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2023.06.06 19:12 PennyworthInvesting Summa Silver Reports Great Metallurgical Test Results from Mogollon Project

Summa Silver Reports Great Metallurgical Test Results from Mogollon Project
Summa Silver Corp. (TSXV:SSVR) (OTCQX:SSVRF) reported silver and gold recovery results from initial scoping-level metallurgical test work from its high-grade silver-gold Mogollon Project near Silver City, New Mexico (the “Mogollon Project”). Results demonstrate strong recoveries of silver and gold from the Consolidated target.

Key Highlights

  • Outstanding Silver and Gold Recoveries: Two representative composite samples from the Queen Vein featured recoveries ranging from 96.2% to 97.9% for silver and 97.7% to 97.8% for gold from flotation concentrates.
  • High-Grade Concentrate Produced: Both composite samples produced a high-grade concentrate with grades that averaged 2,122 g/t silver and 77 g/t gold.
  • Conventional Milling Potential: The demonstrated recoveries were produced from a sample grind size of 80% of particles passing 75 microns or smaller which is typical in conventional milling processes.
  • Importance of Gravity Separation: The test work also showed that prior to flotation, gravity separation improved recoveries for silver and gold significantly.
  • Next Steps: With multiple targets planned for drilling, the Company will initiate continued metallurgical test work as more zones are drilled.

Metallurgical Test Work Program Summary
A scoping-level metallurgical test program was designed by Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc. and completed by Base Metallurgical Laboratories in Kamloops, British Columbia. Metallurgical testing was managed by the Company and focused on refining multiple flowsheet options by conducting head sample characterization (assay and mineralogy) tests, cyanide kinetic leaching tests, rougher flotation tests, gravity tests and assay characterization of test work products (e.g., concentrates and tails).
Two representative composite samples of mineralized, epithermal-related vein material were selected from drill holes that intersected the Queen Vein, central to the Consolidated Extension Target. MOG-1 was a 32 m composite sample from hole MOG22-05 drilled north of the Consolidated mine stopes and MOG-2 was a 20 m composite sample from hole MOG22-04 drilled south of the Consolidated mine stopes. Samples were analysed for head assay grades which returned 208 g/t Ag with 7.48 g/t Au (MOG-1) and 261 g/t Ag with 4.0 g/t Au (MOG-2).

Table 1: Metallurgical Test Work Results
The composite samples responded well to cyanide leaching tests. Whole ore leach tests yielded silver recoveries of 67.4% and 64.2% and gold recoveries of 86.9% and 82.7%. Producing a gravity concentrate prior to leaching increased the silver recoveries to 73.7% and 73.8% and gold recoveries to 90.6% and 90.3%. Recoveries for silver and gold were optimised by adding a rougher flotation circuit after concentrating the sample by gravity. Leaching of this product yielded silver recoveries of 96.2% and 97.9% and gold recoveries of 97.8% and 97.7%.
Flotation and leaching of the gravity concentrates have strong implications for maximum recoveries of silver and gold from the Queen Vein. Future work will also focus on investigating grind sensitivities on silver and gold recoveries. As additional targets and veins are drilled by Summa, additional metallurgical test work will be initiated from new zones.

At Base Metallurgical Laboratories, the samples were ground in a 2 kg Rod Mill to a 75 µm k80 grind size.
Gravity testing was conducted by centrifugal Gold Concentration using a Knelson MD-3 concentrator followed by cleaning on a Mozley C-800 Table. The gravity concentrate was assayed for gold to extinction and the tailings from the Knelson and Mozley table were retained for cyanide leaching.
Rougher flotation tests yielded four rougher concentrates and a final rougher for assay of gold, silver and sulphur. Products from flotation were retained for leaching.
Leaching tests were performed directly on whole ore samples as well as samples from gravity concentrates and rougher flotation tailings and rougher flotation concentrates. Tests were completed in bottles on rolls which included four kinetic solutions measured after 4, 6, 24 and 48 hours of leaching. Products from the tests were assayed for gold and silver.

Qualified Person
The technical content of this news release has been reviewed and approved by Galen McNamara, P. Geo., the CEO of the Company and a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.
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2023.06.06 19:11 --DannyPhantom-- I’m cheating to get ahead. Feel bad about it.

Our schedule and sections are gamified by how many people we sign up for a newsletter.
We’re a corporate-adjacent restaurant in a large city near the entertainment district; as in, we’re a large brewpub less than 1 mile away from: - the symphony building - a general [medium-large] music venue - a ton of hotels surrounding the large ‘[warehouse] center’ venue used for corporate/tradeshow events - a new sports stadium
Needless to say; there is no consistency - which is fine. I’ve cultivated a personality for every type of table at his point but something that’s become apparent is that I need to cheat on par with my peers to get better sections and schedules.
We have these dumb little ‘sign up for our newsletter & get $10 reward on a [physical] gift/points card’ forms that we are supposed to give to guests and we’re rewarded with how many we can get in a period. I’ve started swiping tons of rewards cards to activate dozens of them and run a script my older brothers boyfriend threw together to fill them out with junk-data.
I keep it realistic; but I’m sitting in the ‘top 5’ for activations and always get to choose my schedule/sections which is great.
I know it ultimately doesn’t mean anything and the data is worthless either way as it’s seldom going to result in future conversions but it feels unethical and management doesn’t care if it’s fake - just that numbers are met.
Do you do anything ‘unethical’ but harmless at work to stay afloat? My GM knows is junk but he literally does not care. He’s an amazing manager.
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2023.06.06 19:11 BlogEraForever Young Roddy & Trademark - 4 EPs in 4 Months

