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2023.03.29 22:26 edible_pisces I'm grateful knowing that I'll be okay even though my life is falling apart

I lost my job of 7.5 years last December because they were unable to accommodate my medical condition. I was making $73K/year. I lived off my 401k, had issues finding work, ran out of money, and now I'm facing eviction.
I've given myself permission to feel, cry, and be sad. I was depressed for a while, but processing my feelings has brought me to a place of acceptance.
I'm so grateful that I have a tenants rights lawyer helping me. I'm so grateful to have another appointment to possibly get rental assistance this Monday. My landlord wants me out ASAP and said she went to a lawyer to file for the eviction, but I'm grateful the eviction process is giving me time to figure things out. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to find a better job. I'm grateful to have a place to stay if I do get kicked out. I'm grateful to have my crystals, singing bowl, and other tools to stay balanced. I know no matter what happens, everything will be okay. I'm really grateful that I won't end up sleeping in my car or on the streets. I'm grateful to have food and health insurance. I'm grateful I have kind people who have helped me in tremendous ways.
I really do trust that I will be okay 🥲
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2023.03.29 22:24 jonathansh1115 Monthly car rentals in the city or surrounding areas.

Any suggestions for affordable car rentals near the city? I want to rent for a few months during the summer but didn't find much option online.
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2023.03.29 22:22 JinND Another "Any reason I should not go f* myself?" post

I have enjoyed others posting their situations over the many years of reading here, so I guess it is my turn to post one back for consideration.
Myself M(50) and my lovely wife F(43).
~2M in the FIRE pool:
\~1M in various retirement accounts (Roth, various 401k. vast majority mutual funds/ETFs ) \~$750k in taxable investments (vast majority mutual funds/ETFs) \~100k HYSA \~50k in I bonds \~40K in invested HSA plans \~25k in CDs 0k in bitcoin 0k in rental real estate 
No debt. We run everything through credit cards for the benefits, pay off in full every month.
House: No mortgage, worth approx 300-500k. I don’t include this in any of our calculations, assuming it will always be spent on some sort of housing - a smaller place somewhere new, rent, moving etc.
4 children:
Child 1: finishing 2nd year of college, military academy appointment, totally covered. Child 2: graduating HS, college currently > 50% covered by 529 Child 3: finishing second year HS, college 100% covered by 529 Child 4: finishing last year of middle school, college currently \~30% covered by 529 
(Second marriage for us both, 3 households involved in raising our kids. College financing gets complicated. We are committed to financing the equiv of an in-state public college education for each. Beyond that they can help finance. Other households in general agreement, but you can’t really know beyond the 529s that exist now.)
If we take SS when we I hit 70, we get 60k a year in today dollars. I am old enough that I feel confident it will be there for us. This year will be my 35th year of working/paying SS taxes.
Current expenses: ~85k/yr:
 \~46.5k/yr in general essentials (food, prop tax, maint costs, utils, medical, internet, cell, etc) \~4.5k/yr in child support payments that will end in 2 years \~13k/yr in travel/vaca \~20k/y in other fun or optional things (meals out, donations, gifts/kid splurges, light mental wellness) 
With our kids being in HS and College, we expect to be at about peak expenses, with most costs going down over the next 2-6 years. We assume more medical costs and fun/travel will replace what will free up from going to empty nesting, leaving our costs roughly the same over time. We feel confident we can trim 10-20k of expenses and still live a very fun life for many consecutive years should the markets require it. 50k/year would not be poverty, though limiting for sure. A couple kids are not fully funded yet for college, but we have a plan to get them there and will sacrifice some vacations and fun stuff as worst case to get there in budget.
Fully paid off RV and pontoon boat 800 sq/ft woodworking detached shop filled from a lifetime of auctions, craigslist, etc. Currently live on 11+ acres, large garden, trees, river and lots to do. MCOL, flyover state. Plan to live somewhere else MCOL or lower after the kids are fully out of the nest. 400-500k airline and the same in hotel points from years of work related travel. Everyone currently in good heath, no known significant medical worries. All of our parents and siblings have their finances well in hand. We feel no need to leave anything to our kids. Great if it happens to come to pass, but getting our kids to the other side of college with little to no debt is our real gift. 
Short bio/how we got here:
I have been lucky and privileged enough to be in tech since the 90’s. Never one of the 300k+ FAANG crowd, but lucky enough to be paid well and to live well below my means. My first 401k was from my college job at Burger King, with me stuffing my investments every job for the following 35 years. My wife has worked various jobs, taken a lot of burden of raising kids, and also lead a debt free lifestyle. We don’t care much about the cars we drive and drive them forever. I am about done with my 20 year old jeep, we have a 13 year old Prius that will leave with a kid, and a 5 year old truck we bought well used.
My wife quit the rat race maybe a year ago. I could easily keep working and stuffing another 50-100k/yr into investments, but I am really tired of it and have “been there, done that” with my career. I am not interested in it anymore. I started getting tired maybe 8-10 years ago and now with my kids launching into their own lives, I feel ready to be done and do something else with my days. I am well past my career defining my life – I won’t be bored or needing to go back to work to “keep myself busy”.
Rough plan:
With our large variety of investment accounts containing a large variety of taxable and non taxable assets, I am confident we can generate the right taxable income to take advantage of the ACA and pay only some nominal amount for medical insurance. I also feel comfortable that something ACA-ish will be around for quite a while now that it is here. The ACA is not perfect, but I think it is a step in the right direction and a step hard to take back. We stay put in our paid off house, living fairly conservatively, until all our kids are off to college.
If I assume an ugly case of bad economic times and flat returns for the next 20 years and we end up blowing all 2M to get to 70(64) years old, we have the 60k SS from age 70 onward to limp by. I don’t find that likely, but it is not a terrifying case for a 65-70+ lifestyle either. I think our more realistic plan of spending fairly frugally over the next 4 years while kids launch, keeping spending in the 70-80k/yr and then doing something VPW-ish after year 4 has a very good chance of 70-100k+ for the rest of our lives, assuming “ok”/conservative market returns.
The kinda ugly:
The various calculators tell me I roughly have a 1 in 10 chance of being dead at 60, a 1 in 5 chance of being dead at 70 and a 50% chance of being dead at 80. Nothing is guaranteed in this life but death. It is fine to be ready to live to be 90+, but it is crazy for me to expect to do everything I could be doing now as well. We saved and sacrificed lifestyle creep to get here and for me the feeling of OMY gets pretty dulled out by life’s realities.
The summary:
I believe we have won the game. We could keep playing and running up the score, but the risks I believe now outweigh the rewards. I am intending to give notice next week and be done working sometime to be negotiated, between end of the month and the end of this summer, leaving a well paying job to do whatever the heck we want to do. I won’t be holding out longer for a 1M house on the beach lifestyle in our 60s, trading it in on a few more years of independence in my 50s.
If you would keep working a few more years in my place, I would love to hear why. Any other comments welcome too. If I don’t get another chance, thanks for all of the information shared here over the years.
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2023.03.29 22:14 rare_candyz Turo renters in Southern California

