Pto wood chipper made in usa

Nitpicking HOA *vent*

2023.03.29 20:42 -Susitna- Nitpicking HOA *vent*

Our condo complex in Colorado, USA, has an HOA that is out of this world. I understood them complaining when I was going through a severe depressive episode and wasn’t cleaning the porch. I truly do understand how that looks from the outside so I get it and I took the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Now it’s been over a year, I’ve been doing somewhat better, but I’ve definitely prioritized and been keeping the outside area picked up. But it’s not enough.
Here’s where my (new) problem starts.
I am an artist. I paint, I draw, I sometimes create jewelry or resin art, but my main medium is and has always been acrylic paint on canvas. I have been working on a very large piece (4’ by 3’) for my father in law. It’s the biggest piece I’ve ever undertaken and I’ve been struggling to find room inside my small condo to paint, while owning 2 large (non-working-breed) dogs. The bedroom is completely full with our bed and dresser, and the office is where my husband works, and also where the dog’s crates are. There is no room unless i made my dogs stay in their crates while I painted in the living room. I paint for hours at a time, I’m not doing that to my dogs.
So I have taken to painting outside on my porch where there’s plenty of room and no doggos to destroy this beauty that’s already taken me almost a year so far and I’m only half done..
We just received a complaint from our HOA who is mad that I’ve set up my canvas and easel outside. It’s not like the painting sits outside for weeks at a time, hello, the elements alone are reason to bring it inside. So it’s really only the easel. But it has sat overnight on a warm night as it dried it’s latest coat of paint.
And that was enough.
They are also upset by our (non-holiday) string lights, even though the porch light provided is very dim, and at least 5 other families/condos on our street also have lights so we thought that was a non-issue…
I’m not really looking for advice so much as venting my frustration…
I can understand not wanting a publicly-seen space to be dirty or cluttered with trash or what have you. But to really contact my landlord about my EASEL/painting that I’m working on?! Since when has painting in public ever been an issue, let alone on my OWN porch?!
Frustration to the max.
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2023.03.29 20:41 StuffedThings Bunny safe paint/dye?

My free roam buns have a little house made from plain wood. It's cute but kind of boring and I'd like to decorate it in some way. What sorts of options do I have for coloring it while also making sure it's food safe? Has anyone done this before with good results?
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2023.03.29 20:34 mrbitbybit [WTS/WTT] Manix LW, Magblade, TwoSun Slippies, GECs, Manly Wasp, an Opinel, and Bundles

What's up Knifeswap Gang!
Another weird assortment of items today. Hit me up if you have questions, trades, or offers.
$10 off any additional purchase!
My Trade interests: Darriel Caston Whorl, Finch Drifter Sapphire Micarta, Cold Steel Cali Legal Espada XL, TRM Neutron 2, Tactile Knife Co Bexar Ultem, Bestech Supernova, Olight Opry Pro
[Spyderco Manix 2 LW BD1N](
I’ve carried this a couple times and cut open a couple bubble mailers, but it’s in excellent like new condition. No box. Action is great, you can disengage with one finger or two. This and the Bugout are my favorite lightweight folding knives on the market. This is the discontinued translucent blue model. If you haven't tried a Manix LW yet, here’s one for only **SV - $80**
SOLD [Daily Carry Co Magblade Ti/M390]( SOLD
-with FREE Ti Cutlass Bottle Opener by PRHC
Has been only flipped and comes with box. There’s some wear between the scales where they rub when closing/opening. There’s also a tiny roll on the edge where it comes in contact with the handle when flipped. Check the pictures. Basically a magnetic balisong. This knife has a THICK tanto blade, it's thicker than the Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto. So if you’re looking for a slicer, this ain’t it. This however is a very stout piece of M390. It’s a tactical knife in my mind as it deploys pretty naturally in the p’kal grip, check video. The click clacking of the magnets is very satisfying and the knife is pretty figity if you like flipping things in your hand. Anyways, due to tiny roll on the edge and wear on the insides of the handles, I’m asking only **SV - $140**
[TwoSun TS160 Ti/M390](
BINIB. This TwoSun and the other two in the post are fine examples of why they’re innovating the modern traditional slipjoint more than any other company, sadly they’ve seem to be focusing more on locking folders lately and have discontinued many of their slipjoint models. This is a slipjoint with an optional lock mounted on the back of the knife above the backspring. You literally flip it and push it into place and the knife has a lock as the backspring cannot move. You can also keep the slipjoint locked in the closed position. Or you can just use the knife as a regular slipjoint. Like all TwoSun slipjoints I have handled, this one has a great pull with fantastic walk and talk. Wong design. Discontinued. **SV - $70**
[TwoSun TS200 Ti/M390](
BNIB. This is an integral slipjoint designed by Rattle Snake designs. A clean look with a very unique walk and talk due to the integral construction. Feels amazing in hand with that sculpted Ti clip. Discontinued. **SV - $90**
[TwoSun TS189 Ti/M390](
BNIB. This is another genius Wong design. It’s what I like to call a triple spring slipjoint. The already stout backspring is backed up with two other Ti springs on each side of the knife. Absolutely overkill. This thing snaps into place with authority and isn’t going anywhere. It’s basically the safest slipjoint in the world that doesn’t have a secondary lock. I can’t even budge the blade with one hand. You have to grip the knife FIRMLY while closing it with two hands. I really wish they’d make larger slipjoint with this same mechanism. Discontinued. **SV - $80**
[Manly Wasp G10/12c27](
Brand new with additional hardware. A great slipjoint design with four stops for the blade. Most slipjoints have zero stops of just one, a half stop. This knife has four stopping points when opening and closing, so not only is it very safe, it has a unique walk and talk. Extremely well ground and has a thin BTE, scarily slicey. These knives have come down in price since I purchased it years ago, so asking only **SV - $40**
[Great Eastern Cutlery 828318 Natural Canvas Micarta](
Light user with tube but no wax paper. Used only a handful of times cutting some fruits so there’s some patina on the main blade, the wharncliffe blade and the backsprings. One of my favorite GECs, but it doesn’t get the love it deserves anymore. **SV - $150**
[Great Eastern Cutlery 818222 Smooth Yellow Bone](
BNIT but no wax paper. Has some blade rub pictured, normal for this model as they’re keeping the overall knife thin in pocket by having both muskrat blades sharing one spring. One of GEC’s most beautiful knives produced lately. The pinned yellow rose shield alone is worth it for this knife. It is a sought after shield that is difficult to acquire from other GEC patterns. The tube artwork is beautiful too. **SV - 150**
[Lockback COMBO](
-Kershaw 1992-3 & Moki Serrated MK610AB
Both are brand new but the Moki has some fine scratches on the pile side from moving around in storage. The Kershaw 1992-3 was once known as the perfect lockback made in Japan. This was the case as the fit and finish was perfect. Smooth opening, bank vault lock up with no play. The micarta handles are smooth and beautifully finished. The blade has a sexy hollow grind and comes with a sharp factory edge. One recently sold for over $170. This one is basically mint condition with no box. The Moki also has solid lock up with no play, however it’s nowhere near the fit and finish of the Kershaw. Crazy to say nowadays since Kershaw doesn’t exclusively make high end knives out of Japan like they used to. Anyways, take both these well built pieces for only **SV -$100**
[Opinel No.8 Modded](
Besides the mods, this lil guy is brand new and unused. This was modded by a collector in Europe, I cannot recall his IG as he is no longer active. Very well done, the modder stonewashed the metal parts, reshaped the blade, gave it an acid stonewashed finish, reshaped the handle, and blackened the wood. Perfect knife for the fifth pocket or an organizer. **SV -$30**
[Tactical BUNDLE](
-Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto, John Gray Knives Custom Nutcracker, Payne Leather Tools POW Sap, G3D Printables Braced Cavy Claw, Survival Tactics Supply Massage Tool, Villain Tools Multibar and Force Multiplier
I’ve carried the Cold Steel a few times but it and everything in the bundle is basically brand new. The Nutcracker is solid Ti and has tungsten carbide glass breaker tips. Designed for eating freshly cracked nuts or hard shelled seafood. The POW pill sap is a one of a kind piece from the maker, very cool and compact. The Villian Tools items are CNC'd from solid high grade aluminum. An insane amount of value in this bundle, asking only **SV - $110**
[Traditional Slipjoint BUNDLE](
-Old Timer 720T, Ka-Bar 1071, Kutmaster Steel Stockman, Schrade Muskrat 7801, Boker Congress, Rough Ryder Mini Barlow, and a couple Mac Coltiere slipjoints
The vintage knives are in good condition but are used, sharpened and has some patina. The only heavy user is the steel stockman. The modern slipjoints are brand new and unused. No boxes. Great for starting out your slipjoint collection or great for gifts. **SV - $40**
-Olitans Micro Bugout Framelock Ti/M390, Full Throttle Tools Ti Bottle Opener, Friedberg Fabrications Purple Heart/1095 Thumbtack Spike, Random Blue Light, Simbatec Card Cutlery
Everything in this bundle is brand new and unused. Had a fun time assembling a bunch of little EDC items into a bundle. All these are minimal pocket tools that can all be carried very easily. You get a Ti/M390 framelock, a Ti bottle openeimpact tool, UV light, a 1095 spike/scribe/poker, eating utensils that doubles as a fixed blade, and the fork can be used as a light duty pry bar. Take this awesome well rounded set for only **SV - $60**

# Thanks everyone for checking out my post! Chat or message me of you have any offers, trades, or questions! Peace!
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2023.03.29 20:33 minidivine Xerjoff launches its 6th fragrance of the year - Shooting Stars "Aridal"

Since I made the posts for Groove Xcape and the 4 Xerjoff-Kemi launches, figured I might as well post this one as well.
Xerjoff's latest release "Aridal" is an addition to the "Shooting Stars" collection where Xerjoff has existing hard-hitter releases like Uden, Cruz del Sur, and Nio.
Scent pyramid:
Scouring the smouldering sands of the Western Sahara, Moroccan truffle hunters came across an awe-inspiring discovery.
Scattered in the sand, a lunar meteorite whose name has been given to the latest perfume in the Shooting Stars collection was found: Aridal.
Distinguished yet graceful, Aridal opens to soft spicy specks of nutmeg and pink pepper, alluring the senses to a charismatic heart of orris, cashmere wood and jasmine that caresses the skin. Papyrus, benzoin and dry woods at the base perfectly round up this dusty, dreamlike scent.
Aridal is an online exclusive on Xerjoff's website, and retails for €235 in 50ml, in-line with most of their 50ml offerings.
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2023.03.29 20:33 DomerSimpson24 2021 G63 Lemon title

2021 G63 Lemon title
I found a 2021 G63 with just about 10k miles that i really like. Unfortunately, it has lemon title issues. I will include a picture of the exact issue. Is this issue a big deal? The car is at a good deal but i plan to use it for the next several years so can this issue arise again? Thanks for your help.
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2023.03.29 20:33 edwillenberg Neon Genesis Evangelion fan art (by Me).

