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2023.06.07 18:09 Circuit_Deity De School Set Reports: 28/4 , 29/4, 5/5 and 3/6

Long overdue set reports! I promised one for Pariah’s set on 5/5 a while ago and never followed through - here they all are, spurned by my return to our favorite basement after a month abroad. Consider it a miracle that I recall enough to write this up 😵‍💫
Friday 28/4:
Arrived at around 2:30am, and stood in the no tickets line as always(I find it is usually shorter and quicker than getting a ticket). My favorite selector there(sassy, “let’s see those IDs loves!), and in within 10 minutes.
My roommate, partner and I first spent some time in the garden smoking and socializing, but quickly made our way down for Orphx, who were finishing up their set - a bit slower(134bpm?), hypnotic, great live set and loved watching those two work in unison. Nothing that got me into stampede mode but nice to hear a bit more of a classic Detroit sound in the basement.
UVB took over and things began to blur for us - the M my partner and I had taken earlier started to make itself known and we fell into the groovy trap UVB set for us. Dancing separately but as one, feeling like you’re the only person dancing in your own little black hole on the dance floor. Such a lovely feeling opening your eyes when the beat gets harder and seeing the crowd writhe together.
Around 6am I was helping a person clean up their bottle that fell from the front right bass boxes when a friend in their group(clad only in a full body harness, you were v hot btw) offered me a wet wipe as a return favor. His smile was so genuine and lovely, and the wet wipe revived me! Such a nice little moment on that dance floor, it’s these kind of moments I seek out on these nights 🖤
Refreshed and full of love, we kept dancing until close, UVB delivering a booming, relentless set without it getting tiring. Seeing DJs like him playing reminds one that certain people just have the ability to master a soundsystem - kick after kick without it getting mushy and boring.
A lovely closing and a nice bike ride home - first one for me this year where the weather was warm and beautiful. A little joint and lots of rest to close out my consciousness for the day.
Garmin watch step count: 48,512
Saturday 29/4:
Rested a little and brought my partner to Schiphol, attended a fun BBQ in Leiden, and then return to Amsterdam with an itch to dance again. UVB’s closing had left me unsatisfied and with a need for more untz untz.
Arrived again around 2am, same situation as the night before. Met an Irish couple in the line(I say couple tentatively as they claim they’d broken up a month before but were still all over each other), and gave them some leftover party favors before making an Irish exit(like a magical drug fairy).
Went downstairs to Ben Sims shepherding the floor into a raucous scene - wonderful crowd that evening, who were all letting go completely. I joined a group up front who I see often(tall femme person with leopard print hair, lingerie top to bottom, tall skinny masc with slicked back hair and 00’s style Oakleys - forgot your names if you guys are on here!), and danced danced danced.
Kerrie took over for Ben around 5 but I felt the groove wasn’t there; she played very hard, a bit too much, and the bass felt very muddled. The type of techno you’d get at Verknipt - fun to dance hard to for a little while, but unsustainable. Nonetheless, I stayed until closing, driven by some kind of stubborn determination to see the night out twice in one weekend.
On my way out, I saw the Irishman I’d met earlier, standing sadly by the bathroom entrances. He’d been shrugged off by his companion, and was distraught. Gave him a hug and a pep talk, and cycled home. A kind of melancholy reminder that not everyone has a good night.
Garmin watch step count: 24,337
Friday 5/5:
Was very ready for this one! Had felt soooo shit the previous week after my double header, so when I woke up Friday with the dance bug, I knew it was meant to happen. Enlisted my roommate/trusty dance partner to join me, and we arrived a bit early, 12:30am or so. Did so because I wanted to catch the tail end of Loek Frey, who I’ve become quite interested in, seeing some of his online sets.
He was playing a slow, hypnotic set, full of bleeps, bloops, and intertwined melodies. Great slow start in the basement - sound was good and I’d love to see him play a later slot in DS sometime! Just know he was holding back some banging because of the time slot.
After a toilet and smoke break my roommate and I decided to stay upstairs for Roi Perez’s set - what a lovely decision! It truly felt like a night at Pano where everyone is happy, celebrating, in unison. People waving and smiling at each other from across the room, Roi gleefully leading us into the morning. If you were there and you saw a tall, black haired man losing it on the raised podium, that was me. There was a moment went Roi transitioned into a song(ID unsure) with heavy gospel vocals, and the light person took the cue and suddenly the bright yellow spotlights flooded him with light from behind - a moment I’ll never forget. He appeared like some kind of angel of techno, delivering us to hedonism and salvation.
After he finished, with light peeking in the windows behind, my roommate and I thought about leaving on a good note and skipping the migration down to the basement - but we stayed, and I’m so glad we did.
Pariah was still in his first hour downstairs, keeping it easy and danceable, but not apocalyptic. However, this quickly changed. The last two hours downstairs were the most insane sonic experience I’ve never had the pleasure of witnessing. It was like what we had just experienced upstairs had gone to the dark side; a seething, undulating mass of noise that shouldn’t have been music but yet made us DANCE!
Pariah showed us what an absolute master of sound design he is - I felt like there were times he wasn’t even selecting a track, just isolating the perfect different waves and then slowly combining them into an overwhelming beat that drove the crowd crazy. So many moments that night when insanity broke out - cheering, stomping, arms all in the air. It was like he was playing a live set in the style of Stef M, but on CDJs. Unbelievable.
When the set ended, the crowd cried for more and he cried back “I’ve run out of tunes!” I saw more people come up to him after and thank him for the set than I’ve ever seen for another DJ there before(myself included). My best club night ever, by far.
Garmin step count: 47,718
Saturday 3/6
I’d said in a thread here that I was going the night before, but my roommate and I weren’t feeling it after roomie night with the others, so we saved our energy for Saturday.
Usual time of arrival, around 1:30am; walked right in - also the first time I’ve had one of the security guards make a comment about the stickers on my phone case(“Ik hoef t niet voor jou te uitleggen, hé?”). Felt good, haha.
Went straight downstairs right when DJ Shahmarab was handing off to Crystallmess - who demonstrated good DJ skills but I felt not a great connection with the dance floor. It seemed we were all eager to get into a dance trance, but they kept transitioning to very hip-hoppy edits and it was hard to get into a groove. An interesting style to hear in the DS basement, but not really my thing. Thusly my roommate and I spent a good part of this set socializing upstairs in the garden.
Went back down to catch Juliana Huxtable, and felt a similar style, but with more extended periods to dance - a bit more boomy and thumping with more classic techno elements. Danced until around 6:30 when our bodies told us it was time to head home!
Overall not as notable as the aforementioned nights, but still fun to be there on a quieter night, and I saw my friends(leopard print/oakleys) again!
Garmin step count: 38,970
Now really looking forward to SPFDJ this weekend and Het Weekend later this month!
Love to hear if any of you guys were also at these nights and have similar or contrasting experiences!
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2023.06.07 18:09 readergirl132 How to handle Guilt Trips?

