9 30 am ist

Bin Ich das Arschloch? - Wenn du dich fragst, ob du das Arschloch in der Geschichte bist.

2020.06.19 14:11 McFlysonson Bin Ich das Arschloch? - Wenn du dich fragst, ob du das Arschloch in der Geschichte bist.

Dieser Sub ist die deutsche Version von AmItheAsshole. Lasst uns gemeinsam herausfinden, ob ihr euch in einer bestimmten Situation wie ein Arschloch verhalten habt, oder es die anderen waren.

2009.09.15 20:24 AnnArchist THE DEATH STAR

Raider Nation HQ of the Las Vegas Raiders

2009.06.15 01:12 buu700 Relationship Advice

Need help with your relationship? Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help!

2023.06.07 17:04 MrDamBeaver Still unclear a: Kqi3 pro or the upcoming g2 max?

Maybe the two are in different categories. Everywhere I looked the G2 in Canada will be around 1400 and sure it is newer and has better range but the Kqi3 pro is 769 CAD with the current 30 percent off promotion. But I saw a few posts of people considering the G2 over the NIU scooter.
Am I missing something? Is the G2 cheaper? Is it worth going for the kqi3 pro given its price reduction?
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2023.06.07 17:03 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/goldenknights roundup for the week of May 31 - June 06

Wednesday, May 31 - Tuesday, June 06

Top videos

score comments title & link
452 35 comments [Highlights] Absolutely insane save by Adin Hill
168 12 comments What an assist by the Golden Knights' assistant equipment manager!
122 24 comments Heavily inspired by an edit made years ago, a little hype video before the games gets rolling.
106 11 comments [Highlights] Barby lays a NASTY hit on Mahura
102 12 comments [Highlights] This is the 5th time this postseason the Golden Knights have chased their opponent's starting goalie. That's tied for 2nd most in a single postseason in the last 30 years, trailing only the 2011 Boston Bruins (7 times)
69 9 comments In Hill We Trust
52 5 comments [Shitpost] Matthew Tkachuk and Sam Bennett

Game thread comments

score comment
122 ChiefBroChill said I, for one, would like for Vegas to score more goals than the kitty cat team.
90 R3id said #FIRST INTERMISSION POLL Upvote if you love the Vegas Golden Knights Downvote if you don’t
69 UnhealthyCheesecake said Just gonna say before the games get going that being a part of this fandom is so friggin awesome. I wasn’t on Reddit for the first Cup run, but there’s gonna be so much RECKLESS OPTIMISM in this serie...
67 Vegas_Golden_Refs said People love to talk shit about Vegas, but this whole over the top show it's making the Cup feel like a big event like it should be.
58 Steve_Hunts96 said Oooooooh my god we look so fucking good right now HOLY SHIT #KEEP THIS THE FUCK UP
54 abishop717 said This TNT crew is 1000000x better than ESPN
48 crline3924 said This game is definitely having hockey fuming, I can tell
44 hobbit_lamp said omg I want Hill to beat up Tkachuk so bad lol
41 FridayCicero702 said 🎵 "The room was completely gold" 🎵 🎵 "Adin Hill's a mountain I have been told" 🎵 🎵 "Like the Panthers once said" 🎵 🎵 "Ain't that a hole in our net" 🎵 🎵 "The puck keeps... spinning" 🎵 🎵 "We'll get...
41 RLLRRR said Anyone talking about physical retaliation is being ridiculous. The best retaliation is Jack Eichel lifting the Cup while Tkachuk watches from the lockerroom.

Top Non-Shitposts

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414 227 comments [Post Game] 3 TO GO!!!
330 24 comments [PlayeTeam Discussion] Nic Hague Appreciation - The Demon Whisperer
291 41 comments The Knight's must win
289 21 comments Savage
271 262 comments PGT: 2 More
266 50 comments Just felt like posting this again... Moneypuck odds after R1G1
262 35 comments Rest in Peace, Bark ❤️
258 16 comments Nevada's highest peaks

Top Shitposts

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260 6 comments [Shitpost] Gold Leader checking in
130 11 comments [Shitpost] Title!
121 31 comments [Shitpost] Concept for the 2024 Jersey
109 35 comments [Shitpost] Haters gonna hate I guess 😂
107 63 comments [Shitpost] THG Poll Sending LOTS of Hate Our Way
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2023.06.07 17:03 Ycr1998 Space Dragon < A really angry kitten

