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2023.03.29 21:15 Worst-Chess-Player I like the idea, but dislike the execution.

I’m trying not to make this post a clone of the other 400 posts we see on here. This isn’t a full on negative post. Some of the ideas I really liked, just unfortunately, Supercell executed it (very) poorly.
I liked the idea of a new pass tier. However, the fact that they not only increased the price of the gold tier, but also nerfed it and the free tier down to oblivion, is what I hate about it. I just got my first, and last, wild card chest (Royal Wild Chest I think they’re called?) since I believe they’re removing them from the free tier. If the Diamond Tier was actually a buffed version of the Gold Tier (WITHOUT NERFING GOLD AND FREE TIERS), instead of just a worse Pass Royale that’s double the price, I think we’d all be happy.
I also liked the idea of a season shop and season tokens. Unfortunately, the daily cap is way too low and can be achieved in either two wins or four losses, which is basically like 10 minutes of gameplay on average. Also, the items are underwhelming as heck! Not only that, but the emote that costs 8,000 season tokens is a total scam. It is the end of the season, so I’m not gonna go full blast on it yet, I just hope April’s shop is much more exciting. Also, increase the daily cap to at the very least 2.5K, preferably 5K.
One idea I didn’t like at all, and that is removing Party Mode, and I think we can all agree with this.
Supercell, I sincerely hope you take this into consideration and relay this to your developers - Clash Royale will lose money if this doesn’t get fixed. 99% of previous pass buyers I’ve seen have straight up said they won’t buy another pass and/or are quitting. This isn’t the right approach, and like I said, some of these ideas I liked, but they weren’t added to the game properly.
Best of luck to Clash Royale, and I really don’t want the game to die as I just started. It’ll be hard to progress without an active playerbase.

TL;DR - I liked the idea of Season Shop, but cap needs to be raised and rewards need to be improved; I liked the idea of a new pass tier, but actually make it a better version of Gold Pass and don’t nerf Silver or Gold Passes. Bring party mode back.
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2023.03.29 21:14 Duxdad Surprise nearly lock out!

On the way home from shopping, stopped for an Ice cream. Went back to Model Y, sat in seat, car recognized me per the screen. Up popped up a message to touch key card then brake. I am essentially locked out of driving the car. My wife takes out her key card, nothing. I take out mine and it releases to normal drive mode. I have a number of questions 1 - Why did my wife's key card not work? She is the primary person on account. 2 - why did it happen at all? 3 - I often leave the house without my wallet/key card. I use my phone to pay over 90% of purchases and to access my Tesla. 4 - If all I had was my phone what could I do? Thanks
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2023.03.29 21:14 bootyroovian I was in a position to cheat on my bf - I didn't and told him what happened. How do I save our relationship?

(Edit: I am 22 F, my bf is 20) Hi, this past weekend I attended my cousin's wedding where I became incredibly intoxicated following the ceremony. I went downtown with the rest of the party where at the end of the night my cousin pawned me off to the groomsmen to take care of me. I had also ingested 2 tabs of acid. I was changing at the end of the night in the bathroom when one of the groomsmen entered the bathroom and came onto me, kissing me and grabbing my ass. I pushed away from him, saying I have a boyfriend - immediately called an uber and left. I called my boyfriend in the morning and didn't tell him initially, but soon guilt consumed me and I told him what had happened. I sounded very emotionally devoid on the phone, and he said "is this it" and I said "I don't know" and he proceeded to unadd me on snap - but I haven't been blocked on anything else. We went through a rough patch around a week and a half prior to this where I had thought I wanted to end things because of the distance - theres 6000 miles between us currently - but it became clear that I didn't and we talked and decided to work through it. We are set to call later this week to discuss things, but I am beside myself with grief. Nothing like this has ever happened in our relationship and I am so angry that I was in a position to ever jeopardize our relationship. I love this man beyond belief and this time of silence is showing that to me. I take full accountability for ever being in that situation, and I know where the fault lies. What do I do? How can I fix this?
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2023.03.29 21:14 CarTots Comanche Ride On 2 Seat 24V jeep with 2WD and Rubber Tires

