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I've broken a promise made to my dying father

2023.06.07 17:13 TutorOk7208 I've broken a promise made to my dying father

Hi, I'm not sure is this the right place to post it but I want to tell you something I feel very guilty and sad about.
Story is about my brother. He has 3 kids from different women and payed no child support because he never kept a job due to his intensive drinking. He never willingly moved out from my parents' house, stole their wedding rings, jewellery and money to buy a drink. Nevertheless, he was my big brother (brother is 10 years and sister is 15 years older) and I still loved him a lot.
However, soon after my mum died when I was 21, he got another woman pregnant and used kids as an excuse to move her in. They both had no jobs and have been drunk most of the time. My dad have had a stroke which resulted in health problems and a slight difficulty with brain function and decision taking. He took take care of both of them and their two kids ( me and my sis live in another country and dad didn't wanted to move there with us).
On Christmas before his death he asked me to leave a house to my brother and take in his kids if the child service will take them away. When dad died he left no will. I knew mum ( house was inherited from her mum) would not agree to leave all to brother. I also wanted kids but could not afford it, while my sister already had kids and payed the rent her whole life. After sleepless nights I've decided to not tell anyone about dad's death wish.
We all inherited huge depths and the house was thretened to eviction. We decided to sell the house, pay depths and share the rest of the money. Six months it took to find a buyer but it was plenty of time, for brother to find a place to rent ( usually takes less than a month). Meanwhile me and my sis were buying time from depth collectors by paying lumps of depth and brother's monthly bills.
All seemed good till a few weeks before the sell. My brother decided that he wants to stay in the house for longer. If he would be responsible enough to pay the bills it would be no problem, but his idea was to use kids as a leverage to avoid eviction and to keep a house for himself (he got that idea from his miss). We persuaded him by finding a nice smaller house for him to buy but the child benefits took a lump of his money away to pay for previous children so my sis and I had to either give him a part of our inheritance or persuade him to get a cheaper house. My brother also decided to not give back us even a cent for his bills or depth we've paid.
By that point we were not going to help him anymore and as he didn't want to buy a cheap house, he held on the idea to keep the current one. A week before the sell and he packed nothing. Me with sis packed his whole house in a few long days, jougling between finding him a new place and trying persuade child service to let him move despite his bad report ( one child taken away already, child abuse and drinking). Meanwhile he was contuesly drinking with his miss and blaming us for kicking him out. He had no comprehension on how bad the situation was with the house and that he could lose kids and become homeless in months time. Me and sis ran dry on money to invest in the house too but thousands were already invested and we could not move away now and so, we continue with the sell and my brother was forced to find a house he can afford. It all ended well eventually and he was overjoyed with the new house, paid child benefits for previous offsprings ( a few tens of thousand worth) and no depths.
I tried to keep a contact with him till a few months later when his money ran out and I've got harrased by him till the point that I had to threaten with police. He accused me of making a contract with the buyer behing his back ( which is just impossible in this legal system) where they 'gave me and my sis' more money than to him. It all came out of the fact that they pushed us all to reduce the price for taking a huge risk (child service made a deal that buyers will buy a new house to my brother in order to let make the sell).
So at the end I kept neither of the promises I made to my dad and now at the age of 27 I have lost my parents and my brother and have to carry a burden of my decision.
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2023.06.07 16:35 Ok_Willingness4744 I thought i'd never have to break this out again but I need fusebox to be so supercalifragilisticexpialidociously serious rn.

Fusebox we were doing SO well... what happened?! Ugh well settle in besties heres this weeks kinda bitchy normally aggressive weekly recap with Ok_Willingness4744!
For starters.. this season isnt bad at all.. It's a hell of alot better than that dumpster fire we called season 5. I esp like that all volumes this season are long and three episodes each, I also like that im not getting BULLIED this season! So theres that.. However... what the hell yall got going on in THAT writers room? Cause we gotta stop with the feet.... its giving dan schneider... yall got dan schneider writing this shit? Anyways lets get into these lil shits Islanders.
Amelia: ...... So why do we look nothing alike and why are you tryna makeout with my man at night knowing damn well you just said you wanted Roberto? Might I also add didnt we JUST have this debacle abt my ex wanting you instead of me and how you want me to find love in this villa..... but yet youre abt to tongue fight the man who literally told everyone basically fuck off I want the other twin.......... Start flapping your gums or I promise you I will actually ruin your chances with Roberto cause I can very much so easily do that. Also girl stop reminiscing... we're adults get some therapy.
Bella: YOU PURE BABY ANGEL. I'm getting angie vibes and I absolutely love that, If Ryan and Ozzy dont work out I'm comin back to you.
Grace: Now how we supposed to Live Laugh Love in these conditions girly pop? I know youre all over Ozzy but babe... It's kinda delusional he is giving you clear signs that he lowkey wants me and youre like "But were going strong" Strong? No babe, Season 5 Mc is strong you are just acting like Khloe Kardashian.... But I like you so I'll leave him alone... for now..... Don't piss me off though cause Ozzy is one HUNK of some pixels I'll tell ya that much.
Ivy: I still dont like you. Youre shady, sneaky, slimey and act like youre better than everyone in this villa. However I do appreciate the parting gift, and If you come back keep your paws off my man.. whoever he may be. Also girl it was hypocritical of you to literally try and kiss my man multiple times but dumped Jamal for kissing Amelia ONCE??? You're like all the worst parts of poison ivy, reek of desperation, and lowkey Kat's twin but youre hot. Sorry you left tho!
Jamal: Shoulda left with Ivy since you wanted her so bad. Thanks for the tip on Roberto though, I dont have much to say cause you mind your business... also Couple up with my twin so she stops tryna take my mans.
Lewie: Youre cute but not in a "I wanna couple up with you" way In a "He's like a puppy that you wanna protect and give a warm fluffy blanket to" way. You dont do much so I dont have much to say.
Ozzy: HEY FINN! Oops I mean Ozzy, I need you to get a grip, okay? You’re fine as hell dont get me wrong but you actually are so indecisive that I can’t tell if youre playing the game, grace, or me. I love my girl Grace so you better tell her before I do!
Roberto: Let it GOOO I'm not into you. Do i have to literally shit on your pillow and then smack you with it? RYAN or hoe route and I swear on everything I love if you couple up with me I'm cheating I dont care. Go date my sister just leave me ALONE.
Ryan: Ryan Theodore, I swear your perfect.... BUT WHY ARE YOU ABT TO KISS MY TWIN?! You made me breakfast, told everyone Im your girl *Runs around the villa clapping while chanting My man my man my man* but yet YOU KEEP GETTING YOURSELF INTO STICKY SITUATIONS!!! This is embarrassing im tired of activating war mode when ALL I WANNA DO IS BE COUPLED WITH YOU AND GET SONGS WRITTEN ABT ME! Also next time somebody in this villa tries it? Hulk slam her and scream "MC IS MY WIFE. ENOUGH."
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2023.06.07 16:35 resurrective Chapter 23 - Bunnies, hares, and rats

Chapter 23 - Bunnies, hares, and rats
The sunset – all days have a beginning and an end, no matter what happens, no matter what tragedies or celebration might befall those who’re on this earth, this phenomenon would never change, at least not for the millions of years that still lay ahead.
The refugees had stopped for a small rest. Some wanted to eat, to have something to drink, and some needed to relieve themselves. All of that was to be done behind a thick wall of conjured stone. But to even witness it, one would first have to spot the dome of magical darkness; Eve’s camouflage spell hid the reinforced camp from the rest of the world. She, Freia, and Ellen were put in charge of guarding it, while the others…
Keyaruga stood aside, witnessing the extravaganza of brutal wildness clashing against Setsuna, carrying the gilded egg on his back. She battled a monster, a weird and creepy horned freak with the body of a boar, a human-like head (which looked much more like a clay parody of one) and the front legs of a horse. The world’s ambient mana produced many such creatures, much of them were rather normal-looking, but this… Calamity, as it read in the view of the jade eye, looked like a hand-made chimera of some mad sorcerer.
Ghh! Ha!” Setsuna yelled, mutilating the massive behemoth with her claws of ice. Each blow of hers shred through the monstrosity’s flesh, bleeding white bile out of the monster. She danced around, masterfully avoiding each and every blow the wrathful monster could send at her in an acrobatic flurry of dodges. Each flip she combined with a slash. Blessed by Caladrius, her frozen gauntlets easily pierced the thick skin of the pinkish hairless abomination. In a war of attrition, it stood no chance.
That’s when another of its abilities would be revealed – It could ‘blink’ over small distances, leaving nothing but bluish rifts in its wake. Once it’s activated, there’s nothing you can do – the monster just teleports inside your body, blasting it from the inside with its gargantuan mass.
No, you don’t!” The hero snarled, shooting the abomination with a beam of light. He wasn’t just standing around, instead monitoring the fight through his new power. The Carved eye, how he called the purple cross, granted by the divine bird, allowed him to see two seconds into the future, and since nothing was set in stone, he could glance at a few variations at the same time. Well, this time everything ended in the same horrific manner for the ice-wolf girl, and so…
GRROUMNGHUGO-O-O!!!” When the piercing light punched through this aberration of nature, it bellowed an enormously gruesome shriek of rage and pain. It lost focus, allowing Setsuna to get closer to its head. The she-wolf plunged toward the monstrosity and slashed its twisted neck. And she did so in style – it was finally mortally injured when copious amounts of blood spilled from the monster’s insides.
“You’ve gotten faster, stronger.” The man admitted, looking at his companion, brutally finishing the poor beastie off by sticking her armored hand inside the flesh just to break its neck from the inside. It cracked, and everything was over. “I like what I see, Setsuna.”
“Uh-huh. It’s thanks to my new powers.” The huntress happily replied, getting ready to butcher the revolting carcass. The Hero of Healing just happened to have a spare cart standing not so far from them, in which he’d pull the meat toward the camp.
As for the ice warrior, she now had a level of fifty-nine, while Keyaruga enjoyed a mark of seventy now. An impressive result, seeing as the gray-haired girl could now stand toe-to-toe even with a hero. What was the most impressive, though…
“You’ve seen what happened to Ellen. It took her a whole day to even get used to walking around after the surge of strength Caladrius gave her. You, on the other hand… Let’s just say, I never expected such battle prowess from you, Setsuna.”
“Uh-uh, I’d be dead if not for you.” The wolf girl admitted, shaking her cute head with the ears pressed against it. It was interesting how this cutie preserved that gorgeousness of hers, even while doing something as gruesome as butchering a forest mutant.
“How could you tell?” The red-haired lad asked, placing carved chunks of meat (after a little blood draining and cleansing, of course) on the cart. The thing she killed weighed at least half a ton, so the food would be plentiful for the time being.
“Intuition.” Setsuna revealed, getting rid of the lungs and stinking stomach, just as morbidly twisted, as the rest of the chimera. The huntress masterfully cut the meat from the bones with nothing more than her claws, sharp enough to act like an excellent knife.
“Not really surprising for a genius like you. Your senses and agility are just superb.” The man praised the girl, helping her with his keen reddish saber.
“Uh-huh…” The ice warrior mumbled in reply, focusing on the task at hand, rather than flustering at the compliment. Something wasn’t right. Keyaruga never saw Setsuna this depressed, and it saddened him as well. “Is there something on your mind?”
“Nothing, it’s alright.” She answered without even trying to hide her displeasure or, rather, the girl thought that maintaining her neutral expression would be just enough.
“Well, I don’t believe you.” The healer uttered, masterfully carving the last slices of flesh from the dead abomination. It didn’t look particularly appetizing, but at least its meat wasn’t that different from anything else. “You know, I’m worried about you, Setsuna, and I don’t want you to hide anything from me.”
“What’s the point? You’ve got everything you want now, even a child.” The she-wolf lamented, kneeling above the reddish skeleton of the monstrosity; at least three hundred kilograms of meat now rested in their cart, waiting to get delivered to the camp. And so, she had nothing to do anymore other than to dispel her claws, letting them melt along with the fat, blood, bile, and gruesome viscera.
“The point is…” The lad began, crouching right next to the she-wolf. First thing first, he washed her hands. Water pumped from his palms, which were shining with sorcerous sigils, but magic aside, he simply wanted to offer her a human touch. “…I really care for you. Ellen says it’s my weakness, and I could treat it as such. You know, I could get rid of my empathy, and that would be that. But I don’t want to. I want to feel and sympathize, so now I sense your distress.” Keyaruga deadpanned, still holding the girl’s arms, even if they were as clean and can be, even if there was no sorcery to see and feel anymore. “I want to help you, Nayuta, just like you’ve helped me.”
And as he spoke. The man remained right where he was; ready to stay there as long as he needed, he gently put his palm on the huntress’ shoulder. There was nobody to hear them, and so, he addressed the girl with her true name.
“Keyaruga… I…” It wasn’t easy for her, all those contradictory emotions, loyalty clashing against what her very soul wished for – it metaphorically speaking, tore Setsuna apart from the inside, making her chest severely ache. To do nothing would ensure the status-quo, nothing would change, and there would be nothing to worry about. Yet… “I’m feeling sad, and lonely.” To say these few words, Setsuna needed all of her bravery and might. It was literally harder than facing the dangerous monstrosity and defeating it in a battle.
“What… about Ellen?” The hero asked of the girl, trying to not be too persistent. Everyone had their highs and lows, and now it was the turn of the she-wolf.
“It’s… not the same. I want you. And you’re with Eve.” The huntress admitted what’s been bothering her all this time. The oppressive solitude she felt couldn’t just be healed by pairing her with someone else, and although spending time with the princess had its merits, the ice warrior craved someone different. And yet, she understood how much the black-winged lady needed him right now, but that didn’t make it any easier.
“Setsuna… Listen, you’re precious to me, no matter what. I won’t abandon you.” The healer promised softly. He wasn’t the type to loudly declare his love, but someone who’d support the ones he was close to, no matter what.
“Um…” Setsuna growled, rising back onto her bestial feet. When Keyaruga rose as well, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him for a kiss, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. “Then fuck me, right here.” She demanded with a blushing, yet aggressively seductive expression. There was only one thing to do now.
“Bend down.” The lad demanded, unfastening his belt to reveal his penis. It wasn’t erected enough to show its full glory, but a few strokes got the work done, all while Setsuna herself leaned on the nearest tree, wagging her tail and pulling down the white sheet that served her as an underwear. She was jealous of Eve, Ellen stole her exclusive morning duty, feeling abandoned; the huntress had suffered in silence, but not anymore. “We don’t have much time, so no foreplay this time.”
“Uh-huh…” The girl nodded, enticing the man with the majestic sway of her hips. “A-a-ah!” Setsuna gasped, as the lad thrust his manhood into her up to his balls with a single thrust. Keyaruga grasped her fit butt, the rippling muscles underneath the girl’s pale skin were just as enticing as the warm wetness of her narrow vagina – even without any preparation, the huntress could easily take the man’s cock. “Agh! A-ahh!!!” She yelled and moaned, swaying her hips and wagging that tail of hers.
“Ugh…” Keyaruga felt it – the suppressed lust, the passion, the fervor – they burned like raging fire, threatening to scourge everything and everyone. “A-a?!” The hero felt it first – Setsuna, unhappy with how slow he was, pushed him aside, stood up… and jumped onto the lad, bringing him to the ground, pressing against his chest with her hands, recklessly collapsing onto his penis.
“Keyaru…” First of all, the she-wolf was a predator, a dangerous and an aggressive type. Her humanity was always there too, but even that temporarily fell to the onslaught of her bestial urge to mate. “A-a-ah! Keyaru-u!” It wasn’t just a slip of tongue, the girl, jumping on his dick, called upon his true name with a vicious grin on her face.
“He-he-he-heh! I know, Nayuta!” The lad sneered, grabbing his companion’s butt with a juicy slap. “I’m here for you.”
Setsuna had the most loyalty among the man’s companions, and since none of them would betray him anyway, that spoke a lot for her conviction. But such devotion had its cost, and now, lying on the ground and pounding the wolf-girl hard and fast, with a maniacal grin on their faces, Keyaruga was paying this price.