How has business been going lately? I have been checking cars rental history through the rental app for the past few months and it seems like nobody is having their cars rented out more than 1-3 days a month. Is this true or false for you?
I find myself in a position needing to get a new car so I wanted to maybe get something that I could rent out on Turo in the future, but from what I see, that seems to be a bad idea.
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2023.03.29 22:10 busrentalabudhabi BUS RENTAL DUBAI ROYAL RIDER

Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai is a leading travel & transport service provider based in Dubai, UAE. With a focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Royal Rider Bus Company offers a wide range of buses and transportation solutions to meet the needs of any group, event, or occasion.
Our fleet of buses includes luxury coaches, minibusses, vans, taxis with drivers, and standard buses, all equipped with modern amenities and comfortable seats to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable ride. Our experienced teams of drivers are trained to provide a safe and reliable service, ensuring you reach your destination on time and in comfort.
Whether you need transportation for a corporate event, school trip, wedding, or any other occasion, Royal Rider Rental Buses Dubai has the right Rentals vehicles and expertise to meet your needs. We also offer customized tour and transport packages to suit your specific needs and budget, making them an ideal choice for any group transport needs in Dubai and beyond.
Royal Rider is a high-quality bus rental service in Dubai that offers reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation solutions for groups of all sizes.
At ROYAL RIDER BUS RENTAL DUBAI, we understand that you want to give the best possible experience to your customers and guests. That’s why we offer a wide range of buses and coaches for rent so that you can find exactly what you need for any occasion.
We have a wide variety of vehicles available for hire: from minibusses and Vans to large coaches and buses. We also have options for renting vehicles with drivers if you’re looking for something more personalized. No matter what type of transportation service you need—whether it’s private tours, airport transfers, or business people—we’ve got it!
What is the most common question we get from our customers is
What is the average cost of a bus rental in Dubai?
Rental prices for buses in Dubai vary depending on the length of your journey and the type of bus you are renting. Mini-buses can cost between AED 400-900, while luxury coaches and vans cost between AED 550-1500 per 10 hours. The exact pricing and payment options can be discussed with the bus rental company in UAE.
Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai is a premier provider of private chauffeur tour and travel services in the bustling city of Dubai. We specialize in providing top-quality bus rental services to tourists, businesses, and local residents who want to explore the city in comfort and style. Our fleet of luxury buses and coaches is well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our clients.
Our private chauffeur tour and travel service are designed to provide you with a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. Our professional and courteous chauffeurs are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the city’s top tourist destinations and can guide you through your journey with ease. We also provide flexible pickup and drop-off options to ensure that your travel plans are seamless and stress-free.
Royal Rider is a well-known bus rental company in Dubai, offering high-quality transportation services to both leisure and corporate clients in 2023. With a fleet of modern and well-maintained buses, Royal Rider is committed to providing its customers with safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation.
One of the key features of Royal Rider bus rental in Dubai is the range of options available. The company offers a variety of bus sizes, from mini-vans to full-sized coaches, to accommodate groups of all sizes. Each bus is equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and audio-visual equipment. Additionally, the company’s team of experienced drivers and support staff ensure that each journey is smooth, safe, and enjoyable.
Another advantage of choosing Royal Rider bus rental in Dubai is the flexibility it offers. The company can customize its services to meet the specific needs of each client, whether it’s for a day trip, a city tour, or a multi-day excursion. They offer pick-up and drop-off services at any location within Dubai, making it a convenient option for travelers.
In terms of cost, Royal Rider bus rental in Dubai is competitively priced, offering affordable transportation solutions for groups of all sizes. The company is committed to providing its customers with high-quality services at a reasonable cost, making it a budget-friendly choice for group travel.
Overall, Royal Rider bus rental in Dubai is a reliable and convenient transportation option for groups in 2023. With its fleet of modern buses, experienced staff, and customizable services, Royal Rider is committed to providing its customers with enjoyable and stress-free travel. experience.
Royal Rider is the premier bus rental Dubai service provider, We can help you with all types of vehicles, no matter where in the UAE they are located. We provide transportation for all kinds of events and celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, and graduations, Educational school field trips. Our fleet includes Big Coaches Small buses, Minivans, and even limos! so that you can focus on celebrating the coming year instead of worrying about how you’re going to get there.
Our vehicles are clean and well-maintained so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about any issues. We’ll take care of everything from booking to pick up/drop off times so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy your event.
If you are looking for a coach or bus for your next trip, Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai is your best choice. From luxury long-distance buses to minibusses, there’s something for every group. Our fleet includes passenger Cars, Vans, coaches, and shuttle buses. If you’re planning a corporate event, a Travel vacation with your family, or a school trip, we offer high-quality tourist transportation at competitive prices. We are one of the leading bus companies in Dubai that offers reliable Quality services at Low rates. Our clientele includes individuals, groups, corporate clients, and travel agents.

