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2023.06.07 18:22 risstero WIBTA for turning off housemate's AC at power box?

Apologies for mobile.
It's my (27m) mother's house. My brother (21m) moved back to town and moved in with us. We both pay rent. I can't (won't) move out because she needs renters to afford her mortgage and she's mentally ill and needs someone to keep the place tidy and do minor maintenance/upkeep.
Ricky has been here for 3 months and hasn't paid rent once. I think he gave mum $50 for groceries once. She felt bad for him because he's new to town and has health issues (gout from being an alcoholic) but all he does when he's off work is hang out in his room, or be out the backyard smoking and drinking. No friends. Won't talk to me, outside of a mumbled sentence if we cross paths, and he actively avoids me. He makes me feel so uncomfortable that I avoid him now, too.
He drinks a 10pk of rum and cokes a day but can't afford rent? He tried paying mum using an internet third party that would have given her the money, and he'd pay back the internet company next pay check (as I understand it) but it was sketchy af and she told him that if he wants to be shady with his money then do cash. Cash or bank transfer. But nada.
Since he moved in, the electricity bill has been up $200 and I said "you realise Ricky is sleeping with his aircon on every night right? Even though it's winter?" And no, she hadn't realised. For the record, I haven't used the AC in 2 months. She hasn't in 1 month. But I share a wall with him so I can hear the box aircon chug chug chugging away almost every night.. So I've taken to texting her every night it's on (just a snowflake emoji or something) so she can track it. She's already told him that the aircon is unnecessary and he did stop.....for like a week.
Don't get me wrong, Australia is hot. But we live in a place that is regularly 35-40°C (95-104°F) in the summer so when it hits 18°C (64°F) like tonight it's a shock to the system. But it's fine, winter only lasts about a month here.
And no, he's not using it for heating. These aircons don't even have that capability.
BIGGEST PART: Last night, mum spoke to him! She told him about the high electricity bills. She said "You're a middle aged man, I can't afford to keep supporting you while you live here for free". To which he immediately said "Fine, I'll just live in my car then" NO EVEN OFFERING TO PAY RENT. Or cover the difference in the electricity bill. He immediately says he's moving out -- and to his car no less. Well of course she says no, he can wait until he's found somewhere. But middle of July, he should be gone. That 6 weeks notice.
30 minutes later, she's come to me and updated me. I've pointed out the manipulation and told her to give him a firm date.
The crimes of Ricky are many, varied, and disgusting and I can't go into them all here. I just need to know...
TLDR: He doesn't pay rent, he doesn't do household chores, he's been told off before, it's 18°C... WIBTA if I turned off his AC at the electrical box tonight? It's on again
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2023.06.07 18:21 designer_by_day Is there any point in keeping £8000 in a LISA if I plan to move to Australia in 6 years time?

We plan to move to Australia in 6 years time as my fiancé will have completed 2yrs in industry as a midwife by that point. Previously we planned on buying a house in the UK but that has changed now.
I’m wondering whether it’d be best to transfer this money to a higher interest account, potentially even my vanguard global all caps S&S in the meantime. The other potential alternative would be to buy a cheap property up here (north east) and hope we can sell it for a healthy profit before moving over to Australia and renting for a while. Although that feels like the most risky route to take. The latter would mean we won’t incur the 25% charge to withdrawing the money.
I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the matter!
I appreciate plans can change, but I’d be keen to know what the best course of action would be presuming we do move to Aus as expected and stay there for the foreseeable.
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2023.06.07 18:17 FKN_KnifeCat LF room/bedspace for 1 or 2 persons near UPLB staying for 1 month

Greetings, i am looking for a boarding house or bedspace that can accomodate me and potentially 1 more person for my 1 month long OJT in uplb. My budget for the space would be up to 6000 max utilities included and hopefully near UPLB. If you are renting or know a place if you could be so kind as to recommend them to me it would be much appreciated thank you in advanced
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2023.06.07 18:15 AVeryBlueDragon On a post talking about how a high school education in America used to get you a liveable wage...