Comanche Ride On 2 Seat 24V jeep with 2WD and Rubber Tires

Big Comanche Ride On 2 Seat 24V jeep Truck🏁

Remote Control✅

2 Large Leather Seats

Huge 15.5" Wheels

XL Rubber Off-Road Tires⭐

Available in several versions with big rubber tires

4 Xl 24V Motors RWD⚡

Led LightsMusic-MP3 /Aux/BT wireless. 🎶

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2023.03.29 21:13 DamagedHells Not sure if this is okay here, but this is a staple in Athens GA, and it's a wonderfully managed co-op that values it's members and employees. They're trying to move to better serve the community. If you can spare a few dollars, I'm sure they would appreciate it!

Not sure if this is okay here, but this is a staple in Athens GA, and it's a wonderfully managed co-op that values it's members and employees. They're trying to move to better serve the community. If you can spare a few dollars, I'm sure they would appreciate it! submitted by DamagedHells to VaushV [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:13 n0ahbody Pawn Shop

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2023.03.29 21:12 GotMoFans Collierville’s Carriage Crossing sold for $25 million

Even with the death of malls and shopping centers, doesn’t that feel low? I’m guessing it cost more than $25 million to build the property in the first place twenty years ago.
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2023.03.29 21:11 Sad_Director_8804 Short 5min Survey concerning Jackets Bought Online by Generation Z (Born between 1997 and 2012, any gender, any race)

Hey everyone,
I am currently working on my master thesis and have a short 5 Minute survey to share. It's on online shopping behaviour of Generation-Z concerning jackets, which is why only those born between 1997 and 2012 can participate.
Here's the survey:
I appreciate every bit of help a lot whether it is by filling out the survey or also sharing it with others as in total we require over 250 answers. Survey Link
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2023.03.29 21:11 datfancyfootwork Boss Keeps Yelling Through Bathroom Door

I (26f) manage admin for a body shop. I keep a shop cell phone with me almost 24/7. My boss (47m) frequently calls me in my office from the shop to tell me we need a part, whatever else. Problem is, if I don't answer because I'm, IDK, in the BATHROOM, he comes to the office and starts yelling my name, to which I respond "I'm in the bathroom!" It often doesn't keep him from talking to me. If I don't answer the phone, my car is out front, I'm not in my office, there's only one other place I could be. Today, he got upset and asked me if I could start bringing the phone into the bathroom with me because if I don't answer then he forgets what he was going to tell me. I told him "No, text me if it's so urgent." Again, all of this conversation while I'm on the toilet and he's talking to me through the freaking bathroom door. He goes on about a part we had already discussed earlier today. I said "OKAY, I'M IN THE BATHROOM AND WILL ORDER IT WHEN I'M DONE!" I've told him verbally not to do that to me, today I sent him a text: "Please stop doing that to me. If I don't answer the phone, my car is here, and I'm not in my office, I'm probably in the bathroom. If you need to tell me something and it is urgent, please text me. I find it completely inappropriate that I cannot have a few minutes of privacy to use the bathroom. Please text me if I don't answer and the matter is urgent. I am not going to take the phone into the restroom with me and I wouldn't answer it if I were on the toilet anyway." I'm not sure how else to get this point across! What would you do?
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2023.03.29 21:11 frankrankthebank any shop in town that sells national geographic magazines?

I need some book to pass the time and I can't be arsed to order and wait for it. Is there any shopping Galway where I can buy one off the shelf?
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2023.03.29 21:11 mirrorcoast Wondering what notes are playable bansuri and venu - If a store/site gives a single letter, what does it mean?

I know a fair amount of Western music theory and am starting to learn about some raags and the notes that are used in them, but I'm very new to Indian flutes and I'm trying to figure out what notes are playable on them.
If a website like Punam Flutes lists a single letter (e.g., F) or a scale name (like 'F natural scale'). What notes are available on a bansuri and on a venu? (example:
Thanks for any info on this!
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2023.03.29 21:11 non_avian Disconnecting from Y-Comm?