Royal Rider- One of the best Bus Rental Companies in Dubai

Royal Rider would like to welcome you to the world of Tourist transportation! When it comes to bus rental, we believe in providing the best possible service to your needs. With our extensive fleet of over 150, buses, minivans, and other vehicles, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why R-R Bus will take care of you and your family group whenever transportation is needed, with special prices offered for large groups, Our goal is to make your travel as comfortable as possible, regardless of your destination or the reason for your travel.
We are your private driver, tour guide, and transportation facilitator all in one. With a fleet of vehicles ranging from luxury coaches to minivans, we can cater to any size group traveling to any destination in the UAE. Our drivers are trained specialists with years of experience in all areas of transportation including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses, shuttles, and vans. All our drivers have been background checked as per U.A.E. Department of Transportation guidelines.


When it comes to bus rental services, we know you want the best. That’s why we provide a wide range of options for all your transportation needs.
From minivans Cars to luxury buses, from long-distance buses with drivers to limousine party buses, we own over 150 different models of vehicles and professional chauffeurs who can accommodate any situation. Our fleet is ready to take you wherever you need to go—from airport transfers to special events, business meetings, or social occasions, Events, and Tours.
We offer the highest quality service in luxury Bus transportation services for both business and private use. We are committed to providing our customers with a smooth and luxurious ride every time they use one of our vehicles.
Our vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On an Hourly Daily weekly and Monthly Basis, leases are available. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and a memorable experience for every customer. We take great pride in our fleet of vehicles, which is always kept in top condition. Our drivers are professionals with many years of experience behind the wheel and are committed to getting you where you need to go safely, quickly, and comfortably. Our fleet of vehicles includes Luxury Taxi Cars, Vans Mini-buses, mini-vans Motor coaches,

Get the Best Bus Rental Service in Town with Royal Rider.

Our company provides a wide variety of transportation services for groups and individuals. We are proud to offer the most affordable rates in the industry, with our luxury limousines buses starting at just $49 per hour.
We are a Dubai travel agency that provides affordable and quality travel services for you and your family. we can help you plan the perfect trip for your family and friends s. Our services include Group travel, Personalized itineraries, Family vacations, Honeymoons, and romantic getaways, Ground transportation, Cruises, We are a travel agency that provides affordable and quality travel services for you and your family.
We offer all kinds of packaging services, including city tours and temple tours. If you’d like to go on a beach tour or wildlife visit/desert safari, we can help with that too! Our services include airport transfers, private tours and excursions, day trips, and more. We can also help you plan your itinerary for your trip to the United Arab Emirates. Our travel agency provides a wide range of transportation services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE.