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2023.06.07 18:14 Munkybananas Hassle with the Neighbour

Hassle with the neighbour.
Just looking for some general advice really. Ourselves and our neighbours rent similar sized detached properties, which have no fence between them, I’d estimate the houses are maybe 30-40 foot apart at most. We don’t speak at all, as he keeps his dog chained up permanently at the back of his house , and has done since we’ve been living here, and when I called him out on his cruelty, we almost got into a fist fight. I’ve called the ISPCA numerous times, but they won’t do a thing, because the dog has “adequate food and shelter“. They’ve recently got another dog, who for some strange reason lives inside the house (along with a cat) and never gets out. Now a lamb has appeared in their front garden, which they appear to be keeping as a pet, even though they know we have a German Shepherd, and have done for the last 3+ years. Is there anything that we can do? I’m worried our dog would kill the lamb, and then he’d shoot our dog as retribution. Sorry for the long post.
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2023.06.07 18:14 Del_a_alt Moving to Delaware

I’m moving from NYC and want to live somewhere exactly like Brooklyn but with rent under $500/month for a 3 bedroom SFR that allows dog fighting.
I’m very short and prefer accessible housing.
Access to 24/7 public transportation and low crime are a must.
I also require concierge service and public schools in the top 10
/s of course
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2023.06.07 18:14 Fit_Instance158 (AZ) Subtenant not on lease advice

Hello! Was looking for a little help about a situation. In October, I relocated to a rental house along with some other individuals, upon the invitation of my friend. There was no formal lease agreement, and he failed to disclose to the original landlord that additional occupants would be residing in the property. I don't have a copy of the lease but I'm pretty sure it states that they would need to know. Initially, my friend covered the first month's rent and deposit, with the understanding that we would resolve the situation later. However, we never had a thorough discussion about it. Now that we have all vacated the premises, my friend is requesting payment for the full month of October and May (even though I was only present for 11 days of May), as well as the deposit that was never returned. He's also claiming hundreds in "cleaning" fees, but when I requested receipts, I was informed that they had already been discarded.
I am concerned about the possibility of being taken to small claims court for non-payment of rent, even though I never agreed to be responsible for the first month's rent and deposit. I am just trying to understand my rights because it's an absurd amount he's asking for. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 18:01 dj_claudizzle Update on my fishy landlord situation

Here is the original post for context
I had a phone call with my landlord this morning about the situation. Apparently it's a company called Neighbor Works that is trying to foreclose the house. The original owner bought the house through Neighbor Works, which is a company that services low income neighborhoods. Apparently they don't allow selling or renting in their contracts.
Apparently the only red flag in the process was when original owner's brother said that the title or the loan (I'm having trouble remembering which one) wasn't going through properly. That was likely the moment that Neighbor Works was pushing back on the sale but it went through anyways.
It also sounds like contracts weren't read thoroughly enough to prevent this issue. My landlord is trying to fight for more time for us but apparently foreclosure people have already visited my upstairs neighbors a couple of times.
I'm not sure who to be mad at. Myself for getting the place, my landlord for not being careful enough, or the previous owners for not being clear enough. All I know is that Salt Lake City is the worst to rent in. Scummy landlords, high rent cost, predatory property managements, etc.
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2023.06.07 18:00 whattodotodayhozay What is a good bank for a joint account that doesn't require face to face appointment?

Me and my fiancee want to create a joint account together, my usual bank HSBC needs us to do it face to face and it is difficult for us to both get the time of together on a week day to sort this out. Which is a good one where you can do it online, also what questions do they normally ask, what might we need? We live with my parents (saving for a house) and haven't rented for over a year, so we wont have utility, rent bills etc under our current address as we don't pay any, not sure how much that will mess things up re proof of address. I'm not sure if a screengrab of a mobile bill or something to do with work will suffice?
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2023.06.07 17:58 LittleWish7200 FIRE and house purchase timing

