Artifact of the brute lost island

The Last descendants of the Lost Island

2014.03.24 04:07 Granny_Weatherwax The Last descendants of the Lost Island

Doggerland, the Lost Land, a real-life Atlantis that was swallowed up by rising seas in the millennia following the Ice Age. It's inhabitants fled to the surrounding lands and their descendants still live among us.

2020.11.26 03:21 James_Is_Pissed Sodorfallout

The nuclear power plant has exploded, millions are affected and might not make it out. It seems the island of sodor has lost its magic.

2011.03.07 09:42 lvl10troll Ashen Empires

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2023.06.07 18:16 TarbusCavarus [RF] Uncle Jim

As the end of autumn approached, the chill of morning and evening began to cut through like a hunting knife. Through the tanker's windshield, the driver could see a woman wearing a knitted scarf and a blanket on her shoulders. She had sat down in the middle of the road and was howling long and heart-wrenching like a lament. Passers-by looked at her with horror, surprise, or contempt. When a lady in a fur coat approached her to inquire, the unfortunate woman began to roll on the ground, thrashing about like a rolling log heading down the valley, and screaming with even greater force and deeper sorrow, so loud that it could be heard all the way to the prefecture, after which she stopped in a sob, crying quietly like the water of a lowland spring. She was Uncle Jim's eldest daughter.
Part I
Mr. and Mrs. Axelton were two retirees with charitable souls. They had the sign of charity burning on the soles of their dusty, second-hand shoes, laced up with shoelaces they got from the thrift store. They brought a bag of beans for the dog, bananas for the children, bread, bologna, and mustard for the homeless - lost souls from the outskirts of the city. They entered the basement of an abandoned building through labyrinthine paths surrounded by plywood and wrought iron fences. The building was marked with a red dot.
Around an improvised brick stove, illegally connected to the neighbourhood’s electricity network, sat Uncle Jim, Melissa, the children, and Baxter, opening cans of food received from a philanthropic organization. Baxter was a small mongrel with blue-blooded hunting dog lineage, who always hovered around Jim and helped him beg. Mrs. Axelton felt more compassion for the dog than for the family without a penny.
Jim spent his days in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral with Googie Gums, Mr. Blondey, Fane Fairfax, and Tane Cuthbert. They lived as best they could. On the drier days, they humbly lined up behind the priests, praying for them to give them something from the charity box. In the evenings, they opened a cheap two-litter bottle of beer, played backgammon, talked about the fate of the country, football, and the apocalypse.
One spring afternoon, a benevolent gentleman took Jim aside, treated him royally, and offered him an impossible-to-refuse deal. He handed him two thousand five hundred lei in cash, for which all he had to do was sign some blank documents. At that time, it was a good sum of money. Jim thought that luck had fallen upon him like a huge wheel of cheese, so he immediately accepted, without hesitation. With the money, he bought new clothes for Melissa, notebooks for the children, food, and drink in abundance.
At the beginning of the summer, a conflict erupted with Mr. Axelton over such an absurd issue that it would make customers of the "Tancredi Kingsley Jr." brewery doubt the honesty of the storyteller. Mrs. Axelton, a sensitive and volunteer person, was involved in a campaign to save stray dogs who, without the dedication of people like her, would have ended up in miserable shelters on the outskirts of the city. Those who were up for adoption were taken off the streets, washed, vaccinated, and sent to their new owners.
Jane, a neighbour from the ghetto, had told Jim one evening while gossiping on the roadside that significant profits could be made from selling animals. Therefore, seeing the strange pensioner walking through the neighbourhood week after week taking care of stray dogs, the idea arose in his mind that these actions could only have mercantile and hidden purposes, from which he was unfairly excluded from sharing the profits.
Despite Axelton's explanation, treating him to a sausage roll and a coffee from the vending machine, Jim remained unchanged in his opinions, considering his neighbour guilty of greed. When he saw him coming out of the building or on his way to the grocery store, he shouted at him from the other side of the street to demand an explanation and followed him grumpily like an unhappy landlord who had not been paid rent for a long time. He had become a real nuisance on the head of our unfortunate citizen, who now found himself forced to make unimaginable detours from the exit of the building to the bus station just to avoid the annoying neighbour with whom he did not want to continue the confrontation.
Part II
Fortunately, an unexpected twist of fate spared Mr. Axelton from a steep climb up the confrontation ladder when Jim was unexpectedly summoned to the station by a local police officer. It turns out he had signed a mortgage without any collateral which he had no chance of repaying in this lifetime. He was charged with fraud and sent to the White Gate prison for five years. No one visited him. When he was released, after two and a half years of serving, he limped and had only a few teeth left in his mouth. It was as if he had aged ten years.
Meanwhile, Melissa had coupled up with Fane and had a child with him. They moved together to the Hopeless Heights, a neighbourhood built specifically for needy people, and Jim's children were sent to an orphanage. Baxter was taken in by a kind-hearted nobleman who loved animals and owned a seafood restaurant, entrusting him to a mute maid who walked him around the blocks three times a day. Sometimes, on summer days, dressed in a bathrobe and a pair of flip-flops, Sir. Hatchet Jenkins would come out with two other small dogs as big as cats who walked swaying like wind-up toys. He walked the streets like a traveling circus performer, but if anyone dared to mock him, he became so furious that he turned into a steam boiler, blowing heat through his nostrils and obscenities at his enemy, threatening to punch them, showing them the cane he would strike his heels with.
Uncle Jim first moved in front of St. Nicholas Church, where Father Murphy O'Malley served. He was a small man, always carrying a leather briefcase like a spy movie security agent, had a carefully groomed moustache, a gold watch and ring, and patent leather shoes. Everyone said he had the gift. He came to church in a luxury car. When he opened the door, he was greeted by a multitude of beggars, some of whom had come from neighbouring quarters, trying to kiss his hand and ask for coins. Jim didn't last long there, the competition was too high.
Lately, he had been experiencing more frequent headaches. He walked with a cane down the narrow street, swaying in the wind like a turnip pulled from the ground. I didn't think he would last much longer, but Uncle Jim had a survival instinct that most mortals lack. He stopped first at Mr. Axelton's, with whom he had made amends in the meantime, and asked for a pair of boots for the snowy weather and a packet of aspirin for his headache. He found an old fur hat with ears that had been thrown away and drank a cup of mulled wine, given as charity for the souls of the dead. Then, he found shelter in a cave under the ruins of an abandoned manor.
In the morning, he emerged from the ground like a contemporary Lazarus and sat next to the all-night convenience store near the Agriculture Department. On his way out, the kindest customers would always leave him something: a roll, a coin with the king's face on it, half a salami stick, a pair of socks, a cube of melted cheese, or a bottle of curdled milk. He had a yellow plastic bag in which he loaded all of his products. In the evening, when he returned to his lair, it was always full of wonders.
When spring arrived, Jim began to bloom like snowdrops. His teeth grew anew, made of copper, his hair turned green like grass, his eyes started to distinguish details with the precision of an eagle, his skin became as smooth as that of young boys, his arms became steel, his forehead raised, his thoughts became clear, and his vision became as clear as that of great wise men. It was rumoured that he was making so much money that he could move to a hotel. The last time I saw him was on a foggy April morning. He got into a taxi and disappeared into the smoke of history.
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2023.06.07 18:16 Glittering-Bite20 High NT, high risk T21