Neon Genesis Evangelion fan art (by Me).
An ink fan art of Neon Genesis Evangelion, made in a wood plank.
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2023.03.29 20:32 back9official I made a video listing the most expensive golf courses in the USA

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2023.03.29 20:25 NewWillinium Religious syncretism within Westeros

So this is actually a concept that I have seen discussed quite a few times over the years on a variety of platforms.
How bizarre it is that no one over the thousands and tens of thousands of years, that not a single figure of the Faith or Rh'llor have attempted to syncretize what they see as heathen pagans religions to make it easier to convert the lands they wished to see come under their dominion.
Whether it be Melisandre promoting the usage of the Gods Woods as servants of Rh'llor who have stood against the Cold Other alone(explained away as shadows of Rh'llors own face and voice) , Melisandre claiming that the Seven who are One are indeed just facets of the One true God Rh'llor, or the Faith of the Andals wishing to claim that the Old Gods of the First Men and the Seven in One of their own faiths are one and the same.
There are many cases in the series and history of Westeros where such a attempt should have happened if just as a natural circumstance of rival faiths co-existing against and with one another.
But! But but but! Recently I have learned that such Religious Syncretism has been attempted before in Westeros.
Not by the Andals, not by the First Men, and not by the Rhoynar.
No it was done by the Ironborn of the Iron Isles.
During the reign of King Harmund II Hoare, or Harmund the Haggler if you'd prefer, wed a wife of House Lannister and spoke of 8 Gods of the faith.
Or as "The World of Ice and Fire" put it.
Though Harmund II accepted the Seven as true gods, he continued to do honor to the Drowned God as well, and on his return to Great Wyk spoke openly of “the Eight Gods,” and decreed that a statue of the Drowned God should be raised at the doors of every sept. This pleased neither the septons nor the priests and was denounced by both. In an attempt to placate them, the king rescinded his decree and declared that god had but seven faces ... but the Drowned God was one of those, as an aspect of the Stranger.
This I think was not a bad move on King Harmund's part, but it was ill done.
By placing the Faith above that of the Drowned God, of making his ancestral god a simple aspect or addition to the Seven who are One, he made enemies both of the Drowned Priests and of the Faith.
He would have been Wiser to have claimed the Faith as aspects of the One Drowned God (The Rock King, The Rock Wife, The Reaver, The Thrall, The Salt Wife, The Priest? The Stranger), allowing for the Drowned Priests to maintain unquestioned supremacy over this new aspect of the faith he wished to spread, allowing for the Old Ways to keep influence over the new, to placate his already angered people.
And it actually surprises me that it was the IRONBORN of all people that tried to pull off this age old political and religious trick, instead of the Andals or the Red Priests out East.
I don't have much more to say about it here, except that I found this factoid to be rather fascinating, and would love to see personal thoughts on how the other faiths of the world could attempt to do the same, and if you all have better ideas on how the Ironborn could attempt to do so again.
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2023.03.29 20:24 NewWillinium [Spoilers EXTENDED] Religious syncretism within Westeros

So this is actually a concept that I have seen discussed quite a few times over the years on a variety of platforms.
How bizarre it is that no one over the thousands and tens of thousands of years, that not a single figure of the Faith or Rh'llor have attempted to syncretize what they see as heathen pagans religions to make it easier to convert the lands they wished to see come under their dominion.
Whether it be Melisandre promoting the usage of the Gods Woods as servants of Rh'llor who have stood against the Cold Other alone(explained away as shadows of Rh'llors own face and voice) , Melisandre claiming that the Seven who are One are indeed just facets of the One true God Rh'llor, or the Faith of the Andals wishing to claim that the Old Gods of the First Men and the Seven in One of their own faiths are one and the same.
There are many cases in the series and history of Westeros where such a attempt should have happened if just as a natural circumstance of rival faiths co-existing against and with one another.
But! But but but! Recently I have learned that such Religious Syncretism has been attempted before in Westeros.
Not by the Andals, not by the First Men, and not by the Rhoynar.
No it was done by the Ironborn of the Iron Isles.
During the reign of King Harmund II Hoare, or Harmund the Haggler if you'd prefer, wed a wife of House Lannister and spoke of 8 Gods of the faith.
Or as "The World of Ice and Fire" put it.
Though Harmund II accepted the Seven as true gods, he continued to do honor to the Drowned God as well, and on his return to Great Wyk spoke openly of “the Eight Gods,” and decreed that a statue of the Drowned God should be raised at the doors of every sept. This pleased neither the septons nor the priests and was denounced by both. In an attempt to placate them, the king rescinded his decree and declared that god had but seven faces ... but the Drowned God was one of those, as an aspect of the Stranger.
This I think was not a bad move on King Harmund's part, but it was ill done.
By placing the Faith above that of the Drowned God, of making his ancestral god a simple aspect or addition to the Seven who are One, he made enemies both of the Drowned Priests and of the Faith.
He would have been Wiser to have claimed the Faith as aspects of the One Drowned God (The Rock King, The Rock Wife, The Reaver, The Thrall, The Salt Wife, The Priest? The Stranger), allowing for the Drowned Priests to maintain unquestioned supremacy over this new aspect of the faith he wished to spread, allowing for the Old Ways to keep influence over the new, to placate his already angered people.
And it actually surprises me that it was the IRONBORN of all people that tried to pull off this age old political and religious trick, instead of the Andals or the Red Priests out East.
I don't have much more to say about it here, except that I found this factoid to be rather fascinating, and would love to see personal thoughts on how the other faiths of the world could attempt to do the same, and if you all have better ideas on how the Ironborn could attempt to do so again.
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2023.03.29 20:22 cntyballlicker Darkness

