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2023.03.29 22:11 pluckyoldself Two doors meeting at much less than 90degrees.

In the hallway upstairs, the bedroom door and the bathroom doorway meet at a less than right angle. I'd say its closer to 45 than 90. Currently the bedroom door is hung as normal and swings into the bedroom. the bathroom doorway has a cheap accordion plastic looking door that just crinkles up to the side of the doorway. How difficult would it be to hang a real door in that bathroom doorway?
I am house shopping, so I don't have a lot of details and measurements. None of the photos online show what I'm talking about.
lmk if this is the wrong sub idk
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2023.03.29 22:11 yami_osiris powersupply wattage(future proof)

Hello, I am looking at upgrading my psu as I'm currently using an extremely old budget powersupply which I believe isn't actually 500w.
I am getting a 5700xt so I will need a new psu and have found two that are relatively cheap where I'm from. However, what one will be better for future proofing? I will likely be upgrading other components in a year or 2 and then probably getting a 5000 series mid range card or amd equivalent.
600w gold psu 700w bronze psu Both evga They are basically the same price
I don't have a high end system and upgrading in the future I will still only get mid range components so I think the 600w will be fine but I'm not sure if I will regret not getting the extra 100w for future proofing. Using pc part picker using my current build and experimenting with potential future upgrades It still only tops off at like 550w.
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2023.03.29 22:09 lastMinute_panic Fish tape

I am running cat6 through plastic electrical conduit to several areas of my building for backhauled access points. The conduit is large enough to fit about 5 cables. For now, I'm running 2 through each - one for the access point with PoE, and one as a backup.
I wanted to know if there were any fish tape type products which I could leave in the conduit for future upgrades? Say I need to run cat6a or whatever in the future, it would be nice to just tie onto a fish cable and pull from the other end. Any reasonably cheap options out there. Literal fishing line maybe? Longest run is less than 75ft, minimal bends.
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2023.03.29 22:08 CRAZY729 🌴 Project Oasis RP v2 🌴• 💯 Quality Roleplay • 🔫 Gangs & Businesses 🏢 • 🍂 Drugs & Jobs 👔 •

🌴 Project Oasis RP v2 🌴• 💯 Quality Roleplay • 🔫 Gangs & Businesses 🏢 • 🍂 Drugs & Jobs 👔 •
Chances are if you're reading this you are in need of a new home. We hope you choose Project Oasis as your new home.
At Project Oasis we take our role-playing very seriously. In order to give our players a pleasant and enjoyable experience, our server is run by a modified version of the well-known QBcore Framework. Project Oasis RP was founded by experienced role players and was developed over the course of over a thousand hours. Right now is the perfect time to join Project Oasis because we just recently launched Project Oasis V2 in January 2023 with a brand-new economy.
At Project Oasis we want to encourage individuals to roleplay in any way they wish, we want to create an environment that makes it fun to play any job or character in the city. Since opening in June 2022, we have experienced rapid growth. To provide the best service, Project Oasis has a great team of administrators, staff, designers, and developers who are here to help you enjoy your experience in the city.
Project Oasis RP - Values
Value 1 - Quality Roleplay
Above all, we value quality roleplay here at Oasis. We want you to create memories, be creative, and most importantly have fun!
Value 2 - The Oasis for All
We know you have joined our city to check it out and are probably looking for a new home. Our aim is to be everyone's Oasis in the desert. That one little golden place where you can seek refuge.

What does Project Oasis RP have for you?:
🏢 Player Owned Businesses
🚗 Custom Import Vehicles With Custom Handing
🚙 Street Racing
🤙 Gang Friendly RP
📈 Fresh and Recently Wiped Economy
🎽 Custom EUP
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly
👀 Tons of Fun For Everyone
😎 A lot of Scripts To Make Sure Nobody Gets Bored
🚔🚑🚒🧑‍⚖️‍ Always Hiring LEO, EMS, Fire, Lawyers, and DOJ
👓 Fully Optimized Server With Good Connection
🎉 Weekly Events

Civilian Jobs:
  • Taxi
  • Electrician
  • Tow Truck
  • Window Cleaner
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Delivery
  • Garbage Collector
  • Bus Driver
  • Builder
  • Post Office

Player Owned Businesses:
  • Burger Shot
  • Pizza This
  • Arriba Mexican Restaurant
  • Pearls Seafood Restaurant
  • Vanilla Unicorn Stripclub
  • Bahama Mamas Nightclub
  • Pacific Bluffs
  • White Widow
  • Weedlands
  • Redline Performance Shop
  • East Customs
  • Only Tow
  • Bayview Hunting Lodge
  • Luxury Autos
  • Real Estate
  • Plus More To Come!
If you have a business idea, submit a proposal and if it's something we like, we may bring it into the city!

