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Sea Turtles

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A place for sea turtle lovers.

2023.03.29 22:13 Downeaster1981 Wendigo, Skinwalker, or Whatever It Was - Scared the Bejesus Out of Me.

This encounter takes place in Newport, Vermont. Newport is a tiny town nestled in the mountains, close to the border of Canada, home of Lake Memphremagog and the St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church.
I was visiting a friend at the time who lived near Burlington, and he worked for the State Government of Vermont and while I was staying at his house for two weeks, he didn't take off any days from work and had to travel to different cities and towns all throughout Vermont. With him, I got to see a few random spots in Vermont I'd never been to before, and Newport was one of them. The idea was that he'd go to work, and I would walk around whichever town or city he had to go to, and I'd take photos and check out restaurants and local attractions just for something to do.
He parked in the lot of the building he'd be holding meetings in all day long and so I said goodbye to him and set off to explore on my own, telling him to text me when he was done. I checked out the amazing church we'd seen driving by on the way to my pal's work building, since I'm an architecture nerd, and while I was up there it began to snow down below and got really cold, and this was in November toward the end of the month, so it was pretty much the first snow I'd seen all season. I could see the large lake, Memphremagog, from up near the church, and before long I had to grab breakfast at a little mom and pop restaurant, and I spent the morning after that walking around and taking photos of anything I could in the town. Well, it began to sleet and got even colder, so I holed up in a market that doubled as a little restaurant and loaded pics up to my laptop while I warmed up and had some chili. The food was good, and the building was warm, and I probably spent about an hour in there, maybe an hour and a half. The snow wasn't really accumulating outside although it had gotten much colder since we'd arrived. I'd already seen much of the town and what it had to offer, so I decided to travel toward the outskirts of the town and soon found myself walking along some railroad tracks at around 2pm or so. There were lots of colorful leaves, and as I walked further along on the tracks, I noticed a curious tunnel ahead that caught my attention.
The tunnel was arching over the train tracks I was on at the moment, and for some reason the other side of the tunnel to me looked artificial and cartoonish, as if someone had painted over the tunnel entrance. The lighting seemed off, and in general it made me pause and take a photo. Well, as I did so, I felt like I was being watched and something made me turn around.
What I saw were two MASSIVE, grey and white wolves following me on the train tracks, about a half mile back. I mean, these wolves were big and definitely not coyotes or stray dogs. They were thick with fur, and they were stalking low to the ground.
Immediately my heart started pounding. I looked for an escape, and on each side of me the ground rose up about 15 or 20 feet and on the left was a large fence I could perhaps climb and on the right was open but had homes sprinkled here and there. I was pretty close to the tunnel, too, at that point and above it was a road and a guard rail. I hauled ass toward the tunnel, thinking maybe I could reach it and climb on top and let the wolves go their own way. I started to make my way quickly before I realized I wanted to see how close they were to me and mentally establish how much time I might have to reach the tunnel. I turned around again.
This time, what I saw were impossibly NOT two wolves. This time, two large gray humanoids were crawling on all fours at a high rate of speed toward me. They had no distinguishing features and instilled a massive sense of dread within me. I gave up my plans to run for the tunnel and instead launched myself up a hill and into the back yard of a man who immediately stepped in between me and his wife and daughter and started screaming at me to get off his property. I sheepishly tried to explain that there was something after me on the tracks behind me, but could tell he wasn't listening or caring what I had to say so I removed myself as quickly as I could and made my way via his yard to the road and then onto the top of the tunnel where I stayed for an hour or more until my friend texted me that his meetings were going to be done soon. I texted him back a quick account of what had happened, and finally worked up the courage to walk back down as I hadn't seen anything at all the entire time I was crouched on top of the tunnel.
My legs were shaking as I walked back to where my friend waited, just seeing the gray featureless faces and spindly limbs of the two humanoid creatures crawling toward me, but they had definitely been wolves before, I was sure of it. I have really no explanation for what they were, and I honestly didn't care at the time. Whatever they are, I can still see them crawling when I close my eyes.
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2023.03.29 22:06 Accomplished_Tour481 Anyone else have this problem? 2019 Tacoma SR5 drivers window, seems to leak rain water inside the door panel. When you scroll the window down, it takes moisture inside the panel. When you roll the drivers side window up, it is filled with water droplets.

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2023.03.29 22:05 kurmudgeon Based on the release notes of the next QTS release (QTS build 20230325 Public Beta), I predict we will be seeing many posts of broken features. Thank you to the brave souls willing to be our lab rats and perform this next upgrade.

QTS build 20230325 Public Beta

[Applicable Models]

[Important Notes]

[New Features]

Control Panel


File Station

Help Center


iSCSI & Fibre Channel


Network & Virtual Switch



Storage & Snapshots



App Center

Control Panel

File Station

iSCSI & Fibre Channel


PHP System Module

Resource Monitor


Storage & Snapshots


[Known Issues]

[Other Changes]

Control Panel

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2023.03.29 22:02 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA V Crowned Best-Selling Game Of The Decade, But Call Of Duty Dominates Top 10 List