Is anyone else having issues with frequent disconnects from Y-Comm the past few days? Having trouble getting disconnected from raids, or go to do a trade and find out I'm not actually online. My boyfriend is having the same problem but we're in on the same wifi, so I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone knows what's up. I know there was recent server maintenance and the eShop for 3DS was taken offline, but I can't find anyone talking about current connection issues. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 21:10 Charming_Head_8724 Any clothes rental shop for LGBTQ or CDs in mumbai?

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2023.03.29 21:10 Bruv1990 To the “Flexers”

I’m definitely not a millionaire but when you buy flower you’re buying it for…you…so who cares how much it cost or what kind of car you have?
Does the weed get ya medicated? That’s the only thing that matters!
I’ve spent $50 on an 8th and regretted it, and I’ve spent $15 and have been over the moon about it.
So who cares where you shop??? It’s like the kids in school picking on the kids who had K-Swiss shoes instead of Nike. Makes ya realize there’s a lot of kids in this forum.
The moment you show something nice it’s considered flexing…maybe that’s not the intention? Discuss?
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2023.03.29 21:09 MetzliBoi I wish it were possible to pin Variants from the Daily Offers

The variants are my favourite part of the game and I wish they were more accessible. There are so many and I feel like it's a shame that we cannot access them more easily. I think it would be good if we could pin them the same way we can pin a card in the Token Shop.
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2023.03.29 21:09 Ghost_Tickler CAT Questions

Hey, I just called Midas for a quote on catalytic converter replacement for my 2013 Outback (local shop didn't pick up, trying again soon), and they said they couldn't give me a quote without looking at it. For something relatively straightforward does it make sense they couldn't even give me a ballpark price? Also asked about the piece that broke out and is rattling around in the muffler, and they said it would need to be replaced. Shouldn't it be possible to just shake it out? Somewhat experienced with doing maintenance myself, and something seems a bit off about this.
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2023.03.29 21:09 A__Tel I swear you can post anything on this sub. Make a shitpost, add two pawns somewhere, then make the title "what should i do in this position?" boom peak content

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2023.03.29 21:08 juplet Help me understand???

I’m a person who would be called lazy. I don’t disagree with the argument I think it’s probably true, but it doesn’t feel like it. I get bothered when I feel like I’m wasting my time. I don’t cook because I don’t enjoy it, and if I waste time doing something I don’t enjoy I suffer for it. It crushes me thinking I’ve lost time i’ll never get back. I don’t want to do the shopping with my family because I want to keep sleeping and live in my dreams. When someone wakes me up I battle to keep the rage in. But I don’t understand all this. Am I lazy??? Am I a nuisance to my family??? Why do I keep feeling miserable about time going by??? Why doesn’t it bother others like it does me??? Is it so bad that I rather keep to myself and waste my own time sleeping and doing things I actually want to do???
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2023.03.29 21:07 Awkward-Astronaut-26 2 days til opening day in GA can’t wait

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2023.03.29 21:07 cottoncandyqueenx the podcast has reignited my boba obsession

i’ve always loved boba but i try and curb that because i could literally have it every single day
watching ethan every podcast get a honeydew boba (my favorite as well) has got me back in my local shop, now going on three times in the last week
literally shaking and crying right now so thanks ethan
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2023.03.29 21:06 0xthereal007 Why did I open this community

As I am already a member of best secret for a few years now and needed a discount code and did not find any in the internet I started searching here and there.
Almost everywhere there where only invitecodes or discount codes which are not working.
Hope some of you can use the following codes and I will always try to keep you updated if something good happens regarding getting things cheaper there haha!
I almost just shop there because there are good offers all the time and sometimes also expensive stuff you can get very very cheap.
If you have some Questions just feel free to ask. I'll try to answer them as soon as possible, but I don't hang around here all the time !
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2023.03.29 21:06 aethertheharemking hi guys I'm new player(around 600 cl) and heard so many good things about shrui so should i buy her or wait for some other good card like she hulk or aero.

hi guys I'm new player(around 600 cl) and heard so many good things about shrui so should i buy her or wait for some other good card like she hulk or aero. submitted by aethertheharemking to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]