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2023.06.06 01:07 SpySeeTuna1 SF Bay Area Radio Fans Rejoice

My favorite radio station is back!
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2023.05.28 16:58 Kgitsdown Help me understand this please

Help me understand this please
How are Iron Man and Iron Heart occupying the same location? Both powers were activated as well as Mystique copying Iron Man’s power in the middle lane.
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2023.05.25 07:04 samuelt525 Pixel Variant Tier List

Pixel Variant Tier List
My friend and I made a pixel variant tier list. We didn't bother organizing the C tier, since there are so many. Let us know what you think.
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2023.05.25 04:40 ArmchairCriticSF Bus Etiquette: Backpacks

I'm long overdue for this post/rant: Folks, please take off your damn backpack when riding the bus! Like many, I ride the bus in to the office everyday. And every day, without fail, I am the ONLY person on the ENTIRE BUS who removes their backpack when standing in the aisle. I am continually amazed that it doesn't occur to people to remove theirs! Your footprint is SO MUCH BIGGER with it on! You're bumping into people with every little move you make! TAKE IT OFF, and put it on the floor, between your feet. This is how civilized people do it. Are y'all really this not self-aware? This is low-hanging fruit, folks. TAKE IT OFF! Leave room for your fellow passengers! Don't take MY word for it! Look at this post from SFist: https://sfist.com/2016/05/09/etiquette_week_how_to_ride_a_bus/ (search for the word "backpack" on the page). So this is not just a rant. This is just GOOD SENSE! Think of your fellow riders! Make some room! Take your (GODDAMN) backpack off your back when you're on the bus!
Thank you. I really do appreciate it.
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2023.05.12 11:07 jsllls Budlight pee is toxic to whales

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2023.05.11 21:23 defene [Update][Unresolved Disappearance] Renewed activity in 1996 disappearance of 42-year-old Ylva Hagner from Belmont, CA

Ylva Hagner, a Swedish immigrant to the US, disappeared from the small Bay Area suburb of Belmont, CA on October 14th, 1996. She was last seen at her software company's office finishing up work late that night. Her 1992 Honda Civic was found abandoned in the neighboring town of San Carlos, with no trace of Ylva to be found.
A few days ago, police have announced that they are searching the home of Ylva's boyfriend, Thomas Pressburger, in the nearby town of Redwood City. A portion of park directly behind the house, was also closed for the investigation, which reportedly surfaced "nearly a dozen evidence bags". This was not the first home of Pressburger's that has been searched, although as far as I am aware he is not and was never named a formal suspect in the disappearance.
Articles on New Updates
One other suspicious figure in this case is a University professor, Bob Collins, who had been sexually harrassing Ylva, and was angered that she spurned his advances towards sex and marriage. The harrassment continued after her disappearance, when Collins spread flyers calling Ylva psychologically distressed, and claimed that she was living amongst the homeless community while also launching his own "investigation". It is worth noting that Collins has also never been named as a formal suspect of person of interest. The actual contents of the harrassing emails that Collins sent to Ylva have not been released, so all we have to go off of are the statements by Ylva's family.
I made a post about this 5 years ago, as it is from my hometown and seemed to fly relatively under the radar for a while as I had never heard of it before doing this research. More info here: https://www.reddit.com/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/6d4x2i/unresolved_disappearance_ylva_annika_hagner_was/
The Trace Evidence podcast did a great deep dive on this case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSMhWk9zO_Q
Archive of Ylva's family's website (English/Swedish)
Other Links:
Charley Project
Doe Network
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2023.05.05 19:32 tyinsf T-Mobile SF flagship store closes

It was a ludicrously large store, in the old Apple Store building. And it's joining the exodus of stores from our declining shopping district. But it's very sad.
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2023.04.30 19:29 Infinite-Ad-4566 Fatal collision involving trans 6th grade teacher.

