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Subaru - For the horizontally opposed.

2009.11.29 08:37 subaru Subaru - For the horizontally opposed.

Where OC is the standard and boxer engines rule the world.

2018.12.15 02:44 vpdots Gary The Cat

This is the subreddit for all things related to Gary the Cat. Find me on IG at https://www.instagram.com/greatgramsofgary/

2013.05.25 19:12 The Midnight Game

A place to describe your encounters with the Midnight Man.

2023.06.06 18:19 OK_Nug_Shots Tulsa, OK Show & Smell - Sat June 10. 6-11p at Studio30 - Seed swap & glass exchange, seed vendors, glass vendors, cannabis vendors, music, food, live art, BYOSmoke. Homegrowers bring your mason jars to show off your work. 21+ No med card needed for entry.

Tulsa, OK Show & Smell - Sat June 10. 6-11p at Studio30 - Seed swap & glass exchange, seed vendors, glass vendors, cannabis vendors, music, food, live art, BYOSmoke. Homegrowers bring your mason jars to show off your work. 21+ No med card needed for entry. submitted by OK_Nug_Shots to glassheads [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 18:19 Commercial_Bed9527 Was I being rude by squeezing beside someone when they were in the way talking?

I went the community gym last night. As I entered with my buddy to put some things into the “cubbyholes” (they don’t have lockers), two teenagers were standing in front of the only open ones, talking.
I went to put my things away. Apparently I was too close because as he turned he walked into me. I didn’t move and he said “ok.” I just kind of looked at him and turned to my friend and asked if he needed to put anything away and went on with my workout.
I ended up taking everything out of the cubbyhole anyway upon second thought. Didn’t trust my stuff there.
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2023.06.06 18:18 tonystark254 Asking for a friend....

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2023.06.06 18:17 randomfun643677 Top surgery with Dr. Kenneth Wolf in Michigan 2023 part 1 of 2

Hello everyone, I’m interested in sharing my top surgery experience with Dr. Wolf in Bloomfield Township, MI since I haven’t seen any recent posts.
Getting scheduled:
I called his office back in March of this year to have my appointment scheduled. I was provided an email address to reach out to Dr. Wolf. I was instructed to attached two images of my chest (front view and side view). After doing this, he emailed me back within a week with his suggestion, which was double incision with nipple graft. He also included the price of $6,900. He told me to call his office and get scheduled if I’m interested. I called and scheduled my appointment. My appointment is scheduled for the end of June of this year. You will have to pay $500 up front to secure your surgery date. You will pay the remaining amount during your pre op appointment.
Pre op appointment:
This appointment was quick and easy. He and his team are super friendly. During this appointment he explained pre op and post op instructions and he also took a quick look at my chest. Afterwards, I made the final payment. If you don’t live near the office, then your pre op appointment will be done through email.
He accepts cash, major credit cards, and few other lending options listed on his website. No insurance, no debit.
My surgery is in a few weeks so I’ll keep you all updated.
Hope this helps!
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2023.06.06 18:16 athok98 Did not get a key to lock my room in a flat-share apartment.

I rented a room in a flat-share but did not get a key to lock my room. The door has a regular lock the old type and I could easily buy a key that would work with it but do you think it is okay/legal? From what I understand no-one can enter my room anyway so why should that be a problem?
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2023.06.06 18:16 Sea-Big-4850 /uj How can anyone hate on the B58 when they are performing miracles and breaking records constantly?

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2023.06.06 18:16 TheUlsterITGuy Advice/Vent on a controlling colleague

This is a fair bit of a vent, so if you don't want to read fair enough, probably won't be able to respond to comments till tomorrow but appreciate folk that do comment.
Advice on dealing with a controlling colleague?
I have been working in my company for just over a year now, it is a tiny company, with under 20 employees, it is a tight nit group of folk and our IT team consists of just 3 people;myself, the manager, (we will call him Ryan) and the colleague in question. We will call the colleague Michael
I would preface this with the fact I have no personal beef with Michael, it is strictly professional here. We get on quite well on a personal level.
I graduated with my bachelors degree in Cybersecurity last year with a decent grade, I want to specialise in cyber but do have a broader knowledge that can be applied for a company like this. and that has been what has happened, instead of doing a lot of cyber stuff, its more generic stuff, like setting up file servers, mail servers etc.
For context, when I joined one year ago, it was a 1 man show, the previous guy (who the colleague in question replaced) done thing his way, without telling people what he had done, and often days would be spent twidling my thumbs cause ive nothing to do, when asking my manager he would tell me to ask the previous colleague, who we will call Josh.
Josh resigned in pretty rough circumstances, walking out the door without serving his notice period. Michael was hired to replace him.
Josh essentially built an IT infrastructure on his own over 15 or so years, and left with 0 knowledge transfer, and for a period of about 3-4 months, it was pretty busy for me and Michael, having to consistently work together to figure out the things that Josh had built.
However, particularly in the last few months, Michael is starting to show these kind of tendancies, doing things his way, and doing almost everything., certainly all the major projects. I am still a graduate in my eyes and I need to be getting valuable experience which I am not getting. Sure he is my superior for all intents and purposes, but I can barely change a server password without his approval. He is making changes that go uninformed for weeks and it is driving me nuts. This is the tip of the iceberg and its not so easy to convey to people who are outside of the situation but basically it is a one man show, and there is no signs of that changing. This has given me a sense of imposter syndrome, as I have spent so long doing very little in my first year, that I feel like when I have another potential job offer I will just turn it down because of this entire situation.
I like the company, sure it has its faults like any company, but I have been quite lucky to work in a company where I am friends on a personal level with 2 of the employees who are literally in the next room, we can share lunch breaks etc. But this has sent me to the point of I want to leave and I won't even bother chatting to Ryan cause I have become set in the fact I want to leave, I don't know if I should raise this in some description with Ryan, but despite wanting to leave, I think it may be for the best as the next employee that takes my place is going to have to deal with the same things.
Thanks for listening to my ted talk