Eight days – this was how long it took to reach the walls of Dantoma, and oh boy, was it a pretty ride. The entire day the man marched forward, while looking around to make sure nothing ambushes him, his girls, or their charges, babysitting those thirty-two (thirty-three, apparently, one women got pregnant) people, and four more – Keyaruga wanted nothing more than to end this already.
The heroes are often romanticized, their feats are turned into legends, and their personalities are washed away by the images they make for themselves. The healer got everything a historic figure like him would want: a clear goal, power, money, an entire arsenal of equipment, a harem… The latter was a little problematic, though.
Each morning, he was sucked off by Ellen and Setsuna, every afternoon the she-wolf would take him for a hunt, where they would have some crazy sex, just the two of them, over their fallen prey. It was still fine for the hero while they were dealing were monsters, but one time they butchered an enemy scout and made love while the body was still cooling, and another day they did it, surrounded by the corpses of murderous geese! Yes, these woods were just that dangerous!
After the daily outing, though, it was just more walking and keeping everyone safe. Not bad, not terrible, especially when it came to the evening encampment, when everywhere they stayed turned into a small citadel of enchanted stone. It didn’t save everyone from sleeping on blanketed ground, but at least Freia’s fortifications were safe and sturdy.
Mayala would always bother Keyaruga each time he was around, Ellen experimented with new and dangerous diseases, testing them mostly on herself, just to feed them later to her patron (oh, was she disappointed to find out her power didn’t agonize her, like it did to others), Freia would simply stick around the hero, annoying him just enough to get a rough retaliation each time it was her turn to kneel before him, and Eve… Well, ever since the tragedy at Visou, she mostly spent her time studying magic with the elder princess, and politics with the younger one. And how could all of them reinforce their bond other than with sex? Oh yeah, the five of them had sex, lots and lots of it.
It wasn’t too bad, in all honesty. Even with all the insects and parasites around, Keyaruga had a lot of fun just walking around and witnessing new things. It’s just that he hated being responsible for others, even caring for his girls left a toll on his paranoid mind, and leading an entire commune…
Get used to that, man. If you’re up for a usurpation, that’s what you’ll get soon enough, but ten times worse. Or better. Can’t care for every subject, when they’re millions of them.
Turna, turna! (Daddy, daddy!) Nanue karu? (What’s that?)” Right as the man was about to sigh and get back to monitoring the vicinity with his jade eye, the girl, riding on his shoulders, cheerfully yelled while pointing across the massive ravine with a raging river on its bottom.
Karu… (This…) Mayala pora arua musnak. (…is your new home, Mayala)” Keyaruga spoke, standing on the edge of a gully. There was a long bridge, and across it everyone could see a fortress. An impregnable-looking stronghold on the edge of gargantuan cliff that looked nothing like Keyaruga imagined it would. Simply the scale of the ‘settlement’ already betrayed its nature as a great city with at least fifty thousand or so in population, and its great ramparts clearly showed that Dantoma was not like some village amidst the fields, but a regional center of trade, art, craft, and governance.
“Pff, ‘settlement’ my ass! That’s the best bastion I’ve ever seen!” Ellen exclaimed, looking around. She could certainly spot a whole lot of eyes, looking at the black-winged vagabonds. To even approach the gates, they had to pass a massive bridge, full of traders, adventurers, prowlers, and even a circus troupe. All that time they’ve been avoiding major roads, and now they were finally back to civilization.
“They’re watching.” Setsuna pointed out, unmistakably recognizing a few highly-trained sentries among the bystanders. There were quite a few of these: panthers, goats, toads, horse-men, deer, but what’s drawn the huntress attention the most were… “Rabbits.”
“Rabbits, huh? I guess, we’re in the right place, then.” Freia uttered with a smile. While others marveled at the beauty of the stone walls and towers, she already picked a few spells to ruin them for the worst-case scenario.
“Don’t drop your guard.” The healer urged, placing Mayala next to him, so that her mother would take her away. The child complained a bit, but even a single look at the man’s troubled face was enough for her to understand how little he wanted to play with her now. “These aren’t rabbits, they’re hares.” He said cautiously, as if it was supposed to somehow scare the rest.
“Ehm, Keyaruga, what’s even the difference exactly?” Eve asked dumbfounded. The queen-to-be just walked in the front, she was sure that the only reason they were still safe, and nobody claimed a reward or two for a kokuyoku was because of the multiple patrols guarding the peace.
“Rabbits have short ears and rounder bodies, they’re pretty much domesticated, and you can keep them as cattle. Hares… Well, those are bigger, their ears are massive, and they eat everything, from grass and carrion to shit, and even their own kids. Ugh, awful creatures, especially when you try to raise crop, and they just come to munch it all.” The former farmer declared with clear signs of revulsion. It seemed, like only the language barrier spared him the trouble of being called out for his slurs, but knowing the truth about their leader didn’t really help Keyaruga with his bias. He could swear Ellen was giggling at him right now.
Ushigma denue (who’re you all)? Nezah Dantoma shia kane (what’s your business in Dantoma)?” And it certainly didn’t get any better, when a tired-looking guardsman among the star… hares stopped their little column for a check.
“Shall I?” The hero offered help in handling this to his white-haired companion. Just one touch – and the guardsman would become their docile marionette.
“No. I’ll handle this.” And having said such, the Me-ua kahul stepped forward for negotiations. This would be the first true test of Eve’s charisma and her ability to persuade others. And she…

