer, that when combined forms a tough protective layer that's sculpted within the natural nail. These nails become hard when uncovered to air. To complete the extension a man-made tip is added around the nail before using an acrylic mix. Next, the latest nail extensions design are formed and buffed for any shiny finish.
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2023.06.07 13:21 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit

PolyGel is an all-in-one formula to get salon quality nails right at home. No monomer, no mixing, and no ratios! The odorless formula allows you to get your nails perfectly done within minutes.
Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, PolyGel's breakthrough TriPolymer Technology delivers gravity-defying performance for astonishingly easy, and ultra-stylish nails.
The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail Kit today!
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2023.06.07 12:42 DrKochev I don’t want to start a shitshow

But they clearly said they do an album for old fans. “Something heavy”
And then it’s just their ordinary sound from last couple of records. They tease us type of songs they know we don’t like or don’t want again.
It can be label decision but…
But at the same time BMTH for comparison without any unnecessary words, announces and teasers just released a song with fucking Lil Uzi Vert (which was expected to be pop or pop punk) and ended up being the heaviest thing they released in years.
And it’s a creative banger, they really nailed everything at the moment. They can go any genre and still stay close to their fanbase. And everyone is fine with them experimenting and mastering their recognizable sound in EDM, Punk, Radio Rock, and Metal.
I’m kinda jealous, because I used to be a bigger fan of aa than of bmth. I don’t want the band to go only full heavy, but ffs do something NEW and creative, something to be excited about. And I really ask them to stop promising us heavy stuff every album cycle, tease breakdowns and then forget about it right after release.
You can go full hate on this take and tell to go out from this sub, but it’s just my deep sadness and sour from AA
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2023.06.07 10:55 cosworldin 💄✨ Beauty on a Budget: Affordable Beauty Hacks for the Win! ✨💸

1️⃣ DIY skincare treats! Whip up natural face masks using ingredients from your kitchen, like honey, yogurt, and avocado. Glow without breaking the bank! 🥑🍯

2️⃣ Multi-purpose makeup products are your best friends! Opt for a creamy lipstick that can double as a blush or a bronzer that works as an eyeshadow. Versatility meets savings! 💄💰

3️⃣ Explore drugstore beauty finds. Affordable brands offer quality products that won't empty your wallet. Discover hidden gems and create stunning looks without splurging. 🛍️💖

4️⃣ Embrace the power of a simple makeup tool: a makeup sponge. It can blend foundation, apply concealer, and create a flawless finish. A small investment, big results! 🧽💁‍♀️

5️⃣ Make your own lip scrub! Mix sugar and coconut oil for a DIY exfoliator that leaves your lips smooth and kissable. Pout perfection without the price tag! 💋💁‍♀️

6️⃣ Invest in multi-use brushes. A single brush that works for both powder and blush saves you money and space in your makeup bag. Efficiency and savings combined! 💸💄

7️⃣ Look for beauty sales and discounts. Keep an eye out for promotions, coupons, and loyalty programs to score your favorite products at a fraction of the price. Thrifty glam is the way to go! 💃💰

8️⃣ Don't overlook the power of a good night's sleep. Quality rest is free and contributes to your natural beauty. Wake up refreshed and radiant without spending a dime! 😴✨

9️⃣ DIY nail art! Experiment with nail polish colors and create your own designs at home. Let your creativity shine on your fingertips without the salon price tag! 💅🎨

🔟 Confidence is priceless! Remember, beauty shines from within. Embrace your unique features, rock your style, and let your inner beauty shine brighter than any expensive product. 💖✨

#BeautyOnABudget #AffordableBeauty #DIYSkincare #ThriftBeauty #SavingsandStyle #ConfidenceIsKey
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Since "Fitness is the new sexy," we have begun to place more emphasis on maintaining our physical fitness and beauty through proper food and exercise. However, just as eating fruits and vegetables only slightly improves the state of nails and feet, exercising does not assist to nourish thicker nails. In actuality, our nails are where nutrients end up pretty nail art after reaching the body from eating. You should thus look to nail care products like lotions, coatings, and vitamins to boost regeneration and replenishment if your nails and feet are too frail, delicate, easily broken, and dark. Taking a dietary supplement will help your nails stay healthy on the inside.