If you like real rap, impeccable beat selection and soulful rhymes, these two have been making a serious run with new music and I am here for it. They’ve dropped 4 new EPs in 4 months, the last one dropped 5/31. All bangers, almost no skips across all four of em.
The Coterie EP - 5 tracks, No Vouchers and Blackmale riiiide Apple Spotify
Crown Jewel EP Apple Spotify
Have Mercy EP Apple Spotify
Day Ones EP Apple Spotify
Video if you want a flavor for the sound before embarking on an EP adventure:
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2023.06.06 19:08 HomemadeNanaimoBar Vancouver used to have a property tax that encouraged housing development and discouraged speculation

I first heard about Land Value Tax (LVT) last year from Noah Smith and I remember thinking, "it sounds like a smart idea but that would never happen here." So I was very surprised to learn that it did happen here:
In 1910, Vancouver became the first large city to cease collecting any taxes on buildings and movable property. Municipal revenue was instead based exclusively on the value of land. ... By 1914, approximately two-thirds of cities in British Columbia, all of Alberta, and one-fourth in Saskatchewan taxed land alone. Most of the remainder of the region taxed land at a higher rate than improvements. #
Why the enthusiasm for LVT in the early 1900s? There were many reasons but the main one was that cities were competing for new residents:
Land value taxation spread like wildfire throughout Western Canada as a consensus emerged that it spurred development. In this rapidly developing region, where municipalities were competing for population and investment, the pressure to adopt a more efficient basis of taxation was irresistible. #
LVT didn't last long as the only tax. Enthusiasm for LVT waned after the world entered a recession and Vancouver's first property bubble burst. In 1918 Vancouver switched to a hybrid of LVT and something similar to today's property tax.
Over the next several decades, homeowners became an increasingly powerful voting bloc. Tax policy was incrementally changed to be more favourable for them. The changes would:
"reduce the relative tax load on vacant land and single-family dwelling groups but would increase the tax load on apartments, industrial and commercial groups” (VCC Minutes 1969). #
In 1984 LVT was fully eliminated.
Shout out to vqql whose comment inspired this post.
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2023.06.06 19:08 starsynth 100% Gluten Free & Dairy Free Restaurant in Porltand, Or is America's Best New Restaurant!

Dedicated Gluten Free & Dairy Free restaurant in Portland, Oregon wins America's Best New Restaurant Award!
This is a big deal. It proves that it is possible for restaurants to make absolutely fantastic food that everyone can enjoy including us with Celiac Disease and be wildly successful!
I have reservations for July.
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2023.06.06 19:08 GabrielXiao This sub should focus more on supply issue

Yes Canada housing is expensive. No yelling at landlords, banning airbnb, raising property taxes will not bring down prices. BC have speculation taxes, is pretty unfriendly to airbnb, have rent control in place for a longtime. How's that working out for housing affordability? The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
Any solution that does not address the housing supply issue is doomed to failed. Throughout most of the country, it is either downright illegal or extremely difficult to build anything like a four plex, let alone denser buildings like 6 storied condos with 10-15 units. And the government can change this with a stoke of the pen. Yes there are work to be done to upgrade infrastructure to allow for more density. But this will increase property taxes and should be more than enough to pay for any upgrade.
People want to come to Canada. And who can blame them? It is a pretty great country, problems not withstanding. I for one am an immigrant and extremely grateful that this country accept me with open arms. And these new comers make Canada stronger, smarter and better. There are strong demand for Canadian housing, this is welcome and we should increase the supply radically to meet it.
For those who worried that up zoning will "change the character of the neighborhood", first of all screw you... If housing is a human right, "character of the neighborhood" must take second place. Secondly, denser cities could be very beautiful and charming. There is a little known city in Europe called Paris, maybe you heard of it. There are a lot of medium size buildings and cafe restaurants everywhere. I heard it is nice. Why couldn't Canadian cities be like that?
Just my two cents and I am prepared to be down voted into oblivion lol.
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2023.06.06 19:06 tourifynow What are the best restaurants in Columbus, OH? What makes them special?