TL:DR - My colleague is quite controlling and work has become a bit of a one man show.
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2023.06.06 18:16 greenvinyl1998 you are who you hang out with tour part 2 ?

you are who you hang out with tour part 2 ?
spotify sent a notification for a show on sale coming up soon, not listed on their ig and shows that vundabar is gonna play with them
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2023.06.06 18:16 StacyWonder Work Convoy Ticket in Texas

Yo so today was supposed to be a great day. I got up early to get to work on time.
On my way to work, I’m getting ready to enter the highway and I see the scorpion truck and the cars with flashing lights in front of us, thinking they’re about to enter the highway, as there are no signs saying they’re about to do road work. They just up and stop in front and keep us there for an hour, no escape. Not gonna lie, I was kind of pissed because the two scorpion trucks with workers inside were cracking up and recording us behind them. I always read the blinking signs about road work because I’ve been stuck before and you learn to do it so it doesn’t happen anymore.
Finally one of the scorpions move and I take off down the road because at this point I’m an 1 hour and 30 minutes late to work with still a 30 plus minute commute and they all start honking at me and two cars with flashing lights stop in front of me to stop me because there were still trucks coming. Now I will say, that I did it to piss them off a little because they were laughing at us earlier and also didn’t give us any indication they would be doing any kind of road work.
The other trucks were driving super slow with traffic behind them. I waited for them to catch up because the flashing light trucks blocked me from going any further.
After it all kind of settles down a worker pulls up to me and says “why did you cut off the officers?” And I definitely didn’t cut off any officers to my knowledge because no one was police. Then the other worker on the side says “you’ll get a ticket in the mail”. I said whatever and kept going with my day because they were pissing me off but the back of my mind, I was like I don’t want a ticket 😂. I could’ve been more patient but when you are missing out on hours at work it does something to you.
The question I really have is, can you get a ticket for something like that? Especially by mail because I’ve never heard of that.
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2023.06.06 18:15 FyrestarOmega Throwback - Ben Myers' Defense Opening Statement

Thought a refresher of the opening statement presented by Myers related the case he intends to present might be helpful, since membership has grown from about two dozen people on that day until now. Using Sky News because older live Chester Standard articles are not loading correctly, but the Chester Standard link is at the bottom.
This Sky News link would also take you to the prosecution opening statements if you continue to go backwards

Defence begins by saying 'all we have so far is a theory of guilt based firmly on coincidence'

Ben Myers KC has begun his opening statement, speaking in defence of Lucy Letby.
He begins by acknowledging to the jury how saddening the allegations are.
"It is difficult to think of allegations that could be more upsetting than these and it's difficult to think of allegations that strike harder at our desire to protect than these allegations," he says.
He says "the sympathy of everyone will rightly be with the families of the children involved in this case" and the defence is not here to "diminish" that.
He tells the jury it would be "easy for emotion to take the place of evidence" but says that would be "staggeringly unfair" to the defendant.
"There is a real danger that people will simply accept the prosecution theory of guilt," he tells the court.
"And that is all that we have so far. A theory of guilt, based firmly on coincidence."
Mr Myers tells the court blame should not be "heaped on that woman", while pointing at Letby, and says others may have made mistakes.
"Sometimes what happened was a genuine deterioration in the health of one or other of these children," he says.

'You won't get the answers simply looking at the woman in the dock'

Ben Myers tells the jury he is "barely touching" on the detail involved in this case today.
He says the defence's opening statement will not be as detailed as the four-day opening the prosecution has put forward. More detail will come later in the trial.
He says he will touch on "failings at the Countess of Chester Hospital neonatal unit that have nothing to do with Lucy Letby".
Letby was a "dedicated nurse", Mr Myers says, who "trained hard" to look after the babies at the unit and "in no way did she want to hurt them".
Letby "loved her job... cared deeply about the babies she looked after, and cared deeply for their families", the court is told.
"You won't get the answers to this case simply by looking at the woman in the dock now," he says.
"This is where she is six years after starting to face allegations like this. As you can imagine, that must be utterly gruelling for anyone."
Mr Myers says the jury "might want to keep the effect of that in mind" when they examine evidence in the case.
"Anybody who is approaching this as if it is any kind of done deal has got it very badly wrong," the court is told.
In the dock, Letby continues staring straight ahead.