Proper nail care to keep nails healthy and beautiful is a means to help you identify the health of your body, not just for the benefit of better nail paint color. How can you be sure you are giving this care correctly? Change this behavior by reading the article below.
A manicure provides a chance to unwind and rejuvenate the body, mind, and of course the hands, feet, and nails. New nail polish can also provide beauty aficionados with mood-boosting advantages and trigger happy sentiments linked with various colors!"


Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder of OPI and author of I'm Not Really a Waitress, responds to this query with the following statement: "Getting a manicure, whether at a salon or at home, is an essential form of self-care.
However, maintaining healthy nails is a necessity and a prerequisite for being able to indulge your passion for color and freely create beautiful nail designs 2022 masterpieces in your hands in as many designs as you choose. Many people make the mistake of overusing nail paint to hide their nail defects, but this is not a good habit. Although there are currently various technology and gel polish lines available, guaranteeing you a beautiful and long-lasting nail.
With the aid of a strengthening nail polish from the well-known American O.P.I brand, you can recover your skin's natural pink, supple, and healthy beauty. Whey protein, a protein that is high in protein, and calcium are added to Nail Envy Original to help strengthen nails from the inside out and speed up nail growth.

3. Orange 24K GOLD Nail & Cuticle Oil

Lavis essential oils have natural constituents, are non-toxic, and have no negative health impacts on users. Using all-natural, nutrient-dense components that have been strengthened with 24 karat gold, aromatic oils, and hyaluronic acid. The skillfully crafted formulations in 24K Gold Nail & Cuticle Oil have been studied and produced to strengthen and revive your cuticles and nails. This essential oil penetrates rapidly and gives the user healthy skin and nails.
Lavis is aware of this and hopes that every female has lovely, healthy hands. Three distinct scents—all of which are rated as pleasant, adored, and suitable for the demands of the majority of people—were used to establish this product line.



Despite recently entering the nail market in the last few years, LDS Gel Strengthener is still a product line from Lavis Dip System and is regarded as the brand's best-selling line of nail care products. Customers of all ages have given it excellent reviews. Since then, they have increased their efforts to assist the research and development of nail care and nurturing product lines, so that girls can "paint" freely with strong, attractive nails.
Key components in LDS Gel Strengthener can help restore nail strength. The five common carcinogens present in many nail polishes on the market—formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin—are absent from this product.


As one of Sports Research's (USA) best-selling items and the only liquid biotin gel product available, it serves as a biotin supplement (also known as vitamin B7). High Strength In addition to being used in nail and foot care products, biotin is crucial for the development of skin and hair cells. The biotin component aids in the breakdown of lipids, carbohydrates, and other substances that prevent the quick, robust regeneration of nails.
Look to Deborah Lippmam's Deborah Lippmam (USA) brand of Hard Rock foundation and topcoat to help cure brittle nails if your nails are prone to breaking after applying gel or acrylic. Not only does this strengthen the nails, it also helps them simple nail ideas dry rapidly, making the subsequent aesthetic procedures simpler to do. Apply a thin layer of Hard Rock every day as an additional "energy drink" for nails to keep and protect them after a beauty treatment until a new style and color change.


The No Lift Nail Primer product, manufactured in the USA by the No Lift Nails brand, is "your rescue hero" when your nails are weak and brittle or may have been harmed by a prior application of gel or acrylic lacquer.
The best acrylic nail primer on the market for preventing lifting of your nails is called No Lift Nails Primer.
The nail technicians discovered that by applying this type of nail primer, all they had to do to make acrylic nails last for at least two weeks or even three weeks without lifting was to scrape off the natural nail's gloss.


