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Results of round 3 of christ university

2023.06.07 18:26 Worried_Ad_410 Results of round 3 of christ university

Does anyone have any idea as to when the results of round 3 of christ university will be declared? Are there any chances of getting into the bgr campus for economics hons?
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2023.06.07 18:26 Lemonburstcookies Third-Party Driving Test

Hi all. I’m 24, trying to get my driver’s license. I have an appointment tomorrow for a written test and I’ve completed ITAD and adult drivers Ed. The problem is that road tests are scheduled so far out. On the DPS website, it says that I can use a third-party testing site if I have a valid restricted license. Does anyone know how I obtain a restricted license? Is it the same as an adult learners permit? Is that something I can ask for at my appointment tomorrow?
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2023.06.07 18:26 Comfortable_Union982 Cosigner

Hello, I have fell into this situation where I need a private student loan as my federal aid didn’t cover all my expenses (I am fresh in the country and had to buy a car, lease an apartment, basic furniture…). As I’m new here and on my own, I have no cosigner. I just need 3000$ private loan to continue the semester. I have a part time job which pays me 500$ every 2 weeks. Apparently not enough. I tried services like hireAcosigner but nobody replied although I paid 50$. Does anybody here have a good credit score to cosign for me, if you get to know me you’ll know that I’m a good and credible person and I don’t play around loans, I will be a successful mechanical engineer… I am willing to split a portion of my loan to my cosigner. And if there is nobody out there to cosign for me, what should I do in this situation?
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2023.06.07 18:25 filmparrot Does anyone have compulsions without obsessions?

Obviously I do have the obsessions which lead to compulsions, but recently I’ve noticed how I’m seeing the compulsions more often without the obsession behind it. For example, tapping HAS to be done among other things that may not be triggered by an obsessive thought. Or is THAT the obsessive thought? That ur has to be even or I just HAVE to do it? Anyone else?
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2023.06.07 18:25 him-eros00 For those who’ve had herpes for years

So if you’ve had herpes for years. How does it affect your life? Do the breakouts eventually stop or is it a constant thing that you have to deal with? How often do you think about it? In what ways does it affect you the most?
I recently got it and I feel like my life is over. I feel so damaged and let down and I just want to die.
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2023.06.07 18:25 Gamerelo Are there any Mechanical Keyboards like Logitech G815/915?

Hello guys! Is there any Keyboard like G815 / G915? Although G815 is great, but after looking at reviews I found out its keys are wobbly. Also I want to have variety to select from.
So what I actually want in my Mechanical Keyboard is that it should have Low or Semi-Low Profile key caps, should have Macro Keys, Can be Full size or TKL but not smaller than that. But most of what I find looking online has either low profile key caps but does not have macros and vise versa. I was looking at keyboards of NuPhy and liked the low profile look of NuPhy Air75 so I went to their store to check if they have any keyboards with Macros, and to my surprise I found out they just released a keyboard with macros a few days ago called NuPhy Field75. But sadly, it has Normal-Profile Keycaps :(
Please suggest me a Keyboard that checks my requirement. Idk if there are any for my preference :(
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2023.06.07 18:25 ta_ra_8yr Just adopted a puppy… things are not what we expected at all.