Columbus, Ohio is home to a vibrant food scene with a wide variety of restaurants offering diverse cuisines. While it's challenging to pinpoint the absolute best restaurants since preferences vary, here are some highly regarded establishments known for their unique qualities and exceptional dining experiences:
  1. The Refectory Restaurant & Wine Shop: This fine-dining establishment is renowned for its elegant ambiance and gourmet French cuisine. The Refectory offers an extensive wine list and a menu featuring dishes prepared with meticulous attention to detail. Its historic setting, impeccable service, and romantic atmosphere make it a standout choice for special occasions.
  2. North Market: While not a single restaurant, the North Market is a must-visit culinary destination. It houses numerous vendors offering a wide range of international cuisines, artisanal products, and fresh ingredients. You can explore diverse options, from Japanese sushi to Mexican street food, all under one roof. The communal dining area and vibrant atmosphere make it a gathering place for food enthusiasts.
  3. Lindey's: Located in the German Village neighborhood, Lindey's is celebrated for its classic American cuisine and upscale yet inviting ambiance. Its menu features a fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients. Lindey's charming patio and exceptional service contribute to its reputation as a go-to spot for brunch, lunch, or dinner.
  4. Watershed Kitchen & Bar: This farm-to-table restaurant focuses on locally sourced ingredients and offers a menu inspired by Midwestern flavors. Watershed Kitchen & Bar is known for its innovative cocktails, creative dishes, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. They also have a distillery on-site, producing their own spirits, which adds to the unique experience.
  5. The Top Steakhouse: A beloved Columbus institution, The Top Steakhouse is renowned for its classic steakhouse fare and timeless ambiance. This retro-style restaurant features dark wood paneling, leather booths, and a dimly lit atmosphere, reminiscent of the golden era of steakhouses. The Top Steakhouse consistently delivers high-quality steaks and seafood, making it a go-to spot for meat lovers.
  6. Momo Ghar: For a taste of authentic Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine, Momo Ghar is a hidden gem. Located within the Saraga International Grocery Store, this small eatery is known for its momos, which are dumplings filled with various meats or vegetables. Momo Ghar's vibrant flavors and affordable prices have made it a favorite among locals seeking a unique and satisfying culinary experience.
These are just a few examples of the exceptional restaurants Columbus has to offer. Each of these establishments stands out for its own reasons, whether it's the culinary expertise, unique ambiance, or dedication to local ingredients. Exploring the city's diverse culinary scene will surely uncover many more hidden gems.
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2023.06.06 18:54 MittenPotato No Industry at a Soft Opening!?

I’m part of opening a new restaurant and management is allowing us to invite 4 friends/family to the 3-day soft openings. They explicitly said, however, that they want us to refrain from inviting people who work in the industry and if our family/friends are in the industry we have to get it approved. What the heck happened to celebrating each other?
This tone immediately sets up hospitality folks to seem questionable.
Am I overthinking this, or is this stupid? I’ve helped open way more exciting restaurants and industry was the first priority, the best critics, the best advocates, and the most understanding towards opening teams.
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2023.06.06 18:45 foreverXking In Shallow Seas We Sail Tour

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2023.06.06 18:44 mxlplx00 2011 PSU comparable with new AMD Build?

I built a PC for my in-laws in 2011 and they need a new build (on the cheap) for Skype, Zoom & Email mostly. To keep the price down I want to re-use the mid-tower and possibly the power supply.
I plan to use an AMD motherboard (ASUS Prime B550-PLUS AMD AM4 Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 & 3rd Gen Ryzen ATX Motherboard):
and a Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9 CPU
The original 2011 build was an Asus P7P55D-E Pro Motherboard with an Intel i7-870 Processor.
The old PSU is a: XFX XTR Series P1-650B-BEFX 650W ATX12V:
I have saved all the old modular PSU connectors in a box of other old PSU connectors from about 6 different builds. I'll have to sort through them and check the pin-outs to make sure they line up correctly with the MB.
Do you think that this will even work or should I scrap the old PSU?
I'm going off of this list but substituting to fit the mid-tower case and quick availability:
Their current PC (2011 build) has no display currently. I think it's either the (XFX HD 6950 Video Card) or maybe the old PSU is already dust.
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2023.06.06 18:43 CrunchM They did it! (LIC to previous post)

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2023.06.06 18:37 McMannBorgers Just found out I have emotional numbness, and I probably had it for the last few years.