Letby wrote 'I'll never have children or marry' in 'confession' note

The court is once again shown what - the prosecution says - was Letby's confession note.
But Mr Myers says these are the writings of an "anguished woman in despair" who is realising the enormity of what is facing her.
A line on the note, which is being shown to the court, says Letby has an "overwhelming fear... I'll never have children or marry... I will never know what it's like to have a family... despair."
He says the note does not "accurately reflect" what has happened, but was written by Letby while upset, who "poured her feelings onto paper as a way of coping".

'No evidence' these attacks took place, defence says

Defence KC Ben Myers is now addressing why a number of medical notes were found in Lucy Letby's possession following a search of her house.
He says she did not have them for a "sinister motive" but she was a person who "scribbled things down" and a person who "hangs onto bits of paper".
He then turns to the "coincidence" involved in the case.
"We say there is an assumption that someone is doing deliberate harm," he tells the court.
"There is no evidence of the actual events being alleged."
From using syringes to injecting air, tampering with bags of fluid or in some other way poisoning, physically assaulting children, or smothering them - the defence says there is no evidence that these attacks took place.
He returns to the case of Child E, whose mother - the prosecution said - walked in on Letby attacking her child.
Mr Myers says the evidence will not bear this out.
"The assumption of harm" and the assumption Letby is behind the harm has made the allegations "self-fulfilling".

Defence questions standard of care at Countess of Chester Hospital

Defence KC Ben Myers is now telling the jury there were shortcomings at the Countess of Chester Hospital that cannot be attributed to Letby.
"There is a question of whether this hospital should have been looking after all these children, and whether it did so to the required standard," My Myers tells the court.
"For a nurse in the neonatal unit, standing there when a child is unwell is unremarkable," he says.
"Her presence alone is now treated as sinister."

What the defence is asking the jury to consider

The defence KC tells the jury the evidence "may look daunting" to start with, but he says he will be asking them to consider five issues.
These are...
1. The birth condition of the baby.
2. Whether there were any problems in the health and care of the child leading up to the event we are considering. He says: "Things with babies like this can be unexpected... but we also say when you get down to the detail of the evidence it isn't always that clear and it isn't always unexpected."
3. Whether the prosecution expert medical evidence proves there was deliberate harm done.
4. Whether Letby was present at the time and what the evidence can establish about what she was doing if she was there.
5. If there were failings in care with the baby we are looking at, or at the unit as a whole.

'We are dealing with babies who are clinically fragile'

The defence says there were other events and "collapses" which took place when Lucy Letby was not present.
The court has been shown again a chart - first presented by the prosecution - which shows Lucy Letby was present at all 22 incidents involving the 17 babies mentioned in the indictment.
Defence KC Ben Myers says the chart does not show the "shortcomings in care, which may be the fault of others", nor does it show any other incidents which took place when Letby was not there.
"When we strip away all the surrounding detail, messages, Facebook searches, even amateur psychology, the case will come down to the medical evidence," he tells the jury.
The cause of death or deterioration in an infant is "not always clear" and there can be a "number of possibilities", Mr Myers says.
"Generally, we are dealing with babies who are clinically fragile, and their condition can change very swiftly."

Experts 'influenced by confirmation bias', says defence

Ben Myers KC is now returning to the five points that he is asking the jury to consider (see 12.59pm post) when deciding if Letby is guilty or not.
He asks the jury to "remember how quickly problems can develop" with neonatal children.
He tells the jury to listen out for any evidence that shows the unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital was "understaffed and overstretched".
He says experts can be influenced by "an overarching assumption that what has happened is a result of deliberate harm".
"The fact they are an expert does not mean this cannot happen," he says.
"Where there is no clear explanation for what has happened - and that can sometimes happen in medicine - there is a danger of an expert being drawn into an explanation of evidence that is influenced by the prosecution's theory."
He tells the jury this is called "confirmation bias".

'Doctors don't always have the answers'

The experts that will be called in the trial have "met as a group and considered their opinions jointly", defence lawyer Ben Myers KC tells the court.
He then tells the jury that the burden is not on the defendant to provide an explanation of the events that unfolded.
"Doctors don't always have the answers and nor do medical experts," he says.
"The fact that Ms Letby can't explain a particular event... does not mean she is responsible for it."
Letby remains "adamant" that she has done nothing to harm any of the children mentioned in the indictment.
Mr Myers is now turning to each of the children in turn.