“Alright, I’ll admit, you nailed it.” …succeeded. Not only had she gotten a few houses for their little winged commune, but the whole party now was to meet with the man himself. Very soon they’d meet with Carol, so the hero had only one thing to say. “You’ve really handled it well.”
“I couldn’t have handled it without you, Keyaruga. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me… for us all.” The lady in red paid tribute to the red-eyed man, placing a faint smile on his face. She sat next to him on the top of the citadel in the center of the city, waiting on a bench before the traitor would be ready to properly meet them, since he was such a busy hare, and all.
“Hey there! We’ve also helped!” The Apostle of Caladrius exclaimed like the small child she looked like. Seeing the all-knowing queen sulk like a maiden amused her so much, the younger princess could bully her for the whole of eternity.
“Don’t disturb their cuddling, Elly.” Fortunately, though, Freia was also there to suppress her sibling’s attitude. After all… “She’s just too precious to do that.” …the sorceress had her own ideas of how to fluster the kokuyoku princess.
“I hear you! Please, shut up!” The white-haired woman snarled at the sisters, but that only made their glee even worse. Better to ignore them completely, it seemed. “I bet you’ll miss Mayala.” So instead of putting up with the princesses, the tanned girl attempted to bother Keyaruga a little.
“Not really. But, I know I’ve known them for two weeks, if something happens to her or her mother here, I’ll raze this whole place to the ground.” The man promised, noticing a slight grin of mockery on the lips of a nearby guardswoman.
“Dantoma is big, and there are many ma-zok here.” Setsuna pointed out. It’s not like she had any doubts in the hero, but even he wouldn’t find it that easy.
“What else did you expect from the heart of the opposition?” Eve mused, addressing the she-wolf.
“To get crushed.” The ice warrior answered in her usual phlegmatic manner.
“Now that you shouldn’t worry about.” Suddenly, a door had opened, and a middle-aged hare-gentleman with a monocle emerged from it to greet the party. It was Carol himself, and he spoke near-perfect Phasian. Everyone got tense, finally meeting the betrayer. Everyone that is, besides Eve and Keyaruga. “Kokuyoku have received four homes, and we’ll build five more for them shortly. As for Hakuo, you can rest assured; his forces cannot breach these walls, however much they try. We’ve got enough troops and resources to drive his marauders out.” The man with an annoyingly-looking short mustache proudly declared, sitting behind his desk. Although his remark was meant to be soothing, it was filled with lies. Even if Dantoma was a powerful fortification, it stood no chance against a full-scale invasion from the sky. Ellen held a smug grin on her face, since there was too little this place could do to counterpose Flare, mounted on a gryphon’s back, and the current Me-ua had an entire tribe of dragon-mounted troops.
“Thank you for having us, Carol-murnaz (Lord Carol).” Eve stood up and said this graciously, yet her words were merely a ceremonial formality. Keyaruga rose as well. First things first, he offered his arm for a handshake, knowing all too well, how uncommon this gesture was here.
“I must thank you for stopping by.” Just as the healer predicted, the hare-man refused his hand, instead placing his palm on his chest while bowing to the two of them. Did he just dismiss the hero completely? Oh, that was good. “Come on, have a seat.” Carol invited the future queen to take the sofa before him, and so she did. “It’s been some time since we’ve last met. You have changed a lot since then, my fair princess.”
“You’re too kind, Carol-murnaz.” Eve responded with just as hypocritical of a smile as her host. This man leaked every bit of info he could to Kinacrith, and so, he couldn’t be trusted. Not this time, not like she did before. “We’ve come here to strike a deal with you.”
“Certainly, your people are already being given an accommodation here, as well as our guarantee of safety.” The long-eared warlord spoke, rhythmically tapping against the table. One-two, one-two, one-two-three. It clearly meant something, since one of the guards just went out.
“No words would be enough to express my gratitude for you and your people.” The queen-to-be said almost unemotionally. How could she show any amiability to a traitor?
“That was nothing. Our alliance with your people still holds on, and I would be ashamed to look at your late mother’s face if I were to reject you now.” Carol responded, making Keyaruga, unwilling to sit down, as he was playing the role of Eve’s knight, ready to strike down everyone who dares to endanger his suzerain.
His awareness came especially in handy when the guardswoman, who sneered at the lad’s ambitions, returned with a plate of two cups of tea. Oh, how the man hated those!
“Please, drink. This will restore your strength.” The hare-man offered, tinkering with his monocular. At first, Keyaruga took a cup, he smelled it – nothing, he tasted it – nothing. Whatever the iuei saraga put in it – it didn’t work on him. But he still had his jade eye – this little present of the star nymph allowed him to spot… the serum of truth. Which was actually just a relaxant, which would merely cloud one’s awareness. Either way, the man simply bit though his lip and drained one drop of his blood, making sure it’d neutralize any effects and restore Eve’s focus, instead of literally popping her head, for example.
“That… is kind of you.” The lady in red spoke, taking a cup from the hero’s hand. It was common for a lady of her scale to have a taster, who’d be the first to spot the venom, and so Carol could say nothing in opposition. He did seem rather troubled, though. “But we’re not here to hide.” And much more so, when the Me-ua kahul was finally read to speak about her goals.
“Please, don’t be so shy. We know about your power, and we know of what happened to the Gramgrim. Caladrius’ grace is with you, I see.” The elder of the ‘rabbits’ tribe (Tarenago had no distinction between those two sub-species) spoke, rather pleased to see he wasn’t called out for poisoning, as the lad just chugged the entire cup in a single gulp.
“W-what? No, how could I-?” Eve played an act of innocent ignorance, and that looked rather convincing coming from her in all honesty. All Keyaruga could do for her was to maintain his apathetic expression.
“You’re wise to keep silent about this power, but no kokuyoku can grow horns without his blessing.” The hare-man said, feeling rather proud of himself for this insight.
“Caladrius is a woman, and I’m carrying her egg.” The hero revealed, pointing at the treasure, strapped to his back.
“And… you are?” Only now Carol properly recognized the lad’s existence as something more than Eve’s henchman.
“Keyaruga. I’m Eve’s knight, and these girls are her courtiers.” The healer introduced himself, simply holding his left hand on top of his saber’s crude handle, really unassuming compared to its reddish blade. “I was the one to battle with Gramgrim. And I won.” The man admitted in a deliberately ambiguous manner. Could a hero defeat the entire brigade all on his own? Definitely, but to come to this conclusion, one must realize who he was dealing with, and judging from the traitor’s disregard, he didn’t.
“That is strange company to keep.” The first of the ‘rabbits’ mused, stretching his arms. A sign of carelessness? Or outright disdain? One could certainly win a one-on-one battle with a southern tribesman, but to slay hundreds? No… “Still, my data suggests otherwise. Caladrius is with you, and you’ve destroyed Gramgrim with her power, Eve-maran.” Carol admitted, unimpressed with Keyaruga’s boasting. He just knew of limitations of a human.
“Ha, alright-alright. I did. I really did.” The future queen played at frustration from being chased into a corner. She even took a sip of the cured tea to imitate distress. “Anyway, now we’re seeking vengeance.” Eve spat through her teeth, slamming the cup against the table. This blow wasn’t strong enough to fracture the porcelain, but clearly mighty enough to sprinkle the liquid around. Was it a farce? Or the true emotion of hers, concerning the tragedy of Visou and Carol’s treachery? One could only guess.
“That is… inspiring.” The hare-man uttered, silently urging a guardsman to bring a towel. He had only two warriors there, a man and a woman, and both were elites, hardly a match for any of the party, but still. “We’re always glad to have you on our side.”
“Thank you for agreeing to give refuge to the black wings. Your help won’t be forgotten.” The healer pronounced, trying to sound regal. Not like he had a lot of success, but that was fine. Carol had to think of him as a muscle-head, playing a knight.
“The pleasure is mine Keyaruga-ugal (Sir Keyaruga). My name is Carol, Carol of the star rabbits.” Only now did this bastard think it was appropriate to properly introduce himself, which the lad couldn’t fail to notice.
“You’re a hare, Carol. Not a rabbit.” The former farmer pointed out with a reserved smile on his face. That was for the scorn he gave him.
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! A good joke, indeed.” The leader of iuel saraga chuckled, yet there was no true amusement in his faked laugh, just a formality.
“Carol-murnaz, how did you know about Caladrius?” Eve wondered, knowing all too well he upheld a double-sided connection to Kinacrith.
“That is easy to answer. Your graceful bird is a legendary god, and when the fiercest battalion of Kinacrith had vanished in Visou, while trying to attack it, I would guess there was only one answer as to how that happened.” The long-eared chieftain replied rather carelessly. For him, this tragedy was but a skirmish on the outskirts of his domain. But for Eve…
“They weren’t ‘trying to attack it’! They razed it, burned it, murdered my people, and even danced on their bones! How dare you tone down this tragedy, Carol?!” Saying this, the white-haired woman felt like she’d lost any semblance of control, that she was being pulled inside a vortex of terrible emotions, that’d lead her to saying something unreasonable for the current situation. “You!..” As she descended into this pit of traumatic reflexes, though, Keyaruga simply put his palm on her shoulder and gave his lover a potion of violet hue – this would calm her nerves. In the meantime…
“I’m sorry; my suzerain’s wounds are still too fresh.” The hero spoke, resisting the urge to pat the lady’s head, as she calmly drank his remedy. Something he and Ellen brewed together for the suffering black-wings. They even resolved the possible addiction issue by combining their expertise. Still, this wasn’t about wonders of alchemy. “Let’s cut the formalities a ‘hare’ short, Carol. Now that Eve’s past that trial, we want to kill Hakuo and raise the new Me-ua to the throne. The Reese dynasty will once again rule over Tenanulic.” The red-eyed man declared, dramatically clenching a fist on his chest. It should’ve been enough to dispel any worries within the long-eared governor, but it didn’t.
“That… seems quite possible indeed, with your current strength.” He still pretended to be involved with the overthrow plot, but small actions, like tapping against the table, or tinkering with his monocle betrayed Carol’s anxiety. “Yet, to so easily overpower the strongest of threats… I do not believe such might can be given out unchecked. There must be a price to pay for that, to be sure.” Oh, that was it! The very thing the man was placed here for. Certainly, his only function was to get any useful info about the true opposition and leak it to Hakuo. This wasn’t an exception.
“Yes, indeed. There are conditions to call upon Caladrius, Carol-murnaz.” Eve, pale and distressed, replied with a slightly gravelly voice. The betrayer never even bothered to apologize for the lack of empathy, and now he wished to know her weaknesses? Fine!
“I knew it. And what are they?” For a moment, the ‘rabbit’s’ excitement got better of him, and that was a serious mistake.
“Why’re you asking?” Keyaruga asked with all due seriousness. This man never even bothered to sooth his lady’s grudge, so he didn’t deserve a respectful tone.
“Oh, Keyaruga-ugal, to strike Kinacrith means to take it whole, or be taken by it. No other option, and when we do, I wish to be ready for what’s to come. Logistics, supply lines, troops – I cannot provide that without knowing the entire picture beforehand.” Although true, this reasoning really smelled more like a quickly made up excuse, rather than a serious argument. Much too ambitions for what’s still to come.
“The moon and stars – Caladrius drains her power from them. The only way to use it is to wait until the stars align properly. That… would be one month later.” The lady in red spoke an obvious lie. She simply needed time, and giving herself three weeks to hone her magic and gather true allies seemed like a good deal to her anyway.
Norpaga (september)…” Carol mused, now tapping against his own temple. This gave him time, and a lot of uncertainty along with that. The state of ignorance was never what you’d call a power, and so, only one thing could be done about it. “Are there any weaknesses to contrast Caladrius’ strength?” The leader of the iuel saraga wondered assumingly. He seemed to believe that the serum worked, and that would be his downfall.
“Yeah! She’s a bitch!” Ellen exclaimed, raising her arm, like a prudent student, always ready to present an answer without even being asked. It made her look rather childish, but this remark was to be used to the fullest.
“She’s right. Caladrius is fickle, so if she doesn’t answer the call, it can’t be helped.” Eve said with a sad smile. That was truth, and it was worth revealing. In the end, this notion played in their favor anyway.
“And, as if that’s not bad enough, you can only eat one apple to protect yourself from her poison for an entire day.” And if the current deception wasn’t good enough, Keyaruga added one more piece of disinformation there. It was literally the first thing that came to the former holder of an orchard’s mind, and seeing Carol’s eyes widen just enough for his monocle to fall on the floor was worth more than anything to the lad. “Apples are fruits of life, so those who ate it were unharmed. It didn’t save them from me, though.” The hero added, shrugging his shoulders. Right now, he had to gather every last bit of his willpower to not laugh like a madman.
“That’s… fascinating.” The hare-man marveled at the new ‘discovery’. So much so, that he got ready to finish the audience. “Eve-maran, Keyaruga-ugal, it’s getting late, and you deserve some rest. Caryl!” The long-haired traitor yelled, summoning a boy from behind a door. This youngster looked awfully distressed, making the party wonder, just what kind of job this fellow was doing. “This is Caryl, he’ll accompany you to your new mansion.”
“A-ah… Youmela. (Nice to meet you.)” The kid spoke, getting all flustered standing next to four beautiful ladies. So much so, that Keyaruga had to drag him away toward the door, trying to figure out how could one blush so much just by being next to a woman.
“We’ll meet again. Your strength will greatly help us in overthrowing Hakuo.” It was those words, that Eve spoke exiting the office. Indeed, the traitor had a lot of uses, even if the most probable of them was to parade his head as a warning.
I saw it… This was the head that Panakea showed me.
“Rot.” The she-wolf quietly murmured. For that stench is what she smelled coming off of Carol.
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2023.06.07 16:27 partofthesociety Top 10 most positively reviewed jjk chapters by the community :

10 : 132, 83,14%

Mahito the little bitch
It's the end of Mahito's fight, with a great fake-out from Todo ("The act of applause is an acclamation from the soul !"). Yuji shows the dawg he has in him and completes his cog mentality. Getwo comes at the end of the chapter, hyping a potential fight and worrying Mei Mei's fans. Very interesting chapter.

9 : 150, 83,73%

Kill Bill
Maki versus the Zen'in Clan, she completes her heavenly restriction due to Mai's sacrifice and becomes more like Toji (but not fully awakened yet). Maki destroys everything, as she promised to her sister. Very sad and badass chapter.

8 : 165, 84,78%

Yuji's third death sentence
Higuruma is a fan favorite, and Yuji's development on Shibuya's massacre is very interesting and down to earth. Also domain expansion is always a high rated chapter (except Hakari's versus Charles, one of the most negatively reviewed chapter).

7 : 186, 84,82%

"For the next 4:11 minutes you can call me Gojo Satoru - Over Heaven!"
Hakari's and Kashimo's hype paying off, with one of the best fight of the series imo. Also revenge for panda.

6 : 205, 85,93%

-"Is it even possible to hunt this beast ?" -proceeds to lose shirt
End of Choso's fight with him surviving, when a lot of people were afraid for our big brother. That coupled with Yuki hype and the reveal of her technique, it is no surprise that this chapter is high rated.

5 : 149, 87,13%

Toji 2.0
Maki's development + Mai's sacrifice + Ogi's death (well deserved) + Toji's parallel = fan favorite chapter.

4 : 214, 88,33%

Everytime Yuji shows what a badass he is, the chapter becomes gold. Add to that confirmation that Megumi's still alive and active (many people thought he straight up died) and foreshadowing on Yuji's nature, and just from that this becomes one of the best rated chapter. Only negative is Hana's mess up at the start of the chapter.

3 : 221, 89,09%

Come back of the sex eyes guy (go lime green brr)
Top 3 chapter is Gojo's return. The man was trapped for more than 1100 days. His release was a little anti-climatic for some, but even then the chapter is very positively reviewed. Also call back from chapter 3 "Nah I'd win" and the hype is through the roof !

2 : 178, 89,11%

The biggest blue balling of recent history (colorized)
The peak of sorcery fight. An all out battle with 3 very powerful characters, Yuta being a fan favorite, coupled with three domain expansion and finally an explanation of Yuta's technique. Generally viewed as one of the best chapters (the last panel being a favorite too).

1 : 212, 90,11%

Megumi and the terrible, no good, very bad day
A big twist, and the start of Sukuna's rampage. This chapter broke the internet when it came out. Megumi's bad day became worse and it's time for Yuji's suffering. A no restriction Sukuna (or so we thought) surfaced and he is ready to fuck shit up. Very hype chapter.
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2023.06.07 16:20 Fiery_Bumblebee Am I reading too much into this message from my Nmom?

Context - My BIL very recently died from cancer. They were planning to get married already but when he got the diagnosis they ended up having to get married in hospital, and a week later he died. No one could be there other than my BIL's dad because of how ill he was.
My Nmom had an idea last week to put together a scrapbook for my sister with pictures of the wedding that were taken at the hospital and has asked all close family members to send over pictures as if we were there. Something didn't sit right with me but I couldn't pinpoint what until yesterday.
My mom had tasked me with messaging all my sisters and BIL's close friends and family members, which I did. My BIL's brother (B) who they were both close to, replied saying this -
"Hi Fiery_Bumblebee. Having given this some thought and I mean some thought - I personally don't think this to be a good idea. And knowing my brother I think he would agree. I totally get the thought/intention behind this - I do I think the view point of shared memories/photos from people with both (your sister and BIL) is a good idea. But the idea of people dressed as if the wedding had been under better circumstances doesn't sit too well. The fact that they did what they did should just be left alone, that was their special/individual/private/personal and intimate moment and their memory alone. I totally and fully get the intention behind it... but knowing (your sister and BIL) it should be just left as is - their moment and not a reminder of what it could have been... that would be counter productive, I would personally leave that aspect well alone.
A book, collection of photos and memories from people with (your sister and BIL) would be a great idea - but dont rush it. but I'd strongly suggest leaving the idea of what the wedding could have been. I hope you understand where im coming from. B."
I sent it my mom, and this is her response.
"What about this Fiery_Bumblebee.
I get what your saying B I’d already decided just family in the book. Maybe friends in the back or another book.
I know (sister) will really appreciate this book but I wouldn’t give it to her until I think she’s ready and as her mom I will know, I will include all her sisters in deciding when and it will be something for her to keep.
I promise you it will be their memories their wedding and be intimate and tasteful but I fully understand what you are saying and appreciate your comments. I just wanted to include (BIL's) family and (sisters) family. I’m ok if you don’t want.
Every girl wants a wedding album. It won’t be a reminder of what could have been, I promise I wouldn’t do that to (sister). This is coming from love and the book will do too.
I know you know (BIL) better than me and know what he’d like and I’m sure you’re missing him so much, I’m thinking of you.
I haven't even started it yet it’s a wedding book scrapbooked to show the beauty and their love. I agree not having people dressed in wedding gear and maybe that will be a diff book with their friends later. Hope this makes you feel better about what I’m doing. With love (sisters mom)"
Am I reading too much into this or is this a very narcissistic response? I feel like it looks good on the surface but completely disregards B's opinion and feelings.
Plus I've realised what doesn't sit right with me - B is right, although the album is a nice idea, putting pictures of us there as if we'd gone is just showing my sister what was taken from her.
Bonus context - Before this message from B my mom said she wanted to give this ASAP, and requested that we all dress up like we were at their wedding. BIL was the one helping my sister keep her distance from our mom. Since his death a few weeks ago my mom has been being super friendly and nice, trying to pull her back in. I think she thought this would win her more points?
Sorry for the essay, thanks if you've managed to get this far!
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2023.06.07 16:11 ArrantPariah The Bible does not support Senator Josh Hawley's concept of Manhood