Just wanted to give a summary of my journey so far in case it helps anyone else.
33 years old, first time pregnancy. BMI 20.
12 week scan - NT measuring 4.4mm. Nasal bone present. Screening bloods 1.6 Hcg MOM and 0.4 papp-a MOM. Given 1:5 risk for T21. Was told if they could give me higher they would.
Was booked in for amnio at 15 weeks as felt it would give more assurance than CVS, so worth the extra week’s wait.
Went for private scan 3 days later and NT measured 3.4mm. Still high but resolving?
13 weeks - Did NIPT to pass the time. Expected high risk and then amnio to confirm before TMFR.
14 weeks - Low risk NIPT much to everyone’s surprise. PPV 91%. Still felt uneasy so kept appt for amnio.
15 weeks - Did amnio. Was uncomfortable but not painful.
Should have initial results for T21, T18, T13 and sex chromosomes by 16 weeks. Full microarray by 17 weeks.
Booked in for structural anomaly scans at 17, 19 and 21 weeks if we get that far.
It’s been a drawn out and confusing journey. I mourn for the happy pregnancy experience I lost and have been unable to feel bonded with or excited about this baby. I am so sorry for those here who are on similar paths.
If anyone has any comments or questions, please feel free to share. Just looking for some camaraderie while still in limbo.
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2023.06.07 18:16 philosophicallysober I hope I’m infertile.

