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2023.03.29 21:36 Tired-imposter How to stay motivated when your loved one always manages to crap all over your achievements?

TL;DR - my mom always undermines my achievements resulting in developing a personality driven by self-doubt.
My mother has been a highly influential person in life. Living with her for 25 years (yes, that's completely normal where I come from), has shaped a large part of my personality. While I'm happy to have been brought up with the utmost care (call it helicopter parenting if you will; I'm a single child), as I grow older, I realize the love has largely been conditional.
Every complaint that I've ever received from her has been along the lines of "Well done! BUT...".I now feel the constant "but" at the end of every acknowledment has resulted into me growing up to be a validation seeking individual, suffering from staying motivated and allowing the tiniest bit of self love.
I'm fully aware - I'm no Ivy League-4.0-GPA-6-figure-earning gifted child. I've been an above average student for the most part, somtimes appreciably well above too. I apparently paint fairly well given that my work gained recognition on social media and am known for being a good artist among peers throughout.
For a long time, I assumed I'm not worthy of good things in any aspect of life, because I'm not perfect. With time, I grew tired of living like that and decided to change my mindset. I learned to be grateful with what I have, and make sure to give my best in everything I do.
Coming back to my mom, she's always had a toxic way of comparing everything about me to someone better. It can be anything from my grades, to looks, to how much I make. If I ever bring up a friend, she tries to find out at what aspect they are better at than me, and then use it to compare it with my personality.
This year has been important to me as I decided to pursue a masters degree. As I am a first generation international student, I navigated through all the processes so far alone, with my primary source of information on everything being the internet. I got 1 acceptance out of the 10 applications so far. It is my target school. Subjectively - the school has one drawback regarding fewer job aspects as it is a smaller campus. Everything else about is sounded perfect to me - the location, program, professors etc.
BUT... haha here comes 'The But' from my mom. And you're not going to believe what it is this time. The Google reviews for this university is not good enough. Yes, the university has a mere 3.9, and that obviously means I achieved nothing by securing an admit at this "not good enough" university.
I understand, going to grad school is no joke. It's a huge investment for an international student, and so much is at stake. But there are other ways to express concern. Everytime we bring up the discussion on this matter, her response is, "Look, what you have now is OKAY, it's not all that great, so don't get too excited".
BUT maybe it is mom. I applied to the most competitive program out there in a pool of the excellent candidates. I worked for 3 months on applications and stressed over for 4 more waiting to hear back, all while I'm working a 9-6 job.
Maybe I'm not great, but isn't "fine" good enough? Will it ever be?
Thanks for hearing out. I rest my case.
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2023.03.29 21:34 frenchfry848 What is social life like for partners of students at Stanford GSB?

My partner (27M) was admitted to Stanford GSB and I (25F) am wondering what life is like on campus for partners of students? We are currently based on the East Coast and I would be moving across the country to live with him during school. I currently don’t have a personal network of friends in the Bay Area. My partner and I have a very close, serious relationship and he is committed to making sure I’m happy with the move and would want me to be a meaningful part of his experience there. Before I make the commitment to go live there with him, just want to make sure I am fully aware of what my life might look like: if I might be included in social events, outings, etc. and if other partners of students typically become friends? Hoping I’m not sitting in an apartment alone for 2 years while he has the time of his life and that I can make something of the experience too! Any thoughts appreciated :)
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2023.03.29 21:33 blue_suede_shoes77 College Presidents now have to fight crime too!?!?

Temple University President Resigns as Crime Grows Near Campus
Jason Wingard, the first Black president of the university, faced criticism over his handling of a strike and fears about rising crime in Philadelphia.
By Eduardo Medina and April Rubin
March 28, 2023
The president of Temple University in Philadelphia resigned on Tuesday after a brief and tumultuous tenure plagued by worsening crime
around campus, a strike by graduate students and a loss of confidence in his leadership among some faculty.
Jason Wingard, who became the university’s first Black president in 2021, sent a statement to the campus community last week addressing
concerns over campus safety and dwindling enrollment at Temple. His reassurances, however, proved futile as the chair of the university’s
board of trustees, Mitchell Morgan, said in a statement on Tuesday that the board had accepted Mr. Wingard’s resignation.
After briefly thanking Mr. Wingard for his service, Mr. Morgan wrote: “Given the urgent matters now facing the university, particularly
campus safety, the board and the administration will ensure the highest level of focus on these serious issues.”
Mr. Wingard and the board of trustees each did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment on Tuesday night. Friday will be his
last day as the university’s president.
Mr. Wingard’s rapid downfall came as parents, students and faculty voiced frustration with Temple under his leadership.
The university has contended with high levels of gun violence in Philadelphia. In 2022, there were 516 homicides, down from 562 in 2021
but higher than every other year going back to 2007, when the Philadelphia Police Department started sharing data on its website.
High-profile killings near campus have only fueled anxieties. In February, Sgt. Christopher Fitzgerald of the Temple University Police
Department was shot dead in North Philadelphia, near the campus. In 2021, Samuel Collington, a Temple student, was shot and killed near
campus after an apparent robbery and carjacking, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
Some parents were unnerved enough to hire a private security company, JNS Protection Services, to keep watch in parts of North
Philadelphia where their students walk to and from campus. Jasmine Jackson, the founder of the company, said that the parents who used
its services were desperate to protect their children, who “have to face the harsh reality of North Philadelphia, and Philadelphia in general,
of shootings, robberies.”
The university has a nighttime shuttle service, and it expanded a walking escort program last year to address the rise in gun violence near
Temple isn’t the only urban university confronting off-campus crime. School administrators in Chicago; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Austin, Texas,
have endured similar problems in recent years.
Mr. Wingard’s presidency was hobbled by the Temple University Graduate Students’ Association’s strike, which ended earlier this month
and lasted 42 days as the students sought better wages and benefits.
“He was largely absent as somebody who was supposed to be a very clear leader of the university but seemingly had no presence while we
were going through this really significant thing,” Bethany Kosmicki, a former president of the graduate students’ association, said.
University enrollment also declined under Mr. Wingard’s watch. While college enrollment has fallen nationally since the pandemic began,
Temple faculty said the administration was not transparent about how it would respond.
The faculty and staff union was concerned enough to call for a vote of no confidence in Mr. Wingard earlier this month, said Danielle
Scherer, the vice president of operations for the Temple Association of University Professionals.
“He seems to really miss a lot of what the purpose behind an education is supposed to do in terms of producing citizens who care about
humanist principles and think about the cultivation of individuals as anything other than employees,” she said.
Faculty at Temple were alarmed by his writing about higher education, including questioning its current value and adopting technology
that took students out of the classroom, Ms. Scherer said.
Sign Up for the Education Briefing From preschool to grad school, get
the latest U.S. education news. Get it sent to your inbox.
3/29/23, 3:32 PM Temple University President Resigns as Crime Grows Near Campus - The New York Times
https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/28/education/temple-university-president-resigns.html 2/2
“At one point, a college education was seen as the ticket to career success and advancement, but we live in a capitalist society, and we
know what happens when money is at stake,” Mr. Wingard wrote in a 2022 opinion piece. “The key to retaining the value of a degree from
your own institution is ensuring your graduates have the skills to change with any market.”
Mr. Wingard resigned before the union could hold a vote, but its leaders still intend to hold a vote of no confidence on Mr. Morgan, the chair
of the board of trustees, and on Gregory Mandel, Temple’s provost and a law professor.
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2023.03.29 21:32 Careless_Shoulder_15 Attention all changemakers!