Hi Y'all, new poster here and I'm over from JustNoMIL since this ongoing issue is nowhere near nuclear enough for that sub. I apologize for the length, apparently this has been simmering festering for too long and once I started I couldn't stop. Thank you for reading and the advice in advance!!
My husband (28m) and I (26f) have been married for just over a year, together for 6. All was fine and great while we were in college and actually wanted to escape our dorm rooms for homecooked meals and free laundry. Things were less fine during his first job when I was still in college, but since he was working telecom in the Midwest he could only go "home" for a couple of days every few months and no getting around it. Now we are both established in our professional careers, have a well appointed apartment with 3 cats, and happen to live 2 hours from his family.
All 5 of his much older siblings are screwed up in a variety of ways--one sis is scitzo, one sis is mentally 16 in a 40YO body, one bro tried all the drugs, etc.-- and only 2 are still living at home and working at WallyWrld (I like those 2 in small doses, they're kinda fun?), but with my husband being significantly younger than them he was essentially an only child with a bevy of free babysitters so I would classify my FIL (60) and MIL (65) as Empty-Nesters with non-contributive roommates. FIL is my absolute favorite, we have many common interests but can also sit in companionable silence for hours. MIL isn't baaaaaad per se, she has Endless Word Salad Disease along with Selective Hearing Disorder so she can have a conversation with a brick wall and she loves to push her point of view on people without actually listening to rebuttals/anecdotes/facts no matter how many reputable sources we give her.
With MIL having been a home-maker for the last 40 years and FIL approaching retirement, they have begun doing what retired people do: go on trips to places or putter around their garden (it's 5 acres). Not so much while we were engaged, but now with increasing frequency she is complaining that "we never get to see you anymore" and "we could really use your help with [landowner chore]" and "oh we're going to [x city multiple hours away] for the weekend, come with us!"
Nevermind the fact that we drive the 4 hr round trip to see them on average once a month while I only get to see my parents maybe every 3 to 5 months, we have chores and activities of our own to get done HERE while she's got 2 middle-age kids THERE, and that this year alone we have spent the last 16 weekends away from home for a plethora of reasons (fun and not) and I fu$&!ng miss my kitties. Plus we have the extra 2 hour drive time tacked on to wherever the hell they picked last minute. Every single time we visit I have to be bad guy and interrupt the 5th or 6th Southern Goodbye and we never get home before midnight.
AND SHE CALLS. DAILY. My Husband is excellent at not picking up if neither of us are in the mood, or if he does it's usually because he can't find a good podcast to listen to for chores, but when he does answer its a miracle to hang up in less than 45 minutes, and HE always has to be the one to end the conversation because the Southern Goodbye just gets worse without the subtle pressure of me physically standing there "hey the car is all packed, the leftovers are secured, my jacket and shoes are on and purse is in my hand we have to go"
Sunday evening MIL called. We had just finished season 6 of Rick& Morty, so my husband picked up. We haven't been to their house in 3 months (praise!) and last time we saw physically saw them was at a Renaissance festival a month and a half ago (even better!). She regaled us about their weekend trip (to a German populated town with a reputation for excellent breweries despite the fact she is a teetotaler for lyfe), how the sibling are doing, how their cats are doing, what's happening around the "farm", her feelings about the most recent FOX News segments, the War on Ukraine, the Famine in Africa, the Drought in Australia, her thoughts on Velma (why god), and anything else she could think of for 2 hours without letting us get a word in edgewise or asking us anything about our lives. Peppered throughout and phrased in different ways at different lengths was the singular thought "why haven't you been to visit me recently?"
As I said before, they're basically retired and have oodles more free time, disposable income, and motivation for road trips than we do. I've never said it out loud to her face, but I really want to know... Why not come here if you're so desperate to revitalize your failed sonsband relationship? We are BUSY and have JOBS and FRIENDS THAT ARE ACTUALLY ALIVE.
I know all tricks. Info diet, grey rock, DARVO, all the good stuff and none of it works and I don't know why and I don't know what to do and both of us are tired of it. It will only get worse with a grandchild-- at least she stopped commenting about that when I started regaling her with stories of our sex life that made everyone uncomfortable except me cuz I was way too crossfaded to care anymore.
Nothing has occurred since, but I'd very much like to be prepared for Friday's inevitable phone call where I have to tell her NO or some variation. I swear even if that's the whole sentence she won't hear it.
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2023.06.07 18:09 Any_Pea2424 International teaching... is it really as hyper-competitive as it is made out to be?

Hi there! I am looking to apply to teach in an IS in Japan next year (fall 2024) and am feeling really down about how difficult it might be. My partner is Japanese and will be going back to Tokyo for his PhD, which is why I want to teach in Japan specifically.
I currently work for a large school board in Toronto. I have a masters degree in primary/junior teaching from Canada's top education school. I mainly teach spec ed, and have many additional qualifications including in teaching math, teaching students with ASD/intellectual disabilities, etc. (I know the latter is not super useful for IS).
I have one year of occasional/supply teaching, and one year of half-time (for childcare reasons - I have a toddler). I will be teaching full-time next year. In Ontario, it takes a long time to become a permanent teacher, so it can be tricky when thinking about meeting these school's requirements for "full time teaching" experience.
I know for certain that I won't get into ASIJ or any of the top schools, given I will only have 2 years of experience teaching my own class (3 years altogether including supply teaching).
I was wondering what people's experiences with lower-tier IS schools might be.
Any info would be so so helpful! Thank you so much!
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2023.06.07 18:09 StrawberryCobblers Off my chest - the brighter side of life

