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2023.06.07 18:25 YourIncognit0Tab Should I hatch the new egg or trade it? Which will be more valuable/get better offers?

So right now, I'm grinding for the new egg and I was wondering if I should hatch it or trade it? The only way I can see hatching it being more valuable is if I hatch the legendary (which is extremely unlikely) or if the pet is preppy/cute (also seems unlikely as it's a "danger egg").
View Poll
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2023.06.07 18:25 Alexandru__Harghel Been brainstorming cards for the Weekly and I've got a few. Any favorites? Anything I could change?

Been brainstorming cards for the Weekly and I've got a few. Any favorites? Anything I could change? submitted by Alexandru__Harghel to customhearthstone [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:25 kingrift [QC] AP 77350 - White Dial

Hi there,
This is the second watch from my first order. Biguan had to order this one for. Took 3 days to reach her. Looking to get some QC help on this. Was originally looking at 15202/15450 but decided to go with 77350 since it’s a 34 that fits like 36DD.
Just considering if I should get service done from them. Or just RL due to dial. I’ve seen a QC posted on reptimeqc for an 8F factory which looked really good.
I filled the template to the best of my ability. Hope it’s good enough lol.
  1. Dealer name: Biguan
  2. Factory name: BF
  3. Model name (& version number): AP Royal Oak 77350ST
  4. Price Paid: ¥1850 + ¥100 (Upgraded Box) / 375CAD
  5. Album Links:
  6. Index alignment: Look pretty good other than the 12.
  7. Dial Printing: Not that great, super flat doesn’t show any sort of silver in there under reflection.
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: looks centred/clean.
  9. Hand Alignment: look fine
  10. Bezel: looks fine. Screws look ok? Could be better.
  11. Solid End Links (SELs):N/A
  12. Timegrapher numbers: Decent/ a little high, should ask her if they can service it for a fee?
  13. Anything else you notice: Dial isn’t the best, didn’t have high hopes for this when purchasing. Found 8F and BF both listed as the best factory in the guide but BF narrowed it to SS. 8F didn’t really specify anything.
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2023.06.07 18:25 DeadshotBoss Is there another episode of the flash are are the people on this sub just kidding. I am so confused right now.

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2023.06.07 18:24 skipdo Math is hard

A certain media outlet forgot to mention the split. So their math is way off.
*Investing $1,000 in GME: It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that a $1,000 bet on GameStop has turned in an impressive return since Cohen’s position was announced.
Based on a share price of $7.30 on Sept. 1, 2020, the day after Cohen’s purchase was unveiled, investors would have been able to buy 137 shares of GameStop. Those 137 shares of GameStop are worth $3,651.05 today, based on a price of $26.65 for GME at the time of writing.
This represents a hypothetical return of 265.1%.*
137 share is actually now 548. 548*26.65=14,604.02
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2023.06.07 18:24 shataneek96 Painful Threshold

I am writing this letter to tell you that I love you,
Regret the fact that everything was below and nothing all above you,
But living within your four walls felt like a tyrants curfew,
No matter how much you hate me mom I still love you,
Even though there are reasons not 1 , 2 or 3,
If I start writing the list it will be too many,
And it's hurts like a blade stuck and twisted by your enemy,
I hate that I have to hide my emotion,
If I could open my skull it would be a bloody commotion,
Your hurtful words still ring in my ear "you lack creativity",
And it left my esteem broken and my soul filled with fear,
To call my house a home would be straight lying,
I have received love as well and I won't deny it,
But all the kisses on my forehead now feel like burning nails,
Juxtapose with every painful words you spoke everytime I had failed,
Everytime I call you why are you always screaming,
Tell me too many time that I have been stealing and scheming,
It wasn't my intention to be the way I am , But every tear I swallowed was followed by "Goddamn",
That's why I runaway to my friends who are addicted,
Because when I am around them I feel accepted,
I have been broken so many times when you called me a failure,
It made me drink toilet cleaner , prematurely end my tenure,
And day and night every instance when I was sorrowful I counted my blessings,
With the lack of confidence I feel and my psyche feels like it's undressing,
To hold a normal conversation it takes too much energy,
Cause all my conversation with dad felt like I was not from your family,
I will still be loving you both cause my needs have become dependent,
Losing one of you would feel like my bad luck has me bested,
It's a compulsion to stay connected, compulsion to be accepted , compulsion to be loved and compulsion to feel enamoured and is it wrong to be expected? ,
No more hugs when I am alive,
Don't shed any tears on my ashes,
My soul will cringe with the trauma when every venom spewed laid on me like curses,
Still appreciate your presence and all the previous love and care,
When you will need me the most I hope I won't be there.
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2023.06.07 18:23 megachainguns CAS Space on Twitter: Kinetica 1 Y2 (flight 2) launched successfully on June 7, 2023. It is one of the first vehicles manufactured at our Guangzhou facility. From now on Kinetica 1 will begin a regular launch cadence.