Child A died as a result of 'suboptimal care' and 'lack of fluids', says defence

The defence accepts there is a "possibility" that Child A died as the result of an air embolus (an injection of air).
But Ben Myers KC says the defence does not accept on this count that it was the cause of death.
He says the care given to Child A was "suboptimal" and the infant collapsed either as a result of a "lack of fluids" or a result of the "various lines that had been put into him" and the potential they interfered with his heart rate.
The air found inside Child A can happen "post mortem".

'Nothing' to support injection of air as jury told to 'look at the practicalities'

Child B, Ben Myers KC tells the court, had been in a "precarious position from birth" and was born "blue and floppy".
He says there is "nothing" to support an injection of air, or Child B's airway being blocked.
"She had other episodes where she struggled to breathe after the time on the indictment here," he says.
Next, he moves to Child C. He tells the jury although he is moving through the cases quickly, he does not mean this to be "heavy-handed" or cause offence to the families involved but that he wants to give an overview of the defence's argument.
"We accept in this case," he says, it is a "theoretical possibility" that Child C was injected with air.
He tells the jury to "look at the practicalities of that".
Child C was born "very premature": "As a starting point, sadly, a baby like that will be vulnerable to a range of complications."
This includes being more vulnerable to infection, and Child C should have been at a more specialist unit, Mr Myers says

Absence of evidence 'does not convert it into evidence of guilt'

Child D experienced delays to her medical care and was "never able to breath unaided", the jury is told.
"She was not put on antibiotics when she should have been," Ben Myers KC says.
He says the evidence shows infection was more likely than an injection of air.
Moving to Child E - who the prosecution said was attacked in front of his own mother - Mr Myers says there was no evidence of an air injection and "no evidence of direct trauma".
"There is no clear explanation in his case of what happened," he tells the jury but says that is not a good enough reason to assume Letby was responsible.
He then moves to count six and count 15, which involved the attempted murders of Child F and Child L. The prosecution alleges they were both poisoned with insulin.
He says the absence of evidence "does not convert it into evidence of guilt".
The IV bag, which was allegedly spiked with insulin, was changed when Letby was not on shift. The sample that was analysed was taken from this bag, which Letby had not come into contact with, Mr Myers says.
"The prosecution are fixed to the theory that all is due to Lucy Letby," he says.

Defence continues to blame care at Countess of Chester Hospital

Letby faces three charges of the attempted murder of Child G. On 6 September 2015, the prosecution claims she was fed an excessive amount of milk and vomited out of her cot and onto a nearby chair.
Ben Myers KC, for the defence, says doctors say Child G was "born on the margins of viability".
"She was a high-risk baby with a history of abdominal distension and vomiting", the court hears.
The defence also says Child G had exhibited signs of infection.
Next, he says the case of Child H is "complicated by suboptimal treatment" that she received at the beginning of her life. Letby faces two charges of attempted murder, which took place on consecutive nights.
Mr Myers says this is "another example of suboptimal care" at the Countess of Chester Hospital.
"What happened at the hospital had nothing to do with Lucy Letby. Despite all of that, she was there," he says.
Child I - who it is claimed Letby tried to kill four times before "succeeding" - experienced "a series of ongoing clinical problems that may well have been inevitable given her extreme prematurity".

'The Countess of Chester Hospital was well out of its depth'

Defence lawyer Ben Myers KC says "the Countess of Chester Hospital was well out of its depth" when it came to treating Child J, who Letby is accused of murdering.
He said the hospital delivered "inadequate care" to the child, who was born with a perforated and necrotic bowel.
Nothing, Mr Myers says, can link Child J's collapse to anything Letby did.
In the case of Child K, Letby is accused of doing nothing to help as the infant's oxygen levels dropped - a consultant who looked at the child found her breathing tube was dislodged.
"Ms Letby does not agree she has done that, nor was she seen to do that," Mr Myers tells the jury.
He disputes claims from the prosecution that the newborn was sedated and couldn't move.
"We say she wasn't and she could," he says.
He says the child "shouldn't have been" at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Screaming child 'more likely due to hunger' than air injection, according to the defence

Moving on to Child L and Child M, twin boys who survived.
Defence lawyer Ben Myers KC says "blame is being put on Ms Letby because there is no obvious alternative".
He continues: "The mere fact she is there when something happens is almost being used as an explanation for it happening."
In the case of Child N - for whom Letby faces three counts of attempted murder - he says the fact the child screamed for 30 minutes was more likely due to "hunger" than being injected with air.
One expert, the prosecution said previously, said he had never seen a neonate scream for such a long time.
Mr Myers says Child N should also not have been at the hospital.

'Signs of infection' in one triplet, and air found in another a 'natural occurrence'

There were "signs of infection" in one of the two triplets who died at the Countess of Chester Hospital, the defence has said.
Child O was found with "severe liver damage", and both he and his brother, Child P, died within the first week of their lives.
Ben Myers KC, representing Letby, says the liver damage in Child O can be attributed to CPR.
Meanwhile, any air that was identified in Child P post-mortem is a "natural occurrence" that happens after death.
"The build-up of air found in the child can be attributed to the air flowing into the baby for respiratory support," the jury is told.
"Once he collapsed it isn't clear why he didn't respond to resuscitation but that doesn't go so far as to show this was inflicted harm."
He addresses the final case, that of Child Q and says a "poorly functioning bowel is probably what led to him being unwell and vomiting".