And no, I did not "diagnose myself using some random psychological test on google", I've been told this by my therapist.
Please cope with the unusual structure of my sentences, I am translating this from another language.
Before starting, a little bit of info about myself: `17M (14 days until my 18th birthday). I do 3D Modeling and Animation, and I have been accepted to a 3D Animation University at France, Montpellier. (I don't live at france, I live in Turkey.).
I don't feel anything, the world is empty, I have many things ahead of me, i even have someone i like, but even now i'm doubting those feelings. Maybe it's just my dying personality looking for excuses. I have no self-esteem, and I shy away from doing things with other people. From the beginning of 6th grade, I've always felt little to no interest in things, I've had many hobbies, but never the will to take them into the light. I have been like this for the past 6 years, and I will be graduating from school this Thursday.
All of my feelings just started disappearing one by one, first it was happiness, sadness, loneliness, satisfaction, pride and lastly, anger. I used to fight with my parents about some of our disagreements, and now I just sit there and take it, i cant even care enough to respond to it after a certain amount of time.
I have no real friends, sure, there has been some people talking to me from time to time, but never someone who liked me for my personality or my interests. At some point this year i tried using this website to find friends on various subreddits, hoping that i'd atleast catch wind of some people with good hearts, but to no avail. Every interaction ends with the first message or goes unanswered. Maybe it's just me, maybe I just can't give it any effort simply because I can't feel anything. I can't feel enthusiasm, sadness, desperation. I sit on the computer nearly all day, looking for some type of motivational energy. I have no one besides family, and I don't even have a stable relationship with them.
Sometimes they want to spend time with me, go to places, restaurants, do things, activities. But at the same time, we disagree on the smallest things ever. By the end of every angry disagreement, it usually ends with "you'll never change, you're [name] afterall.". Heck, it even happened today, my mom ended up telling me that she didn't want to go to the graduation ceremony of someone who didn't like her (Note: I do like her, she's my mom afterall. She usually says this at the end of every disagreement we have, which ends up with her actively trying to guilt trip me. Even now I doubt whether I'm in the right or wrong.). I simply said "ok" (she had been screaming at me for the past 30 minutes, and I had been tired from 2 1-hour long gym sessions with personal trainers.) because i was simply tired. I told her I didn't want to talk about it anymore right before she said that since it's not uncommon either. I then go to my room, and she just busts the door open, says "even after all of that, you still don't care enough to atleast try to say sorry?" and violently closes the door. I just sit there, and don't feel anything. (Note, I haven't told her about my emotional numbness.).
Now, here i sit, back on the internet, looking for something to fill the empty void in my head. Doubting every sort of feeling I have, and at the same time, refusing to establish a real friendship with someone because I figured it out the hard way that the majority of humanity has selfish desires. I do too, but I do not put someone in harm for my own selfish satisfaction, I want to feel enjoyment, satisfaction, happiness, genuine love. And I have no one to give it to me, as the effort I once had to meet new people no longer exist. I simply wait for a hand to reach for me from beyond the walls of a room with no door that I once called my head. It's almost comical how I don't care about anything and yet, still live considering I have no motive to strive for, no dream to chase after, no person to reach for, and no future to fight for.
I hope you found my weird mental status quite interesting. And no, this isn't a sui*ide message, i am still alive yes, sadly. if you do have some sort of advice to give, i appreciate you being out there for people that you haven't even seen before.
thank you for reading.
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2023.06.06 18:32 ermagerditssuperman Trip report - 5 nights in Mexico

Trip report - 5 nights in Mexico
Recently did 5 nights at an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya. First time going all-inclusive, needed a relaxation-focused trip.
I used a Cotopaxi Tasra 16, and the Bellroy System work bag (16L). This was the first trip using the Tasra, I'd bought it literally days before at the REI members sale. I love it! Perfect for my 16" torso length. (In background - fiance used my Tom Bihn Makers Bag and Peak Design 45 travel bag. I've got enough of a bag collection for both of us now!). This is the first time I've used the Bellroy in ages, I honestly don't like it for EDC or work... But it worked OK as a travel bag, just a bit too big and cumbersome.
Shout-out to the couple in front of me in security at Cancun airport, with whom I exchanged compliments on their Cotopaxi fanny packs and they on my Cotopaxi backpack. Also, I did notice one of you had a Topo Designs backpack, and I wish I'd asked which one it was cause it looked great!
Read below for TMI on what I packed, and proof that I probably shop at REI too much.
Photo 2 is everything liquid - I have a lot of cosmetic allergies so I don't rely on finding what I need at my destination (NYM conditioner, NYM shampoo, deodorant isn't liquid and is in this photo by accident, bacitracin because I'm allergic to neosporin and every hotel first aid kit uses that, lotion with aloe, aloe gel, itch cream, nivea face cream [didn't use], concealer [didn't use], aquaphor lip treatment, face sunscreen).
Photo 3 is dry toiletries (assorted hair accessories, compostable floss, laundry soap, one tub of pills/vitamins, one of TUMS chewables [didn't use], travel toothbrush, anti chub-rub stick, deodorant, spf chapstick, solid sunscreen, solid bug-deterrant stick, body soap)
Photo 4 are the toiletries my fiance packed that I used - toothpaste, face cleanser stick, his comb because I forgot mine.
Photo 5 is tops (lilly pulitzer long blouse, spare bra, yellow REI running tee, blue Outdoor Afro tee, Prana black tank, REI trailmade pullover tees in both green and tropical print [LOVE these so much], a coverup wrap my mom got in Cancun 20 yrs ago)
Photo 6 is swimwear (old speedo one piece, Athleta rashguard, Athleta bottoms [one of few brands I found with styles that cover my WHOLE butt], sports-bra-style top from Wild Isles [highly recommend for my fellow busty friends, this is their size 4 and I'm a 32FF. I was fully secure and fully covered at all times]). I wished I had a short sleeve rashguard, because the long one got hot but I also like to keep my shoulders protected as I burn easily.
Photo 7 - a packable grocery tote we used at the beach, and a wetbag that we used to keep phones & books dry during tropical rains, and then used to hold damp swimsuits when flying home.
Photo 8 - more clothes (REI trailmade amphib shorts, prana shorts, prana dress [I forgot that I would a) not have my usual under-dress skimmy shorts and b) would be eating a ton because all-inclusive, so a clingy dress was a bad idea. Wore it only once])
9- xero sandals, this was the first time they've had significant usage and they were GREAT. Packed these, and wore Feelgrounds canvas sneakers on the plane and at dinner restaurants.
10- i got this little bag when I ordered Bombas Gripper Slippers, I have now used it on 4 trips to pack my shoes in! They fit perfectly and keep shoes isolated from my clothes.
11- all the non-clothing stuff. Bellroy classic pouch had the dry toiletries, Tom Bihn 3D OC had the liquids. Persona pouch is my Nintendo 3DS bag, didn't end up playing it though. Blue TB ghost whale pouch had chargers and earbuds (samsung galaxy buds plus), then my Bellroy Travel Wallet (the only one that can fit both my passports, dual citizen). Otter at the top is a pencil case jam packed with coloring pens, then my Owalla bottle (the hype is true, these are fantastic), hydroflask tumbler (the waiters at the pool and beach will gladly put your drinks in your own tumblers, so you can enjoy your mega Mango Tango in the sun while keeping it insulated), a Nomadix packable picnic blanket (except I accidentally packed the mini which is way too small for two people to lounge on) and lastly, the stash of books I brought. Wedding planning book, wedding planning planner, an Isaac Asmiov novel that I read a bunch at the swim-up bar, my personal notebook, and a coloring book. I colored at the beach several times and it was fantastically relaxing.
12- bellroy all packed up
13- clothes I wore on the plane (REI sahara long-sleeve [I don't know how but this kept me warm enough on the plane, yet cool enough in the hot humid weather in Mexico. May be my new favorite travel top?], Molke racerback bra in uni-verse pattern, REI trailmade pants (also LOVE, this new trailmade collection is honestly fantastic)
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2023.06.06 18:30 phatasm_ AITA? I ordered a Dr Pepper