Although he frequently cites the Bible, the Bible does not support Senator Josh Hawley's concept of Manhood.
Josh Hawley, a senator from Missouri, recently published a book called Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs.
You may read a piece that he wrote on the topic for Fox News here.
A rebuttal from Jezebel.
A rebuttal from Common Dreams
A piece from the Washington Post
A piece by Politico
To look specifically at the Biblical arguments of Mr. Hawley's Fox News piece.
In the same breath that the left attacks traditional manhood, they attack traditional faith as well.
A rather ridiculous strawman attack.
That’s no coincidence. Faith and manhood are linked, because for centuries men have looked to faith, to the Bible, to understand who they are and what they can be. In this time of turmoil, our ancient faith can guide us again.
Sure. During the 30 Years War, Europeans murdered each other, by the thousands, over the Bible.
The story of the Bible is more than a collection of familiar tales. It is an invitation to men to find their place in the cosmos, to take up their role in a grand drama that supercharges their lives with meaning.
A bit of hyperbole. People could look to any mythology, including the modern Stars Wars movies, to supercharge their lives with meaning.
Beginning with Adam in the Garden of Eden, the Bible says men are tasked with bringing order to the world, transforming chaos into beauty—the wilderness into a garden. To perform that noble task, every man must form his character: he must shape his soul. The path to manhood is the path to virtue.
So many words, that really mean nothing. Adam was placed in a pre-existing garden, to tend it. After he ate the bit of forbidden fruit, he was cast off into the wilderness. He was sentenced to death, and all 7.9 billion of us are required to suffer the same punishment, even though we had no part in Adam's trifle.
Men are called to form the character of husbands and fathers. They are charged to give themselves for others and humbly accept their own limits, just as Abraham devoted himself to his wife Sarah and trusted God’s promise of a son to come.
Abraham's first son was Ishmael, and he and Sarah were very mean to Ishmael's mom. After Sarah died, he married Keturah, and fathered a large number of sons, with Keturah and various concubines.
Rather than forming "the character of husbands and fathers", Jesus specifically states
If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
This is quite the opposite of calling men to become husbands and fathers. Moreover, it was with some degree of resignation that Paul the asexual wrote
I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.
Josh continues
Men are called to the character of warriors and builders. They must battle evil and bring beauty out of chaos,
Sure. Just look at the "Holy War" against Midian. The Israelites responded to a bit of Midianite hospitality by murdering everyone, and turning surviving virgins into sex slaves, who were divvied up with the cattle, sheep, goats and other spoils.
Josh continues
just as Joshua challenged the monsters of Canaan
What the Hell is he on about? There weren't any "monsters" in Canaan--only people, whom the Israelites murdered and dispossessed.
David laid the foundations for God’s temple.
Wrong! It was Solomon who built the Temple. Solomon also went on a building spree, and built temples for his wives and concubines to worship their own gods.
And men are called to the character of priests and kings. They must bring the promise of eternity everywhere they go and use their power to preserve truth and liberty.
Jesus said
whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.
Moreover, the Beatitudes: Blessed are the poor, the meek, those who mourn, etc. etc. Not blessed are the kings, priests, soldiers, husbands, fathers, etc.
If Josh is looking for an ancient text that approximates his concept of "masculinity", then Mr. Hawley might consider promoting the Analects of Confucius rather than the Bible.
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2023.06.07 15:58 jsb217118 [Event](retro) Dead Kings and dead dreams

July 1519
No no no the letter had to be a lie. And the next one and the next one. Her Richard could not be dead. Not after everything he had been through. To go through all that and just die of sickness, it was like God was playing a cruel joke.
And what did it mean for her? The great certainty in Charlotte's life was that she was going to stand by Richard's side as Queen of England. Even as she mourned for her husband, for that was what her youthful, romantic mind thought of him as despite them not being officially married, she also mourned for the life she would never live, the children she would never bear.
With Richard gone thoughts that she had long thought banished, things her sister sometimes whispered, came back to her. Was she, not a Tudor? Did she not belong with her brothers in Austria? Were Henry and John really traitors? They had not seemed like evil men when she had been a little girl.
All these doubts had been put to the side as it was her duty to love her husband and take his side, and she had done so with gusto. But with him gone, they all came back. Am I the traitor? A coquettish scoundrel who eagerly forsakes my own blood for the promise of a crown?
Charlotte threw herself onto her bed, clutched her pillow, and screamed. Her sobs were not the dignified crying of a Princess, but the loud animalistic wails of a common person unused to suppressing her emotions for the sake of etiquette. She felt so naked, so ashamed to be acting like this.
Even worse nobody seemed to chide her or in any way attempt to punish her for her disgraceful behavior. The servants gave her a wide berth and her nurse took her hand and whispered that everything would be ok. That she would go get her mother. Her nurse, her mother, and sister, all stood by her and held her as she sobbed.
This warm blanket of familial love calmed her down but did not erase the doubts she felt. Whatever happened she knew at least her mother and sister loved her and would look out for her.
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2023.06.07 15:01 Mersnek My (33F) niece (10F) confided in me and I promised I wouldn't tell anyone

My 10 year old niece confided in me that her dad (43M) used a belt to hit her open palms because she stole his special gluten and dairy free brownies. She laughed it off saying how he must really love his brownies. She made me promise not to tell anyone and said when her mum (35F) (my sister) found out, he got told off for an hour about it. Although she laughed it off, my niece also said it was scary and now I feel conflicted as I don't know what to do with this upsetting information. I know my sister has covered for him in the past (when he lost his job, or stayed out all night drinking during Covid) because she doesn't want to make him look bad to our side of the family so I don't think she'd appreciate me knowing this. He's from Ghana originally and his dad used corporal punishment on him growing up so he sees it as a way to teach an unforgettable lesson. My sister doesn't approve of this type of punishment at all. I don't want to meddle or get involved in their private family life but I also feel a duty as a caring person in my niece's life to ensure her safety. I don't think he's aggressive or really dangerous but then I never would have expected this either. There's also the possibility my niece isn't telling the truth but I doubt that. Should I tell someone like my mum or dad? (Her grandparents)
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2023.06.07 14:45 Mersnek My niece confided in me and I promised I wouldn't tell anyone

My 10 year old niece confided in me that her dad used a belt to hit her open palms because she stole his special gluten and dairy free brownies. She laughed it off saying how he must really love his brownies. She made me promise not to tell anyone and said when her mum (my sister) found out, he got told off for an hour about it. Although she laughed it off, my niece also said it was scary and now I feel conflicted as I don't know what to do with this upsetting information. I know my sister has covered for him in the past (when he lost his job, or stayed out all night drinking during Covid) because she doesn't want to make him look bad to our side of the family so I don't think she'd appreciate me knowing this. He's from Ghana originally and his dad used corporal punishment on him growing up so he sees it as a way to teach an unforgettable lesson. My sister doesn't approve of this type of punishment at all. I don't want to meddle or get involved in their private family life but I also feel a duty as a caring person in my niece's life to ensure her safety. I don't think he's aggressive or really dangerous but then I never would have expected this either. There's also the possibility my niece isn't telling the truth but I doubt that.
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2023.06.07 13:56 Almost-Earthling I left my girlfriend of 5 years

I am an imperfect person and there are probably things that I have done that I’m unaware of an am therefore responsible for, but I ended things with my girlfriend of five years and I’m glad I did. I fell in love with someone who from the very beginning was not good for me and I sought after this person anyway, I have a bit of a saviour complex and seem to only fall in love with women who lie to and neglect me. I’m from a very poor family, one of my brothers just got out of his second stint in prison for armed robbery and my other brother is too heavily addicted to hard drugs to be able to reason with at this point. Everything I have gotten thus far I’ve gotten on my own. She didn’t grow up like that, she has a fantastic support network and her parents are absolutely beautiful people who are quite wealthy. Watching her and her sister lie and manipulate them for money constantly was something that initially made me angry but eventually I became numb to and admittedly something that grew to be normal.
Deep down I know that she is a good person, she can be kind, considerate and compassionate to a fault but the way she would lie to get what she wanted always made me slow to trust her. She reminded me of my mother who is a paranoid schizophrenic who neglected and abused me as a child and I know that my taste in women because of that is pretty typical. Neglect and lies were the only love language I was fluent in. My girlfriend had never initiated sex in 5 years which I feel like I was pretty understanding of but man… it makes you feel pretty ugly when the only person in the world you want acts like they don’t want you. Once the trust had been broken beyond repair I finally ended things. we have ended it before and she would pretend to be the person she promised to be for a month and then would go back to normal but I’m not falling for that this time.
Since being broken up she’s spread lies about me saying I’m a narcissist and telling my friends that I secretly hate them but that’s okay. I understand she’s hurt and we’re just two broken people. I’ll always love her and I truly hope she finds someone who can give her what I never could. I hope she makes something of herself and most of all I hope she can be happy.
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2023.06.07 13:50 Santu-010 Who is she???

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2023.06.07 11:16 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 10-Reapings and Train

President Zenia Heavensbee stood in front of the camera with a box in her hands. She opened the box and removed an envelope. Slitting the sealing on the envelope, she pulled out a slip of paper.
She read aloud the quell terms. “In order to reward the mayors for their great service, they will be selecting the two tributes who will possibly become their victors.”
Many in the Capitol were excited for this quell, with many surmising that potential grudges could take place in the form of mayors taking revenge on their enemies by reaping their children.
District 11
Pedro Romular (Game 9 victor) stood next to the bowl, but would not be performing the reapings this year. Mayor Lillian Cantrell walked up to the staircase, and descended the stairs. She walked into the crowd of females, many of whom looked scared.
She stepped into the fifteen year old sector, and grabbed the hand of a young lady with dark skin and braids. She selected the girl, and as both walked up to the stage, the girl burst into tears. The young girl introduced herself as Rosetta Ross, and Mayor Cantrell admitted to choosing the girl due to having a dispute with her mother, who she angrily stated had stolen the man that she loved.
Mayor Cantrell then walked up the stairs again, passing Rosetta’s brother, much to his relief, and chose seventeen year old Chayote Findley. As the ebony skinned boy walked to the stage, a braided ponytail of hair flowing behind him, Mayor Cantrell admitted that Chayote had rejected her daughter’s advances.
Booing was then heard from the crowd, as Rosetta and Chayote were taken into the town hall for family visits.
Rosetta was visited by her parents and younger brother, Sedge. She cried in her father’s arms, who angrily spoke of his hate for Mayor Cantrell, as his wife had died six years ago, and her grudge should have ended by now. Rosetta was then taken to the train.
Chayote was visited by his twin sister Alocasia, and younger brother Agave. He promised to return, and to prove Mayor Cantrell wrong.
Once on the train, Rosetta and Chayote met their mentor, the now 22 year old Terra Pruitt, who tearfully hugged both of them, apologizing for their reaping. Terra taught Rosetta and Chayote how to throw knives.
Once they arrived at the apartment, they were informed that the parade would not occur for quells. The next afternoon, Terra turned on the television to show District 2’s reaping.
District 2
Grudges were not seen at District 2’s reaping, where Mayor Demetrius Dalton instead selected training academy attendees.
He selected seventeen year old Fabiana Coleman for the female tribute, and a pretty young lady with golden hair and blue eyes walked to the stage, and shook Mayor Dalton’s hand, excitement shown on her face. Fabiana was known for being best with a spear.
In a surprise move, Mayor Dalton selected one of his own sons, eighteen year old Decimus Dalton, to be tribute. A young man with ebony skin and a dark afro of hair walked to the stage, hugging his father and thanking him. Decimus was known for his amazing sword skills.
Fabiana was visited by her parents and younger brother Claudius. She promised to bring the family glory, before being taken to the train.
Decimus was visited by his father, and two older brothers, Leviticus and Nicodemus. Decimus promised to return and bring District 2 glory.
Once on the train, Fabiana met her mentor, the now 27 year old Horus Greenstaff. He worked with her one on one, and helped her improve her spear skills,
Meanwhile 21 year old Atticus Cross worked with Decimus on his sword skills, and seemed impressed with Decimus’s overall brutality.
Once at the apartment, Atticus turned on the television to show District 10’s reaping, claiming that it’s tributes had made it into the top ten a lot during the past ten years.
District 10
As Pedro Romular had won the previous year, District 10 would be the last to be reaped, per custom in the new era.
Mayor Randall Stonewall was known for his hatred of Pedro, and this year’s reaping was based solely off of that.
First Mayor Stonewall selected Pedro’s fiancée and mother of his two children, eighteen year old Hermosa Lopez. A hateful look crossed Pedro’s face as a young lady with bobbed curly caramel hair and hazel eyes walked to the stage. Hermosa’s notably refused to share Mayor Stonewall’s hand.
Mayor Stonewall then selected Pedro’s brother in law, eighteen year old Juan Torres. A tall, muscular young man with olive skin and dark curls of hair walked to the stage, and also refused to shake Mayor Stonewall’s hand. Juan was married to Pedro’s sister Patricia, who was now seven months pregnant with a daughter, their first child.
As Hermosa and Juan were taken into the town hall, Pedro walked up to Mayor Stonewall, stabbing him in the stomach with a kitchen knife multiple times. The crowd began to cheer for Pedro, and the peacekeeper forces notably just stood there, as Pedro was good friends with all of them. Pedro was never punished for his actions, as President Zenia Heavensbee refused to allow him to be arrested, claimed that she felt sympathy for him.
Mayor Stonewall bled to death on the stage, and his body was taken for burial afterwards.
Pedro arrived in the town hall to visit his fiancée and brother in law, and told his sister that her husband Juan’s reaping had been avenged. His other sister Rosalina promised to watch Buster and Silvia, until Hermosa and Juan returned, as both were parents and could be revived.
Pedro escorted Hermosa and Juan to the train, and taught both how to use a machete, and informed them that they had to kill whoever it took in order to return.
Once at the apartment, Pedro showed them both his Games, and gave them advice for a variety of arenas.
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2023.06.07 09:12 Repuagw Parents are mad I(19m) won’t clean up my sister(18f)‘s mess for her

