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What should be considered “too low” to spend on a good escort? (Continuation of a discussion)

2021.08.31 21:20 Langston1113 What should be considered “too low” to spend on a good escort? (Continuation of a discussion)

What should be considered “too low” to spend on a good escort? (Continuation of a discussion)
I'm on a campaign. I don't portray myself as some guru of hobbying. In fact, I hardly do any research or preparation at all. As ad-hoc as it is, my hobbying experiences have been great because of finding a sweet spot between QUALITY, VALUE, and self-centered self-serving CONVENIENCE.
I'm following up a set of comments on a previous post. The question is simply this:
What should be considered "too low" for a good escort?

I was planning on posting about Jasmin today anyway. She serves as a good example and case study for this topic.

Would you book a $200/hr escort off of Escortbabylon?

Is that too low? Is she to be considered a sub-par escort?
  • I had her roommate a few times and discovered they were in the same room when trying to book someone else and was given the same room number.
  • It was actually a trio and I found all 3 of them on EscortBabylon/Listcrawler.
  • No bait and switch; staying at a great Marriott.
  • She had a great attitude, much better than the first girl who I already had multiple times that week.
  • She was sensational. I switched to having her instead of her roommate, who didn't mind. I came back for a repeat a few days later.
I'm setting up this post for my dude and a long-time contributor to this sub u/Substantial-Rice-330. Not only do I appreciate his insight, it's always great when mature, upstanding chaps can engage in a discussion or debate even if we differ in our opinions. [Fist bump.]
First, his comments on the matter of $300 being a good threshold:
I don't want to write too much here. I'll just make a few general points to go along with what I've already expressed in the comments.

Escorts for high-consumption

Let's make it clear that I'm referring to my everyday-drinking-coffee type of escorts for half-hour sessions to consume and go. While these intentionally aren't the pornstar or IG model types, they're not toothless crackheads either. In fact, it's amazing what some makeup will do. For reference, Jasmin is of this category.

$100ss/$150hh/$200hr is the universal rate

One of the main differentiating factors we're considering is that of region. It makes sense all the sense in the world that rates would be based on the region. Well, how about the fact that whether in New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Columbus, Atlanta, or Tampa and Miami I've gotten the same rate of $100ss/$150hh/$200hr. In fact, less. And this isn't confined to the SLAs.

Add $50 for GFE. Or don't.

What I've also found is they'll take $50 or $40 to add BBBJ. Or it's for the full GFE bundle (LFK, DATY, BBBJ). Better still is how many will add BBFS for that same rate. Best of all are those who don't charge extra at all. My posts have examples of all these scenarios.

Don't hate on EscortBabylon/Listcrawler.

I know that's become synonymous with low quality escorts and it is true that 90%+ of the ads are bait-n-switch or scammers. But one can definitely find gems on it, which is exactly what I've done as evidenced by the screenshots I always include in my posts.
I myself categorize websites and platforms according to the quality tiers of escorts. In general, that works. However, let's consider a few things:
(a) Escorts will have post ads on multiple websites at once to attract a different clientele, often with different rates. That will include sites of the Tryst and Slixa variety as well as Megaupload, Skipthe games, Adultsearch, Escortfish, or Cityxguide variety - not including TER or EroticMonkey.
(b) I consider Eros as my website upgrade. Privatedelights, TER, and EroticMonkey should all be in the same category. But frankly, I just don't use them. When I'm going through a bout of FOMO, I usually go to Eros. There, I consider $400/hr as a bargain. "Manhattan escorts" are usually $500/hr and are in abundance. So getting that rate is nothing special. Some escorts will only pay for an Eros ad for a short time
(c) Most times, they themselves don't know where you found their ad. It's funny how some of them have ads across multiple platforms, sometimes with differing rates, and have to ask you where you found them in order to give you their rate. Why is this? Supply & demand, also what the market dictates.

I'm just here to have as much fun as possible. So, getting great rates for good-to-great-looking girls means MORE of them. That's my M.O.

As for the lurking Reddit hags, it's perfectly logical for us to compare them with Jasmin here or any of the dozens of escorts I've had and featured on here who all go for the same price point. Yeah, sure, SOMEBODY will pay their rates. But they would be cheating themselves out of value.
Alright, I've said enough. Gents, the floor is yours.
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2021.01.05 04:50 Langston1113 New Year's in Florida (pt 1): Angie

New Year's in Florida (pt 1): Angie
And to think - I've been telling my fellow Reddit whoremongers that I was taking a break from hobbying these days because of COVID, more lockdowns, the holidays, relocating, and a few other reasons.
A last minute trip to Florida for work was arranged for me, so I followed the money. I came from the freezing cold of the Northeast to sunny Florida. Once that warm air hit me and I took a glimpse of all the palm trees, my "diet" went out the window. On my very first night there, I was dialing up escorts for outcalls to my hotel room. After all, one of my hobbying mottos is, "Can't let a good hotel room go to waste."
I fucked an escort on back-to-back nights - early Wednesday morning just past midnight and then Wednesday night just before midnight. This post is actually about the second adventure while in Florida but I'm going to write about this one first just cuz I'm more excited about it.