Attention all changemakers! Join the DoubleIt donation experiment and be part of groundbreaking research on how to inspire people to give. Starting with a donation of just 0,01€, each participant doubles the previous donation and contributes that amount. Let's show the world how small donations can make a big impact! Sign up now at https://gofund.me/1fb27642 and be part of a movement that's changing lives. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to make a real difference in the world. #DoubleIt #DonateForGood #Changemakers
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2023.03.29 21:31 Nezhokojo_ Amazon Live: Nintendo Switch™ – OLED Model - The Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom Edition

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2023.03.29 21:30 LotusFlower12346 I think somethings wrong with my house. Desperate for advice

I26f have moved into with my grandmother who has dementia. I am her caregiver. She is only downstairs, her legs can’t make it upstairs. She has to have help getting out of bed and can barely make it down a hallway even with her walked. She lives in an older home and she’s lived here since the 60s, and the house is even older then that. I’ve only been here about 3 months now, but weird things keep happening in.
The first thing happened three days in. I sleep in the upstairs bedroom, and like I said, my grandmother isn’t capable of going up the stairs. Im the only one up there. Around 130 am, I heard someone walking down my hallway. We have really creaky floors so you can hear pretty much everything. I went out and checked, and saw nothing. I was a little freaked out but tried to forget it so I could sleep. This continued to happen the next two nights, then stopped. Then it happened again about 2 weeks later but it sounded like running. And another time, I have a bathroom in my room upstairs, and I came up to my room with the sink running.
Things go missing after I sit them down, and I find them in spots I checked, hours later. I’ve heard knocking on upstairs windows. I was still trying to debunk all of this, but finally couldn’t when I woke up out of a dead sleep to feel like someone was playing with my feet. I could feel it, something going up and down the sole of my foot and it didn’t even stop till I quickly moved my foot. I’ve tried asking my grandmother about this experiences but she’s too confused these days. I’ve never experienced anything like this before? I’m too nervous to talk to my mom or my aunts because I don’t want them to think I’m insane. Does anyone have any ideas or helpful advice?
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2023.03.29 21:29 fallingwhale06 22 year old incoming graduate student looking for roommate(s)!

What the title says! I will be attending Pitt in the fall and moving down in the summer to work. Would love to get to know any other students or young professionals in the area, and would love to find a roommate or roommates, whether through filling space in someone's lease or finding our own space. Would like to live near Oakland, Upper Hill, Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, or South Side. Feel free to message me and we can talk more!
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2023.03.29 21:29 BreadButterBible the BORG still speak of amazing growth... look at this comparison

1980 - world pop. 4,442 bln - vs - 2,272 million peak publishers --- JW ratio / World p. 0,05%
2000 - world pop. 6,144 bln (+38%) - vs - 6,0335 mln pp (+165%) -- jw ratio / World p. 0,10%
2020 - wp 7,821 bln (+27%) - vs 8,5 mln (+40%) - jw ratio / World p. 0,1085%
2022 - wp 8 bln (+2,28%) ---8,7 mln pub (+2%) - Jw ratio / WP 0,10875%
in the last 22 years billions of hrs spent in preaching... the grow is only relatable to the fact that many JW after 1975 after the big delusion started to live theyr life, growing children and so this eplain the huge grow in the period 1970/1980
After that they reached a RATIO PLATEAU and in 20 years we can say no growth at all despite a superior grow population than the grow ratio of JWs
Point is the only place where grow is possible is in ASIA where only tiny group are trying to grow the trees of "truth", like a drop in Sahara desert... instead it seems the Borg, prefere to invest in area that are growing old (US + EUROPE , or saturated like AFRICA if we take in consideration the rate grow of the population there)
But it seems , ASIA is very hard to penetrate due to theyr respective culture uh!
(infact JW are in asia since the beginning of 1900's but still miss the performance, not to mention Muslim country )

It seems to me, they are going to mutate from D2D to televangelism, or more or less like all other christian denomination in wich a small group is missionary and the rest, is only passive believer (or congregating due to family or friend ties)
To me in the near future nobody will care if you are baptist or methodist, or catholich or JW... nobody will care, we will slowly change the social view of good and bad like in the rest of the previous millions years we mutate from monkeys ! ; )))
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2023.03.29 21:29 throwrayas [21F][23M] Fwb refused to tell me who he had sex with during our time not knowing this keeps me up at night 1.5 years later