'Where was she? What was she doing?'

After running through each individual case, Ben Myers KC, for the defence, turns to "Ms Letby and what her presence means at that time".
"It's a simple question, where was she, what was she doing?" he asks the jury.
But he tells them it is "important not to guess" because the evidence "cannot pinpoint" exactly where she was at any given moment.
"She can hardly be expected to remember," he says.
"We say there are many occasions when Lucy Letby was not there."
Some events took place when Letby wasn't there, but he says the prosecution has been selective with the events it has chosen.
Even when Letby was present "that doesn't get close to proving what the prosecution allege". He says it would be unfair to "treat presence as mere evidence of guilt".

Letby a 'young nurse who built her life around the neonatal unit'

Ben Myers KC describes Letby as a young nurse with no immediate family commitment and someone who "had built her life around the neonatal unit" and thus was willing to be called in at short notice.
"Someone in that position, in that role... is more likely to be there when deterioration happens, but that doesn't mean she made it happen," he says.
Letby will not always be able to recall specific details about children or events.
"In that regard, she is like any other witness in this case," Mr Myers says.
Regarding the medical treatment given at the neonatal unit, he says: "Nobody is going to expect perfection day in day out."
He says there were "problems with the way this unit performed that had nothing to do with Lucy Letby".

Hospital was 'downgraded': 'To blame Letby is unfair and inaccurate' - defence

Ben Myers KC tells the jury that there are other examples of "suboptimal treatment" within the Countess of Chester Hospital that are "legitimate targets of criticism".
The prosecution has "consistently" highlighted how some babies recovered once removed from Letby's orbit.
Yet the defence says: "Their improvement coincided with removal from the Countess of Chester Hospital which could not deliver, we say, on some occasions the care that was necessary or the expertise for some of the children it looked after."
Mr Myers says that blaming Letby for this is "unfair and inaccurate".
The Countess of Chester had a "lack of technical medical skills", accepted babies with too high a level of care need, and on occasion was "too busy".
He points to the fact that the hospital was "downgraded" by a clinical watchdog, and redesignated to a level one. He says the hospital "could not provide care at the level it did".

Letby 'became a target of blame' amid pressure to find explanation for high infant mortality rate

In the case of Child K, a consultant became concerned about the correlation between the presence of Letby and the rise in sudden collapses.
But Ben Myers KC says this became "self-serving and self-fulfilling" and there was evidence for his concern.
He says she "became a target of blame and wrongly so".
"If others have failed to provide appropriate care or the unit is too busy or not appropriately staff you may agree that creates a situation in which things can go wrong... mistakes made, records not kept," he tells the jury.
He says there was "pressure to find an explanation" behind the spike in infant deaths at the unit.

Defence concludes its opening statement

Amid a final call for the jury to consider the evidence, Ben Myers KC concludes his opening statement by saying: "This whole case is a complex case, it is not straightforward.
"And in that dock is a young woman who says this is not her fault."
Chester Standard's live coverage of the same is here, but their older articles have stopped loading in their entirety for me: https://www.chesterstandard.co.uk/news/23044585.lucy-letby-trial-recap-prosecution-finishes-outlining-case-defence-gives-statement/
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2023.06.06 18:15 randomfun643677 Top surgery with Dr. Kenneth Wolf in Michigan 2023 part 1 of 2

Hello everyone, I’m interested in sharing my top surgery experience with Dr. Wolf in Bloomfield Township, MI since I haven’t seen any recent posts.
Getting scheduled:
I called his office back in March of this year to have my appointment scheduled. I was provided an email address to reach out to Dr. Wolf. I was instructed to attached two images of my chest (front view and side view). After doing this, he emailed me back within a week with his suggestion, which was double incision with nipple graft. He also included the price of $6,900. He told me to call his office and get scheduled if I’m interested. I called and scheduled my appointment. My appointment is scheduled for the end of June of this year. You will have to pay $500 up front to secure your surgery date. You will pay the remaining amount during your pre op appointment.
Pre op appointment:
This appointment was quick and easy. He and his team are super friendly. During this appointment he explained pre op and post op instructions and he also took a quick look at my chest. Afterwards, I made the final payment. If you don’t live near the office, then your pre op appointment will be done through email.
He accepts cash, major credit cards, and few other lending options listed on his website. No insurance, no debit.
My surgery is in a few weeks so I’ll keep you all updated.
Hope this helps!
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2023.06.06 18:15 watervoochie What happens if I am not able to be served?