She used to date my best friend(19m) before cheating on and leaving him. Last week she told me she feels terrible for what she did and wants him back. My sister even offered me $100 if I’d call my friend and told him she is suicidal. She promised to pay me if I would help manipulate my best friend into taking her back. I told her to fix her own problem herself and she went running to our parents.
They are now telling me off for being ‘heartless’ and mean to my sister. What do I tell them?
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2023.06.07 09:11 UniComix Retaliation Chapter 1

Author's Note: This original work had once been created in hopes to be an original Star Wars story. The author has adapted the story to be its own original work taking place in the franchise. In particular, the author has chosen between the movies of Episode 6 and 7. Main characters, battles and other major events will either be cut out or referenced. This is not a fanfiction. All characters were created from the author aside other characters, such as the sentient species, items like blasters, were created and rightfully owned by Lucasfilm.
17 Standards Years Ago
She recalled the day when her brother was gone for good. Little Sorella was 6 years old. She and her brother, Dearthair, 12 were on their own in Kail.
Kail was Coruscant's smaller twin, on the grassland planet Miero. The town had stone adobes of shops and homes, everyone full of giddy and glow. Out to the south laid Neero, a spaceport settlement. On the occasion, some folk traveled to Neero to obtain exotic goods to sell back in Kail.
Despite the hearty prosperity of Kail, Sorella, and Dearthair were orphans. They hid in their ruined home, once full of glee and joy, now faded, cracked, and sloppy. Clothes, pots, pans, holograms, and drawers with emptiness now occupied the home.
Their parents ventured to Neero, trusting Dearthair to take care of the place while they were gone.
Later that day, an investigator visited the home to confirm that their parents, had died while protecting a kid from being taken away by traffickers.
With no parents, they were brought to the next town, Grangor. Yet, both knew, they couldn't stay there. The foster center was a heap, a dump. The caregiver didn't care about the kids trashing the place, she just wanted her money from the adoption fee to bid and brag about how she won another bet on Odupiendo racing. The children there began to form groups, making turfs and destroying each other's territory.
Not to mention, the possibility of separation. Their chances were even higher considering families of Grangor could only afford for 2 children to raise. They knew if either one of them left, they would no longer be the family they once knew before.
So by the next day, Sorella and Dearthair escaped and stayed in Kail. All it became was their next worst nightmare. The town had been ransacked by raiders. The community now had to use its funds to restore what was lost. And that meant raising prices and trips to Neero to resell exotic goods for better deals.
Despite this, they went back to their home and pondered about the food they would eat and how they could keep the place up.
At first, they begged for a bit. And when begging didn't work, one would pickpocket the distracted fool. They used any credit they acquired to quiet the rumbles in their stomachs.
Dearthair even began to ask for jobs around town but no one wanted to hire them. Not enough money to pay, one vendor noted. Had they not used the funds, there would've been a chance.
However, sometimes, if the shipments they received or the abundance of the crop were good, a few of the family friends they knew would stop by and give the siblings food. One of them, Kli, a Zeltron, tried her best to visit often, cleaning their home and cooked meals. She told them she would have offered her place but unfortunately, due to audits visiting, she did not want to risk them being taken back to foster care. (After all, for her, it was hard to lie. She hated telling a lie).
The siblings didn't mind, they appreciated the help.
They did eventually stop pickpocketing aside Dearthair who had gotten better at it. He promised to stop but he figured a few credits wouldn't hurt.
He was almost caught once at the same time as the day Sorella last saw him.
Dearthair was eyeing around a restaurant, searching for a clumsy idiot. There were a few visitors from other worlds here, whining and belching their sorrows away about some rumored war. This prompted Dearthair to steal without worry. Who would even notice? Even the bartenders would be too busy to give these drunks their drinks and people chatted about their life at tables.
As he passed by a few patrons, talk fumbled into the air. "Did you hear?" a Rodian stammered. "They're taking the children....just come in and start shooting..."
"What is the New Republic going to do about it? Nothing!" a Twi'lek snapped.
"I've heard that they use certain techniques....they don't remember who they were," an elderly man huffed.
Dearthair grumbled. None of these clients seemed to be carrying a huge sum of credits. Most looked down on their luck. Then there was...
He spotted a drunken human fool, slamming his credits on the counter. The human had on shiny boots with a blaster at his side, and gold linings on his coat toppled with a furry vest. "Moar!" he yelped. "Dang tenders....can't even affurd a proper dr...visit Kail they said, the best place to hide and..."
Dearthair slithered by the human's side, eyeing the gold before his eyes. He glimpsed around the room, checking for onlookers one last night in case anyone had the idea to look.
He stopped as he felt the human turn to him. "Hey kid...cun you tell sumone to hurry it up? I hit the jackpot today!"
"Oh, did you?" Dearthair said, raising his eyebrows.
"Sure did," the human burped. "Got me a hefty bounty and now I lay here low. I heard this place was the besst. It's gone to crap. You all this money for might as well just take off to another place....they say a storm's run if you an..."
"Really, huh?" Dearthair continued, now secretly roaming his hand in the human's coat pockets, scrambling for credits.
"Kid, listen to me, HIC-UP, you're better off on your own if I were you." The human sneezed and tossed his credits on the counter to the bartender. "Yo tender, gimme another one of those bluey thingies. The watchmacallit with the special."
"That's unfortunate," Dearthair hummed, now counting how many credits he had in his hand before shoving it in his pocket.
The human swirled around in his seat, causing Dearthair to flinch. He froze, terrified that he was caught. The human hadn't seen it but the way his eyes stared at the was like he knew.
He proved to be wrong as he sighed. "Kid, I know I...HI-CUP...may look like a fool but...never turn your back down on an offer. Look one's coming to help you. The town got ransacked by raiders and do you get? Nothing. You have to use everything on your own to 'fix' your problems. Yet if it was Neero, oh, for sure, let's make it all pretty and shiny for the tourists. And yet they stop the imports because of the darn fear of theft."
"Well, everyone helps when they can," Dearthiar noted. "A little bit of help can go a long way."
"Yeah, but to be a have to learn to be on your own. You wanna be someone's babysitter fine. They admire you more though...when you can show you can stand on your own two feet. That's what everyone wants. So guess what...if this upcoming war starts and the New Republic ain't doing a lick of Bantha dong to help....then my allegiance is to those who offer me a place."
The human glanced at his new drink sitting quietly, took one long chug, and laid his head on the counter to sleep.
Dearthair breathed in and out, full of relief. The other customers were still busy with their worries. Digging in for a few more credits, he booked out of the restaurant, heading back home.
He knocked on the door and sounded the bell, alerting Sorella he was there. She led him in and they counted the credits.
"1,000 credits," Dearthair noted. "Enough for 2 loaves of bread, some pieces of fruit, blue milk, porridge from Kali's and maybe we'll have enough to buy The Last Starfighter." He nodded to the holoprojector they had propped by the window along with a few holograms.
"Can't wait to watch that one, I heard from Yue it was a good show," Sorella said.
They went out to buy the items and returned home happily. Yet, Dearthair's mind did not venture off from the human's words. Even when watching The Last Starfighter, he kept thinking back to that old kook's speech. Were they truly doomed to be there?
Well, he knew the guy was drunk but still...his words held some truth.
Kail was surely picking its place back up but time proved other areas were now suffering. Neero was barely getting any more exotic goods, causing another economic shift, leaving Kail to sell only what they produced around them. And last of Grangor, pfff, who knows. And with words about war, kidnappings, and no one made Dearthair wonder how he could escape this.
He stared at Sorella, intentively interested in the hologram. She had become a bit of a handful now. Kli wasn't around as much considering she was preparing her shop for inspection. Sorella once had almost set the house on fire by trying to cook some food. Or that other time when she tried to take some strange "candy" from an alien, he had to swipe her away.
He was the one who had to take charge, making sure they had food, she wasn't going anywhere she shouldn't be, keep aware of who was at the door, and how to pickpocket....come to think of it, he surely could've survived by himself. Still, he knew Sorella was all that was left of the family he knew.
His parents...they would be so proud of him, doing all he could to provide for himself and his sister. Yet, there was only so much he could do now.
"Hey, Sorella?" he asked as the hologram ended, the hero fading in the blue light. "Do you ever think about...getting away from here?"
Sorella thought for a bit. "I don't know...I mean...I like it here. It can be rebuilt. We just need to get more money."
Dearthair felt his heart clenched. "Well, what if you had to get away from here....and go anywhere else?"
"Well, yeah, I would go but then I go back over here," Sorella beamed.
"What is it that you love about it here?"
"Well, how it used to be. Remember when Kli would give us those Oprair cakes, Ronen with the Swirly Tumblers, Jei let us play with the Pikies. home to me. I can't imagine leaving it." Sorella's eyes glistened with tears. "And Mom...Dad..."
Dearthair swung his head. He circuited his eyes back to Sorella only, seeing her stare into space, more tears plundering down.
He felt guilty seeing her eyes like that. It would eat him up next, reminding him about his parents. It reminded him though what a baby she was...she could never keep her emotions in check. She was always so sensitive when it came to things that bothered her, like when he told her to be careful about cooking.
"Are we going to go away?"
Sorella's eyes were now on Dearthair, awaiting an answer.
Dearthair shook his head. "The only one coming and going is me," he said, patting her head. "You're staying here."
Sorella laughed. She yawned and got up, heading towards her room. "Goodnight, Dearthair," she said. "Thanks for always looking out for me, brother."
Dearthair smiled. "Of course," he said, his eyes averted away. "Anything to keep family together."
She didn't remember the exact time, but it happened at the darkest hour of the night. Sorella woke up to hearing screams, and loud wails booming through the atmosphere.
Then came the smoke. She sniffed the air, a wisp of charcoal and harsh heat filling her lungs. She coughed a little before getting up, wondering if maybe it was Dearthair this time trying to cook (he had his moments too).
Instead of the glare from the windows, she saw bright gleams of blazes erupting around the other homes.
"What?" she gasped, checking around and seeing the chaos unfold before her eyes.
A few of the homes were destroyed, either eaten alive by the pulsing inferno or shattered apart.
People were running everywhere, bellows echoing and confusion amassing.
What the hell was going on?
"Dearthair! Kail's on fire!" Sorella yelled, running to her brother's room. She went inside to see he wasn't there. "Dearthair?"
The house shook wildly. Sorella stumbled to keep her balance. She ducked under a table, stayed for a few minutes, and then bolted out to the door again, to peek.
She now saw one of the sources of the chaos. Before her eyes was a white armored abomination, its hideous nightmarish visor scanning around for its next victim. Behind its body, it held a giant tank and in its hands, a huge gun with a nozzle. The abomination aimed the nozzle at a home and enraptured its flames from the gun. It engulfed the house in seconds.
Sorella gulped, stepping back inside her home. Danger lurked behind her as she twirled around to see flames were now entering her home.
Sorella shrieked and scampered out.
She took no notice of the abomination known as the Flametrooper, eyeing her running away. "We have one here, near the homes," he noted.
Sorella mindlessly searched around. "Dearhair!" she cried, wondering where he was. She even looked for the adults, any familiar faces but no one stopped, they continue to run without care.
Sorella turned to see a kid like her now snatched up by another abomination. This one had a different visor, its helmets more delicate with design and he carried no tank, just a blaster in his hand. "That's almost all of them!" the second abomination, the Stormtrooper said, carrying the struggling kid away.
Sorella felt a verge of tears and bellows in her body but she knew she had to escape. In times of danger like this taught by Dearthair, she knew she had to run.
She darted past a couple more homes before she then saw one of the Stormtroopers takes notice of her. "Get her!"
She crawled through gaps, between walls, under trenches, anywhere to get away from the horrid monsters.
She never turned around.
Sorella made it safe once she had entered a small hole in a broken-down store, its entrance blocked by the fallen beam supports. The troopers behind her attempted to fight their way in, clashing with the beams. She ran to the back entrance and shut the door, hoping for some reason at least that would stop them.
She turned around to see another nightmare. The Stormtroopers with the kids were heading inside large vehicles. Kids all stuck together, hugging one another and crying. A few bodies laid on the ground. Some folks still fought the troopers, which unfortunately ended in their demise.
"You won't take him away from me!" a mother yelled. She was on the ground the second she jumped at a trooper.
Sorella hid behind a crate, peering from above. She spotted him.
"Dearthair?" she said, seeing a familiar figure. He was guided by two Stormtroopers, heading inside one of the large vehicles.
"No, Dearthair!" Sorella yelled.
She foolishly ran forward, only to be picked up by someone. Kli held her in her arms, rampantly charging towards a land speeder.
"No, my brother!"
"We'll find him," Kli said. "I'm sorry, Sorella, there's nothing we can do. You will die!"
"I don't care, I don't want them to take my brother!".
Sorella's eyes misted. Her vision blurred as she turned from the inferno of homes to the somber kids in vehicles and looked back to the land speeder, a few others joining them. There were the last of parents, shopkeepers, and their children.
"Hit it!" Kli said as she strapped herself and Sorella in.
"No, Dearthair!" Sorella said, turning around.
The pad to the vehicle closed up, sealing the familiar figure's fate.
"No! Turn back! Turn back!" Sorella pleaded. "!"
No one gave her any recognition as the land speeder surged forward, Kili holding Sorella tightly, trying to calm her.
"We have to tell everyone about this," Kli hollered. Get the New Republic, contact the other planets around us and..."
She never finished her words as a huge blast exploded behind them, sending the vehicle tumbling.
All Sorella remembered from this part was that she was flying in the air for a bit and hit the ground, knocking her to sleep.
Thanks for reading this if you made it to the end! This is my first time writing in a while (I know I probably messed up some stuff) and I'm all about improving at my craft. Critique away every little bit, just help me to know what I can do to improve!
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2023.06.07 09:04 YourNiceLabStudent I (21f) left home and now my parents are haunting me and threatening legal action

