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Effective Strategies for Women Seeking Weight Loss

2023.06.07 16:38 FitLadyZone Effective Strategies for Women Seeking Weight Loss

Weight loss is often associated with diet and exercise, but numerous additional factors influence the process. Scientific research has revealed that various elements such as sleep quality and stress levels play a crucial role in hunger, metabolism, body weight, and belly fat. Fortunately, incorporating a few simple adjustments into your daily routine can yield significant benefits when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. Here are 23 methods that can help women achieve their weight loss goals:
Minimize Refined Carbohydrates: Refined carbohydrates undergo extensive processing, resulting in reduced fiber and micronutrient content. These foods cause rapid spikes in blood sugar levels, increase hunger, and contribute to weight gain and belly fat. Opt for whole grain alternatives like oats, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, and rye, while limiting consumption of bread, pasta, and packaged foods.
Engage in Resistance Exercises: Resistance exercises, such as weightlifting, gym workouts, or bodyweight exercises, build muscle and enhance strength. They are particularly beneficial for women over 50, as they elevate the number of calories burned at rest, help maintain bone mineral density, and offer protection against osteoporosis.
Increase Water Intake: Consuming more water is a simple yet effective way to accelerate weight loss. According to a small study, consuming half a liter of water increased calorie burning by 30-40% for 30-40 minutes in participants. Drinking water before meals also aids weight loss by reducing calorie intake by 13%.
Boost Protein Consumption: Protein-rich foods, including meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and legumes, are vital components of a healthy diet, especially for weight loss. Research indicates that a high-protein diet reduces appetite, increases feelings of fullness, and boosts metabolism. In a 12-week study, increasing protein intake by 15% led to an average reduction of 441 calories in daily intake and a weight loss of 5 kilograms.
Prioritize Regular Sleep: Sufficient sleep is just as important as diet and exercise when it comes to weight loss for women. Inadequate sleep is associated with increased body weight and higher levels of the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin. A study involving women revealed that getting at least seven hours of sleep per day and improving sleep quality increased the likelihood of weight loss by 33%.
Incorporate Cardiovascular Exercises: Engaging in aerobic exercises, or cardio, elevates heart rate and burns additional calories. Combining cardio with a healthy diet offers significant weight loss possibilities. Aim for at least 20-40 minutes of cardio each day and accumulate 150-300 minutes per week for optimal results.
Maintain a Food Journal: Keeping a record of your food intake in a journal can promote accountability and encourage healthier choices. It simplifies calorie counting and serves as an effective strategy for weight management. By maintaining a food journal, you can remain committed to your goals and achieve better long-term outcomes.
Increase Fiber Intake: Adding more fiber to your diet is a valuable weight loss tactic as it slows down stomach emptying, leading to increased feelings of fullness for an extended period. Simply increasing fiber intake by 14 grams per day, without making other dietary or lifestyle changes, has been linked to a 10% reduction in calorie intake and a weight loss of 1.9 kilograms in 3.8 months. Excellent sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts.
Embrace Mindful Eating: Practice mindful eating by staying present and fully engaged with your meals. Eat slowly, savor the taste, appreciate the appearance and smell, and be mindful of the sensations of the food. This practice promotes healthier eating habits and is a powerful tool for weight loss. Research demonstrates that slow eating increases the feeling of fullness and leads to significant reductions in daily calorie intake.
Choose Smart Snacks: Opt for healthy, low-calorie snacks to support weight loss and curb hunger between meals. Snacks high in protein and fiber increase satiety and reduce cravings. Nut butter on whole fruits, hummus with vegetables, and yogurt with nuts are nutrient-dense snack options that can aid in your weight loss journey.
Abandon the Diet Mentality: Ditch the allure of fad diets that promise quick weight loss but often result in negative effects on your waistline and overall health. Research indicates that eliminating certain foods from your diet can lead to increased appetite and overeating habits. Fad diets promote unhealthy eating patterns and perpetuate a cycle of constant dieting and quitting, which is detrimental to long-term weight loss success.
Move More: If you lack time and space for a full workout, incorporating more steps into your day is an easy way to burn extra calories and accelerate weight loss. Non-exercise activities, like walking or taking the stairs, can contribute significantly to your daily calorie expenditure. Simple strategies such as parking farther away from your destination or going for a short walk during your lunch break can increase your total steps and support your weight loss efforts.
Set Realistic Goals: Setting realistic goals not only increases your chances of success but also makes achieving weight loss goals more manageable. Ensure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). They should provide a clear plan and hold you accountable. Instead of simply aiming to lose 5 kilograms, consider setting goals such as keeping a food diary, going to the gym three times a week, and incorporating vegetables into every meal to target losing 5 kilograms in three months.
Manage Stress: Studies suggest that chronic stress can contribute to weight gain over time. Stress can also impact eating patterns and lead to overeating. Engage in stress-management activities like exercise, listening to music, practicing yoga, journaling, or confiding in friends and family. These simple yet effective strategies can help reduce stress levels and support your weight loss journey.
Try High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) a few times a week instead of traditional cardio exercises to accelerate weight loss. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods, elevating your heart rate. Research shows that HIIT can reduce waist circumference, increase weight loss, and burn more calories compared to activities like cycling, running, or resistance training.
Opt for Smaller Plates: Using smaller plates can aid in portion control and facilitate weight loss. Although research findings are limited and inconsistent, one study suggests that individuals using smaller plates consume less food and feel more satisfied after meals compared to those using larger plates. By using smaller plates, you can limit portion sizes, reduce the likelihood of overeating, and control calorie intake.
Consider Probiotic Supplements: Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in certain foods or available as supplements that improve gut health. Studies suggest that probiotics can enhance fat loss and modulate levels of appetite-reducing hormones, aiding in weight loss. Specifically, the probiotic strain Lactobacillus gasseri has shown promising effectiveness in reducing waist circumference and overall body weight.
The Potential of Yoga
Yoga has been shown through studies to have multiple benefits for weight management. It can help prevent weight gain and promote fat burning. Moreover, practicing yoga is effective in reducing stress levels and anxiety, which are often linked to emotional eating patterns. By incorporating yoga into your routine, you can address both physical and mental aspects of weight loss, fostering a healthier relationship with food and your body.
Practice Mindful Chewing: Take the time to chew your food slowly and thoroughly, as it can aid in weight loss by reducing the amount of food you consume. Research suggests that chewing each bite 50 times significantly decreases calorie intake compared to chewing only 15 times. Another study found that chewing 150-200 times more than usual reduced food intake by 9.5% and 14.8%.
Prioritize a Nutritious Breakfast: Starting your day with a healthy breakfast sets the tone for a successful day and helps keep you satisfied until your next meal. Studies indicate that maintaining regular eating habits can reduce the risk of overeating. Consuming a breakfast high in protein appears to lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which aids in appetite and hunger control.
Explore Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting involves alternating periods of eating and fasting daily, typically lasting 14-24 hours. It is believed to be as effective for weight loss as calorie restriction and may even improve metabolism by increasing calories burned during rest.
Limit Processed Foods: Processed foods are often calorie-dense, high in sugar, and lacking in essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and micronutrients. Research suggests that increased consumption of processed foods is associated with higher body weight in women. Opt for whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, whole grains, and legumes instead of processed options.
Reduce Added Sugar: Added sugar contributes to weight gain and various health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Foods high in added sugar not only add extra calories but also lack essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. By decreasing your intake of sugar-added foods such as soda, candies, fruit juice, sports drinks, and desserts, you can promote weight loss and improve overall health.
In Conclusion:
Weight loss for women involves more than just diet and exercise. By implementing a few small changes in your lifestyle, you can increase the likelihood of long-term weight loss. Remember, even adopting one or two of these strategies can have a positive impact and lead to healthy and sustainable weight loss results.
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2023.06.07 16:32 inveritas1977 Gone too far? Bone Marrow Wrapped Rotisserie Prime Rib is my new obsession... (video to prove it)