I recently moved out of my apartment that I share with a roommate 2 months early. We have been having roommate issues for a while and I started staying at my boyfriend’s place and only stopping back to get more clothes and stuff.
On these trips back each time I discovered more damage to my property (trash dumped out all in front of my room, sharpie covering my kitchen appliances and a gift from my grandmother, my stuff in the toilet, all my bathroom stuff dumped out, my childhood photos stolen off the fridge, etc) as well as my cameras being tampered with or unplugged and hidden as to not record these incidents.
I was trying to stick it out towards the end of my lease but I got fed up. She was purposely trying to bully me to move out but still pay the rent. I understand that i’m legally obligated to pay the rent but I did want to know how will this work in small claims court because of the circumstances I’m about to explain.
The apartment is in Ohio as I was going to school there. She thinks I got another apartment in Ohio however I moved back home for the summer which is in Maine. I don’t think she knows i’m from here. I’m not on any official address here and will not be staying with my parents. I also will be working at my grandmother’s diner off the books. So I will have no official address or work address (I will get mail sent to my mother’s house but I only visit her and she lives an hour away).
I also will not be returning to the college and will be taking a break and then transferring to a different college most likely in a completely different state.
I refuse to pay anything towards the rent because of her bullying but will pay anything owed in case of an eviction which I informed the apartment complex of. I know if she pays my half instead of an eviction she will definitely try to sue me however she will most likely not be able to serve me. I know i’m legally responsible for the money but I don’t want to make this easy for her and I understand I’m being petty. When the time comes I have the money to pay so maybe I’m being stupid about this.
How will this work and how long will this be dragged out? I’m pretty sure even if she can’t serve me eventually this will catch up to me but i’m curious to know how this whole process will work and what else she can do if not serve me?
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2023.06.06 18:15 InsaneGunChemist Angels of Iron

Those sentient beings who have survived the horrors of the Hreth, the Kel'gan, and the Qurrelm have found light, and hope, and peace with their Human friends. Though for some, the scars, and the darkness, run too deep to ever heal. The trauma to their bodies, and minds, irreparable, despite the best efforts of the Angels. It is these who take up arms, and join them in their cause, donning the black armor of those who will bear the crime of slaughter, to guard those who would heal. They join the front ranks, those who can stand. And for those who cannot, other ways are found, to offer them closure.
Finally, the Kel'gan warriors had reached the human lines, and the real battle could begin. They had learned to respect their adversaries, a rare treat to find on the battlefield, but in the crush of the roaring brawl, the Humans died like any others before the raw force of the Kel'gan war machine. On the offensive, the Humans had proven tenacious, brutal, clever, and relentless, nearly unstoppable, even for the military champions of the Conclave. But here, on the defensive, the Humans were rendered far less of a threat, their hurriedly dropped infantry unsupported by their more creative war machines, and hamstrung by the cowering slaves behind them.
To their credit, not one of the Humans had backed down, or fled. All had proven themselves worthy in the eyes of the warlord, and so, in the smoking debris, the largest of the Kel'gan horde stepped forward, his warriors stilling, the slaughter of the melee pausing for a moment. The Humans, sensing the change, paused, weapons never lowering, but the onslaught did slacken around him. "Humans! You have proven worthy adversaries, a tenacious opponent! We recognize, and honor this. However, you are ill equipped for this fight, and we would hate to see your lives wasted so! Step aside, let us reclaim the slaves, and we will allow you to withdraw peacefully, so we may meet again under more honorable conditions!" His voice carries across the field, amplified by the speakers mounted along his carapace, and the Humans, for once, seem uncertain. They glance at each other, soft whispers along the line, before a single figure stands from one of the hastily dug pits forming their fighting line.
"How about a counter offer? You go FUCK YOURSELF, YOU SLAVING BITCH!" The fury and sound escaping the tiny form is enough to startle the Kel'gan horde for a moment, and then the world shakes as another of their drop pods slams to the ground, obscuring all in dust. Silence reigns for a moment, as every warrior on the field attempts to regain their sight and hearing, before a new voice, metallic and cold, echoes across the plains.
"Archangel deployment complete. Diagnostics complete. Human Casualties detected. Human Casualties exceed acceptable threshold. Initiating Ragnarok Protocols." The speaker, a massive, armored construct strides from the wreckage of the pod, a single, massive fist flexing, as the other arm ends in a rotary cannon. Before they can process the words, the Archangel unit has reached the warlord, and a single backhanded swing is enough to crush the Kel'gan carapace, and brutalize the insides. The silence reigns for just a beat longer, confusion, and terror warring through every sapient on the field, witnessing the advent of a new type of war, before the Archangel unit howls in fury, and the once brutalized slave begins its March of Retribution, clad in the Iron skin of the Angels.
"Truly, these Humans are nothing so special. Only one remarkable deviation in technology. No remarkable physicality aside from endurance. Their brains indicate average, and even above average self preservation instincts. And yet they tear apart the Kel'gan warriors. They traumatized the Hreth Slave breakers. They outsmart our greatest thinkers and planners. There is an unknown quantity in their evolution that disrupts all predictions. We believe it is what they call 'Spite'. It requires further research and understanding." Beltin Horrax, head researcher of the Qurrelm to the Conclave.
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2023.06.06 18:15 Jealous-Expression83 How I bought my first feminine clothing.