I come from a toxic environment at home with both problematic parents. A month ago I decided I had enough and moved away, changed city and I currently stay with a friend and her husband (both 28). When I did so, I left without talking to my parents, because even the smallest discussion became huge with them, I could not talk to them about the smallest problem so I imagined they would have never allowed me to move out, my mom being very paranoid and focused on control. I sent them a text, telling them I was going away and that for the moment I did not want contact with them. As you can imagined, we had a couple of rough Weeks, my sister (24f) convinced me to talk to them and for a bit we were low contact, but they escalated again and started making demands and threats. I agreed to go talk to them one time to keep the peace, but I soon found out they started a campaign behind my back, as far as contacting my university, my boss and all my?friends. I was shocked and pretty hurt, cause I have anxiety and it was all much. We agreed to keep some distance and stay in contact, but in less than a week I recieved a phone call where my mom thrones me to go home the day after, telling me I was crazy and I could not do this. I did not go and my mother said, quote "prepare for war" and promised to alienate me from everyone back home. I changed number soon after. Since then a couple of days have passed and she was true to her promise: she told all my friends I was crazy, a liar and even called the friend with whom I'm currently living with, accusing her of having strange intentions and yesterday she said she will take legal action and will soon come. What can she do? Can she really involve authorities? What should I do??
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2023.06.07 08:17 Santu-010 Who is she guys?

Who is she guys? submitted by Santu-010 to transtimelines [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 08:16 Santu-010 Who is she??

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2023.06.07 07:02 KarEssMoua All my socials, from Beginners to Masters!

All my socials, from Beginners to Masters!
Hello everyone,
I wanted to share with you all of my social outposts, with MY ratings and comments about it, so depending on your level, you can choose which one you wanna play, although all of my outposts are considered as brutal. From all streamers/players that played my outposts, they all said that I have a very unique kind of building (though I suck at exterior architecture, but I promise you this is different inside). All of my maps are speedrunnable, so feel free to try it!
If you don't want to read anything and play any of my outposts randomly, feel free to type Twitch.KarEssMoua to find all my maps.
DISCLAIMER: None of my maps are mazes / killboxes / death alleys
Hope you will have fun! :)

Difficulty : Normal

1) Badger Lee is a short map, perfect for beginners to discover some tricks and how to use your environment. It's also my first prestige 10 map that I built during the beta.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy
2) District Heights is even shorter than Badger Lee and can focus on high pressure if you are a fast player. However, running it slow will also be a challenge for new players.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy

Difficulty : Challenging

  1. Swans Island is a small map with more or less the same length as Badger Lee. It includes more sneaky traps and play with the environment more than the two previous ones. It is a map that I made with my viewers. A challenging map for beginners, where veterans might find this map surprising but generaly easy.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy
2) Rhinebeck did more kills than I expected and exceeded my expectations. It's a mix of two playstyles, which I won't spoil so you can discover it by yourself.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium
3) Osage City is a challenging map for beginners and medium players, that will require your focus during the whole run. More focus on mental pressure, you will have to deal with traps waiting for you at any corner.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium
4) Citrus County is a map with a spicy entry that can be a real challenge for new players. More focused on action with sneaky traps and the use of the grappling, enjoy a map where you can use your environment to protect yourself or jump into the fight and slay everything in sight! Also, you might different paths!
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium

Difficulty : Hard

  1. Mower County, Osage City' sister, pushes the concept of mental pressure further, pushing you to make a mistake. If you are a new player, I would recommend to play Osage City before jumping in Mower County.
Speedrun difficulty : Medium to Challenging
2) Howells is a messy map (if you already played some of my other maps, you know what I mean), and intends to confuse you in a packed environment. You might be surprised how you can die in this one. The lack of raids has been due to the MM issues we had before.
Speedrun difficulty : Challenging
3) High Hill is going to mess up a bit with you. Mixing all the previous combinations, I tested out a new way to build. I'm not gonna lie, I struggled a bit to build this map, but the outcome has been pretty satisfying! The lack of raids has been due to the MM issues we had before.
Speedrun difficulty : Hard

Difficulty : Extreme

  1. Twin Peaks, Grand Lake Stream's little sister is going to confuse you and bully you for a bit. Get ready to be lost into madness and get shot at from any direction.
Speedrun difficulty : Hard to Very Hard
2) Hannibal is brutal. There is no other words. Going slow or going fast, this map is going to give you hard times and will press you to the limit, using a high mental pressure combined with deadly traps. Only one misstep and you are gone. Definitely not recommend for new players, or only if you would like Hell as a tutorial.
Speedrun difficulty : Extreme
3) Grand Lake Stream is an old map that I built during the beta and reworking with time. With an initial 15,7 kill ratio (lowered by social unfortunately), this map counts more than 2 000 kills (official + social). Grand Lake Stream made it tough for a lot of raiders, hoping to get to the genmat and leave this madness behind them. If you wanna dive into an unique kind of madness, this is your way to go. Grand Lake Stream is going to offer you the challenge you need, most of the time. This is also a nostalgic map that I cherish way more than any others.
Speedrun difficulty : Very Hard to Extreme
Thanks for reading, HF!
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2023.06.07 06:44 baileylmaximoff AITA for refusing to speak to my dad after I “ruined his life?”

Hi, I’m Ashton, for some backstory
I (17M), have two older sisters. Jamie (22F) and Hannah (25F). Jamie and I have the same parents, but Hannah has a different dad. That hasn’t really affected us much growing up, as my dad Damian (46M) adopted her when she was a baby.
My parents are divorced, and Hannah and my dad don’t talk anymore because he is a very manipulative and selfish person. He constantly feels the need to make himself the victim. The reason they don’t talk anymore is because when I was 11, my dad told me he thought my sisters career would never go anywhere and that she was being stupid for thinking it would. Since I was a kid, I immediately told my sister and that was her final straw.
Jamie and I still try to maintain somewhat of a relationship with our dad, just because we just want to try.
I recently went through drivers ed, which if you don’t know is very expensive. Before I even went to class, my mom texted my dad to make sure he would help pay for it which he promised he would.
Well, a few weeks ago my class ended, and my dad still hadn’t paid a cent. My mom messaged him to ask him to pay it, and word for word, this was his response.
“Wel Ashton and Hannah hate me. Atleast Jamie has a heart but Ashton and Hannah wouldn’t even come to my funeral. Ashton ruined my life and is the reason Hannah doesn’t talk to me anymore. Congratulations, you got what you want. The kids hate me and I’m sure they’re very nice to you.”
Keep in mind that I honestly hadn’t talked to him in a while before this, so I don’t really know where he got this from. And the last time we hung out was with Jamie, so I don’t know why she was favourited. My mom replied,
“Damian the relationship you have with our children is 100% on you, there is nothing I can do or they can do to change how they feel about you. Hannah not talking to you is your own fault, you do not get to live in this fantasy world where you’re constantly the victim.”
To which he replied,
“That’s not fantasy, it’s just how it is. He isn’t getting a penny from me when he doesn’t even care about me.”
Honestly, I’ve been more confused if anything. I haven’t done anything or said anything to him that would give him this impression, I think he’s just saying it because he’s mad at me for something I did 6 years ago. But whatever it is, I don’t wanna deal with it. He’s tried to text and call but I haven’t even read them, I’m honestly really done.
But, my grandma and step mom have also been bombarding me with texts. A few of them which I read, most of them were just saying “Wow, you’re really gonna make him lose another kid? He does everything for you.” (My mom does and has paid for everything for us for the past 7 years, he doesn’t even pay his child support anymore.)
I just want to make sure that there is no way here that I am in the wrong, so Am I The Asshole?
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2023.06.07 06:00 LucyAriaRose NEW UPDATES: AITA for calling my MIL on my Fiancé?