Space Dragon < A really angry kitten submitted by Ycr1998 to LegendsOfRuneterra [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:03 Inevitable_Wall1684 Gehalt

Hallo zusammen. Mir wurde weder die Hälfte meines Gehalts ausgezahlt, noch hatte ich meine letzte Lohnabrechnung erhalten, weil der AG angeblich zu viele Ausgaben im Zusammenhang mit meiner Anstellung hatte. Es ist eine Zeitfirma, die Menschen am Flughafen beschäftigt. Auch wenn sie das Recht dazu haben, sollten sie mir zumindest in Form einer Rechnung erklären, wie hoch die Kosten sind oder etwas änliches. Ich habe von ihnen absolut nichts in diesem Sinne erhalten. So sieht es mir nach einem versuchten Diebstahl oder Betrug aus. Was würdet Ihr in diesem Fall tun? Danke
submitted by Inevitable_Wall1684 to arbeitsleben [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:03 catlabarda PLEASE HELP ME GRADUATE 🥺

Hello everyone! I am currently working on my thesis on adverse childhood experiences and maladaptive daydreaming.
I'd like to seek your assistance in obtaining at least 400 participants for this study. I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to my questionnaire, and it would also be extremely helpful if you could share it with your friends and family.
Here are the Criteria:
  1. Filipino citizen;
  2. Currently enrolled as a college student or a college graduate;
  3. Capable of understanding the English language;
  4. 22 to 30 years of age;
  5. Has a history of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect before the age of 18;
  6. Not clinically diagnosed with mental health conditions.
The survey questionnaire contains all necessary information, including your rights as a participant. So please read everything thoroughly. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message or email.
You can access the questionnaire through this link: https://forms.gle/E7GpuzHyCqfUKDty7
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.07 17:02 jcv127 A La Spezia prove tecniche della Giornata della Marina 2023 - Mancano solamente due giorni alla celebrazione della Giornata della Marina, che si terrà venerdì 9 giugno, alle ore 10:30 a La Spezia lungo la passeggiata Morin e lo specchio acqueo antistante. Per tale evento, dalla data odierna a g...

A La Spezia prove tecniche della Giornata della Marina 2023 - Mancano solamente due giorni alla celebrazione della Giornata della Marina, che si terrà venerdì 9 giugno, alle ore 10:30 a La Spezia lungo la passeggiata Morin e lo specchio acqueo antistante. Per tale evento, dalla data odierna a g... submitted by jcv127 to u/jcv127 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:02 picklechips666 (F26) should I end it with my situationship (m29)?

I have been seeing this guy for about 1 year. He had recently asked me to be his gf in the midst of many arguments and I said I wasn't ready yet. I just feel like you should be in a good place when making it official. My main issue is that we only see each other once every 3 weeks and he will often make plans with me then cancel super last minute bc he is tired from the day. He loves 30 min from me and does work a lot of manual labor jobs plus is working to become a police officer. I just feel really disrespected when I ask him to make plans with me ahead of time and he never does. Or when he does and the day rolls around, he cancels last minute. I can't tell if I'm being manipulated because he acts like he hears me out but then his actions never align with his words. I feel bad bc I know he really does work a lot but I just think I'm asking for the bare minimum. I just want to hang with him during the day, I want to feel special, I wana see him one day before 9 pm. I just feel in my gut I can't commit and he not right for me....even tho his other qualities are great. For example, he hypes me up a lot, is really positive, and is very patient with me. But I just think if u can't see me during the day then don't make plans with me and cancel last minute bc that's not respectful of my time. I set time aside to see him and don't make other plans and no matter how much I ask and how upset I get nothing changes. It's like he just says what he thinks will make me happy in the moment but thinks I won't leave if he doesn't follow thru. I feel like a nagging wife but reliability is the number one quality I look for when dating and I can't just not say anything.
submitted by picklechips666 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:02 dizzyawhal98 Question? About legendary specs

Question? About legendary specs
No skills cost a 100 mana so if I press a skill 3 times does this proc?
submitted by dizzyawhal98 to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:02 bajie90 我国一孩生育率跌至0.5

我国一孩生育率跌至0.5 submitted by bajie90 to weibo_read [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:02 KongregateOfficial Earn +50% more Kreds from the offerwall on Kongregate.com!