I live with my parents so any delivery that arrives at my door my parents will see. We don’t have Amazon from where I am from so I bought from our regular online store. I bought skirts,panties,stockings etc and also bought some "mens" clothes so my parents would think that is what I ordered lol. I should them the “men" clothing and that’s my story.
Do you pretty boys have any stories?
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2023.06.06 18:15 ieatoutoftrashcans Do you think it's possible to ride suicide safely?I got an idea...

So. I don't know about what can really be considered safe while hopping frieght but i'mma try out an idea I had eventually do before I do I think I should make sure im not a total wingnut. Either way I guess it'll work until it doesn't, when (not if)I do try it, but hear me out right quick.
I know someone who was raised in the Amishlike community I can't spell that starts with the M, and they were taught how to sew correctly and what not,so I can trust the work to be done correctly. I was going to have them attach straps to my bibs that could easily hold my weight plus an amount of g force to be decided after I research train derailment and other relevant information so I know roundabouts what to expect up to where the g force is going to kill me anyways,successfully attached or not(within limits reasonable to expect without derailing, if derailment occurs i feel the straps arent what keeps me from dying). Testing out their durability by hanging off random less dangerous stuff around town should let me get to safe enough to try on trains. after testing and I know I won't unattach from the car if I hit a bump or slack action jerk a me around good,unless i have a real problem like derailment I should be safe cause I'll need more luck then straps I would think if im a strapped to a car that derails. But my question is, am I missing something? No one has called me stupid for thinking I could do it yet, but I don't know if they realise I'm 100 percent serious about modifying my bibs in a way that'll improve my ability to ride suicides without danger and i could even sleep safely no worries. Part of my reason is I hate sitting around a hop for days and something stops but all you can get on while it's sided out is suicide and you cant find a rideable,I was taught suicides should be avoided, with or without a dog and to be super careful if your forced into a situation where you have to ride one and never try to ride suicide with a dog you want to keep unless you can carry it while keeping a solid hold of things and you cant sleep on a suicide safely. I've heard about finding something in the yard or near the hopout like a piece of wood and wedging it into a place where you can use it to ride suicide but I feel like that's kinda hot and easy to get spotted like that and you could hide easier without wood and just strapping to the car, if done right maybe even safely riding as you would be on a grainer porch or maybe even safer then some cars?maybe opens the door to all cars having a similar safety level for someone who is prepared and has no dog.If it works well enough maybe I can figure out how to make one for dogs that's just as safe too. That sounds like the harder problem out of the two ideas if i had to guess.
But really what do you think, is it safe? or is it just 100% a bad idea? Maybe you think you could do it better your way? Enlighten me so I can try to improve the idea and continue living as a single chunk of not piecemeal person. I got the balls to try it but the brains to ask around and make sure I'm not overlooking something, before I do. Also if you think canvas (duck canvas) isn't strong enough what cloth is? what would be the best option and how much would it cost to get bibs made out of it? Carharts are made put of duck canvas im told. Possible stronger option would be using climbing rope and making a harnesslike reinforcement or even getting a climbing harness and fusing it to your bibs or attaching the straps to the nearness instead of to the bibs( I think I would like to have it being a feature of my custom bibs I made opposed to using a climbing harness to hop frieght) Sorry for rambling but with this being super not safe if done wrong, I don't want to forget any of my ideas about the possibilities of how to modify gear with wha, in which way so that I don't end up with it being a poorly communicated idea that gets misunderstood leading to my injury because of something being assumed because my inability to clearly Share my Idea. Also got any ideas how bibs altered for this purpose could be helpful in other ways to persons whom are traveling folk?if you knew you had no tunnels or similar dangers on your current route, You could use it to strap onto the top of cars and watch the stars with a full clear field of vision(maybe that's worth the risk to some people?) without risk of something throwing you off if something goes wrong leaving only the two windows of time it takes for getting into position and strapping in as well as unstrapping and dismounting for you to be in danger of being thrown. like it would be safer i guess, but i dont know if id say it was safe, more less dangerous maybe, i dont feel safe surfing,im not a fan, maybe with the straps i wouldnt expect to die as much and i could get closer to finding the top of a car a place i could ride but I still think I am not willing to take up stargazing as my new happy hoppy hobby. Suicide rides though...
Tldr-attach straps to bibs attach bibs to suicide train cars, is it safe? Yes or no? Any advice?
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2023.06.06 18:15 BaddyBender 38(M4F) Central Kentucky named teddy bear needs a cuddle buddy 20+

BE ADVISED, NO PAY-TO-PLAY, FUCKNOUT OF HERE WITH THAT. Pm with ASL AND A PIC OF YOU, They are looking for a fun country girl with like-minded interests. Down to explore Kentucky, have fun, and see where it goes. It can go far or short doesn't matter. Dd clean,pervy girls and naughty moms too the front must be dog lover. must like chubby, bearded guys. Open mind, ok with nudist, down for outdoor fun, little pervy, but a lot of fun. Clamps, plugs, oral, booty slaps, spankings, back scratches, I love boobs, big/ small I want to play with them all. 18+ no men, if you have a penis you're a man. No scat or gore. IF YOU are NOT in or near KENTUCKY, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU
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2023.06.06 18:15 tonystark254 Asking for a friend....