The new decade has everyone feeling a little bit reflective, including fans of video games. The NPD Group, Inc. recently released a ton of information about the gaming market over the last ten years. This information included the best selling games of 2019 and the best selling games between 2010 and 2019. Grand Theft Auto V was the best selling game of the decade across all platforms, but the Call of Duty franchise truly won the 2010s.
The NPD Group, Inc. is a New York-based market research company that tracks twenty different industries. Mat Piscatella, a video games market research analyst, recently posted on Twitter the information that the company has gathered both over the last year and over the last decade. Grand Theft Auto V, with an estimated 110 million copies sold. However, the Call of Duty franchise may be the true MVP of the decade. Ten out of the fifteen most popular games in the 2010s were Call of Duty games. This includes the most recent addition to the franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The best selling Call of Duty game was Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game was originally released in November 2010 for Microsoft Windows, the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and OS X and was later released on mobile. There may even be a reboot in 2020.
Several of the other best selling games of the decade are not a surprise. These games include Red Dead Redemption II, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mario Kart 8, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Destiny, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Star Wars Battlefront 2015. All of these games made a splash in the 2010s and some even inspired memes and their own cult followings.
The NPD Group, Inc. also released information about consoles. The Playstation 4 was the best selling console of the 2010s, while PS4 Dualshock 4 wireless controller in black was the best selling accessory. However, the Nintendo Switch dominated 2019. It was the best selling console of the year and Switch Pro controller was the best selling accessory.
call of duty modern warfare gameplay Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
The best-selling games of 2019 were a little more shocking. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was unsurprisingly the best selling game of 2019, but it was followed by NBA 2K20 and Madden NFL 20. They beat out games such as Borderlands 3, Kingdom Hearts III, and the Outer Worlds which were games that were generally better reviewed and received more hype.Games from series like NBA 2K and Madden NFL appear to have a strong, consistent fan base.
What can the numbers from the 2010s tell us about the video game industry? There have been a variety of interesting games that have come out in the last decade, but the most popular genres appear to be first person shooters and action adventure games. It also seems that many video game fans were drawn to the “open world” concept. Will these preferences continue to reign throughout the 2020s? NPD Group, Inc. reported that that video game spending in general declined in 2019, but it is still a major industry. What do you think HotHardware readers? What video game trends will be the most popular in the 2020s?
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2023.03.29 22:00 cusman78 My VR story

I've been a gamer since my childhood and it remains my favorite pass time. I consider myself fortunately to have played on many gaming platforms from Atari and Commodore 64 to the modern gaming platforms available today. I am not picky about which platform I play on, and I'll anything from Indies to AAA to F2P. The game just has to catch my attention and then keep me engaged and I'll be happy to play it for everything it is worth. Sometimes I get so into a specific game, that I ignore all most other games, maybe even for multiple years. But I eventually go back to some that I always wanted to play, if and when I would have the time.
I first got exposed VR to the PSVR 6-7 years ago thanks to the roadshow Sony did letting people try it at Best Buy, GameStop, and local mall events, I was sold on VR.
So much so that I decided it is time to get Lasik Eye Surgery before it launches later that October on my birthday. One of my best personal decisions as it is great to be living life without having to wear glasses and it also helped me enjoy VR more comfortably (I think).
I enjoyed a good number of games on there, but did not like the Dual Move controllers for games that use full locomotion because pressing buttons to move in 3D just isn't right compared to a thumb-stick. My most played game was Firewall Zero Hour which I played with the excellent PS VR Aim Controller.
Anyway, a couple of years into it, the Quest 2 is coming out, again on my birthday, so this becomes my 2nd VR gaming device. It actually proved very useful for at-home exercise during the pandemic so I focused on games that provide fun workouts. Among those, my favorite remained Beat Saber. I missed the OLED of the PSVR and I also found the Quest 2 headset heavier, and I didn't like how it would give me VR face after even just 30-45 minutes of use. While the controllers were much better than Dual Moves, the shafts felt too short so there were still some compromises. They also have very weak rumble feedback. What I liked about it was the motion controllers included thumb-sticks, had capacitive touch detection and ability to move in 360 degrees and even setup and play room-scale without any external sensor devices required (really simple compared to Valve Index). It remained in active use, but most of my gaming remained flat.
Couple of years into it, and the PSVR2 launches in the middle of February and it has blown me away. It is light, very easy to setup & use (single cable to PS5 and no external sensors needed), has gorgeous 4K OLED 110 field of view and even supports HDR, doesn't give me VR face even after 2+ hours of use, and supports 360 movement and even room-scale (depending on game). Plus the haptics (including in headset) and eye tracking and amazing 3D audio.
My only critique of PSVR2 is that I wish it had two function buttons on the headset where one would be for pass through and the other to mute/unmute the microphone instead of this being an option in settings for the single available function button. Would no wires be better? Sure, but not if it makes it heavier or compromises its performance.
Since PSVR2 has released I have been playing at least 1 new game per day, so I am already at 35+ games of the launch window lineup and I have liked playing a vast majority of these. I know a lot of these are ports from the PSVR / Quest 2, but in some of those cases, I played the prior version and what is available on the PSVR2 is substantially improved. I think the VR comfort in particular is greatly helped by higher framerates and the controllers of the PSVR2 are so good to hold and use for every game type I have already tried.
This is the first VR system that has me persistently playing and wanting to play in VR more than flat games. At least for people that try it, I think VR is at the Avatar moment for 3D movies. There were 3D movies for many decades that never became mainstream, and then along came Avatar and changed everything. Movie theaters still continue to have movies release in 3D along side their flat versions. I think the PSVR2 has that kind of potential. Games like Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village in particular show this potential. Plus VR will have many unique game experiences not available in flat.
So that is my VR story and why I am so optimistic about the future of VR gaming.
I would love to read yours and if you have any questions about games on PSVR2 that I could recommend based on what I have played, I am here for it.
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2023.03.29 21:59 HerculesGussigan Cute secret on the Outer Wilds vinyl

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2023.03.29 21:59 tacospitter Which parts of this room are considered bright indirect and low light? The wall with the big windows is a north facing window that gets a little bit of direct sunlight in the morning.

My Pothos plants seem to be doing good by the window and are taking root in the containers on the far wall. There’s a small terra-cotta plant on the right side of the fireplace mantle with a string of hearts that I just bought. Will it receive enough light there? (Picture taken at 4 PM, late march, zone 5-6)
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2023.03.29 21:56 HonkyBoo Why I love the Great British Weather: A sarcastic ode to grey skies and endless rain!