Howdy, throwaway account here.
I've been on FIRE journey for a while now and the only issue I cannot wrap my head around is the best time to buy a house. I see the house not as an investment, but rather as a place to live and die in. Hopefully you can enlighten me and give some perspective.
Current situation:
30 years, 330k NW, spread out over 401k, IRAs, stocks, etc. the whole shebang following FIRE guidebook.
Every year I contribute just under 30k to 401k, i.e. maxing it out + employer contribution.
Other post tax investments should come to ~65k a year, so total NW contribution per year 30+65=95k
I'm currently renting, the rent is ~20k/year, other yearly expenses are 55-60k.
If you put these numbers in a FIRE calculator, with the same level of spending in retirement, it usually comes down to 10 years, with a target of 2.1-2.2M
The house I would be looking to buy is in Denver metro area, most likely Aurora, those are going for 450-500k now, so downpayment of $100k and ~3k/month (30 year mortgage), which comes to 36k/year.
The way I see it now, there are three options:
  1. Rent all the way to FIRE, but raise the target. 500k house might cost 750k in 10 years (yeah, it's impossible to say for sure what will happen, but let's go with historical data, 4% appreciation per year), so I would be looking at almost 3M target, but once I reach that, I can buy the house with cash and it's done. This would probably extend my working years by quite a bit.
  2. Buy now. take a hit for 100k NW (downpayment) and increase my expenses by ~16k/year for housing. This would also delay my FIRE, but it's hard to calculate by how much. There's also the question of 15 vs 30 year mortgage which would affect it all, in addition to that, once I fire in 10-15 years in this scenario, I will still have the mortgage going for a significant amount of time.
  3. Some mix of the above. Buy a house 5 years from now? Rent as long as possible, then when I pull the trigger put 50%, 75% down? I couldn't find any comprehensive FIRE calculators that could take all these circumstances and scenarios in account. Would love to hear about your experiences and/or thoughts!
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2023.06.07 17:57 Ineedtherapysobad How to handle breaking up with significant other when we live together. Need advice please

Can anyone give advice on how to handle a break up when you live with your significant other? I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and we’ve been living together for a year and a half. Unfortunately it’s not working out anymore and I’m planning to break up with him. I would give more details but I don’t want him to find this post. We are stuck in a lease with 6 months left until the lease is up. I can’t live with him anymore due to a multitude of reasons. I don’t want to wait 6 months until I can leave. It’s very urgent that I get out of this situation ASAP. I also have no family nearby that can help me. My nearest family is a 10 hour drive away. I don’t plan on moving back in with my family since there’s a reason I moved out. Moving back to my hometown where they live is not an option. I moved out here to live with him since his family is here. I’m looking into other apartments nearby and planning on calling and seeing if there’s a waitlist. I tried looking online and throughout all my documents to see if I can find a copy of our lease agreement so I can view the terms and see how to break our current lease but I can’t find anything anywhere. I’m planning on just going down to the apartment front office today to discuss it but I want to make sure I approach this situation the correct way. I also have a decent amount of coworkers that are aware of the situation and have offered help and support so I’m sure I can lean on them for a couple things. One of my coworkers is also looking to move out from where they are living and we discussed the possibility of being roommates. If that falls through, I’m sure I can find someone else or I should be able to afford low income housing on my own.
I have a good job that I like and I plan on staying there. I don’t have a car unfortunately and don’t even know how to drive since my family never wanted to teach me and neither did my boyfriend or his family. That’s one of the things that’s been holding me back from being completely independent. I have an electric scooter which I use to commute to and from work and I don’t have much need for a car since I mainly just work. I just worry about how I would move my stuff out of the apartment and how I would go grocery shopping. I usually use Uber if I don’t have a ride but that’s not practical with a million grocery bags that I have to carry. I guess I could use instacart and get groceries delivered. I’m sure I could find someone to help me move out my belongings but if not then I can’t rent or drive a u haul so I’d have to hiring a moving company or something. It all seems so complicated but I’m not going to delay any longer if I know this relationship won’t work out. My coworkers have shown me that they are a strong support system so I think I can rely on them for some things.
I feel very lost and don’t really know where to start. This is my first relationship and I’ve never been through a breakup before and obviously not one where I live with the other person. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice on how to approach this situation. I would like to know the steps I need to take to get out of this situation. I have a lot of stuff and I’m not sure where I would store it until I find a new place. I need some guidance on how to divide up belongings and figure out who would take what. I know I would also have to get a new mattress since I don’t even have one. The mattress is his. There’s also a dresser that we have that I would wanna take and we have two TVs, one of which is mine. We also have a dog which he paid for and I was planning on allowing him to keep it anyways. I hope there’s not anything important that I could be forgetting. My mind is so fuzzy I feel like I’m going through something very traumatic.
If anyone could give me some advice and walk me through the steps I need to take to get out of this situation and get into a new living situation then that would be greatly appreciated. I know I’m obviously not the only one who has gone through this so if someone else who has can give me advice I would appreciate it. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 17:55 fuhnetically Looking for a 3 br rental, or a studio/1br and a 2 br