Hi everyone! My partner and I currently live in a condo building with his grandmother (83, he helps her with tasks around the house and does errands for her), our 5 year old Pomeranian and our 10 year old cat. Both the cat and the dog moved in when I moved in as they were my pets beforehand. After being together for around 8.5 years, living together for about 3 years, my partner wanted a dog of his own to add to the family. My dog can be shy and will become very reactive towards a dog that gets too much in her face, so we were being very selective on what dog we would rescue.
My partner found a dog online through a local rescue. The dog is a 5 month old ACD who is deaf. We applied and answered each and every question honestly and thoroughly. We really wanted to make sure our lifestyle and home situation would benefit the puppy and keep our grandmother and pets at least somewhat comfortable. They asked who we live with, what our home situation is like and how the other pets in our home behave as well as what our daily schedule typically looks like.
Shortly after applying, we got scheduled for a phone interview. I was at work during the interview, but my partner told me about it. The adoption coordinator was talking about how this dog’s energy level was closer to moderate as my partner explained our dog’s current routine. We usually take her for 2 hour long walks, one in the morning, one at night. We also give her a lot of enrichment options throughout the day (puzzle feeders, sniff games, toys, activities, Kongs etc.) He explained that his grandmother lives with us, her age and health level (she has some balance and breathing issues) and that he is her full time caregiver. The coordinator told us that all of that should work well. They basically were singing this dogs praises. Talking about how well he is crate, house and leash trained, how gentle he is and how his energy level is a lot lower than other ACD, so everything should work great. My partner then had to speak to “the foster” who kept saying how much of a saint he was for being interested in this dog. They talked to the trainer we work with about my dog’s process with reactivity. They said how amazing it was that we never gave up on my dog. We found out after adoption that we didn’t even speak to the actual foster, but the head of the rescue that our rescue was partnering with.
We get approved, do a virtual house check which consisted of about a 2 minute FaceTime call and we get told to make payment upfront then pick up the dog the following Saturday. We arrive and he’s a bit rambunctious, but decently behaved otherwise. He was a huge sweetheart. As time has gone on, he is becoming a menace to us, his grandmother and my dog.
He SCREAMS in his crate immediately and non stop. He keeps launching himself at our grandmother and biting her, luckily she hasn’t been hurt yet. He antagonizes my dog unless we have him leashed and behind a baby gate, which is creating reactivity for her. He picked up our hand signals and training pretty quickly (I’m talking 2-3 reps of a signal - like sit or down and he’s got it flawlessly) but if he doesn’t want to do it, he will bark at us and then proceed to jump on us and bite us. I have bruises and scratches all over me. They told us he was very well leash trained, but he can barely walk on leash without attacking the leash or jumping and biting us.
We have been bringing him to the park at morning and at night to run on the longline. We have been giving him kongs, food related puzzle games and have been training non stop. He is just terrorizing us. My partner is so anxious about everything he isn’t sleeping more than a few hours a night just to be woken up super early by the dog screaming in his crate. He has lost 15 pounds because we don’t even have time to separate ourselves and have a meal. We aren’t spending any time together, he can’t help his grandma at all because he can’t have the dog around her and can’t get away from the dog either. Most of the time I’m trying to soothe and settle my dog or I’m working 8+ hour shifts. He doesn’t give us any warning about when he needs to go potty. He will just get up and pee in the house.
We are just extremely frustrated because this is not even close to what we were told about him. My partner gave them multiple opportunities to say this wouldn’t be a good fit , he told them he just wants the best for the dog and to make sure he’s happy and healthy. They convinced us this would be a great fit. My partner in particular is very frustrated, drained and he says he doesn’t even like the dog at this point and my partner is a HUGE dog person. He has only slept about 6 hours over the past 3 days because this dog is dominating every aspect of our lives. I am terrified to go to work on Friday and leave my partner here alone to deal with all of this. We are really at a loss and don’t know what to do.
We feel like we were screwed here. We were told that this dog behaves completely the opposite of how he does. We were convinced we were a perfect match but this is far from it. We don’t want to give up on the dog because he doesn’t deserve to be moved around over and over, but this is not what we were expecting at all based on the foster and adoption coordinators stories. We honestly just want the dog to be happy. This obviously isn’t making him happy. What should we do here? We have about a week to figure out if we want to give him back and get a refund. Otherwise, we’re SOL on getting back over $600 that we spent to adopt him. We really don’t want to give him back due to the fact that it’s going to be even harder for him to be adopted if he’s being moved around a bunch between different families, but this is becoming dangerous and stressful for everyone involved.
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2023.06.07 18:25 mehtulupurazz Looking for a three way signal splitter - two outputs to two amps, one to the instrument DI on my audio interface

There's various options I have come across, though obviously I'm looking for something that won't introduce any noise or tone suck.
The Fortin Roach and Spliff both have three outputs - does anybody have any experience with these? Would they work for my setup? Also, is the difference between the two relevant to my needs? They're by far the cheapest option money-wise, so if they're great and work for what I need I may as well go with one of those.
Also was looking into the Radial JDV Mk3, though I'm still a bit confused as to how many outputs it has, since it has a thru out, two 'aux outs', and a tuner out. Would that work for my needs?
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2023.06.07 18:25 LunaMercer17 Asking for a friend

Asking for a friend.
Does anyone know if we will be having a [live] event on June 9? He just wants to know if he is gonna miss any thing or not.
Sorry if this has been asked before, haven't been on this sub in a few days now.
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2023.06.07 18:25 TheAngryObserver It has gone from difficult to impossible to imagine DeSantis's path to victory