A year and a half ago I had a fwb situation with a guy who absolutely broke my heart. We were good friends, and he pursued me really heavily only to tell me he changed his mind about me and didn’t want a relationship. He was well aware that I wanted his loyalty and commitment, but didn’t agree to giving it to me. However, because he knew that this was important to me, he lied to me for months and told me that I was the only person he was seeing and interested in.
I found out through mutual friends that he had been having sex with multiple women during this time. It absolutely crushed me to know that he not only was having sex with them, but was lying to me about it.
I know of one of these women, but not the others. He refused to tell me, saying that he wanted to protect the womens’ privacy and felt strongly about that. While I understand keeping something like this private, and I would normally encourage that, I felt that having some relation with him put me in a position where it would have been natural for me to know who they were. This relationship was so taxing and awful for me and I cried every day about it for 10 months straight. Now, 16 months later, I cannot sleep at night a lot of the time, and one thing I keep getting stuck on is who these women were.
I really want to reach out to him and ask this again. I haven’t spoken to him in so long. My friends tell me not to reach out to him and to just move on, but I don’t know how to do it. I’m so greatly uncomfortable with knowing that he had sex with these girls during his time with me and I don’t ever get to find out who they were. What makes it even worse is I know they are people that I knew.
Even more, I never reached out to him about his lying to me about all of this because I cut contact with him. At the time I thought it would help me heal to never speak to him again but now I feel like I made a huge mistake, and I think I should have discussed it with him. There’s so much closure that I am missing and I can’t move on. I’ve had other relationships that were longer that I was able to get over in a reasonable timeframe (a few weeks or so) because the men were honest and good to me, but this I have been so stuck on. I want to be able to sleep at night without this keeping me up. I feel guilty thinking this because I know people’s sex lives should be kept private if they want them to be, but I want to know who these women are
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2023.03.29 21:27 LetVegetable2943 Bachelor meets bachelorette party 03/25 Austin

Can u help me find my missed connection? 🙏🏼We are a group of girls from New York in a bachelorette party in Austin this weekend 03/25. Around 2am at the Voodoo Room on 6th street, a group of guys from Houston who met in high school also had a bachelor party and danced with our group for a while. One of the guys (whose name I couldn’t catch) said he went to Cornell, studied engineering, and currently lives in California. He is White, has blonde hair and blue eyes, and looks around 5’9”. He has two tattoos on his biceps. Unfortunately, one of the other guys from the bachelor party got into a fight and got kicked out, so I lost him 😞 I have some photos of the bachelor party if needed!
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2023.03.29 21:27 seewhyme Relatively affordable condos in Greater Vancouver area?

Is there a catch for a young single person to buy and live in one of these condos? The price, the property tax and the condo fee are all lower than what I saw in Ottawa and the GTA. Am I missing something?
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2023.03.29 21:26 Ok_Song_807 WHen To WAtch 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' (Online) Free for Reddit

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If you're a fan of the comics, you won't want to miss this one! The storyline follows Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien Martyr or Murderert. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is definitely a Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie you don't want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves online streaming is available on our website. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!

Uchiyan Ne Gallan Tere Yaar Diyan Release in the US

Uchiyan Ne Gallan Tere Yaar Diyan hits theaters on January 14, 2023. Tickets to see the film at your local movie theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person.

How to Watch Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves for Free?release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.

Where to Watch Martyr or Murderer?

There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Online.MAPPA has decided to air the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success.The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them.

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Is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves on Netflix?

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When Will Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Be on Disney+?

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Is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves on Funimation?

Crunchyroll, its official website may include the movie in its catalog in the near future. Meanwhile, people who wish to watch something similar can stream 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.'

What is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves About?

It features an ensemble cast that includes Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine. In the film, a young wife living in a 2250s company town begins to believe there is a sinister secret being kept from her by the man who runs it. HDDYY
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2023.03.29 21:26 MindfulZ Feeling sad

And conflicted…it’s been over three months since I ended it and I was doing great. I had my moments of ups and downs but generally coping. However, the past week or so I’ve really been struggling with my emotions and missing being hugged or kissed by someone. I miss the inside jokes, the life we or should I say I created with him. I’ve been experiencing fleeting suicidal thoughts I wouldn’t act on it but it’s been tough. Then the concept of living alone starts to hit me which is what I was crying for when I was being abused by him but now I can get my freedom it feels terrifying. And then it’s the “I genuinely don’t think I’ll find a partner again”. Ughhhhhhh. Just need som support right now 🥺
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2023.03.29 21:26 Am_I_the_Villan How do I tell my parents that I need to confront them to continue to heal?

I, F32, have been in twice a week trauma recovery therapy (emdr) for about 16 months now. I have cptsd, ocd, and gad due to 17/20 aces, cen, ca, csa. Suffice to say, I had a terrible childhood.
Sorry for the novel below. I need advice.
According to my therapist I am past phase 1 (acceptance), past a plateau, and have entered phase 3 (action).
I have such a need for justice I can't stand it.
The action needs to be me asking them why they treated me the way they did, when I was a child.
I have pages of specific memories that I need to voice....how I remember it, and my adult judgement of their past parenting.
I don't actually need to know why or hear the excuses. I don't need them to tell me anything, to be honest. I don't care about their excuses or reasons...I know it was wrong.
I just need to metaphorically put their feet to the fire to watch them squirm.
I need to realize in a very tangible way that I am no longer a child. My parents have always, even into my 30s, treated me like I'm a teenager. It's part of the reason I've been no contact with them for 3 months and low contact for a year.
Anyways I have been sitting on this for a few weeks now and I can't find any other way around it. My therapist said that at the end of treatment, however many years that may take, I will have a hardening or a softening towards my parents.
I suspect it will be a hardening. I am still very angry... and as a mother myself, I judge the absolute sht out of their past parenting.
I want to have some semblance of a relationship... With strict boundaries that I will enforce. My husband has this sort of relationship with his father. I think I can do it, having seen him model it.
It's for selfish reasons, I don't want to continue the generational curse... which is that no one on my mom's side gets along and there's no real family feeling. My maternal grandmother's children hate her and all live in different countries. I don't speak with my maternal grandmother (grandpa died). I hate my mother and don't want to speak to her.
I'm terrified I'll inadvertently carry on the generational cycle of abuse by exposing my son (5) to them.
But he misses them and I don't know... I feel like I'm teaching him to cut me out one day because....well, I have mental health issues and my parenting skills are flawed l, even though I'm trying, researching, gentle parenting, and going to therapy, etc.
I want him to understand and feel the value of close knit family, like we have with my husband's family. I just fear it won't be enough. One day he will question why I don't have a family. My whole side of the family is three toxic people in the United States and the rest are in another country.
He will need to see the difference between bad role models (my parents) and good role models (my hubby's family).
I want to model to him tolerance, keeping effective boundaries, self-assurance, self advocacy, and the ability to recognize toxic and tricky people and behavior.
And I realize I can't show this to him simply by telling him stories. I am willing to see my parents, and let them have a relationship with my son as well, like 6 times a year. I don't think they need to be more involved than that in my life.
Anyways how do I tell them, in a text, that I need to do this in order to move on. Of course no one likes being confronted, especially my parents. They'd rather hide under a rock and pretend not to see me I'm sure. They're the kind that won't ever understand or take accountability and I know that now.
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2023.03.29 21:26 mourning_dove_2 Ribs Update