Why Choose R.R Rent a Bus Company

We are the only Bus company where you can find the luxury of Executive, standard, and Premium Buses. At Royal Rider Bus Company Dubai, we believe that traveling is a special experience. We want to make sure your trip is smooth and safe, so you can focus on the experience of being in a new place. That’s why we offer one of the most reliable services around.
We have a fleet of luxury buses in Dubai that will take you to all the best spots in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. in UAE, You’ll feel like royalty! Our staff will make sure you get there safely and comfortably every time.
We can also help with larger groups—we can accommodate large groups of up to 500 passengers at a time on our Luxury Tourist buses! And if you need help planning out your itinerary for a day or weekend trip, we’re happy to help you out with that too.
Whether it’s just a few friends going out for the night or an entire family spending time together, Royal Rider wants to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Experience the Ride of Royalty with Royal Rider Bus Rental Dubai

We’re not just any other bus company in Dubai! Unlike most transportation providers in the area that have inflexible policies and unnecessary price markups, we give you excellent service at low rates with no strings attached.

Our Range Of Buses And Vehicles

Royal Rider is a bus charter company that strives to provide the best experience with luxury bus service. With over 150 luxury buses, Coaches, Vans, and Cars. Royal Rider Dubai Bus Rental is a quality coach specialist operator for events, road trips, bus tours, and school groups. with Years of experience in the market give us a competitive edge in offering local and long-distance travel. As a result, the company offers a high degree of flexibility and can successfully move passengers from one location to another.
Our fleet includes:
1) Luxury Coaches: These are the most popular vehicles for chartering because of their capacity to accommodate more people than other types of buses. The main advantage of these coaches is their comfortable seats which allow for an enjoyable ride.
2) Mini Buses: These mini buses are ideal for those who want to travel in a group but do not want to take up too much space on board the vehicle. They are also perfect for those who have limited luggage or prefer having more legroom while traveling by bus instead of Taxis or train
At Roya Rider Taxi Bus Company, we know that the best way to get where you’re going is in a comfortable and spacious ride. That’s why we offer a fleet of minivans and minibusses designed to transport small groups, and our big luxury shuttle buses and coaches are designed for large parties such as major events such as group movements of passengers at wedding receptions.
Our drivers are professional people who know the streets of the city and can take you where you need to go. They will be happy to provide recommendations or directions if needed, but they won’t lead the conversation—we leave that up to you!

Benefits Of Our Hiring Bus Services

Royal Ride Bus Rental Dubai is here to help you get where you need to go, whether it’s for a special occasion or just everyday life. We offer private Bus transportation options that are perfect for any occasion.
We believe in providing our clients with the best possible service for their money, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure your travel is safe and comfortable.
With Royal Ride Bus Rental in Dubai, you’ll never have to worry about transportation again. Our services are affordable, convenient, and reliable. We can arrange private transportation for special occasions. Other Benefits of Our Hiring Bus Services you can enjoy include:
Travel & Transport Safety
-Travel & Transport safely and comfortably to reduce the fatigue of your trip and avoid unnecessary accidents.
-We have a variety of buses, including minibus, midibus, and coach buses. We offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs for group or solo travel.
-Our vehicles are carefully maintained by our team of mechanics, who ensure that they are always in pristine condition for your journey with us.
-If you wish to hire a specific vehicle from our fleet, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that every customer has different needs and expectations, so we promise to ensure that your journey is smooth, comfortable, and safe. If you need any information about bus timetables or car rental in Dubai, our staff will always be happy to help. Our bus rental service covers all areas of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, Fujairah, and RAK.
We have a large fleet of buses and vans, from mini 15-seaters to big 50-seaters. Our fleet includes comfortable and spacious executive luxury VIP buses, minibusses, and personalized car Vans rentals with drivers in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. All fleets are air-conditioned and 100% non-smoking. The Bus Rental Service in the United Arab Emirates is the perfect option for short-term or long-term rental needs of guests and delegates tourists, visitors or Events Transportation.

Once You’ve Booked Buses With Us

When you book Rent a bus with us, you can rest assured that your trip will go smoothly. You deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with RR Dubai Passengers Transportations. We won’t keep you waiting—our rental bus drivers and tour guides will take care of you from your arrival until your departure. Our conductors speak English and Arabic, so no matter what language you speak, we can help you out. And when it comes to our customers, we always put their experience first. So get your Dubai online bus rental service today and get ready for an unforgettable trip!
If you looking for a new tour operator in Dubai
We’re here for you! At ROYAL RIDER we’re dedicated to providing high-quality tours, travel packages, and other services at affordable prices. We’ve been providing our customers with the best possible service since 2016, and we’re ready to help you plan your next trip!
Whether you want a desert safari or a day trip through the city of Dubai, we can help. Our group tours cover all the sights in town while our day trips are perfect if you just want to hang out by the beach. We also provide comprehensive tour packages that cover everything from transportation to hotels and food—and everything in between.If you’re looking for an experienced tour operator in the United Arab Emirates, look no further than us!
Rent a Bus is the largest online bus booking service provider in Dubai. You can always get the full bus booking price online and book your next dream excursion without worrying about last-minute or last-minute issues. Our team of highly trained experts will help you find the right bus for your group, whether it’s a school trip, corporate event, or just a fun day out with friends or family. We offer great rates on all our buses and we have a wide range of vehicles available.
Royal Rider Van Rental with Driver Dubai Service-Ensure that all customers receive the best ( Alquiler de minibus ) service, that we provide a variety of transportation options to suit your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service at the fairest and most reasonable price. Our vans, luxury buses, and minibusses are unbeatable in terms of price and quality.
We guarantee that we have the best rates for bus rentals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are confident that no other bus rental company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi has our level of service and standards as Royal Rider Bus Rental Sharjah. Our highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable team strives to ensure first-class service from start to finish so your trip goes smoothly from start to finish.
We are a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in the fact that we have been operating in the same space for over 15 years. Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with a reliable and safe experience when they are looking to book a private driver from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or vice versa.
We offer van and bus shuttle services as well as airport transfers for a comfortable trip in the United Arab Emirates. We also provide private drivers if you need one from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or vice versa. Our drivers are professional, experienced, and reliable. They ensure that your trip is safe and secure at all times! We also offer the cheapest rates on private drivers in Dubai!