People quite understandably said it wasn't fair to write his obituary before he had even been born. I suspected the opposite-- DeSantis was already running in the minds of those who cared, and his announcement would mostly be a bookkeeping change.
Earlier in the campaign, me and some other illustrious users here outlined DeSantis's path to victory. It involved running an aggressive, nasty campaign full of personal attacks and a race to the bottom on social issues with his personal Darth Revan. He needed to hit back early and hit back fast before the witless ape he was facing off against got his shit together.
The rest is history, but suffice to say DeSantis managed to make all the worst possible choices at all the wrong junctures. The not-campaign was a comedy of errors, and his polling has actually gotten worse since he announced. At this rate, he is not winning, and might not even get second.
Do things have to proceed at that rate? Does DeSantis need to keep going on like this? I think if he was capable of or knew of a better path, he'd have taken it once it was clear he was running for President back in the winter. And if he did change and go the route that I prescribed, or some other winning formula, would it matter? Trump has had a seven month head start to define DeSantis however he pleases, and he's used it viciously.
There's no reason to suggest DeSantis will change course. Take a look at his Iowa events, the man can't run a national campaign. I guess it's theoretically possible he does a dramatic turnaround and the primary electorate ends up buying it, and he somehow beats Trump's thirty-point lead, manages to reconcile Trump's supporters, and then goes on to beat Joe Biden, but would you honestly bet any money on this result whatsoever?
The question is moot, anyway. DeSantis win scenarios are so distant and implausible that we need dramatic hypotheticals to even conceive of them. Trump is winning fairly comfortably at this rate-- in a rather wide primary field, he's polling as well as Al Gore was at this time.
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2023.06.07 18:25 jakcc_si 10th gen AC issue isn’t covered

I finally took my 2018 Si in to get the AC system looked at, and it’s not covered by the service bulletins. According to the tech, there’s a leak in the pipe where the high to low pressure throttling valve is. The quote is $500 for parts and labor on top of the $300 diagnosis. Does anyone know what my options are here?
I could just eat the money, but it seems insane that I should have to pay for a part that was clearly faulty from the factory. I haven’t had AC for two years. I asked about goodwill, but I don’t think they will give me any since I bought the car at a different dealer. Has anyone reached out to Honda North America? Would I reach out to them and try to negotiate a better price before having the service done or should I have the service done and then try to get them to reimburse me? Has anyone had any success trying to get issues covered?
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2023.06.07 18:24 ballbeamboy2 How much does Data structure and Algorithm make your job easier, and can you code the algorithm without googling just remombering from your memory?

  1. How much does Data structure and Algorithm make your job easier?

And I have spent time understanding differnece alogirthm like, how to reverse linked list, merge sort, bubble sort etc. I kinda understand the logic it but if i have to code it from memory, i just cant do it.

  1. Is this normal or should people just code those algorithm from their memory without googling Like the holland programmer Dijaskter or something that just invent Dijakster shortest path when he was waiting an airplane or something i cant remember it correctly?

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2023.06.07 18:24 IndiCoder18 Was trying out the Bing AI Chat and gave an interesting command. Great response!

Okay, I'll try to create a conversation between Albus Dumbledore and Yoda about the choice of truth. Here is what I came up with:

Dumbledore: Greetings, Master Yoda. I have come to seek your wisdom on a matter of great importance.

Yoda: Welcome, you are. What troubles you, tell me.

Dumbledore: I have a prophecy that foretells the fate of a young boy who is destined to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. But I fear that if I reveal this prophecy to him, he will be burdened by its weight and lose his innocence.

Yoda: A difficult choice, you face. To tell the truth or to conceal it. Both have consequences, they do.

Dumbledore: Indeed. If I tell him the truth, he may lose hope and despair. If I conceal it, he may feel betrayed and resentful. How do you decide what is best for your students, Master Yoda?

Yoda: Hmm. The Force, I trust. Guide me, it does. But also, the students themselves, I observe. Ready for the truth, some are. Others, not yet. Depends on their character, it does.

Dumbledore: I see. And how do you judge their character?

Yoda: By their actions, not their words. By their choices, not their abilities. By their courage, not their fear.

Dumbledore: Wise words, Master Yoda. Thank you for your counsel.

Yoda: My pleasure, it is. May the Force be with you, Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore: And may magic always be your ally, Yoda.
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2023.06.07 18:24 ThonyHR I'm a small streamer and I'd like to do a "Twitch Plays" sort of thing with Outer Wilds. Any ideas on how to give my chat the most interaction with the game possible ?