Government Jobs:
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas EMS Department
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Department of Justice

  • Mining
  • Gold Panning
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Lumberjack
  • Diving
  • Illegal Diving
  • Laser Tag
  • Go Karting
  • Bowling
  • Tenis
  • Pool
  • Recycling Center
  • American Truck Simulator Job
  • Plus Many More!

Illegal Activities:
  • Chop Shop
  • Car Boosting
  • Sign Robbery
  • Parking Meter Robbery
  • Grave Robbing
  • House Robberies
  • Store Robberies
  • Armored Truck Robberies
  • Lab Truck Robberies
  • Jewelry Store Robbery
  • Fleeca Bank Robbery
  • Pacific Standard Bank Robbery
  • Paleto Bank Robbery
  • Maze Bank Robbery
  • Humane Labs Robbery
  • Casino Heist
  • A Secret Heist
  • Plus Many More!

There are millions of other ways to do illegal things in the city, all of which are hidden under the surface which you must roleplay with citizens to get more information on!
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2023.03.29 22:06 Get-me-to-my-Grave 29 M [chat] looking to make friends preferably in the US

Hey, so I’ve recently decided that I’d like to take a longish trip to America hopefully at the end of this year or possibly next year since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and hopefully do a bit of work out there as I’m a tattoo artist, I’m planning to go to Las Vegas and San Fransisco but it’s early days into planning so nothing is set in stone.
I’ve decided to do this since I’ve been in a rut and going through a break up so it’s given me the motivation to change up my life and explore a bit more so I’m hoping to make some friends out there but even if you’re not in the US I’m happy to talk to new people.
A bit about me I’m 29 male from the UK, being a tattoo artist I’m into tattoos, I also play PC mainly Elden ring but don’t really have many friends to play games with so if anyone wants to play games hit me up! I’m into warhammer, anime, films, and like listening to alternative rap like City morgue, Tyler the creator, $uicideboy$, and plenty of other random artists.
So if you’re interested in chatting feel free to give message.
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2023.03.29 22:05 Ok_Abbreviations4543 Tips for starting?

I really want to start getting into lolita fashion for a couple of years now, I'm a teenager in europe, there are some brands who are pretty cheap to start off?
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2023.03.29 22:03 phantomidnight Beyoncé Project at Las Vegas Sphere ?

Beyoncé Project at Las Vegas Sphere ?
So I’ve stumbled on a YouTube video talking about the Las Vegas sphere last night and It made me think… the Sphere is set to open in September of 2023. It is said to be very technologically advanced & is going to be the next big thing as far as event venues… What if Beyoncé is planning a project that is somehow going to be presented at the sphere ? I mean it could be visuals ? Or even something better ?? It being ready to open this year also lines up with it allowing her to wait just a not too long & I feel like it is definitely something B would be interested in as it’s pushing the envelope.. idk just thought of it now.
*also wasn’t she in Vegas a few years back ? Could she have been doing meetings with the developers of the sphere? 🤔
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2023.03.29 22:02 Sakariray13 Been Seeing This Around…

How do you guys feel about Attach going to Vegas and playing with Clay, Temp, and Standy and running the Sub like he used to? Feels like the game caters to his playstyle kinda like Scump in a way. Also, he has a lot of history and chemistry with Clay from faze, Temp from NYSL, and Standy from Minnesota. Thoughts?
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2023.03.29 22:02 Dry-Data-2570 [OFFER] I will make a minimalist, unique logo for $9 USD

Hi everyone!
here's my portfolio on Instagram.
I'm a graphic design major and I am specializing in logos. I'm charging really cheap for now so I can get known in the field.

What you'll get for $8USD:
✓ Logo in PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG (4000x4000)
✓ I'll make you at least 2 designs for you to choose from;

Commercial & personal use;
✓ 3 revisions with no additional cost;
Fast worker: previews sent within 48h; (often less, it just depends how many clients I have)
✓ Friendly, patient and communicative!