Hello fellow Brits! As I sit here staring out of my window at yet another grey and rainy day, I can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for our wonderful British weather. Yes, you heard me right - I'm actually thankful for the constant drizzle and perpetual cloud cover that seems to define our fair island.
I mean, what's not to love? The way the rain soaks through every layer of clothing, leaving you shivering and damp for hours on end - it's like a free cold shower, but without all the hassle of actually getting undressed. And let's not forget the joy of waking up to the sound of raindrops pounding against your window, knowing that your commute is going to be an absolute nightmare.
And then there's the way the grey skies make everything look so...dull. The lack of colour is just so soothing, don't you think? Who needs sunshine and blue skies when you can have endless shades of grey and beige? It's like living in a black and white movie, but without any of the glamour or excitement.
And let's not forget the way the weather brings us all together. Nothing bonds us Brits like a good moan about the rain - it's practically our national pastime. We can all stand around in our waterproof jackets, huddled under umbrellas, united in our misery. It's like a giant communal therapy session, but with more complaining and less actual therapy.
So there you have it, folks - the many reasons why I love our glorious British weather. Who needs sunshine and warmth when you can have rain and grey skies? It's like being constantly hugged by a damp, miserable cloud. What could be better than that?
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2023.03.29 21:54 FordNY Trailhead/East Austin 2 Bed Apartment Available (May move in but can be somewhat flexible on date).

Posting for a friend as they don't have Reddit.
They are having to go back home and have their huge 2 bed 2 bath (1331 sq foot) apartment becoming available in May (9th May earliest).
It's one of the most popular ones with great layout (2D layout) as it has the extra wrap around private yard. Great for a couple, sharers or a family.
One bath has a soaking tub, the other walk in shower. Two large walk in closets in each bathroom. The lounge has built in blue tooth speakers and the kitchen a large island, counter space and loads of cabinets/and a larder. Comes with a great private yard too with artificial turf and patio that runs the length of the apartment and wraps around. It's at the Trailhead complex on Shady LN. Pets allowed (fee).
Landlord is Greystar and they will do a lease assignment/application for occupation to replace my friend as tenant. Normal application process/fees apply (the website is
Current base rent is 3,010 USD.
If interested, feel free to DM with your contact details (can get them to send pictures and schedule a showing (you will need to bring ID)). This is not a brokesales listing just posting for a friend who needs to move due to family.
Some of the features copied below if helpful.
Apartment: Wood-like plank flooring throughout, no carpet in the home Integrated Central Heat and Air (smart stat to control) Stainless steel appliance package & farm-style sink Washer and Dryer with Laundry Closet Pull-down shades on living room windows/door Light-blocking shades included in all bedrooms Key fob entry to apartment and common amenity areas Smart video call box system at designated entry access points Non-smoking community environment Pre-equipped with AT&T Gigabyte Fiber if wanted
Extensive amenity package: Tri-level pool with cascading water features, 2 outdoor grilling stations and ample lounging space Direct connectivity access to Gov:alle Park & Southern Walnut Creek Trail 24-hour fitness center with designated yoga/spin studio Expansive clubhouse with business center, co-working tables, game area and dual-sided fire place Outdoor entertaining patio with TV’s, USB working table, and lounge space Designated pet park with pet washing areas Reclaimed water filtration process for community irrigation systems Bicycle storage with repair area Trash valet service for recycling and regular trash
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2023.03.29 21:50 Emerald_Aussie School of Beards Chapter 22: “Beyond Beardery”

