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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comedy writing by RJ Hunt - amateur chap and general nice bloke.

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black on white, blue links, minamal websites, content over form (unless form has meaning, geometry)

2023.03.29 22:22 --___--Water--___-- Uh my brain fell out, quick put it back in

I pay addicts axes and twenty sacks to come at ya Throwing bats that they catching get samurai Jack to attack ya Man I'd pay lawyers taxes just to watch them take what you took back Look at you acting so tough but we both know that you shook Know that they'll throw the book at you if they knew the truth That's the past though and this is the living proof I'm back and I'm through the worst and I feel new Free of guilt, shame, the embarrassment of you Renewing my feelings reviewing my dealings Healing my demons, chopping heads off when they grow anew I'm freeing my feelings removing the ceiling Cos this thing I feel, this craving for you ain't my truth It's just not true anymore that I feel you So far away full of anger, rage and regret Guilt and shame and embarrassment That you're still defensive about Think you got that clout but it's fake like the words out your mouth Man it's true I rue the day I met you Yeah that Tuesday That you text me and I was out working down south Hey this is Sam And I knew who you were cos I'd just been thinking about you Not a week went by that I didn't But I pretended I didn't remember Remember? Like Sam who? Like I knew 2 Sam's So many days wasted cos I tasted forbidden fruit Forcing myself to believe your truth or be damned No proof every day farming bullshit and drama You don't see it but you caused so much harm I miss the life I tasted but I don't want it back I miss your charm but not the lies Me trying then you lying then you cheating and me dying Then you lying then me trying then you crying and me dying When's the heart attack cos it felt on track A few times you played me made me pretty crazy Felt ego death but having your heart destroyed hits bad, makes you mad No longer a friend picture an enemy unfazed An entity of energy that grows with all this freedom and money for days And let's face it they're hoes, but you ain't one to judge cos we both know And let's face it everyone else does too, look yo You weren't subtle about the shit you were poking from the beginning How you fuck someone with worse teeth than me though Whole mouth see through but I told you that I feel new, been feeling lucky Next one, coke addict, addicted to smacking kids and pregnant women Fuck me what a haul oh yeah, crashing cheap ass cars with loud exhausts That shit gets laughed at round here so keep him, fucking Mike 2 lmao The proof of my rekindling will be sending this little scribble to you And knowing it'll hit you like no! Like yo what the fuck but what if I told you that I posted this shit on Facebook On Instagram and a rotating WhatsApp status Would you believe me cos I would, I'd stop and hesitate And wonder if an archive download of all you Facebook messages Had been sent to your entire contact list, you getting the gist Racist bitch Can you even imagine the shit that would cause cos I can There's enough shit in there for you to catch a case of 4 All you had to do was stop being a lying cheating stealing.. let's say bitch and no more.. But you couldn't do it So it comes to this, lovely What's more even when you left you've used me until now Think I don't notice you sweet talking me every Monday Cos you get paid our money plus my money plus still getting child credit And spend it on your coke fuelled honey, Lie to me and everyone else that I leave you with nothing When you've stolen every pound, didn't leave me or the animals a penny You benefit thief, just for effect cos you deserve and you won't hear it so far down there, here's a scouse "eeeee!" So now go be free live in the poorest part of the country, fade in with all the cars and money and your kid and your honey, what's quality of life anyway? Cos it's fading away quickly and being replaced with something that the people you don't like think is funny
A Trail before
The Book Of My Soul
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2023.03.29 22:21 newsleafs Recommendation for new card after building credit?

I’ve been working on building my credit and I’m 22 with a 702 credit score, but I’m not sure what credit card will work the best for me. I have some basic good ones that I like for cash back, but I’m looking to upgrade to something with more benefits, particularly Travel. I’m open to paying an annual fee if the benefits are worth it, so I was thinking about the Amex Gold. I’d definitely use up the dining credits easily. I also like the shopping offers that come through on my Amex Everyday and I heard the Gold card has better offers as well. I think it’s a better fit for me than the Platinum as I’m looking to increase my traveling for the next couple years, but it still won’t be super frequent and the stuff like lounge access won’t be used a lot. I was also thinking about the Capitol One Venture cards but it’s a little harder for me to make out which one would be the best fit. I would appreciate any insight or recommendations you could offer!
Total limit $12,450
MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)
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2023.03.29 22:21 cirza More transphobia from r/conservative.

Shocking no one I’m sure, the main conservative subreddit continues to use the Nashville shooting (which was horrific, misguided and evil) as an excuse to attack the trans community.
They spread misinformation, claim that the trans community is celebrating this awful act, and doing everything they can in the comments to vilify them. All while claiming their rhetoric and hateful bigotry can’t possibly be a problem for anyone.
This is not a fringe group. This is the primary hub for conservatives on Reddit.
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2023.03.29 22:21 spermo_chuggins Essential oils for hair/beard growth - how to neutralize the strong peppermint smell (either on my hair, or of the mixture itself?)