I was very close with my Grandma, she was my comfort. She passed away and My parents were at the hospital with her during her last moments while my big sister (13f) was watching my brother (6) and I (5). We had a dinner of KD (Kraft Dinner mac n cheese.) and juice. My sister sent us to bed after a short call to my parents. They had told her my grandma had passed, but she didn't want to be the one to tell us, she decided to send us to bed early. Me, being full of my favourite dinner I passed out pretty quickly. Yes I was young, but I watched my grandma going from a lively person too bedridden in a short period. I knew she was sick, but I was still too young to know what death was.
I remember waking up to use the restroom and as I swung my legs over the bed, I promptly stopped seeing a purple translucent mass standing in my doorway. Like purple see-through clouds. I loudly called out for my sister as I stared at the anomaly. My first instinct of fear fading quickly. The mass started to move towards me, but I wasn't afraid anymore. Merely curious, I reached my arm out to touch and my hand went right through the cold purple mist. I knew who it was, I don't know how. I knew that was my grandma, I can't explain, but it felt like her. Just then my sister rounded the corner with a sour look on her face. She got mad at me for waking her up for nothing. She didn't see her, but I did. I kept telling her grandma was here, right beside me. Looking slightly confused and creeped out, she just told me to go to bed, nobody was there, but I knew. I knew she was saying one last goodbye. My sister left the room but not without a quick "shut up and go to bed." The mist eventually dispersed and I was left cold and tired. I was dumbfounded by the whole experience, but I was so tired I didn't think too much into it and just laid my head on my pillow and fell back asleep, completely forgetting my pee break altogether.
The next experience I remember, I was about 10yo at the time. We were living in an old Victorian style character house beside a busy highway in town and my brother and I shared the upstairs' loft. It was by definition; a creepy old house. Weird small crawl spaces and nooks and crannies. It had those old single pane windows that would rattle loudly in the wind, and old scraped wooden floorboards the creaked with every step. It was looming three stories high that looked like it was slightly crooked from the front. A large fenced backyard with apple trees and a big Oak tree that looked as if had been there since the beginning of time. There was decent amount of kids around the block that gathered at our house. Only because our parents didn't care what we did as long as we weren't breaking things or being loud inside. Most of the time we'd be outside riding our bikes, rollerblading, playing our "one of a kind" game hide and seek tag, which is pretty self explanatory. Occasionally, we would play good old hide and seek in the basement when it was rainy or gross outside. The broilelaundry room specifically, so we didn't get yelled at by our parents for causing chaos. We also played it in the dark, for more of a "scary" effect. I usually hid in one spot. It was the crawl space behind the hot water tank, raised up so it was a flat surface across the hot water tank to the crawl space. It was a large L shaped room, the small crawl space on the opposite side of the entrance. I remember easily where to go and how to get there without any light. It was always creepy, but in all darkness it didn't freak me out as much. This one particular rainy day, I was crawling back out because some of our friends complained that there were too big to get there and how I was cheating (I was cheating, don't come after me). I went to put my hand out on top of the hot water tank, as I wanted to swing my legs down. I started to lean forward and support myself with my left hand, when it felt as if I was pushed. Hard, from behind. My face collided with the hot water tank where my hand was supposed to go and I instantly got a fat lip. I could taste my blood and I let out a loud wail. My brother was at my side immediately. Once He felt the blood dripping down my chin He ran to turn on the lights. As He turned them on, I was staring straight at the crawlspace, tears in my eyes and looking into the darkness. As the lights flipped on, I saw what pushed me. It was black. Really black. Crouched in the far corner. It was only there for a split second, and gone the next. I had brushed it off, the thought of my mother distracted me. I knew She wasn't going to let us play down here in the dark now that I had gotten hurt. That very night after dinner and asleep in my bed was when the dreams started.
Our bedroom was a weird configuration. More so to accommodate the roof as it was basically the attic. There were lots of dark spots and shadowed places. It also had a door to the outside that attached to a small balcony and stairs leading all the way down to the first floor, us being on the third and top. I had my bed pushed into one of those corners. There was the wall to the outside. My bed pushed up against it, tucked tightly into the corner and flush with the standing wall, which jutted out into a small hallway-like corridor and led to the outside door. My bed was fit very snuggly in there, and reminded me of a four post bed frame. I even hung up cheap blankets on the walls for the same affect. My mother didn't love the location of my bed, but she knew I was a big girl and could make my room the way I wanted. She was just terrified people were going to break in through the door and kill us. I always remember her coming up to make sure it was locked, as when we played sometimes we would unlock it and forget about it. (We lived on a busy highway in a busy town.) She did the same this night, coming up to make sure it was locked, and making sure we were actually sleeping. I would stay up late reading with my little handheld flashlight my brother gave me. He was tired of me making him keep the lights on so I could read. While I was sitting there, engrossed in my book. I could a here ticking sound. I didn't pay too much attention to it, like I said before we lived on a highway, it got noisy sometimes. It progressively got louder and louder. My brother yelled at me to stop. I told him I wasn't doing anything. He didn't believe me of course, just told me to shut up and rolled over in his own bed, shoving the pillow over his face. I rolled my eyes and continued my reading. The ticking eventually stopped, and I drifted off to sleep with my book in hand and flashlight still on. I had dreamed of our house. I was playing hide and seek tag with my friends and brother. Such a fun time, running, laughing and playing. It was all so real, it felt like colours were brighter and more unrealistic. I was distracted with the beautiful incantation of my normally bare, creepy and sad looking home. It wasn't until I turned around to see that it was no longer my friends chasing me, but it was the black being playing with me. This fucking thing was on all fours, chasing me. My steps faltered slightly, and I got a good look at it. What I saw I will remember for the rest of my life. It was humanoid, solid black, and kind of shiny looking. Like it was coated in thick tar. Not at all see-through. It left no remnants of the black tar on the ground, though it looked like it was just a moving substance. I gapped at it. Even crouched on all of its long limbs I could tell it was big. But nimble, its arms extended to hands and it was moving solely with the tips of it's fingers brushing the ground. It didn't really have facial or body features, just slick, moving, black. It scared me so much, I came to the conclusion we weren't playing anymore as I took in it's demeanor. It was coming at me with such force it made me pick up the pace to full on sprinting. My face went from silly smiles to dread. It was trying to get to me, crawling on all fours, up walls and down them sideways, defying gravity by itself with it's weird shaped spider-like arms and fingers. I was now terrified. Thinking of escape only, I climbed up the stairs to my bedroom. First thing I ran for was my bed. Stupid, I know. Instead of an empty bed, I found my sleeping body. I was confused, but I'm right here? I paused and thought as my arms already reaching to touch my abdominal area, making sure I was me. I touched my body, and quickly stepped back. I felt myself touch my body. This was all very confusing. I looked behind me and the black being was nowhere to be found. I desperately searched the walls and roof. I took some light tentative steps over to myself, still scared but feeling my heart rate start to slow. I looked at me, laying there asleep, I was distracted by this whole ordeal. I remember thinking I didn't think I looked like that. A familiar noise caught my attention and I looked at the door, and saw it. It was tapping its black nail on the glass of the door, making a loud ticking sound. It was getting louder and louder. The dead bolt was locked to my relief. Until I watched as it takes it's black hand and starts slowly its hand in the air, turning the deadbolt on the inside. I panic. I run to my brothers bed, looking for his safety and comfort. Panicking, I see He's not there. My hands are sweaty, so I wipe them on his blanket. I didn't know what to do. So I freeze. This was too much for my 10 year old mind. My back is to the rest of the room and I'm trying to pretend it wasn't there with my eyes secured tightly shut. I listened closely so I didn't miss the footfalls. I heard nothing.. I un-scrunched my face, opening my eyes tenderly. I was so afraid I had realized that I wet my pants somewhere along the way. Reluctantly I forced my body to move. I carefully turned around to find the door open. The black being was not coming for me anymore, but slowly crawling up unto my bed. I watched as it carefully placing its hands and feet up my bed and around my sleeping body. It's head was dragging along my limp self, up my stomach and chest to my head while it creeped up the sheets. Pressing its forehead to mine, it lowered itself so it was laying on top of me. It swallowed my little body whole, paying no attention to me standing over on the other side of the room. I felt everything like I was physically laying there. I wasn't, I was standing right where I had been, by my brothers bed. I could feel the cold slimly feeling head while it slid up my body, leaving a frozen trail of wetness. I shivered, looking down to see if there was black tar on me. Feeling all of this and disgusted with the consistency, I looked over to where my body had been on my bed. I couldn't see my heart stripped PJs anymore. Just utter blackness where my body should have been. A cold like plunging into glacier water had overtaken my body and I began feeling weak. I felt so stupid. I lead it right to me, how dumb can I be? Idiot. Feeling my legs give out underneath me, and my head hit the floor. I don't remember anything after this. I do remember waking up with my book tucked neatly underneath my pillow along with my flashlight which was now off, and the outside door wide open, letting in the crisp fall morning air. I did notice some bruising on my wrists and stomach. I told my mother about it and she just told me it was a bad dream, and got mad at me for opening the door. I told her repeatedly that I hadn't done it but she ignored me. I didn't show her the bruises. Only because I could see the fear in her face. I feared that she would think that I was crazy, or that she wouldn't want me. And maybe I was nuts.
The black being was with me all the time now. It started out small, far in the distance but eventually came closer. It was simply there. I'd see it standing behind my parents at dinner, or in a corner in class. At soccer practice in the field. I never got used to it. It never said anything, despite me asking why when I was alone. I would give it glares, I would yell at it sometimes, or cry, or both. It never did or said anything back, it was just there. Watching me. In my dreams it would crawl to me. I never led it to my sleeping self again, though I would occasionally fall asleep in the wrong place and forget I was two different beings at once. I didn't know what would happen if I did lead it there. I didn't know what happened last time but I don't think it was good. I just ran and ran and ran until I woke up. My grades began to drop, I woke up tired all the time. Mostly, I would stay up as long as I can. All night if I could, anything to escape the running. I took to drinking my parents left over cold bitter coffee. I would space out staring at the thing. It would stare back. My parents took me to the doctor, a therapist, and a sleep specialist, that was interesting. I didn't want to go, but I was forced. They made me sleep in one of their facilities. It was an uncomfortable feeling sleeping somewhere I didn't know, knowing that the Thing was staring at me from across the room. Waiting to chase me in my dreams until I wake, and then rinse and repeat. I resented it. They let my mother sleep in the room with me, on their spare cot like bed. I fell asleep, and it chased me around the facility. In the morning the specialist said that from the minute I entered my deep sleep, my heart rate would go up drastically and did not mellow until I woke up. He also said my sleep REM sleep and regular sleep was not normal for a child of my age. The diagnosed me with insomnia and nightmare disorder. They sent me home with mild sleeping pills. I didn't like them. They made me groggy and it was really hard to run away in my dreams. My parents tried though. I loved them for that. Anything to help me with whatever I was going through. I tried much more when I was awake to pretend everything was okay. To ease their anxiety over me. I stopped telling them about the nightmares. I didn't know how to explain it without it coming out in child talk and getting dismissed. I was also worried I'd get taken away from my family, taken away from my everyday life and put in a insane asylum. So I just endured it, saying nothing.
After a year of this, we moved again. I was not very excited, knowing the Thing would follow me. But as always, life goes on and we moved. I loved the new house, even though it was very run down. Much more than our old house. Shitty drywall and paint was flaking off the walls, with old creaky boards all throughout. They were once painted a grey colour, which was now chipped off in the middle of hallways and rooms revealing the rotting wood boards underneath. A larger attic space upstairs with wood panelled walls and small short winding hallways and doorways became our bedrooms. Both doors to the two bedrooms upstairs were cut in half and opened separately. My older sister slept downstairs with my parents in the two rooms down there. But I didn't see the black being here. It didn't follow us into the truck, and it wasn't anywhere to be seen. I was very excited, and my parents noticed an immediate change in my demeanour. They saw me smile genuinely again. I slept in blackness, not dreaming of the black thing, not dreaming at all actually. It was nice. Honestly I would take blackness over running from fear every night. I did miss dreaming, but anything was better than that Thing chasing me. It didn't last long though. I was about to fall asleep one night, around a month or two after we settled in. I was happy and full from dinner, reading my book, fighting sleep until the next chapter so I could start another tomorrow. When the top part of my door opened, I was perplexed, not afraid. Nothing was there so I stood up to close it, and it wouldn't close. I tried and tried to no avail. I gave up. It must be stuck I thought. Having never opened it before, I assumed there was a reason it opened and wouldn't close. I went back to my bed, giving in and falling asleep. I dreamed I had woken up. Something was tapping on my mirror across the room. My first reaction was annoyance, being woken from my black slumber. I looked at it from tired eyes, half open and groggy. There it was, crawling out of my mirror. It started as a small black dot, slowly morphing into a 3D picture of the black being. It had found me. All this time it was searching for me. I was now wide awake, and I was frozen. I couldn't move from my spot on the bed. I watched as it crawled towards me, slow and calculated. It stopped in front of me. "Come." Gurgled noise came from its nonexistent mouth, along with a sickening demonic growl that made me shiver. It had never spoken before, I didn't think it could. It motioned its black hand towards itself and moved its head towards my window, the one that opened out onto the roof. I don't know why, I didn't want to. But my body started moving against my will. I stood up and it jumped on the bed behind me, to the floor, then back again. It advanced behind me, herding me on all fours. Quickly, back and forth in a sideways manner, moving closer and closer towards me like a large human spider, until I was climbing out the window. It was a cold night. I was shivering. I looked back to watched it climbed out of the window from the ceiling. Hands like sticky pads, like gravity had nothing on this thing. It continued towards the spine of the roof, its pitter patter of fingers tapping eloquently . I followed it unwillingly, my body reacting differently than my mind. I wanted to run, to hide, anything but follow this thing. My body robotically went anyway, paying no mind to my brain telling it to stop. I was at the top, on the edge facing the dimly lit pothole riddled road two stories up when I finally gained back control from the thing. I looked around for it, trying to find it. It scampered from underneath the roof, slinking by my toes, moving almost fluidly from upside-down to sideways until it perched beside me. "Jump" it commanded. No way I thought, but my body was already positioning itself closer to the edge. I looked at it. It seemed to be staring at me, though I couldn't see its eyes. It didn't have any, it was like staring into complete liquid darkness. This horrible ungodly thing had me in a trance. I was screaming at my body to stop. Trying to move just a finger, a toe, a twitch. Panic stricken all over my face, I could feel my heart pumping blood fast through my veins. All I could think was; I'm going to die. Today, Now. My body wasn't listening, it was moving, getting ready to leap off the roof. Nothing to save me, I decided to let go. I was tired of fighting. The last year and a bit was just too much for me. It cocked its head to the side as I leaped. I regained control as I plummeted to the ground. I had let out a blood curdling scream as I fell, waving my arms and legs in an attempt to land on my feet. I don't remember hitting the ground, just falling forever. When I woke, I was laying with my feet facing my head and my knees bent at the wrong angle, my body laying overtop of itself and bent at odd spots. I couldn't feel anything. My head was laying sideways on the concrete as I stared with wide eyes at what had caught my attention. It was the purple mass engulfing the black being. Swallowing it whole, it looked as if it was being pulsing and being sucked up like a vacuum. The black thing was becoming less and less visible until it was all purple and faintly glowing. It hovered for a moment, then I watched as it walked over to me and laid inside my body. It filled my whole being with light, I could feel light. Just as quick as it happened, it was gone. The black being, and my grandma. The next thing I know I blink and my mother is cradling my head, tears cascading down my face as She wailed like I've never heard before. My brother and sister huddled together in the background staring in distress at my funny looking legs. My father was on the phone with the ambulance. I started to feel all of my broken limbs and the amount of pain from jumping off of a roof. The pain was excruciating, I eventually blacked out.
The next time I regained consciousness I was in a hospital bed two weeks later. My mother was beside my bed and had fallen asleep cradling my casted arm and hand. I had broken both of my knees, my arm and wrist. 5 fingers were broken, and I had a severe concussion. I was in a coma for 13 and a half days. I recovered after an extensive amount of surgeries. I only regained thigh feeling in my left leg so for awhile I walked with arm supports. I don't see my grandma anymore. I believe She's the one who saved me. I owe my life to her. I haven't seen the black being since I was 10 years old.
Until yesterday. I was sleeping next to my husband. My boy, who is 3 1/2 and learning words comes in screaming early this morning. He kept yelling "Bwack." and urgently pointing towards our bedroom door while slapping my arm, begging to be picked up and coddled. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and glanced toward the doorway as I reached for him. I stopped midway, much to my little boys displeasure. There it was, standing in the doorway. Black tar like substance dripping onto the carpet in large clumped piles. I screamed so loud the neighbors called the police. My child screamed in response to my fear. I passed out. I think it was from the shock, or maybe over exhaustion of having a child. I don't know what to do anymore. It's 4 in the morning while I type this. My husband and child fast asleep beside me. The black thing is right beside me. Breathing ragged, choked breaths. The cops left after my husband explained I occasionally have night terrors. That's what I told him they were, I couldn't have my husband look at me like my family does. Nobody believes me. And it's coming for me. It's just waiting right there for me to fall asleep I can feel it. I'm terrified. I hope I'm wrong. I can't have my little man go through this. So I'm going to go to sleep now. I'm going to kill it. I have to. I have no other choice, I will protect my family at all costs. I'm staring into its oily and slithering face. Reaching into my bedside table and grabbing my handgun, I never took my eyes off of it. It cocked it's head to the side, like it had done that very night 14 years ago. I cradle my gun to my chest, close my eyes, and hope it comes with me.
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2023.03.29 20:20 Braindu25 One of m'y first knife