Earn +50% more Kreds from the offerwall on Kongregate.com!

JUNE 9 - 11, 2023 1.5x Kreds Offerwall Bonus Event
  • Start an offer during the event, complete it within 30 days, and earn 1.5X Kreds!
  • To access the offer wall, sign in at Kongregate.com and click My Kong → Kreds → Buy Kreds → Earn Free Kreds
  • Offers must be started within the promotional period to get the 1.5x Kreds
  • Values shown during the promo are already at 1.5x value
  • Completion requirements vary by offer
  • Starts and ends at 4PM Pacific
  • FAQs and info @ https://kong.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200976605
u/Kong News
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2023.06.07 17:02 Pingooins Transfer 1 or 2 Day 6 Embryos?

I’m in my early 30’s with unexplained infertility issues. After trying for over a year and 3 rounds of IUI, I moved forward with IVF. I had OHSS after my retrieval which resulted in freezing and PGT testing the embryos. My first FET of a day 5 3AA resulted in a pregnancy that ended in a silent miscarriage at week 9. I just completed another transfer of a 3BB day 5 embryo that failed to implant. Im 2 years into the process of TTC and my remaining 6 embryos are all day 6 and I have read mixed information on the success rate. My doctor recommends transferring just one embryo but would support my decision if I decided to transfer 2. I love the idea of a twin pregnancy but am fearful of the slight risk increase associated with a multiples pregnancy. My hope is with a double embryo transfer I would get at least 1 baby but my concerns are 1) I waste 2 embryos due to an undiagnosed condition causing implantation failure/miscarriage, 2) miscarriage of 1 fetus causing the other healthy fetus to miscarry, or 3) prenatal death of both babies late term (slight risk increase with multiples). Is it better to play it safe with a single FET or do you think a DET will increase my odds of a live birth?
submitted by Pingooins to IVF [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:01 Engetarist How about CRT televisions? I prefer big ugly boxes to sleek flat screens. Ooh, and hot, inefficient incandescent light bulbs. And 8-track tapes. And buggy whips...

How about CRT televisions? I prefer big ugly boxes to sleek flat screens. Ooh, and hot, inefficient incandescent light bulbs. And 8-track tapes. And buggy whips... submitted by Engetarist to Fuckthealtright [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:01 AeroBurner24 Swing change Vs. Loft change

Recently I have been hitting my driver well, Carrying it 280-295 yards on average, but also hitting it insanely high. The ball almost never has any roll out and shots are spinny (3500 range). What should be done to reduce spin, and lower the trajectory? Is it an issue with my swing, or with the hardware.
For context: I'm Hitting a Stealth 9° - Kai'Li Super Stiff 60g Shaft Stock shaft Length.
I am 6'5", and don't have to swing very hard to generate speed. I really try to be under control and swing up on the ball. Average swing speed is around 113mph and rising.
My "Miss" is an overdraw or snap hook. I rarely ever slice unless it is a big mis-hit. I push some right on occasion.
Thanks for any help!
submitted by AeroBurner24 to GolfSwing [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:01 cass2769 The “ask men over 30” sub is awful (wondering if this is telling)

The large majority of my posts to that sub get removed and I can never tell why. It seems to be bc they are too general or have been asked before…but…this is Reddit…it’s a constant evolving discussion.
Also the few times I am able to post there the conversation is so minimal. And it seems like a lot of posts there get minimal feedback.
It feels like they don’t want to have discussions. Unfortunately that sounds like a lot of actual men over 30….
submitted by cass2769 to AskWomenOver30 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:01 PokeRaidApp Water Festival: Beach Week Event has started! Check out the Pokémon that will appear in raids during the event!