After reading some studies, I started using a mixture of (non-DHT inhibiting) essential oils for better haibeard growth (peppermint, clary sage, thyme, cedarwood). The problem is that the peppermint smell is really strong and sticks around all day.
How can I either deodorize my hair (besides washing it after an hour), or the liquid itself? Would adding lemon or vinegar reduce its' effectiveness by messing with its' chemical composition or pH, or something? What about baking soda?
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2023.03.29 22:19 A_bird_in_the_hands I saved someone's life and they gave me a toaster

A long time ago, I temporarily lived with an elderly lady while I got ready to marry my future husband, who lived nearby with his family. I was working long hours, and one day in late November I returned home around 11pm at night to find the lady's front door hanging open, the light shining through. She had a little white dog, and I saw him happily wandering around in her yard, alone. Alarmed, I looked around and found her, lying half in the street with her head resting on the curbside. I called my fiancé and his family and together we got her covered and situated while we waited for an ambulance to come. It looked like she'd had a stroke while taking out her trash but she might also just have slipped. She made a full recovery but that was a very scary moment.
She later sent us a nice note and a toaster. We used it for many years! I hope she's doing well, if she's still on this earth.
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2023.03.29 22:19 forever_fierce Free Little Libraries

If you happen to know off hand where one or more of the free little library boxes are in Lexington, if you have one near your house or on your street - please comment a nearby intersection so I can find them!
I’ll be filling as many as I can and hoping to partner up with a few local builders and artists to create a few more in neighborhoods that don’t have any!
If you would like to donate any books of any genre or condition, any coloring books, puzzles or magazines - I will gladly pick them up and award a free professional portrait session with my business for your kindness!
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2023.03.29 22:19 3d-designs Hot arse syndrome

Has anyone else noticed a change to auto heated seats recently? I keep seeing an effect whereby the vents are blowing cool air but the seats suddenly turn on. I end up with a cold front and hot back.
I'm pretty certain that this didn't happen before. I can see that it might be more energy efficient, but it's also quite disconcerting.
Is it a software change or do I have a problem?
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2023.03.29 22:18 juukaczynski Update on the ELF magazine project

Hello guys, I posted here about my ELF magazine project three days ago, and I have a few updates !
Thanks to a comment pointing to a pre-existing project from (ELF Weekly from CrunchTime), I was able to contact the person in charge of the magazine. While he told me thet were indeed looking for collaborators, they think the crowdfunding project they set up will not reach its goal (they need 2.000 readers, at the moment there are 300). Please help them if you can, by donating or spreading the word !
I also adviced him to consider translating the magazine in English, because I think German will limit their audience a lot.
Peace !
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2023.03.29 22:18 More_Ad8221 Name some of your favourite mental health resources.

I would love to get a better awareness of the local mental health resources (free or paid) available.
The ones I am aware of are:
The Foundry (for youth up to 24 years old): free mental and physical health services.
The Crisis Line (all ages): free mental health support available 24/7. +1 (888) 353-2273
Third Space Charity (18-29 years old): free supportive counselling.
Interior Health - Mental Health and Substance Abuse (all ages): substance use, eating disorder, and other mental health services. Free.
Grief Counselling (all ages): available through many of the hospice facilities. Often free. Please provide clarification in the post if you know.
The Bridge - Youth and Family services: substance use services.
Elizabeth Fry Society (all ages): free domestic violence services.
There are pros and cons to any service/ provider, but I would like to know what is available for myself and others. Most services are doing their best with limited resources. Please no rants :).
Please also list places where people can get support for housing, food, legal services.
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2023.03.29 22:17 Turboflopper USB c adapter

Bought a X8 and just realised that the provided usb-C->usb-C cable only works with the propietary crucial usb-C->usb-A Adapter if I want to use it on an USB-A port. Tried it with some other adapters but then the SSD only performs at ~45MB/s instead of the regular ~450MB/s. This also happens if I use the stock adapter "wrong". It is only compatible ONE WAY, thanks to a little plastic nipple you can see on the pic below. So crucial designed a cable with the UNIVERSAL Usb-C and made it only work when the adapter is used in ONE way...
see that little nipple there? that's where the magic happens
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2023.03.29 22:17 Zachariah255 My Nephew's Toy

My little nephew is attached to this https://imgur.com/gallery/A90hig8 It's supposedly a fish grabber tool, but he's in love with it. recently it got broken in half and he's been upset so I'm just putting this out there! if anyone has this or has seen it before I would love to know any info about it!
I tried buying a different one but he doesn't like it
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2023.03.29 22:16 Ok_Play_7144 Tax question.