Hi! Mods, delete if not allowed (I don't see any community rules against the request)
Presque Isle or Caribou.
As the title says, my family and I are looking for a new living situation. Three adults, three well behaved indoor cats. Ideally, we're looking for a 3BR house or duplex to stay together and save resources, but would be willing to split up into a studio/1br for me and a 2br for them. Would prefer to stay under $1200 for the 3br and $500 or so for the 1br and $900 for the 2br if at all possible. We work and do not qualify for Sec 8 or income based housing options. Gainfully employed and never late on rent.
Looking to move around July 1st. DM if you have any leads.
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2023.06.07 17:48 Emergency-Row-1252 Realizing my BF is abusive

Posted from a throwaway account, sorry just need this off my chest
"I've been trying to be patient with you for two years" is what my bf says to me while we are fighting. We have an 8m old daughter. I spent most of the last 2 years making him a child and caring for her. I had a horrible pregnancy and am also newly disabled due to a back injury and in constant pain. He has given me no thought to being post partum, I definitely had PPD and have recently been diagnosed with PMDD (my period makes me insane). In this time I have been very messed up in the head. The baby also wasn't letting me sleep and I hadn't slept right most of my pregnancy. He has told me I'm constantly mean, I'm horrible to him, have I ever loved him, everything I say is so angry. He has broken my self esteem to nothing. I hate myself so much because apparently I'm the worst. I'd be crying my eyes out and he'd come and tell me how horrible I've been as I literally beg him to stop saying these things because I can't handle them.
In this time I almost checked myself in to the BHU multiple times. But how do I as a mom find time to do that? I have so many responsibilities? The times I was legit about to go he told me "let me just go get a knife from the kitchen and you can just stab me then" and "great so we are gonna go to jail?" which didn't even make sense and he never explained, just saying shit to gas light me really.
When we fight I am constantly trying to get away from him because he won't stop coming to scream at me. I'm bawling my eyes out begging him to stop and he just keeps coming. On occasions I have literally left the house to get away, just walked. He has tried to follow me before, he has told me he will just go crash the car, let's just both go crash the car?
The one time I returned home to find he had smashed his head into the door plexiglass and broke it. Then into the bathroom door where there is a giant smashed hole there now. We rent.
If I don't leave, I often lock myself in the bathroom to cry. He will usually come and scream at me over and over to try and get me to come out of the bathroom. At this point I don't want to exist. He has literally dragged me out physically against my will. This he later realized on his own he crossed a line.
Every time I tell him to leave to go cool off it's I'm telling him to leave forever. He's packed his bags multiple times.
Apparently every single thing I say is constantly filled with seething rage, couldn't be that he perceives it that way just like when I sometimes say he is yelling he says he isn't. Just like I'm not allowed to assume and he says I don't communicate. But he's allowed to not tell me shit and assume all he wants. Never a problem.
He takes it out on me trouble with money or his job. The one huge fight we recently had was started because I was discussing wedding shit. Which we had literally been talking about the night before no issue. But now it was for some reason the end of the world and I was mad and guilt tripping him about not having money. I was mad because he hadn't responded to anything I had said and he was ignoring me.
I'm also not allowed to be upset that he barely helps me with any chores around the house and makes a mess like a teenager that I'm constantly following around to clean up. Think: leaves the jelly, pb and bread out and open when he makes a sandwich. I'm disabled, cleaning is very draining but here I am doing it. I make a to-do list which is on the fridge so he can't miss it. Nothing is ever done on it. I have to ask and even then it's a we will see. The kids are bad but it's not always that. He uses his ADHD as an excuse. I have ADHD too and while I understand we are not all the same I just don't find it an excuse.
"This is why I can't get a job because every time I do you pull me away from it" because I said we were going to my mothers while he is at work and he assumed I had another ride but our car. Because I asked him to come home months ago because the baby wouldn't stop screaming and I couldn't handle anymore (I'm disabled, too much pain). Makes me feel worthless for being disabled.
"I'm doing so much and it's never enough you just want more more more" because I expect him to do basic life duties like parent, a job or cleaning. And I really don't even expect that much but I have an autistic son who is very severe and sometimes a lot of work. He says it's fine but then he makes me feel like shit other time. Also being disabled, I hate not being able to do for myself and he knows that. (But I do still do a lot, I do almost all the cleaning or it would never get done. I do almost all the grocery shopping, planning, budgeting etc and a lot of the cooking still. I'm constantly pushing myself into pain and past my ability to do what needs done)
This morning I had to threaten to call the cops to get him to leave and stop screaming. He kicked over and partially broke one of the baby gates.
Sorry this is all over the place and TLDR.
Just don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.07 17:47 otherdroidurlookin4 Where can my friend find housing with a Section 8 voucher?