One of m'y first knife
Hi, hère is one m'y first knife, I made actually two blade and I break one, so what do you think about m'y knife and this thermique traitement ?1084 Steel and wood calling : if in France
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2023.03.29 20:20 Mako_Security [A3][RECRUITING][International][NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY][RP][REALISTIC][STORY-DRIVEN][LGBTQIA+][ENGLISH] Mako Security



Unit Basics: Mako Security is the Security Wing of a not-for-profit Leftist organization formed to contract to companies, governments, and institutions for goals of world peace, the furtherance of civil rights, and damage reduction. We participate in realistic, story driven campaigns to progress the betterment of all of those who are in need of help, and to do so as safely as possible.
LGBTQIA Friendly: Our community seeks to be a highly inclusive environment for people of all races, religions, gender identities and sexual orientations, with high level standards for moderation against those who would be bigoted towards others. Our staff team and player base have a high percentage of lgbt members, and those who aren’t lgbt are strong allies who want to see this community be a safe space for others. Those who would insult or degrade others for who they are are not welcome here.
Community: At Mako, we pride ourselves in making sure all of our members feel safe to enjoy a realistic Milsim experience in a community where it can often feel like you aren’t welcome. We currently have a diverse community of welcoming individuals who are excited to see this project grow into a large and exciting Milsim community we all know it can be.
Comms: Teamspeak and Discord
Setting: Modern-Day with slightly altered Geopolitics. Schedule: Operations Weekly on Fridays at 6:00pm est (18:00)
Training: Basic Rifleman training followed by specialist training of your choice.
Current Deployment: Oregon, USA.
Currently Available Roles: Medic, Marksman, Autorifleman, Rifleman, Autorifle Assistant, EOD/AT, RTO/JTAC, Artilleryman
Soon to be Available Roles: Weapons Team, Aviation, Zeus

How to Join


- Recruits MUST be greater than or equal to the age of Eighteen (18).
- Recruits MUST have a legal copy of Arma 3 and Arma 3 DLC Apex.
- Recruits MUST have a functioning microphone and the ability to speak understandable English.
- Recruits MUST fully read, acknowledge and adhere to the Mako Security rules found in the Discord.

Enlistment Steps:

- DM the Reddit account which has made this post to request a recruiter’s discord.
- Complete a voice interview with a recruiter
- Join Mako Security Discord server.
- Complete an in-game orientation session.
- Complete one Main Operation.
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2023.03.29 20:19 Remarkable_Fox_5782 Please guys help I feel hopeless

So I am a 19-year-old Male. My weight is around 130 pounds, and I'm 5'7". My parents are 4'11 and 5'11. This is my first Reddit post ever, so please forgive me if I made mistakes.
My medical history: I had jaundice when I was born I have a history of epilepsy from the age of 5 to 8. I had meningitis at the age of 15 and bronchitis at the age of 16. I had a lot of nosebleeds before the age of 10, and my docs never found out why. My height hadn't grown for 4 years, so I did an x-ray of my knees at 17 to check growth plates. It came back with 1st stage osteoarthritis. I showed the x-ray to an orthopedic, and he said I have never seen something like this. Your joints are of a 50-year-old and spaces are eroded, and they were a little bit eroded in a spinal X-ray I had when I was 15 years old. He gave me some supplements, and after 6 months, the X-ray was normal. like tf happened there idk.
Okay, so my concern is that I am extremely scared I have werners syndrome. I know it is extremely rare, but I feel I have symptoms. So, I stopped growing at the age of 13 and have stayed the same height since then. Never really had a growth spurt, and all guys in my high school had one. Peers shorter than me became my height, and peers taller than me are now much taller. Besides that, my voice never changed, and I never got much chest or beard hair. Few hairs on the nipples. I have a mustache but just a few hairs everywhere else on my face. Mind that my ethnicity is Indian, and everyone in my extended family is hairy af. All male cousins had beards by 17.
I also have ejaculation problems. I have been masturbating since 11 but never ejaculated while doing so. I only ever ejaculated in the night, which happens once in about 2 months. The frequency has decreased recently, and my ejaculation is now clear in color. My testosterone levels are just 330, and the minimum is 300.
Nine months ago, I noticed that I was losing a lot of scalp hair, and it was not growing back. This was accompanied by eyebrow fall. My scalp hair has no patches, but it is not growing to the same length it used to, and I am losing a lot of hair. I don't need haircuts anymore because the length of my hair is not increasing. As far as eyebrows go, I even sometimes lose 20-30 in one sitting. I have normal thyroid levels, btw. 2 or 3 weeks ago, I started having body hair fall from my eyelashes, legs, pubic, and armpit.
Two weeks ago, A medical friend told me about Werner syndrome, and I read so many case studies and the symptoms from I was shocked that my initial symptoms matched. I think I am 19, so that's why I haven't developed other symptoms yet. The lack of growth spurt and the hair fall with eyebrow fall match. I also have a lot of superficial veins and a stocky trunk that developed about 6 months ago. I thought the stocky trunk was because of bad food in college, but I do walk many miles every day in between classes.
I went to two internal medicine docs who know my parents really well. They are husband and wife. I talked to the husband over the call cause he was not in the country, and he said my symptoms are weird and require further testing. So I went to the wife and told her my symptoms, she ran tests, and everything was within range, so she sent me home. I went to her again, crying that I have these symptoms; she prescribed anti-anxiety meds, hugged and counseled me, and said everything would be fine. She said she would study Werner syndrome just for me because she didn't know much about it. She said she would call after studying, but she never did. Her husband came from India to Usa, so then I consulted him because I also had male problems. He thrashed me and said you don't have werners. Everything is in your mind, and he can bet that I don't have it. But my symptoms are of the past. I think what happened was that his wife told him I have health anxiety, so he came with the mindset that I didn't have any symptoms and I was just anxious. It's weird that previously he agreed with my issues being peculiar and that he said further evaluation is required and we would consult an endocrinologist. Now, everything is suddenly in my mind. He said cause of genetics, you stopped growing at 13, and not caused by some disease. I said I lost a lot of eyebrows he said I don't know how thick they were, but they don't look thin to me. He checked scalp hair and said there is no Alopecia. He said at least you have nocturnal emissions sometimes, and if you can't do it while masturbating, then we can later on check retrograde ejaculation.
Right now, no one is listening to my symptoms, and they are saying everything is "normal." What can be causing all of this? Can't it just be bad genes and not like some disease cause my uncle (My mother's brother) did lose a lot of eyebrows and scalp hair in his early to mid 20s. He is bald. Please, I don't want to have Werner's.
Guys, I am really scared. My parents always wanted a son, and I think I will end up being a liability.
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2023.03.29 20:12 Wonderful-Board-4992 Primal Pet Meals Responds to FDA's Warning Letter

Primal Pet Meals Responds to FDA's Warning Letter - Primal Pet Meals responded to sure claims made by the USA Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) in a warning letter despatched to Primal Pet Meals in February. Company representatives examine Primal Pet Meals' manufacturing facility in Fairfield, Calif., in 2022. The corporate's merchandise have been recalled in July 2022 following
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2023.03.29 20:08 aptom90 PGA Tour Consecutive Cuts Revisited

Most Consecutive Cuts Made
Consecutive Cuts Player Year
142 Tiger Woods 1998-2005
113 Byron Nelson 1941-1949
105 Jack Nicklaus 1970-1976
86 Hale Irwin 1975-1979
72 Dow Finsterwald 1955-1958
53 Tom Kite 1980-1982
Those are the official numbers taken directly from the PGA Tour media guide Cuts : PGA TOUR Media Guide . There's a problem though, they completely forgot to include the British Open in their tallies which definitely affects Jack's numbers. He should be listed at 111 instead of 105. That's not even the biggest issue which is the omission of Ben Hogan. Now that the Tour's website finally added him in again after their update we have access to his records. By my count he made 176 consecutive cuts from 1938 to 1948.
How is it possible that the Tour missed this? I think it has to do with the fact that Nelson's streak wasn't just playing tournaments without missing the cut, but instead finishing in the top 20 and in the money in every event. The Tour didn't even bother to look at Ben Hogan who by my count finished in the top 20 in 69 straight events from 1942-1946. It would be 144 except for 2 events where he placed 21st and 22nd! So close! But at the time that wasn't good enough.
So I present you my own unofficial figures for consecutive cuts made. Of course there could still be errors here let me know if that's the case. Surprise surprise Byron Nelson had a few other events in there too another 13 events from 1940. I don't have any explanation for that part considering how well known and touted the 113 figure has always been.