Off my chest - the brighter side of life
Can I tell you why I stopped contacting my mother? I would be interested in hearing from anyone in the same situation.
I was born to student parents and apparently I was a planned baby (don’t ask). My parents lived with my grandparents at the time and, as a result, had a lot of help with childcare. Living in a house full of people has its perks - there was always someone available to babysit or help out. In retrospect, I think my mother was a very unhappy mother. When I was a baby, I know she used to bash my head against the doorway not intentionally but through sheer carelessness until my grandparents had a massive go at her for this. As I got older, we never had any days out, I only ever trailed along when she was running errands. I was hit a lot which, on the one hand, you could say was somewhat normalised at the time but, on the other, the frenzied nature of her attacks on me went way beyond chastisement. For example, I was allowed to roam the area where we lived with my peers when I was just 3 years old. On one such occasion, we went to the local beach and lost track of time (apparently 3-year-olds are not the best at timekeeping). When I got back, my mother took me to the garden where she proceeded to lacerate my legs with a huge spiky rose twig for being irresponsible. On another occasion, I was in the vicinity of our house but didn’t notice the darkness descending and stayed out playing with others in the playground. I then saw my mother approaching wearing a purple floral dress, and I was squinting trying to see if she had anything in her hand. As she got closer, I made out a stick with which he hit me for staying out late. Another example is my mother dropping me off to nursery on the way to work. I said something to her and unfortunately I cannot remember what it was but it warranted a smack in the face which caused violent bleeding from the nose. I was very upset and shocked at all the blood however my mother thrust her handkerchief at me saying “for Christ’s sake, stop being such a drama queen!!!” I was told I had a type of nose which would bleed from the slightest squeeze and I believed my nose to be special in that way up until now, so for quarter of a century. It is also interesting to note that, whilst according to my mother she’s done nothing wrong but raise me like every other parent, all of this was kept in secret from my grandparents albeit of course they must have known about it to an extent.
At the age of 5, my parents moved out and my life was turned into hell. The physical attacks included beating me on my forearms with a metal stick as I was shielding my head, for taunting my brother verbally until my brother took pity on me and intervened. I believe my parents’ marriage was deteriorating steadily over the years and in the process my mother became more and more bitter and furious at me. At one point, when I was about 10, my mother beat me (very normal, practically a daily occurrence) and then proceeded to strangle me. She kept squeezing my neck and digging her nails in. It was painful. I don’t know how it ended/whether she let go or somebody stopped her, but I caught a bus and went to live with my grandparents. That lasted a week, she was made to apologise to me and I was returned.
Time was moving forward relentlessly and I was growing up. My hair grew long, I made a really good friend and was academically gifted. She was absolutely furious. Mental attacks intensified at this point and became a notable part of the abuse. I was told I was an embarrassment, my skin was disgusting, I had to wear a mask not to repulse people (I dabbed with makeup), my breath stank, no boy would ever touch me (I wasn’t interested in romance until much later), my hair was greasy and revolting. She absolutely hated the idea of me having it easier than she did at my age (she was sexually motivated from a much younger age than me which led to underage sex with creeps, and generally experienced a lot of insecurity in life).
When I was 18, she started having online relationships whilst still being married. The relationships involved a lot of full on sexual interactions. One day, sitting in the kitchen, I said I think you should get a divorce because otherwise it’s almost like cheating. She said nothing. 5 minutes later I was in my room when she burst in saying “so I am cheating yeah?” There was no time to answer before a quick succession of blows to the head with a hairbrush landed on me. She pulled my hair in different directions with her hands and scratched my face with the nails. She then dropped me and destroyed every bit of furniture in my room by kicking it with her legs (she knew I had made a lot of effort with my room expecting someone I was seeing to visit). She weighed about 240lbs, I was just under half of that. I stood no chance. On the subject of weight, she regularly told me I need to lose weight because my arms are getting huge and no one would ever be interested in me (I had to ensure that someone would be interested in me at all times). I was late for work because of this attack and turned up with my face bruised and crying, however the boss wasn’t in so again this goes unnoticed albeit at this point I was prepared to tell the police as I was 18.
I left home at 18 and moved 2k miles away. My parents divorced. I was never ever helped out in the sense of financial or any other kind of support parents usually offer their children. My mother though always said I should be helping her out and sending her money and I am not which is disgraceful. Eventually, coming up to the present times, she found someone interested in her. He was in prison for undisclosed reasons for years and she waited for him. We were in contact during this time, mainly my mother venting at me about work and sometimes sounding interested in my life. Her beloved got out of prison and arrived at her address, she clung on to him like he was her lifeline and has been fully housing and supporting him ever since. She said she’d never loved until now. He is her new family, her everything. Etc. etc. Our contact diminished to embarrassing levels. I would send her a message and she would take 3 days to open it, then respond in one line clearly having skimmed through what I said. I started to feel used because she’d keep me up at night talking on the phone before the love of her life arrived. My mental health started declining and my productivity plummeted. Long story short, I told her I won’t be waiting for crumbs of attention anymore and blocked her.
Time has passed. I am doing really well. I feel at peace with myself and I cannot believe the amount of abuse I have been through. I think I really dislike my mother objectively. If she hated motherhood so much, she could have left — anything would have been better than psycho attacks she subjected me to. She could have seriously injured me, even killed me. Life is so much brighter without her darkness. It has taken me a long time to write my story, having listened to all of yours for a long time. Thank you everyone for sharing and empowering others to protect their interests.
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2023.06.07 18:09 IC2MSP Flint selected as host city for national talent attraction conference

Hey all! I'm new to the Flint subreddit, but the company I work for does business in the city so I'm really excited to learn more about the region. Just read this article in the Flint Journal about a new talent attraction summit coming to the city this weekend.
Sounds pretty cool and out of the box compared to other conferences I've been to that normally just center themselves in a hotel conference center.
The company putting on the conference with the Flint & Genesee Group also recently launched the "Make Your Move in Flint & Genessee," a campaign to attract new residents to the region.
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2023.06.07 18:08 MissGMT3188 AITA for wanting to go home early from vacation

I (33F) went on vacation with my friend (36F). My friend lives about 500 km away from me and is virtually on the way to our destination, so I picked her up and we went on to Lake Garda in Italy, which was also another 400 km. We had agreed in advance that we would stay for 4 days at Lake Garda with the option to extend by one day. We had a great time, saw a lot and did a lot of shopping. On our second to last day, I asked her if we wanted to do the extension or if she wanted to go home tomorrow. She didn't want to do the extension, but didn't want to go back until late afternoon the next day, which was fine with me. On our departure day, my mother called me early in the morning and told me that due to a storm, my apartment was under water. Because of this, my vacation mood had dropped to zero and I just wanted to go home. So I asked my friend if we could maybe please go home after breakfast, for the reason just mentioned. She was not enthusiastic at all and totally uncooperative. I then proposed the compromise that we go home at 2pm so she has enough time to shop. We have to check out of the hotel around 1pm and leave the garage with our car at 2pm. She didn't like this suggestion either but agreed. At 1:30pm I told her that we had to walk slowly back towards the car and she tried to stall for time, whereupon I asserted myself by giving her the choice, she either comes with me or she has to see for herself how she gets home, because I'm leaving now. Finally she agreed and we finally left. Here already the next problem began, she did not want to go so early from the vacation home and now nevertheless extend or go only tonight late home. Then I reminded her that I need at least 5 hours more until I'm home, depending on how the traffic is and I do not want to extend or drive later. Thereupon she was totally cranky and in a bad mood. Normally you can drive around the lake via the expressway, but this was not possible due to an accident and so we had to drive through the villages, which is visually really nice but takes longer. My friend wanted to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures, which I didn't feel like doing. So I suggested we stop right at a restaurant on the lake for lunch and she has the opportunity to take her pictures here. Really nice restaurant with terrace over the lake, lots of flowers, so the total Instagram dreamland. As an answer I got that she is not hungry and she does not want to stop here. So we drove on and I was punished with the silence treatment. Which is more of a punishment for herself, because of the two of us she is the communicative type who always has to talk, I can also just say nothing and listen to music while I drive without making me uncomfortable. Shortly after the Italian border she yells at me to stop because she is sick, which I dutifully do by pulling out at the next rest stop. Here she continues to yell at me that I am a bad friend, because I do not cater to her needs and ignore her. She is sick because she is hungry and I would not stop, not that I had offered her 1.5 hours ago. To keep the "peace" I apologized to her and invited her to dinner. That appeased her a bit and we could continue afterwards. The mood was still not the best. Finally we arrived at her home at around 9 pm. I helped her to bring in all her luggage and said goodbye to her and told her that I will contact her when I arrive at home and we will talk on the phone in the next days. Due to the traffic situation, I also finally arrived home 7 hours later where I was greeted by pure chaos. I wrote to my friend that I arrived home well and will get back to her later. In the afternoon after a detailed damage analysis I sent her pictures of my water damage. I can renovate my entire apartment, my wooden floor and almost all my furniture are broken and need to be replaced, the walls are damp and need to dry and then be replastered, it really sucks. As an answer from her to the pictures came, that I should not make such a fuss and that all this is not bad at all and still no reason to go home early from vacation and that she must think about whether she will go on vacation with me again if I make such a drama out of everything. I'm starting to really doubt myself and wonder if I'm the problem here or if I should rethink my friendship with her. Was it really too much to ask to go home "early"?
For general info, I am an extremely calm person, even when I get upset I am not the type to yell at other people. I always try to find a compromise so that in the end everyone is happy. However, I increasingly feel like everyone's doormat when I don't want to argue or engage in discussions that lead nowhere. I love your podcast and really appreciate your help.
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2023.06.07 18:08 Njdevilmn Thinking about coming to Fenway for the 1st time….