Heyo friends ... those that know me know I have has a long and luscious career making meat content for our friends at Allen Brother's Prime Meats. What started as a fun pandemic project tsunamied into a full blown campaign to outdo ever meat recipe there is. We cooked Evan Funke's 5 hour ragu, a heritage prime rib wrapped chateaubriand recipe from 1712, and even cooked caveman style right on the coals. This however... takes the cake. Here is the vid:
The Bone Marrow Wrapped Rotisserie Prime Rib is the stuff dreams are made of (or nightmares if your a vagitarian). The concept is simple; take a perfect prime rib roast encased in 6 beef bones and slow roast it on an open fire so the bone marrow cooks the roast to perfection. If it sounds insane, it is, and yes, it is worth it. Recipe: • Soak your split beef bones in salted water for an hour. This will bring out any impurities. • Season your 6 lbs Prime Rib roast with salt and pepper. • Take the bones, marrow side facing the meat, and encircle the roast. • Tie the bones to the meat using butcher twine nice and tight. • Skewer the roast onto a rotisserie and place on your grill. • Optional: Chop up some roastable vegetables and place in a tray under the roast. • Grill at 275 F. with indirect heat for around 4 hours or until the internal temperature is 125 degrees • Remove bones and let rest 15 minutes. • Optional: throw some butter in a pan and sear the outside of the meat before slicing and serving. While it looks post-apocalyptic it is actually a very simple, and amazingly delicious way to perfectly cook prime rib. It has all the benefits of a slow roast or sued vide, but with all the flavor of the grill. The bones are not just a gimmick; they shield meat from the heat and create a conduit so that the prime rib cooks perfectly at the same temperature throughout. There is no gradient from pink to gray like other cooking methods. This is a rib fit for a queen (or king). Also did I mention it's covered in bone marrow? We ended up making some butter of the gods (just bone marrow butter compound) and some sweet potato mash to go with our amazing meat. On a scale from 1 to 10 it was an "oh dear Lord". Enjoy.
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2023.06.07 16:31 MayTheSwartzBeWithU Tree & Disease Help in NW Georgia

The previous owner of my house told me this is a "non-fruiting cherry tree", but I've never been able precisely identify it - it's about 20 ft. tall and 30 ft. wide, beautiful white flowers in the spring, then produces what look like little cherries or crab apples that never ripen and shrivel to black or grow this odd fungus (which I've also not been able to identify, not for lack of trying).
Any help on what the tree and disease (and treatment) might be would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 16:29 kelloggschocos I asked ChatGPT to generate a workout and diet plan to get started with lifting weights. Would you change anything or add any more recommendations?

What I asked:
Create a detailed diet and workout plan to get started lifting weights and gaining muscle. I'm currently 64kgs and 169 cms tall. I have 18% body fat right now and 30kg skeletal muscle. I'd like to gain muscle while maintaining my body fat. I workout twice a week already with Orange Theory fitness. Tailor the plan to a vegan diet and for someone who is just starting with weight training.
Here is the response:
Certainly! Here's a refined plan specifically tailored for a vegan diet and for someone who is new to lifting weights:
Diet Plan: 1. Protein sources: Include plant-based protein sources such as tofu, tempeh, legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas), seitan, edamame, quinoa, and hemp seeds. These will provide you with the necessary amino acids for muscle growth.
  1. Carbohydrates: Opt for complex carbohydrates like whole grains (oats, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat bread), fruits, and vegetables. They will provide sustained energy for your workouts and aid in recovery.
  2. Healthy fats: Consume sources like avocados, nuts, seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin), olive oil, and coconut oil. These provide essential fatty acids and support hormone production.
  3. Calcium and iron: Pay attention to these micronutrients commonly found in animal products. Include fortified plant-based milk, tofu, tempeh, dark leafy greens (kale, spinach), legumes, nuts, and seeds to meet your calcium and iron needs.
  4. Vitamin B12: As a vegan, it's important to supplement with vitamin B12, either through fortified foods or as a standalone supplement, as this nutrient is mainly found in animal-based products.
Workout Plan: 1. Start with full-body workouts: As a beginner, focus on full-body workouts two to three times per week. Incorporate compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Examples include squats, lunges, deadlifts, push-ups, bent-over rows, and overhead presses.
  1. Proper form and technique: Prioritize learning and maintaining proper form and technique for each exercise. This will help prevent injuries and ensure you're effectively targeting the intended muscles.
  2. Gradual progression: Begin with lighter weights and gradually increase the resistance as you gain strength and confidence. Aim to perform 8-12 reps per set, focusing on challenging yourself while maintaining good form.
  3. Rest periods: Take adequate rest between sets, typically around 1-2 minutes, to allow your muscles to recover and regain energy.
  4. Warm-up and cool-down: Always start your workout with a warm-up consisting of dynamic stretches or light cardio exercises to prepare your muscles for the upcoming activity. After your workout, cool down with static stretches to promote flexibility and prevent muscle soreness.
  5. Consistency is key: Stick to your workout routine consistently, ensuring you're getting at least two to three sessions per week. This will help you progress and see improvements in strength and muscle growth over time.
Remember to listen to your body, stay hydrated, and get enough rest and recovery. If possible, consider consulting with a certified fitness trainer who has experience working with vegan clients. They can provide additional guidance and help tailor the plan to your specific needs and goals.
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2023.06.07 16:27 No-Membership-8470 I got my best friend to punch me in the face.