Most Consecutive Cuts Made (Revised)
Consecutive Cuts Player Year
176 Ben Hogan 1938-1948 (WD)
144 Sam Snead 1938-1946 (DQ)
142 Tiger Woods 1998-2005 (MC)
128 Byron Nelson 1975-1979 (WD)
111 Jack Nicklaus 1970-1976 (MC)
105 Sam Snead 1946-1952 (WD)

Even crazier Sam Snead’s DQ in 1948 was the first year the USGA adopted the 14-club rule. From what I read he shot 69 and disqualified himself after he found out. If he had made the cut in that event he would have 250 straight cuts.
Which begs the question, what the heck do you have to do to miss a cut back then??? Going deeper into the stats Snead missed 0 cuts from 1935 to 1952. In that timespan he withdrew from 2 events and of course had that unfortunate DQ and that’s it. Ben Hogan on the other hand did have 4 MCs early in his career and they were all at the big events: 3 US Opens and 1 Western Open. Other than that he made every cut until his WD from the 1948 Texas Open. How about Byron Nelson then? Once again no MCs except for 2 early US Opens. Nelson MC’d at the 1936 US Open and didn’t miss a cut until the 1949 US Open though he did WD twice in that timespan.
It would seem to me that only the biggest events had cuts as we know them nowadays. Which means all of those early records are a bit pointless to keep track of and I can almost forgive the Tour for not doing so!
Let’s end this with one more list, this time consecutive top 25 finishes only. Again if we switch it to top 20 Nelson takes the top spot by himself.

Most Consecutive Top 25 finishes
Consecutive Top 25s Player Year
144 Ben Hogan 1939-1947
128 Byron Nelson 1940-1949

Notables (I only checked these players, so this is more than incomplete)
Consecutive Top 25s Player Year
63 Jack Nicklaus 1973-1976
38 Tiger Woods 1999-2001
15 Vijay Singh 2001
13 Phil Mickelson 2002
11 Ernie Els 2003

Where Nelson really shines is if we further limit it to top 10 finishes. It's very tempting to dismiss Nelson's figures here because he played in more events in that same time period that Ben Hogan had his best run, but you have to realize that he only missed out on the top 10 once in 1946 (T-14th) out of his 20 events. Hogan played in 32 and had 5 finishes outside the top 10. If you're curious the best Tiger has done is 11 straight top 10s from 2007-2008. Jack Nicklaus managed 13 himself in both 1971 and 1973.
Most Consecutive Top 10 finishes
Consecutive Top 25s Player Year
65 Byron Nelson 1942-1946
27 Ben Hogan 1942-1946
17 Sam Snead 1938-1939

This isn't meant to be a negative towards the players of either generation. I just found it odd that the stats that I could find didn't match the official tallies and thought that maybe others would find that intriguing.
The figures I posted are taken directly from the players' profiles on the website and it's quite possible there are mistakes there as well. Food for thought.

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2023.03.29 20:05 Glass_Alarm6863 My comprehensive Vive XR Elite thoughts, experiences, and ideas for how HTC can fix its flaws.

I got ahold of my XR Elite on Sunday and have been analyzing and testing it since. I'll be going through everything I've taken note of so far.
First of all, the biggest problem with the headset right now is that the hardware was released before the software was finished. What I mean is, the OS has an early Beta/Late Alpha feel to it. Hand tracking inputs aren't tuned very well at all, despite being accurate. Pinching is way too overly-sensitive, resulting in unintended inputs, and those inputs aren't handled by the UI very well either (setting up a boundary with your hand is nearly impossible). In addition, they didn't wait until a stable software library was ready before throwing it into people's hands. On top of that, many apps you actually can download aren't even configured to work with the controllers, some of those being first party Vive Studio apps. This makes HTC look very unprofessional, and the result is it being next to useless as a standalone until the expected apps are available and existing ones fixed. These aspects will probably solve themselves within the next 6 months or so, but the damage of weak first impressions has already been done. I'm confident that they can fix this as there's some impressive stuff that is there (the way it distorts your passthrough image to correct the relative position of your virtual hand/controller despite only having one camera, for example), they just need time.
Next, I want to talk about the PCVR experience. Since there's not really any standalone support right now, this is where any current user will spend most of their time. I'll start by saying that the SteamVR integration for stand-alone headsets is second to none. Rather than have a clunky multi-step system, it's so simple that your PCVR games show up in the local library itself without needing to toggle settings or navigate menus. It's a one-time set up and you're good to go. It even supports hand tracking as a PCVR input, something the Quest lineup doesn't allow. Now as far as the actual experience, here's where they made some really big oversights. The streaming quality is excellent, equal to the quest 2 or even better (I unfortunately gave my Quest 2 to a family member, so I can only compare from memory), but the default settings make it appear terrible. The thing that makes this really bad is that actually knowing that settings to configure this exist aren't clearly delivered to the user. They exist only within the Vive Streaming Hub settings itself, and don't appear in the Headset's UI at all. Simply adding quality settings under the PC connection tab in the headset would solve this misconception. This could also be helped by making the default quality settings context and environment dependent (default to max settings on USB or Wifi6/6e, or lower if PC has low VRAM). I started off being really disappointed with the default compressed quality, but when I found those settings and bumped them up, I was greeted with a beautiful native looking picture. In addition, there's another setting in the Streaming Hub that's enabled by default called compatibility mode. This causes Steam VR to see your controller as Cosmos controllers, which is a horrible idea because only a tiny fraction of games even support that controller to begin with. I've found that letting SteamVR see the XR controllers for what they really are works in games almost 100% of the time. This should absolutely be off by default and accessible in the Headset's connections tab UI too. There's also another oversight in the Vive Streaming Hub, it has an always on Foveated rendering, probably because the Focus 3 was what the app was built for. If this can be disabled, I haven't figured it out.
So in fewer words, the PCVR experience can be and is decent if not great, but the defaults provide a subpar experience and it's not intuitive or obvious how to make it better.
Now for comfort and hardware. This headset was marketed as extremely comfortable, and in certain conditions it is, but for most, it's the most uncomfortable headset I've ever worn. Nearly all of the problems seem to stem from the pancake lens implementation. The lenses are very small, circular, and the diopters prevent it from being bigger or shapier. In a standard headset you typically want to tighten down to get a good FOV. In the XR Elite, this doesn't work. The top of the facial interface has a hard plastic forehead rest that absolutely kill any comfort you may have had. I think this part could easily be solved by making it hard rubber instead, or something similar, which can easily be done in a hardware revision like the Quest 2 did with it's facial interface. Though, the probable reason why it's like that is because you can't actually go closer than it wants you to. Unlike most Fresnel lensed headsets, or even the Quest Pro, there's no angled cutout on the lens to factor your nose, so pushing your face closer will actually force the lenses apart. It's just literally incapable of being closer to your face, so if your head shape is more curved than flat, coupled with the reduced lens size created by having diopters, you're going to have a very small FOV. Using these in glasses mode with the top strap used as a back strap is probably the most comfortable (and surprisingly stable) way to use this headset, it's genuinely impressive, but you lose an extra 5 to 10 degrees of FOV or so on an already small FOV. So how can this be fixed? Without significant hardware changes, this is probably impossible, but if it were to be redesigned I would absolutely cant the lenses at an angle or drop the diopter and in favor of a lens shape that factors the nose placement. The pancake lenses themselves don't seem to offer any substantial benefit, as the god-rays are replaced by general glare instead and the larger edge-to-edge clarity is offset by the overall loss of FOV.
Now for the price to value aspect. HTC really wants to sell this as a consumer product going against the Pico 4 and Quest 2, but the reality is that the price determines what people compare it to, not the labels. A consumer willing to pay $1100 for a headset is probably also considering a Quest Pro, a Vive Focus 3, a Vive Pro 2, a Pimax 8KX or Crystal. Even staying within the Vive ecosystem, while I don't own a Focus 3, I do own a Pro 2 (which shares a lot with the Focus 3), and the Vive Pro 2 is hands down a far superior VR experience in every category (it's even far more comfortable), for about the same price. The quality difference between Focus 3 and XR Elite feels like a Quest 2 to Quest Pro gap, not the small marginal gap the XR Elite/Focus 3 prices would have you assume. Since the stand alone library doesn't really exist yet, it can only be measured as a PCVR headset, and as one, it falls very short. If I were Vive, I would really double down on making the stand alone library as healthy as possible. Do whatever you need to do, pay developers to port, just get it there. Use that library to strengthen the value of Viveport to gain more subscriptions. Good, now you have the revenue stream that makes it possible to lower the price of the XR Elite. Drop it to at least $800 as soon as possible and aim for $600 or so as a long-term goal. If the product has a reason to be used and the cost is right, people will use it. Content attracts users, users attract developers, and developers create content. Fail to realize this early on, and you become a Sega Saturn/PS Vita/Philips CD-I. HTC needs to realize that they're in the console market now, not simply the hardware market. Different rules apply for success. Also, HTC, stop trying to bank on attracting the Crypto crowd. They aren't a goldmine more profitable than the users you already have. They aren't paying customers, they're customers expecting to be paid.
I've seen quality control issues floating around, seemingly on par with Pico 4 issues. I'm among those effected, as I have a dead pixel on my headset. I've never had issues with Vive headsets before, so I think this is probably a result of them trying to push out too many headsets too fast. This is very bad on their part, and it seems they've greatly underestimated the importance of a good initial launch. Early reviews are one of the deciding factors on whether hardware sinks or swims, and because of the rush, nearly everyone that has one is disappointed, and their reviews are what future customers base their decisions on. It didn't need to be that way. Had the higherups simply had the foresight to allow the XR Elite to be completed before launch and making sure each headset shipped wasn't defective, the odds of it succeeding would have been astronomically higher. Since they didn't, most people are returning their headsets and potential buyers are rightfully steering clear due to the bad launch press. Just look at the Steam Deck, people had to wait a long time to get theirs, it made them restless and angry, but at the end of the day the product they got was exactly as promised 99.9% of the time, and as a result it's praised as a great success despite taking a long time to get in people's hands. Most of us would have preferred to wait for a good product than get an undercooked one now (whether we consciously realize that or not).
Despite the current state, I'm not returning mine. It does what I need it to do as a developer, I have other headsets to do what it can't, and I'm willing to wait for the software side to get better with time. Since Pico might never come to the USA, this is pretty much the only semi-competent Meta alternative in the states until Deckard shows up in a decade or two. Hope this was useful to someone.
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2023.03.29 20:04 Harbinger_51 I do a job for the government none of you know about. You should.