I made a post about this about 10ish days ago but this problem has only gotten worse. Long story short I’ve been wearing binders over 12 hours a day most days for many months. Occasionally double binding. A couple weeks ago I started noticing a soreness on the right side of my ribcage down low, like a bruise but there wasn’t anything visible. I stopped binding as much as possible but that hasn’t always been feasible. I’m all out of trans tape and money is tight.
Many of my friends think I should go to a hospital. I’m a college student with a clinic on campus, but it’s staffed by people from the area who either aren’t well-versed in trans care or are transphobic. I’m on my parents insurance and could go into the (queer friendly) city to receive care, but my parents don’t know the extent to which I bind and would undoubtedly have some issues or questions about why I’m going into the city for care.
I don’t know what to do. The pain isn’t debilitating but it interferes with the way I live because I can’t bind, I notice the pain any time I sit/slouch, and I can’t sleep on that side very comfortably. Any advice? Should I risk an appointment or wait it out more? I know I brought this on myself so maybe I shouldn’t complain but if anybody has any ideas I’d appreciate it.
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2023.03.29 21:26 FoxtrotCharlie6 I'm considering exchange studies to Brazil, but I have quite a few questions to ask. If you're a Canadian ex-pat, It would give me some great insight.

I've been given the chance to become an exchange student and currently down to 2 choices, either Brazil or Canada. I've settled on these 2 countries as I feel that these 2 may suit me (personally) most. However, I would just like to make sure or I guess "ask for advice" from the people currently living there.
Some background:

I've always liked "world" music and I've been fascinated by it for quite a long time. Brazilian music is no exception. I also recently got into old school beat-making and have been collecting records for a while. Would I still be able to do this with Brazilian vinyl records? Are there still many record shops out there? are records quite expensive in Brazil?
Another thing which I'm interested is Photography, currently in Thailand I've been photographing many nature related photos. I understand that the Amazon rainforest is very large, but does that still make it accessible?
Would I still be able to travel to and from different states at prices comparable to Thailand? How is the public transport? Is rail quite a popular form of transport in-between states?
How is the school curriculum in Brazil? Is it quite a good system? What should I be able to expect?
English? Do most people in Brazil also speak English as a second language?
Crime? I've heard by a couple friends that Brazil is quite a dangerous country and that it compares to be much more dangerous than Canada. Is this true? Is there a large sense of crime everywhere?
To the Canadian ex-pats, (if there are any... I still don't know if there is also a large expatriate population in Brazil.) Would you recommend, someone like me, to spend a year in Brazil instead of your home country?

Buying Vinyl records?
Taking nature photos?
Public transport?
How is the school curriculum?
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2023.03.29 21:26 PhysicalMicrophone im probably going to be assasinated by the UN for this

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2023.03.29 21:25 Sir_Chirpsalot Part 8 of my journey fanfic 'the forest and the guardians' is done!

Part 1 of previous story: https://www.reddit.com/JourneyPS3/comments/xmvwb1/journey_oc_story_the_great_mountain_and_beyond/
Part 1 of this story: https://www.reddit.com/JourneyPS3/comments/z9afre/part_1_of_my_journey_fanfic_sequel_the_forest_and/
previous part of this story: https://www.reddit.com/JourneyPS3/comments/11x2mqj/part_7_of_my_journey_fanfic_the_forest_and_the/
Now for the 8th part 'The last storm'
Note: Again, minor spoilers for the pathless

The next day, he told Doel what had happened. She was also surprised. "A bit odd he'd suddenly let you go, but still, you have no promises to fulfill anymore," she said. Then she went back to doing whatever. Rezart sighed. He then looked at Doel, who was now carving a small statue of a cloth whale out of wood. "Well, I'm glad that you've made it back. This place is more lively with you around," she said. He smiled. That sealed it for him. He belonged in the eastern tribe now, and most likely he'd stay here. He didn't mind living here with Doel for the rest of his life, but it still hurt to know that he'd never get to fulfill his dream of being a pottery teacher, unless he found someone who actually wanted to be his student. He hesitated, then asked, "Would it be alright if I stayed here permanently?"
Now, if he had asked this in the western tribe, the answer would have been yes. However, for the eastern tribe, someone permanently living in another's house was extremely strange. Indeed, he noticed that Doel tensed at the idea of him staying here for the rest of his life. For Doel, not only was it the eastern tribe custom not to do this, but she also enjoyed having a place that was officially her home. She had pictured Rezart staying here until he made his own house. She stood up with a bewildered expression. "No, no, you can't stay here. This place is mine. You're only meant to stay here for a little," she hissed. Rezart was surprised, and Doel became embarrassed and apologized. She sighed. She knew that Rezart desperately needed a forever home. "Look, if you want to stay in the eastern tribe, you'll have to build your own house," she said. Rezart was dumbfounded. "Build my own house? Don't you hire someone else who's been taught to do that?" he asked. Doel laughed a little, as if the question was silly. "Maybe in the western tribe, but in the eastern tribe, everyone's self-sufficient. We gather our own supplies, harvest our own cloth, make our discoveries, and build our own houses," she told him.
Rezart tilted his head. "What does the leader do then, if everyone's self-sufficient?" he asked. Doel paused in thought. She wasn't sure herself. Their leader, Soro, was a mysterious Ryuthlian who never ordered anyone to do anything. The only thing she knew about her was that she would sometimes leave to negotiate resource and land use with the other tribe leaders, but that was it.
Rezart struggled to fall asleep that night. Building your own house sounded incredibly tough, and he knew nothing about houses, except that you lived in them. As he thought about this, he thought about his own special pottery skills. With that thought the many memories of being with his tribe came back. The eagerness he felt when he made his first pot. Feeling proud when someone complimented it. Most of all, being really keen to teach others how to make pottery. He sighed. If he could, he would've spent the rest of his life teaching Ryuthlians pottery, being in that state of contentment when one is doing something that they love. He fell asleep with uneasy thoughts, knowing that tomorrow, he would have to build his own house. What would he do after that? He didn't know.
The next day, he found himself standing in front of an empty lot. He had been granted permission to build a house here, if he could. For a while, he merely stood there, unsure how to tackle the situation. He looked around. "I could ask the others for help," he thought, then paused. "Yeah, but I want to make a good impression on them. What would they think of me if I couldn't build my own house? Would they all laugh at me?" He shuddered. So he got to work without any help, and from the experience, he learned several things. One, the eastern tribe did have a large collection of materials at the center. Two, they had so much now thanks to the guardian's plowing down trees. Three, building a house when you don't know what you're doing is impossible.
He struggled for three days to do anything but failed to even lift up a beam. After those three days, he finally asked Doel for assistance. Helping others in the eastern tribe was uncommon. However, when Doel came and gave Rezart a hand, the others decided to join in. During this time, during the three weeks that it took to make the home, Rezart felt a sense of companionship that had become unknown to him. When it was finished, he thanked Doel for her help.
"Eh, it's nothing. I couldn't leave you outside in the rain standing by some wood," she said. They were standing in front of a house that was completely wooden. Rezart liked wood; it gave him a sense of comfort and familiarity. He felt like he could spend all day watching the rain in a wooden house. In fact, it was starting to rain, so they went inside together.
Since it was new, it didn't have a lot of stuff. A couple of books and some tools for pottery making. Rezart, however, was too exhausted from building to make any pottery, so they read together as the rain poured down outside. The warmth, the deep brown color of wood, the gentle light drifting in from the window, the comfortable silence, he finally felt at home here.