G’day. I don’t really have an intro to this one.
I do have a warning. The first story gets heavy. I will try to lighten it up in the second story, but there’s no way around it. If threats against schools (even written in the most YouTube-friendly way possible) are upsetting to you then skip this one. This is the reality of being a teacher so, welcome to it. Anything between a set of asterisks is not what was said and is me trying to use language that is YouTube-friendly. I think you can figure out the context.
  1. “MathBeard Over Beards”
So, the last time I shared a story about MathBeard Red seemed to borderline defend her. Perhaps I didn’t truly convey how incompetent she is or maybe it’s easy to overlook if you don’t have to bloody deal with her every bloody day. Either way, I dare anyone to try to defend her after this one. Writing this story is my outlet so I don’t cross a line into a very career-limiting move.
Since the last time we saw MathBeard she continued to be a nuisance and I continued to get frustrated texts from Beatle about how annoying and incompetent she is. (And to the commenter that thinks she has a thing for Beatle…I don’t disagree). I never shared these because it was more of the same and Red defended her before so it seemed like a moot point. So, let’s set MathBeard aside for now. We’ll come back to her.
This story really starts on 3/27/23. How do I know? Because it was the very same day as the incident at the Nashville private school. Beatle and I heard about that and were sad but at the same time, we’ve sort of become semi-apathetic to news like this. It’s like ‘another day, another school’ at this point. It’s the reality of teaching in the States.
Wee One was out of state as a student delegate for a national anti-bullying program and prior to that she’d been staying with Mum to help with her injured dog. With Wee One gone, Beatle and I were eating dinner at Mum’s and staying until bedtime to help Mum. When we finally got home that night Beatle checked his work email and had an email from a parent. The parent wanted Beatle to call her ASAP. Normally we don’t call parents outside school hours, but this seemed urgent to Beatle and this wasn’t a parent known for being overdramatic so Beatle decided to call her from his cell phone (something we almost never do as it’s not considered best practice for parents to have our personal cell numbers). Beatle had her on speaker so I heard everything.
“Ms. Hart, this is Beatle, Kelly’s teacher. You asked that I call you?” Beatle started.
“Oh, yes. Thank you so much for calling me so late. I just wanted you to be aware of something that happened at school today that has raised Kelly’s anxiety,” Ms. Hart said.
“Oh no, what is it?” Beatle asked.
I was laying on the bed catching some Pokemon on my cell phone wondering what could be so important it couldn’t wait until morning.
“Well, as you know, what happened in Nashville is one of Kelly’s biggest fears and so it was already bad enough that she saw that in the news but in her math class today a student made a comment about getting a *specific weapon that is popular* and *doing what was done in Nashville at Standard High*. This is a student she is already uneasy about and has told me before he makes her uncomfortable,” Ms. Hart said.
At this point I let the Pokemon flee and dropped my phone. Yeah, this was important.
“I have a pretty good idea of which student you’re referring to,” Beatle said.
“I did talk to Mr. Principal about this and he said they are investigating but obviously he couldn’t tell me much about what they would be doing and I know you can’t either, but this student is in her English class tomorrow with you and Kelly is so anxious she doesn’t want to be on campus,” Ms. Hart said.
“Honestly, this is the first I’m hearing of this so they don’t exactly tell me much either. I can tell you I highly doubt that student would be on-campus tomorrow and if so certainly not in my class. If he is, I will do everything I can to reassure Kelly. And you have my personal cell phone number too so feel free to reach out to me anytime,” Beatle said.
“I do appreciate that. I will also be on campus tomorrow doing some parent volunteer work so I will be there if Kelly needs me,” Ms. Hart said.
“Perfect. If the anxiety becomes too much for Kelly I’m happy to write her a pass to go hang out with you,” Beatle said.
Beatle and Ms. Hart finished discussing details of the next day and once Beatle hung up I looked at him.
“Johnny?” I asked, pretty sure I knew the student in question too.
“I think so,” Beatle said.
I sighed, “Great.”
“So much for sleeping tonight,” Beatle said, shaking his head. He went and fed our pets and we got ready for bed. Once everything was done for the night we settled into bed.
“If *an incident* starts in my room I don’t know how I would text you to ask you to call a lockdown,” Beatle said.
“I’m sure TypicalBeard or Gabby would hear it and call a lockdown. You focus on trying to protect your kids. I would be fine. I have a storage closet in my cave. I would just cram my class into there and we’d hunker down. No one is gonna think of trying to get into a storage closet. It’s you I’m worried about,” I said as I reached for his hand.
“I have a bookcase to hide behind which doesn’t do a bit of good if it starts in my room,” Beatle said.
I nodded, “I’m honestly kinda glad Wee One is out of town right now and won’t be on campus tomorrow.”
“Me too…but it could happen any day,” Beatle said.
I nodded, “I know. If it does I pray she is in my classroom so I can protect her.”
Yes, this is the type of conversation a couple that are both teachers have in bed at night. How do we keep ourselves from being unalived by students in case our school is next? That’s our pillow talk. Sexy huh?
Yeah, every day when my husband leaves my cave to go to his room there is a fear in the back of my mind…what if today is the day? We say ‘see you at lunch’ or ‘see you after school’ but is today the day that I don’t see him again? All we want to do is teach the children and we have to worry about being human shields. And no, this is not me being political or taking a stance on anything. This is just me telling you the reality of teaching. I don’t care what side you are on in relevant debates, this is a reality that no debate can change. This is just what it is to be a teacher and to be married to a teacher in this country today.
That night I was so exhausted I passed out hard. I didn’t dream or anything. I was out. Beatle…well he was right…he didn’t sleep much at all. We have different ways of coping with high-stress situations. I tend to shut down. Try to sleep until it goes away, especially if it’s something I can’t fight that is out of my control. Beatle…he worries. And he did. All night.
“But Mandy! MathBeard! Where is the beardery?!” I know! I hear you. It’s coming. I promise. Hang in there.
The next day Beatle and I pulled into our parking space and neither of us made a move to get out of the car.
“I don’t really want to be here today,” Beatle said.
“I know Love. But Mr. Principal knows…I’m sure it will be ok,” I tried to reassure him before sighing, “But neither do I.”
“Should I pop into Mr. Principal’s office and chat with him?” he asked.
I nodded, “That is a brilliant idea. I know he can only tell you so much because of privacy, but maybe he can tell you something that will put your mind at ease.”
Beatle nodded and we finally got out of the car and headed inside the school.
“OK, I’ll stop by your room after I talk to him,” Beatle said.
I nodded and we parted ways.
In the interest of not dragging this story out, I won’t recreate Beatle’s whole conversation with Mr. Principal.
I went to my classroom and tried to get ready to start my day like normal. About 25 minutes later Beatle came in.
“Do you feel better?” I asked.
Beatle nodded, “I do actually. Mr. Principal said they are taking this seriously, but this student is a pathological liar and doesn’t understand social norms. He believes it started as an off-hand comment and once he was given attention he expounded on it.”