Through the aforementioned essay, hopefully you simple nails art will gain a better understanding of the significance of nail care. In addition to being a requirement for you to have strong nails, nail care is also a product to safeguard your personal health. Additionally, the items we just suggested in this article are all incredibly efficient and certain to leave you happy. Please try them out and let us know what you think!
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2023.06.07 10:36 dm_trends Indulge in Delightful Gluten-Free Cupcakes: A Sweet Sensation for Everyone

Indulge in Delightful Gluten-Free Cupcakes: A Sweet Sensation for Everyone
If you're yearning for a delectable dessert while adhering to a gluten-free diet, you've come to the right place. This article will take you on a delightful journey into the realm of gluten-free cupcakes, where you can enjoy these heavenly treats without any worries about gluten. From understanding the ins and outs of gluten-free diets to discovering the perfect gluten-free cupcake recipes, we have all the information you need. So, let's dive in and explore the joy of gluten-free cupcakes!
Gluten-free cupcakes have gained immense popularity in recent years as more individuals embrace gluten-free diets for various health reasons. Whether you have gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or simply choose to avoid gluten, these cupcakes offer a mouthwatering solution to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Understanding Gluten-Free Diets
What is a Gluten-Free Diet?
A gluten-free diet involves avoiding foods that contain gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergies must strictly adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle to prevent adverse health effects.
Who Follows a Gluten-Free Diet?
Apart from individuals with specific medical conditions, many people have adopted gluten-free diets due to perceived health benefits. Some believe that it can improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost energy levels. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before making significant dietary changes.

Gluten-Free Cupcakes
Health Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet
For individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, following a gluten-free diet is crucial for maintaining good health. It can alleviate digestive symptoms, prevent nutrient deficiencies, and reduce the risk of long-term complications associated with these conditions.
The Rise of Gluten-Free Cupcakes
As the demand for gluten-free options continues to grow, the world of cupcakes has evolved to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. However, creating gluten-free cupcakes comes with its own set of challenges. Achieving the perfect texture and taste without the binding properties of gluten requires careful selection of ingredients and baking techniques.
Key Ingredients for Gluten-Free Cupcakes
To bake tantalizing gluten-free cupcakes, you'll need a combination of specialized ingredients that replicate the effects of gluten. Let's explore the key components that make these cupcakes a delicious reality.
Gluten-Free Flours
Replacing wheat flour with gluten-free alternatives is the foundation of a successful recipe. Popular options include almond flour, rice flour, coconut flour, and gluten-free all-purpose flour blends. Each flour has its own unique characteristics, and experimenting with different combinations can lead to delightful results.
Binders and Leaveners
Since gluten provides structure and elasticity to baked goods, binders like xanthan gum or guar gum are often used in gluten-free recipes. These substances help mimic the binding properties of gluten and prevent crumbly textures. Leaveners like baking powder and baking soda are also essential for achieving light and fluffy cupcakes.
Flavor Enhancers
To ensure that your gluten-free cupcakes burst with flavor, consider incorporating various extracts, zests, or spices. Vanilla bean, citrus zest, cocoa powder, and aromatic spices like cinnamon or nutmeg can elevate the taste profile of your cupcakes.
Tips for Baking Gluten-Free Cupcakes
Baking gluten-free cupcakes requires a slightly different approach than traditional baking. Here are some tips to ensure your cupcakes turn out moist, fluffy, and full of flavor.
Mixing and Measuring Ingredients
Accurate measurements are crucial in gluten-free baking. Use a kitchen scale for precision and ensure your measuring cups are leveled. It's also essential to thoroughly mix the dry ingredients to distribute them evenly and avoid any clumps.
Achieving the Right Texture and Moisture
Gluten-free batters tend to be thicker than their gluten counterparts. Adding moisture-rich ingredients like yogurt, applesauce, or buttermilk can enhance the texture and prevent dryness. Don't be afraid to experiment with different ratios until you find the perfect balance.
Delicious Flavor Combinations
Now that we've covered the basics, let's explore some mouthwatering flavor combinations for your gluten-free cupcakes. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!
Vanilla Bean and Raspberry
The classic combination of vanilla and raspberry creates a heavenly flavor duo. Infuse your cupcakes with the essence of vanilla bean and top them with a luscious raspberry frosting. The contrast of sweet and tangy will leave you craving more.
Chocolate Fudge and Salted Caramel
Indulge in the richness of chocolate fudge cupcakes drizzled with a decadent salted caramel sauce. The combination of deep cocoa flavors and the irresistible sweetness of caramel will transport your taste buds to chocolate heaven.
Lemon Zest and Blueberry
Brighten up your day with zesty lemon cupcakes bursting with juicy blueberries. The citrusy tang combined with the burst of fruity sweetness will make your gluten-free cupcakes truly unforgettable.
Frosting and Decorations
No cupcake is complete without the perfect frosting and decorations. If you prefer dairy-free options, you can use coconut milk or vegan butter to create a luscious frosting. Get creative with decorations—sprinkles, edible flowers, or a drizzle of melted chocolate can add that extra touch of elegance.
Gluten-Free Cupcake Recipes
Now that we've covered the essentials, it's time to dive into some delicious gluten-free cupcake recipes. Here are a few favorites to get you started:
Vanilla Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes
Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes
Feel free to experiment with these recipes, adding your own personal touch and flavors.
Finding Gluten-Free Cupcakes Near You
If baking isn't your strong suit or you're simply craving a professionally made gluten-free cupcake, numerous options are available. Local bakeries and specialty shops often offer gluten-free alternatives, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the joy of cupcakes. Additionally, online resources provide a wide range of gluten-free cupcake recipes and tips.
Gluten-free cupcakes have revolutionized the world of desserts, allowing individuals with dietary restrictions to savor the pleasure of a sweet treat. With the right ingredients, techniques, and a dash of creativity, you can bake or find delectable gluten-free cupcakes that rival their gluten-filled counterparts. So go ahead, indulge in the world of gluten-free delights!
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2023.06.07 09:31 One-Quality1551 Still obsessing over my wedding nails 🥹🤍