Payment is via PayPal or Stripe (credit card) only after work is completed.
This is how it works:
  1. Logo with watermark is sent via e-mail;
  2. Payment via PayPal or Credit Card. (I use Ecwid's e-commerce to safely process payments via Stripe and PayPal);
  3. Logo sent with no watermarks.
How to proceed:
After $bid, feel free to forward:
- your business' name
- what your business is about
- any logo references you may have

I am looking forward to hearing from you. :)
Thank you for your time!
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2023.03.29 22:02 Furious-X [H] Twitter Followers Youtube Subs Instagram Followers Discord Members Steam Accounts Escape from Tarkov Rainbow 6 Fortnite Ch3ats Much More! Any account for cheap [GREAT PRICES] [GO TO DISCORD TO BUY]

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We are Furious Shop. We provide high quality accounts and software, for dirt cheap. We specialise in the products listed below, but will try out hardest to scope out any account or software you want from our sources. We have a lot of vouches and rep, in the Discord and in the shop.
Is this legit?
This is 100% legit. Don't believe us? Check the vouches left in the Discord, or the feedback in the shop.
We have the following:
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Create a ticket in the Discord for help!
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2023.03.29 22:02 slojun1 What ended up being your favorite and worst 3.20 builds

What were your favorite and least favorite builds you personally played in 3.20. Completely subjective. Your worst could be something that you couldn't get off the ground or just did not feel great to you personally. No hate to build makers please.
My Favorite - Creeping Frost Totems
Definitely was not the strongest build in any sense, but just felt absolutely great. The gear was extremely cheap for some of the in-slot rare items I've ever purchased for a specific build. The clear was okay but it truly shined as a bosser, I have played a dex stacker ballista heiro for the past 5 leagues as a primary bosser and I won't be doing that again if creeping frost totems survive the patch notes. I also got the occasional laugh listening to thousands of snowballs hitting enemies. While playing something off-meta will never be as strong, if you can make it work it feels amazingly rewarding. Also PRAISE DECOY TOTEM
Worst - Herald of Thunder
I really wanted to love it. Everything about it made sense for me. It turned what I thought I wanted and what I truly want out of a build are two different things. After playing the game for 15 leagues I have come to the realization that glass cannon builds are just not for me. This really solidified it for me.
Other builds I played that end up in the middle somewhere
Toxic Rain PF, Boneshatter Jugg, Poison SRS and spark inquisitor.
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2023.03.29 22:02 Regular_Wasabi9028 My[F19] bf[M19] said that he asked out girls as a coping mechanism

I feel guilty for even contemplating, could he be faking trauma?
My bf and I were dating 3 years ago until he asked out a friend 3 days after i introduced him to her. We broke up after that but had to get along because we ended up in the same place. We then remained friends. But throughout that time he asked out countless girls and got rejected. My friend circle despised him because of his vagueness and how he approached them.
He asked me out some time later when we became too close. Before accepting I asked him why was I his last choice and whether he was asking me out because of his thirst for women. He told me that his friend committed suicide just around when we were dating. Said he was desperate and wasn’t consciously acting and that he didn’t even remember much from the last years. I tolerated and symphatized with him. I sometimes rage on thinking about this. Idk if he was mourning or was traumatized to act this way. He sometimes does unexplicable things and is kind of an incel. This might be the reason why some deplore him. He says that he got over it. I just feel like I am the cheap option he could purchase.
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2023.03.29 22:01 Dry-Data-2570 [OFFER] I will make a minimalist, unique logo for $9 USD!

Hi everyone!
here's my portfolio on Instagram.
I'm a graphic design major and I am specializing in logos. I'm charging really cheap for now so I can get known in the field.

What you'll get for $8USD:
✓ Logo in PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG (4000x4000)
✓ I'll make you at least 2 designs for you to choose from;

Commercial & personal use;
✓ 3 revisions with no additional cost;
Fast worker: previews sent within 48h; (often less, it just depends how many clients I have)
✓ Friendly, patient and communicative!