“Ok, I get that, but it does still need to be taken seriously. Is he on campus today?” I asked.
“He is, but he won’t be in my class. I don’t know if that means he is in ISS or just in the AP office, but he won’t be in my room,” Beatle explained.
“Well that is good news,” I said.
“Mr. Principal said he hadn’t heard about what happened in Nashville yet when he got the report of this whole thing. So it was quite a day for him yesterday,” Beatle said.
“I bet,” I nodded.
And I thought that was the end of it. Well, it wasn’t or it wouldn’t be a beard story.
The next day (so 2 days after the threat was made) Beatle had his SPED team meeting before school. They meet once a week before school and the meeting usually consists of Beatle trying to get important information from Missy (his boss) in between MathBeard interjecting really stupid comments. This has become such a regular occurrence he doesn’t even normally text me to vent anymore. He has accepted that once a week he has to listen to MathBeard’s stupid. That is why I wasn’t expecting to hear from him when I got the following text: “I just got more info about that incident the other day. The teacher didn't report it. One of the kids did an anonymous alert...And apparently, the kid that made the threat has access. I guess he and his dad have "quite the arsenal" and love to go out and shoot. It's like their hobby…”
I reread that text a couple of times as I connected the pieces in my mind. What teacher wouldn’t report that sort of thing?! What sort of idiot would blow that off? Even forgetting we are mandated reporters, that is something no one should ignore. Wait…Ms. Hart said that this happened in Kelly’s math class and Kelly’s math teacher is…
“The kid whose mom you talked to...her math teacher is MathBeard and her mom said it happened in math class…” I texted back.
“Aye. That would be correct,” Beatle texted back.
“So the teacher in question here is fucking MATHBEARD?! So she will report a kid for having earwax on their earbuds but NOT for making comments about that?!” I replied.
“RIGHT?! I am NOT happy,” Beatle said.
“OK, this puts me in a whole new state of fury,” I said, “How DUMB do you have to be?”
“I understand that this kid has social skills issues and probably was joking and apparently he's a pathological liar too. But still. WTAF!!” Beatle said.
“So what if it's a social skill issue? That is not something you can be wrong about. What if he did it? "OOPS! I thought it was a social skill issue and he was lying again. My bad,"” I said.
“Yeah. It has to be reported no matter what,” Beatle agreed.
“How did you find this out?” I wondered.
“Missy. She didn't name names, but I know what class it happened in. She said the teacher didn't report it, but one of the students did an anonymous alert and the campus officer and Number One rushed up there and searched him and whatever,” Beatle explained.
OK, so MathBeard was gonna get us all unalived.
“Did Missy remind everyone we are fucking mandated reporters?” I asked.
“Aye, she did. She reiterated that things like that need to be shut down and ALWAYS reported because we don't know when it's a serious threat or not. It's up to admin to investigate and determine if there's a credible threat,” Beatle said.
“Honestly, she should be terminated for that, or at least written up. She won’t, but she should be,” I said. Teacher shortage. Nothing was gonna happen. And no, there is no tenure for public school teachers…but there is a teacher shortage, especially in SPED.
“Yeah, but you’re right. She won’t,” Beatle agreed.
I was seething at this point. Did something this stupid even qualify as beardery? I was pretty sure this went beyond beardery. This was a whole other level of stupidity! I also found out that the individual that Mr. Principal was referring to that engaged with the student and gave him an audience was MathBeard herself!
“OMG, the meeting is over and MathBeard is talking to Missy and Missy was like telling her what to do if it happened again. Like, she had to be told AGAIN. WTF?!” Beatle exclaimed.
I sighed. The bell rang and I went to open my door to let my students in and greet them. I saw MathBeard coming down the hall from the English wing and she stopped RIGHT IN FRONT of my door to talk to a teacher standing at the door of the next room. I glared at her and had to mentally talk myself down. Every ounce of me wanted to lunge out of my room and say “you are a mandated reporter but you're more worried about an ESL student learning their ID number you complete and total idiot! You are gonna put us all in danger!". I didn’t do that, because I generally love my job. But if looks could kill…
So telling this story is my way of not snapping. Beatle’s was to write an IEP goal since MathBeard clearly needs some extra help so I will end this with the goal that Beatle wrote for MathBeard (I have his permission): “By the next annual ARD, given instructional coaching and a swift kick in the ass, Mathbeard will independently manage her classroom without involving the tracking teachers for no good reason. As evidenced by sending 0 emails about classroom management issues.
By the next annual ARD, given repeated instructions, Mathbeard will report incidents of students making threats against the school, no matter her supposed logic behind why they said what they said. As evidenced by 0 teachers getting shot or fearing getting shot due to her incompetence.”
  1. “East or West?”
For our 2nd story today let’s go a bit lighter and look at a beard that isn’t trying to get fellow teachers unalived. ManiBeard…annoying…but generally harmless.
Remember Becca from Chapters 17 and 19? The student that randomly walks out of class and caused Mani’s class to be evacuated? Yeah, this story starts with her.
Evidently, when Missy went to talk to Ms. Dean about the issues in ManiBeard’s class the solution provided was not to actually do anything about Mani…it was to move Becca to Sonia’s class. Because clearly, that will solve everything. Of course. This wasn’t exactly the change Beatle had been hoping to see, but it was all he got. They moved Becca into the class period Sonia had that Beatle supported so Beatle continued to have the opportunity to support Becca, which was needed. It was just also clear that Mani had no business trying to manage a class that had Becca in it (or any other class to be honest, but…baby steps?).
Beatle was already abnormally perturbed by this situation because he felt it was putting a band-aid on a much larger issue (and a flimsy band-aid at that). I can’t even blame this situation on Beatle being non-confrontational. What happened was out of his hands and confronting ManiBeard about it was absolutely pointless. He went to Mani’s class that day like a good little soldier boy and supported the children, trying his best to avoid unneeded interaction with Mani. Then…
“Where is the Pacific Ocean? Florida?” a student asked.
“Ew, Florida. Um…eh…,” Mani replied.
Beatle shook his head, “Actually, that would be the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific is off the coast of California.”
“Oh yeah! That makes sense!” ManiBeard said, making it clear he legitimately did not know the answer to the student’s question. I suck at geography and even I knew that one!
The student was satisfied with the information he had been given but Beatle just stared at ManiBeard. I’m not sure why ManiBeard’s canyon-size knowledge gaps still surprise Beatle at this point…I’ve come to the conclusion any knowledge ManiBeard does actually have is simply accidental.
Beatle shook his head and walked out of the room to go to Amy’s class, his next class that period. He had absolutely no words for Mani at this point.
So, that was a short one but I wanted to end this on a lighter note. Remember to like, comment, subscribe, ring the bell, and do all the things for our boy ReddX. We love ReddX.
Until next time…
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2023.03.29 21:49 LeilaEtcetera Metahuman eye scaling on x axis