Back in 2021, Me ( M, 12 ) and my friend ( M, 12 ), had planned to go out for the day with our, at the time year 8 girlfriends on a hot summer day in August. Me and my friend meet up with the girls at about 1oclock in the afternoon and spent the day together going around the shops and beaches where we all lived, at around 4:30pm, my gf ( F, 12 ) gets a call from her mom telling her that she needs to go home, so she leaves me, my friend and his gf ( F,12 ) in the forest where we currently were. As we were all pretty bored and had nothing much more to do, my friends gf comes up with an idea that we all go explore the sewer tunnel that we all know leads to the beach where we were about 100 meters away from. I said that I didn't think it was a good idea because it was starting to get later into the afternoon and that the tide would be coming in, but they didn't care because they were bored and looking for exciting activities. As we all approach the tunnel my friend suggests we take our shoes and socks off and walk through the tunnel barefoot in the 10 inch Muddy salty water, but me and his gf disagreed, anyway were all now about 50 feet into this tunnel crab walking sideways on the narrow ledge and it's already getting darker without any vision of the other side. My friend and his gf lead in front of me with their phone torch on shining it at the sea water that's getting half inch deeper every couple of steps, now about 3/4 of the way their we see the exit of the tunnel leading out to the beach which is now almost completely swallowed by the sea. What happens next is the reason this story will continue, the thin narrow ledge that we have been side steeping on preventing us from falling into 0°c salty sea water must have had a peice of seaweed stuck to it because i took a wrong step and within the second I found myself slip off the ledge and plummet into the now 3 feet deep freezing cold Muddy water, only now realising that my phone is in my black and white addidas jogger bottoms. Reacting fast I grab myself back up to the ledge, instantly reaching into my pocket to make sure my phone is intact, with them laughing at me i decide to carefully walk back to the entrance so I can have natural light to seek immediate attention to my phone. I arrive back out of the tunnel and so does my friend and his gf, this is around the time when my friends gf decides to go home and leave me to deal with the ass whooping my mom would give me prior to the fact the new phone I got a couple of weeks ago is now absorbing sea water by the second. After 10 minutes my phone was completely out of action and this is when the 2/2 of the story starts. It's now 5°clock and I knew that I desperately needed to come up with an explanation to why I'm soaking wet and my phones broke, so I bought myself some time and convinced my friends mom to let me sleep over the night, telling her we were soaking wet because we were playing football on the wet grass, this worked but I still needed to come up with a reason to why my phones broke to my mom, with a change of clothes and the warmth of my friends house I come up with a plan , it's a shabby one but the idea was that me and my friend were going to the shop and one the way back I got jumped and robbed by teens a little older. The plan was set in action and me and my friend parted out of the house and walked 5 minutes to the shop, during this 5 minutes, we came up with the idea that if i was getting jumped it needed to look real. A prompted my friend to punch me in the face so I could sell the lie better, he was willing, and so right then and there my friend unleashed a deadly right cross to my right side of my lip with his knuckles, causing a burst and bruised lip, we went back to his house and told his mom the story and she believed it, and my mom did to, while we were out we disposed the phone, and my mom picked me up the next morning. I'm 14 now and the secret remains to this day between me and my friend.
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2023.06.07 16:25 Sea_Grand5212 Bro another wedding topper where the groom runs away

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2023.06.07 16:24 Mossyclaw18 Chickens losing feathers and I don't know why

Chickens losing feathers and I don't know why
My chickens have been losing their feathers and I'm not sure what to do. I've been feeding them a three way scratch mixed with an egg, mineral, and red pepper flakes. Also for food they live in a moving coop, I move it every few days so they can safely eat bugs and grass. I read that they could be doing this to each other out of boredom or protein deficiency. But I'm not sure what to do about that.
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2023.06.07 16:24 JeezeCapitalOne My autistic brother is the reason I’m underweight and I snapped at him at our cousins wedding but I’m STILL being punished.

I (15m) have an older brother Matt (20m) who is high functioning autistic that lives at home with myself and our parents (40f and 42m). Matt was diagnosed with autism at 5 and was able to get all the help and assistance he needed from then on out; he went to a special needs school and eventually merged into regular public school. He’s well adjusted and has the skill sets he needs to survive on his own without assistance from a caregiver, but he doesn’t want to work “yet” but he has one “quirk” as our parents refer to it, that I’ve dealt with all my life.
Taking food from other peoples plates. I don’t mean he asks nicely or is the obnoxious type to ask “are you gonna eat that?” I mean he will eyeball something on your plate and just take it. He knows better than to do it in public now, and our dad stabbed him in the hand with his fork when Matt was 13 and told him to stay off his F’ing plate, but our mom encourages him to take from her plate and tells me, “your brother is autistic! Don’t be nasty!” When I tell him to stop or try to move my plate out of reach when he does it to me. Dad doesn’t care if he does it to me either so long as Matt keeps his hands off his personal plate.
“I work, what do you contribute?!” Is what my dad told me when I asked why it’s okay for Matt to do it to me and not him.
It wouldn’t be so bad if Matt asked and would graciously bow out when told no. Instead he throws a fit and will scream at me and start hitting me and pinching me in my arm, wrist, and hand and has yanked my fingers at times too out of revenge.
Our parents never correct it and will just say “for gods sake, just give it to him!” Like I’m the problem? If I say I’m hungry at any point my parents will get passive aggressive and tell me I don’t contribute grocery money, therefore I have no say in how the food is bought, prepared, plated, or consumed. My portion sizes are much smaller than my brothers but he STILL will eat all his and half of mine. He practically inhales his food just to get to mine I think. I’m not allowed to “snack” and “bored eat” away all the food in the house, but Matt gets to eat directly out of ice cream containers and eat it all.
Recently our cousin was getting married and we were invited to the wedding which was so beautiful and to the reception. It was plate serviced, my cousin went all out, and my brother got a special meal since he didn’t want/claimed to not like what was being served (steak, he got chicken breasts) still the same sides though,
That’s fine, means I don’t have to deal with the drama of subtly snatching off my plate. (Wrong) Meal time comes around, the table was our grandparents, some of my cousins in-laws, mom, dad, me and Matt, after the food was dropped off and we started eating, I felt Matt’s eyes on my plate and scooted it to the left since he was on my right and gave him a look. He tried to nudge me a few times and I quietly said stop. He eventually said, “I want that.” And pointed to my plate and I snapped back quietly, “Matt F off.” Which triggered him.
He immediately reached across me to try to take the whole steak off my plate and I snapped, “No, eat your chicken YOU said you wanted!” Which promptly drew everyone’s attention and conversation stopped entirely at the table. My dad told us to “stop fighting” and My mom pinched my upper underarm (if you know you know) and hissed in my ear, “Don’t you dare cause a scene!” But I was so over it that I snapped back, “The reason I’m so skinny while he’s so F’ing big is being I don’t GET to EAT! I don’t care if he’s autistic, I want to F’ing EAT!” It got really quiet after that and my mom made me switch places with her and split her steak with Matt and took some of his chicken (if I did that I’d get stabbed under the table with a fork for sure” The new in-laws looked taken back and didn’t talk to my parents at all after that, but the looks they gave them were telling enough. My grandparents kept watching me and when we moved to the dance floor and the reception kicked off, my grandma pulled me aside and asked What’s going on?
I told her the truth and told her I’m tired of it. She looked mad and had me go dance with my other cousins, I could see her, grandpa and my parents in a shouting match outside, I tried to enjoy what little time I knew I’d be there, but the knot in my stomach was so bad I thought I was gonna throw up on my 8 year old cousin I was dancing with. Surprisingly we stayed the whole night, but the looks I got from my parents when I went to get a slice of cake made me pick at it instead of eat it and I just let Matt take the piece the moment our grandparents left the table. He made sure to say “you’re so F’ed when we get home dude”
After the reception, my parents blew up on me for embarrassing them like that and making my cousin look back (????) and for causing a scene at a wedding of all places. Matt was inconsolable and kept screaming at me if I really hate him this much??? Do I really blame him for MY eating disorder???” I don’t have an eating disorder, I have a selfish family disorder and I’m so sick of it. When we got home my dad took my door off and told me I’m grounded for the entire summer and that he’ll be getting me a job since I’m old enough now to pay for my own food and everything else I think I need.
Before anyone asks; I do get to eat at school, but my parents don’t add enough into my account for both breakfast and lunch. I ride the bus, but I’m really far out from the school and we stop at the intermediate school to drop off the middle school kids/pick up the high school kids, so if I wanted to eat breakfast I’d have to get up at 4am everyday, but my chores/homework don’t end until 9pm the night before not counting a shower. With school being out now, I’ll be able to get up at the asscrack of dawn to eat, but lunch and dinner are always a struggle because Matt hunts me down when I make something because he doesn’t cook for himself ever. I can’t live with my grandparents because my parents would never allow it, “what would people think?!” Kinda logic, not because they’d miss me I’m sure. Matt’s their golden child. Idky they even had me.
Im 5’9 and weigh 112 pounds. Matt is 5’11 and 285 pounds. Dunno my parents, but the math is is obvious.
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2023.06.07 16:20 reapthesow Low Cal high protein meal prep brekkie