That night, Soro had made arrangements to meet with Cerbecus. She had one question for him. Who owned the guardians? That was something they hadn't properly stated. On her way there, she hoped that they would manage to split them somewhat evenly. Perhaps they could have fifteen each, with the southern tribe having one more. That's certainly what the outcome would've been if she were having this conversation a few months ago.
However, the Cerbecus that greeted her by the guardians on a dimly lit night was not the same one fifteen months ago. He didn't know what Soro wanted, as she hadn't told him when she had asked him to come here, but the curtain was pulled apart when she said, "I was wondering who owns the guardians. Are they owned by anyone, or are they publicly property?" she asked.
Cerbecus thought about it. He didn’t know himself, in all honesty; he just hadn’t thought about that. However, as he pondered the question, a cruel smile formed on his face.
The guardians listened more to him than they did to anyone else, as he had trained them the most. If he wanted, he could order one of the many guardians watching them to attack Soro right now, and no one would ever know. He suddenly approached Soro with the intimidation of a stalking predator. “The guardians belong to the southern tribe, all of them,” he said. He noticed Soro tense. She backed away slightly. She was becoming increasingly nervous. She knew something bad was about to happen. However, before she could leave, Cerbecus suddenly stepped onto her scarf, pinning her in place.
“I’m not done talking,” he said. Soro turned around, fright whirling around her head. “What more is there to talk about?” she asked. “We’re done, aren’t we? I need to get back to my tribe,” she added. Cerbecus looked in the eastern direction, and the hunger inside him grew. “Bulo gave up her leadership because she knew it was best for her tribe since I was just a better leader. Maybe you could do the same.” He paused, wondering if Soro had caught onto what he was suggesting. She had. “You can’t become the leader of a tribe you aren’t part of. No one does that.” She shut her mouth as she heard Cerbecus whistle for the guardians. Several turned their heads, looking directly at her. He made a gesture to them, signaling for them to look to the east. Soro ducked when they did, as if they had turned on her. She looked at Cerbecus with hatred and fear. Then, a sudden feeling of defeat, the same defeat the guardians felt. She lowered her head in submission to the new leader of the eastern tribe.
In the end, Rezart was glad that he chose to move into the eastern tribe. The other Ryuthlians were friendlier, and he didn’t have Cerbecus around all the time. For a bit, he’d forgotten about Cerbecus until he heard the news.
“Cerbecus has gained rule over the eastern tribe? How?” he asked. “I don’t know; that’s just what I heard today. Soro announced that she was stepping down and that Cerbecus was taking over,” Doel said. They had been by the shore when talking about this. Rezart picked up a stone and threw it into the water. “He was only the deputy of the southern tribe a few months ago. He was only the leader of the southern tribe a couple of weeks ago,” he hissed. Doel shrugged. “Well, I’m sure that Soro has good reasons for doing this,” she guessed, though she was nervous too.
Rezart huffed. He could see where this was going. How much longer would it be until Cerbecus conquered the western forest tribe? Most likely he wouldn’t even stop there. He would send guardians over to the desert tribes as well and make them bend to his will. He pictured it. All three tribes and their local counterparts bending to a single Ryuthlian; it wasn’t right. He could do anything he wanted; no one would be able to stop him, and it was all because he controlled the guardians.
He threw a stone into the water and screamed. He had helped Cerbecus. Cerbecus had only gotten so far because they had worked together, because he allowed Cerbecus to use his knowledge to his advantage. If only he hadn't fallen asleep on that fateful night, if only, if only, if only! They were still living underneath the guardians, just in a different way now. Oh, why was he so blind to not see what he had been building?
He sank to his knees, staring at the water's edge. There was a rock in his heart. It was cold and weighed him down. At that moment, it felt like the only thing he had was Doel, who pulled him into a comforting hug as they sat there on the water's edge while darkness rolled in.
Cerbecus didn't stop at the eastern tribe; in a few days' time, the western tribe was conquered as well. The leader had resisted, but she couldn't fight against the guardians which threatened to tarnish the newly built homes. He had a method of controlling each tribe: ten guardians for the tribes, while the others did general labor work. The guardians obeyed him now, even when he was far away. He had trained them enough for them to feel his will even when he wasn't there. He wanted more, though. As he stood in his newly made tower, he set his eyes overseas. It would be harder to conquer the desert tribes, though, since they were overseas and he'd be stretching out his guardians a little too thinly. If he was going to do this, he would have to make more of them. He was sitting at his desk and brought out a large piece of paper. He dipped a newly fashioned quill in ink and traced the outline of a guardian factory. He looked out of the window again, down at the ground. There, he saw cloth dolphins weaving their way through the trees.
The construction of the guardian factory would take months, though, and he didn't want any rebels going overseas for help. So he ruled that it was forbidden to go outside, least he gave someone permission. This tyranny lasted a good three months, during which he did a few other bold things. He removed Bulo from her position of deputy and replaced her with one of his more respectful followers. Indeed, the Ryuthlians who continued to regard him as their savior were given special treatment. Rezart would secretly go out to spend time with Doel, trying to forget the guardians that flew overhead. He could tell that Doel was getting restless. She hated being unable to go to the beach, but like the others, she was too scared to go near the guardians.
"What am I meant to do in the meantime though?" she asked, sitting down in the living room. "It's so boring staying here all day; I want to go outside." Rezart looked around, trying to find something for them to do. That was when he remembered pottery. Maybe Doel would be willing to have a pottery session with him.