Water Festival: Beach Week Event has started! Check out the Pokémon that will appear in raids during the event! submitted by PokeRaidApp to PokeRaid [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:00 catlabarda PLEASE HELP ME GRADUATE (Research on adverse childhood experiences and maladaptive daydreaming)

Hello everyone! I am currently working on my thesis on adverse childhood experiences and maladaptive daydreaming.
I'd like to seek your assistance in obtaining at least 400 participants for this study. I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to my questionnaire, and it would also be extremely helpful if you could share it with your friends and family.
Here are the Criteria:
  1. Filipino citizen;
  2. Currently enrolled as a college student or a college graduate;
  3. Capable of understanding the English language;
  4. 22 to 30 years of age;
  5. Has a history of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect before the age of 18;
  6. Not clinically diagnosed with mental health conditions.
The survey questionnaire contains all necessary information, including your rights as a participant. So please read everything thoroughly. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message or email.
You can access the questionnaire through this link: https://forms.gle/E7GpuzHyCqfUKDty7
Thank you in advance!
submitted by catlabarda to Filipinology [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:00 CitronBetter2435 Why yes, yes he is!

Why yes, yes he is! submitted by CitronBetter2435 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:00 markets_bot Here are the current market sector performances: (Wed Jun 7, 2023 EST)

Here are the current market sector performances: (Wed Jun 7, 2023 EST) submitted by markets_bot to markets_bot_posts [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 16:59 New_Device5957 Weibliche Stalkerin auf dem Uni-Campus: Situation eskaliert -> Was tun?

Folgende Situation:
Wir (kleines Institut an einer deutschen Hochschule, ca. 10 männliche Kollegen) werden seit Monaten (manche von uns seit Jahren) von einer weirden Frau auf dem Campus angeglotzt, meistens in der Mensa beim Essen. Die Frau hat nen Buckel und wirkt von außen so, als wäre sie geistig eingeschränkt.
Keiner von uns kennt die Frau. Keiner will etwas mit ihr zu tun haben. Beim Essen angeglotzt werden und unpassenderweise laut gegrüßt zu werden ist zwar unangenehm, haben wir aber bisher einfach hingenommen, manche grüßen ab und zu zurück. In den letzten Monaten ist das ganze immer mehr geworden, an manchen Tagen setzt sich die Frau 3-4 mal während des Essens um, jedes mal näher in Richtung unseres Tisches. Zuletzt sogar bis an die unmittelbar angrenzenden Tische, sie isst kaum was und glotzt dauerhaft.
Heute stand die Frau auf einmal bei uns im Institut auf dem Flur. Sie muss also beobachtet haben, wo wir unsere Büros auf dem Campus haben, das Gebäude ist locker 400m von der Mensa entfernt. Drei von uns (inkl. mir) waren eben noch da, unter anderem mein Kollege, das vermeintliche "Hauptziel" der Stalkerin. Im Team-Chat: "Alarmstufe ROT, die Frau aus der Mensa steht aufm Flur, nicht rausgehen"... Als wir irgendwann aus dem Büro raus sind, sind wir erstmal höflich gewesen und haben Sie gefragt was sie von uns will, die Antworten waren völliger nonsense ("Da ist ein Fehler auf dem Plakat hier.", "Kann mir bitte ihr Kollege erklären was das heißt??", "Ist ihr kollege da drin??", ...).
Ich habe ihr (immer noch höflich) erklärt, dass Sie für fachliche Fragen wie jeder andere einen Termin machen soll und keiner von uns gerade Zeit hat und sie also jetzt gehen kann. Nach 10 Minuten stand sie immer noch da (unsere Büros sind an einem dead end eines längeren Flures, wir waren also von ihr "eingekesselt".
Wir haben dann den Campus-Sicherheitsdienst gerufen, die ganze Situation erklärt, Sicherheitsdienst kam leider nie. Irgendwann ist mir die Hutschnur geplatzt und ich habe sie (verbal) rausgeworfen. Zu dem Zeitpunkt war sie ca. 45 min auf dem Flur, nachdem ich sie gebeten habe zu gehen. Habe ihr mit auf den Weg gegeben, dass sie uns belästigt, dass das unpassend ist und dass ich die Polizei einschalte wenn sie nicht sofort das Gebäude verlässt. Habe ihr gesagt, dass sie in unserem Gebäude bzw. auf unserem Flur nichts verloren hat und nicht mehr wiederkommen darf, sofern sie keinen Gesprächstermin hat. Sie sagte dann "ok,verstanden" und fing an in ihrem Rucksack zu kramen. Sie stand so, dass ich den Rucksack nicht sehen konnte. In dem Moment ging mein Puls extrem hoch, bis ich gesehen hab, dass sie nur ihre Jacke rausholt. Sie ist dann die Treppe runter abgedampft.
30 min später hab ich Feierabend gemacht und bin aus dem Gebäude, sie stand direkt neben dem Ausgang an der Wand und glotzt mich an. Ich bin nur noch schnell zum Auto und heimgefahren.
Meine beiden Kollegen sind gerade immer noch da, die Stalkerin ist wohl mittlerweile weg. Beide meiner Kollegen (und ich) sind gerade leicht verstört und ratlos.
Meine Family fragte mich gerade, nachdem ich daheim alles erzählt habe, warum wir nicht die Polizei gerufen haben bzw. ihren Namen erfragt haben. Keine Ahnung wieso nicht. Die Situation hat sich auf jeden Fall extrem unangenehm angefühlt. Ich glaube rückblickend, dass der Grund Scham ist, weil man unterbewusst denkt, dass einen die Polizei auslacht, wenn man die in so einer Situation anruft.
Gedankengang: Wir sind drei physisch gesund junge Männer >1,80m und sie ist eine (evtl. geistig behinderte, auf jeden Fall in einem Faustkampf physisch unterlegene) 1,60m große Frau, warum stellen wir uns also so an?
Würde man einfach die Geschlechter in dieser Story tauschen sähe das ganze total anders aus, naja.
Meine Fragen an die Weisheit der Crowd:
- Was wäre die korrekte Reaktion gewesen? Haben wir überreagiert oder sogar zu schwach reagiert?
- Wie gehen wir ab jetzt am besten mit der Situation um?
Ich mache mir hauptsächlich um meinen Kollegen Sorgen, der ihr "Hauptziel" zu sein scheint.
TL;DR: Frau mit Buckel (und womöglich geistiger Behinderung) stalkt uns seit Monaten in der Mensa und stand heute einfach bei uns im Institut auf dem Flur und wollte nicht gehen. Einer in unserem Team scheint ihr Haupt-Ziel zu sein.
Wir haben uns dazu durchgerungen, sie verbal rauszuwerfen, nachdem der Sicherheitsdienst nicht kam und verbleiben jetzt verunsichert und ratlos.
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2023.06.07 16:59 sliced_lime Minecraft Java Edition 1.20 - the Trails & Tales Update Has Been Released!