Low Cal high protein meal prep brekkie
198 cal 31 G protein
Just made this egg white/ cottage cheese bake thing last night, cooked the veggies in some spray olive oil for like 10 mins, in an 8x8 pan (greased) mix it all together, top with chives, bake at 375 for 30 minutes
so freaking good! I just cut it in to 4 and put it in little containers for breakfast to bring to work the rest of the week! Just popped it in the microwave for 1 minute and wow!
thought i’d share bc this came out way better than I expected!
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2023.06.07 16:18 Wooden-Wolf6078 Shiny Chandelure (REPOSTED)

Shiny Chandelure (REPOSTED)
I'm trading this for a Shiny male Nacli. If anyone is interested, STQNPVFCGAFR is my FC on Home!
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2023.06.07 16:18 throwaway89755 I cannot lose weight

I weigh 160.5lbs, 5’5, 21 years old. 2 years ago i lost 80 lbs, and by the end of 2022 i weighed around 139lbs. Now I weigh 160, and want to lose weight again. I have been eating 1400 calories, aiming for 100-120g of protein a day, strength training minimum 3x a week PPL, and these past 5 days I have started to incorporate 20-30 min incline walks. I cannot lose a single pound. I have been at 160 for 2 weeks. I think I have slipped up on my diet once since then, but besides that, I have been eating 1400-1600 calories a day and getting my protein.
I do not know what to do. As I mentioned, I have lost weight before and noticed myself immediately dropping lbs when I started strength training on a calorie deficit (minor changes everyday, scale would move by .5lbs daily/every other day from 163 lbs to 156lbs) but this time around I can’t seem to lose 1 lb in a week let alone 2.
If you have any advice, please share. I am very frustrated and want to keep going, but it is hard for me to when I don’t lose anything.
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2023.06.07 16:17 therobloxinvestigate (Funni "what x character thinks of everyone else" I: Kirby) How Kirby thinks of Everyone Else

King Dedede: Kirby thinks of him as the "Grumpy dude who is actually really sweet"
Meta Knight: Kirby Views him as a Respectable Warrior and Also someone who can make a mean Roast Beef
Bandana Dee: BFFs
Ribbon: Kirby Wonders why Ribbon Writes him so much and why she wants to "Kick Under the Moo" (he can't read)
Adeleine: Chief Food Supplier and Cuddle Giver
Flamberge: Crazy Fire Lady (Nuff Said), a good person to get headpats from
Francisca: Backup Cuddle Giver (if Adeleine is in a Bad Mood)
Zan: Lady who says Funny Words
Hyness: Man who Says Weird Words
Marx: Kirby Wonders why Adeleine always stares at him in an Annoyed way, Eating Buddy
Gooey: Co-BFF
Fairy Queen: Cake Provider
Daroach: Kieby wonders where he gets all his money from
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2023.06.07 16:16 Marty__McFly__ Cheesecake

My wife’s birthday is this Friday and I’d like to grab a couple slices of cheesecake — not an entire cake because I have zero impulse control and will die from cake overdose 😂
Who has that fire cheesecake in town?
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2023.06.07 16:14 Numb1Slacker Final Draft Itinerary Check: June 10th - July 19th