Payment is via PayPal or Stripe (credit card) only after work is completed.
This is how it works:
  1. Logo with watermark is sent via e-mail;
  2. Payment via PayPal or Credit Card. (I use Ecwid's e-commerce to safely process payments via Stripe and PayPal);
  3. Logo sent with no watermarks.
How to proceed:
After $bid, feel free to forward:
- your business' name
- what your business is about
- any logo references you may have

I am looking forward to hearing from you. :)
Thank you for your time!
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2023.03.29 22:00 Traditional-Ad-7836 Any must sees? Belize to San Salvador

Making our way down from Belize City to San Salvador over 12 days. Any must see places you've been? We are interested in cultural tourism and nature and history and def archeology.
Was thinking Hopkins, maybe a cheap caye but not sure which. Then livingston/Rio dulce area, maybe Roatan if it's worth the time, Copan of course, Santa Ana, then maybe a beach near San Salvador.
Any other places you'd add, or maybe you'd skip?? Planning to take busses in between.
Thank you much:))
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2023.03.29 22:00 Fritz1818 Helium Network may have gotten its final nail in the coffin with the launch of Amazon Sidewalk network.

Helium Network may have gotten its final nail in the coffin with the launch of Amazon Sidewalk network.
Remember those Helium miners? Tiny little computers with antennas that would power the Helium Network, a decentralized wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network using the LoRaWAN system. Those miners were rewarded with HNT tokens for providing bandwidth to the network.
The first wave of miners were rewarded big, maybe even hundreds of dollars a day at one point, then as more and more people jumped on it until it was mere pennies a day for investing into a 500-900 dollar shiny box. It was starting to look like a ponzi and it probably was.
At this point, there was absolutely no utility or customers for this network that would ever ROI its investors or token holders.
Well Amazon released something that is pretty much the same thing just WAY bigger and no token needed
Amazon Sidewalk Coverage

The Amazon sidewalk network, the long-range, low-bandwidth network can give any IoT device free low-speed data coverage. It already covers 90% of the US population and it is ready to interface any low cost gadget for virtually free with minimal power draw, smart watches, dog trackers, security doorbells you name it.
Helium network was already a bleeding project, recently the token was delisted from Binance and most miners are in the red with their hardware, barely making a few cents a day for a network that barely has any customers. Amazon Sidewalk will onboard millions of users in a year or two and this will be the new standard for cheap wireless connectivity.
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2023.03.29 22:00 frajen Anyone looking to carpool to Las Vegas from San Francisco/Bay Area?

Hey all, my annual rideshare post~
Looking for people to carpool down to Vegas from San Francisco Bay Area. I live/work in East Bay, I can leave Wednesday after work or Thursday very early (need to be in Vegas by 4pm or so). Leaving Vegas Monday afternoon (after hotel checkout).
It's about a 9 hour drive; we usually stop around Bakersfield for food. I run and have a fair amount of experience with running raves over the last decade; if you want stories I got plenty xD I can drive the entire way, so you can just nap or chat or whatever : )
Please let me know if you're interested!
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2023.03.29 21:58 nickp1518 2002 Subaru Low Power & Stutter Under Load

I have a 2002 Subaru Forester 5MT with the EJ251 (MAP sensor) and 235k on the clock.
For the past ~5k miles, it has been lower on power than normal (not that it had a lot of power to start with), and has struggled going up hills or accelerating from a stop or at highway speeds. When trying to accelerate or go up a hill, the car starts to buck and jerk slightly when I give it more throttle, and will not speed up. I find myself having to downshift and drive at much higher RPMs than it use to take to make it up hills or accelerate. One time, the CEL started blinking while it was struggling up a hill, but turned off once I was coasting down the other side.
My first thought was an exhaust restriction, as the old cat had disintegrated and may have blocked up part of the muffler, and the new cat was a very cheap eBay replacement. I just tested vacuum at idle and at ~2500RPM as seen in the video, and it did not loose vacuum, indicating that an exhaust blockage was not the issue.
I have not ruled out the exhaust being blocked, but based on the vacuum test it does not seem to be the problem. If anyone has ideas or things for me to check, any advice or comments are very much appreciated!
Car has 2 codes: P0420 (low cat efficiency) and P0442 (evap leak)
35K miles ago: New coil packs, new timing belt
25K miles ago: New spark plugs, head gaskets, fuel pump, downstream O2 sensor
3K miles ago: New upstream O2 sensor, cat pipe, air filter, battery
Most new parts are cheap eBay, Rockauto, or Autozone, so failures may be possible.
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2023.03.29 21:58 SuperMonkeyFighters Published on YouTube: Battle Royale in Dead Cide Club CheapSkates

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2023.03.29 21:58 sbills7070 Best way to sell vouchers