Privet Luxury Travel Bus Rentals For Dubai Airport Transfers

Royal Rider Bus Rental is a Dubai-based Passenger Transportation company, we provide luxury Tourist transport services throughout UAE. Served over 5000 customers with safe and reliable services since 2010, when it comes to bus rental and tour buses & vans in Dubai, our bus hire is one of the top Rent Car in Dubai! We would be delighted to serve your transportation needs, whether you are an individual looking for one of our spacious Micro MPVs or a large corporate organization requiring coaches, Taxi minivans or minibusses for Dubai airport transfer, or Group tours & Travel.
RR Taxi Bus-Coach Rentals Dubai is a fully accredited company managed and operated by well-trained Staff and Drivers, we always provide the best services to our customers all over UAE, and Dubai! Our aim is to provide reliable and efficient services for all kinds of Transportation services with our luxury Buses, Mini Bus coasters with Saloon Cars.
We are specialized in providing transportation services for all kinds of events like Exhibition Stand Dubai Management Company, Wedding Services, Picnic Groups, School Transport, Taxi Car Airport Pickup & Drop Offs, VIP transportation services, Corporate Transportation, City tours, Desert Safari Tours as well as trips to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman and all our UAE
We are proud to offer you the best quality vehicles at very affordable prices. You can relax while we take care of everything else. You can hire us according to your requirements ranging from small vans to large buses or any other type of vehicle you need for your event management or transportation needs. We have enough experience in this field so that we can provide you with the best service at
Our buses are perfect for your private event, corporate coach charter for events, or even a family vacation. We offer standard Small Shuttle buses, luxury Motor Coaches, and super luxury Large buses. Our fleet includes Mercedes Benz adventure Sprinter vans for field trips in UAE
We have been providing charter bus rentals in Dubai since 2010. We have satisfied customers all over the world including China, Europe, Australia, Africa, and South America. We have many repeat customers that come back year after year because of our great service and quality transportation. Our goal is to make sure every customer has a great experience with us.
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2023.03.29 22:06 Fn-2199Isloyal Unbiased opinion - Turo doesn’t seem like a great deal on either side of the transaction

When I say unbiased
I have never paid for a Turo I have never hosted though I’m considering it
This is just from my research but here’s a couple things I’ve noticed from doing research
  1. The whole point of Turo is it’s supposed to be cheaper than the legacy rental business. It doesn’t seem to be cheaper since they charge insane fees. A $50/ day car comes out to basically $100 a day unless you do a long term rental. Apparently hosts try to slam you with fees as well just to actually turn a profit.
  2. They collect insane fee amounts, so why are they taking a Portion of your earnings? A buddy of mine showed me his trip breakdown and it was $215, 110 of that being the actual car. (110x60=66) So the host gets roughly 66/215 dollars, less than a third, of the transaction? That seems absurd. Either collect a portion or collect fees, they’re double dipping.
  3. It seems like they don’t help their hosts with damage, insurance, etc. and fight on everything they claim to cover from what I’ve seen on this subreddit. I saw that you should create an LLC and get commercial insurance because it’s so bad at which point what do you need Turo for? It’s basically just a marketing service at that point
As Turo users/ Hosts what are your experiences? I have none so tell me if I’m just way off base and don’t understand.
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2023.03.29 21:57 JMDilly Stuck between three housing options in a small mountain town. Looking for your hot takes on this.