Trans teacher runs naked across freeway after killing San Francisco mom and injuring son.
Eden Palmer Death: Constellatia Martin Accused in Fatal Crash
Victim In Wrong-Way Crash On 280 Involving Naked Suspect Identified as San Francisco Mother
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2023.04.22 07:21 DifficultAd7053 Momeni cited for domestic battery in Aug 2022

Unclear if he was convicted or if the charges were dropped
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2023.04.18 22:47 SeaLionFacts Dude Seen Harassing Pier 39 Sea Lions In Viral Video Being Investigated - SFist

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2023.04.11 16:29 FaytLemons Freeway Infrastructure Safety

Not sure if folks saw this article: https://sfist.com/2023/04/10/car-flies-off-i-580-freeway-crashes-into-oakland-apartment/
What is the most efficient route to take to get safer options invested in along the 580 (i.e. masonry walls along the perimeter)? Would it be caltrans and would the city be involved?
This isn't the first time a car has flown off the 580 into a residence.
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2023.04.09 14:40 iMcZeus Is it Worth changing Servers for *Ping* sake if i have a free IB set (Celestia Master) ?

Is it Worth changing Servers for *Ping* sake if i have a free IB set (Celestia Master) ?
So because i play 99% of the time Solo i never noticed the Ping and never knew that i was on NA server tbh . So i switched to EU and i can feel the difference in: 1:the Ping , 2:weirdly enough the Fps & performance ...
but on the NA server i have several stuff that i dunno is it worth it to just drop it all ? 1:Free IB Set 2:FoJ weapon 3:Crimson Rig Armor 4:(2/3) exoida accessories here's the Set i dunno if it's any good i remember receiving it for free on an Event one day
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2023.04.07 02:48 DefenderOfMontrocity Justice Thomas is the number one guest of Bohemian Grove where the elites like Ghislaine Hillhall imitate human sacrifice. It's so bad even media is forced to denounce Bilderberg/Bohemian. Wife of Thomas is linked to project Veritas. Project Veritas recently fired James O'keef for exposing genocide

Justice Thomas is the number one guest of Bohemian Grove where the elites like Ghislaine Hillhall imitate human sacrifice. It's so bad even media is forced to denounce Bilderberg/Bohemian. Wife of Thomas is linked to project Veritas. Project Veritas recently fired James O'keef for exposing genocide submitted by DefenderOfMontrocity to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 18:39 MyFleetwoodMacSxPnts A body in a fish tank: the confusingly "unsolved" murder of Brian Egg haunting San Francisco

Brian Egg Was An Exemplary Member Of Society

Brian Egg was born in San Francisco and grew up there. And as an adult, Brian lived close to his family to keep visiting. For Brian's family, communication played a major role in strengthening their relationships.
Around mid-2018, the family's communication had grown weaker with fewer and fewer visits. With so much free time on his hands, Brian resorted to serving his community. He cleaned up the alleyways and picked up trash in his neighborhood pro bono.
On one weekend, neighbors noticed Brian performing his voluntary community service and entering his house afterward. But, that day marked the last time they ever saw him.
A month later, Brian's brother, Devin, called his phone to catch up, but it went straight to voicemail. Devin was alarmed by this because he knew his brother always answered his phone. In addition, the voice from the answering machine sounded less like Brian's voice.
Devin attempted to call Brian's phone again, and on the third time, it was picked up by a man who claimed his name was Nate. Nate informed Devin that Brian was out taking his dog for a walk and would call him back. But Brian never called back!

Multiple Alerts To 911

By the end of July of that year, Brian's neighbors began suspecting that he was possibly missing. Brian was familiar with almost everyone in his neighborhood, and no one had seen him for a while. Many neighbors informed the police about their worries. There were two possibilities. If Brian wasn't missing, he could be suffering from an injury inside his home.
When the police visited Brian's house, no one answered the door. However, the police did not go further with the investigation. They assumed that Brian had possibly gone out of town without informing anyone. On the other hand, Brian's neighbors didn't settle for that. Something just felt wrong.
But, the police were not taking Brian's case seriously. Thus, one of Brian's neighbors turned to social media to search for him. Everyone in the neighborhood made it their priority to always be on the lookout for any suspicious activity that might be happening at Brian's house.
Within a short period, neighbors noticed two strangers frequently entering and leaving Brian's house. The two men appeared to be homeless and used Brian's house as their own for a while. Thus, neighbors alerted the police so they could look into the situation. Again, the police department didn't take the case seriously.