CAS Space on Twitter: Kinetica 1 Y2 (flight 2) launched successfully on June 7, 2023. It is one of the first vehicles manufactured at our Guangzhou facility. From now on Kinetica 1 will begin a regular launch cadence. submitted by megachainguns to spaceflight [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:23 Superduke1010 Issue with 1Password Extension - Firefox in Debian Bookworm

As above, not sure why, but trying to open and use the extension results in the 'Open 1Password' screen only, but trying to click on the button (or before it auto spawned), results in can't get at 1Password for anything right now.
Anyone else have this issue?
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2023.06.07 18:23 maskgirlnft Pat Flynn – Smart From Scratch

Pat Flynn – Smart From Scratch
Pat Flynn – Smart From Scratch

Smart From Scratch is a hands-on, comprehensive course that enables you to develop a business idea, validate it, and determine if that idea is viable to pursue.
All business ideas need validation. Even my new online course. That’s why I launched Smart from Scratch to a select number of founding students in late 2016. The founding students helped shape the course content with their amazing feedback. Now, thanks to them, Smart From Scratch is tested, validated, and ready for your business idea!
Hi, I’m Pat Here’s Why I Created Smart From Scratch
I’ve both failed and succeeded in building products and businesses. I’ve poured these experiences into the Smart From Scratch course to give you insight into the business strategies that truly work from start to finish. Course Info
A Business Crash Course (Without the Crashing) Smart From Scratch was designed for your success. Each and every facet of the course, from its length to action items, was carefully planned to serve that goal.
The course will re-open in June. Course length: The length of the course is up to you, with three distinct stages to get you from idea to business. Price: Full access for a one-time payment of $197. Action items, including target audience research, network engagement, and prospect follow-up. Regular opportunities for you to provide honest feedback about the course. What You Will Learn
Success From the Ground Up Across three distinct stages, you’ll be treated to a highly detailed rundown of what it takes to…
Find an idea that works for you, even if you don’t know where to start. Define and refine your business idea so that you move forward and test the best, most viable option. Develop and execute a plan for reaching out to people interested in learning more about your idea. Create the proper channels for following up with prospects and pre-selling your product or service. My goal is to help you get your first customer! Who’s It For
Making Your Impact Smart From Scratch was designed for students looking to make an impact in the business world but may not have the tools to get there.
You are an aspirer. You yearn to make your mark on the world. You may have an idea for a business or an amazing product. You may not have an idea, and that’s why this course was created. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to come up with and follow through on an idea. Smart From Scratch will help you follow through.
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2023.06.07 18:23 deathbymediaman Writer Looking to Collaborate With Artists

Hey all!
I’m a writer looking to collaborate with artists to make some really cool comics.
For my background & resume: I’ve been reading comics all my life, and helping to run a large comic shop for over 20 years.
I’ve collaborated with others in the past to create several online comics, one of which is also currently being serialized in “Absolute Underground”, a west-Canadian punk-music magazine. I’ve worked on shorter projects that ran only a few pages, and I’ve also done a few longer full-issue-&-beyond projects, running into 20-30+ pages.
I’ve written superhuman action stories, sci-fi comedies, and surrealist noirs. My favourite comic storytellers include Garth Ennis, Brian Bendis, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Ed Brubaker… I like to read & write character-driven action comics with a lot of personality and politics. Somewhere between The Wire and The Raid.
Right now I’m looking for collaborators. People who want to work together to tell dynamic stories full of sci-fi action and believable characters, balancing fun and cynicism. I have a handful of stories I’d like to pitch, but I’m also open to exploring wholly original ideas that will perfectly suit an artist’s style!
Online comics are fun, but what I’d really like is to be working towards completing a project that’s sharp enough to be shopped around to indie publishers.
I’ve got some ideas and a style that, matched with the right artist, could make for some good comics. I’d like to think that I’m not talking out of my ass; I’ve studied and worked in the industry for over two decades, and I really love the art form.
Obviously a big project isn’t something to be entered into lightly, we’re talking about developing relationships and seeing how personalities and artistic goals mesh.
But maybe me and my scripts would be a good fit for you and your art, and we could make a bad-ass comic book and get lucky enough to find a publisher and an audience and get to tell stories for a living! Stranger things have happened!
If any of that resonates with you, drop me a line, and lets have a conversation!
Here’s some links to projects I’ve worked on:
"The Young Offenders" was something I did nearly 15 years ago; angry superhuman teens trying to protect a bad neighbourhood from predators.
"Anonymous Cubed" is something I’ve been working on recently; funny and surreal noir detective stories.
I hope everybody's having a great day!
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2023.06.07 18:23 MemesOfCentra Hey Anti Climate Change People, WAKE UP CALL!