I am excited to be leaving in two days and I wanted to share and check my itinerary before I go just in case there are any last minute suggestions or corrections that I need to make.
I made my itinerary very flexible barring a few planned dates which will allow me to switch days for others if needed, add things or subtract things. I plan to go off the beaten path often so it allows me to do so.
I had to change my flights due to airline issues so I added two days with a different airline and rearranged the end of my trip to truly make this my dream vacation.
June 10th - June 20th: Main base - Tokyo
June 10th
Land in Narita around 4 pm. Pick up pocket wifi, Suica. Check in at the hotel, explore the general area if possible, knock out.
June 11th
Explore more of the general area, Akihabara, Tokyo Skytree, etc. (all close by my hotel)
-Pokemon Center Skytree
-Skytree Cake in a can vending machine
-Taito Station Akihabara
-Kirby Cafe
June 12th
-21_21 Design Sight
-Nogi Shrine
-Sensoji Temple
-Denboin St.
June 13th
-Hachikō Memorial Statue
-Shibuya Scramble
-Shibuya Crossing
-Shibuya Sky
-Shops: Daiso, Shibuya 109 Mega Donki, GU
-Yoyogi Park
-Pokemon center Shibuya
-ONE PIECE Straw Hat Store
-Parco building for shopping
-Nintendo Store
-Underground Mall
June 14th
-Shinjuku Gyoen Park
-Shinjuku Central Park
-Department Stores(Takashimaya, Keio, Isetan)
-Square Enix Artnia Store
-Samurai museum
-Government building viewdeck
-Hanazono Shrine
June 15th
(Rest Day)
-Studio Ghibli museum 4 pm
June 16th
Yokohama Day trip
-Cup Noodle Museum
-Life sized Gundam at Gundam Factory
-Sky Garden Observatory
-Bandai Namco store
-Sankeien Garden
-Cosmo World
June 17th
-Ueno Park
-Ueno Zoo
-Tokyo National Museum
-Taito Station Ueno
June 18th
FUji-Q highland Amusement Park
-Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji no Yu hot spring
June 19th
Hakone day trip(Buying Hakone Free pass. It is worth it here when comparing the other tickets)
-Putter golf
-Chisuji Falls
-Mishima SkyWalk
-pirate ship across lake ashi
June 20th
Could go back to Hakone if I want, but otherwise:
Shopping, Souvenirs, etc (rest day)
June 21st-July 5th: Main Base: Kyoto
June 21st (At this point I will redeem voucher and activate JR Rail Pass for 21 days) Check out of my hotel in Tokyo, Shinkansen to Kyoto, Drop off my luggage at the hotel, explore the local area, temples, etc.
June 22nd Kyoto Local area and temples -Fushimi Inari Taisha -Kyoto Gyoen National Garden -Nijo Castle -Nijo Brulee donut at Nijo Station -Kiyomizudera temple
June 23rd Arashiyama -Tenryuji -Bamboo grove -Okochi Sanso -Kimono Forest
June 24th Kyoto Area(anything I couldn’t do before and possibly): -Kyoto Manga Museum -Philosopher's path -Lake Biwa -Monkey Park -Pokemon Center Kyoto
June 25th Nagoya day trip -Nagoya Castle -Peace Park -Science Museum -Toyota Museum -Mugiwara Store -Pokemon Center Nagoya -Osu shopping district -Nabana no Sato
June 26th Iga Ueno day trip -Ninja Museum -Castle -Explore Area -APiTA Iga-Ueno Shop
June 27th Nara Day trip -Nara Park -Wakakusayama -Gardens -Temples -Kasuga-taisha
June 28th Kobe/Himeji Day trip: -Himeji -Himeji Castle -Explore area -Go to Kobe in afternoon -Kobe -Kobe Beef(lunch) -Kobe harborland -Kobe Meriken Park -Kitanocho -Nunobiki Waterfall -Kobe Animal Kingdom
June 29th Universal Studios -Ticket and express pass already purchased -Super Nintendo World
June 30th-July 1st Osaka area: -Osaka Castle -Osaka Aquarium -Pokemon Center -Ebisu Bridge -Abeno Q's Mall(ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store) -Dotonbori -Osaka Nintendo store -America-mura -Umeda Sky Building -teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka -Explore area
July 2nd Kinosaki Onsen day trip
July 3rd Nijigen no Mori (if possible depending on availability, Naruto and dragon quest parks) at Awajishima
July 4th Shopping, Souvenirs, etc (rest day)
July 5th - July 8th: Main base - Hiroshima
July 5th
Check out of hotel, Shinkansen to Hiroshima, Check in, dinner and explore area/rest
July 6th
Genbaku Atomic Dome, Hiroshima Peace Park and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum,[vending machine pizza lunch(not sure why I saw a video and wanted to try it, even if it is bad)]
July 7th
Explore Miyajima and shrines
July 8th - July 11th: Main Base - Kumamoto
July 8th
Check out of Hotel, Shinkansen to Kumamoto, drop off luggage before check in, explore immediate one piece statues nearby
July 9th-July 10th
Find and navigate Kumamoto prefecture to track down One piece statues
If time permits:
-Check out Mugiwara stores or local areas
July 11th - July 19th: Main base - Tokyo
July 11th Check out of hotel, Shinkansen to Tokyo, Check in, Take a stroll or visit a quick area I was unable to see before
July 12th-July 19th
(JR Rail pass ends. Using Suica for rest of time in Tokyo) Souvenir shopping. Visit, have day trips, or complete things I couldn’t do before. Maybe check Eastern areas in Japan (or Gunma possibly). July 14th Warner Brothers Studio tour Wizarding World: The making of Harry Potter
Things to do in between First weeks of tokyo and these days to fit in when available: -Sword Museum -National Museum -Teamlabs Planet -Joypolis -Toei Animation Museum -Suginami Animation Museum -Sunshine Aquarium -Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo(In Sunshine) -Other pokemon centers -Nihonbashi Pokemon cafe -Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens -Imperial Palace -Nakano Broadway -ONE PIECE mugiwara store Ikebukuro -Gundam Cafe Odaiba -DiverCity Tokyo Plaza -Ribera Steak House -Inokashira Park Zoo -TOKYO CHARACTER STREET -Gigo Arcades -Hamarikyu Gardens -Unicorn Gundam Statue -Tokyo Tower -Daikeien Arcade -Small Worlds Tokyo -Jump Shop, Tokyo Dome
July 19th Check out of the hotel, have breakfast, and go to Narita airport for my flight.

Thank you for making it to the end of this. I have been planning this for over a year now and am so excited for this journey!
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2023.06.07 16:10 DhardGamerLoL Kya matlab ki ye chocolate cake nhi he

Kya matlab ki ye chocolate cake nhi he submitted by DhardGamerLoL to thugeshh [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 16:10 BowenForster Galactic Arm: Prolouge?