(I’m new to the subreddit so incase we do TWs, here’s one: TW - ED) I am 18 and I lost my period in February due to being underweight. I thought it’d come back in a month after adjusting to my weight but it’s still absent, and I still experience no symptoms of ovulation.I was underweight as a result of my ED, unfortunately, making this experience a little more intense than it should be. I would have gone to the doctor, but they know this of me, and I was very triggered the last time I went for missing a period and had to be interrogated about my lifestyle. Anyway, I was raised around ‘christians,’ which I put in quotes because they were one of the more intense denominations (which I won’t name, but I believe is missing a lot of acceptance and love for all beings). They have this religious notion that it is a PURPOSE of women who are fertile to bear children, like it’s our only job, our only meaning. Therefore, I, someone with fertility, was created only to grow into, and eventually be a mother. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they all had babies at ages 19-21. Yeah… so this is stuff they want me thinking about now. Now, as in one of the most difficult dilemmas of life where I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do from now on to survive in modern society. So I’m desperately hoping that I am no longer fertile. To the point that I quit my ED treatment in fear of recovery actually having much worse news for me: that I’d now be pressured to go through pregnancy. Which I should mention, I’ve never wanted. I remember being a child and as they talked about womanhood I held my stomach and felt ill thinking about it. And thinking about how prone I’d be to postpartum depression is what really gets me. I had bad seasonal depression as a child and I never want to go through anything like that again. Not to mention, the whole entire idea of being responsible for a small human being, makes me SO anxious. With all this said, I’m worried that if I reveal I don’t want kids to family, it is going to ruin my entire relationship with them in seconds. However, they have to find out if I keep getting older and don’t… so then I feel I have to live that way of ‘womanhood’ just to have them in my life. Which in all honesty I’m questioning the pros to, given the circumstance. But you understand, this is my family and I can’t help but hope things change.
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2023.06.07 18:15 Apprehensive_Rain_89 How do I exchange money?

This might be a silly question, but at foreign exchange places do they accept payments via card?
The reason I was asking was because I read somewhere that it’s good to take cash from your home currency (in my case GBP) to exchange there?
I’m going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pai, and a few islands so if I exchanged in any of these places would I need cash or can I use my card?
The reason I’m asking is if I needed cash to exchange in the first place then maybe it would be better to exchange my currency at home rather than take all that cash in £ there.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 18:15 godkiller666 How tf do I kill dough king with kids constantly after my hide when I'm trying to kill npcs?

Today I got the chocolate chalice and was farming npcs on the island. Out of nowhere, a bounty thirsty kid spawns and decides to hunt after me. Of course he had to be the braindead dough spammer and even worse he had v4 shark. This is my third attempt to fight dough king. How am I supposed to get v4 when other people that have it are constantly on the way to stop me from getting it. It seems impossible to achieve v4 now that a majority of people have v4 and don't care if you die with the chalice. Once I did it in a private server, I knew I couldn't kill him by myself so I had to invite people from discord. Well that just ended up in them slaughtering each other instead of the boss and time ran out. I'm loosing hope at all I'll ever get dough king done.
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2023.06.07 18:14 AdPsychological9274 What’s your opinions on this ?