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/Whofuckingknows2. She posted in AmItheAsshole, her own profile and TrueOffMyChest.
I posted the first few updates in BORU 2 months ago here. These are her newest updates.
The start of the new updates is marked with ***\*
Trigger Warning: Verbal/emotional abuse that escalates; drug addiction
Mood Spoiler: rollercoaster but it's pretty bleak right now
Original Post: March 5, 2023
My fiancé (m22) was injured over a month ago and had surgery to correct things literally two days after the accident. I (21f) have been my his side the entire time. I have more or less become his caregiver.
In the last month I have taken over the role of keeping our house together. I cook all the meals. I take care of the pets. I stay up all night to tend to his endless needs. I take him to the bathroom. I have been working remote. I haven’t left the house for more than an hour since the accident (aside from taking him to and from appointments). I am not saying this to complain, I am grateful that my life allows for me to support him the way I have.
My problem is his attitude. He was given very strong pain killers for the first two weeks after surgery. He had to extend his time on them and recently stopped taking them in the last week. When he was taking them, he thanked me, told me how much he loved me, apologized at every step, though he didn’t need to. Without the meds he doesn’t seem to see that I am helping him. Every dish I bring him is the wrong one, he will yell for me and when I come he will tell me to “fuck off” if he’s in pain he expects me to fix it. I am exhausted. I can’t do anything right and it is wearing on me. I haven’t slept in weeks. I haven’t seen a friend or family member in way too long. I can’t even be on the phone for more than 10 minutes without it being an issue.
After days of what turned into verbal abuse, I called my MIL. I told her everything as soon as I saw he was asleep. I cried for about 15 minutes. I felt terrible unloading on her like that, but I had so much built up frustration I just couldn’t stop. She was very supportive on the phone, let me know I wasn’t wrong to feel like that., and let me cry. After hearing everything she was furious and ended our call to talk to her son. She tore him an new asshole. I heard him trying to defend himself through the door but it was mostly just stammering.
She flew up yesterday and put me up in a nice hotel. I haven’t heard much from my fiancé since I left but as I was leaving he was yelling at me for calling his mom, he said he didn’t want to marry someone who couldn’t be there for him in sickness. I told him I loved him and I was sorry, I am just so tired. He didn’t care and just told me to go, and his mom could do a better job for him then I ever could.
So now I’m in my way too nice hotel room, feeling like a major AH. I need to know if I am wrong here.Edit- He began weaning off two weeks ago and became fully dependent on over the counter medication this week. He did not stop taking them cold turkey. His doctors were heavily involved too, due to previous drug abuse.
Edit 2- March 6, 2023 (Next Day)
MIL is taking him back to they’re hometown once they can get flights together. I’ll stay in this hotel until then. Fiancé doesn’t want to talk yet and tbh I don’t blame him, he knows what’s coming and that I am pissed. I’ll go visit him in a week so I have until then to decide how I want to move forward. My mother called last night about a venue she found in my hometown and I told her what’s going on, she doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a “pending divorce” so we are stepping back from planning.
Not much more to add, I’m excited to see my pets and be able to sleep in my own bed. I’m going to try to make my sister fly to my state so I can have some company. That’s pretty much it. I’m in serious awe about how I let my life get like this, but oh well. Today will be better.
Relevant Comments:
Is it withdrawal?
"He behaves like this frequently when in pain, just never to this degree. I can promise you that he had been weaned off and would tell me if that’s what he was feeling. I have seen him go through much worse withdrawals when we first met and this isn’t that. He is lashing out on me in pain, which I get. I was the only person around."
"He has a history of drug abuse, I took administration of the pills very seriously. Due to his history we worked very closely with his psychiatric team and the orthopedic to make his weaning period as easy as possible. I should have put that in the post but he did not stop cold turkey."Is this abnormal behavior?"He has what some would call a short fuse. Especially with me. Him saying hurtful remarks to me or just blatantly putting me down is not necessarily uncommon and is something we are working on. Prior to this he would apologize and make it up to me, now even when I’m in tears he will just keep laying on insults."
OOP has thoughts later that day:
"Being away and able to process the last month of my life has been eye opening. I couldn’t imagine trying to care for a child under conditions like that. I couldn’t imagine how frustrated I would be. HIs injury is in his arm, he can walk, he can use his left (dominant) hand. I understand that he is in pain and its awful but I have had a friend with much worse injuries help us move! I’m thinking about returning my ring."
OOP is voted NTA
Update in comments (Same Post): March 13, 2023 (8 days later)
"I’ve returned. My last night in the hotel I called my parents to make a plan and it didn’t go well. I’m home with my fiancé again. He wont talk to me except to bark orders at me. I’m hoping I can move out within a month or two. Surgery and recovery are expensive and we have been living on my income for some time and I’m pretty broke but I’m keeping my head up and I’m confident I can get myself out."
Why didn't he go with his mom?
"I know she pushed for him to go home but he is a very stubborn boy. Thank you, I will be okay."
Update Post: March 22, 2023 (17 days from OG post)
Updates on AITA seem like a process so I’ll just post here.
I went home two days after posting. Things were sad. My mil had cleaned but the energy in the house was a bummer. The first thing he said to me when I got back was “I’m glad you’re back, can you make me a snack?” There was no apology, no accountability, just a task. He only talked to me when he needed something. His attitude was worsening. My mil took the rest of he prescribed opiates so I knew he wasn’t using.
The weekend following the MIL debacle my wonderful Fiancé told me he had friends coming to stay for the weekend. 2 hour heads up. Didn’t ask. I sighed and made up the guest room. His friend and friends girlfriend came to stay. During the stay my fiancé bought me flowers, got out of bed daily, took me out, and let me call my parents unsupervised. The day they left he was back to bed with a shitty attitude.
I wish I could say I am in my own apartment with my pets and a bottle of rosé that’s just for me. Or with my girlfriends that I haven’t seen in months. Unfortunately I’m writing this on the couch while I listen to the music that are his endless demands. However I do have a light at the end of the tunnel.
I’m scared to leave him in person but he’s leaving the country for a month in April. My sister lives abroad and I’m working on getting to her during that month. It’s a process especially with pets. I look forward to getting there.
My mother hasn’t spoken to me since I told her I was returning the ring because “That’s not we do, we clean our messes.” But I have my fathers unwavering support. I’ll miss my MIL but I deserve that kindness and understanding from my partner, not his mother. I have stopped forcing myself to find the joy in his presence and its helping to fuel my drive to get out of here. I may update again when I get to my sister but don’t be surprised if I do my best to put this chapter behind me.
Thanks for the kind words. I hope you all get the love and hugs you need.
Update in a comment on my OG BORU post:
Why isn't he with his mom?
"MIL was planning on taking him, he refused. Things got very bad since I posted this. Im currently in my childhood room at my fathers (decently hungover) and I am officially a single lady."
OOP then added a few new comments to her latest post in regards to questions:
About "calling her parents unsupervised":
"I called my sister once when I was scared of him awhile back. She called the police. He liked to be in the room when I was talking to family following that incident so I didn’t say anything “dramatic”. I should have seen how bad it was. Typing that out just feels gross."
More about what happened:
"I don’t want to get too into it but we had a bad night. It ended with me locked on the balcony. I still have some bruising. I was able to call my father on my watch and we made a plan to get me home the next morning"
Are you and your pets safe?
"Yep. Im with my dad now."
"They are. They aren’t in my arms yet but I should get them back in the next week."
****Update Post 2: April 14, 2023 (5 weeks from OG post, 3 from last)***\*
It’s been some time and I finally feel comfortable enough with my situation to update y’all.
My pets and I are safely with my father. We’ve been here a couple weeks and things are going well. I’m working remote but also searching for a new position closer to my hometown so I can still have a social life. My animals are adapting to life without their dad, and I’m doing my best to join them.
My ex and I were high school sweethearts. I have been through most major life event with him. There is only a small fraction of my life as an adult that I have been through without him. Leaving was really hard. I am still second guessing myself. But I realized recently that by not enabling his shitty behavior I really am helping him.
He went on his planned trip and I took that opportunity to get everything I needed from our shared home and made arrangements going forward for my lease. He took his trip as an opportunity to reflect on his behavior within our relationship, specifically the last year. He is pretty disappointed in himself. It seems that the company he was on vacation with helped to hold a pretty clear mirror to his face and he was really unhappy with what he saw. I feel bad he’s really having a hard time with this self awareness but I do really appreciate the accountability that has been accompanied.
I’d like to add that I don’t hold any resentment towards him. I am hurt and disappointed in the way he felt he could treat me, but I don’t hate him. I was sad to hear how upset he was with himself, though a little relieved I wasn’t being painted as the “crazy ex” I was sure he would paint me as. Since getting home he has started therapy and is looking for a new sponsor. We talk about once a week so he can see his pets, I also do not mind the positive updates. When we talk it’s respectful, there is still a lot of love, but I’ve set boundaries that keep him from hounding me about our relationship.
I have also started a new therapy. This is my first serious breakup and the after shock is real. It’s hard to lose your best friend, future husband, and father of your fur babies in one go. I am confident however, that this is essential to both of our growth. I’m happy that we can have a respectful albeit small relationship. Who knows what the future holds but for now I’m doing my best to be content with this new independence, and grateful my life can go through road blocks and I can get through easily, thanks to my amazing support system.
I still haven’t spoken with my mother. That will be much later and I will be requiring a serious apology. I love my mom, but I’m not going to stand for her demanding I make really unhealthy choices to appease her, and so she doesn’t have to be “embarrassed by my broken home”??? I mean come on man I’m 21. My broken little tykes home lets be real. I am young and smart and pretty and I have a really good kind life in my future. Thank you for helping me not settle for “comfortable”. I hope I never have to update again. And I hope you are all having a really Good Friday.
Relevant Comment:
It's good his behavior is improving, but don't rejoin the relationship:
"Absolutely. I’m pleased to see progress. Period. I have no intentions of rejoining that relationship. I am just really happy that he is also getting a new start that is positive, and I am proud of him for taking it seriously and getting the help he needs. I was fully expecting self destruction while blaming me and instead he’s owning up to his mistakes and trying to do better for himself."
Update Post 3: April 28, 2023 (2 weeks from last post, almost 2 months from OG post)
I left out of my last post my final interaction with my ex. It didn’t seem too important at the time, but we had a final hookup the last time I saw him. I am now pregnant.
This was my biggest fear while with him, having a child and being solely responsible for them. I am now in that exact position. I told my ex a couple days after I found out. I assured him that this changes nothing about our relationship, but as he is the father he has the right to be involved in the conversation.
He declared he is moving to my hometown and he will be “the best goddamn father you’ve ever seen”. I have my doubts, I am full of anxiety. I’ve barely learned how to treat my self correctly. I want my kid to be so beyond loved. I want my child to have everything in the world and more. I don’t know how to do that on my own. I am encouraged to see my ex making big boy steps to be a part of our kids life. But I’m also cautious he’s doing all this to get back in my good graces.
I can’t be a mom to my ex and my future child. I cant fall back into the same dynamic that made me leave. I am doing what I can to stay strong and hold my ground, but then he send flowers, or a massage certificate, or a bump box. Every gift, every check in text, and every mention of OUR baby gets me closer to going back to him.
I don’t really know why I’m posting this. I guess its cathartic to get this all down and out in my own words. It’s hard to write your own narrative in your words in a small gossipy home town. It’s hard to be pregnant and single. But the hardest thing is telling your father that you’re expecting no matter how old you are.
I know we will be okay. I am already trying everything in my power to be a good mom already. I am trying to be respectful to everyone I can regarding this situation but damn its tough. Anyway thats my ramble. I doubt anyone reads these anymore lol but I’m glad I said it.
Relevant Comment:
Are you sure you want to be tied to him for the rest of your life? Because that's what this baby will do:
"No i am not. Im not too sure about much right now. I do know that I already love this baby more than I can say. I know that he loves our baby already too and thats all I really care about. His mom is good at reigning him in and I have to believe that things are going to be okay"
Slight Update Post: May 31, 2023 (1 month from previous update, almost 3 from OG)
My mom and I have always had a rocky relationship. I went to live with my dad as soon as I could decide and kept my contact minimal. After high school I moved away for college and for a good job with my ex. My mom followed me to my new city and we tried to rebuild our relationship. Unfortunately I got scared of the choices I made when I was with her so I went back to low contact and she moved back to my hometown.
Unfortunately recently my life turned upside down. Long story short my boyfriend and I broke up. I moved home (with my dad) and got a new, better job. Then I found out I was pregnant. My dad has a full house and I made the decision to move to my mothers guest house for my pregnancy so I can save more money for Bebe, and move out once they are around 2 months old. The timeline works for my finances, and I figured, since I’m just on her property, not main house, it might be easy to keep a low profile. How naive. After work daily she comes over to “check on” me. She hasn’t failed to offer me an alcoholic beverage. Not once since I moved in. She chain-smokes right out side my bedroom daily, and she stays late.
I know its her home. I know that she’s very kind to have me here, but I’m growing a person right now. I am preparing myself for motherhood. Single motherhood. I work long demanding hours. I am stressed and isolated. I would love a fucking drink. But I’m pregnant. I cant drink. The time I brought it up, I was screamed at and she asked me to leave in the morning. It was really upsetting and stressful. I feel like she comes here to bait me into picking a fight so she can pull every power play to make me feel small.
So any way. Mom, I love you. But, fuck man. I am trying to give our entire family a healthy new friend. I am trying to reestablish myself as an adult in the town that I was a child in. I am trying to do better for myself and my baby. Please respect that for me. Please respect that enough for your grandchild. I love you. Please, try to love me.
Please remember the no brigading rule. You will be banned from this sub if you message OOP or if you comment on her posts.
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2023.06.07 05:40 rawchel Went NC, but considering (and struggling) with all options. Would love advice

Hi RBB, where to start? I was mistakenly in RBN for a few years, but it's taken some introspection and more education to find my way here.
Any time I do post about my situation, I feel like I have to give all the context and that takes some time (probably engrained in needing to justify/qualify everything on a regular basis). but this is also a very convoluted chain of events so I apologize in advance for the length. For those who will jump to the TL;DR: Currently NC. Struggling with all the guilt of potentially never speaking to my uBPD mother again, so contemplating breaking NC to establish boundaries with my uBPD mother. Boundary definition is hard, and uBPD mom's behaviors are dissuading.


Family structure: My mother is a pwBPD, although uBPD. uBPD, as the two times we have done therapy as a family, she walked out as soon as the therapist suggested she was a contributing factor in any way. From the 4 subtypes, I shall anoint her the Hermit Queen - ranging pretty equally between both.
My father used to be an eDad, but they are in the middle of a 2-year-long divorce process, so he kind of could care less at this point what she does. Honestly, sometimes he still defends her, but for a lot of years, any criticism or the Cluster B's rolled off his back, probably because he was just trying to survive his own marriage. We'll stick with it because it's pretty truthful for majority of my life.
There are 3 kids: oldest (m36, split GC), middle (m33, GC) and me (F32 - likely BSC, although mainly just because I don't ever give into BPD tendencies than anything else. All the children have gone through our own bouts of rebellion). Both my brothers have really failed to launch tbh, and GC lives full time with parents, and SGC spends time there 50/50. HQ also uses money as a manipulation tactic, which can't work on me (living on my own/independently since 20).
HQ (hermit queen) has complained about her married openly to her 3 kids - really anything my eDad did that she didn't like - for as long as I can remember. I have blocked out a lot of my upbringing (unintentionally), but I could probably recount their marriage 'highlights reel' of offenses ranging from her birthday to christmases, to more birthdays and one-liners of inconsiderate comments she's repeated countless times to me, verbatim. I've been rooting for their separation for years, mainly so my eDad can be free, and so that I can stop. hearing. about how terrible he is. from HQ.
Therein lies the crux of my NC. I've taken the LC and VLC routes, without any formal announcements in the past, because her emotional baggage is so much. Any communication sucks her further in and she responds by inserting herself into the situation and then using her involvement as leverage to guilt me into 'spending time', or convincing herself she is unloved when I don't comply. Before going NC, I tried Grey Rocking a handful of times, which honestly only emphasized her emotional state because I was not contributing to the conversation with anything she could latch onto. That didn't work, so I attempted enforcing a boundary: do not talk to me about your marriage with eDad.
Seemed simple. Of course, nothing ever is. She would skirt around the topic tactlessly, "oh, sorry, you don't want to hear about that" and wait for my confirmation that, no, I did not, or reassurance to actively cross my boundary. It was pretty impossible for her to respect it, and exhausting for me to constantly ask her to.
Covid was sort a blessing in disguise in the sense that I did not have to see her (and of course horrible in every other way). I do struggle with guilt from being thankful for a shelter-in-place order due to a global pandemic, for a time where I was a fortunate to be able to work from home with my partner. But damn, it was so nice having a concrete reason (the only way she respects hearing "no") to why my partner and I would not come over for dinner, or 'stop by'. (If it wouldn't be apparent, my parents is absolutely not a fan of HQ.)
Planning family events or any 1:1 time leads to my second boundary I ever enforced - and she reminded me every time she she extended an invite: "I'm doing this to ensure you attend." - as if far enough into the future was the trick. (This was honestly my own doing, since I was very often 'busy' to avoid just telling her "no, I don't want to.")