What, is there something special happening today? Hold on, let me grab my calendar book from my chiseled bookshelf.
Oh, it's time for Trails & Tales! How could I forget? Time to equip your new brush and ride your camel off to new adventures!
This update can also be found on minecraft.net.

New Features


Decorated Pots


Sniffer Egg


Pitcher Plant



Netherite Equipment

Armor Trims

Cherry Groves

Bamboo Wood Set

Chiseled Bookshelf

Hanging Signs


The following changes have been made for both Signs and Hanging Signs. - Sign text can now be edited after being placed in the world - This can be done by interacting with the Sign - Signs with non-text chat components can not be edited - Both sides of the Sign can now have separate text and colors, allowing for further customization options - By default, a Sign will prompt you to input the front side's text when placed - To apply text to the back-side, you must walk to the other side and interact with that face to edit it - Signs can now also be waxed with Honeycomb, preventing any further edits to its text - Opening the sign edit screen in singleplayer no longer pauses the game

Calibrated Sculk Sensors

Vibration Resonance

Playable Mob Sounds

Piglin Mob Head

New Music

Windows Aarch64/ARM64 support


New Husbandry Advancements

New Adventure Advancements


Sculk Changes

Sculk Sensor Phases

Vibration Frequencies

In preparation for the Calibrated Sculk Sensor, vibration frequencies have been greatly simplified to prevent unwanted interference. The following are category descriptions for each frequency and the expected events that they correspond to:
  1. Movement in any medium (land, water and air)
  2. Landing on any surface (land or water)
  3. Item interactions
  4. Gliding with an elytra or unique mob actions (Ravager roar, Wolf shaking, etc)
  5. Dismounting a mob or equipping gear
  6. Mounting a mob or interacting with a mob
  7. Mobs and players getting damaged
  8. Consuming items (drinking and eating)
  9. Blocks 'deactivating' (door close, chest close, button unpress, etc)
  10. Blocks 'activating' (door open, chest open, button press, etc)
  11. Blocks changing (cauldron water level rising, adding food to campfire, etc.)
  12. Blocks being destroyed
  13. Blocks being placed
  14. Mobs and players teleporting or spawning
  15. Mobs and players dying or an explosion

Step Sounds


Technical Changes

Light Engine

The light engine is responsible for calculating the brightness of each block in the world. Light is calculated during world generation as well as updated when a block is changed in the world. Behavior of the light engine has not been changed.