Hey Anti Climate Change People, WAKE UP CALL!
I live in south jersey, and the smoke from these Canadian wildfires is so bad it’s all the way down here. it’s so bad that you can smell it here. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like in New York or Canada right now. My heart goes out to anyone living near the smoke or fire. But, for conservatives and Anti Climate Change people, this is your fucking wake up call to do something about climate change. You think it’s bad now? wait another 10,20, or 30 years and see how bad it gets. I am 15 so I can not vote but this makes me so angry. We do not even have to make an extreme change immediately. We can make slow changes to not hurt the economy. However, we need to start now. There is no more waiting Conservatives.
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2023.06.07 18:22 smellytulip Been on spiro for almost 6 months now and it’s helped to clear everything up but I’m left with all these scars. Is laser/microneedling the only answer? I already use tretinoin 0.1% and azelaic acid 15%

Been on spiro for almost 6 months now and it’s helped to clear everything up but I’m left with all these scars. Is lasemicroneedling the only answer? I already use tretinoin 0.1% and azelaic acid 15% submitted by smellytulip to Spironolactone [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:22 drehlersdc1 WTF? Anti-PRIDE letter sent to small business owners from property “managing member”

WTF? Anti-PRIDE letter sent to small business owners from property “managing member” submitted by drehlersdc1 to crazygop [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:22 DoubleElk9934 I think i became a monster please read i know its a (BIG Story) i need feedback.

