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2018.04.27 21:45 Evil Genius: Netflix docuseries

Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist

2023.06.07 17:50 BigFish565 Mom in hospital, employment threatened. Can I get fired?

I work for a big bank. My mom is in the hospital and she needs someone to give her a ride home. My boss has indirectly threatened my employment saying she’d document these events and it isn’t going to be good for my record if I don’t come in on my scheduled time.
I was forced to go to work last week and have a family friend go out of his way and pick her up.
Last night she had to go back because she was in really bad pain, and this morning she needed a ride home again. I didn’t even have the courage to ask my boss and just apologized to my mom. She ubered home
When other co-workers have personal issues it seems to not bother my manager as much
I don’t think I want to work a job that forces this onto me and am wondering if this is illegal in any way.
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2023.06.07 17:49 Syro8 Xperia 1 ii - PDX-203 / XQ-AT51 (UK)

Hello all,
I've bitten the bullet and have reluctantly agreed to join the Phablet family - picking up an Xperia 1 ii in very good condition for a very good price. The dealer has thousands of items of feedback, and his average is 99.1%, so I've no reason to suspect foul play.

The phone:
Xperia 1 ii / PDX-203 / XQ-AT51 / bought from and using in the UK.

I haven't set up a phone since my Xperia XZ2 Compact, which I was still updating with the latest version of Android until today - thanks largely to the lovely people at LineageOS. So there may be some steps I'm not familiar with. This is the first device I've owned which is 5G compatible.
I chose this phone, the 1 ii, because the price has dropped so much and it really is a lot of phone for the money, but also for that LineageOS official port, which I still intend to install later.
Having played with it a few days, and very happy with the performance, battery life, etc, I took it out of the house for the first time to pick up food last night. I was surprised to see it wasn't operating via GSM but was trying to use a wifi access point I had previously used. Turned off the wifi, and the data didn't kick in. I've not been able to get this device to connect to my network even once, as far as I'm aware.

Things I have tried:
A number of different SIM cards from different operators (just the free ones they send out for PAYG customers) - all show the operator name at the top, but all fail to actually connect - I suspect the network name is hard-coded onto each SIM, and will display, regardless of connectivity (when I say connect in this context, I mean shows any bars but I also mean, when I go to Network and Internet settings, it correctly shows my network, but in parenthesis shows a permanent "Temp unavailable" message.
Switched the entire phone off and back on again.
Resetting just the networking settings.
Factory resetting the entire phone.
Ensuring all the latest official updates are downloaded and installed.
Used compressed air in the SIM slot just for a quick blast to clear anything out.
The service info under the *#*# short code shows there are zero SIM locks in place.
I've tried a free IMEI checker to see if it's been barred from all networks, and it's showing a block-free.

I have noticed under dev options I have no option to toggle VoNR (looks permanently toggled to on) and the preferred 5G mode I have as NSA+SA - I've no idea what this option does and where I live, there is no 5G anyway
Is there anything else I can try before I start thinking of returning this item? It's increasingly starting to look like a hardware fault and not one I can fix with software.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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2023.06.07 17:49 One_Web9054 Bank of Canada hikes key interest rate to 4.75% - BNN Bloomberg

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2023.06.07 17:49 Due_Serve_3280 65 days today since uphold held my money

It has been 65 days since uphold held my money. This is the ticket #3107414. When will the transfer of money to my bank account happen?
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2023.06.07 17:49 ReallySteamyKettle I can not figure out how to get my account variable to update