The war has raged for millennia.
Its been long forgotten how the war started, speculation is that we stumbled across the Vizan while exploring uncharted space in the outer galactic core. Nobody remembers exactly who among our Galactic Community first made contact, some say it was the Jukrim, others say it was the Drass, yet more say it was the Zy'ph. All of which are long extinct, consumed by the Vizan. One could say an uncountable number have lost their lives in this never ending war for survival, except for the tomb world of Gosrat. The names of every soldier, citizen, child, planet, and system that has fallen to the Vizan can be found. Carved into near indestructible monoliths that have been dropped from orbit onto the completely irradiated surface scoured clean of any life long ago.
Out of all 131 discovered sentient species 47 have been consumed by the Vizan 16 of which fell before the GC ever even had a chance to uplift them. The remaining 84 species of the GC have been fully militarized against the Vizan, those whos homeworlds are closest to Vizan space doing the bulk of the fighting while those further away focus on logistics/R&D.
Over 2,000 inhabited systems all against a single enemy and we, are losing.
Granted it hasn't been an easy victory for the Vizan, but short of glassing whatever planet or ship they manage to crash into once established they have been near impossible to stop. Unlike every other sentient being that has been discovered and joined us in the stars the Vizan is a parasitic virus. Being unable to survive outside a living host and only being able to spread by injection doesn't stop them from using the dead. If a lone Vizan is in contact with any available biomass living or dead, it can slowly manipulate the molecular structure of them both to consume the biomass and grow larger, swap functional organs, or with enough biomass become a 'Spawn pile'. The smallest hosts called Leaches that have been documented come from these. They look like a deformed cuttlefish no bigger than your fist with a random number of segmented crab legs coming from the 'head' and tentacles around Leach like jaws meant to latch onto a new host to begin flooding their bodies with Vizan. Once infected it takes roughly 30-50 seconds for the individual to experience brain death and another minute for the Vizan to begin manipulating the molecular structure of their host turning them into, disfigured, twisted, warped, bloated, sickly green, mindless monsters.
Well almost mindless, there has never been documented communication with the Vizan and all attempts have been met with infection.
A lone Vizan is little more than a zombie that will chase anything that can be sensed by the host body with the intention to infect or kill the target. In small groups of Vizan basic tool use can be seen as well as basic coordination by the group. In larger groups of Vizan tool use is common and some strategic planning can be seen like traps and fakes.
Once the Vizan reach what we have classified as a Horde things get really weird. Advanced tool use even to the point of active creation of fleshy tools instead of just picking them up can be seen. Fleshy amalgamations of hosts in various sizes have been documented with different purposes on and off the field of combat moving amongst the horde of partially mutated Vizan. Almost tactical level planning and even 'Farming' of any available creature for more biomass, including sentients. It is better to die than be taken alive by a horde.
This was the fate of all 'extinct' sentients whos homeworlds or colonies were consumed by the Vizan. Even though these species are not entirely gone there is no way for the GC to step in and rescue them from the farming operations.
A hosts reproductive system is left unchanged so that more hosts can be breed from those already consumed by the Vizan. Any hosts that die and can be recovered by the Vizan get taken to a Spawn pile to have whatever biomass left consumed and turned into Leaches. Outside of glassing whatever world they land on in their fleshy spacecraft, incineration is the only guarantee that the body of a Vizan can no longer be a threat. With each world and race they consume a new mutant of an old friend is brought to the battlefields.
With the war raging for more than a millennia we have perfected our countermeasures to the point where only once every 100 standard cycles will the Vizan get past our planetary defenses making planet fall to create a new foothold on one of our inhabited worlds. Even then we have never been able to push them off a world once a foothold is established all it takes is two of the same host for the Vizan to begin breeding more.
The best we have done is on planet Ho'vat, a Goshran Hive coloney. Of the panets 2 continents the larger has been completely overrun by Vizan but the stalemate for the second continent has been held for over 250 standard cycles with neither side making any headway.
On every other front we were slowly losing ground. Until we weren't?
It was sudden but one day the hords and flotillas thinned almost imperceptibly but enough that all across the front we stopped losing ground. Ho'vat even saw its first reclaimed foothold on the larger continent. The first bit of reclaimed territory from the Vizan it was a momentus occasion!
What we found when we did though, was the stuff of nightmares. Great sickly green flesh mounds stuck to surfaces as if growing off them. Every assortment of limb from all races and fauna sticking out at random angles. Long slimy tentacles that drag any unaware being back to the fleshy mass to be consumed!
We learned that a Horde wasn't the largest form of Vizan possible. That we had barely begun to know what they could do.
What gave us this opportunity?
In over a millennia of constant expansion why all of a sudden have their lines stopped?
Why did their numbers thin?
Where did those troops go?
We didn't for a second think that the Vizan had slowed production. Our Spy satellites in Vizan space showed flotilla movement in the opposite direction of GC space!
Was this a build up for some kind of new trick?
Have they discovered life outside the GC and are trying to take it before we can step in?
The council couldn't just do nothing though and ramped production into overtime for intercepter fleats, expedited troop training, began development of our most advanced spy ship ever created.
The first Void class spy ship, 'Black Spot' was the cutting edge of GC combined technology. She and her crew were launched from our forward most shipyard, immediately set to trail an outbound Vizan Flotilla
The Black Spot traveled deeper into Vizan space and further into the outer Galactic core than any ship had ever been able to before. Tailing behind a flotilla they passed through Vizan space and out the other side towards one of the Galactic arms!
Scanning for life signs or signals the Black Spot followed the flotilla through two still 'hot' nebulae. It was at the third nebula that something had pinged! An unknown wreckage as vast as our largest carriers floated through the cloud broadcasting an untranslated recording. With no life signs detected and nothing salvageable the Black Spot took the recording. Sending it back to be analyzed and continued after the flotilla into void space of the galactic arm.
Something that must be understood is that conventional science considers the outer galactic arms to be devoid of life. Having stars to far apart for the life giving light to reach and warm the surfaces of the planets that orbit the stable gas giants that protect from the solar wind and gravitational forces. Having very thin habitable zones because of the lack of nearby stars these systems were considered to cold for life to form. With only 'small' rocky terrestrial worlds being close enough to their stars for life to form on their orbiting planet, they lack the strong magnetic shielding that is needed. Even the Vizan only ever inhabited the planets that revolved around a gas giant, for no rocky world has ever been found with life. Gravity is too strong, solar radiation, shifting orbit, unstable tidal forces, extremely dense atmospheric pressure, rouge asteroid strikes, all of these are just the tip of the scientific communitys consensus on why a terrestrial world will never evolve complex life.
The message turned the scientific community of the GC on its head. When a translation was finally done and the whole recording played properly what we saw and heard was before unimaginable.
"Hello. If you are receiving this, this is Capt. Fos of the USSF Nutcracker."
A video came to life displaying a new sentient! One that we haven't seen on the Vizan front, meaning they have yet to lose a world to them! They were pink with a patch of black fur atop their head, standing upright on what appeared to be two legs, and having two manipulating appendages hanging at their sides.
"I am a human, and our United Systems of 14 species are under attack by an unknown threat. If found please, bring this message to my family on Earth."
Co-ords attached
Hey everybody!
Thank you for reading. I've never done any kind of creative writing before and this will be my first post. I have loved reading most of my life and decided to take a swing at it. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. I don't know if this will become a regular thing or not and I don't have a timeline for when the first chapter will drop but I do want to expand on the groundwork done here. Not sure if this belongs more here or in humansarespaceorcs, kind of both I guess. I know this was an info dump things will slow down and become clearer in later chapters.
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2023.06.07 16:05 14mm Need help: What are your go-to renal diet foods?

What keeps you satiated? What alleviates your protein cravings the best? Are there any specific foods that have helped you tolerate low-protein more easily? Any easy meals that you can throw together that doesn't require too much prep/cooking time?
I'm in poor health for a few reasons, partially-disabled, and have been very fatigued since all this started with cancechemo last year, so I haven't cooked consistently in a long time. I tried a vegetarian meal service a few months ago but it was just pre-picked ingredients and I gave up after a few recipes.
My renal doctor didn't want to send me to a renal dietician and said I didn't have to worry about low-protein because there was no longer any protein in my urine. But my latest eGFR is 28 down from 50, which means I am now stage 4 if it doesn't go back up again (it went up to 50 from 40 so I don't understand how the fluctuations work). From everything I've read online and here, it seems like I should be low-protein regardless.
That said, I struggle specifically with an eating disorder that has had me battling morbid obesity my entire life. I have been in therapy for it and it has gotten better but I still have a reliance on food as a coping mechanism and have been struggling to adjust.
I am most successful when I have a very meticulous plan in place, so I plan on counting my calories at 1500 again (I managed to lose 80lb on this before my cancer diagnosis), but I could really use some advice on what sort of diets other people are following so I can maybe piecemeal something together until I can get maybe get a second opinion / new nephrologist who will take my issues more seriously.
I also have A-fib, high blood pressure (even before CKD), and elevated lipids and cholesterol. Thankfully I am not diabetic or even pre-diabetic, but I have some insulin resistance.
Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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2023.06.07 16:01 Kiiaro M26 I took several blood tests, my results came back and there are some abnormalities. What can they mean?

26 year old male, 270 lbs, 5'9''
So I promise the moment I have a chance today, I will follow up with them to see if we can schedule a consultation to go over my results, but as of now I'm just a bit curious. The tests I did were: tesosterone free and total test, comprehensive health panel (CBC+CMP+UA+LP+Iron+TSH)
My results came back and according to the complete blood count I have abnormal MCH and RDW
I also did metabolic panel and got abnormal glucose
My thyroid panel brought back an abnormal T4/Thyroxine
and my urinalysis came back with abnormal specific gravity, protein, and occult blood...
Everything else I tested for came back normal. The only one I'm aware of is the occult blood (I believe it means very small amounts of blood in urine) because I saw a urologist about 8 years ago that said I have it as well but to not worry as for my body it might just be normal.
Anyways, are all of these related? Any guesses? Of course, like I said I'm going to go through with that consultation since that is the best option for me.
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2023.06.07 15:58 ladykatytrent [US][TRADING] Puella Magi, Ao Haru Ride, Call of the Night and more!