It was a beautiful day in the fall, and though being in the middle of nowhere in Ohio isn’t exactly my ideal setting for an assignment, it could have been worse. Opening my windows, listening to music, and getting a good whiff of country air is a nice contrast to being cooped up in cities like I’m used to. The sight of brown stalks of corn populating the miles of fields along the road was welcome, as was the cool and clean smell of the air. It’s a good thing these jobs don’t involve much interaction with people. Unfortunately, some level of interaction is inevitable.
On my way to this one, I got a speeding ticket from a cop at some little local department. Though I was, in fact, speeding, I got the feeling that he also didn’t so much like seeing a fed in his neck of the woods. The local police aren’t a fan of us, so I’ve come to learn. They tend to get suspicious of us, thinking we’re up to some top-secret mission behind their backs. I guess they would be right.
I kept driving down the gravel road until the navigation let me know my destination was coming up on the right. Turning down the radio as I approached, I glanced toward the empty fields and the woods that met them beyond. I then turned into the long dirt driveway leading to our civilians’ house and garage.
I rolled up and parked with my trunk facing the porch. Stepping out, I got another whiff of the fresh country air and looked at the area of operations that lay before me. I was surprised at the amount of land and space that I had at my disposal. Space is good for these jobs. Additionally, I was informed that there weren’t any neighbors close enough to worry about. I couldn’t have asked for a better setting.
After stretching and letting out a light sigh, I decided it was time to get to work. I pulled the keychain out of my pocket and unlocked the front door. It seemed like a nice enough place. It was certainly nothing worth complaining about given the conditions of houses I’ve faced in my previous assignments. I went back outside to my massive, government-issued vehicle and opened the trunk.
I pulled the first couple of duffel bags worth of equipment out and brought them inside. The kitchen was as good a place as any to set up. After making five or six trips of dragging heavy bags and boxes of my junk into the house, I went back outside to open the garage. Thank God we were able to catch this case early and the civilians were able to make it out in time. It also meant I got room in the garage to park this thing. All that remained in the truck was the large metallic box, but I wasn’t going to need that until later.
I shut the trunk and pulled my vehicle into the garage, closing it on my way out. I stepped back into the house where I changed from my suit to my gear. Wearing the suit all day annoys me but I suppose the higher-ups want us to look like good, “friendly” feds to the public. The public has no idea the kind of monsters we are.
I unpacked box after box of equipment and weapons. I loaded up my Glock 17 with its extended 30-round magazine just as I did with my standard .556 rifle. I checked the laser sights on both. All good. Next was my favorite, the.338 with the best scope you could ever ask for. It sure is nice having a virtually infinite budget. Perks of working for the US federal government I suppose. The final firearm I brought was my personal .357 magnum revolver that I kept holstered on my chest. I figure it’s never a bad idea to have one more gun, just in case. Maybe I should have brought more on this one. If things got too close, I always had my hunting knife. I sharpened it that morning before heading out.
The next few hours consisted of me going out into the woods near the house in various places and setting up dozens of my little cameras equipped with motion sensors. They were there to give me an idea of the location of anything that got brave enough to get close to the fields that surrounded the house, I would be able to know about anything that was coming to me. I didn’t take too much caution in setting them up. Things never get interesting until nightfall.
I returned to the house where I turned on my laptop and assured that all the cameras were connected and working. I could see every single one of them from there and would know if anything so much as moved. I then got situated on a chair by the kitchen table, where I opened the window and set up my .338 rifle to watch the fields with.
I suppose it would be worth mentioning why I’m out here, setting up fancy equipment in the woods and loading up an arsenal of guns while I’m alone in a farmhouse that isn’t mine. Let’s back it up.
March 1st, 2017, 3:33 am, Iowa
Dispatch gets a call from a local farmer. He claims to be looking at a figure standing still at the edge of a treeline on his property. The description given by the farmer was that of a man of average stature and build, clothed in a loose black or grey shirt and trousers and a large-brimmed hat.
The farmer tells dispatch that he had awoken abruptly roughly an hour earlier, unspecified as to why. He spotted the figure outside his kitchen window soon after. The figure had been standing near the edge of a row of trees. It was facing the house and hadn’t moved a muscle since the farmer noticed him. The farmer quickly retrieved his rifle and walked out onto his lawn, proceeding to brandish his firearm and tell the trespasser that this property was his and to leave immediately. The farmer, seeing that the man remained unthreatened by his warning and display of a firearm, retreaded back into his home to retrieve his phone and call 9-1-1 as he continued to watch the figure from his porch.
During this call, the farmer’s voice was noticeably nervous and frightened. The desperate tone and quivering speech continued to worsen as he went on explaining the situation to dispatch. Dispatch instructed the farmer to remain where he stood and not to approach the trespasser. Dispatch reassured the farmer that the police were on their way. A few quiet and uneventful minutes passed. Then, without warning, the farmer let out a horrified scream through the phone. The call was disconnected seconds later.
The police began their over 40-minute drive to the residence. Halfway to their arrival, multiple new calls were coming to dispatch from the farmer’s neighbors. They reported seeing a large stack of smoke coming from the farmer’s home, and the closest reported seeing the house on fire.
By the time police arrived, the house had burned to the ground. The fire department arrived shortly after but oddly enough, the fire had completely subsided. What remained was the charred crumbs of what was once a house. The firefighters that arrived on site were bewildered by how quickly the fire must have burned the house. There was no explanation they could fathom.
The police searched the nearby fields and woods for the farmer and alleged trespasser to no avail, however, their search was quickly called back upon the findings of the firefighters in the house. The man’s charred bones were found beneath the rubble but not as they should have been. It became clear after further investigation that the man’s limbs were ripped from his body before it was incinerated at an impossible speed. 4 .308 bullet casings were found where the porch of the house used to be. The rifle was found just outside of the house, unscathed despite its proximity to such a violent fire. Forensics confirmed that the rifle had fired these casings but the bullets themselves were never found.
This was the first, but far from the last.
October 28th, 2017, 11:07 pm, Montana
Dispatch gets a call from a rancher who spotted a woman in an old-fashioned black and white dress and wearing a linen cap. The rancher claimed the woman was standing amongst his cattle and not moving. The rancher expressed no panic or concern for his safety over the phone, but rather a concern for the woman in the field. The rancher also noted that his cattle kept their distance around the woman.
An ambulance arrived at 11:29. Paramedics found no trace of the alleged woman. They walked to the entrance of the rancher’s house and discovered his door to be unlocked and open. After calling for the rancher and getting no response, they stepped inside to be greeted by the corpse of the rancher, hanging from a noose in his stairwell. The man had no history of mental illness and none of his relatives or acquaintances had any reason to believe he was suicidal. Additionally, an autopsy report concluded that both arms were broken in multiple places as well as every finger as if they had been crumpled together by a great force. He could not have tied the noose himself.
November 29th, 2018, 2:06 am, Wisconsin
Dispatch gets a call from another farmer. He had spotted a woman in an old black and white dress and linen cap. The woman had been standing in the long driveway from the road to his house, lit by the lamp that covered it. She stood motionless in the cold, windy, and heavily snowing weather. The farmer and his wife were later found under a collapsed wall of their crumpled house with stones placed on top. They had been placed in a seemingly orderly fashion until there was enough weight to crush their bones.
This happens to be the first incident we have on record with photo evidence. A trail cam owned by the farmer and his wife a few acres away from the house caught a picture the night of the incident. It caught a picture of the woman exactly as the farmer had described. Black and white dress, white linen camp. It looked as though she had stepped through time from hundreds of years before and placed like a mannequin in front of the camera.
May 30th, 2019, Minnesota
September 3rd, 2019, Nebraska
January 4th, 2020, South Dakota
I could go on but the point is that these incidents have been happening more and more frequently and they aren’t stopping. We do know what they are, or at least what they’re supposed to represent to us.
Every single one of these “people” lived in North America during the witch trials. We don’t believe they were the ones who were executed. We believe they were the ones who made the accusations, the ones who got their neighbors killed, the ones who carried out the executions and now they’re back to kill again.
Luckily, my department picked up on these patterns early on and designated a team to deal with them. There are a few hundred of us. I am in the dark about what everyone does exactly. I haven’t met many but I do know that some find potential incidents, some investigate, some deal with the cover-up and handling the publicity, and then, of course, there are the ones you send in to eradicate the problem. That’s where I come in.
I am here to hunt them down, to put them back in their graves so it would seem. Sometimes I get here before they’ve claimed a victim, sometimes after. But their reign of terror comes to an end with me. They’ve never gotten away from me, and I have never failed an assignment. I didn’t plan on this night being any different.
A beep sounded from my laptop screen as an outline from one of the cameras lit up, indicating that the motion sensor detected movement. It had been quiet since I set it up, there was not even the slightest sign of wildlife. No deer, no squirrels, nothing. I leaned forward and intently examined the camera that had been triggered. There was nothing to see. Another sensor triggered. Again, the camera showed nothing. My eyes darted from camera to camera, looking for motion. Another camera triggered, though all that I caught sight of was a shaking tree branch. There was no wind today. Another. This time I saw it. A dog-looking figure darted across the camera in only a few frames, but I knew it was no dog.
I turned my attention from the cameras to the field in front of me, where the movement had come from. I got behind my rifle and looked down the scope to the treeline in the distance. My heart began to pound in my chest at an intense tempo.
I could feel the adrenaline kicking in while I scanned the edge of the field for movement. All that greeted me was the orange glint of the setting sun on the treeline and the tiny shadows of the little stumps of corn stalks in the otherwise empty field. It was silent. Not even a wind accompanied me this evening, though I can’t complain. It’s better for shooting.
For a few minutes, I continued to run my scope along the treeline, occasionally getting a peek with my own eyes. It was during one of these peeks when I noticed a color out of place, in between a couple of trees on the other side of the field—some sort of black-and-white spec that was there not a second before. I lowered my head down, back behind the scope, and centered it. As I steadied the scope, a man-like figure standing at the edge of the field came into focus.
It wore black, tattered rags of clothing that hung loosely on its rigid frame. It stood still, stiff as a board. Its eyes were fixed on something ahead of it. It took me a moment to realize it was focused on me. It didn’t move a muscle, not even blinking as it stared.
I came to my senses and prepared to do my job. I flipped the safety off of my rifle and centered my crosshairs on its chest. I began to breathe deeply, my finger on the trigger, ready to pull but I didn’t take the shot, not yet. I saw it start to move.
Even with the distance between us, my scope made the picture of this figure clear as day. The movement came from only one part of its body; its mouth. First, its crusty lips detached from one another and the mouth began to open. Steadily, it opened more, and more all the while the rest of its body and head remained fixed. Its jaw sank to what should have been all the more it could, but it didn’t stop. It fell further, dipping down below its chest, its skin like a stretched rubber band waiting to snap, though it didn’t, it kept stretching.
Still stiff as a board, the man-like thing remained with its eyes locked on me while its mouth sat open, impossibly wide. It stood still with its hanging jaw for a moment, a moment I shouldn’t have given it. Now I knew I had my target. I began to apply pressure to the trigger before I was stopped, shaken by a force.
A scream, like a choir of souls in despair being dragged off to hell, with the power of a thousand horns sounding the start of a medieval battle rung through the fields. Its volume caused flocks of birds in the nearby trees to fly away in a panic, its bass shuddered through my chest and left me too hypnotized to pull the trigger. I’ll never get used to hearing one of them scream.
“Here we go”
I muttered to myself, the only thought I could conjure from my brain at the moment.
Closing its mouth, it leaped forward and reached for the ground in front of it with its hands fixed like claws. As soon as they met the ground, the feet followed and planted themselves quickly so that it could boost itself forward once again. It had begun its terrible charge. All the while, its face remained fixed on me, rotting teeth exposed and clenched in rage. The speed at which it rushed across the empty field would make a deer running for its life look lazy in comparison, but I was the prey here.