Sorry if my code looks like a 5 year old wrote it. Also heres what is in the terminal if that helps
Do you want to take out money or Put in money? If you would like to take out money press 1, if you would like to put in money press 2 If you would like to see how much money you have in you account press 3 1(userInput) How much money do you want to put in? 100(userInput) you now have $600 in your bank account 600 500(me using a get function to see how much money i have)
public static double takeOrGive(int account){ Scanner scanner = new Scanner(in); int pretransfer = account; boolean escape = false; out.println("Do you want to take out money or Put in money?"); out.println("If you would like to take out money press 1, if you would like to put in money press 2"); out.println("If you would like to see how much money you have in you account press 3"); int userInput = scanner.nextInt(); while (!escape){ if(userInput == 1){ out.println("How much money do you want to put in?"); userInput = scanner.nextInt(); account += userInput; out.println("you now have $" + account + " in your bank account"); escape = true; } else if (userInput == 2) { out.println("How much money do you want to take out?"); userInput = scanner.nextInt(); int value = userInput; account -= userInput; if (account < 0){ //allows the user to do this function from the same place allowing correction while (true){ account = pretransfer; out.println("You don't have that kind of money try again"); userInput = scanner.nextInt(); account -= userInput; if (userInput < value && account >= 0) break; } } out.println("you now have $" + account + " in your bank account"); escape = true; } else if (userInput == 3) { out.println("you now have $" + account + " in your bank account"); escape = true; } else { out.println("That number or letter is not allowed please try again"); } } return account; }
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2023.06.07 17:49 AlternativeLeg3699 Polynesian voyagers discovered America even before Columbus. They crossed the entire Pacific Ocean to reach the mainland of South America without any compass or nautical instruments

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2023.06.07 17:49 Critical_Crafting [OC-Art] FREE 54+ page PDF

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2023.06.07 17:49 mabstealinglymu4 Cynological investigations #1 - Dog parents

My previous analysis attempts to dissect the fascism within dog culture. Today, I’ll be discussing the dog as surrogate.
Thesis: Advertising is a commercial enterprise that ascribes human values to a commodity. The dog culture is its ultimate victory, a symptom of delusions about what love and humanity is. Dog parentage is to relate to a beast as child-surrogate and pseudo-love, masking fascistic tendencies inherent in the dynamic.
the origin of the emergence of a thing and its ultimate usefulness, its practical application and incorporation into a system of ends, are toto coelo separate; that anything in existence, having somehow come about, is continually interpreted anew, requisitioned anew, transformed and redirected to a new purpose by a power superior to it (Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals II:12)
A commenter stated the role of dogs in human development - true. Dogs began with utility, to hunt or shepherd. They remain due to signaling, tradition, but chiefly persist in a relationship of hallucinated love. This hallucination came from a loss of the dog as tool and a repurposing of it to an emotional support. Tool to surrogate child – entirely submissive, always needing master – which justifies yourself as master (the Fascist’s desire), an object to be loved and the ultimate commodity fetishization – of human subservience, similar to a chatbot or Replika, except we are under no illusions about their lack of love. Appearance becomes reality.
What is the purpose of the advertisers’ repurposing? The “dog industry” annually consumes 47.5 billion dollars at least, by table math. Further, these 46 million ‘dog’ commodities as territorializing entities create zones (dog parks) - compare Debord’s 174th thesis, excerpt - “automobile-the pilot product of the first stage of commodity abundance-has left its mark on the landscape with the dominance of freeways, which tear up the old urban centers and promote an ever wider dispersal”.
The entire venture to this is an exercise of sublimated fascist tendencies – the dog’s leash rippling through air as the master tugs and directs his beast, feels the animal’s will shift as his sinews meet the resistance, directs to the open expanse where the master exercises the dog’s bio-innate obedience in the Sisyphean activity of returning an object from end to beginning, where the distance is a measure of the master’s power. He exercises authority to exercise authority, pleased in the fact that the black-box creature exerts more the further he throws it, obeys more. All this “obedience” he sees as love – he obeys because he loves to obey (this is what the Master thinks of the Slave). This Is Fascism. What is sold is absolutism over a human surrogate, masked as love for a semi-human.
One day in Rome, Caesar, seeing some rich foreigners nursing and petting young lapdogs and monkeys, enquired whether in their parts of the world the women bore no children: a truly imperial reproof to those who waste on animals the affection which they ought to bestow upon mankind. May we not equally blame those who waste the curiosity and love of knowledge which belongs to human nature, by directing it to worthless, not to useful objects? (Plutarch, Life of Pericles)
Commenters showed the illusion in their response, as they’ve succumbed to programming about socially acceptable objects of love. That is, objects, as only fellow humans can reciprocate love. (East Asia is free of the mass delusion).
  1. To love an object is human
  2. A dog is an object
  3. To love a dog is human
The mistake is this, to love at all is human. To love a dog is as loving a chat bot which only simulates love – and, better than a dog at that. Loving a dog is loving the interaction with a dog, which is always fascistic. It is surrogate for children and removes all the ‘nastiness’ of dealing with the child’s development into a free agent – their unique identity and disobedience, the danger. All love becomes the obedience of a sycophant. This Is Fascism, love’s antithesis.
The spectacle is a permanent opium war designed to force people to equate goods with commodities and to equate satisfaction with a survival that expands according to its own laws. (SotS 44)
The dog is a cheap, free and easy commodity to replace genuine human connection. The dog alienates because it is a black hole which corrupts love into obedience and saps true loving relations between humans – the only place where love can freely exist. The dog owner consumes sublimated fascism.
In my next investigation, I will look at how the alt-right exploits the humanization of these animals.
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2023.06.07 17:48 No_Palpitation7740 Open LLM Leaderboard accounting number of parameters