The story begins with six guys, Me 16M and my friends 16-17M all visit a skyline after a rough day of Summer PE. All of us were starving and the new nachos were looking quite delectable. As I parked my car it felt like a normal day and as I’m writing this, I still feel awful. My life is ruined.
We walked into the Skyline so that we were able to order the new nachos. When entering the restaurant, the chill immediately hit us. Being a hot day, it felt amazing. We sat down at a table with 6 seats, one with chairs not a booth. The waitress took her time because she had to prepare other people’s orders before ours. When she finally came over she dropped off the crackers and asked us if we wanted anything to drink.
“Would you like anything to drink?” she asked the table.
I was first, and being sweaty and exhausted, I ordered a Dr. Pepper. I got weird looks from my friend, and i soon would realize why. All of my “friends” ordered waters immediately after I ordered mine. There was a tray already with six waters and they were trying to be considerate. I realized my mistake and immediately was scolded.
We then got our drinks, my friends laughing hysterically at me. I felt so alone and felt i was atoning for my sins I had yet to commit. There was no reason for this, it was all a genuine mistake. We order our food and a friend pipes in,
“did you get Dr Pepper’s order?”
Immediately everyone begins giggling, even the waitress. I quickly finished my first one so that I too could order a water but when the waitress asked if I would like a refill, my friends spoke up and said yes for me. So there I was, in the middle of everything with TWO Dr. Peppers.
I sat in silence, everything around me circling as if I was having people point at me and laughing. I felt all eyes on me as I sat there with my second one. I wanted to leave, I hated it there.
My entire week has been hell. I’ve been a scapegoat to everyone’s jokes because of my Dr. Pepper. I felt like I was just being honest with myself but ordering what I wanted, but apparently I must confirm to what everyone else orders because that’s how the world works. AITA?
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2023.06.06 18:27 Quick_Analyst2836 Cycle Recap: from 0.9 first semester UGPA --> SLS with full need-based fellowship (super non-trad; FGLI; nURM; took me years to apply)

I posted some partial cycle recaps under a different account and wasn't going to post another one, but as a super non-trad/FGLI/slow applicant I thought this might be useful: I'll go over stats, goals, app process responses, background, and my decision/reflections. It's long but hopefully helpful.
Stats: 3.65, 174, T-2 softs, FGLI, nURM, 10-years work experience (5 in more prestigious work; 5 in service industry), big public undergrad (T-100ish)
Goals: federal clerkship, federal gov work (DOJ--OLC, NLRB), unicorn PI, in-house, politics (maybe). Very justice oriented, open to opportunities I don't know about yet.
App Process:
I got the Berk PI scholly and was a finalist for the Penn PI scholly (interviewed). Interviewed at WashU and submitted Kiras for NU and UT
I won't tell my whole life story, but these are components that were relevant to my app
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2023.06.06 18:21 maroonwarrior71 Build-planning analysis paralysis... need sanity check & suggestions/help