My close friend is relocating out of California with her 3 young kids (13, 8, and 2). She currently runs a small, licensed, in-home daycare out of her rental home. She'll obviously have to close her business and find other work when she arrives. Are there places in the area that would work with her? She's never done drugs, doesn't drink or smoke, no criminal record, and she'll absolutely find work when she gets there. She's just poor and looking to start over where it's not so expensive. I feel like I'm asking for the moon, because I'm used to CA landlords asking for 7 months rent and a reference letter from Obama in order to move in, but maybe it's a little easier in the Tidewater region? How is the housing market for someone like her?
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2023.06.07 17:44 highliner108 The Taxi thing is cool, there should be more immersive sim stuff in GTA online.

TLDR: GTAO should let you rob banks in free mode, do criminal shit at bars, and do more than 5 bounty missions.
I had some fun with the Taxi activity, mostly because it gave me a reason to drive through Los Santos (which I typically end up flying over), and it enabled me to do some fun serial killer RP.
I think GTA Online has broadly fun gameplay, but a lot of what builds on that is the weird little ways you can interact with the world that in turn give you fun things to do that aren’t necessarily that profitable, but don’t have to be, because doing them is more about the mission itself and like, low level roleplaying that immersive sims (which GTA V/Online kind of is, even if it’s first and foremost a sandbox game) tend to encourage you to engage in without even thinking about it.
Like, a great example from earlier in the games history is the convenience stores. Most of the time they’re just a fast source of snacks and alcohol, but if you want to do a small time robbery spree that stretches across San Andreas, the game accounts for that and allows you to do it in free mode. It’s not as profitable as just doing Cayo Perico, but it doesn't have to be, it’s about the fact that the game lets you do it.
That said, I think GTA Online has nearly endless potential for more of this content to be added in, at least until the next GTA comes out, and an update (or trickle of smaller updates) that just adds little things to do in free mode might freshen up gameplay. These are just basic ideas, but I think they’re broadly in line with the vibe of GTA and the types of activities that already exist.
There’s already at least one heist where you rob a bank, and there’s a resupply mission where you have to rob a bank and use what you steal to make counterfeit money (idk, maybe it’s a laundering operation as well as a counterfeiting ring?) Those are both neat missions, but what if there were just a half dozen low level banks that the player could just walk into and attempt to rob? Like, your only going to get a take of a couple of grand, but it would give you a more free form way to rob banks, and without forcing you to prep for a heist or play the counterfeiting resupply lottery.
Restaurants are more of a side idea tbh, as they’d mostly serve as a way to get drunk, refresh health if you run out of snacks, and maybe get an XP boost after eating there (ie, your doing in character shit so you get +5/10% XP for the next few hours/day).
Bars on the other hand, seem like they should already be a thing in this game. Like, there are already strip clubs, and there are at least two more hole in the wall style bars that are fully rendered, although you can only access of them in a biker resupply mission. It wouldn’t take that long to fix this by just making the locked bar accessible all the time, throwing some shady looking NPCs in there, and adding a bartender who sells beer and vodka. This could be done without making any new interiors or new scripts, and while it wouldn’t add that much to the game, it would add a couple of cool places that you could do random stuff in, and doing random stuff is part of what makes this game fun.