This was posted on my local animal controls Facebook
TRIGGER WARNING - Pups passed away
Yesterday, two young lives were lost in a hot car. While this typically would have been completely preventable, this case was different. A young woman left her two dogs in her car while she was at work. Why would anyone do that? Because she is homeless and living out of her car. She parked under a tree in the shade. She left the car running all day with the air conditioning on. She had to get gas everyday. She would frequently check on them, take them out, and give them water during her shift. She had them tethered in the backseat for safety. Yesterday one escaped its harness and managed to accidentally turn the air conditioning off. In about an hours time the car went from comfortable, to fatal. In an hours time the cars cool air warmed up and became unsurvivable for these two dogs. The woman found her dogs, and was beyond devastated. She told her manager, which then called animal control. Had she not done this, nobody would have known. Because it was after hours, the police arrived first. She could barely speak. When we arrived on the scene her face was wet from tears, and she was in shock.
Trying to put myself in this woman's shoes and think about what I would do if I was in her shoes. I can't say I truly know the answer. haven't been in that situation, and when push comes to shove what choice would have actually been made?
The woman had the dogs with her when she moved to Missouri from out of state about a month ago. One dog she got at Christmas, the other in March. As of yesterday, they were 5 and 6 months old. Because she lives in her car, she didn't have a homeless camp to leave the dogs where they could have potentially been watched over by community members. Because she and her friend just moved here, they have no family or friends in the area that could watch the dogs. They could try to surrender to rescue, but every rescue is beyond full with waiting lists to surrender animals. The woman couldn't afford doggy day care, as she can't even afford to put a roof over her own head. Barely 20 years old, she did the best she could with what she had.
She loved the dogs enough they each had their own collar and harness. Each collar had a tag with the dogs name and two phone numbers to contact in case they were lost. She would buy dog food and toys instead of feeding herself. Two people living out of a car, sharing what limited space they had with the two beloved pets. The people didn't have much, but what they did have they gave to their animals. The manager was kind enough to put them in a motel for the night, since the two people were so traumatized by the scene they found in their car. A scene so upsetting they didn't even rummage through the car to find a phone charger or clothes. It's easy to judge others on what should and shouldn't have been done in a situation like this, but until you are living it you truly don't know what you would do. She's lost two pets she loved. They were her family members. She will be reminded of this every time she enters her car. She didn't have much, but she's suffered great losses.
The point in this post- please don't leave dogs in cars even with the most seemingly well thought out plan. Please don't leave your animals in cars unattended. There are just too many things that can go wrong.
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2023.06.07 18:14 AdvisorLatter5226 My Land Creatures (ver. 2)

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2023.06.07 18:14 mantaa_ray weightloss, stress, and b.e.d. where do you begin?

tw: eating disorder mentioned
i’m (27F) getting to the point where i have absolutely no idea what to do. i feel like i’m trying hard to lose the weight, but when i slip up, i slip up badly and end up bigger than ever. i’m at the highest weight i’ve ever been and my parents can’t help but remind me whenever i visit home.
the last couple of years have been particularly rough on my and my weightloss. i came out of 2021 (lockdown) having lost nearly 3 stone/20kg and within 2 years i’ve put over 4 stone/28kg back on. my parents went through a major divorce, i took on a lot as eldest sibling, lost 2 people, 2 jobs, and even had to take a break from my masters which i love, and the weight piled on.
i bought a peloton, started saxenda, even went to my doctors about eating disorder help/therapy, but was turned away from therapy and lost motivation for the other 2 as stress increased.
it sounds utterly ridiculous (and maybe even harsh) but i wish my stress relief was exercise, or smoking, or not eating, but instead i curl up under a blanket and sleep or i eat my feelings.
is/has anyone been in the same position and have any realistic helpful advice? i’m fed up of the ‘just stop eating’ ‘just start walking’ advice like its just super easy for me to start doing that when i’m in an awful way mentally already because it just makes me feel even worse like i’m already aware people think i’m fat and lazy, and idk what i’m even trying to say lol
i think i’m just exhausted being this way
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2023.06.07 18:14 LucanMorski How am i supposed to keep faith in a game, that only promises and rarely deliveres

So Patch notes missed the Mark in terms of ballancing, the collision fixes are cool, and the Creatures feel a lot more managable now, but loading in Solo whitekit (on BS) and getting murked by Lego KOR isnt realy a cool thing to see after a 3 Week break from the game.
Now i know i coulda Killed him cause the PDW is still a Brute with a smaller Mag but come on dudes.
I really wanna believe in this game but it feels like the devs are putting it on life support just so they can recupe some Money.
Hope im wrong and its just a internal struggle thats resolvable, cause there are a lot of Games deserving of death, but not this one.
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2023.06.07 18:14 muscles4bones Oops! What happens when you accidentally omit a memo when sending USDC to OKCoin