Still obsessing over my wedding nails 🥹🤍
Is dipping powder with tips (I have reaaaaally short nails in real life and they break all the time after treatments that I needed to recover!) so seeing my nails this long is just a dream for me 🤍🤍🤍🤍
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2023.06.07 07:49 shuttershopinterior_ Best Sliding Wardrobe Design Mechanism BangaloreShutter shop

Creating a modern wardrobe that fits your lifestyle is now easier than ever with the help of Shutter Shop’s Sliding Wardrobe Design Mechanism in Bangalore. This innovative mechanism allows you to create custom-made wardrobes that fit perfectly into any space. With their easy-to-use design tools, you can choose from a wide range of materials and colors to create a wardrobe that reflects your style and personality. The sliding mechanism also helps you save space, as it allows you to open up your wardrobe without taking up too much room. With Shutter Shop’s Sliding Wardrobe Design Mechanism in Bangalore, you can create the perfect wardrobe for your home.
We offer top-notchSliding Wardrobe Designer in Bangalore services that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure that you get the best possible wardrobe designs that will fit perfectly into your space. We use the latest technology and design techniques to ensure that every detail is taken care of. With our sliding wardrobe design services, you can be sure of getting a stylish, functional and durable wardrobe solution that adds value to your home.
Shutter shop offer excellent design plans Acrylic Kitchen Shutter Manufacturers in Bangalore to our customers. Our plans reflect creativity and innovation.
Visit For More Information:
Address: A24, 3rd Floor, Geetha Towers, Near Skoda Showroom, above Sri Udupi Sannidhi, Kamadhenu Nagar, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 016
Call us: +91 8951248887
Mail: [email protected]
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2023.06.07 07:30 HolyCats17 Is It Worth It?