The return command can be used to control execution flow inside functions and change their return value. Effects:
  • value: An integer return value


  • string data sources now accept negative boundaries, which are interpreted as index counted from the end of the string

Display Entity

Interpolation Changes

  • Previous values are always discarded if interpolation_duration is 0
  • Made sure that render properties are applied at the same time (so block_state is applied at the same time as transformation, i.e. at the next tick after receiving an update)
  • Display entities are not rendered until their initial data is received. That means display entities might not be shown on the first tick.
  • Note: due to how the game handles updates, changes to entities made after summoning might be delivered to clients within a later tick

Rendering Changes

  • item_display items have been rotated 180 degrees around the Y axis to better match the transformation that is applied when rendering items on an Armor Stand head and in Item Frames
    • For reference, the order of transformations applied to model (starting from innermost) is item_transform, rotate Y 180, transformation field, entity orientation (billboard option + Rotation field + Pos field)

Structure post-processors

Capped post-processor

  • A capped post-processor has been added which can limit how many blocks a delegated post-processor randomly transform in a structure
  • This can be used to configure a structure piece to have an exact amount of specific blocks, instead of using random distribution
  • The capped post-processor has following required parameters:
    • delegate A post-processor which performs the actual block transformation
    • limit Maximum amount of blocks that the delegated post-processor can transform
    • The blocks inside a structure are all randomly passed to the delegated post-processor until it has transformed the limited amount
    • Either constant or random number generator sampled during post-processing

Rule post-processor block entity configuration

  • Previously a rule could specify an optional fixed output_nbt which would be added to the processed output block entity
  • This field has now been changed to reference a block_entity_modifier
  • Existing block_entity_modifier's are:
    • passthrough Retains existing fields on the block entity
    • This is the default if no block_entity_modifier is specified
    • append_static Similar to previous output_nbt this provides fixed fields to add to the block entity
    • A minor change is that this modifier appends configured fields to the processed block instead of replacing existing fields
    • clear Removes any existing fields on the block entity
    • append_loot Appends a loot table and seed to the block entity through required parameter:
    • loot_table Referenced loot table to add to block entity as LootTable field
    • Field LootTableSeed is also added to the block entity using random seeded by block position

Loot Tables

Random Sequences

The game now uses named random sequences to deterministically produce loot for loot tables. Each random sequence produces a unique sequence based on the world seed and sequence ID, which means a loot table will produce the same results when ran with the same parameters in the same world.
The ID of the random sequence to use for a loot table is specified in a new optional field called random_sequence. If no sequence name is given, loot is drawn using a non-deterministic random source.


New function reference allows functions to call sub-functions (similar to reference condition).
Fields: - name - location of function to call


  • Loot condition alternative has been renamed to any_of
  • Added new loot condition all_of that passes only when all sub-conditions pass
    • Has the same syntax as any_of


New Triggers


  • Triggered when crafting a recipe
  • Conditions:
    • recipe_id - the resource location of the recipe crafted
    • ingredients - an array of predicates for the item stacks used in the recipe
    • A single item stack can only be used to fulfill one predicate
    • Each predicate needs to be fulfilled to trigger the advancement. This allows for separation between recipes that have same identifier but use different ingredients.
    • This field is optional. When not provided, or left empty, only the recipe_id will dictate the success of the trigger