Open LLM Leaderboard accounting number of parameters

Open LLM Leaderboard accounting the number of parameters of the model
I wanted to plot the data given in the Open LLM Leaderboard from Hugging Face, but I found the scores and the average scores so close that no model could really stand out of the crowd.
So what I did is plotting the average score / the number of parameters counted in billion (in black in the graph in the secondary axis). So the more the better. What I assumed is that the less parameters are involved the more efficient the model is.
Does it make sense? I am not ML engineer of scientist, so please correct if I am wrong.
Does it make sense also to plot average / size of the weights ? or / by the amount of vRAM necessary ? or by the cost of training/running in the cloud?
Thanks a lot.
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2023.06.07 17:48 migaga420 Begginer using ChatGPT for coding, needs help to understand how it is possible to edit checkoutpage

Hello, Lets beggin from the start i'm creating a wordpress website for the first time also i'm not very familiar with coding for that i'm using ChatGPT 4 (as you can understand it goes somewhat okay but i cannot explain to GPT what i want from it). I come to a problem in a checkout page (for checkout page i'm using cartflows plugin and for shipping methods i'm using multiparcels plugin) i want to place shipping methods in a different table before payment. Now it looks like THIS i want the shipping methods be displayed in different table HERE. With GPT max i managed to do is THIS with the CODE, when i do it like that it appears under but in the same table (review cart) and it is not responsive so with this code in cart page the shipping method disappear and in checkout page it is not responsive (when i change different shipping methods the total order sum is not changing as if there are no shipping method). In andvanced sorry if i'm beeing a dummie just want to understand my own way how it works with using help like GPT, also tried to contact the plugin developer of multiparcels gave me an answer from GPT so they are useless, can't change them as this ecom store will operate in Lithuania and they are only ones that are giving all the needed shipping options in one plugin.
Thank you for any help :)
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2023.06.07 17:48 DaneinNL Contacted by an agency to work as a Data Scientist through a secondment agreement. Am I being screwed or should I take it?

The recruiter is Manpower Group, and everything is legit. The bank is an international household name, and description fits me perfectly. I know the stack of by heart. I really want to work at a bank, but found it difficult to get a job at banks prior. So I understand a third-party can push things.
I work one year as Manpower Group employee. Then I get employed directly by the bank.
My concerns however, were that the official job posting on the banks website makes me think I could earn maybe 10-15% more (as these agencies take a cut) IF I did succeed in applying directly.
My other concern was how this agency claimed they would offer me training and support. However, I don’t see how this agency will provide meaningful support which a large finance and data team cannot already.
If anyone has any previous experience or advice, please let me know.
TLDR: being hired for dream job through an agency. Go with it or run?
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2023.06.07 17:47 KipSudo PayPal (yes, I know, not my choice) - Am I right that you can no longer create developer accounts in any way?

I'm in the UK.
I develop software that uses PayPal APIs, that clients then use with their own accounts. We've stuck with old PayPal code for years but now need to update everything to the latest APIs.
I'm trying to create a fresh Developer account, but as soon as I change my location from the US (default) to the UK I get pushed to sign up for a Business account. My business has no intention of taking PayPal payments, so it seems a bit silly.
So does PayPal simply not have Developer accounts any more?
I tried to call PayPal. You can imagine how that went.
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2023.06.07 17:47 Critical_Crafting [OC] FREE 54+ page PDF

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2023.06.07 17:46 Competitive-Turn2484 Bank of Canada Rate Announcement will be posted here at 10am

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2023.06.07 17:46 use_da_schwartz_ Proper coding and in-network discount