Good Morning, Mets fan coming in peace. Yes I know they suck….lol. I’m thinking about coming to Fenway for the Saturday afternoon game with my wife and daughter when the Mets visit in July. I visited Boston in the late 90s for a couple of days with my GF (now wife) and had a great time.
My questions are any suggestions on places to stay that are decent but don’t completely break the bank. Also once I find a place to stay if it’s a little way from Fenway what is the best way to get to Fenway from the hotel if it’s not really walking distance, Uber? I know the T is there but I am not familiar with the lines at all. Thank you for any assistance.
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2023.06.07 18:08 jackbillings Unwind and Indulge: Discovering the Best Spas in Vaughan

Unwind and Indulge: Discovering the Best Spas in Vaughan
Welcome to the serene world of spa retreats in Vaughan! Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Canada, this charming city offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. From luxurious spa treatments to tranquil environments, Vaughan boasts a variety of top-notch spas that cater to all your wellness needs. Whether you're seeking a therapeutic massage, a revitalizing facial, or a calming yoga session, this guide will take you on a journey through some of the best spas in Vaughan, providing you with the ultimate pampering experience.
What makes Vaughan an ideal destination for spa enthusiasts?
Vaughan is known for its peaceful ambiance, stunning natural surroundings, and commitment to wellness. The city is home to several award-winning spas that offer a wide range of treatments, performed by skilled professionals. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Vaughan provides the perfect backdrop for a spa getaway.
What types of treatments can I expect at Vaughan spas?
The spas in Vaughan offer an extensive menu of treatments to cater to your specific needs. From Swedish and deep tissue massages to facials, body scrubs, and aromatherapy sessions, these spas have something for everyone. You can also enjoy amenities such as steam rooms, saunas, and hydrotherapy pools for a complete relaxation experience.
Which spas in Vaughan are highly recommended?
While there are many exceptional spas in Vaughan, a few names stand out. Tranquil Bliss Spa, Zen Retreat, and Serenity Spa are renowned for their serene environments, professional staff, and excellent customer service. These establishments prioritize your comfort and well-being, ensuring that you leave feeling completely refreshed.
What are the price ranges at Vaughan spas?
The price range varies depending on the spa and the services you choose. Basic treatments like massages and facials typically start around $80 and can go up to $200 or more for specialized therapies or longer sessions. Some spas also offer packages or discounts for multiple services, so it's worth exploring your options.
How can I make a reservation at one of the spas in Vaughan?
Most spas in Vaughan offer online booking facilities, allowing you to conveniently schedule your appointment. Alternatively, you can contact them via phone or email to secure your desired time slot. It's advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability.
In conclusion, if you're in search of a blissful escape from the daily grind, look no further than the incredible spas in Vaughan. Whether you're seeking to unwind after a long week, celebrate a special occasion, or simply treat yourself, these spas offer the perfect retreat. Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility, indulge in luxurious treatments, and let the stress melt away. Among the notable spas in Vaughan, Trubliss stands out as a true gem, providing a seamless blend of relaxation and luxury. So go ahead, pamper yourself, and discover the magic of the best spas in Vaughan!
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2023.06.07 18:08 thatwildgirl Quoted $56,000 to stabilize the basement wall

Hi all,
I'm hoping to get some insight from some more experienced homeowners. My husband and I purchased our home (built in '84) in 2022. We were working in the basement and noticed a small stairstep crack in the storage room on the cindar block. For reference, it's thinner than my fingernail. We have a solid gradient and water moves away from the house at all points. He suggested it's likely due to the clay soil we have here (which I had read is often the culprit). He told us this looks like typical settling and that there is no indication of bowing in the wall.
We just had a company out to give us a quote on fixing this issue and they are suggesting we stablize with piers along the entire basement (approx. 16) for $56,000. This is obviously much, much more than we are wanting to spend. They measured and said the house has shifted about .25 inches in total at some point in the life of house. Of course, they are suggesting we get this fixed immeditely.
Is there any reason to think that this is an immediate fix? The crack has obviously been there since at least 2006 when the basement was last painted. We are feeling completely overwhelmed and flustered (not to mention I'm due with our first child in two weeks!). I'd like to just fill the crack and watch it, but my husband is convinced our house is going to cave in.
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2023.06.07 18:08 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 223