Apologies in advance for the omg-long post. It's breaking my brain.
I've spent so much time on fb marketplace and learning about castoff enterprise gear... and so much time researching components for a new build... and looking into nucs & tiny/mini/micros... I've learned so much but I just feel like a hungry person in a restaurant with a small novel for a menu. So many choices & options that look good and I just don't know the best way to go that quite nails it.
I'm hoping if I share my current equipment & use cases, the bottlenecks/issues I have, and what I currently think my desired outcome is... that you guys can point me in the right direction.

Current gear & uses:

Big picture - coaching & workouts, podcast recording/production, website design, "homelab" type personal projects
Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (i7 8650U, UHD iGPU) - "lives" at my desk in finished basement office space, travels as needed - used with Lenovo TB3 Dock (2nd gen) - Internal screen + 3 external monitors - Startech DisplayLink adapter used to make 3rd external (4th total) screen possible - zoom meetings & regular office-type / creator work happen here
Old Lenovo k450e desktop (has GTX 730 I think) - lives on other side of basement in "den" space, which doubles as home workout space - uses the den's led TV as primary display - only used for live 1 on 1 / group workouts over zoom, using OBS Studio to incorporate other needed elements to the stream - also can use one of the Thinkpad's external screens (via hdmi switch) for convenience so I can stay in one place to boot it up & open programs pre-session (takes... a while. it's old 😅)
QNAP TS-454A - personal NAS used for the typical *arr apps, Plex server, etc - currently has 12 TB usable, 1.2 free - dabbling with Docker, managed via Portainer. Actively using vaultwarden & paperless-ngx. Installed piwigo, homeassistant, nextcloud, etc, but haven't really done much with them yet due (waiting for more capable machine)

Current issues/bottlenecks:

  • when in Zoom meetings on Thinkpad, can't do too much else or it'll affect Zoom. Makes it difficult to effectively multitask and use reference material, take notes, screenshare things, etc. Using OBS really taxes the system.
  • used to use the Thinkpad instead of the k450e for the workout streaming/zooms using a CalDigit TB3 dock & that TV. Easy enough to just bring it over & use 2nd dock. Allowed use of OBS but just barely, and ended up with crashes/issues during a stream that led me to just use a separate machine
  • k450e is a dinosaur, takes forever to start up or open programs, not sure where the bottleneck is but either way it's a powerhogging inconvenience I'd like to get rid of
  • QNAP has served me well, but it's not very powerful and the integrated graphics can't do a whole lot in the way of transcoding for Plex. It also takes foooooorever to consume large doc files in Paperless, as well as taking a long time for other data-intensive tasks. Need something beefier, esp if I want to go down the homelab rabbithole & really play with homeassistant, set up nextcloud, and just generally "do all the things"
  • I'm sure I could solve some of my issues by not driving 4 screens on the Thinkpad, but it's helpful for my ADHD to dedicate different screens to different purposes and be able to keep certain things in view (out of sight out of mind). I imagine with a new setup I'd just be running the 3 external screens (no thinkpad), which would be fine.

Desired new setup:

  • need enough processing/graphics power to run OBS with multiple webcams, screen capture elements, would like to do chroma key (green screen), etc, and to be able to do it while also driving my 3 primary displays & whatever else I'm doing on that desktop/workspace concurrent with the zoom meeting
  • would like post-processing for podcasts/audio in Reaper to not take a million years
  • need a raid array for NAS, not sure if ZFS is the best option for file system or something else
  • would like 2.5 GB networking
  • would like enough oomph to be able to go bananas with homeserver things including lots of automation & camera-related things in homeassistant (looking at people/object recognition with Coral, etc)
  • looking at Intel because quicksync for Plex. Plus, I know & understand Intel and would prefer to stick with that rather than AMD even though I think I'd love to have ECC memory (but do I even really need it?)
  • would like to not consume a ton of power for the basic homeserver type things, which it'll do 24/7. I understand it'll consume more power when actively being used for daily office work, zoom / streams, audio & video processing, etc.
  • really hoping for TB4 either on the i/o backplane or at least via PCIe & mb header
  • DDR5 feels like a smart choice both for power efficiency and speed/oomph
  • really don't care about RGB 😂
  • need plenty of SATA because "lots of storage for cheap"
  • wifi 6e is nice but a 2.5 gb hardline is fine, I can live without wifi... it's not going anywhere
  • I like the idea of IPMI but I know that complicates things probably unnecessarily?
  • I like the external LCD on the QNAP but I imagine that's something I can do without?
  • Hotswap bays... something I thought was a must-have but probably really isn't.
  • would really like to not spend a fortune. $400+ mobo and $400+ cpu make me hesitant.
So... that's where I am.
Idk if it's a good idea to do it all with one machine running proxmox to virtualize what I'm currently doing with the QNAP, and... virtualize my daily driver office computer (thinkpad w/3 displays)? Is that... totally stupid / not gonna work how I imagine? I mean... accessing my "office desktop" (prob win11 pro) remotely would be pretty nice... and I already do that with the NAS... 🤔
I'm worried a NUC-type machine might not be enough for what I do in the office space, but if I put all the oomph in the new server across the basement why wouldn't I just use that as the daily driver too?
If I do try to do it all in one machine, is an i5-13600k a good idea? overkill? Would I be able to do it in ITX form factor or do I need to look at mATX (or... ugh... do I actually have to go full ATX?)
Presently I'm trying to find a z790 (DDR5, 2.5G network, plenty of m.2 & sata) to use with an i5-13600k as an all-in-one solution. But I'm having a hard time finding the right thing. Am I even on the right track?
gah. halp. 🏳️🆘
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2023.06.06 18:19 rexmus Name top 10 bands/artist and your favorite song from each. No Rammstein, Lindemann or Emigrate allowed.