"Well, perhaps we could make some pottery together?" he asked. Doel nodded. That did sound nice. She'd never told Rezart, but she had never made pottery before. Rezart was a little surprised when he learned this. "It was just something that didn't look appealing, sitting down in one place for ages," she said. "You could say the same thing for reading," Rezart replied. Doel frowned. "It's not the same," she argued. "Books transport you into another world."
Rezart shrugged. He wasn’t going to get into an hour-long argument with Doel. So, he got to work showing her the ways of pottery. They worked together for a good two hours, during which Doel had many failures and triumphs.
By the end of it, Rezart found that he couldn’t stop smiling. He admired Doel’s work as though it were his own. Suddenly, he felt a deep warmth in his chest. He felt like he was back at home, teaching others how to make pottery and following his life goal. When he realized this, he wanted to hug Doel in thanks for all the beautiful time they had spent together.
At dusk, Rezart was back in his home, looking at the sky. He wondered if their ancestors, the ones who had made the guardians, thought their stars would glow brightly after they died. In fact, did they glow brightly? Surely they did because they would’ve stopped what they were doing if all the stars were dim. Then, why would capturing cloth dolphins be rewarded?
He frowned. Unfortunately, the exact circumstances of guardian creation had been forgotten. He sighed and threw his blanket over his head as a guardian sailed by, closed the blinds, and tried to fall asleep.
Rezart knew that he had to find Cernos, for he was the only one who could stop Cerbecus. At the very least, he would have an idea of how to do so. He traveled in the night to avoid the eyes of Cerbecus and any guardians, and to see Cernos' blue glow better. He was expecting Cernos to reject him, but he did the opposite. Indeed, when Rezart managed to find Cernos after flying for a while and calling out to him, he didn’t run away. Truthfully, Cernos had spent his time thinking about the situation. While he did feel great anger towards them, he began to wonder if staying mad and refusing contact would actually do anything. So, he decided to give Rezart another chance.
Rezart was flying when he spotted Cernos. After he did, he tried slowing down but failed and crashed into a tree. He tumbled down and scrambled up. “Sorry about that, I’m not very good at landing,” he said. Cernos nodded. “I can see that. So, why are you visiting me this time?” he asked. Rezart explained the situation. Cernos snorted in amusement. It seemed that every time the Ryuthlians attempted to manipulate the guardians, they just made the situation worse for themselves.
“Can you do something about it? You’re a god, after all.” Rezart squeaked. Cernos sighed. “Yes, but only over the forest and earth animals. I have no power over things that have been artificially made,” he informed him. Rezart got more desperate. Questions bubbled out of him like baking soda reacting to vinegar. His main question was if there were other gods besides Cernos, and if those could help instead. “I’m one of five gods, the ones who rule over land,” Cernos described those to him. “Then, there are the gods who live in the sea,” he paused. “I don’t know much about them, but I have heard that they can change who you are.” Rezart was curious. “What do you mean, change who you are?” he asked. “They can turn a creature into another. A deer into an octopus. A wolf into a walrus,” he explained. Rezart felt an odd spark of hope at that. Still, this was getting him nowhere.
Cernos then told him that the trip to the other gods was treacherous, even for him. That made Rezart’s heart sink. He wasn't sure that they’d be able to reach them before Cerbecus did something really horrible. They needed a plan that could be executed quickly, and Cernos knew what it was.
“You must free the guardians,” he said. Rezart was shocked. “But if I unchain them and throw away all the whistles, they’ll just resume terrorizing the tribes!” Cernos lashed his tail and narrowed his eyes. “You must do more than just undo their bindings. You must free them from their stone prisons! Fix your species' mistakes, and end their suffering for good!” Rezart paused. How could he do that? “What? Should I break a stone on their heads to let the cloth dolphins out?” he asked.
Cernos shook his head. He was getting angry. “I thought you knew by now. The guardians have a single mind. Their stone prisons have turned them into a cloth whale. If you were to free them like that, it would likely cause distress and injure them. Do you really think that would be the right way, especially since their stone casing is too thick and hard for a knife or another rock anyway?” He flicked his tail at Rezart’s scarf. “And it’s not like your own scarf contains metal or anything.” Rezart felt despair and anguish fill his heart. “How do I do it then?” he asked, shaking. “How do you save a guardian when you can’t pierce its stone casing?”
Cernos looked to the sea, then his eyes traced to the desert. “The mountain. Take them to the top of the mountain, and their stone casing will be removed.” He then looked down at Rezart. Leaves fluttered and fell to the ground, grass bent downwards, and fruit rotted. “The mountain’s peak is surrounded by harsh snow; however, you won’t be able to return.” Rezart felt his scarf curl uncomfortably. For a few moments, he felt mixed, but then he remembered what he had seen, what he had heard. No, he would have to do this. It was the only way to end the guardian problem, to end their suffering forever. Although, he knew that the guardians felt never-ending hatred towards him. How would he know that they wouldn’t turn on him the moment he freed them?
“Cloth dolphins and whales had originally evolved to live in a grassland. They’ll listen to a god of the earth. I’ll tell them not to hurt you and to follow you to the mountain.”
Rezart felt like his heart had stopped beating. His mind seemed to cease thoughts when he meekly asked, “When are we going to do this?” He was hoping for a later date, but he already knew the answer. “Tonight.”
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2023.03.29 21:24 TitanicMan [Long] That damn dog is still broken. — a thorough analysis of the K-9 Unit, with solutions