Sir David
The inner shrine building of the Imperial War Shrine is more subdued than the memorial garden and mausoleum outside to a degree. Made of the same sandstone color material as much of the rest of the Imperial city's older buildings, it's nonetheless a bit darker in tone, the lighting subdued to help with those who seek quiet contemplation of the various artifacts of legendary heroines within. It was a working shrine after all, first and foremost.
The first floor had a long hallway with a rich Imperial purple rug down the center over what appeared to be polished marble. The long hallway naturally leads the body and the eye straight to a pair of sumptuous doors made of lacquered wood. The actual sacred space was through there, and was strictly off limits outside of very specific ceremonies. That wasn't just for guests, but even the Wardens couldn't enter the realm of the divine without cause, and preferably a priestess as escort. Branching off from those hallways were various rooms for contemplation, prayer... and the occasional cell for ritual self purification.
Miri'Tok gestures through one doorway even as the Wardens continue to head up the passage. "Nar'Jan, I'm going to give our guests the grand tour. We'll meet you in the Ward Room in a bit."
Nar'Jan raises a hand in acknowledgement without looking back. "As you will it, I suppose no one knows your own ancestor's history better than you do, and you're here more often than some of the Wardens when you're on planet. I'll send one of the girls to fetch you when the police show up and ask for statements."
"Just have them bring me. No need to complicate things. Two tourists were assaulted. They defended themselves and I intervened."
"Aye aye ma'am. Best to avoid stirring up the diplomats."
The room that Miri'Tok lead them into was a different... tone in some respects. The room was cooler in temperature, and the lighting down to a bare minimum. Ten sarcophagi layed out in two rows on a marble floor, the wooden flooring ending at the doorway. Each warrior had been laid with their head towards the wall with an aisle down the middle, a crimson carpet leading to a final pair of sarcophagi, laid side by side. At the foot of each statue was a weapon rack, each displaying a gleaming, lovingly maintained weapon.
There was a relief of the warrior within carved into the stone of each sarcophagi with the same loving detail as the statues outside. The color palette of the room was shifted somewhat by the torches that burned quietly over each sarcophagus, the flames adding depth and shadow to the lifelike, cheery faces. There was no sadness or solemnness in the faces of the dead here, but a lively good humor that seemed to lift the spirits, even in a place devoted to the dead.
Eleven flames filled the room, for twelve sarcophagi. A few of the flames were blue, but the majority were green, save for the last. One torch burned between the final two sarcophagi at the far end of the room, and that flame burned white with a heat that David swears he can feel from the entrance of the room.
"The legends tell us..." Miri'Tok begins, "That these torches were lit from the dying embers of my noble ancestors and their companions as they passed away. This was not the first memorial or mausoleum for them you see, originally they were buried in the Imperial mausoleum itself, deep beneath the palace. A few millennia back, the then Empress decided her own spiritual ancestor's most faithful warrior, as the current Imperial family had recently seized power shortly before, deserved her own crypt of high standing, that people might be able to visit and pay tribute. This was also concurrent with the founding of the modern institution of the Imperial military. The Empress then, as now, believes in holding up heroes to the people, and telling their stories, but most especially to their warriors. Telling stories of great deeds, both our own, and our ancestors, inspires and warms the heart of the warrior, and encourages others in their own acts of valor and courage. I have had the blessing to travel the galaxy and work with other military forces. I am aware this tradition is... old, by many standards, perhaps even barbaric, but it is our way."
Sir David shakes his head as he steps deeper into the room. "Hardly barbaric when it's a common heritage of all soldiers Miri'Tok. People just call it different things or describe it in different ways when they feel themselves as having become more 'civilized', whatever that might mean. Such things remain however, no matter how they're dressed up and ritualized. The stories of those who came before us, the legacy of our ancestors, by blood or by spiritual bonds of kinhood from serving in the same unit, and our own tales, be they of survival, victory, or simply trouble one finds on shore leave still remain, and are still told, in much the same way as they have always been. I have seen this time and again in every professional military on my homeworld, and repeated in every soldier I have met off of Earth. For all our differences, in how we fight, why we fight... we aren't so different in the end."
Miri'Tok nods solemnly before leading David and Ariane forward. "Please allow me the honor of introducing you to my ancestors, Mira'Tok and her beloved husband, the sorcerer Dus'Kvun. Long is their shadow over our family, for so great is their example, that many are the battle princesses that have followed... and per Dus'Kvun's own request, no sorcerers. Not one. We treat our menfolk quite differently than many Apuk because of his example. One would think other families would learn from their own sorcerous ancestors, but oft forgotten are the lessons of the past, as we said in the garden just a short while ago."
"You almost speak about Mira'Tok as if she was alive... and honestly with these carvings I'm half expecting her to sit up and speak now."
Ariane near whispers reverently, seemingly resisting either taking photos or perhaps more likely for the studious Agela, taking notes.
David lets his eyes play across the stone relief carved into the top of Mira'Tok's sarcophagus. It really was remarkably life-like, the brightness of her smile seemingly gleaming in the low light of the room... even as the stone eyes of Dus'Kvun whispered of blood and fury... with just a hint of good humor that seemingly would have complimented his bride in life.
"They are remarkably lifelike, were these carved when the shrine was built?" David asks.
Miri'Tok shakes her head. "No, these are original, carved shortly after their deaths. The statues outside were carved based on the reliefs by a descendant of the original sculptor."
"How did they die?" Ariane asks, clearly enamored with the story, practically leaning in to catch Miri'Tok's every word.
Miri'Tok sighs in a way that was somewhere between wistful and mournful. "Mira'Tok and Dus'Kvun died in each other's arms of old age per the family's story, choosing to go to the dead lands together even as they were together in life. The other heroines... Some died on campaign, but most died as old women, shortly after my ancestor passed away, seemingly following their leader and sister wife until the very end. As a mark of respect for the sisterhood they shared, their nine lines were fully brought into the Tok clan, as if they had truly been clutch sisters at birth, instead of just sisters of steel and marriage bonds."
Ariane steps around a bit, looking at the sarcophagus from another angle. "I'm surprised I haven't seen her story in a book somewhere."
"We have zealously guarded my ancestor's story. It is mostly in history books, though I have been negotiating on behalf of my family with... a close associate in hope of arranging for her to lend her talents to bring the story in to a more casual format to modern people, that Mira'Tok might not be forgotten."
All of the sudden something clicks in Sir David's head. Something was missing. "Ah. That's interesting. The other women, Mira'Tok's companions, are laid to rest with their weapons, but the blade of Mira'Tok, the one from the statue, isn't here."
Miri'Tok brightens up. "Ah yes, it's not here. It's in another room. It's where I was before coming out to find you squaring off with those thugs as it happens. It's where I spend much of my time in the shrine. Please, follow me."
Miri bows deeply to the remains of her ancestors, her reverence for Mira'Tok and Dus'Kvun evident in her every movement before leading Ariane and David back into the corridor. A bit further up the hall towards the shrine a hallway splits off to the left and Miri leads them past several rooms.
"This is part reliquary, part museum, and part shrine for contemplation and meditation. The historical artifacts are just that, relics of our history, but they also hold great spiritual value."
A bit further down the hall, Miri'Tok shows them into the second to last room in the corridor, where three gleaming weapons wait for them. The war blade of Mira'Tok is perhaps the one part of her statue that doesn't do her justice. The glittering weapon was massive. Like Jaruna's own massive warsword but a masterpiece for a master swordswoman instead of a brutal piece of steel for the brutal work of killing like Jaruna's weapon. David notes that a fair bit of embellishment has been added to the weapon, embellishment that was lacking in its smaller sister blade.
The slightly smaller Apuk war blade was a dark, black, shiny metal that David didn't recognize, and had a bit thinner of a profile than the more meaty Apuk war blades. It had a hefty guard that looked excellent for striking and blocking, and a hook on the back edge of the blade that could pull or cut armor straps and the like in skilled hands. It was a brawler's weapon, easily as suited to Mira'Tok from her build and smile as the massive war blade above it. The embellishment on this weapon was less pronounced, but looking closely revealed a few gem stones worked into the guard and overall masterful craftsmanship.
Next to them, displayed vertically, was what at first blush was a very plain, simple war sword with a shape similar to the smaller of Mira'Tok's two weapons... until David looked closer and saw the vines that wrapped around the haft and into the guard. Vines that were alive even now.
David straightens up and gestures to the third weapon.
"The sword of Dus'Kvun I presume."
"Good eye. It's name is Flamedrinker." Miri'Tok nods approvingly. "Heh. Really as serious as I try to be while at the shrine, I have fond childhood memories of the great sword in particular. It was named Sunflame after Mira'Tok's passing. The smaller blade is Night's Edge. I built a replica of Sunflame as a girl and even tried to fight with it! No matter how much strength I put into it, I couldn't, I received a vicious defeat at the hands of one of my elder sisters, and a moral lesson all the same. I-"
A polite cough from the door draws everyone's eyes to one of the purple clad Wardens who salutes cleanly.
"Ma'am, the city police are waiting for your statement."
Miri'Tok nods. "Then I'll leave you both here for a moment if that's all right? Ariane? Sir David?"
David waves her off. "Just David please, we're all friends here."
Ariane nods. "We'll be fine. I want a better look at these gorgeous swords!"
Miri'Tok departs with a bow, the Warden falling in behind her, leaving David and Ariane alone.
The mood in the room drops a few degrees, Ariane's face a bit downcast as she turns towards David more fully, her large, fluffy ears drooping like a sad puppy.
"...Why did you send me away? I'm your wife. Or soon to be your wife. Or something."
First Last
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2023.06.07 18:07 Johnny_Nongamer A heated argument erupts in an adjacent room with thin walls. (Try not to laugh)

A heated argument erupts in an adjacent room with thin walls. (Try not to laugh) submitted by Johnny_Nongamer to Qult_Headquarters [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:07 AvailableEducation33 Extra MSLT