Hello everyone. I think im turning into a monster everyday. I am a male (teenager). I think im not ok and not normal. To begin with, i had a normal, fun experience at Kindergarten. It was fun. I didn't understand a word, everything was fun and games, i was a kid. At primary school, i got my "traumas"or bad experiences. My mom told me to work hard (i was six years old) and study hard. I was getting the best grades, and i had girls. Everyone loved me unconditionally, i had friends, peers etc. This continued for the first two years. At the following years of primary school, i would have the consciousness, to hear, understand and mimic my parents behaviour. My parents were toxic. My dad would always curse at my mom and say her words like : btch, he, lesbîan, stupid etc. He was clearly abusive and when under pressure, he would give my mom slaps and beat her ( not so badly ). He would also make racist comments about my mom. Dont blame my younger self but, i adopted this bad vocabulary to my mom and family. My dad was never there, when i needed him. I recently learned, he was abused by a gang of three, when he was 8 years old. He never got through it (trauma). My mom was strict, had always an angry expression to the slightest misbehavior. She would tell me to be a nerd. She would punish me for not cleaning my room, with a whopping punishment. When i didn't feel like showering, she wouldn't let me sleep as a punishment. (She was on my room for the whole night singing loud nonsense, just because i didn't shower. So the next years at primary school, i didnt have friends. I was just speaking with another nerdy boy. The last two years of primary school, were BULLYING years. My worst period. My mom was from the same country as my bullies mom. So they had been somehow friends. My mom would tell me to bring my bully to my home. I explained to her that he was clearly a BULLY. He bullied me for my body. She never took me seriously. My bully was well behaving at my home, and my mom was giving him consumables (food). When he would go to his home, the food my mom gave him, would be thrown away. Imagine how painful it would be, bringing your Bully to your house ! When my mom realised that i got traumatized of this, she cried and apologized, and told me that she wants me to be thriving. I had ( and still have growing rage ) for my bully. So i confronted him. I told him that he ruined my life. He immediately responded. - "i like ruining your life". Omg! I got stunned by such an answer. My already introverted self would meet the quarantine of Covid-19 pandemic. It lasted for about two years. These two years my parents poisoned me mentally. They brainwashed me more into the idea of going out is bad. They already told me to never get out to socialize, but now they had a reason. I never had friends. These two years, i never got out ! Ok, i got out 1,2 or 3 times for just 5 minutes. Every kid, didn't give a fck about Covid-19, and would go outside and have fun with friends, while i was sitting home, seeing my mom being abused. She was so miserable, when she was wrong, she would always remind me that she stayed with my dad, because she "wanted to raise me right". My dad, would always, till today call me names like : bullied, "why did you poop such a big shit, did anyone fck you up"? In rare instances, where i would get outside, he would tell me : "why are you getting outside, you go outside to get your drg dose?" When i wasn't getting outside, and obeyed him, he would ask : " why dont you get outside? Did you get fcked up?" I mean, i was a boy back then! No offense but im not gay. And im not a dr*g addict ! I was a kid ! I fell into gaming and got addicted more. Now, i get the torture of seeing my bullies succeed. I suck at school. Everyone else at my classes, is a kid ! I lost the ability to be a kid because my silly parents/bullies ruined it. When i go outside im an complete angel. When im at home, i am abusive to my own abusive parents. I still dont have friends. My school mates are all kids and have fun, while im sitting with my social anxiety, as a quiet kid. my teachers tell me " you give school shooter vibes " everyone treats me like a criminal. I hate society. My parents would always fight with me, and i would apologize, and the circle continues. I wish i had a better childhood, because you see, i cant treat my childhood wounds. I want to make all pay. Its like my own parents plotted to ruin my life. They ruined my social skills. • I never played with my peers. I would always stay at home. I have low/no friends • I became abusive. My parents were abusive, they apologized, i apologized, and the vicious circle continued from the beginning. Its like they tought me to be abusive. • I got a trauma from being bullied. • i became a sociopath i guess. They would always tell me to be kind outside so that our family had a good image. • I got addicted to gaming because otherwise i would lose my mind in such household. • i guess i will never get myself a loving wife, im full of misery, and im furious. • i cant start a proper conversation. • i got addicted to fapping. Now i stopped it. •I wish i never slap my mom. Sadly i slap her regularly, in emotional outbursts, but she deserves it. •I curse at my father. He was the most weak father figure. •I lost trust in society. I literally cried for help to teachers when i was getting bullied. They saw it. They did nothing. • I became a quiet kid. • I have childhood nightmares. Give me a reason not to suicide. And when i say it and i mean it, my mom will laugh at me, saying that im a coward and i will never do such a thing. She is basically provoking me. My parents cared for an overall image of what the society thinks about them. I always had a food to eat, but thats not the problem. The problem is my mental health. Sadly, now i understand what my family did to me. Im 16. I want to have a relationship and when im older to have kids. Not being an abusive sociopath with no friends, being called psycho by all. I really need help. I think my character is already forged. I think i have 2 faces. The one face is for society, and the other is my abusive behaviour at home. I dont feel any guilt for hitting my toxic mom. Even when she cries of me being abusive. She created it. Im so mentally sick. Please guys if you write something helpful, do it. I really want to know my mental problems. I love you all. I hope its just puberty
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2023.06.07 18:22 rationally_speaking Is this an optimal way to perpetually seed from unRAID

Finally have my rig stabled enough to move my near-perpetual seeding off my main PC and onto my unRAID box. Is my preferred method the optimal way (reduce IO, ease of maintenance, etc)?
I've seen a handful of ways to go about this but it seems like excluding SSDs from this equation tends to be preferred due to the numerous writing and read operations. Thus, I will sacrifice an 8TB spinner to this approach.
Option 1 - Unassigned Devices
Option 2 - Dedicated share in the array
I really appreciate you all taking a look at this and helping me sanity check it.
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2023.06.07 18:22 anal_holocaust_ How it all began...

How it all began... submitted by anal_holocaust_ to oklahoma [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:22 Confident_Aerie4980 Credit to @Tryantofitin

Credit to @Tryantofitin

WOACB is no advocate and has done nothing for survivors like she claims!

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2023.06.07 18:22 chispa_loca Reading a romance so good it makes you want to write?