My husband and I bought Japan flights in 2021 when they were super cheap for our honeymoon in 2022. When it came around, Japan was still closed so we got vouchers.
We don't ever plan to use them, and we'd like to just have cash for other travel plans coming up. I obviously don't want to get scammed, and this is so niche I don't even know the best place to start.
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2023.03.29 21:56 marbanasin Updated Roster Expectations for Next Season - Post Deadline Stretch Pondering

I figured the dust has settled from the deadline such that it's worth coming back to the arm chair for next year.
I'm generally curiuos to just see other folks' opinion on the below. I still fundamentally think we are on a 3-5 year plan, and next year will be the final tank year though we may have some small upside to begin improving upon the floor from this season.
In 2024/2025 we free up about $6M in dead cap space, and will still have some guys on ELC who are maturing into the league - so that would be the future roster we are building towards. therefore I don't suspect many new signings, maybe 1 impact player and a goaltender likely on a shorter term.
We'd cut some more dead weight loose this summer - dropping Gergor and Lindblom if we are able. I would also keep Labanc on the shopping block but have built my roster to absorb his cap as I expect we will need to.
The plan should be to beging getting playing time for Eklund and Bourdelau in the main club. I am also thinking Kaut has shown reasonble chemistry / hands and size that he is not an awful cheap option to keep around barring any better additions. Zetterlund and IMO Svechnikov should also be resigned (though Svech is kind of iffy if we do hold onto Lindblom).
On defense we may have a log jam of younger talent working to break in - I would try to rotate some of the LD options in for stints to see how they perform. Muhk and Thrun in particular may make it tough on Kynzhov / Ferraro / Vlassic to hold onto their assumed slots. And there's an argument for letting Simek go as well, though I think our RD will remain shallow so his versatility may be cause for him to stay on the roster through his contract. Given Muhk and Thrun are not waiver eligible I can see them getting stints but ultimately spliiting time in the AHL as well to help their development.
At net - I would look for a Reimer replacement. Someone similar, aging player who should have a few years planing 1A in them. I really like Anti Raanta for this role.
with the above, we would actually have about ~$5M to be allocated outside of these guys coming back. Now there's probably two approaches here -
1) Retain Lindblom for line 4, Let Simek walk instead, and bring in a bottom pairing RD (Gudas, Hamonic would probably be viable for minimally more cap than Simek). EK/Benning/MacDonald remain so we have a 4 deep RD roster.
2) Focus on forward with Lindblom leaving - allocate the $5M to the strongest option we can achieve for the top-6. I would be stoked to take a run at Max Domi given his grit and age being a bit closer to the younger guys, meaning he could maybe stay around into the early competitive window. Alternatively there are guys like Zucker / Tatar hitting FA.
Roster for next year could shape up to something like the below which I think is stronger than what we iced for this season. We lose Timo Meier ultimately, but the top-6 in my opinion would be a bit better balanced and the bottom 6 in particular would be stronger than this season -
Eklund - Hertl - Kaut (~$1.25M) / Zetterlund ($1.5M)
FA (Max Domi $5M) - Couture - Barabanov
Bourdelau - Sturm - Zetterlund / Kaut
Kunin - Lorentz - Lindblom (or Svech at ~$1.25M)
Extras: 2023 1st rounder on ELC (if warranted), Gadjovich (~$0.98M), Labanc

Ferraro - Karlsson
Vlassic - Benning
Mukhamadullin - MacDonald
Extras: Knyzhov, Thrun, Simek

FA (Raanta ~$2.5M)
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2023.03.29 21:55 Individual_Bread_673 AITA for having my uncle change his will?