Thanks to a health scare, I managed to meet my out of pocket max in March. I think that’s a record. I am diagnosed IH from a 2021 sleep study. Sleep latency was 3 minutes. I had another sleep study in 2022. It was a disaster. I had to come off of my anxiety medication so I was an anxious mess. The first sleep study I had no idea what was happening so I just did my thing. The second time I knew I had a timer to fall asleep and then with anxiety as well I just could not sleep. Another issue was during my first sleep study it was a dim room with a lamp. It was more like a hotel room. It might not seem like much, but my second sleep study was in a hospital room with fluorescent lighting. I work all day under fluorescent lights so I’m used to keeping myself awake under them. It was pretty jarring to go from bright fluorescent to dark. The one time I did manage to fall asleep I had sorem.
My insurance pretty much will cover modafinil, sunosi, and xywav. I don’t have any other options. I’ve been looking at clinical trials, but I feel like IH is sort of forgotten. Narcolepsy has so many compared to IH. It’s really disappointing when they could easily test it on both groups at the same time. My main question is has anyone passed two mslt and had their diagnosis revoked? I’m worried that if I can’t sleep again then what? The sunosi and armodafinil might not do much but they help me to keep my job. Some days I wonder if I should even be doing work I’m so sleepy, but I have to work. Second,since I did have the one sorem, do you think it would be worth asking for another sleep study to see if it comes back narcolepsy? My out of pocket max is met for the year. The last sleep study cost me $1200. So it would be free.
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2023.06.07 18:07 BogaMafija I hate the osprix zealot

I hate their big bird brain which decides to dash 10 times in the spam of 10 seconds dealing 108% of my total HP.
I hate how they have wings which propel them allowing their stupid dash to deal that 108% my total HP damage.
I hate their voice lines because every single fucking time that ambush appears in an empowered echo I either have to teleport out or just accept the fact that 10 of these assholes are gonna spread my cheeks so hard my PC will become a 4D machine and transfer that pain right into my IRL cheeks, all while I'm being bombarded by their overtuned meteor throwing chicken holy bird brothers which spawn in the same ambush because they heard that I hate them and that I dread them.
I hate their fancy and kind of pretty fiery weapons, because every time I see those flames the unending flames of hatred start burning in my heart and I get a genocidal need to kill every single one of the osprix, but I can't do that because I can't fucking kill a pack of 5+ osprix zealots, who just decide to bring in more birdbrain fucks every time I try to kite them around the map.
I hate these fucks so much I can't even look at my parrot - I have to feed it while turning my head away from it cause I can't stand his proud posture, knowing that he knows what other birds did to me in a video game.
I hate seeing pigeons on the street because I know they're not real, they're government drones that just happen to land in front of me right after I go out for my osprix zealot tilt walk outside. I just know they're watching and laughing at me.
I hate seeing the Sun and the happiness that the sunshine brings now that it's finally summer, because it reminds me of the scorching burns I have in my heart and on my asshole from meeting osprix zealots in my ambush echoes.
I hate that the picture of osprix zealots on the shitty fandom wiki for Last Epoch is so cool and dynamic, it makes them look better than my shitty character, which they probably are or else they wouldn't flex every opportunity they get on my character. If the game had a larger budget they'd probably even introduce a T-bag animation to these fucks just so they can shit on me even more.
I hate trying to play other games when I tilt exit Last Epoch (fully knowing I'll be back in an hour again), because I boot up PoE and then I get to the Solaris temple and I instantly get grade 10 PTSD more severe than a war veteran because of being reminded of the fucking Solarum empire, Rahyeh and the fucking chicken zealots which keep haunting me everywhere I go.
I hate that they only have two skills - an "Attack" which does normal amounts of damage to my tanky melee character and the "Wave Dash" aka "Wave your HP goodbye" and "Fuck you" which instakills my fire-res overcapped 66%+ armor 2.5k HP Paladin.
I hate that their low-quality voice acted lines sound kind of cool nevertheless, because every time I hear them I think to myself "oh boy cool" before being reminded by the force of a million knives that even daring to laugh in the presence of such godlike beings is punishable by harsher rules than those the Greek gods pulled out their asses when they handed them out.
I hate Helios from the Greek mythology, I hate Sol from the Roman mythology and now I even hate Dazbog, the God of the Sun from the mythology and religion of my old slavic ancestors. He's supposedly the god of the Sun, fire, heat, warmth, light and weather - the only fire, heat and warmth I feel is the penetration of the osprix zealots steamy 1000 degree butter knives in my back as I try to find room to escape their bullshit 1s cooldown dashes so I can fucking portal out.
When I google "osprix" Google automatically corrects it to osprey - osprey is a large fish-eating hawk (Pandion haliaetus) with long wings that is dark brown above and mostly pure white below - I now hate the large fish-eating hawk as well, because it reminds me of the fucking osprix zealots.
I hate the osprix zealot.
Fuck the osprix zealot.
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2023.06.07 18:07 kween_hangry Slumbering Sanctuary.

My bad luck with this biome is obscene. Even at 2 BC.
Every single time I step foot in it, I die.
5 mins ago, I said, screw it- let me just try gold plating. I have 45,000 gold from Midas blood.
I do not know HOW. Or WHY. But 5 seconds in I had taken all my Gold damage. I just got swarmed, dodged, but still apparently took 45k(?) worth of damage.
I had gold plating for a HOTK fight a few days ago, around 35k gold to buffer. That actually lasted like 1/3 the fight. What GIVES.
Ok, whatever. Water under the bridge. I got to an elite and of course its an elite Golem.
I kill it, no issue, but like— a few moments later a combo of Dancers and Casters just saps my health. Something rando hits me in the chaos.
300 hrs of play in, and I still have not finished this biome. Like what’s the BENEFIT.
Some troll blueprints..
Yea. Skill issue. Some days I’ll go to the practice room and just be slaying the Ssanctuary mob spawner for actual hours. With no issues
I get to the actual biome and I’m obliterated before awaking the sanctuary.
W H Y.
I need to know if I’m alone, an idiot, or a mix of the two. Ughhh.
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2023.06.07 18:07 WatercressActual5515 Mobile performance VRAM x Draw Calls

Mobile performance VRAM x Draw Calls
Hey ppl, i'm developping a for mobile in UE5.1 and i was doing some tests with a room to decide a better practice for room design, my dilemma is that if i join the walls and floor into a single mesh i would get less draw calls, but when i build lightning it'll make bigger lightmaps which would be stored in VRAM-RAM, tearing meshes into multiple tilable meshes would allow me to keep in memory only currently in use LMs, but would increase draw calls, so which should be my approach on this?
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2023.06.07 18:07 taleasoldastime96 A couple of questions about a trip to Oahu

Hey everyone! My husband and I have been talking about going to Hawaii for the first time for quite a while, and we’ve finally decided to make it happen in February of 2025. We want to give ourselves plenty of time to save so that we can make it a once in a lifetime experience!
Obviously this is a long way away, but Im super excited so I’ve already started planning. We’ll be on Oahu for 8 nights and 7 days. I have a few questions!
  1. My husband loves being spontaneous on vacation, whereas I’m more of a planner. So we’ve decided to do kind of a mix of both. One of our spontaneous days is going to be a drive up the windward coast, just kind of taking in the sites and stopping wherever we feel like. I know there are a lot of popular spots there, so I thought it would be a good place to just stop at whatever looks cool. Obviously we do have a few spots we want to try to hit, but we’re just going to kind of take it easy. My question is about food. I’d like to have a few good options near the coast that we can hit if we’re in the area so that we don’t have to eat a hot dog at a crappy tourist trap. Any recommendations?
  2. Since we will be there in February, we’re obviously hoping to see some whales. I know Maui is the best for that, but most of our must hit spots are on Oahu and we really want to take in everything we can on the island instead of trying to island hop. I’ve heard that you can see whales from Makapuu lighthouse, and I think I’ve heard of some whale watching tours as well. I know sometimes you just have to get lucky, but be honest with me. Where are the best places to get lucky, and should I not get my hopes up?
  3. We are considering the Queen Kapiolani hotel. I LOVE the look of their Diamond Head views, so I think we’re going to upgrade to one of those. It looks like it’s close to the action, but still far enough away to not be horribly crowded and loud. Has anyone stayed here? What did you think?
Any other recommendations or tips are definitely appreciated! I know it’s a long way off, but I’m so excited!!!
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2023.06.07 18:06 Kerrpy Poetry that Bilal Wrote in Prison (Perhaps some probative value?)