Those who experienced hardships on the front end of your marriage and stayed, was it worth it?
Dated 3 married for 1.5 years. It’s been hard since day one of the marriage. I feel like I became his mom overnight. He doesn’t cherish me like he used to, outside of the house I feel confident and seen but inside the house I feel like an inconvenience. My husband had more growing up to do than I realized as we were religious when we dated/ got engaged and did not live together before marriage. He is making progress and yet, it’s still so hard to choose him every day. Progress feels so slow and like we take 5 steps forward 4 steps back. Getting married is the loneliest thing I have ever done. The work load is never 50/50. I have to fight tooth and nail for every improvement. He has ADHD and the amount of work I have done to accommodate him is exhausting. I have a higher sex drive that’s never satisfied and I’m always trying to find creative ways to bring us closer, he very rarely reciprocates the gestures or puts effort/joy into the activities. I found a marriage counselor who had a background in helping people with ADHD, but we both didn’t like her. I have asked my husband to find the next one because I am feeling burnt out. I want to keep fighting but I’m getting so tired. When I ask him how I can do better to help him, share what I need, or try to have any open communication he shuts down. I have to be careful about how much I hold him accountable for as he will get very sensitive and shut down/beat himself up, so I try to always be positive and point out/ praise everything he does. Outside of marriage he’s awesome in every way, the perfect package and an outstanding guy, but when it’s just us two I feel so alone. Those who struggled with their first year of marriage, did you stick it out and was it worth it? Any advice to avoid fatigue? I’m trying so hard to stay positive. I want to do all I can to make this work.
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2023.06.07 06:45 losxageless There is a mark like this on my eye

There is a mark like this on my eye
Hi all,
So I had an eye booger I tried to fish out with my fingers but I forgot that I had long nails (not acrylics or anything; I just hadn’t cut them in a while) and it left a vertical mark like this one that I made on my arm for demonstration. It doesn’t hurt but it’s a little uncomfortable. It’s near the corner of my eye, on the white area, so my vision isn’t affected.
Will this ever go away? Or did I permanently scar myself? Please help!
(Also, it’s been 15 minutes and it still hasn’t gone away…should I just keep waiting?)
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2023.06.07 06:35 suficientea My uncontrollable little brother