Context: Traditionally, I like to spend 30% or less on housing and living in a small vacation town makes that extremely difficult. My lease is up in May and I am thinking about moving but not ready to make the jump yet so I'm looking at shorter term options.
Option 1: Stay where I'm at, the rent is $1550 + $70 for internet. It's a 2 bed 1 bath. I'd have to find a new roommate and I generally like the home but my landlord drives me bananas. She lives beneath me and doesn't respect that I work a normal job and I'm constantly waking her up from her 12 hours of sleep a day. The thought of finding another tenant that doesn't bug her and is cool with a month to month lease sounds daunting/annoying. This also leaves me with the possibly of paying $1620 a month if a roommate isn't secured.
Option 2: Slum it in a $900 rent with nearly $160 in utilities. It's a 1 bed 1 bath, it's not pretty and that would be my only complaint really. I do feel like I should live in a nicer place as I've got a decent job and worked hard to get where I'm at. The landlords are close family friends and super chill so I know that if I want to skip town it wouldn't be a fuss.
Option 3: Nice and new 1 bed 1 bath for $1560, $100 a month pet rent, and $50 internet.
I do enjoy living in a nice place but I think 2023 is the year for me to go as liquid as possible for future home buying opportunities, pending medical bills, and financial freedom so that I may leave.
Financial Situation Currently (Monthly):
Take Home = $3920, Roth 401k + Match Contributions = $572, Car Insurance = $50, Medical Bills = $131, Savings Contributions = $701.
My rough take home before 401k contributions is $4200, so $1260 is my rough rental budget. I hit pretty much rock bottom in everyone of my accounts besides my Roth 401k and my investments after breaking my leg last July. My emergency fund is almost flush and I'm close to the next phase of splitting my savings and returning to investing to continue dollar cost averaging into this bear market. 26 year old entry level civil engineer if that matters. Looking for some logic past my excel sheets.
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2023.03.29 21:52 jimmeny_crickette Enseignante contractuelle enceinte, peur de non renouvellement

Bonsoir, Je suis enseignante contractuelle dans un IUT depuis 4 ans et j’aime beaucoup où je travaille. Je viens de découvrir que je suis enceinte et que mon congé maternité serai au mois de novembre. Le problème est que si je leur dit avant mon renouvellement (au mois d’août), je risque de ne pas être renouvelé car je ne pourrais probablement pas travailler le moitié du premier semestre. Cela me fait tellement peur que l’on me remplace et que je sois au chômage. Je suis étrangère et je veux respecter les démarches mais ma belle sœur me dit de ne leur rien dire jusqu’après la signature du contrat. Je trouve ça un peu malhonnête car ils ne pourront pas trouver quelqu’un pour mes cours. Je fais le plus d’heures que tous les enseignantes, des heures supplémentaires de ouf, je participe à l’organisation des événements des départements ainsi que les suivis de stage et les soutenances. Depuis 4 ans j’espère obtenir une cdisation après avoir montré mon implication mais je crains que ma grossesse soit l’obstacle qui me fait perdre mon boulot. Quel est votre avis? Avez-vous vécu la même chose? Dois-je déclarer ma grossesse à mon employeur avant le renouvellement? Je sais qu’ils ne peuvent pas me virer à cause de la grossesse, mais ils peuvent ne pas me renouveler, non? Merci
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2023.03.29 21:28 MinervasMagic Looking for lost Harry Potter books that I wrote my name in

I know how much of a long shot this is, but I have wanted to try for years so here goes. I woke up to the 6th Harry Potter book laying on my bed because my aunt who raised me bought it when she got off of work just after it was released at midnight. I read it all in one day. I let a friend in high school read it when I was done and she accidentally left it in the glove compartment of a rental car in Kentucky and we were never able to get it back. I’m hesitant to share my full name here because of internet shenanigans but the initials of the signature are JEP.
I also let someone borrow my copy of DH and they never returned it. Same initials on the signature inside.
If you have secondhand HP books 6 & 7 with a name with these initials, or ever see them, will you please message me? Both would be first editions. I actually don’t care about that part, I just want them back for sentimental reasons, but wanted to share to help narrow down the search. I will pay what you paid for them plus shipping and a finders fee I can afford, like $15.
Thank you for reading! and yes I know, I learned my lesson and stopped loaning out my books 😂
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2023.03.29 20:58 Left_Kaleidoscope_77 Urgent TDY enroute question

Hey y’all,
I’m currently stationed in Germany on my way to LOG BOLC… TDY enroute to my next duty station.
My unit is confused as to who is funding this trip (flight, rental car etc). They are saying it’s “Big Army” that’s supposed to fund it.
I called the school house, they don’t fund anything, my branch manager doesn’t have the answer either.
Has anyone prior enlisted, commissioned OCS been in this situation? Any help is appreciated.
submitted by Left_Kaleidoscope_77 to BOLC [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 20:55 LauGrr Guy sees Craigslist ad for $26K Hellcat. Agrees to buy the car with title and all in hand. Turns out it’s a rental with plasti-dip on the wheels, roof and trunk lid. Guy is out $26K and a car!

Guy sees Craigslist ad for $26K Hellcat. Agrees to buy the car with title and all in hand. Turns out it’s a rental with plasti-dip on the wheels, roof and trunk lid. Guy is out $26K and a car! submitted by LauGrr to thecarguide [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 20:53 KillaMarci Stray doggo who needs help

Stray doggo who needs help
We went to Nuraghe Santu Antine in Torralba today and discovered a stray dog seemingly living inside the towers there. We asked the owners and they said he does not belong to anyone and seems to be a stray. One of his back legs look to be infected as well. 😞
We are tourists in Ireland so we don’t know what to do or who to call, we also don’t speak Italian. Would any of you be able to help him or help us help him? We have a rental car and could drive him to a vet or animal shelter, but not sure how to proceed or if there even are any animal shelters here.
He seems like a great dog and is very well behaved and cuddly, he just needs a home.
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2023.03.29 20:48 firefly20200 How stupid is it to borrow against my 401k for a primary residence?