I was searching for Bilal related materials and, along with the pictures I posted in the other post, I came across these poems that were all but scrubbed from the internet. The "Tacenda Literary Magazine" is the source, although it seems only this and one other particular edition was taken down out of a total of twenty available for download.
The gist of these poems seem to be centered around the motif of Bilal grappling with his imprisonment. I know it seems like a stretch but I wonder if there is anything in these poems that perhaps some armchair Reddit psychologist finds interesting.
In case anyone was wondering, the source is here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Acknowledgement - Ahmed is part of the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program at the DC jail and has taken courses in journalism and public affairs."
I Rise
The doors open I hear the clanking of the chains
I hear the music of the keys
As they follow step of the boots
"Go In" they say "Step In" they say
fear in my chest, Tremble in my feet
I ask, Is it the color of my skin
Or is it the name of my kin
I wonder CAN I RISE

I see the light of disappointment
The darkness of the deep
The paleness of the life
The sweat of the cold skin
The stiffness of the spine
In all the faces known and unknown
I wonder CAN I RISE

The bed that breaks the backs
The floor that crushes the knees
The chairs that mold the bones
The food that digests intestines
The blanket that suffocates lungs
The shoes that corn the heels
I wonder CAN I RISE

All in kitchen say, They can't
All the doctors say, We can't
All the C.O.'s say, You can't
All the nurse says, She can't
And the dispensers say, They can't
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

The nights are lonely
The days more so
Lost in the loud
laughter of the C.O.
The loud bangs of metal doors
The shouts of "COUNT TIME" seem far but clear
Everything's far that felt so near
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

I like to play in the gym, but my hand does not want
I like to run on the court, but my feet don't want
I like to watch others score, but my eyes don't want
The lifeless bodies with no goals
The harsh hearts with no souls
I touch and see everyday
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

We gather in the room
All hearts filled with gloom
Eyes looking for the light
To make us shine bright
Here comes the hand of prayer
And washes off layer after layer
The grim shadows of sorrow
Giving us hope for tomorrow

We gather in the room
All brains with nothing to loom
Empty hands with nothing to do
Thinking what? having no clue
Now comes a lady with a pen
She leads us into the book of den
The doors are opened for our minds
The windows fling with no blinds
I learn, we learn, I laugh, we laugh
Bright eyed, supportive, with a scoff
My teacher tells me that YOU SHALL

With the power of the books
With the strength of the smiles
Looking around in all the nooks
with my pen I tread miles
I tell my loved ones, I am fine
I tell them my teachers are divine

All the teachers say they can
And the librarian says she can
And the admin says we can
They guide and bring us to dream
They teach us, tell us, how to dream

I know we wear orange today
I know we are here today
But I know not what tomorrow holds
But I am sure it's made of gold
I RISE with the candle light
I RISE with the sun so bright
I RISE with my morals high
I RISE with my head held high
I RISE with my vision clear
I RISE with my life in steer
I RISE with love in my heart
I RISE with my soul apart
I RISE with the color of my skin
I RISE with pride in my kin
In My Mind's Eye by Bilal Ahmed

The sun is shining bright
I see my shadow in the light
Sharp and clear it stands
Through the window as it lands
The grass is green outside
The trees swaying far and wide
I close my eyes and feel the breeze
The pollen is going to make me sneeze
The clouds travel in the blue sky
The daffodils open without a try
My mind has opened this eye
A different one, not one with I cry
The silence of the deadening rose
Is this a butterfly tickle my nose?
The book that I am hushed in
The painting that I am brushed in
Takes me leaps and bounds
To see the scenes and hear the sounds
What do I see far away?
Is it a person or a thing a lay?
Is it moving or standing still?
As I focus I get a thrill
It is ME standing in the day
Looking up and arms away
Is it still orange I am wearing?
I am still here! I look staring
Zoo by Bilal Ahmed

A trip to the zoo was always fun
sky was clear and hot in the sun

A sunny bright day, blinding light
everyone is about, left and right

Hard to find parking in the mid of town
Metro is a good choice, just ride it down

Two pandas greet us at the double gates
Calendar says Zoo's open on all the dates

Of course we carry a lunch box with us
Sandwiches and cold drinks for all of us

We stop, we drink, we stop, we eat
We are hungry and sweating in this heat

We see snow cones, we run to them
We buy them dripping there and then

We laugh and play as we cool down
Hand in hand singing into town

We see the lions, zebras and elephants
We visit snakes, amphibians and ants

We come upon an exhibit huge
It looks like a tall big refuge

We enter and see a big hall
It is lined with bars around the wall

Then there is glass to see through too
Is it here when you see a reflection of you

Is it a building where primates are living
Each in its cell, wait! What are they giving?

They are giving each other love with looks
They are passing time with their books

They jump, they climb, they swing, they scream
They curl, they squeeze, they tire then dream

Day in day out the routine they follow
As time goes their eyes grow hollow

They have plates, cups, spoons and heap
They stay busy, look busy and sometimes sleep

People walk around and watch them with awe
With their transparent lunch packs in their paw

They see the drinks, cotton candy and snow cones
They smell and see all the colors and tones

Are they the slaves, or are they primates? NOOOOOO! They are humans just only inmates

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2023.06.07 18:05 Normal-Ad356 touching grass: comprehensive guide

hi guys! a few weeks ago, someone on this sub told me to touch grass (great advice!!) and i gladly report that i have done so successfully. below are my stats
major - agrostology (duh)
AP environmental science
AP grass cutting
AP lawn shaping
AP trees
AP biology (but only for grass)
awards (lacking ik, i plan to touch more grass in future)
guniess world record for most grass touched in under a minute
grassiest gal award (silly little local award)
young botanist award of 2023
- Common App essay - a beautiful, lyrical, poetic piece of prose drafted extensively with my love of grass in mind.
- Supplementals - talked lots about the different kinds of grass on campus (standford has bad grass 👎 booo)
Uhm so my teachers are kinda scared of me so i haven't asked them yet. dw! will bribe them with a pot of grass to ensure the LORs are top notch 😆
anyway thanks so much for the advice guys 🙏🙏🙏 really saved my application
if you've got recommendations for any other things i can touch ples lmk
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2023.06.07 18:05 fmellish Upstairs toilet sometimes has a wet rubber smell. Like the smell of a really old worn down plunger that’s been soaked wet.