Though my heart began to race at the sight of this abomination barreling toward me, this anomaly of hatred and hunger bound to flesh, I remained calm. I began to steady my breathing, taking control of each breath, in and out.
Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.
The crack of the shot rang out through the dimming sky and the field before me, my response to its enraged scream. I remained fixed on the target, observing the spatter of blood as it shot from its back. It began to scream again, this time rapidly and desperate in tone. I quickly moved the bolt and chambered the next round, accompanied by the soft ring of the brass bouncing on the floorboards under my chair.
Although I managed to land a clean shot to the chest, it didn’t do much. It kept running, keeping on at its same speed. Though now it changed its direction and was running adjacent to my position in the house. It was trying to flank me. It wanted to find a way around my line of sight. I couldn’t let it.
Again, I took control of my breathing. Slowly, I drifted my rifle on the bipod until the creature came back into view. Its limbs pounded at the ground with speed and power as it propelled itself across the field. I’ll never get used to seeing one run either.
Starting behind it, I continued to move the scope, just fast enough to begin gaining on him, just fast enough to let the crosshairs catch up. Inhale. Exhale. The crosshairs slowly began to overtake it. Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze.
I chambered the next round quickly. This shot brought him to the ground, but it didn’t keep him there. After a short tumble, it rose and began to run again, this time back towards the woods it came from. Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze.
The third shot grazed its back. Frustrated, I chambered another round and took aim, but it was far too late. Before I could even begin to line up my fourth shot, it had taken one final leap from the field back into the treeline it came from.
I let out a sigh and hung my head in disappointment. I knew what I had to do next but I sure as hell didn’t want to. The last flickers of sunlight shone through the open window and lit my .338 rifle as I reloaded the magazine. I sat and stared blankly at the screen in front of me, hoping a camera would pick up some sort of movement that could clue me into wherever it ran off to. Knowing my luck, I shouldn’t have expected it to.
After coming to terms with reality, I stood up and grabbed my .556, slinging it around my body and letting it hang in front of me. I aimed it down, looking through its sight and testing its laser again before checking the chamber. Good to go. Next, I adjusted the night vision set to my head before picking up my .338 and heading for the door. As I stepped outside, I let out another sigh, this one of stress. Hunting these things at night, on their own turf is never as fun, nor as easy as finishing them quickly from a distance but what choice did I have? I just wanted to get it over with.
I flipped down my goggles and switched them on, illuminating the dark field in green and white. I began my long walk across. It took me longer than expected. The speed of that monstrosity caused me to underestimate the size of the field. Each step I took was slow and quiet. I didn’t want the crunch of my feet meeting the dirt and remnants of corn stalks to disturb my hearing. If that thing made a noise, I needed to hear it. If only I could have quieted my incessant heavy, nervous breathing too.
I was not even halfway to the treeline when I reached the first pool of blood, where I had shot it for the second time, and it decided to retreat. Bits of flesh were scattered about the ground, but I didn’t care to stop and look. Instead, I focussed on the blood I could see that led back into the woods.
Any experienced hunter has had to track a deer or two. It can be very frustrating. The trail isn’t always so clear, and you never know how far it has gotten. In my case, I knew this thing was still alive, and it was angry.
I continued my walk, splitting my attention between the blood trail on the ground and the treeline in front of me, scanning for movement and listening. If I was lucky enough, it would have gotten bold and tried to take me down in the field. Unfortunately, I’m not so lucky. Silently, I followed the trail until it met the woods. I stopped walking and calmed myself.
I didn’t want to go past those damn trees, but there was no avoiding it. I had a job to do. I extended the bipod of my .338 and lowered it to the ground before raising the stock of my other rifle to my shoulder. I took a deep breath and resumed my walk, now even slower and more cautious. At least now my heavy breathing would be drowned out by the sound of snapping twigs beneath my feet.
Immediately upon entering the woods, I spotted the next sight of blood. It came from a tree branch, its leaves covered in the dripping crimson liquid. I walked up to observe, only to notice more blood on the branch above that one. And the next. I noticed the pattern and followed each branch up, one by one, each with its leaves covered in blood. Suddenly a mass moved on top of the tree next to the one I was looking up at.
I swung my rifle up, pointing above me at the top of the trees. The mass turned and into view came two glowing eyes, like white lights in my night vision. It opened its mouth again to let out another deafening scream but I raised my rifle and took aim. Its scream was cut short by a bang from my barrel and the thud of the rounds meeting flesh. I was only able to squeeze half a dozen rounds off before it leaped away, to the tops of the neighboring trees.
I kept shooting as it jumped from one tree to another, though within seconds it was out of my line of sight. I charged through the woods after it and watched it leap impossible distances, shaking trees so hard I thought some might snap. All the while I kept trying and failing, to line up a clean shot. The ones I did manage to squeeze off were either misses or ineffective.
Even at the full-on sprint that I managed to sustain for a good few minutes, I was barely able to keep up. I almost abandoned the chase entirely before I saw an opportunity. There was a clearing ahead. A trail. The distance across was far too wide for it to jump. It took a sharp right once it realized this and began jumping from tree to tree along the trail. I rushed into the opening before kneeling to line up a shot. I followed it with my sights, tracking the timing of each leap, and letting t it land and leap once more before it settled on a new tree. I shot off two more rounds as it braced to leap again.
They were perfectly placed and its body tumbled in the air and crashed violently to the ground. Having lined up my sight, I squeezed the trigger again to hear the absence of a gunshot, replaced by the click of the firing pin in the empty chamber. I screamed curses at myself as I quickly exchanged magazines. By the time I looked up, the body was already gone.
I got to my feet and continued down the trail at a jog-like pace with my rifle at the ready. I was beginning to get frustrated more than anything. I’ve put dozens of these things in the ground before, I didn’t understand why was I having such a hard time with this one. As I approached a curve in the trail, I slowed my pace and brought the stock of my rifle back to my shoulder. I approached the curve from the outside of the trail, trying to get a clear view of what was beyond when my head violently snapped to the left.
My vision went suddenly dark and it took me a few moments to realize that I wasn't dead, nor was I unconscious. Something hit my night vision goggles and knocked them clear off of my head, breaking the mount they sat on. My eyes were only beginning to adapt to the dark when another object came flying towards my head, narrowly missing as it whistled forcefully past my ear. It was a rock, around the size of a football. I couldn’t help but glance behind me in astonishment at the object that had nearly decapitated me before turning my attention back to what threw it.
Sure enough, there it was. Standing behind the trees at the corner of the path. I let my anger take control and began to fire rapidly at its torso. My disregard for accuracy hardly mattered at this range. Regrettably, it meant I was now closer than I would have liked and it began to charge. I landed shot after shot. Blood spurted from its back and painted the tree branches and leaves that it passed as it barreled toward me.
Again, my magazine went empty. Instead of bothering to reload a new one, I quickly drew my Glock and continued my rapid fire on the beast. It broke into the clearing and fell to all fours before it leaped forward and ran as it had done in the field. It closed the distance between us in seconds.
A hand clenched around my throat and I was lifted off of the ground like a feather. It kept running, past the edge of the clearing and carrying me into the woods. I continued to pepper it at point-blank range with my pistol. Between shots, I could hear its hysterical laughter directed at my futile efforts. Its face smiled with a look of sadistic insanity.
I continued shooting until my magazine went dry and I was stuck with an empty gun. With nothing else I could do, I began to beat its face with the empty pistol. This seemed to piss it off. It violently threw me through the air. I felt my body snap dozens of branches before I met the ground and rolled uncontrollably.
Recovering quickly, I grasped the rifle still slung around me and replaced the empty magazine with a new one. It was mere feet away from me when I started to fire. I got a few shots off before it grabbed my arm. This time I whipped the barrel of my rifle up, clubbing it hard across the face. It let out a short, irritated scream. I thrust my barrel at the top of its head, knocking it back as it emitted another angry grunt. It reached up with its left arm and tried to grab the barrel before half of its fingers were blown off by my next shot. It recoiled its arm in pain before swinging it back at me.
Upon contact, my rifle flew out of my hands and the sling came undone from my body as it was thrown far into the woods behind me. I attempted to retreat before he grabbed me with his right hand, and what remained of his left around my neck. Again, I was picked up and it carried me, this time only a short distance to a tree. My back cracked as I was slammed into the bark.
It looked up at me and smiled again.
“We killed our sinners, we brought justice to our land. We brought justice for God”
I ignored its foul speech, lifting an arm and hooking it across the face with a firm punch. It had no effect.
“You are all sinners, and you will die for your sins as they did”
Again, I struggled and pummeled its face with everything I could muster but it still did nothing.
“Now go and burn in the lake of fire”
It shouted, before laughing with a dozen sadistic voices all coming from its mouth.
It opened its mouth and its jaw was once again stretched to what should be an impossible level. It lowered me until I was level with it. It moved its open mouth toward my head, shaking with rage. Its teeth now inches from my face. Its breath, foul. With my left arm, I drew my knife, slashing it across the chest before plunging it into its neck. I hooked a punch with my right arm that finally caused it to stumble. It wound up its own punch and let it loose. I narrowly escaped, ducking out of the way before its fist met the tree and went right through, splitting it in half before the wood tumbled to the ground.
I took this opportunity to draw my .357. He recovered from its punch and faced me, pulling the knife from its neck and letting blood spurt and gush. It stared me down as it slowly approached, ready to deliver its finishing blow.
Its head was shaking now, harder than ever in anger, its mouth hung open to half its capacity where it showed its rows of rotting human teeth. I raised my revolver and attempted to steady my sights but I was too shaky. I quickly collected myself. Inhale. Exhale. The front sight became level with the rear. Squeeze.
The recoil caused the gun to rise enough for me to get a look at the damage. I clipped its mouth, in the corner of its jaw. It hung open, with one side detached completely. It wailed in pain as it gargled its blood and crumbled to the ground. I aimed again, cocking the hammer. Squeeze. With the second round, I detached its jaw completely.
“Let’s see you bite me now, fucker”
I painfully muttered with anger. It dropped my knife and was now laying flat on its back, breathing heavily. I approached, cocking the revolver again as I did. It reached out with its mangled hand but I kicked it away before placing my barrel to its skull. Squeeze. And then silence.
After dragging the body back to the field, I spent the next few hours retrieving my lost and damaged equipment, as well as tediously finding every one of my cameras. I then retrieved my vehicle and drove it to the edge of the field. There was just one more thing to do.
I opened my trunk and pulled out the metallic box. I don’t understand why they make these things so goddamn heavy. I opened it and placed the corpse inside before securing the extremely heavy-duty lock. Next was the hole. It wasn’t easy digging after I had been roughed up and tossed around by an undead religious maniac with superhuman strength, but at least this was the last thing I had to do.
I finished digging the hole, placed the metal casket inside, and covered it up. From there, I collected my equipment, packed it up, and took off. Supposedly there’s a cleanup crew that comes in after we’re done with these missions and destroys any bizarre evidence.
I suspect they take the body as well. Where do they take it? What do they do with it? I have no clue but I’ve been strictly reminded to not ask questions on the matter and to just stick to doing my job. Still, I always find myself wondering.
What I have even more questions about is why these things exist in the first place. What the hell is going on? Why them? Why now? Has this been going on for longer than I know? Am I being lied to? What happens next, in the future, if this keeps going on? It’s only been getting worse. They’ve only been popping up more and more frequently. When does it end? Does it end?
I have more questions than I do answers but what I can tell you is that this problem isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s only going to get worse. There are only going to be more of them, not less. The death toll will only continue to rise. People are going to find out sooner or later. It might as well be now. Maybe we will stop them. Maybe this will all come to an end one day, or maybe we are the ones who are all going to meet our end. Either way, I’ll be there to see it.
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2023.03.29 20:01 SlightlyColdWaffles The Iniquity of the Son