Hi ! One of my favorite game of all time is Outer Wilds obviously. I'd like to share my passion with this game with my viewers but I already finished the game and it's not a game you can easily replay everyone here knows that...
I'll be participating in a charity event in August and my goal is to make my chat finish Outer Wilds before the end of the event. They can't control the game with direct input like Twitch Plays Pokemon because else the game would be literally impossible. I was thinking of something more like me playing the game and doing what the chat wants but I don't know where to start and how to do it.
Should I let them vote for which planet I should go, where I should head next, what I should read etc... ? With this method there will be a vote for everything and it can be a bit tedious. It can also skip a lot of the unvoluntary discoveries that way. Should I simply play the game like I'm dumb and let them make the connections ? I have no other idea on how it could be enjoyable for them without it being a hassle. Does someone has any idea on how to make it enjoyable ?
Thanks a lot !
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2023.06.07 18:24 cuda66 Ok… noob questions again… I got this in along side a longer whip antenna, for my RA685, I do have a Com-Pu-Tah, however I am deliberately out of touch with modern computing. So… how does one utilise this dodabber? Are there apps available? Or is it a smidge more complex than that?

Ok… noob questions again… I got this in along side a longer whip antenna, for my RA685, I do have a Com-Pu-Tah, however I am deliberately out of touch with modern computing. So… how does one utilise this dodabber? Are there apps available? Or is it a smidge more complex than that? submitted by cuda66 to HamRadio [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:24 benhaube Considering a switch from Fedora 38 KDE Spin.

Hello all,
I have been considering a switch to openSUSE from Fedora 38 KDE. I currently don't have any real issues with Fedora, but I want to try the only other rpm-based distro that uses a different package manager. The only reason I have not switched is because reinstalling the OS on both my desktop and laptop is really time-consuming. I also have some questions about making the switch.
First, how is the Nvidia driver support on openSUSE? My desktop has an RTX 2070 Super. I have run into a few issues here and there with kernel updates on Fedora. Are those issues present in openSUSE as well? How is the Nvidia Wayland support for KDE Plasma?
How well does openSUSE run on ThinkPad laptops? I have an X1 Yoga Gen 6. On Fedora, every piece of hardware is supported. I don't want to run into compatibility issues.
Finally, what is the main difference between Tumbleweed and Leap? I know Tumbleweed is already a rolling release with frequent updates, so what does Leap do differently than that? Is it just a difference in stability and testing?
Thanks in advance for the input. I have been using RHEL/Fedora/CentOS servers and desktops for many years while working in IT. As well as Debian, occasionally. I have never used openSUSE though, and I am interested in giving it a try.
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2023.06.07 18:24 Zeck683 POV you watch reddit gaslight themselves for a month

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2023.06.07 18:24 AnonMia123 When does Maine actually have summer?

Another reason this state sucks. Wet and gray for 3 weeks straight
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2023.06.07 18:24 oskansavli Is the mesh firmness same for all sizes?

Hi, I couldn't find the answer to this on Reddit.
Do all sizes use precisely the same mesh or does it have different firmness such as size A being softer and size C being firmer since they are designed to carry different weights?
Asking for both Aeron classic and remastered.
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2023.06.07 18:24 CleanBasil196 Why does he refuse to use any water dish besides the big dog’s? I’ve got him a fountain and we have 3 other water bowls around the house.

Why does he refuse to use any water dish besides the big dog’s? I’ve got him a fountain and we have 3 other water bowls around the house. submitted by CleanBasil196 to u/CleanBasil196 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:24 EquipmentMountain385 How long does support typically take to get back to you? I recently got my (12 year old) account terminated for having my first and middle name in my username (PII). It was banned at like 1am on June 1st and I appealed it a few minutes after. I have read it takes about a week so I'm a bit worried

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2023.06.07 18:24 bellygrumbles Coping Strategies

There is a great app called Insight Timer that I use to help focus my daydreaming skills in a healthier way.
They are a meditation app with things like meditative music and guided meditations for all kinds of topics; anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep, confidence building, manifestation, positive affirmations, etc.
We are creative imaginative people and the capacity we have for that is amazing. We can channel it in ways that work for us (not against us like maladaptive daydreaming ultimately does). If you think about it, a daydream is very much like a meditative state. We’re all already halfway there, we just need to shift the meditative focus to something healthier.
I’m not suggesting just stopping daydreaming altogether. But meditating can seriously help alleviate some common issues I see many of us struggling from. There are other meditation apps like Calm, but you have to pay for that one and I personally don’t like the app much anyway. Insight Timer is free and has been a great resource for me. Especially for sleep.
If this post only helps one person, then I’m grateful it’s helped anyone at all.
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