-- Age: 37 -- Time at current job: 7 years -- 401k Balance: $57,000 -- Pension from job that should replace ~40% of income and is fully employer funded
Looking at trying to get into a house and have $100,000 cash with an income of $75,000. I've been at the same job for 7 years and average at minimum 2.5% raises every year. I've personally averaged much more, probably 5 to 6% across all seven years, but I don't bank on market adjustments or promotions.
I'm looking to put 20% down on a house and payments would come to about $2050/mo (currently paying $1900 to rent a place). With closing costs any everything that won't leave much of a buffer for me. The homes I'm looking at are in decent shape, but built in the 1970s and seem to have old (at least not new, less than five years) HVAC and roof and stuff... I also still have about 7 months on my current rental lease.
If I add up the cash I have plus the 401k loan, after down payment, closing, AND factoring in paying my full lease if I can't get out of it, I would have like ~$25k left, which I feel much safer about if I run into issues with appliances in the first couple years, or a $10k HVAC replacement or something major like that. (Obviously I would try to get out of my lease, but planning for worst case)
The 401k loan repayment is over 15 years and is at 8.5%. That brings payments to $280/mo. I likely would step down from my current 9% contribution to 7% (I'm matched 50% on the first 7%), that means my extra out of pocket would be $156 compared to today.
My mother would also be moving in with me, she's going through serious medical treatments that are life threatening, but obviously we are optimistic and I hope she lives a long life with me. She has a small retirement and brings in about $18.5k/year. She has no debts and thankfully her medical is covered with Medicaid right now. If something happens, a very small portion of her pension ($200/mo) pays out to me and there is enough life insurance in place that I could pay back my 401k loan and have a good buffer of cash.
I know robbing the 401k is usually never a good idea... and it probably isn't in this case, but I don't see myself getting into a house any easier in the next few years and I'm fairly certain rents will just increase. I'm pretty dead set on getting into something between now and when my lease is up... it's just a "how much" question (spoiler alert, I haven't seen anything cheaper in my market in the last 24 months) and how much money do I have left over for emergencies. I could keep from touching the 401k, but then I would basically have zero cash left over and things might get a little tight come Sep/Oct/Nov covering my lease if I haven't been able to get out of it by then...
So... how stupid?
Edit: I should also note I have a new car with $400/mo payments for a few more years. 3.5 years more on the full warranty and and 7 more years on the drivetrain warranty... so hopefully no major expenses from that end of things...
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2023.03.29 20:35 Heavy_Buyer197 Rental Car service that I can drop off in USA?

I'm looking to rent a car in Toronto that I can drive to New York and drop off. My family will be visiting soon and we want to drive to NY together (making pit stops at Niagara and other cities along the way) but they plan on flying back home from NY directly, and I don't want to drive back alone. Any ideas?
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2023.03.29 20:35 Kiyategringo Turo host can’t do vehicle drop off

I have a one week rental and the host is now telling me one day before the rental that he can’t drop off the car at my desired location even though they had it as an option.
Should I contact turo support? I don’t want the host getting in any trouble or having their account restricted.
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2023.03.29 20:33 Legodude522 Wanting to temporarily drive in another state

I'm based in Texas but I'm currently in California on a work trip. Work has been postponed so I have some time off with a rental car. Am I able to do some UberEats orders in my downtime here? The app says I need to contact support to go online. I'm only here for the week so I don't want to make any permanent changes.
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2023.03.29 20:31 RepresentativeTea787 Are we going in the right direction? Behind in retirement and compromise on finances