This... everything about this is why I pay for it. With just a few texts and the snap of my finger, I got to feast on an insanely sexy, stacked girl that tasted so good I couldn't stop licking and sucking her all over.
I'm still floored by the fact that she is legit. The ad looked like a generic bait-n-switch with pics of voluptuous Latinas. The ad for Autumn also looked too good to be true on a low-end site.
There are many ads that outright steal pics from someone's IG and Google's Reverse Image Search won't spot. For those of us who have to analyze the pics in order to weed out the many fake ads, here's another helpful lesson: Ads in many cities, lots of pics that aren't glamour shots, and the SAME GIRL in each. In other words, no assortment of girls in her entire posting history of ads linked to that number. You don't usually get that with agency ads. They may have 2 or 3 of the same girl at the most.
Another hint is to check out the surroundings in the pic. You can usually spot details that show the pics were taken overseas. What you want are signs that she's in a hotel room here in the U.S.
Still, it was a gamble.
This adventure vouched two sites for which I've typically had little trust: and
I had London the night before (same calendar date of Wed, Dec. 30) for an outcall. It was after passing on several other escorts who replied but said they did incall only. Angie got back to me in the morning and coming off of a nice fuck, I was ready to take a chance being in a different city and not knowing the risks. (Outcalls are virtually 100% safe; incalls are riskier.)
I was communicating with her secretary all along cuz when I reached the room, I found out that Angie didn't speak a drop of English. This is far too common.
Sweet and cordial. I started off in my broken Spanglish and she followed by talking to me in Spanish. I had to put the brakes on her and tell her I couldn't understand a single word (she speaks very fast).
BBBJ+69. Treating this just like an encounter with the other imports, I managed to communicate just good enough to ask for a BBBJ. I figured she wasn't aware of what's written on her ad, or that those rules were meant for the weirdos and she would be game. I guessed right. I gave her $50 for BBBJ ($60 technically since I only had $20s) before we even got started. And per my usual, BBBJ turned into 69. A tap on the thigh and some sign language communicated my request. She tasted so great I was making smacking noises as sucked, slurped and pulled on her pussy flesh. BBBJ+69 is one of my favorites.
Missionary attempt #1. We both quickly got into position. To prepare herself, she put 2 pillows behind her head and spread those wonderful thighs for me. 😵😋 I love to get close, chest-to-chest, and she was with it. This gave me a hint that she might be okay with a kiss even though the ad said no GFE. Well, she was perfectly fine with it which was a pleasant surprise. And after just a few seconds of pumping while kissing her, I had to pull out abruptly.
Baby needs milk. The kissing during missionary had me ready to blow. In order to extend the session, I started sucking on her tits and for quite a long time. First it was while I still hovering over her in missionary. Then I moved around and came at her from the side so I could finger her simultaneously and grab a few more kisses. I came up for air and said, "Como un bebe" (like a baby) referring to how I was feasting on her breasts. She replied, "Si... si."
I wasn't close to going over my time. Still, it's notable how these imports are so much more patient than the local girls.
Missionary attempt #2. 😩😩😩 Premature ejaculation! I didn't even get to have her in doggystyle. I missed out. Because the second time inside of her in missionary, while sliding in her and kissing, I just couldn't contain it. And this was while wearing a condom - whatever brand it was. In the moment I just decided to enjoy the sensation and not try to stop it. Good choice or bad choice, I dunno. All I know is I was quite satisfied.
It's interesting comparing this with the many adventures I've had. Angie was like so many of the Latinas I've had, whether import or local. I had to whip out a whole chart for this one. That's just how exciting this encounter was for me. This shows the pattern I've come to know about imported traveling escorts.
  • Maria-Louisa is $150hh + $50 to add BBBJ. That's standard in New York. But the last time I had her, she did $100ss + $50 for BBBJ.
  • Autumn and Angie both had me blowing my load too quickly. (I get to go the full hour pounding away on Maria-Louisa.) But that's the only similarity; they couldn't be more different personality wise.
  • Maria-Louisa has a killer body and a great personality (now) as well. She's playful and we were building on our familiarity before she went back to Colombia for the holidays. I'm really hoping she comes back to the same area in New York.
This isn't meant to criticize Autumn because I luv that girl. It just shows that you can get more for less.
Her ad said she would only be in the area for 2 more days. Knowing that the person texting was someone else, I sent her this note from my Uber traveling back to my own hotel:
This was so exciting and so perfect. It just goes to show that gems really do exist out there after you dig through all the fake ads and scams. Angie's rate was ridiculously low for someone that looks like her.
What's interesting is I was actually looking to meet up with Autumn while in Florida. I texted her on Monday, Dec. 28th as soon as I was informed about my trip. She's usually in Miami but I tried her anyway on the off chance she would be in Tampa/Clearwater or Orlando.
LOL. I think I might be in the dog house with Autumn, but that's alright. I'll keep working on her.
Anyway, my last few days in Florida were horrible as I was sick and in much pain. I made it back to the Northeast back into the cold. Maybe now I'll resume my break from hobbying. LOL. This was a fun way to cheat on my diet, so to say.
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