Original owner of a house that’s 23 yrs old now. Toilet installs are also all 23 yrs old. I’ve never had cause to do any maintenance on the toilets.
Our upstairs master bath toilet room sometimes has a foul wet rubber smell. Like the smell or burning tire covered in pond water thick with algae.
Like, if I set a car tire on fire and then cleaned my fish tank and slowly dripped the dirty algae water on the hot rubber.
There’s no wet plunger in the room and the odor seems to be emanating from the toilet.
Smell has always been there even when house was built in 2000.
We’ve always lived with it, it comes and goes.
But now that the install is 23 years old I was thinking maybe replace the wax ring? Could that be it?
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2023.06.07 18:05 HumdrumHoeDown Funny People should be on the list of Adam Sandler’s best movies.

Funny People, directed by Judd Appatow, starring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and a loooot of other people you’ll know should be on “Sandler’s” best list along with Uncut Gems, Punch Drunk Love, etc.
I will confess up front, I am a fanboy of standup comedian culture, the whole quest for fame and riches through comedy, and also a cinephile, and so pay attention to the intersection between that and Hollywood.
This film is essentially about comedians, “funny people” in LA (and some who aren’t but are trying anyway) and their quest for recognition, financial and cultural success. It has a cast list as deep as it gets, with even the cameos being recognizable comedians or character actors, media personalities, etc doing comedic bits. I won’t talk about the plot, so that’s that.
It’s not a pure comedy, and much of the content of the film is dramatic, uncomfortable, and challenging in the way good storytelling often is. At the center of this is Adam Sandler’s performance of a figure that, on the surface, could be very autobiographical. Perhaps it’s fictional, based on people the writers, director, and actor know, I neither know nor care. It’s a moving story and one of the best dramatic performances by Mr. Sandler.
As for AS, something that impresses me about his few and far between dramatic turns is that he manages the appearance of real vulnerability, and what I think is a real empathy for, or at least understanding of, his characters. As if each of these characters embodies complexities and failings he understands very well. As someone who loves acting, I know that makes for epic performances.
And Appatow does something I really like with his direction of the film, which is to keep the cinematography really simple, and the editing tightly focused on just letting this incredible ensemble, and Sandler’s performance, carry the film. People can argue with the sometimes implausible, and perhaps overlong plot. But to me it’s purpose was only to give room for the jokes and the performances to have equal time as the story. The story itself is not earth shattering, but from a perspective of “philosophical depth”, it at least rivals something like goodwill hunting, or other Hollywood feel-good fair.
But it’s just about people who love comedy as an art form, and about how our hopes and reality clash and sometimes have to be renegotiated, how what “really matters” in life is connection, but mostly about how humor heals. Hence the title.
I never see this movie discussed on social media or in the context of Sandler’s or Appatow’s careers, or any of the people in it, and then I watch in and I’m confused why it gets zero mention. Just came back up on Netflix and I thought I’d ask reddit about it.
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2023.06.07 18:05 ajfilmnfx Sony HT-SD35 Subwoofer interference?

I’ve had this soundbar for about a month, and suddenly the subwoofer has started glitching out.
Every few minutes it emits a noticeable THUMP when playing audio. And it’s never during a particularly bassy moment, just random dialogue or music. The sound is admittedly hard to describe since the thump is more felt than heard (but I’d call it a sharp thump or a subtle pop).
Currently, the issue only seems to occur when playing audio via Bluetooth (one of the major reasons I bought this soundbar), but not while streaming shows from the tv or while playing video games.
I have no idea why this could be and would welcome any suggestions. My only theory is that maybe it has something to do with the Tower Fan recently installed in the room. I’ve tried unplugging the fan and it kinda/sorta reduces the thumping/popping, but I might just be overthinking it.
I’ve never had a soundbar before, Is this sort of interference common/heard of?
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2023.06.07 18:04 stabbincabinwizard Theory: if you saw the greys in your room during childhood (6-10 yr range), you were abducted as a toddler and don’t remember.

This happened in the 90s. A little nervous posting about this, as I don’t like thinking about it, but will answer any questions.
My family went to a secluded campground in the porcupine mountains (the upper peninsula of Michigan). I was very young, around 4 years old. The campground was an open field surrounded by old growth forest. I was swinging at the playground while my mom was setting up the pop-up camper. I remember being magnetized toward a path leading down to the shore of Lake Superior. You could not see the shore or lake because the tree line was very thick, but there were stairs leading down to it. I remember making a beeline toward it. I remember walking past my mom, setting up chairs in front of the camper. I remember wanting to stop and ask her if I could go to the path, but I didn’t stop and just kept walking. She didn’t notice me leaving either.
The water was still, the sky was grey. No one else was there. On the shore, to my right, was a mass of half submerged boulders leading out 20-30 feet into the lake. Kind of like a snake. At the very end a big boulder nearly submerged in the water.
I go and play on the rocks, but stay on the shore. I’m perched up on the largest boulder, looking down on the crevices. Just observing the little ecosystem there. Water would surge and run through all the crevices and openings between the boulders and I was totally mesmerized by it. I remember being happy. I hear a big wave, lots of water rushes through the rocks, almost touching my feet. I remember frowning, very deeply. Instant change in emotion. And then I black out.
When I come to, I’m being led up the stairs by a younger couple. My mom was running around frantically asking other campers if they had seen me, enlisting help to find me. The couple says I was “all the way out on the rocks.” She tells them to show her. We all go back down to the shore. They point at the “head” of the snake, the very last boulder far out in the water. They said I was standing there, like in a trance, and wouldn’t answer their calls to come back. Like I couldn’t hear them at all. They had to physically climb out and get me. My mom starts asking questions in a rapid fire sort of way, says where were you? Why did you do that? How long were you gone? When did you leave the playground? I was a nonverbal child (was in speech therapy), so I just point directly to our right, toward the mass of boulders on the shore. She says no, you were there, pointing at the farthest one, far into the lake. I point again at the exact boulder I was sitting on. She looks a little concerned now and asks if I remember, I shake my head no. She asks what I remember and I don’t answer, just dazed as fuck.
The only reason why I remember is because my mom remembered, and was particularly disturbed about my missing time. She would keep asking if I remembered how I got there, I would tell her no. At one point she even asked if the couple who brought me back did anything to me. Sure as fuck hope not, but no.
My memory ends on that giant boulder and comes back when I’m halfway up those stairs holding the hands of this couple.
Fast forward two years later, I can’t sleep and I’m facing the wall. I turn over and see a tall, thin, white alien standing behind my door. Almost translucent. Big black oval eyes. Staring at me. I felt no fear, just stared back. It had very long fingers. It was making a looping circle with its finger behind my door, going counterclockwise. My eyes kept flicking back and forth between its eyes and it’s hand movement. It’s nodding it’s head side to side, kind of swaying, like it was studying me. At some point I think, I should be afraid of this, and hide under the covers. I peek out again and it’s gone. I fall asleep immediately afterward.
See title, I am sharing this story because I believe all of us who experienced the greys in our rooms, actually had an abduction event in early early childhood we don’t remember. If you had an experience with these greys in your room during childhood, ask your parents if there was ever a point where they had a “missing time” experience during your toddlerhood. Or if there was a time where you disappeared and reappeared somewhere near and unusual. There has to be some sort of tagging process and doing so when our brains are still underdeveloped would pose the least amount of risk toward abductees remembering the experience.
Remembering the grey in my room, I feel no fear. But when I remember the rocks, there is a huge sense of dread and impending doom. Reading the posts here encouraged me to speak out about this, which I’ve never done before and am doing so thru a burner account, but I want to see if anyone else experienced something like the boulder incident before their first alien-in-my-room experience.
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