(Can skip to Possible Solutions or TL;DR if you do not wish to read a wall of text about FPS video game balancing and how the dog defies it.)
First time playing in a while, started at day 1 and pretty much stopped because that damn cheap ass OP K-9 bullshit.
I see it's gotten a little better, but it still gives me a distinct aggravation because it bypasses so many things about the game. I'm not raging about it, I say well played to every other death, it just feels like such undeserved points when that thing walks in.
The swear words you will see during this post are not death/loss rage, it is my inner Game Dev wondering how the hell such an asinine half-assed weapon passed QA.

The Dog Is Illogical:

If it's a living creature, why the fuck is it completely invisible to proximity weapons?
If it's equipment, why the fuck doesn't EMP or Trophy System deal with or even affect it?
The hit distance is ridiculous. When there should still be a solid second or two to shoot, you die when it nips the air 4 feet away from you. Very little chance to fight back in small rooms because it's an insta-kill before you get 2 bullets out of the fastest SMG. Worse off with that hit distance, it barely has to move to clear out an entire room. Absolute worst case scenario, one so happens to be released near a spawn point. It will sit there and basically skip everyones turns while delivering free points to the other team.
Something else, regardless of what it's technically classified as, it is a living creature. The damn thing should have a headshot hitbox, and it should respond to bullets. A creature that's a fraction of the strength and armor of a human soldier should at least fucking flinch when it gets domed between the eyes, but it doesn't even break stride. Shoot it from ten feet away and it takes one step and kills you without even blinking. Snipers are screwed. Shoot it right in the face with the most beefy sniper and it defies physics to bite you on the next chamber anyway. Something that would "One Shot, One Kill" on the much tougher players doesn't even slow it down.
I will say, at least they put back the paw icon. That thing was even more of a menace when it was just a regular enemy dot.
Overall though, I still can't believe it's this broken, and I still stand by most K-9 users can't even hold a gun. It is such cheap kills, and it's one of those things that nobody wants to address because it benefits them with guaranteed free points. (Like the Oppressor MKII in GTA) Why remove it when you can just join the party and have free points also, completely negating the use of other operator skills?
Everyone uses that damn dog, and it's barely a game at times. You can tell when the shitty players' operator skills finally fill because like 3 of the little shits come running out halfway through the game and they just swamp everyone back to back to back. The only place it's fair is in Frontline because you have that pocket of time in a safe spot to not get insta-killed by a little anklebiter.
And that's just functionality. I love all dogs, but they could've chosen a better looking dog. The real military has like majestic German Shepards and 99% of the players that missed that little tiny event get this creepy ghetto junkyard hellhound. I feel like the broken mechanics would be a little easier to swallow if you didn't see the absolute most kickable dog enter the room to do it. Doesn't feel like military K-9, it feels like "here we go again with the bullshit video game dog"
I see so many easy solutions that balance the dog while keeping it's beloved OP elements. (Not that any of you or Activision will give enough of a shit to do any of them)
Using the Shock RC as a point of reference, as it's the closest thing in terms of functionality. From roughly the same distance, the Shock RC can only zap someone, and only once. Like the K-9 it travels along the ground with the omnipotence to take the most efficient route directly to the nearest player.

Possible Solutions:

  • A: if the dogs gonna insta-kill from 4 feet away, usually the first moment you see it in a small area, it can only do that once, as per Shock RC, Hunter Killer Drone, and all other small tracking equipment.
  • B: the damn dog has to actually bite you if it's gonna relentlessly clear out whole rooms of people. It can't just rotate and get everyone in every far corner because it bit the air.
  • C: Make the dog equal to a living creature and/or equipment.
    • Headshot hitbox. It doesn't have to give extra points, just do more damage when it's shot in the damn dangerous-ass face.
    • it moves, it has a heartbeat, it's alive. Walking right past proximity mines is bullshit. If it "smelled" them and avoided them like real military dogs, that'd be one thing. But the little shit standing on a motion sensor and surviving is absolute hogwash.
    • flinching and reaction. If you shoot it, at the very least it should drop it's running speed or stop for a moment, just as the people do.
    • responds to EMP's, toxic gas, and other tacticals. I will say a dog could probably find it's way through smoke, but Krypto the Super Dog over here needs to react to the chemical shit in his lungs and his vest getting zapped.
  • D: make the dog equal to equipment. It's got a glowing vest, it's on the radar, and it explodes when it dies. There's something in that vest for sure, and Trophy Systems among other equipment detectors should be able to see and neutralize it. At the very least, the vest is a solid argument for EMP's and the likes affecting the dog.
  • E: Move it to Scorestreaks. I would like to make mention of one looming argument: "but you keep comparing it to scorestreaks when it's an operator skill" — Considering it's likeness is far closer to scorestreaks, maybe it belongs there. Operator skills are some shit in your hand or something static you drop in one spot, not a magic 2 foot tall killing machine that immediately leaves you and does its own thing. That is 100% the kinda thing scorestreaks do, and absolutely not something ANY of the other operator skills do. Seriously, go check. Exactly none of the other Operator Skills share any traits with the K-9, but many scorestreaks do. Moving it to scorestreaks would add immense balance in itself because you'd have to earn such a killing machine, just like all the others. You wouldn't be guaranteed 3-5 kills just for existing. (Also, it's not much of an Operator Skill if they're not controlling any aspect of what the dog is doing. More of dog skill.)
  • OPTIONAL: Like the Shock RC, Hunter Killer Drone, and etc, there should be a commander announcement saying "Enemy K-9 Unit has been released." For what it is, even with the paw icon, a weapon of that power shouldn't go unmentioned. (Plus it's on the radar. You would think in real life, the commander might be inclined to mention the biggest thorn in your ass has just arrived, and not just let it wander up behind the entire squad) The most harmless things have an announcement, but not the silent insta-kill ninja dog.
  • OPTIONAL: Integrate K-9's into the enemy list for friendly spawning, so you get spawned away from them and don't spawn-die 3 times in a row without leaving the loading screen because of the little shit running in a circle — at least other spawn-killers like the Stealth Chopper, Sentry Turret, and Hunter KilleSwarm have a fair possibility to not lock onto the spawn area. Right now, once the dog is there, it's there til its timer is up, and you can't duck for cover or even run.
  • OPTIONAL: when the K-9 first came out, they immediately demonstrated it can have skins. Make more. A lot more. Why is there only 2 and they don't even sell 1 anymore? Is Activision silly? People love dogs. They'd make a killing selling fuzzy buddies. (Plus how hilarious would it be to get merc'ed by a poodle? Even if the dogs still broken, that'd take the sting off massively.) It's understandable if they want to dodge cute animals in the shooty game, but they could still at least add more fugly ghetto dogs, hell hounds from zombies, and actual military dogs. The default skin looks like it crawled out of somethings ass at a pet cemetery in the south side of hell.
TL;DR / IN CONCLUSION:, the current state of the K-9 poses no logical purpose other than cheaply gained happiness (which is why it stays). It's attack is factually overpowered, unrealistic, and it's defense is through the roof. It bypasses all defense systems and is not behaviorally affected by damage. Coupled with the overly extended bite range, it's nearly a God creature in most scenarios on these small maps. Being classified as an Operator Skill despite acting with the power of a scorestreak means even the worst players can rack up several kills and tip the odds. A whole team could theoretically win Team Deathmatch with 2 dogs used each (in Public) or 3 dogs each (in Ranked) while never having fired a single bullet or swinging a single melee. A couple of people with dogs, and regular players, is not a balanced team. I would even go as far to say one dog can make the odds tipped in the current scenario where's it's dead silent and only on radar. Tweaking any single one of these aspects would make it make sense.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
You may now refuse to read the post, downvote, and argue the dog is good because you personally like it. I am also open to argumentative responses that would've been easily addressed had they actually read my post, but they didn't.
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2023.03.29 21:24 XvideoIsBetterThanOF This guy Vikings