I often get paid in crypto in my line of work and recently got paid in USDC. I decided to cash out a larger amount than usual (although it wasn't like... THAT much, but enough to hurt). I have successfully done this process several times in the past, transferring funds from my Freighter Wallet (Stellar) to OKCoin. Usually, a straightforward process, but this time, I accidentally omitted the required memo during the transaction.
OKCoin tries to emphasize this in several places the importance of including the memo when sending crypto (I don't think it's required for all currencies, just some) from any wallet to their exchange. To be clear, this alert pops up when you go to deposit from an outside wallet:
Both address and Memo are required to deposit USDC
Depositing USDC-Stellar requires BOTH a deposit address and tag/memo, you will lose your deposit if this information is not included.
However, despite thinking that I had copied and pasted it correctly, I later discovered that the memo was missing. That gut-wrenching feeling of realizing my mistake set in immediately.
After waiting for the funds to arrive in my OKCoin account, I noticed that nothing showed up. Concerned about the situation, I reached out to OKCoin's support via their chatbot on their website. I was fortunate to connect with Clark, who was incredibly helpful and understanding. I provided him with proof of the transaction from the explorer, clearly showing the transfer to OKCoin's USDC wallet.
Although Clark informed me that it would likely be a time-consuming process to resolve, there was a period of radio silence for a few days. However, to my relief, Elena from OKCoin reached out to me after a few days. She requested additional verification and identity, which I provided, no problem.
Today, I received a notification that my account balance had been credited, and the missing funds were successfully recovered. This outcome was a big relief after initially fearing that I had lost several thousand dollars due to a simple fat finger mistake. All in all it took 10 days to resolve. Could have been worse.
I wanted to share my story on Reddit because, during the panic, I struggled to find much information or guidance on what to expect in such a situation. I wasn't sure if I was out of luck or if there was a chance of recovering my funds. Now that I've successfully resolved the issue, I hope my experience can serve as a cautionary tale for others and shed some light on the process.
If you ever find yourself in a similar predicament where you accidentally omitted a memo or encountered any other issue with a transaction, don't stress, reach out to the support team of the respective exchange and take a deep breath. Provide them with any evidence, transaction details, and be patient throughout the process. While it might take some time and additional verification, there is hope.
Remember, double-checking every step and following the exchange's instructions precisely can save you from potential headaches down the line. Stay informed and be proactive in seeking support when needed.
I'm grateful to OKCoin's support team, especially Clark and Elena, for their professionalism and ultimately helping me recover my funds. Kudos to them!

Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience, and I'll do my best to help you out. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 18:13 Xyd11811 [$70][288 words] Male Voice Artist Requested

Hey there :) - I am looking for a mature voice artist who can create a 'deep tone' for what I am looking for. This is for my Warhammer RP group and this is an original dwarven song. The theme's explored in the song are one of loss, sorrow. The voice artist must be able to create a clear deep tone that imitates your typical 'fantasy dwarf'. Warhammer dwarves tend to speak with a bit of a welsh dialect but this is not required to imitate, just to give you an idea.
If you believe the price I am offering is not fair, I am willing to discuss it in my dm's although I have based my prices on the (lowest tier) with some extra on top for the fact that this is targeting a specific range and it involves singing.
I am also willing to work with the artist to change the words of the song while maintaining the meaning if the artist has trouble with the flow or how certain words may sound.
I will include the two verses as a sample. There is 7 in total. Background for the song: Karaz Ghum'zul (pronounced as Ka-raz, Gum-zull) is a lost ancient hold that the party in my campaign are about to explore. There are some dwarves in the party. The song is meant to serve as an epitaph of the ancient hold.
The right tone and voice is more important to me than actually any ability to sing, but it is important that this is simply not just spoken words but it rhymes into a song :)
If you have any questions please DM me. Provide the sample works to me via DM also.
Thank you!
(Verse 1) In the deep and ancient dark, beneath the world's wide span, A hold was lost, Karaz Ghum'zul, once the heart of dwarven clan. The halls echo silent now, no sound of hammer's ring, Only ghostly whispers float, in the shadows of the King.
(Chorus) Oh, Karaz Ghum'zul, where has thy splendor gone? Once a beacon, a sturdy haven, now we mourn your dawn. Forged by kin of old, abandoned to the stone, The echo of your glory is a sorrowful, lonely tone.
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2023.06.07 18:13 lourenco501 Low leve dinos way more common than high level dinos.