If the devs wanted to get a bit more ambitious, they could also make like a dozen “bar missions” that are essentially a guy in a bar being like “hay, I’ll give you a grand to kill this guy/steal this guys ride/rob this guy/beat this guy up” and show up randomly. Basically low rent pay phone hits, but not necessarily always lethal. This feels like stuff that a gta protagonist whose not in the process of doing an elaborate island heist would do, and it’d make the the world more interesting if you where sometimes walking down the street and just witnessed a player pouring gasoline on an NPCs car and setting it on fire or something.
-Bounty Missions
Maybe I’m a simple soul, but there was something oddly relaxing and satisfying about driving into a neighborhood, strolling around until my spidy senses got all tingly, and then bum rushing some dude with a baton to get him to go to court. Getting the axe at the end was great, it’s a really fun axe, but at the same time, the fact that you can’t repeat those missions kind of sucks. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure it’d be as simple as allowing the player to call the mission giver, and have her randomly assigned you one of the already existing bounty missions. Again, they don’t have to pay as well as the original missions, but it’d be nice if we could do them. I may be missing something key about the way those missions are set up, but it also seems like it’d be pretty easy to make a more of them, or even make them somewhat radiant so that the NPC can theoretically be in any populated area of the map. It’d also be great for people who like to roleplay as cops, as they could essentially treat the bounties like 9/11 calls.
Idk how feasible it is that any of this be implemented, but the aforementioned cab missions and the new radiant mission where you can raid a drug dealers house have kind of given me hope that R* is getting a little more into this type of thing. I’d be super interested in other ideas people have for more stuff like this, or extensions of the ideas mentioned!
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2023.06.07 17:41 FutureDrRood Experience with Prime Housing Group/earnest money for apartment rental

Hey there.
I am looking at an apartment with Prime Housing Group. They require earnest money at the time of application in the amount of the first month’s rent. If approved, the earnest money is applied to the first month’s rent. If denied, the earnest money is returned.
Is anyone familiar with Prime and/or the earnest money process for rentals? I am coming from California and I have never seen or heard of anything like this. Trying to make sure I don’t get scammed.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 17:40 MagentaKevin Owns a house but doesn't know where? And lets out a 3-bed semi in London for £1500?
Not the OP but Lampzade who posts saying:
Op, £1800 is very steep. Some London rents in decent places are cheaper than that
When she's batted back by numerous posters, she says:
I didn’t say nice, I said decent part of London. I own a house in Camberwell and one in Streatham . The rent in Streatham is £1700 and the rent in Plumstead is £1500. Both properties are three bed semis
...and then...
Camberwell not Plumstead
but don't worry, she's 'London born and bred'
The cheapest 3 bedroom semi in Streatham on Rightmove is £2300:
There are no 3 bedroom semis in Camberwell on Rightmove but there is one solitary terranced 3-bed for£2800:
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2023.06.07 17:33 Background-Mobile670 Beginner - any advice please.