Tax question.
Today I went to get my taxes done. The clerk looked over my crypto tax forms generated by Koinly, handed them back to me and said he is unable to accept it as it clearly shows the date I sold each asset, but under the column for "date aquired" it only displays a time. What do I do?
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2023.03.29 22:16 AikoMaliako I haven’t read part 7. ask me anything (also old art OC)

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2023.03.29 22:15 sourpeach22 whenever astrologers look at my chart they either make weird noises or say it’s interesting but never have properly explained lol so would like to hear thoughts

whenever astrologers look at my chart they either make weird noises or say it’s interesting but never have properly explained lol so would like to hear thoughts submitted by sourpeach22 to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 22:15 Morgentau7 Lets talk about Malyen Oretsevs Friends (pls watch all seasons first!)

I just watched the first Episode again, and like seriously, I really miss them. They gave the whole show the vibe of companionship, especially in the scenes with Alina and Malyen, and they acted a little like Merryl and Pippin from the lord of rings did with Frodo. Malyen is really happy around them. In the second season when he was abducted, no one really cared and there I realized that all of his real friends are dead, which is fucking sad. I really hope that he finds new friends now who give him company cause the crows show how important friendship is.
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2023.03.29 22:15 Agreeable-Rise-3047 Am I lucky??

Am I lucky??
Playing for abt 1 week. Almost black belt
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2023.03.29 22:15 xybernetics Installing Barcode Font For Word And Excel

Learn how to install barcode font for Word and Excel. there are two ways to install fonts on your Microsoft Windows, but the one I am demonstrating in this video is the simplest.
How do I download a barcode font in Word?
  1. Search for "download fonts" in Google.
  2. Download font from web site. I download mine from dafont.com
  3. Search for the font you want and download it.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file.
  5. Double click on the .ttf file.
  6. Click on install button (on the top left hand side of the popup window).
  7. Start using the new font in Microsoft Word. You do not need to restart your Microsoft Word.
How do I download a barcode font in Excel?
  1. Search for "download fonts" in Google.
  2. Download font from web site. I download mine from dafont.com
  3. Search for the font you want and download it.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file.
  5. Double click on the .ttf file.
  6. Click on install button (on the top left hand side of the popup window).
  7. Start using the new font in Microsoft Word. You do not need to restart your Microsoft Word.
Where can I get a barcode font?
I get mine from dafont.com
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2023.03.29 22:14 hasbeenwriting Just wondering, did it use to be a sin to speak out against a priest, even if they did something wrong?

Was it ever a thing? I remember once that my great and and uncle, god rest their souls, were talking with my parents and we talked about something or other our priest did. My great uncle was very active in the Knights of Columbus but had some sort of issue. Anyways, my great aunt piped up and said that " you shouldn't talk about a priest like that" when all he did was just say he didn't like something. She said this a few other times too, especially to my mom who isn't Catholic anymore.
Now obviously, we have to respect all people as Catholics, and especially priests, but was it ever a thing to NEVER criticize them? It makes me wonder if this led to some abuse issues where maybe some people felt it was wrong to criticize a priest, even if they were guilty. So was this ever a thing, or was my aunt just a little too pious? By the way I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I'm a devout Catholic myself, but I typically avoid a lot of these subs because the negative stuff ruins my day, so I try to make it more positive.
God bless and have a blessed Lent.
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2023.03.29 22:14 duross97 Can everyone please do me a favor and report this post. My account @1_slow5.0 was hacked and now they are posting on my shit. I can’t get it back I tried

Can everyone please do me a favor and report this post. My account @1_slow5.0 was hacked and now they are posting on my shit. I can’t get it back I tried submitted by duross97 to Mustang [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 22:14 Longjumping_Pirate_8 MDMA is the infinite cure to all your problems

Molly has solved every problem in my life! My girlfriend was constantly nagging me and calling me an "unmotivated junkie" before I tried it, but now I haven't seen or heard from her in weeks! Stupid bitch finally got off my back. Plus, since the first time I snorted it I've never gotten a nosebleed again in my life. The molly must've cured my nose and made my nose more powerful! I've been having the runs lately, gonna try boofing some next and lyk how it goes 👍
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2023.03.29 22:14 The_Real_C_House PC Randomly Crashes Under Moderate/High Load - New R7 5800x

I recently bought a new R7 5800x to replace my R5 2600x in my old system. Other parts are:
The crashes have been listed as fatal hardware error but temps haven't been crazy high (usually around 70C). Crash almost exclusively happens playing R6 Siege but has happened with other games as well like Valorant and Bannerlord. I've updated drivers and chipset software, reseated the GPU and reapplied thermal, but can't seem to clear the issue. I ran a stress test using OCCT and it ran fine, so I'm stumped on what might be causing/how to determine the cause. Each instance is a critical error per Kernel-power event ID 41 in event viewer, but admittedly I dont know what to take away from that. Any suggestions on what it might be or how to pinpoint the problem?
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2023.03.29 22:14 ACakeMysteryLover I think the tower is a little simple, but with some details ( Ghosty - Challenge 0 )

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