So this is really annoying. I got back to ark after watching some 100 days videos and some stuff like that. In the past i've had problems with dino levels and fixed it (the max was 120, but then i put the setting to overrideoffsetsifficulty - 5 ) So there are 150 dinos, but they are so rare. I thought it was suppose to be random, but around 80% of dinos i find are below level 50. I'm playing on the island btw cause i wanna do the maps by order. What pisses me off is that i see these videos of people finding a lot of 150's (i know its only highlights but still it seems way more common than on my game). I was wondering if this is normal and it actually isnt random, or if my settings are off?
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2023.06.07 18:12 FlubberPuddy They made an amazing world for Diablo 4

This is my first Diablo game I've ever played. First time was in the closed beta (thanks KFC Chicken Little).
It was so fun that I went through all the way back to D1 from GoG and then played D2R and watched a Let's Play of D3 (could never get into D3 even back when it first released - point click moving is not for me).
They have really nailed the atmosphere of each locale, even within same zones. I forgot I was in a jungle zone Hawezar when I was near Blackwater (Bleakwater?) area - it gives those Pirate-y island vibes - in the Diablo way of course.
There's lots of little placements of objects/layouts in these towns and cities as well as the inspect-able blurbs you can read about that give it a really nice touch.
I don't know how much of that was in D3.
I do wish they add in an Archive of some sort like D3 had so you can catalogue and listen to all the little voice blurbs from each dungeons and such.
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2023.06.07 18:12 OkGap5167 ☀️ O musician the spirit ☀️

O spirit player!🌟 Where is the morning from my night?🌟
The night was long, the darkness darkened, and the dawn lost its light🌟
O absent present?🌟 you take me from my night🌟
I am among people, but I am absent🌟
My mind is busy thinking of you always🌟
As if I became just a picture among them🌟

☀️ ☀️



☀️ O musician the spirit ☀️

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2023.06.07 18:12 ChartNew3237 The art of playing tanks(in exaggeration)

Average redditor answer for "recommend fun heroes" posts is "never pick ranks in solo" and the consequences:-
  1. Recommends not to play tank in solo
  2. People pick 2 mm/core
  3. They climb to higher ranks with 45% wr
  4. The concept of drafting will be completely foreign to them.
  5. Even if they pick tanks they will play as if they are mm.
  6. More and more people climb to higher ranks which lead to more divisions in mythic-> rank inflation
  7. Decrease in popularity of tanks among new players
  8. Less popularity-> less attention-> less skins ->more gus/zilong skins
  9. Vicious cycle continues until the day the game has 20 divisions in mythic and 500+gus/zilong skins and moontoon finally notices that they fucked up real bad.
The people who recommend "don't play tanks" are also the ones who complain about decrease in player quality/matchmaking etc. It's not really about climbing higher and higher with carry heroes with a dogshit wr, it's more about learning the game like micro/macro/mechanics/drafting/builds/counter items/counter heroes etc. Only then you will see good players in high ranks. Playing tanks roam is one of the best way to learn these things because:-
  1. You can probably take a single build on a mage/mm(standard build) and perform decently in most of the games but tanks have to adapt their builds according to enemy heroes/powerspikes/builds. This teaches players to make their own build and you won't see your tank building full armor when enemy has 5 magic dmg heroes.
  2. Tanks have unique skills and they are fun too
  3. I personally got hang of neutral objectives timers by playing tanks
  4. I learnt some good macro decisions while playing tanks.
  5. I learnt some good team synergies by playing tanks.
People say it's a game, play whatever you like and I strongly disagree because it's a competitive game not ludo. There should be a challenge/effort for better results(it may sound cringe but bear with me). If you just want fun then fine bro go cl/brawl no one cares but ranked is different. You should be proficient with atleast 2 heroes in every role(both meta and non meta).
You can play fighters with tanky items but xp lane is the least impact lane in my opinion and its not as fun as tank roam.
Ik that most of players of the game aren't in this sub but our decisions can influence others too
Ex:- In one of my games my teammate picked natan and dominated enemy with help of my tank atlas. In the next game the two guys were in my team again, the one who picked atlas now picked natan and the one who picked natan locked in another mm and we lost(I was just a poor Guinevere in the background). Things would have been different if that natan picked a tank this time but he didn’t because he didn’t learnt playing tanks in lower ranks and in tanks general(I checked his profile).
Personal rant:- I feel that lolita's potential for skins is heavily underrated, she can have very beautiful skins which can increase her popularity.
TL DR:- please play tanks
Adding role queue would solve most of the problems
My rating for fun heroes(according to roles) there are a few exceptions tho:-
Tell me if any of it is false and share your thoughts on tanks.
Thank you and have a nice day~
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2023.06.07 18:11 yugiohhero am i just underlevelled as shit in sotws