My son recently completed a partial-hospitalization program for a few weeks. The prior authorization letter states the approved service code of "S0201 - partial hospitalization services, less than 24 hours, per diem." So far the clinic has billed my insurance for about half of the days. Each day has been billed under the service code "OTHER" instead of S0201. Usually there's a billed amount and then a separate column that shows the "in-network discount" or "contracted amount." This is 100% an in-betw provider, as it says so right on the EOB, but there's no contracted rate for what they're billing.
Is this some sort of shady move on their part to bill everything as "OTHER" so that they don't have to accept the contracted rate, and therefore pocket more money? Every other in-network provider that I use has a discount or contracted amount that is lower than the billed amount. Every other provider uses specific codes and not "OTHER" or "MISC" like this place is doing. My entire experience with the mental health industry has plagued with suspect billing practice. So am I being paranoid, or is something off here?
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2023.06.07 17:46 jhnbsomerscz4gm iRobot Discount Code

Discover the iRobot Discount Code
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2023.06.07 17:46 Richie_9128 Should I upgrade from my 2020 G14 to the 2022 version (with 6700hs) that is on sale for $999?

I've had persistent performance and battery issues with my current G14 and am wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to a newer version. I'll be using the laptop for coding/engineering in college and have a bunch of questions about the capabilities and limitations of the hardware/software tied to the 2022 G14 since it has a Radeon graphics card and whatnot. Any advice is welcome!
Main Questions:
  1. Should I put myself in a position where my current laptop disrupts my workflow every other day due to battery life troubles just to save a buck? Will the new one solve those issues?
  2. Would the Radeon graphics card in the newer model introduce me to compatibility issues with programs that are either specific to or optimized for NVIDIA cards?
  3. How much of a performance increase can I count on from this upgrade?
  4. Are there any other things that I should take into account?
*my specs: 2020 G14 - Ryzen 9 4900HS, RTX 2060 MaxQ, 24GB RAM (8+16), 1TB SSD
*newer model: 2022 G14 - Ryzen 9 6700HS, Radeon 6700s, 16GB RAM (8+8), 1TB SSD
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2023.06.07 17:46 Jealous_Device_1124 Bank of Canada hikes key interest rate to 4.75% - BNN Bloomberg

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2023.06.07 17:46 External-Reindeer-39 Bank of Canada Rate Announcement will be posted here at 10am

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2023.06.07 17:46 Dangerous-Cupcake24 Closing Disclosure Requirements

Hi, I have a question about the 3-day requirement for lenders to provide closing disclosures. We were set to close on a Friday. About a week before I asked about when we'd receive the closing disclosures, and the lender said soon. When we got 3 or 4 days out, I asked again if we were going to be able to close on time, and they said yes. When we got to 2 days, I asked again about the closing disclosures and asked if we would close on time without them, they said yes...
Friday came and they called and said "sorry, we can't close because the closing disclosures were not delivered 3 days ago" So, we ended up closing the coming Monday. This delay caused us to have to have a few additional nights of hotel (which was very expensive last minute) and costs to extend the delivery date of our storage pods, and not to mention the frustration of bringing this to their attention multiple times and them still messing it up. I am sure the sellers had costs they incurred as well.
All I can find online is that they are required to deliver the closing disclosures 3 days prior to closing, but I don't see anything about consequences for the lender if they don't do that. Does anyone know if we have any recourse with our lender?
This is on top of our lender paying a property tax bill that was not ours out of our escrow and us getting a letter from the County to show that the county sent the check back (since it was clearly not our bill to pay) and the bank can't seem to figure out how to refund us the $2,500...I'm so fed up with them.
Thanks for any input!
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2023.06.07 17:46 sweedish_fishy How to work this emergency expenditure?

I have 3k in an account for emergency. When I first set up YNAB, with a friends help, I allocated that 3k to an emergency fund category and hid it from my budget screen.
Now I have to pay $700 for a replacement water heater. So I moved $700 of cash via bank transfer from the emergency account to my checking account so I can pay for the water heater. I also created a "water heater" category and funded it with $700. Now, next month says I've assigned $700 more than I have.
This seems to be normal behavior but I'm not sure what is the correct or best way to do this. I have the money to cover the expense but how do I make sure YNAB knows that? I suspect I should move $700 from my available emergency category to my water heater category.
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2023.06.07 17:45 for_reasons The new Munster Jersey looks.. familiar

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