For the past few months, my wife and I (both mid 50s) have been taking care of my uncle who's in his 90s. He's recovering from hip replacement surgery and has moderate dementia. Our house was 4 bedrooms, 2 down and 2 up. Our bedroom and my office are downstairs, the 3rd bedroom is our movie/small rec room and the 4th bedroom is the guestroom. All 4 bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms.
Obviously this is not an ideal set up for my elderly uncle as he's unable to get up and down the stairs currently. To mitigate this problem, my wife and I decided to have an addition built onto the house for my uncle. It includes another bedroom, handicap accessible bathroom, entry ramp, small kitchen and dinette area, office and den. This addition was not cheap and cost us over $200k to complete it. Since we went out on such a limb and took a big financial hit, we ended up asking my uncle to change his will to leave everything to us.
My uncle never had any children and none of his other nephews or neices would have been able to accommodate his needs the way we are. His other option was to go into a nursing home and likely be neglected. My uncle is not rich, has maybe $300k to his name, if that and we are simply looking to recoup the cost of the addition and a little bit for providing his care. (He had originally intended to leave what he had split between his church and a few charities he's fond of.)
Unfortunately my uncle's health took a turn for the worst very shortly after he revised his will. He ended up being hospitalized and passing away before he could move into the new addition. Which is sad and I regret he wasn't able to enjoy it, but our daughter has fallen on hard times and has moved in while she gets back on her feet, which we are happy to be able to provide that for her. However, certain family members are accusing us of scamming uncle. Claiming that due to his advanced age, slight dementia issues, and need for care, we only built the addition for ourselves, which is entirely not true. They're saying my wife and I are greedy and horrible because we should have let uncle take our room downstairs and us move to the upstairs guestroom. That by adding on a "whole apartment" we intended to make uncle feel isolated, we'd hoped to give him back a sense of independence, where we'd only be a phone call and short walk down the breezeway in case he needed us, but not right up on him all the time. Obviously due to these accusations, things are now very tense. AITA for trying to recoup the costs we spent for my uncle's care and comfort?
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2023.03.29 21:55 StepwiseUndrape574 Hey Rockstar, GTA Online Has A Bad CPU Bottleneck That Slows Loading But There's A Fix

GTA Online is Rockstar's incredibly popular cash cow that has been keeping gamers busy since 2013. Although the game should be relatively mature at this stage in its life, it still has plenty of flaws, such as horrendous loading times. These loading time issues have annoyed countless players, and now one player has tracked down the root issue to improve performance.
GTA V fan T0ST recently picked up GTA Online again to finish some new heists that have come out since he last played, but he was "shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was released 7 years ago." With some grit, determination, and perhaps even some spite, T0ST decided it was "time to get to the bottom of this."
gta online ridiculous load times fixed benchmark
In the process of digging into GTA Online, T0ST had to do due diligence and research to make sure no one else figured out the problem. Once it was established that no one had, he ran some benchmarks on his PC with an aging FX-8350 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB of DDR3, and a "cheap-o" Kingston SSD. Though these parts may be old, they should be plenty to get GTA Online off the ground in decent time, but that is not what happened. According to the data in the blog post, T0ST got into the story mode in approximately one minute and ten seconds, whereas it took nearly six minutes to get into online mode. After some polling, it appears that many other users are having the same issue . What could be happening here?
gta online ridiculous load times fixed taskmanager
Using the task manager, T0ST found that his CPU was being eaten for around four minutes during GTA Online's load process. Perhaps it was just a bottleneck happening on his CPU alone, but that would not make much sense. To track down the issue, T0ST went to dump the running processes' stack, showing where the offending process is happening in RAM. This information, acquired through Luke Stackwalker, gave T0ST a place to look for whatever was causing issues.
gta online ridiculous load times fixed lukestackwalker
After falling down the rabbit hole of trying to track down where the memory pointed, it all started to come together through assembly code reading and obfuscation. Evidently, when loading into GTA Online, a whopping 10MB worth of JSON is being parsed. It seems that it is data for something called "net shop catalog," which is likely just all the things purchasable in GTA Online using in-game currency.
gta online ridiculous load times fixed parseloop
Why this parsing takes so long is due to a function used called sscanf, which, in this instance, can be loosely equated to reading Romeo and Juliet by reading one word, then rereading the play, and then jumping back to the next word in the play. Furthermore, there is another bad programming issue just beside sscanf, which goes through the entire list of JSON entries in an array, one by one, and checks to see if there are duplicates by comparing a unique ID assigned to each item called a hash. Ultimately, it is a lot of extra and unnecessary work that slows down everything.
To solve this issue, T0ST decided to write a .dll (Dynamic Linked Library) and inject it into GTA so that sscanf is effectively streamlined. Also, rather than running duplication checks, they can just be skipped as items inserted into the storage array will always be unique, as was set up during the parsing effort. Once T0ST injected the DLL into GTA with both issues fixed, he saw his load times go from around six minutes down to a solid approximate two minutes.
As T0ST explains, this "won't solve everyone's load times - there might be other bottlenecks on different systems, but it's such a gaping hole that I have no idea how R* has missed it all these years." Ultimately, Rockstar needs to dig into this issue to save all GTA Online players headaches during loading. If you want to see what T0ST did exactly, you can check out his GitHub here and see what is going on. In any case, perhaps we will soon get an official statement from the development company, so keep an eye on HotHardware for updates.
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