Hi! Looking to trade a few things away!
Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater
Haru's Curse
Yokai Cats 1
High School Debut 7
Peach Girl 1-8
Call of the Night 8
Ao Haru Ride 4
Vampire Hunter D manga 2
Puella Magi Oriko Sadness 1-4
Spice and Wolf LN 1, 22, 23
Again!! 1-3, 5
Here's What i'm Looking For:
Here's what I'm looking for (in no particular order):
Hooky 2 softcover
Kowloon Romance 2, 3
Spice and Wolf 9+
My Love Mix Up 2-6
Madoka Magica Rebellion 1
Umineko anything except for 1-3 and 19, 20
Rent a Girlfriend 18
Apothecary Diaries 7
Inuyasha Vizbig 5, 17
Love Me Love Me Not 2-9
Idol Dreams 4+
Shortcake Cake 4+
Ao Haru Ride 12
Hunter x Hunter 8-23, 25-34
Mao 3-5, 7+
Haunted Bookstore Manga 3
Girl from the Otherside Deluxe 1+
Shaman King Omnibus 10, 12+
Miss Koizumi 3
Witch and the Beast 3, 7, 8
In/Spectre 4+
Girl in the Arcade 3
Dragonball 3 in 1 10, 11, 13, 14
Something Wrong With Us 7, 11, 12, 14+
Komi Can't Communicate 8-18, 20-22, 24+
Pretty Boy Detective manga 3
Soul Eater PE 6-9
Slam Dunk anything except 1, 2, 7
Bungo Stray Dogs manga 13, 15
Yuyu Hakusho 4-12, 16-19
Kimi Ni Todoke 10, 16, 17, 19, 25
Norigami Omnibus 4+
Tokyo Revengers Omnibus 7-8, 9-10
High School Debut 10, 11
Mieruko Chan 2+
Resident Evil 4
Yamada Kun 13+
Skip Beat 7-36, 38-42, 44
Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie 3-9
Horimiya 1+
Ghost and the Lady 2
Kingdom Hearts II 3+
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 2+
Kingdom Hearts 365 2+
Fly Me To The Moon 17
Haikyu 11+
Madoka Magica Wraith 1-3
Madoka Magia Side Story 2-5
Magia Another Story 1, 2
A Galaxy Next Door 1+
Vampire Hunter D manga 5-8
Maybe other things!
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2023.06.07 15:57 G4Designs Why is ChatGPT so bad with lists?