Less-Historical History

(insert divorce)
After Covid, the very thin eggshell to which HQ and eDad's marriage was held together finally cracked under the weight. They both realized all the years they spent trying to repaisave/survive their marriage was fruitless and neither of them were willing to try anymore, and nothing was going to work. So they announced their intent to divorce to their kids.
HQ shared the "we still love you and want to be a family" approach with eDad. However, as soon as eDad was speaking to my siblings 1:1, HQ walked this back. She told me that this couldn't be further from the truth.
Insert flashback memory, right before one of my VLC stints, in which HQ shares that if eDad and her ever did divorce she would "take him for all he's worth". Real quote.She adamantly wanted to seek alimony (even if none of the kids were living with her,) because after x years of marriage, she would be entitled to it and she was accustomed to "a certain standard of living". She told me would make sure he would pay up for it and then some.
So, after the divorce is announced, I knew I didn't want to be around her very much. I couldn't possibly bear any more degrading of my father. I could not possibly support her further heightened emotional state of mind. The fact that she 'put on a happy face' for the family/announcement and it took her a maximum of two minutes to start bad-mouthing him only confirmed to me that she had not grown in since the time of her alimony epiphany (which at the time of the announcement was several years prior).
I didn't go NC right away. Any text exchanges had strings attached and guilt trips.
The timeline for the following events is pretty blurry, but it was very rapidly after the divorce announcement. HQ has felt like she has been held back with being married and unable to be her true self for many years. Somehow the family 'punished' her for being herself or having her own thoughts and opinions, so once she felt "free", she threw herself into dating. She did not share this with all of her children equally, as she tries to share the most selective information to the (perceived) least judgmental recipients, to paint herself in the best light. My GC brother informed me, because he was having trouble coping and he needed someone to commiserate with. Honestly, at this point I was fine because I wasn't around it. It wasn't like she was trying to interject ...whoever, into my life/to meet the kids.
However, she was being particularly needy - I would spend time with her and she would vent about the divorce. It was draining - so I told her, I didn't need a reply, I acknowledge she is going through a hard time, and that I want her to be happy, but I needed some space to figure out my boundaries, to reach a point where we can have a healthy relationship, so would appreciate some space from the divorce situation, which included her. She did not reply.
Seems simple? Straight forward? Agreed upon? Never. She took about a month to reach out after that, to have me refer her new boyfriend to the company I was working at. She didn't tell me who it was, and she's tried to refer friends through me before so it wasn't actually that out of the ordinary. Something felt off, especially with the timing so I checked the name with my GC, who confirmed she was trying to refer her new bf to my company. I was livid, and didn't hesitate to tell her my reaction. I was calm in my message, and reiterated my ask for space, and that her actions felt very manipulative.
She took zero ownership, and basically tried to say I was making it complicated. She never acknowledged it was her bf, which she stands by to this day to claim she didn't do anything wrong in that situation. She tried to rationalize why she was dating, missing the point entirely.
She kept sending random texts:
  1. 'Fond' memories of me as a child, which was a situation where I was misbehaving (with good intentions) as a child, and how she admits she handled the situation poorly. (Somehow a talk with my GC convinced her this was something I was still harboring against her.)
  2. Apology surrounding the events of how I left home (in which she has both made herself the power-holder as well as the victim in that situation). As I recall the events, yet another screaming match had escalated so far that I couldn't handle it any more - I told her I would be moving out, packing my shit immediately and leaving. She was furious and basically agreed in the heat of the moment - but and remembers this as "kicking me out".
  3. (With the former message) she also apologized for "sharing her relational distress" with me, and for the "undue anxiety, grief, and stress", and then promised to be a better listener.
  4. Random, random articles, without any context to them.
I responded to none of them, since I had asked for space!! (This just seemed to spurn her on.)
Finally, it came to a breaking point. I started it actually, by accidentally calling her. It rang for less than a split second and I hung up. She tried to call me back a few days later while was on a work trip, (so, traveling,) and on a call with my therapist. Somehow the software answered (it wasn't like a phone call, it was a video call, but not Zoom). I quickly hung up, but it was connected for like a second.
Very, very unfortunately she had also recently underwent a third or fourth surgery for a repeat medical problem (that honestly would resolve, if she listened to doctor advise - confirmed by a doctor!), so she texted immediately her favorite tactic: guilt. "I thought you'd call back after you woke up but no, so guess your initial call was a butt dial now, not concern for me after my recent knee surgery. Sorry to bother you, take care."


Ok we're caught up now. This is where I go full NC. The passive aggressive response (very typical) was not necessary, and without her knowing my situation, she jumped to conclusions - again. I spent a lot of hours writing the text I sent to her, owning my inability to enforce my boundaries, and reiterating them to her - acknowledging once again the struggle she is going through and my hope for her happiness, and eventually reaching a healthy point in our relationship. I reiterated my ask for space, but putting a timeline on it this time: when the divorce gets finalized. I set a clear expectation, that I would reach out when that time comes to reopen the lines of communication. The divorce is still not final, if you are wondering.
Without having this wonderful piece of advice:
You could do everything "right" and they still may be unhappy.
I agonized over that text for basically 24+ hours. I got friends and GC to proofread. (I event read it to my therapist after - they were very impressed! Woo!)I didn't ask her not to reply, if anything I was fully expecting another convoluted, missing-the-point response, but nothing. She hasn't actually texted/called me since. She has not hesitated to complain about my, harbor over "where did I go wrong" to my brothers, to her sisters, except to me. She's done just about everything except: read my last (few) texts. I literally laid it all out for her.
All the pretty words I said to her ("I want to figure out my boundaries"), while true, have been a placeholder to basically buy myself time. It's been 2 years. 2 years should be enough time. But, I've been putting off just... hashing it out with myself. Little bit of a Schrödinger's Cat situation. I know (...sort of...) what I want, but: if I never vocalize it, I don't have to feel bad about it. I don't have to acknowledge that it affects the relationships with the rest of my family. I love my brothers, no matter how failed-to-launch they are, they went through a similar family dynamic. They are funny, interesting weirdos that I don't want out of my life. My (no longer e) Dad is an amazing person, we've built a much stronger relationship over the past few years, and I don't think it would fully jeopardize my relationship with him, but he knows where I stand with HQ and he suggested I wish her happy mothers day this year. He still cares for her, as a fellow human being that he spent many years of his life with.
Fun little side note: HQ also went years ignoring her siblings/parents because her own dad was basically an Nparent (undiagnosed, racist, bigoted, not good person. Only after he passed, did I meet my grandmother or my cousins on her side. (I still haven't met everyone on that side of the family. I am sure she thinks I'm going to do what she did to her own family, which is why I got random apology texts.))
What I want versus what I don't want is a lot easier to define. (Admittedly, I don't really know how to reverse-engineer those for boundary establishing.)
These past 3-4 years have been amazingly, saddeningly wonderful. It's breaking my heart to admit that, y'all. But it's because she wasn't actively in my life.
When I think about the future with her in my life, I'm sort of paralyzed. I can't imagine getting married and trusting her to stay out of the wedding planning. I can't imagine eventually having kids and trusting her to babysit. I can't imagine her ever not dropping comments about any relationship I am in, comparing it/them/fights to hers with eDad - warning me not to make the same mistakes she did. I genuinely can't even imagine asking her to respect my boundaries and having her do so.
GC tells me she is improved, she's open to feedback and capable of growth, but he's been working with heon their relationship since he's been living with her. (Especially since after the divorce & eDad moved out, it's been mainly the two of them in the house.)
I am not as confident. I can't parent my own parent, I should not have to teach her how to be an adult, how to have a normal relationship with her own daughter, and constantly constantly tell her what is ok/not ok (in regards to my boundaries). I am exhausted just thinking about it.
This community seems so helpful and honestly just sharing my experience was kind of cathartic, since my partner doesn't really understand my complicated feelings surrounding my family. He came from an incredibly "typical" upbringing.
The right to live free from emotional and physical abuse
is very empowering, and ...logical. But I am still struggling with all the guilt of potentially never speaking to my mother again.
I would truly love to hear if others have gone through something similar. How do you deal with the guilt? Or how do you deal with the regular toll of parenting a parent? I'll take setting boundary advice, too, lol.
If you got this far, you need a medal for reading my essay. Thank you.
TL;DR: Currently NC. Struggling with all the guilt of potentially never speaking to my uBPD mother again, so contemplating breaking NC to establish boundaries with my uBPD mother. Boundary definition is hard, and uBPD mom's behaviors are dissuading.
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2023.06.07 05:23 JoshAsdvgi THE PARTRIDGE SPIRIT


An Algonquin Legend

One red autumn, two brothers went on a hunting expedition for their tribe.
They come to the source of the Penobscott river and there they stayed all winter.
They had no woman with them to do all the tasks that make a hunter thankful.
So most of the daily tasks fell upon the younger brother who said to his older brother,
"I wish there were a woman in our wigwam to mend and cook, to sew and clean for us."
"Well, our mother and sisters are at home, brother.
We must do the best we can," replied the older brother.
By the time spring came around, their snowshoes were broken and their moccasins were full of holes.
One day, when the snow was still hard and icy, the younger brother came home to find that the wigwam was clean and tidy!
A fire was burning and there was hot water already boiling in the pot.
He said nothing to his brother, but the next day, he returned home early in order to spy on the wigwam.
In the light of the dying sun, he saw a beautiful maiden step through the woods and busy herself about the household tasks.
She was smaller and more delicate than any woman he had ever seen.
He stepped into the wigwam and greeted her, "Thank you, maiden, for the work you've been doing.
It's very hard for hunters to be alone during the harsh winter."
She replied, "Your brother is coming.
I am frightened of him.
But I will see you tomorrow if you come home early."
With that, she slipped away.
The young hunter said nothing to his brother, but the next day he crept home early and there was the maiden again. Together they played in the snow like children.
Just before the sun went down, the young hunter begged her, "Please stay with me forever.
My heart was never so happy as now."
The maiden frowned. "Speak to your brother tonight.
Tell him everything.
Maybe I will stay and serve you both, for I can make snowshoes and moccasins, and build canoes."
With that, she slipped away.
When the elder brother came home, he listened eagerly to his young brother, then said,
"It seems that we have been lucky!
I would be very glad to have a woman help us and care for our camp."
The next morning, the maiden came again.
Behind her she pulled a toboggan piled high with hand - sewn garments and finely worked weapons.
She greeted both the brothers, who exclaimed at the beauty of the clothes and weapons.
"I too am a hunter," was all she would say and she set to work.
The rest of the snowbound spring passed quickly.
The maiden cared for the hunters, sewing, mending and making herself useful in ways that they both quickly took for granted.
They also seemed to be particularly lucky in their hunting. They soon had many furs and were ready to return to their tribe.
When the snow began to thaw, the brothers returned home by canoe down the Penobscott river.
When they were halfway down the river the maiden began to look pale and faint.
"Stop!" she called out to the hunters. I can go no further."
They sculled to the bank and set her down.
Now although they didn't know it, the maiden had sent out her soul back to the wigwam where they had lived all winter. "Leave me here," she begged.
"Say nothing about me to your father, for he would have nothing but scorn for me."
The younger brother was heartbroken.
"But I want you to stay with me forever!"
He did not realize that the maiden could not come with him because she wasn't a human being at all, but one of the forest spirits.
"It cannot be," replied the maiden.
"You must leave me here."
The two brothers returned to their village.
When they unpacked the canoe and their family saw the heap of fine furs that they had brought back with them, there was great rejoicing.
During the celebrations, the elder brother could not keep quiet about how their luck had changed.
He boasted about the strange maiden who had helped them in the depths of the winter.
His father trembled and grew very angry.
"All my life I have feared this very thing.
My sons, that was no ordinary woman!
You have been in the presence of a ghost, a forest spirit, a trickster of the snows!
She is a Mikumwess, a witch that can do great harm to human beings."
The elder brother thought to himself,
"She may have put a spell upon me.
What a fool I've been, not to see it!"
However, the younger brother thought, "Maybe there's something in what father says.
Maybe she is a forest spirit.
But I didn't feel I was in danger at any time.
She was my dearest friend, and I wanted her to be my wife." But he was young and was more inclined to listen to his father's fears than to the wisdom of his own heart.
The father made such a fuss about the maiden being a Mikumwess that the elder brother made a decision.
"Come, brother!" he said one day. "Let's go hunting."
Taking some special arrows that were said to be good against witches, the elder brother began to track the maiden.
The younger brother didn't know what they were hunting. Suddenly, the elder brother caught sight of the maiden bathing in the stream and drew his bow.
At the same time, his brother saw her and started to call and wave to her, but too late!
The elder brother's arrow had already flown.
Where the maiden had been swimming was now a confusion of water and feathers.
Then they both saw her rise in the shape of a partridge into the sky.
The younger brother's heart was very heavy and he walked silently away.
As he was sitting sadly in a birch clearing, a partridge landed at his feet and changed into the maiden.
He threw himself at her feet and cried, "Forgive me! I didn't know what my brother intended!
I never meant to hunt you, my dearest one!"
"Do not blame yourself," said the maiden.
"I know everything.
It was not your father's fault either, for he spoke from fear and ignorance.
The past is forgotten already.
I promise you that the best is yet to come."
And together they played in the woods, as once they had played in the snows, forgetting their sorrows.
When the crows flew home to their nests, the young hunter said, I must return."
The maiden answered, "When you want to see me, come to the woods and I will be here.
But, remember, do not marry anyone!
Your father has a girl in mind and will speak of marriage soon." And she told him what his father would say, word for word.
He listened carefully, but was not surprised by her words.
He knew for certain that she was, indeed, a forest spirit, but he was not afraid.
They kissed gently under the birch trees.
"Remember," she reminded him, "if you marry,
You will surely die!"
When the young man went home that night, his father spoke, just as the maiden said he would.
"My son, I have found a wife for you and the wedding will be this week."
The young hunter nodded and said, "So be it!"
The young bride was brought from her family's wigwam and the wedding feast began.
For four days everyone danced and ate and told stories.
But on the last day, the young bridegroom began to feel ill.
His family laid him upon a white bearskin, but he grew worse and worse.
They tried all kinds of remedies to heal him.
But the young hunter's soul yearned for the partridge maiden and as he lay dying, his soul flew out of his body searching for her.
At the moment he found her, his soul finally left his body, and they ran together through the woods, never to be parted again.
When his sorrowful family brought the bride to where the young hunter lay, they found that he was already dead.
But his face was calm and happy,
for he had found his true bride at last
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