I guess this is a strange question and not sure if correct place to post, but there have been a few books I have read (not always romantic, but frequently with romance/connection as a strong pillar) that moved me so much they made me want to write. They're not necessarily the most highbrow 'literary fiction' reads, but something about the authenticity of the characters or how deeply they made me feel really excited me! They made me feel brave and want to express my own reality, experiences, stories in a similar way. Now, I'm not a writer, like at all, but a couple of questions:
  1. Has anyone felt like this after any book? Was there a common theme/aspect to them? Which books made you feel this way?
  2. What would you want to write? What do you feel is just slightly off in the 3 or 4 star reads that you feel you could bring your own unique perspective into?
  3. (Definitely more of a writer question but I'd love to know!) How do you start writing if you have no experience but a lot of passion for a good romance?
For me, some of these books were: All the Bright Places, The Idiot (Elif Batuman), Who's That Girl (Mhairi), Anthropocene Reviewed (John Green) amongst others
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2023.06.07 18:22 gibbygibbz Love this game

Understandably hard but still this is a very fun and inventive card game. I think one of the coolest things about it is the randomized characters you get and the choices you make along the way to b benefit what may be a weakness to a strength. I do think there are some issues like trying to do all snowballs just to go up against an enemy that benefits from it. The game really throws you to the wolves in sense.
One time the poison took me out just because 2 enemies that had the aimless effect just happen to get me. Sometimes enemies have spikes that hurt you for a change or you couldn't finish them off so the reinforcements arrive. Not complaints at all but definitely got that sort of 1 mistake will cost you vibe.
Acquiring gold and getting crowns from the shops are a must in this game and can't stress that enough. Without certain cards on the field first you might not even have a chance late game. Make sure you know when to use your main character to block for you and when to keep him in the back. The silence skill that kills opponents effects is a God send and any sort of other skill like that is so important to have.
Also some interesting little thing, being 1 coin short and clicking multiple times on an time until the shop keeper gives in and just gives it to you for free. This should be in every game obviously figured out by mistake or just clicking something because you were mad.
Sacrificing your cards so that others can get stronger or constantly gaining health from your kills giving it to your allies is a great strategy. What's funny is even with the enemies combinations still have a chance and I think that a what's wild about this game. You can in theory have an amazing system that gets trumped faster than Biden falling on stage.
I have only beat the game once (no spoilers) but even then you are now back to square one and no guarantees you will make it past 2nd boss. I think I have gushed about this game enough but I still have to say the music is intense, art is very simple and well drawn. No run is the same even if you try to pick your favourites over and over. I would love to see this as a card game or even a board game version.
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2023.06.07 18:22 akshya_chill Rolex Airking BPF 2836 movement

Asking for a friend.
Dealer name: Lucy from RWI
Factory name: BPF
Model name (& version number): Rolex Airking 2836 movement
Price paid: USD 300 shipped
Album Links:
Index alignment: looks ok
Dial Printing: looks ok
Date Wheel alignment/printing: looks ok
Hand Alignment: looks fine
Bezel: Nothing like gen, but at this price point, it is good
Timegrapher numbers: looks good
Anything else you notice: Not an expert on Rehaut, but would appreciate some help there.
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2023.06.07 18:22 styles56780 BEC Important Question

From the NASBA website:
"First Time Candidates for BEC must apply for their BEC Exam prior to October 1, 2023."
If I assume that I applied before October 1, but my NTS was issued after October 1, it means that I can still do the exam right? because the statement doesn't say issuance or do i need to have my NTS issued?
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2023.06.07 18:22 Lobo0084 My character made a rash decision...

So the other night, my bounty hunting ranger was attacked with a fireball scroll during a chase scene.
Now, I've been a forever dm for a long time, and finally found a young, impressionable soul to hand off the mantle to. And for some reason that I cannot understand, I, a longstanding dm, forgot just how much damage a fireball can do.
My character lowers his shoulder and charges through the blast. Losing a metric ton of HP. Like, all of it. Except 1. And I'm not certain that this wasn't a guardian dm moment.
And that bitter moment when I announced my actions and the dm cocks and eyebrow and says 'are you sure?', before a boatload of dice hit the table behind the dm screen?
Not gonna lie, my character now has a healthy fear of fireballs. And I'm not too keen, either.
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