R+ is the best band ever :) I am just interested to hear what else you fans listen, maybe we all can find new songs and bands.
  1. Black Sabbath - Die Young
  2. Metallica - Hardwired
  3. Motörhead - Damage Case
  4. Hypocrisy - Chemical Whore
  5. Sodom - Napalm In the Morning
  6. Laibach -Das Spiel ist aus
  7. Billie Eilish - No Time to Die
  8. David Bowie- I'm Deranged
  9. Jack White - Fear of the Dawn
  10. Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues
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2023.06.06 18:18 ClazzyJogel 8k super ultrawide

I've been counting down the days until Samsungs launch, doing sit-ups to prepare for the imminent weight of my wallet. Every pixel not yet experienced feels like a grain of sand in my eye.
My cat, Whiskers, now resembles a low-res abomination. "Why can't you be 8K, Whiskers?" I sigh, as he blinks in standard definition confusion.
Will I ever be the same once I've touched the face of resolution itself? Will I start demanding 8K food at restaurants, unable to bear the sight of mere 4K pasta?
Samsung, you have promised us a new world. My retinas are ready.
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2023.06.06 18:15 boinabbc 22 New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
E-Commerce Data Analyst (v.a. Google Analytics / H... PsyCommerce Bielefeld Germany
Machine Learning Engineer Rheinmetall Adelaide Australia Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Data Engineer VanderHouwen Portland Remote SQL, AWS, ETL
Data Analyst Seacoast Bank Texas United States SQL
Data Analyst - Danish Language TELUS International AI Data Solutions København Denmark
Data Engineer (Data Engineer (Azure/ Data Warehous... Randstad Singapore Singapore Singapore SQL, Business Intelligence
Data Engineer Clevertech Dublin Ireland Power BI, ETL, Tableau
Data Analyst (Entry Level) Patterned Learning AI Houston United States Business Intelligence
Big Data Engineer (w/m/d) MaibornWolff GmbH Hamburg Germany SQL
Data Scientist (Simulation) Tesco Technology London United Kingdom Java, Python
Data Analyst - Product London United Kingdom SQL
Data Engineer bij Sc.Tiger &Work Rijswijk Netherlands Spark
Data Analyst - (Remote - US) United States Remote Tableau
Data Analyst Wiliot London United Kingdom Python, Spark, Tableau
Prácticas como Data Analyst & CRO PODA Barcelona Spain
Data Analyst (2TIER23) State of South Carolina Aiken County United States SQL
Data Engineer IntelliBridge Hurlburt Field United States SQL, Modeling
Application Developer - Data Engineer IBM Kraków Poland Python
Financial Data Analyst, EMEA Stripe Berlin Germany SQL
Machine Learning Engineer Digikave Greater Kolkata Area India SQL, Machine Learning, NLP
Mid- Level Data Scientist-US/Canada Patterned Learning AI San Francisco United States Modeling
Data Engineer Bristol Myers Squibb Princeton United States AWS
Hey, here are 22 New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs.
For more, check our Google sheet with more opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning (updated each week) here
If you want to take some Data and ML courses, click here
Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2023.06.06 18:09 longmanwithlongarms Taking on a "promotion"

I work in a 6-person kitchen, traditional french brigade de cuisine. Technically, I am currently the person with the least seniority in the kitchen, but I would say I still have a pretty important job. I've worked pretty hard and got good at my station very quickly, so I was recently offered a promotion to a different station with more responsibility. I currently make $22/h, and have been offered a promotion to change to a station that is considerably more stressful for $23/h. In an 8 hour shift, this means my pay will go from $160 to $168, which hardly seems worth it.
The restaurant is pretty well-known, so in general I would be happy just to have it on my resume, particularly holding a position of higher responsibility in the kitchen, but I'm not really sure how to tell my boss that an extra $8 a shift isn't really worth it for me to a) learn a new station when I'm already proficient at my current station, and b) take on more responsibility in the kitchen.
Part of me loves learning and cooking and wants to take the promotion for my own sake, but at the same time it's hard not to feel insulted by the negligible difference in pay.
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2023.06.06 18:08 bitcrushedbirdcall Yanderesim, from a visually inmpaired person's perspective