Hi I'm a 20-year-old residing in Scotland, and want to venture into real estate investing. I was hoping to receive some guidance. Could anyone provide me with valuable tips, recommended podcasts, insightful books, or suggestions on what to research? My objective is to save up £20,000 by the end of September, and I'm currently about 75% of the way there, with just a few more thousand pounds to go. I don't want to leave this money sitting in the bank; instead, I wish to invest it in assets that generate cash flow. I'm uncertain whether it would be wiser to purchase an inexpensive flat, renovate it, and then sell it for a higher capital gain, or to obtain a mortgage for a house and start renting it out. Frankly, I'm clueless about these matters, so any assistance would be immensely appreciated!
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2023.06.07 17:31 Elpis8 City Water Supplier Asking for Back Pay

California. My brother just got his water shut off in the house he and his family are renting. They've lived there for 5 years, using the water with no issues. The rental agreement does not state who pays for water, and he assumed that the landlord was paying. This whole time, the City Water Supplier has not reached out with any notices of pay, and in fact claim the water was shut off 4 months before my brother moved in. Now, 5 years later, they claim they didn't know anyone was living there and now want $2000 in back pay to turn the water back on. My brother went to the office with papers proving he moved in 4 months after, and now they "only" want $800. My brother called some pro Bono lawyers who unhelpfully told him he should have changed the dates, and given no direction on what he should do now. No pro Bono lawyers will take the case because the City Water Supplier can just fabricate documents.
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2023.06.07 17:29 Natala21W 23f, 34m

Reaploading as people think it's the age gap relationship problem post when it's not so please just move one from the post if the age gap is the only thing you want to comment on :* thank you in advance x
I study abroad as I got into Uni before I met my current fiance so we are in a long distance relationship and have been for 9 months now. I live in a dorm flat with for male roommates as that who I was assigned to live with but we only share a kitchen and a bathroom as I have my own, single room. My fiance has a female roommate now, someone who works with him as we figured it would be ok for her to take our spare room and help him pay the rent as I'm not paying half of it since leaving for Uni. I was really kin on the idea as I also wanted to help her out since she's younger and I figured I'd help a fellow woman out. However problems started with that situation for me.
Couple of days ago my fiance and his new roommate were invited together by work friends to their house. It was them and the warted couple who invited them. They went there together.
Yesterday my fiance and her were invited by their work friend for a coffee together.
Today she offered my fiance to share a dinner she will cook with him.
I mentioned my male roommates bc i just live with them and that's all. We don't share food we cook nor do we go out.
I just feel a lot of pain when those situations happen but everyone seems to think it's normal for them to go out together. Is it?
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2023.06.07 17:29 ThrowRA1382 [Landlord US-TX Fort worth] How many tours are usual per week?

I am an out of state investor. I bought a house 3 weeks ago and My house has been on the market for 2 weeks, and I am getting around 5 inquiries and 1 tours per week. Is that normal? The property management I hired doesn't do onsite tours. They do self tours with a digital locks.
As this is my first time renting and the house is already vacant for 3 weeks now, I am thinking of going well below actual rent to find a good renter ASAP. I can start with a higher rent next yeanext lease with more time in hand when I know we'll ahead when the renters are gonna leave. What do you think?
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2023.06.07 17:28 Brokenlynx7 Advice for a homeowner looking to rent a parking space

I'm a new homeowner living in London (Waltham Forest) that does not own a car but has an allotted parking space for the flat I live in.

The house itself is semi-detached (on one side) and includes four flats. It's situated in an area that requires parking permits. There's also 2-3 parking spaces in front of the house, one of which is used regularly. The tenure is a share-of-freehold which I'm party to.

As a new home-owner I've been considering renting out the parking space, I don't own a car, don't have a full license and have no intention of owning a car in the medium-term (though I may do my license and test and get use zipcar within about the next year).

With that in mind I have a few questions:
Basically I'm just 'kicking the tyres' on the idea to see if its viable? Thanks let me know if there's any further questions.
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