NEMESIS 2 : Chapter 43
The fire was spreading, consuming all that it touched in a greedy buffet of nature's wrath. Crimson flames tickled the sky as it leapt from underbrush to treetop, from dried leaves to fallen logs and anything else in nature that would consent to burning. The warmth felt quite nice against the night's chill.
When I saw the customized Doombot and his large minion, I had tried to think of how to even begin a conversation with them. The last time I had seen either was when I had kidnapped Grandmommy Longlegs from their boat, killing the lady minion and helping that bastard in The Office. I couldn't exactly saunter up to them like an old friend, striking up a pleasant talk about sports or the weather.
"What awe they dowing?" Bertrand asked, shuffling onto my shoulder and trying to peek through the bush we were hiding behind.
"Can't tell" I said, "It looks like there's a person on the ground, but I can't see..."
As we watched from the shadows, the robot raised its arm towards the prone figure, and fired a laser into his head.
"Can I eat him?" Bertrand asked, "I'm hungwy".
I shook my head, then realized Bertrand couldn't see the gesture in the dark. Before I could vocalize the word, Bertrand leapt from my shoulder, scurrying into the night.
"Bertrand!" I hissed softly, but it was too little too late. Bertrand emerged from the underbrush on the far side of my foliage hiding place, skittering around a patch of fire and heading right towards the two murderers and their latest victim.
I ran in a crouch to the edge of the woods, careful not to step on a loud branch or a bit of fire as I desperately tried to catch up to the spider. Bertrand, weighting under 5 pounds, had no such restrictions. He leapt onto the robot's leg, climbing rapidly up its back towards its shoulder.
He was going to ask them directly! I cursed under my breath as the gears in my mind, and the literal ones in my chest, spun in vain to find some way to save Bertrand unnoticed.
Doctor Doomsday glanced over his shoulder and noticed Bertrand immediately. To be fair, it was hard to miss the world's largest spider in a tiny pink sweater. Bertrand leapt from his shoulder, twisting to land on his toes and scurrying directly back to me.
"DADDYDADDYDADDY!" He cried, leaping onto my shoulder and burying his face in my neck. "That man is a wrobot! He scawed me!"
"Grandmommy Longlegs?" Doctor Doomsday asked. His voice carried over the distance and the roar of the flames, probably due to a hidden speaker or some other mechanical mischief.
I patted Bertrand on the back before I stepped out into the firelight, squinting against the smoke that was beginning to clog the air around us.
I tried to say I was sorry, that I had been a monster in both of my previous lives and the start of this one. I wanted to fall to my knees and beg for... not forgiveness, but absolution. I wanted to apologize for failing to save Grandmommy Longlegs, for failing to save my own relationship with my son, for betraying Doctor Doomsday's trust and for a thousand other transgressions. I had to say something, anything...
"Granny's dead" I said.
I wanted to slap myself. Of all the things I could have said, my mouth picked that?
"WALKMAN!!!" Magma Carter screamed, summoning a spear of lava as he advanced towards me. "I'm gonna kill you for Citra!"
I blinked away a tear that I didn't realize I had made. "I'm sorry" I said, trying my best to keep the emotional warble from my voice. "I really am."
With a primal scream, Magma Carter drew back his massive arm, and threw his lava spear at me. Time seemed to slow as the molten weapon flew towards me, dripping liquid magma as it arced through the flames and the smoke. I estimated the projectile's trajectory as it approached, and sighed in relief.
It would miss Bertrand. He'd be safe.
I closed my eyes, and prepared for my third death. Maybe this time it would stick.
A thunderous blast sent pressure against my entire body, forcing me to stumble. I opened my eyes to find no sign of the spear in or around my person. What I did find was the glowing end of Doctor Doomsday's laser arm.
"The fuck, Doc?" The massive minion yelled over the thunderous roar of the full fledged forest fire. He readied another spear from the ether, drawing the lava into a straight line with a wicked blunt tip.
"Stand down, Carter" Doctor Doomsday's voice responded, booming just as loudly as the real human. "We're taking him in. Something's not right here."
Magma Carter glanced repeatedly between Doctor Doomsday and his readied lava spear. "Wot is you're problem, Doc?" He yelled as his sleeve caught fire again. "You're a bloody Super VILLAIN! Why d'you keep tryin' to stop me from killin' Heroes, from gettin' REVENGE! This wanker killed Citra!"
"She survived" Doctor Doomsday snapped back, "And she's fine in her new body."
Magma Carter scowled at the bad doctor. "He threw a bloody icicle through 'er chest, I don' give a toss that he didn't finish 'er off."
Magma Carter drew back his arm like an olympic athlete and threw the second spear.
This time, I dove out of harm's way, grabbing Bertrand and holding him protectively to my chest. The spear landed in a large tree behind me, quickly setting it and the surrounding brush aflame. I rolled until we were out of the raging inferno, but far from safety.
Carter raised his hands like a mime and unleashed Hell at me, sending a surge of lava to either side of my new position. The two streams ended at the fire's edge, forming a triangular barrier of lava and fire and trapping me within.
"CARTER!" Doctor Doomsday roared, "STOP RIGHT NOW!"
Magma Carter ignored him. The brute held his fists in front of him like a boxer squaring up against his opponent, and summoned two spheres of lava around them. He punched his new magma fists together once, sending droplets of liquid rock splattering in every direction.
"Is the big bad man gonna hurt us?" Bertrand asked, trembling against my chest. "I down't like fire."
The lava mage approached us with his molten fists in that classic boxing pose, ignoring the droplets of magma that singed his clothes as he advanced. "I'm gonna enjoy this" He said, and gave me a smile that failed to reach his eyes.
I met his insane gaze. "Kill me" I said, "But don't hurt Bertrand."
Magma Carter paused and tilted his head in confusion. "Who?"
A laser surged through the thick smoke around us, striking one of Carter's lava fists and shattering it. Magma Carter stared in shock at the stump where his hand used to be, watching the sizzling flesh bubble around the cauterized wound.
"I decide who lives and who dies on this mission" Doctor Doomsday said coldly as he strode through the fire. His laser arm was still pointed at Carter, the barrel shrouded in a heat haze that could have been from its last shot or the hellfire burning around us. "Not you".
Carter chuckled, then elevated it until it became a manic laugh. "I keep tellin' you" He said, "I'm not in your chuffin' Doomsquad."
A molten, glowing mass forced its way out of the stump, unfolding like a butterfly leaving its cocoon until a new hand emerged. Magma Carter flexed the hand, inspecting the living rock prosthesis. Without warning, he twisted in place with a ferocious scream, and drove the magma fist through Doctor Doomsday's chest. Shards of steel and wires exploded out of the Doombot's back, spraying shrapnel and sparks across the ever approaching flames of the raging fire.
Doctor Doomsday's LED eyes widened, then faded into darkness, leaving only the reflection of dancing firelight in its wake. The robot fell limp, supported only by the fist imbedded in its chest.
"DOC!" I shouted, as I tried to struggle to my feet while still cradling Bertrand in one arm.
Magma Carter shook his arm until the dead Doombot slid free, landing in an undignified heap on the scorched earth below. "What was that about decidin' who lives?" He said, mocking the deceased villain.
I felt a surge of power pulse through my body, rising through the muscle and machine of my core to my very soul. A painful tingle sensation joined it, something I had never felt before.
My right arm raised itself on its own accord, pointing at the fire mage as he gloated over the fallen Doombot. A red aura surged across the limb as it charged the laser concealed within, drawing power from everywhere it could.
"I do" a voice said.
Magma Carter turned to me, arching an eyebrow in confusion.
The laser burned the offending eyebrow clean off, and the skin below it too. It burrowed through his skull, tunneling into the gooey center and beyond. Lava erupted from his head, gushing out like a Coke and Mentos science experiment gone wrong. He collapsed onto the fallen robot, still leaking lava from his newest facial piercing.
I stared at the rogue arm in silence. Bertrand crawled across my chest until he perched on my left shoulder, hiding from the appendage behind my neck.
"Well", Doctor Doomsday's voice said through my mouth, "This isn't exactly how I thought I'd get my old body back."
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