Here I am going to lay down some of my nitpicks about Yansim that arise due to my visual impairments. Specifically, I have an astigmatism in my left eye that keeps it under 20/20 but otherwise fairly good, and amblyopia/lazy eye in my right that means its very bad. With my glasses I can function but I am very dependent upon a combination of my glasses and left eye. I also have some mild visual snow. This is pretty mild on the scale of visual impairments, as I hover right above the mark where if I was any blinder I wouldn't be allowed to drive in my state.
(Sorry for the long explanation, I just think how bad my vision is, is important context for the post)
Now onto my gripes. I don't know how much these problems bother people with 20/20 vision, as I don't know how seeing that well feels.
  1. The Homogeny of the Character Designs: As far as I can tell, characters are only distinguished by hair and stockins if they're female, and just hair if they're male, with a few exceptions being the student council and delinquents. This makes finding myself a certain student difficult. In mission mode, I often find myself only picking targets with long, distinct hair such as as Midori Gurin or Osana, or club leaders where finding them at their club eventually is a given. I find distinguishing between student with short hair difficult when I'm meant to be stalking them from behind. Yandere Vision helps a little but it feels rather janky and immersion breaking. One thing I will applaud is the SC wearing white, I can distinguish them easily, as well as the science club member's labcoats. This is also why I usually play with one of the non default uniforms, so the white is more easily contrasted. I think more height differences and back accessories like backpacks would help me pick out students better. Or if your target could be highlighted even in normal vision.
  2. School Atmosphere: When school atmosphere gets lower and the colors get desaturated, I struggle. It's made me realize how much I rely on color and value to distinguish things from one another (along with other points mentioned like the SC being easiest for me to spot). It's currently difficult to not lower the atmosphere if you want to engage with the gameplay systems we have. If there's some setting to get rid of the desaturation+shadows some soul please let me know, as I find myself straining to play on the slightest school atmosphere decrease, let alone the more drastic ones.
  3. The Graphics Settings Resetting: When I play, I need to turn off bloom every single time. I need a very specific level of brightness when I do anything, too bright and I can't distinguish well, too dim and I also can't. I also usually turn off depth of field if my laptop is being nice and deciding to render things decently. The thing is, every time I load a new mission or reload a save, the settings reset. Needing to put my preferred settings back every time is really tedious! I hope there is eventually some sort of lock put in place so I don't need to keep doing this.
Thanks for reading my long winded rant. I'd love to hear your two cents if you got this far. If your vision is 20/20, I'd like to know how much these factors influence your enjoyment of the game. If your vision is the same or worse than mine, I'd like to hear if your experiences are similar.
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2023.06.06 18:06 gseppious I am back

So wife kept her promise for my birthday back in March to get a hotel room and have crazy circus sexy(her words) which we did and it was fantastic. Then everything dried up after that. All the old excuses to tired to this to that. I was doing everything I could not to force be romantic or whine or complain. It went on like this til now. I told her in a calm voice that it's been a while why don't we get some alone time and I take you to dinner with out kids just a date. Well she agreed and jumped at the chance. We met at the restaurant I came directly from work and she met me there. We sat on the patio and laughed flirted. She was a new person again. She gave ever signal that she needed this to decompress. She talked about once the 12 year old went down we can spend some alone time. I told her that would be fantastic but not needed. Then her phone rang it was our oldest 26. He just got done with work and needed to borrow money. This phone conversation lasted the entire dinner. I paid while she was on the phone. She side hugged me as we got into our sperate cars to go home. Once home she told what our oldest needed. I told her that is fine but it was supposed to be a date night. Then she started in on how I was mad at her for talking to our son. I assured her I wasn't angry I told her we don't get alot of time together amd I was looking forward to dinner with her. The rest of the evening went about the same with my 19 year old and 12 year old. Once they were in bed she started to message her mother telling her about our oldest and his issues. (He is a new home owner) that sparked a call from the mil. Which lasted til 1 am. I was done with the day and told her while she was talking her mother I'm going to bed. She said good night and as I am leaving the room she tells her mother that *hes mad cause she talked to the oldest at dinner and didn't pay him attention * which wasn't the truth. So DB has been since March. So fast forward anther 2 weeks she tells me I been mean because of the ruined date night and not to expect anything til I adjust my attitude. I totally forgot about the situation amd hadn't ask for anything since 😅 I been busy with another project at work. I looked her and said that's funny because I forgot about it. Then she tells me all the ways I been grumpy and mean. Which were things from last year.
What the hell is her problem ?
If she doesn't want to have sex or anything just say so why make a fight out of nothing or bring up old stuff that isn't relevant now. So confusing. Then add on that she ended up doing stuff to me then saying that should last you a month. Like I'm some kind of machine that needs oil.
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