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2023.06.06 18:15 ThrownAwayBurner16 Just completed my month’s notice at a toxic workplace and it hit me that my employer was a Scientologist.

Using my throwaway account because I’m too paranoid my boss will track me down on my main. But I need to get this off my chest: I’m feeling so disturbed and distressed and would really appreciate affirmation, because part of me is saying that I’m overreacting.
I’ve just had the ‘aha’ realization that my ex-employer is a full-blown scientologist and now everything makes sense. I’m a recent graduate and got this job at a software company last year straight out of college. I have part time/freelance work experience but this was my first full-time job. As was the case for most of their employees. My HR admitted to me a few months in that they do this for ‘cheap labour’. Terrible pay, and expect you to work overtime and skip lunch hour without overtime compensation.
The best way I can describe the work environment is that it’s like The Other World in Coraline: everything seems amazing at first, but slowly the employees start to show their misery and my boss turned into the spider version of the Other Mother.
The break room is stacked with WISE books, the Org Board is up on the wall, we were given WISE ‘battle plan’ daily planners, and enrolled in HCA courses. My one colleague was head of admin for HCA in my country. We all had to write our ‘hat’ when we started working, write conditions every week, and determine what our statistics would be - which have to be presented every week in front of the whole office. If your stats were down, you were shamed in front of everyone. They had to go up no matter what. I can’t even begin to explain the constant panic I was in. And they were impossible to attain because the expectations were too high - resulting in seven people quitting before their probationary period in the past five months. My boss ruthlessly went off at anyone easily and had no problem breaking you down when you challenged his workflow systems.
I kick myself for not seeing the Scientology indicators, but I’d justified it in my head that the terminology was just corporate lingo. Then my boss entered a meeting wearing an HCA jacket and offered HCA merchandise.
Managed to leave on neutral terms and never have to return. But I still find myself having night terrors about being back in that office and catch myself crying on a whim most days. I’m absolutely burnt out. Has anyone had a similar experience? I’d appreciate any advice on how to emotionally move forward from this.
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2023.06.06 18:15 TBoucher8 Why is it the second someone's shitbox car doesn't start, they automatically assume it's the key and call a locksmith

I'm so tired of hearing "my key stopped working it needs to be reprogrammed." I'll literally ask someone with for example a nissan or infinity push to start "does the key still unlock the doors?" 95% of the time they will say "yes" so I'll say "it's not a problem with your key, take it to a mechanic." And they're always like "can you just come check it out?" and I tell them I need to be paid up front, and then they say nevermind. I hate the city.
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2023.06.06 18:15 Kinyin Safe to Drive? - Struts (?) Stutter with Heavy Acceleration on Left Turn. Recent Repairs of Everything Else.

Hey everyone. 2013 Kia Soul 1.6L.
So I just finished doing all of the repairs and more that the Kia dealership recommended as the reason for the stuttering /skipping sound (picture the sound of moving a heavy rubber surface across a smooth floor). While I was at it, I replaced everything that was rusted and looked like it needed replacement.
CV Axles, Knuckels/Bearings/Hubs (Front and Rear), Tie Rods, Sway Bar Links, Lower Control Arms (Only 2 Years Old), Rear Struts, Calipers, Pads, and Rotors all around and the alignment on top.
The only thing I didn't touch was the FRONT spring/struts.
The engine was also replaced due to the class action lawsuit going on.
With everything that's been replaced, Im making the assumption that the sound is coming from the front strut assemblies. It doesn't affect driving. Going over bumps, and I don't even feel any lack of control when making the turns that causes the stuttering/skipping sounds.
With this in mind, would this be safe to drive for a while until I pay off all the work I just did (and let my back heal, lol).
Would it be damaging anything in the background? And is it okay to just replace the struts, since the springs only had very minor surface rust at the every ends/tips.
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2023.06.06 18:14 Imhotep397 What happened?

It’s so strange to me. I would send her long messages and attach photos, she stopped opening up but kept talking with me.
In talking to other people she would bring up familiar topics to what I was discussing in the long messages, but they were things that related to her experiences. She had stopped taking photos before we connected, at some point though she started taking photos again. When I asked her out she shut me down. I felt like I was having a positive effect on her, made a connection and that that meant something only to get door slammed. What do you think happened?
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2023.06.06 18:14 godmode33 Prehung doors and jamb width

I need to order prehung doors and all my jambs measure 5 1/2" The house was built in 1920 and seems to have no door jambs, no king studs, just a rough opening with slab doors screwed to the cripples. What the hell do I do here?
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