Metahuman eye scaling on x axis
Hey everybody, I would love to be able to change the shape of the iris to make it slender for this character. So far changing the scale of the texture coordinates has helped me getting the right shape, but the iris gets on the side of the eye and I can’t rotate it back to the front
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2023.03.29 21:43 woods_edge_ Info about Ithaca, Cornell and some takes on local hotels for Barton 5.8.23 concert

Although I am renting a room out myself. (It's posted on here if interested) Thousands of people will be coming to town, so I’m happy to answer anyone's questions about places up here, like if they are too funky or too far away. It's always hard to judge places if you don't know a town. Basic info...
Ithaca is small overall, and buses run to most places and lots of them go through the Cornell campus. The campus isn't that big. It’s walk-able for most, but hilly at some spots. (especially getting to the campus from downtown is hilly). If you are bringing a car, there shouldn't be any problem getting to campus, though Cornell might gouge you on parking. They said they will not be providing shuttle buses, so if people have mobility problems, they should contact the promoters.
Also, for anyone who is flying into Ithaca airport, it’s tiny, about a 10 -15 minute drive from town. Buses run from the airport to town and Cornell.
The bus system in Ithaca is called the TCAT, maps of routes are online, you can get almost anywhere by connecting buses.
Cheaper motels/hotels in town that have available spots as of my posting 3/29.
The Meadow Court Inn -$69 a night as of now. It is down by the strip with all the big box stores. You can easily walk to the center of downtown Ithaca where most restaurants are. It’s a good walk to Cornell/Barton, but if you walk a lot, it would be doable. Lots of city buses run down the street it’s on and many if not most will run through Cornell. The motel is old fashioned 70s style funky, but if you're a Deadhead you should be used to that, maybe even into it. I've seen lots of people staying there and partying outside the rooms during reunion week. This would be my first choice of the cheap motels with space on 5/8 and fair rates.
The Motel 8 is basically across the street and up a block or two, closer to downtown. It is too sketchy for me. If you've gotta stay there, okay, but it looks like they are price gouging for the event, so not worth it if high priced.
On the same stretch of road but further out from town and campus, and about a mile past the closest town bus stop are:
The Economy, the Roadway Inn, and the Grayhaven Motel all basically clumped together. Grayhaven is an upscale, redone, 1950s motel, it’s pricey.
The Economy Inn is a bare bones place. It's cheap and good enough for the price. It’s out of the action and not an easy walk to town or Cornell. You will need a car or bike. I stayed there for my first Ithaca visit. I locked all the windows and put a chair in front of the door before going to sleep. But it was fine.
The Roadway Inn is probably a little nicer than the Economy, it’s bigger, but it cost more.
On the other side of town, north of campus. Two hotels are listed.
The Trip Hotel, although having the ideal name for this concert, is completely closed and abandoned.
Cayuga Blu- has okay rates right now. It is a big newish box hotel. This area north of Cornell is about 3 miles from the campus. It’s not an overly hilly walk. Cayuga Blu is in an area with two slightly empty malls with a Target and 2 strip malls with supermarkets, so buses regularly run there from campus and downtown. This is where Cornell housed/quarantined students with Covid during the pandemic. Students complained about the hotel, but I don’t know, it’s an okay area, boring but okay.
Two other places close to campus, though no idea on availability or price. The Dorm is my favorite hotel near Cornell. You can't get any closer to campus (other than the Statler). Cross the street and you're on campus, walk 5 minutes and your at the doors of Barton Hall. It is family owned by a Cornell hotelie who is a very nice guy. The Best Western on east hill is close to Barton Hall, there are a couple of moderate hills, but it is walk-able and might be almost as close a walk as the parking they will offer. It's about 1.5 miles to Barton. It's next to a few stores, a super market, collegetown bagels, a Chinese restaurant and a liquor store and a nice restaurant AGAVA.
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2023.03.29 21:43 disco-dingus My fiancé disappeared in 2018. I recently found out what happened to him.

Fans of classic soul will know the song.
Oh, Jimmy Mack, when are you coming back?
In another world it would be funny, but for years I asked that very question.
You see, my fiancé’s name is Jimmy Mack. He disappeared without a trace in 2018.
How do you disappear without a trace these days? It just doesn’t seem possible in a modern world, where almost everyone is somehow connected. Yet he did; he vanished. The police were baffled, private investigators were a waste of money, and my own attempts at sleuthing were futile.
If it wasn’t for the fact that we were ridiculously in love and things were so perfect, I wouldn’t have tried so hard. But everything was a vomit inducing fairytale for us. Even our names were cute af; Jimmy & Jessie sittin’ in a tree… I know he loved me as much as I loved him, and he would have done anything for me.
I heard all the theories. ‘Jess… Maybe he has a secret family… He might have been involved with criminals… Perhaps he took his own life…’
They didn’t know Jimmy like I did. I know you can never really know someone fully, but I knew those things could never be true of him. So I became estranged from family and friends, my life consumed with finding Jimmy. Every penny was spent on expensive investigation and cheap booze.
But then came the intervention. My mom, brother, and best friend Lori came to my apartment one evening. Mom took my hands.
“I want my daughter back,” she cried. And as I met the eyes of those closest to me it was like a weight had lifted. I dropped to the floor and cried for hours, releasing years of internal pain. It was exactly what I needed.
It wasn’t that I never thought of Jimmy again, but I began to move on. I even went on a couple of dates, and attended therapy sessions. There’s a whole psychology behind mourning an unexplained loss. I found it all very helpful.
Then I received a handwritten letter:
Dear Jessie,
You don’t know me but I have information about the disappearance of your fiancé James Mack in March 2018.
If you are interested in finding out more, meet me at Marcy’s Diner off [redacted]. I will be there between the hours of 20:00 and 22:00 every evening from Monday 13th - Friday 17th.
Come alone and sit in a window booth. I will make myself known as soon as I feel it’s safe to do so.
I repeat; come alone. If there’s any indication you have alerted the authorities, or discussed this with friends/family, the offer is void.
This offer is time sensitive. If you don’t visit the diner between those dates and times I will assume you are not interested. This will never be offered to you again in future.
My hands trembled as months of progress began to unravel. I poured a shot of vodka and downed it, followed by one more to take the edge off. I was so close to calling Lori, her number ready to speed dial. I needed someone to talk sense into me, to tell me it was a hoax.
‘Don’t go through with it Jessie, it’s just some sicko taking advantage of your grief. Let’s go for cocktails!’
But I put my phone down and read the letter again. And again. I read it over and over, looking for something I might have missed despite the contents being clear.