Perpetrators Had Time To Get Rid of The Evidence

Alarmed by the fact that Brian had not contacted any of his family members in months, Brian's sister reported her suspicion to the police. And, on August 4th, the police visited Brian's house to investigate. However, no one answered the door.
After the authorities left, neighbors claimed that they noticed what appeared to be a deep and thorough cleaning at Brian's house. Soap bubbles emerged from Brian's door, and there was also a strong bleach scent that came from the house.
The strangers who were living at Brian's house were seen painting inside a portion of the house; they were trying to cover something up.
On August 7th, Brian's sister filed for a missing person's report. A week later, Brian's neighbors called the police, informing them of a crime scene clean-up company outside Brian's home for some time.


The police took the report seriously and searched Brian's home. They arrested one of the strange men, Robert McCaffrey, who was living there for almost two months. Two days later, the other stranger, Lance Silva, was located and arrested.
The two men were charged with ID theft and financial crimes. The strangers had used Brian's credit cards, including in purchasing a car.
A thorough search was conducted on Brian's house, and four days later, police discovered a storage room under a staircase. Inside the room, police uncovered a hidden fish tank. And, inside the fish tank, the police noticed a torso of a beheaded body. It was later confirmed that it was Brian's dismembered body.
Brian's death was ruled as a homicide, and the two strange men were charged with the homicide. However, the San Francisco District Attorney's office later dropped all the charges against Robert and Lance. To this day, the two men are free.
No one was ever found guilty of Brian's murder.


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2023.02.28 16:17 VKTGC The dumbest game I've ever played.

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2023.02.17 20:08 iDevice_Help Elon Musk's Twitter Debacle Mocked On Mardi Gras Parade Float - SFist

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2023.02.15 19:08 iDevice_Help Humpday Headlines: Elon Musk Says New Twitter CEO Will Be Chosen By Year-End - SFist

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2023.02.15 08:06 myavacadoisdead Attempted Murder of Cycling Activists

East Bay Bike Party is when a bunch of bikers get together and bike with the mindset of "can't kill all of us". They bike down roads, stopping traffic, and spreading a good time. Mixture of party and activism. Some assholes tried to murder them. https://sfist.com/2023/02/13/east-bay-bike-party-marred-by-alleged-multiple-instances-of-car-dooring-two-injured/


Never forget that cars kill more people than murders in the US.
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2023.02.07 11:08 iDevice_Help Report: Child Exploitation Content Proliferating on Twitter, Despite Musk's Claims He's Stamping It Out - SFist

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2023.02.01 07:21 BillFireCrotchWalton Is NBA superstar Steph Curry a NIMBY for opposing affordable housing? r/NBA discusses.

Article: Steph and Ayesha Curry Oppose New Multi-Family Housing Near Home in Exclusive South Bay Town
Excerpt from the article:
Mercury News obtained a copy of an email that the Currys reportedly sent to Atherton mayor Mayor Bill Widmer and City Manager George Rodericks. It reads:
“We hesitate to add to the ‘not in our backyard’ (literally) rhetoric, but we wanted to send a note before today’s meeting,” the couple wrote just hours before the Atherton City Council convened to discuss revisions to its 2023-2031 housing element. Due Jan. 31, the plan lays out how the affluent burg will meet a state mandate to increase its supply of affordable, multi-family housing over the next eight years … We kindly ask that the town adopts the new housing element without the inclusion of 23 Oakwood (Blvd.). Should that not be sufficient for the state, we ask that the town commits to investing in considerably taller fencing and landscaping to block sight lines onto our family’s property.”
The drama:
really kinda shitty tbh
You’d do the same if it was going to kill your property value and quality of life.
What great Christians!
Its Atherton, this is just some real estate developer trying to make a quick buck, aint no poor people able to afford those houses
Have you lived around poor people? Would not recommend 0 out of 10.
You obviously have an agenda dog, there’s nothing wrong with petitioning your city council for more privacy from new developments, especially when your entire life is in the public eye as is
Yes, my super nefarious agenda of "poor people should get housing too." Don't expose me!
This is the reason that high-rise apartment buildings and single family homes are usually separated.
Yes, because single family zoning laws have definitely worked really, really well in this country!
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2023.02.01 01:39 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://sfist.com/2023/01/31/the-same-sinkhole-in-tracy-claims-three-vehicles-all-because-drivers-ignore-road-closures/

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2023.01.31 11:39 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://sfist.com/2023/01/30/senior-care-worker-charged-with-elder-abuse-after-94-year-old-man-dies-from-drinking-cleaning-fluid/

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