Changed Triggers

  • All fields in placed_block, item_used_on_block and allay_drop_item_on_block have been collapsed into a single location field
  • The new location is similar to the player field - it is a list of loot conditions/predicates
  • All conditions in this list must match for a trigger to run
  • Conditions are evaluated in a new loot context called advancement_location. It has access to:
    • Player as this entity
    • Position of the placed block
    • Block state of the placed/interacted block
    • Held/used item as "tool"
  • Migration guide:
    • Contents of old location field should be migrated to location_check condition
    • Contents of item field should be migrated to match_tool condition
    • Contents of block + state fields should be migrated to block_state_property condition
Example (from make_a_sign_glow advancement):
Before: { "conditions": { "item": { "items": [ "minecraft:glow_ink_sac" ] }, "location": { "block": { "tag": "minecraft:all_signs" } } }, "trigger": "minecraft:item_used_on_block" } After: { "conditions": { "location": [ { "condition": "minecraft:match_tool", "predicate": { "items": [ "minecraft:glow_ink_sac" ] } }, { "condition": "minecraft:location_check", "predicate": { "block": { "tag": "minecraft:all_signs" } } } ] }, "trigger": "minecraft:item_used_on_block" }

Damage Types

  • Players outside the world border are now hurt by the damage type outside_border instead of in_wall
  • Forcibly removing an entity using the /kill command now uses damage type generic_kill instead of out_of_world


Block Tags

  • Removed replaceable_plants since it was only used as a subset of the blocks for the tag above, and not as universally
  • Added replaceable_by_trees to better express blocks that are replaced when the tree grows through them
  • Added replaceable with all the blocks that can be replaced
    • This tag only represents the internal state of the game, changing this tag does not make blocks replaceable
  • Added sword_efficient to represent blocks that are broken 50% faster by a sword than normal
  • Added maintains_farmland to represent which blocks will not cause farmland to be converted into dirt due to drying out when placed on top of it
  • Added combination_step_sound_blocks that controls which blocks produce a combination of step sounds
  • Added enchantment_power_provider to control which blocks increase the level of an Enchantment Table
  • Added enchantment_power_transmitter to control which blocks are allowed between an Enchantment Table and a Bookshelf (or other Power Transmitter)
  • Added vibration_resonators to control which blocks transmit vibration signals when placed next to Sculk Sensors
  • Added trail_ruins_replaceable for blocks that Trail Ruins can replace when generating
  • Added sniffer_diggable_block to control which blocks Sniffers can dig
  • Added sniffer_egg_hatch_boost to that control on which blocks Sniffer Eggs hatch twice as fast
  • Added ceiling_hanging_signs
  • Added wall_hanging_signs
  • Added all_hanging_signs
  • Added stone_buttons block tag
  • Added cherry_logs block tag
  • Added bamboo_blocks block tag

Item Tags

  • Added villager_plantable_seeds to represent which kind of seeds Villagers can farm
  • Added noteblock_top_instruments to control which blocks can be placed on top of Note Blocks without sneaking
  • Added breaks_decorated_pots to control which tools can break Decorated Pots
  • Added decorated_pot_ingredients
  • Added decorated_pot_sherds
  • Added sniffer_food
  • Added trimmable_armor
  • Added trim_materials
  • Added trim_templates
  • Added stone_buttons item tag
  • Added cherry_logs item tag
  • Added bamboo_blocks item tag

Biome Tags

  • Added has_structure/trail_ruins

Game Events

  • Removed piston_contract game event in favor of block_deactivate
  • Removed piston_extend and dispense_fail game events in favor of block_activate
  • Many game events have new vibration frequencies:
    • 1: step, swim, flap
    • 2: projectile_land, hit_ground, splash
    • 3: item_interact_finish, projectile_shoot, instrument_play
    • 4: entity_roar, entity_shake, elytra_glide
    • 5: entity_dismount, equip
    • 6: entity_mount, entity_interact, shear
    • 7: entity_damage
    • 8: drink, eat
    • 9: container_close, block_close, block_deactivate, block_detach
    • 10: container_open, block_open, block_activate, block_attach, prime_fuse, note_block_play
    • 11: block_change
    • 12: block_destroy, fluid_pickup
    • 13: block_place, fluid_place
    • 14: entity_place, lightning_strike, teleport
    • 15: entity_die, explode