Monday came around. I pulled into the Marcy’s Diner car park just after 20:00, observing the patrons from the safety of my car. It looked pretty empty. Some tourists, a few trucker types. It was a convenient rest spot due to its location off the highway. No one screamed I have information about your beloved Jimmy Mack, like there was a physical description for that type of person.
I hung around for an hour or so before I chickened out and drove home. Rinse and repeat Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. On Thursday I didn’t even think about it. I parked up just before 20:00 and stepped out of my car, hesitating for the slightest moment before entering the chrome and candy stripe diner.
A few people observed me briefly before going back to their hot mugs and oversized burgers. As instructed I found a vacant window booth. They were all vacant. I chose the one furthest from the entrance. As I sat down I thought why the fuck did you think that was a good idea? My anxiety stopped me from switching seats regardless.
“Evening darlin’,” said a blond 40-something waitress wearing a blue gingham dress. She held a pot of coffee as she smiled down at me. “What can I get for you?”
“Oh, erm,” I was going to say nothing but realized that would be weird. “Coffee is good, thank you.”
She turned over a white mug that was on the table amongst novelty condiment bottles and laminated menus.
“Can I get you a slice of pie darlin’?” she said as she poured the coffee. “Cherry or chocolate-pecan.”
My stomach was in knots but I didn’t want to appear rude, so I opted for a slice of cherry pie. It arrived barely a minute later and I thanked her, then proceeded to tap my fingers on the table as I discreetly looked around the diner.
After an hour had passed I was three mugs of coffee down and had finished the pie, which was delicious. For a moment I’d forgotten my purpose for being there, beginning to relax a little. Then the door opened and a man walked in, giving me a quick glance as he headed to the counter. He wore a camo parka and what I’d call worker jeans, with a black baseball cap. He turned around after being handed a mug and I averted my eyes, looking out of the window. I could see his reflection getting closer to my table. When he stopped in my peripheral vision I turned, and he slipped into the seat opposite me.
“Jessie,” he said with a nod. “Pleased to see you inside the diner this evening.”
He had chiselled features and a little stubble. I put him in his early 40s. I cleared my throat.
“And what do I call you?”
He smiled. “You can call me Mike if it makes this easier for you.”
I shifted in my seat, trying to get comfortable. I folded my arms, then unfolded them, then put them on the table.
“Relax,” he said.
I let out a quick laugh. “That’s easy for you to say. I have no idea who you are. I don’t even know why I’m here, you gave no proof that you actually know anything about Jimmy.”
“I know everything,” he said deadpan. “And I’ll tell you if you want to hear it.”
I stared into his eyes until I felt mine glaze over, then cleared my throat again. “Let me guess; for a price?”
He shook his head. “I don’t want your money, Jessie.”
“Why now?” I snapped. “Do you know what these past 5 years have been like for me?” I felt tears coming on and he went to reach for my hand, but I recoiled. He pulled his hands away and looked apologetic.
“Unbearable, devastating, frustrating…”
“All the above!” I said as tears started to fall. “I couldn’t function at times. I stopped looking after myself. I abandoned my friends and family. It’s crazy how someone can do that to you.”
“Because you were in love,” he said.
We were in love. We were the fucking Shutterstock image of love. And when that ends abruptly without explanation…”
“Everything alright darlin’?” the waitress interrupted, holding out a tissue. She glared at Mike. I took the tissue and nodded.
“Yes, thank you. I’m fine. Sorry, I’ll keep it down.”
“Don’t be sorry darlin’, you just let me know if you need anything, okay?”
“I will, thank you.”
She walked away and I wiped my eyes, feeling a little embarrassed.
“I can only apologize for how you’ve been feeling,” he said. “But I’m here to make it right. You could say I developed a conscience, or moral compass. I don’t know. I’m a changed man.”
I looked at him with confusion. “I don’t understand?”
“It’s easier if I show you,” he said. “But not here. You have to ask yourself if you trust me enough to go for a drive.”
“In your car?” I said. “Absolutely not!”
“Okay, how about if you drive?”
“To the middle of nowhere I bet?”
“Look Jessie,” he said, his eyes burning into me. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m really trying here, but if you’d rather leave it I get it.”
Call me stupid or naive, but something in his eyes made him appear somewhat genuine. I took a crazy chance.
“No… I need to know what happened to him.”
Mike nodded then raised a hand. “Say, could I get a slice of pie to go?”

As predicted we were driving further into the wilderness than I would have preferred. The passing cars were few and far between.
“How much further?” I asked. “I might need to stop for gas.”
“Not too far now,” said Mike. “If you don’t mind sharing, do you remember the last moments you spent with James?”
I sighed. “I do, but I can’t remember the last time anyone called him James outside of the media. He hated it. He’d been Jimmy since elementary school.”
“Sorry,” he said. “Tell me about that last day you spent with Jimmy.”
“It was an ordinary day. A Wednesday. We woke up, had breakfast. I went to work, Jimmy worked from home. He called me on my lunch break like usual, just to hear your voice he always said. God, we were insufferable.” I let out a laugh.
“Take the next left,” said Mike. “I’m listening.”
“So yeah. We had a little chat, then I went back to work. I got home and Jimmy had already started dinner. He was a much better cook than me. We drank wine, watched a movie.”
“What movie did you watch?”
“The Notebook,” I laughed. “For the umpteenth time. I know, I hate us too.”
“Keep driving straight,” said Mike. “It’s a few minutes away.”
“What is?” I asked.
“What happened after the movie?” he said.
“Nothing, we went to bed.”
“Did you make love?”
I briefly turned to him in disapproval. “Excuse me?”
“Did you fuck?” he said, unflinching.
I shook my head. “No, sorry to disappoint you. Now where the hell are you taking me?”
“It’s just up here,” he said. “So you went to bed and then you never saw him again?”
I took a deep breath and shook my head. “Jimmy had already gone when I woke up. No note, no text. It was strange but I didn’t think too much of it at the time. I sent him a text asking where he was. When half the day went by with no response I started to worry.”
“And the rest is history, as they say.”
I nodded as I fought back tears.
“We’re here,” said Mike.
I looked around. It was dark, but from what the headlights illuminated I couldn't see anything but trees.
“What’s here?”
“Just stop the car. It’s a short walk.”
I felt my heart race as my vulnerable situation became apparent. I really was in the middle of nowhere with a strange man, one who had withheld information about my missing fiancé for 5 years. I stared at him wide eyed.
He shrugged. “I’m not really sure what I can say to make you more comfortable?”
I slowly reached for my bag and pulled out a pocket pistol. Mike let out a surprised laugh.
“Maybe I don’t need to say anything?” he said.
“This makes me more comfortable,” I said.
He nodded. “Fair enough. Let’s go.”