ive been playing sotws infinity unfolds and i reached downtown, and vinny and lin are kicking my ass to comical degrees. and the guy with the crutches wasnt a joke either if memory serves correct.
i looked up a video to see what i may be doing wrong and the guy playing had a billion more skills than i do. am i just underlevelled? alex & joel are level 7 iirc and geen is level 5. if i have the numbers wrong i know for a fact that geen is at a level where he has like 5 skills. but if i am underleveled, i have no idea where the fuck im supposed to go to gain exp. if the answer is "you didnt fuck around enough on garbage island" then i severely question how high the developer was to balance the game around the idea that you found and completed all of the secrets in an area you literally cannot return to once leaving. i get youre meant to explore in lisa, but JFC.
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2023.06.07 18:11 TheAngryObserver Why it was smart for the stupids to run

This one will be shorter-- not an Angry Observation proper. There's been a lot of discussion here about the present clown car of the Republican Primary. Don't these idiots know they can't win?
There are definitely authentically delusional Republicans running, there are definitely people running for VP, and there are definitely guys that are in it for the free book tour. But there's also a very strategic reason to run for President right now.
Lately, we've been seeing a side of Trump that's generally hidden from the public eye: political competence. He does have it, when he's in his element, and lately that's exactly where he's been. Ron DeSantis has been the opposite, and it's now nearly impossible to imagine a scenario where he wins. His hyped-up run announcement was arguably the worst of its kind, ever, and resulted in zero positive changes to his polling. In fact, he might've lost ground.
DeSantis has sunk below 20% in many aggregates. There is now a serious race for second place, and if not second place, then a great chance to get your face on the news and build your profile and brand for something else.
There's a weird, anti-DeSantis unity between Trump and most of his would-be opponents, which implicitly means the Republicans have conceded Trump will be the nominee again. The race is already over. I don't see any realistic case for Trump losing it beyond him actually dying or something horrible like that. Everyone but Ron DeSantis has reached something of an understanding: the little candidates will get to have their mugs in the news, and they'll split from DeSantis. Trump's team is actively celebrating when more people join the race. Trump even posted a very gracious Truth welcoming Tim Scott to the race.
What we have here is basically the tragedy of the commons. Trump getting re-nominated is one of the worst outcomes imaginable for the Republican Party. His trial in New York City will be held in March of 2024. Fulton County has pledged to indict before fall, and the feds appear to be weeks away from making a move. However little his supporters may want to admit it, this will affect the race and how the electorate sees him and Joe Biden. Of all the residents of the clown plane, it's difficult to imagine one worse than Donald Trump to run in the general election. And most of the Republican Party's braintrust is tripping over itself to make that happen.
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2023.06.07 18:11 MintMochaMayhem Can you complete water temple without sidon?

So I got to where Sidon is opening a whirlpool to that underground place that eventually gets you a path to Wellspring island, the source of the sludge. But I was able to get to those islands with a baloon contraption. Am I able to just beat the water temple and all without getting sidon involved? I like doing things differently than the way the game intended. Or is Sidon needed to get you access to some areas?
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2023.06.07 18:11 Present_End_6886 The irony of their comment is lost on them

/ unvaccinated/comments/142yd4v/comment/jn8bvuy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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2023.06.07 18:10 Aatto1 25 [M4F] NA America CST / Anywhere - Let's Explore New Horizons Together!

I'm a guy who is always looking to learn and discover new things. I find joy in gaining knowledge and believe it helps us evolve as individuals. I'm hoping to find someone who shares similar interests and would like to chat and play video games or watch movies together. We can even send each other memes when we're bored at work!
In terms of gaming, I enjoy playing League, Overwatch, Rainbow6, Minecraft, Lost Ark, Stardew Valley, and some survival games. I also have a passion for tabletop games like D&D and love hanging out with my friends, who I share a close bond with.
Aside from gaming, I also enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking and swimming. I find that being in nature and getting some exercise is a great way to clear my mind and recharge my batteries.
One of my favorite things to do is going out to concerts. There's nothing quite like experiencing live music and being part of a crowd that's all there for the same reason - to enjoy the music and have a great time. I'm always on the lookout for new bands to discover and new venues to check out.
I'm posting here in the hopes of finding someone to share my interests and spend some quality time with. I'm open to getting to know new people and would love to connect with someone who is interested in chatting and gaming together.
As I do believe it is important to put a face to a name here is a picture of me
If you're interested, please feel free to reach out!
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2023.06.07 18:10 Meret123 [LTR] Stone of Erech

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