This guy Vikings
I played on PC for a bit. I broke the game for myself with mods around the iron age, though..
Have been playing on Xbox, non-stop since it dropped. Playing multiplayer with my buddy as well. Multiplayer is amazing. It was also pretty great to find out that your power (eikthyr) is shared to allies in close proximity.
Review in photo isn't mine. Just loving the game and wanted to share. Skäl!
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2023.03.29 21:23 imnick88 TIFU by thinking my burst appendix was just gluten

After seeing the Coeliac post I thought I should post this as a cautionary tale.
First off I’ll add the obligatory ‘this didn’t today’, this actually happened in mid 2020 in the height of COVID.
So to start with I need to say that I have coeliac disease which means my body starts attacking itself if I eat gluten. Typically if I eat gluten I have a reaction similar to food poisoning and within 30-60 mins of eating everything goes through me and then I feel like I’ve been beaten up for the next 24 hours.
Another side effect of being coeliac is that we are forced to eat below par food constantly. One thing I had been missing was crumpets and so my wife decided to be a darling and she made home made crumpets. After we had eaten them she realised that she used the wrong soy milk and it actually contained gluten. Typically I react from just a few crumbs so I braced for impact.
After a few hours nothing had happened (pleasantly surprised) so I went to bed as normal.
At around 2am I woke in excruciating pain. I tried unsuccessfully to go to the toilet and then basically spent the rest of the night curled up in a ball of pain. This wasn’t my normal reaction to gluten but I assumed that had to be the cause as I knew I had some.
By the morning there was no improvement. I had a physio appointment booked in for a my sore back and was meant to be leaving for a holiday at lunch time so I started to proceed with my day as normal despite the pain. This resulted in a very very painful physio appointment where I lay on my stomach as my back was massaged before I lay on the floor again in pain.
After a few hours I gave in and delayed the holiday and headed to the doctors. I explained the gluten situation and the pain and the doctor sent me urgently to the hospital with a note and said it could be my appendix.
Once I got to the hospital I started to tell them the same story. By this point my wife was getting annoyed that I kept suggesting it was gluten (and that she had given it to me). But because I was used to gut pain I must have seemed reasonably chill (despite being at level 10 pain) and as a male in my early thirties I was naturally bumped down the list over and over at the hospital. So it was a good 8 hours before I had a scan and then another 16 hours or so before anything was really don’t to fix me. By this point I was hallucinating and vomiting bile uncontrollably.
Long story slightly shorter, my appendix had burst and turned necrotic and I had free fluid throughout my abdomen. This lead to 8 very painful days in hospital (my body was so wrecked that I couldn’t actually feel the incision sites over the rest of the pain) where I walked around with a tube coming out of my stomach draining fluids into a clear bottle.
Once I was finally out of hospital (they actually tried to send me home incorrectly days early without antibiotics which would probably have killed me, but that’s another story but make sure if something doesn’t feel right to ask the question like I did) I had several months of recovery to be able to live normally again. Before I went in I was a very fit competitive runner and it took me over a month before I could walk around the block afterwards.
Moral of the story. If you have a chronic illness don’t just assume that your pain is that.
TL;DR: I have coeliac disease and thought I was sick because I ate gluten when in reality my appendix had burst which resulted in over 24 hours of extreme pain and months of recovery.
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2023.03.29 21:23 Lesterjournalist Do You Know? 2023 Budget is Now for Canada Corporates Not for Workers

Do You Know? 2023 Budget is Now for Canada Corporates Not for Workers

Canada‘s biggest association, the Canadian Association of Public Representatives (CUPE), says the present government financial plan misses the mark on tending to corporate insatiability and, surprisingly, is more limited in conveying help for working individuals and their families.
Because of the governing NDP, the financial plan incorporates subsidizing for dental consideration, as well as a GST discount to assist low-pay peopling with the increasing cost for most everyday items that the Dissidents have called a “staple refund”.

Canada’s 2023 Budget is for Corporates

In the number one spot up to Financial plan 2023, CUPE approached the national government to handle corporate exploitation, one of the primary drivers of the expansion emergency that is hitting low-pay individuals in Canada the hardest.
Burdening abundance benefits in Financial plan 2023 would have assisted with controlling this exploitative, which thusly would get a good deal on the expense of lodging and regular products, while likewise creating income that can be utilized to convey administrations that make life more reasonable for everybody.
  • CUPE additionally approached the central government to speed up activity to convey more open, not-for-benefit, and center lodging choices.
  • CUPE National President Mark Hancock says that this 2023 budget is a win for the rich and a loss for the workers and their families.
  • CUPE also says that this government once again failed to keep its promises.
Yet again activity on pharmacare, a far-reaching labor force system, and $25 the lowest pay permitted by law for governmentally subsidized youngster care were likewise first concerns for Canada’s biggest association – unfulfilled by the bureaucratic Nonconformists.
CUPE is Canada’s biggest association, addressing 715,000 specialists across the country in bleeding edge public administrations like medical care, training, metropolitan administrations, social administrations, crisis administrations, energy, libraries, correspondences, transportation, and kid care.
Learn more: https://www.worldmagzine.com/politics/do-you-know-2023-budget-is-now-for-canada-corporates-not-for-workers/
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