I’m wondering if I can get some general financial planning advice, I feel like we could be putting our money to better use or condensing some things. I’ve tried to read up on what I can over the years about investing and saving but especially after reading the wiki I feel like maybe we’re doing things out of order and behind on retirement especially my husband given his age. I’m 31 my husband is 44 we have two kids, my FIL lives with us and we live in the Midwest.
Expenses Our monthly expenses are around $3200-3500… $1500 of that is on the mortgage (includes escrow and $250 extra on principal). I would say we are pretty frugal, always buy secondhand/used/generic while still treating ourselves every now and then. We use a small credit union so using spending apps to track our budget has not been possible although I would love it my husband is more hesitant about switching banks because of fees etc. We don’t pay for any childcare since my husband, and I alternate our schedules.
Together we made $105k in 2022 $115k in 2021 $105k in 2020
My husband also buys cars from the auction on the side but not sure how much he actually makes doing this he doesn’t really keep track of profits. To me, it’s more of a hobby but we currently have a few cars that he will be selling in the next few months and don’t have any car payments because we buy our cars in cash and get them fixed up. I went down to PRN at my job the last year and a half after having my second child (one in 2020 and one in 2021) and starting school. When I did this, I lost my benefits including 401k (more on this below).
Our monthly take home pay averages around $5500-$6000
Personal savings account $75k savings account linked to our checking account. We feel comfortable having about $25-$30k of this for our emergency fund. I’ve been reading in other posts a lot of people recommend HYSA.
Retirement Accounts
Husband currently has $55k. He came to the US at 30 yo and cashed out his 401k contributions when he left his first job ~2013 not realizing what he was doing. (He got a nice letter from the IRS later on). I just increased his contribution to 10% about a year ago from 5%. His job matches up to $1200 or 50 cents of the employee’s contributed dollar up to 5% (whichever is greater) and just gave him 5% of profit sharing this past year (although I don’t fully understand what this means).
I have a total of $60k with Empower but have not contributed since August of 2021 when I switched to PRN. I wanted to continue to contribute so I rolled over what I could from a previous job into a traditional IRA ~38k but then found out I couldn’t have it taken directly from my paycheck and just left it sitting. The other 22k is in my employer’s 457 plan not even sure if I will have access to all this money if I leave because almost half of it is not vested from what I understand.
HSA account he contributes $50/paycheck I set this at max $1000 in a cash account and the rest is invested with TD ameritrade currently $7250 invested in VOO, VTI, PBUS. We are considering using this to pay for small expenses that come up.
College savings 529 $5200
Brokerage account with fidelity $5800 invested in VOO, FXAIX
I couldn’t decide between a college savings account and a custodial brokerage account so I opened both at the end of 2022 and put $5k in each one and contributed $50/paycheck in each for 2022. However (rookie mistake) I got discouraged with the balance going down and stopped contributing. I’ve wanted to open a brokerage account and invest but my husband is much less risk tolerant than I am so this was another compromise.
Mortgage left $122k. We bought our home in 2017 for 180k and put 10% down. Made extra payments to get rid of PMI within a couple of years. We refinanced at the beginning of 2021 and switched from a 30y mortgage to 15 years and reduced our interest rate from 4.375 to 2.625% including escrow our mortgage is $1250 but we pay an extra $250 towards the principal. I would prefer to pay the mortgage off ASAP but my husband would prefer to keep the cash on hand for other things so we came to a compromise by paying extra. Its estimated value according to Zillow is 325k.
I am getting my master’s degree and have school loans currently $18k with no interest until 6 months after graduating. I’ll have a projected $30-35k in school loans by the time I graduate in August 2023. Again, I preferred to pay OOP but my husband thinks it’s better to keep the cash in our accounts (even though it’s just sitting there). Once I graduate my expected minimum salary (if I work full-time) will be a minimum of 100k.
Goals pay off our home “early”, contribute to an a account for our kids to use when they're older, buy property in our home country/island (in the Caribbean) possibly use as a rental, retire earlier than 65
Any and all advice or insight would be so appreciated!
submitted by RepresentativeTea787 to personalfinance [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 20:30 padge30 Travel vs Cash Back Credit Card

I am looking into getting a new credit card and could really use some advice. I am wondering if I should get a travel or cash back card.
Some of the cards I have researched are the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard, RBC Avion Visa Infinite Card and the CIBC AVENTURA VISA INFINITE CARD.
As Westjet doesnt fly to Dublin at Christmas or Newark airport I will probably rule that out. The Vancouver to Newark flight seems to be expensive enough so I am wondering if it is best just to get a cash back card as it might take a while to redeem enough points to actually get a flight.
I have researched this extensively, so please dont reply with the usual "search the thread for an answer".
Any help would be greatly appreciated as there are just so many options its hard to make a decision.
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2023.03.29 20:22 Fantastic_Fee616 Rent a Car Kochi - Self Drive Cars in Cochin, Kerala - IndusGo

Book a Self-Drive Car and get hassle-free premium car rental services, 24x7 support and roadside assistance anywhere you are. IndusGo offers affordable rental car services in Kochi, Chennai and all major cities of Kerala.
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2023.03.29 20:20 glassowl87 Rental Car Third Party Liabilty

I’m a Canadian (Alberta specifically) planning to rent a car in the US, in a state where rental companies have to provide a minimum level of third party liability insurance (20k I believe) and I had a question about that.
I was curious whether my usual car insurance would cover additional liability if necessary?
My broker says that type of coverage doesn’t exist, but reading my policy and the various definitions seems to suggest it would be covered. I obviously could be wrong since it’s really challenging to interpret that stuff…
I’m OK on the damage coverage front, just wondering about the third party liability side of things…
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2023.03.29 19:59 scgzisuyll 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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"Tyler," Emily beckons her friend over.
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As they were finishing their breakfast, April spoke to William.
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“I know, I feel it, too,” she said. “That was weird.”
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Morgan nodded slowly.
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‘Damn,’ Kayla thought to herself about what she had just witnessed, ‘this girl is good!’
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