my brother is 14m and i'm 22f.
when i was 7 and he was a newborn, my mom had to move states to escape domestic abuse and we were dirt poor. my mom was working so hard and i helped out as much as i could. over the years, my mom married and her and my step father worked late nights virtually everyday, and i became a second mother to him. i babysat him, fed him, and changed his diapers since i was in 5th grade. in middle school i was frustrated that he'd go out of his way to steal my toys and he always wanted whatever i had. he wanted my animal crossing before he could even read purely i had it. but we were just kids yknow? that's just what kids do.
we fought throughout my time in middle school over shit like that. we've gotten in our share of physical fights and i definitely left some kind of impression of him because of that. i was bullied a lot for being short and when we fought, i would bully him for the same thing. physical fights would be reoccurring up until i entered high school.
by now, my parent's economic status has improved greatly. my parents were able to buy a house, year or two later they put in a pool, and are able to afford brand new cars soon after. we definitely argued about nonsense still, but i can't remember any big huge particular fight. we were closer then than we are now though. i remember being sent to buy a pizza for him almost everyday, to the point that the lil cesears lady recognized me and we became friends LOL. i was always stuck at home because "someone needed to watch the boy" and my dad was just strict like that. i think it was during my junior year when it came out my dad was cheating on my mom and he was out of the house for two weeks. it's important to note that my dad has a kid in his home country and always felt guilty that he couldn't raise him. he met my brother as a baby and raised him like his own, while we have a strained relationship because we could never connect like that. i mention it because while he was out of the house, my brother stole $300 from my mom's purse and gave it out to his friends at the playground. i'm sure it was some kind of trauma response and he wanted to keep his friends around, but the stealing habit never left him. i remember my senior year when i wanted to stay afterschool for play rehearsal and i had to bring him because he couldn't be home by himself. i was staying home by myself AND watching over a toddler when i was his age, but regardless i still brought him with me to practice, and still got him a pizza after.
then i went off for college. it was great! got away from my parents and him and i only have to deal with them during short visits and summer vacations. me and him definitely grew apart. he entered middle school and got all preteen-y and shit. we argued, but just arguments that'd dissipate in the next day or two. he continued to steal my stuff though. he did the typical rummaging any younger sibling would do to an older one; there was always a fight over a hoodie, DS games, toys, whatever.
i was really into polymer clay shit in middle school and he'd always attempt to take my supplies but not make anything with them. when i went off to college, he went in my room and claimed any and all of the art stuff i left, including those old charms. i kept everything in a little box in my desk and he took it. mashed up, broken, cracked, colored over all of my work of a hobby i had for 4 years. i used polymer clay to prevent myself from the trichotillomania i developed as a result of the rape trial and trauma i was dealing with at that time. he's definitely taken a lot more, but that one really hurt.
i come back during one visit and i bought a shiny new usb-c charger. goes "missing" one day. immediately assume it's him, confront and he denies over and over again. it's been so long since i've seen it, i start to believe it. i leave, a month goes by, come back. found it in his room, of course.
during one summer vacation, i got really into spray painting and stencils and i spent weeks on this one fine-line stencil. i even took it to my summer job to work on. i went back to school and left it, and i come back and he put a pushpin through it and has it hanging on the wall! took my shit back immediately.
another time, i'm home for winter break. my mom gifts me new airpod pros for christmas and gifts him airpod 3rd gen. not good enough for him because i magically lose them like three weeks after getting them. felt guilty as fuuuuck. didn't tell my mom because i thought i genuinely lost them. i go back to school, months go by. i'm visiting regularly still. i see he's got his airpods and a new case for them. at this time, my grandma had been visiting us for a few months and it's a week before she goes back, so my parents decided to stay at a beach house. along with my family, my parents invite five of my brothers friends because there's a room of several bunk beds. it's a friend's place so my mom asked me to set the beds with our sheets to keep it clean. it's so much work to put bedding on bunk beds yall. made nine beds total for everyone. all of my brother's friends need rides to the beach house, which is an hour away with traffic. i have a small car so i have to take two trips. four hours of driving total, two of which i'm transporting a carful of loud-ass "mommy's little angels". and i'm still in a good mood because i'm gonna be chillin in a beach house! had a great time, no issues. it's monday and it's my last morning there, im in my bed scrolling on twitter. i get the fucking notification of MY airpods case being opened. after i've gone the extra miles for him. took my shit back as soon as he left the room to play. they were in terrible condition, all scratched up, dirty as fuck, and blown out because he listens to them too loud. i left right away for class that day. didn't confront him, but i found out from my mom that his whole trip was ruined and he blamed his friends lolz. i confronted him on the next visit and he apologized obviously, can't do much when you're caught red-handed.
now im back again for summer vacation. we haven't been hanging out but we haven't had a huge argument or anything either. today, my parents went out for an event so i ordered takeout for us. we both got a plate, a side order, and a drink. we eat and watch a movie. we finish and the movie ends so i tell him to feed the dogs. he says no at first but i tell him if i fed him, the least he can do is feed the dogs and he begrudgingly agrees. instead of getting up, he falls asleep for two hours. i tell him several more times to go feed them and he firmly says no. i pull his blanket (a gift from ME) off of him, and he gets so mad he starts to physically fight me. the boy has his ego up because now he's taller than me and has been working out so he thinks he's stronger too. he wrestles me down the couch, i overcome him, we cuss and argue, he walks away. he leaves with a bloody lip and i have a broken acrylic nail. happened at 9:30 and it's 11:50 now. i fed the dogs and i'm just waiting for my parents now.
i know he'll get in trouble, but i want him to change. i know he's got all those fuckass puberty hormones in him but it feels like he just doesn't learn. is there any resources i can read? what can i do differently? is this normal little brother stuff? i don't want to continue this weird strained relationship we have. i feel like i've given so much of my childhood to him and he's become a spoiled brat. i feel myself becoming bitter and i don't want to be
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2023.06.07 06:13 Pinklover94 How to get nails to be healthy? Recover from acrylic

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