New unihex Glyph Provider

  • New glyph provider for reading Unifont HEX files
    • HEX format describes font glyphs using a bitmap
    • The height of every glyph is 16 pixels
    • The width of glyph can be 8, 16, 24 or 32 pixels
    • Every line is made of two hexadecimal numbers separated by :
    • The first value describes a codepoint - it must have 4, 5 or 6 hex digits
    • The second value describes the glyph as a stream of bits, line by line
  • When rendering, empty columns on left and right side of glyphs are removed
    • Custom glyph widths can be set with size_overrides
  • This provider requires two fields:
    • hex_file - path to ZIP archive containing one or more *.hex files (files in archive with different extensions are ignored)
    • size_overrides - list of codepoint ranges that should have width different from auto-detected (based on empty space in glyph). Fields:
    • from, to - start and end of codepoint range (inclusive)
    • left, right - integers describing the position of the left-most and right-most columns of the glyph in range
      • Any bits in columns outside of this range will be discarded

New reference Glyph Provider

  • New glyph provider that can be used to include providers from other fonts
    • Providers are guaranteed to be loaded only once, no matter how many times they are included
  • Provider has one field id, that describes another font to be included in the currently loaded one
    • Inclusion is performed after all fonts are loaded, so it will include all providers for a given font defined in all datapacks

Removed legacy_unicode Glyph Provider

  • The legacy_unicode glyph provider has been removed
  • This functionality has been replaced by the unihex provider

Quick Play

  • Added support for four new command line arguments that allow the game to be launched directly into a world
  • quickPlayPath takes a specified path for logging (relative to the run directory)
    • If a path is provided the following will be logged upon joining a world:
    • type: is either singleplayer, multiplayer, or realms
    • identifier: represents the world you want to join
      • For singleplayer, the folder name of the world
      • For multiplayer, the IP address of the server
      • For realms, the Realms ID
    • port: represents the server port and is only logged for multiplayer
    • name: The name of the world
    • gamemode: The gamemode of the world
    • lastPlayedTime: The time you joined the world
    • Example:
    • --quickPlayPath "quickPlay/log.json" will resolve into .minecraft/quickPlay/log.json
  • quickPlaySingleplayer, quickPlayMultiplayer and quickPlayRealms all take their respective identifier
    • If one of these arguments is provided, the game will try to launch directly into the given world
    • Examples:
    • --quickPlaySingleplayer "New World"
    • --quickPlayMultiplayer "localhost:25565"
    • --quickPlayRealms "1234"


All Events

  • Added new property: launcher_name
    • This is set based on the minecraft.launcher.brand system property
    • This will help us troubleshoot game launch related bugs more effectively, as we will be able to see whether the issue originated in the Minecraft launcher or a third-party program

Updated Required Events

  • world_loaded
    • Added new property: realms_map_content
    • When loading into a Realms Map Content world (Minigame), the world_loaded event will receive the name of that map
    • This is to help us understand how Java Realms players interact with Java Realms adventure or minimap content

New Optional Events

  • advancement_made
    • This event is triggered when a player completes an advancement, and allows us to see the advancement ID and the time when the advancement was completed
    • This helps us as a studio understand player progress and limits, which informs our game design
  • game_load_times
    • This event is triggered when the game client is loaded
    • Includes the time it took for the client to load
    • This is so that we can work on improving and reducing the time it takes to load the game client


  • File is now read in UTF-8 initially, with previous encoding (ISO 8859-1/Latin 1) as a fallback
  • File is now written with UTF-8 encoding

Symbolic Link Validation

To improve safety, the game will now detect symbolic links used inside world directory. For a detailed explanation, check our help article.
  • If the target of a symbolic link is not on the user-configured allow-list, the game will not proceed with loading the world
    • Note: the world directory itself can still be linked
  • The list of allowed symbolic link targets is stored in file allowed_symlinks.txt in the client or server top directory
  • The file consists of entries (one per line) with following formats allowed:
    • Lines starting with # are comments and are ignored
    • [type]pattern, where type can be glob, regex or prefix
    • prefix matches start of path with given pattern (so for /test paths /test, /test/ and /test/foo.txt would match)
    • regex matches regular expression against whole path
    • glob uses OS-specific path matching mechanism (for example *.txt would usually match files with txt extension)
    • Note: paths will use OS-specific separators
    • pattern, which uses default prefix type

Fixed bugs in 1.20

Around 250 bugs were fixed in this release. View the list on the issue tracker.
# Get the Release
To install the Release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and click play! Make sure your Launcher is set to the “Latest Release” option.
Cross-platform server jar:
Report bugs here:
Want to give feedback?
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2023.06.07 16:59 IceInfinitely Who should my next 6 star be?

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