I've found while using ChatGPT to review a project summary for my portfolio and matching it with a pre-defined list of skills, it's virtually impossible to engineer a prompt where ChatGPT uses ONLY the SPECIFIC items in the list.
Try it yourself. Here's an example project:
Company Name: TechSolutions Inc.
Startup Description:
TechSolutions Inc. is a cutting-edge software development startup that has revolutionized the digital marketing industry. Founded in 2017, our company specializes in creating advanced marketing automation tools that enable businesses to streamline their online advertising campaigns and maximize their ROI. Our flagship product, AdMaximizer, is a cloud-based platform that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize ad targeting, delivery, and performance across various digital channels.
  1. Sarah Anderson - Co-founder and CEO: Responsible for overall company strategy, product vision, and investor relations.
  2. John Miller - Lead Developer and Product Owner (you): Led the development team, managed the product roadmap, and oversaw project execution.
  3. Emily Davis - Data Scientist: Utilized machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and improve ad targeting.
  4. David Roberts - UX/UI Designer: Designed intuitive user interfaces and crafted engaging user experiences for the AdMaximizer platform.
  5. Lisa Thompson - Marketing Specialist: Conducted market research, developed marketing strategies, and managed client relationships.
Skills Acquired and Utilized: During my tenure at TechSolutions Inc., I honed a diverse range of skills and utilized various technologies to drive the success of our products. As the Lead Developer and Product Owner, I led a team of developers in building and maintaining the AdMaximizer platform. We utilized cutting-edge technologies such as Python, Django, and JavaScript to create a scalable and robust cloud-based solution.
I actively contributed to the development of the core features of AdMaximizer, including the ad targeting engine, real-time bidding system, and performance analytics dashboard. This involved implementing complex algorithms for optimizing ad delivery, integrating with popular ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and leveraging APIs to fetch real-time data. I also collaborated closely with the UX/UI designer to ensure seamless integration of front-end components and to provide a smooth user experience.
In addition to my development responsibilities, I also played a key role in managing the product roadmap. This involved gathering requirements from clients, conducting market research, and prioritizing feature development based on customer feedback and market trends. I regularly interacted with our clients to understand their pain points, suggest enhancements, and ensure our product was meeting their needs. Moreover, I worked closely with the CEO in presenting the product vision to potential investors and securing funding to support our growth.
Throughout my journey at TechSolutions Inc., I gained invaluable experience in agile development methodologies, project management, and team leadership. I successfully led a cross-functional team, fostered a collaborative work environment, and coordinated project timelines to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software solutions. I also became proficient in version control systems such as Git and utilized CI/CD pipelines to automate software deployment and testing processes, enabling us to rapidly iterate on new features and ensure product stability.
My prompt:
Hi there! I am a product manager working on my portfolio to help me apply for jobs. I have different projects listed on my portfolio. I have the option to use a pre-defined list of skills from the site. If I give you the list in bullet form, could you read my project summary and tell me which skills from that list you believe I utilized or acquired? I can provide you the list of skills first, then the summary.
Please do not combine or make up your own skills. This is a matter of life or death. I am limited to these specific skills per the website and can not make custom ones. Please do not provide a description for these skills, only a bullet list will do. You can make this list as long as necessary to include every skill or skill variation on the bullet list that would apply.
Here's the comma-separated bullet list that you must use in your response:
  • 24x7 Production Support
  • 3D Production
  • Accounts Production
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Agricultural Production
  • Album Production
  • Anti-aging Products
  • Apple Products
  • Art Reproduction
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Audio Post Production
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Automotive Products
  • Avaya Products
  • Avid Technology Products
  • Baby Products
  • Bid Production
  • Biodiesel Production
  • Blood Products
  • Book Production
  • Broadcast Production
  • Brochure Production
  • Business Case Production
  • CD Production
  • Catalogue Production
  • Chase Production
  • Cisco Systems Products
  • Cleaner Production
  • Cleaning Products
  • Co-Production
  • Collateral Production
  • Combination Products
  • Commercial Products
  • Concert Production
  • Conference Production
  • Construction Products
  • Consumer Product Safety
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Consumer Products
  • Content Production
  • Creative Content Production
  • Customer Product Training
  • Dairy Products
  • Data Products
  • Defining Product Requirements
  • Dental Products
  • Development & Production of Publications
  • Digital Product Development
  • Digital Production
  • Diseño de producto
  • Diseño de producto e ingeniería
  • Documentary Production
  • EMC Products
  • Editorial Product Development
  • Electrical Products
  • Electro-Mechanical Products
  • Electronic Field Production (EFP)
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Electronic Product Development
  • Electronic Products
  • Email Production
  • Energy Production
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Enterprise Product Development
  • Equine Reproduction
  • Event Production
  • Executive Production
  • Field Production
  • Film Production
  • Financial Product Development
  • Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
  • Forest Products
  • Fotografía de producto
  • Global Product Management
  • Google Products
  • HP Products
  • Home Products
  • Hydrogen Production
  • IBM Products
  • IPad Music Production
  • Increase Productivity
  • Industrial Products
  • Information Products
  • Integrated Product Development
  • Integrated Production
  • International Product Development
  • International Production
  • Internet Product Development
  • Internet Products
  • Internet Video Production
  • Introducing New Products
  • JIT Production
  • Juniper Networks Products
  • Launch Products
  • Line Production
  • Live Production
  • Location Production
  • Manufacturing Productivity
  • Map Production
  • Mass Production
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Media Production
  • Media Production Management
  • Microsoft Product Studio
  • Microsoft Products
  • Mobile Music Production
  • Mobile Product Development
  • Monday Productivity Pointers
  • Music Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Natural Health Products
  • Natural Products
  • Networking Products
  • New Product Ideas
  • New Product Implementations
  • New Product Qualification
  • New Product Release
  • New Product Roll Out
  • New Product Validation
  • News Production
  • Newsletter Production
  • Nuance Communications Products
  • Office + Productivity Software
  • On-set Production
  • Online Product Launches
  • Online Production
  • Online Video Production
  • Organic Products
  • Outils de productivité
  • Overseas Production
  • Personal Productivity
  • Petroleum Products
  • Photo Shoot Production
  • Post Production
  • Post Production Management
  • Post-Production Support
  • Pre-Production
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Presentation Production
  • Press Production
  • Print Production
  • Print Production Management
  • Product Acceptance
  • Product Acquisitions
  • Product Adoption
  • Product Analysis
  • Product Assortment Planning
  • Product Briefs
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Catalogues
  • Product Certification
  • Product Classification
  • Product Communication
  • Product Complaints
  • Product Compliance
  • Product Concept
  • Product Cost Analysis
  • Product Costing
  • Product Customization
  • Product Delivery
  • Product Demonstration
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Design
  • Product Design Support
  • Product Differentiation
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Display
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Diversification
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Evaluations
  • Product Evangelism
  • Product Evolution
  • Product Flow
  • Product Forecasting
  • Product Identification
  • Product Incubation
  • Product Information Management
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Launch
  • Product Launch Events
  • Product Leadership
  • Product Liability
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Lines
  • Product Literature
  • Product Management
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Mapping
  • Product Mix
  • Product Modelling
  • Product Naming
  • Product Offerings
  • Product Operations
  • Product Optimization
  • Product Ordering
  • Product Penetration
  • Product Photography
  • Product Placement
  • Product Presentation
  • Product Promotion
  • Product Quality
  • Product R&D
  • Product Rationalization
  • Product Requirement Definition
  • Product Requirements
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Road Mapping
  • Product Safety
  • Product Sampling
  • Product Security
  • Product Segmentation
  • Product Selection
  • Product Service
  • Product Shots
  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Specialists
  • Product Specification
  • Product Spokesperson
  • Product Stewardship
  • Product Strategies
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Structuring
  • Product Studio
  • Product Support
  • Product Testing
  • Product Training
  • Product Transfer
  • Product Validation
  • Product Vision
  • Product Visualisation
  • Product categories
  • ProductView
  • Production Activity Control
  • Production Administration
  • Production Art
  • Production Assistance
  • Production Assurance
  • Production Budgeting
  • Production Companies
  • Production Coordination
  • Production Deployment
  • Production Development
  • Production Direction
  • Production Drawings
  • Production Efficiency
  • Production Enhancement
  • Production Equipment
  • Production Execution
  • Production Experience
  • Production Facilities
  • Production Flow
  • Production Implementation
  • Production Improvement
  • Production Launch
  • Production Layout
  • Production Liaison
  • Production Lighting
  • Production Line Management
  • Production Lines
  • Production Maintenance
  • Production Managers
  • Production Music
  • Production Optimisation
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Production Pipeline
  • Production Planning
  • Production Process Development
  • Production Processes
  • Production Readiness
  • Production Schedules
  • Production Sound
  • Production Stills
  • Production Systems
  • Production Technology
  • Production Tracking
  • Production musicale
  • Production vidéo
  • Productive Teams
  • Productividad
  • Productividad Personal
  • Productivity
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Productivity Software
  • Productivity and Cloud Apps
  • productivité
  • Productization
  • Program Production
  • Promo Production
  • Proposal Production
  • Protein Production
  • Publications Production
  • Radio Production
  • Refined Products
  • Remote Production
  • Report Production
  • Reproduction
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Respiratory Products
  • Rich Media Production
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Products
  • Sage Accounts Production
  • Sage Products
  • Seed Production
  • Segment Production
  • Services Product Management
  • Show Production
  • Sign Production
  • Skin Care Products
  • Software Product Management
  • Song Production
  • Special Events Production
  • Sports Production
  • Spot Production
  • Story Production
  • Sustainable Product Development
  • Sustainable Products
  • Sybase Products
  • System Center Products
  • TV News Production
  • TV Production
  • Taking New Products to Market
  • Technical Product Development
  • Technical Product Management
  • Technical Product Sales
  • Technical Product Training
  • Technical Production
  • Technology Product Development
  • Television Studio Production
  • Theatrical Production
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Tour Production
  • Toyota Production System
  • Trade Show Production
  • Transfer to Production
  • Unit Production Management
  • Variable Products
  • Video Game Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Video Pre-Production
  • Video Production
  • Voluntary Products
  • Web Content Production
  • Web Production Management
  • Web Products
  • Web Site Production
  • Zulu Education Productsz
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2023.06.07 15:56 Rigby-Gaming Poison Moth Flight: in case you didn’t know.

I’ve finally figured some things out in regards to this more mysterious AoW.
I’ve always been in the habit whereby if I want to use poison, then where an AoW can give me base poison affinity I do so, as is the case with Poison Moth Flight.
I love the idea of this AoW, but have found it wildly inconsistent and unpredictable in its effectiveness used in its conventional way: get an enemy poisoned first, then use the AoW for burst damage. This can actually be a fantastic finisher on some enemies: we all know it’s comparative to bleed/haemorrhage proc, except Poison Moth Flight allows YOU to choose when to inflict massive damage. This can be a life saver during boss fights. Except… sometimes the damage is poor depending on the weapon used, and I still can’t figure out why.
However, did you know that if you use the skill on an enemy that isn’t poisoned UNTIL the skill PROCS poison, the enemy is inflicted with DEADLY POISON? Yes, that’s right. Poison Moth Flight will inflict Deadly Poison instead of regular poison. So to clarify: if you use JUST the skill as a means to proc poison, it inflicts Deadly Poison. Even better, something I only just discovered this evening. If you set the Ash of War’s weapon affinity to Occult instead of any other affinity (and have been putting points into a high Arcane level), the Deadly Poison tick rate is ABSURDLY HIGH. It may not last long, but during that short period of time it is just MELTING the enemy’s health. The icing on the cake in finally figuring out how to get the most out of this skill is that using the skill again AFTER the Deadly Poison is proc’d results in a much higher burst damage. It seems that the burst damage best scales off of Arcane, thus is best set as Occult affinity when applying the Ash.
Hope I’ve managed to help.
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2023.06.07 15:54 davidpofo Shakes in the morning but which one?

Hey all. I have been drinking soylent shakes in the morning for a while but I noticed they spike my BG too much and obviously the carbs are too high to drink 2 a meal(72g). Which nutritional/protein shakes do you recommend to replace soylent for a tasty, satiating quick meal in the morning? I saw on here people liked Glucerna but with the contamination recall last year I am not sure if that's a good idea.
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