After walking for several minutes, feeling grateful that I’d opted for comfortable footwear that evening, we came to a cabin within the trees. The porch was lit.
‘Jessie; you know better than this girl’ I thought to myself, my hand clutching the pistol inside my bag.
“Why did it have to be a cabin in the woods?” I said, Mike a few feet in front of me.
“I like solitude,” he said. “I can’t think of anything worse than living in the city.”
We walked up the steps to the porch area. At one end there was a single chair with a blanket on it, and a small table with some beer bottles. At the other end I spotted some deep red patches on the floorboards. Mike noticed me looking.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “It’s deer blood. I’m pretty self sufficient out here.”
We entered the cabin and Mike turned on the lights. It was quite basic, not overly decorated. There were some framed pictures on the walls, a dinner table, and a living area with some chairs, a small television and a log burner.
“I’m kind of disappointed there’s no stag’s head mounted on the wall,” I said as I took in my surroundings.
Mike shrugged. “I don’t see the animals as a prize. It’s food, survival. There are a few skulls out back if you want to check them out?”
I shook my head. “I’m good.”
Mike put the slice of pie he’d got from Marcy’s on the kitchen counter.
“Water, beer?” He opened the fridge and pulled out a beer bottle.
“This isn’t a social visit,” I said. “And call me paranoid but that would make me very stupid."
He nodded. “You’re right, I hope you don’t mind if I have one though.” He screwed off the cap and took a swig. “Let’s sit.” He motioned to the living area and I followed him.
“You know it’s dangerous to leave your fire burning when you’re not home,” I said, feeling the warmth from the log burner as I took a seat on an armchair. I kept my bag by my side and my hand on the pistol.
“It gets cold in here,” he said, sitting on another chair. “I’ll take my chances.”
He spoke about his cabin for a while, the whole time I became increasingly more uncomfortable due to the fact that I’d needed the bathroom since leaving the diner.
“I’d like to get straight to the point,” I said. “But I really need to use the bathroom.”
“Sure,” he said, pointing to a door down a hallway. “Over there.”
The bathroom was clean enough, though I did my business without touching the toilet seat. Something that had become a habit when using strange or public bathrooms. As I washed up I heard a groaning noise that sounded like it came from another room in the cabin. My heart jolted.
“Mike?” I said, creeping out of the bathroom. I had my bag over my shoulder and my shaking hand gripped the pistol. “What was that sound?”
I peeked over to the living area and couldn’t see him. I started to panic.
“Mike?” I said loudly. “This isn’t cool. Where are you?”
I heard that muffled groaning noise again and jumped, turning on the spot. There was another door further down the hall. Against my better judgement I crept closer to it, flinching each time the groan was emitted. It got louder the closer I got to the door.
“Mike?” I said, my whole body trembling.
“Sorry Jessie,” I heard Mike say from behind, and suddenly a cloth covered my mouth. My bag slipped from my shoulder but I still had the gun in my hand which I lifted as I struggled. Mike brought his other arm around me and squeezed tight, pinning my arms to my body. I became lightheaded as I breathed in chemicals.
“Shush,” he said quietly in my ear. “Just let it be.”
As I blacked out I was screaming inside my head. ‘You stupid girl!’

When I came to my vision was momentarily blurred, but as I focused I saw Mike opposite me. We were sitting at the dinner table.
“Welcome back,” he said. I attempted to stand but my right hand was cuffed to the table leg. I pulled on it several times until pain shot through my arm. “That’s solid oak. I mean, you might get free but probably at the expense of your wrist.”
“You bastard!” I screamed. “Let me go. Help! Help me please!”
“Calm down Jessie,” he said. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you there’s no one out here to help you.”
I started to cry as I shook. “Oh God… What are you going to do to me? Are you going to…”
“I told you already, I’m not going to hurt you! Though that wasn’t completely true because I’m sure you have a splitting headache right now?”
He got up and retrieved a small bottle from a cupboard, then filled a glass from the faucet. He placed the glass in front of me as well as two pills from the bottle.
“Paracetamol. You’ll thank me later.”
“I’ll never thank you!” I screamed, then moaned as my head pounded. I reluctantly picked up the pills and swallowed them with water. “Why am I cuffed?”
As he spoke he walked across the cabin. “Because I believe what you’re about to hear would cause you to run. When I’m done you’re more than welcome to leave, you have my word.”
He returned with a MacBook and placed it on the table. It looked alien amongst the cabin interior. My surprised expression must have been clear.
“I’m not a Luddite,” he said. “I have WiFi and Netflix just like you city folks.”
“Great,” I said sarcastically. “But you really need to start talking.”
“I don’t think you’re in any position to give demands,” he said. “But very well. Here’s the first thing you’re not going to like hearing: I’ve been inside your apartment.”
My jaw dropped. “Wha… What?”
He opened the MacBook and tapped on the keyboard, then showed me the screen. There were several images of my apartment interior. I picked up the glass and took a swig of water, wishing it was something stronger. “Why were you in my apartment Mike?”
“Well, here’s the next thing: I’m a serial killer.”
I shifted back on the chair and pulled on the cuffs, starting to hyperventilate. “Oh God oh God oh God…”
“Calm down Jessie,” he said.
“Give me a fucking break,” I shouted. “Jesus Christ!” I clung onto the cuffs with my free hand and pulled hard, groaning. The table only moved ever so slightly but I felt like I’d run a marathon. I sat up and stared at Mike as I breathed heavily. “You killed Jimmy?”
“I target lovers,” he said. “I observe them for months before I take things further. When the time is right I abduct one. Which one I choose is more down to opportunity than anything else. Then I pose a question: Are you prepared to sacrifice yourself for the one you love? Make a choice; you or them.
I covered my mouth with a trembling hand. “Oh Jimmy… You sacrificed yourself for me.”
Mike tapped on the keys some more. “I install secret cameras in the lovers’ homes when they’re out. Like I said, I observe them for months, and not just outside. I need to get a feel for their relationship before I intervene. It has to be true love or it just doesn’t feel right. And you only get to see the real deal when no one else is looking. Excessive PDAs are often a sign of insecurity, they mean nothing really.”
He turned the screen back to me and a video was playing. “I edited this just for you.”
It showed Jimmy and I sitting at our breakfast bar. In the corner of the screen was Mar 7th 2018, 07:54.
“Wait!” I said, my heart beating out of my chest. I paused the video. “I don’t think I want to see this.”
“You have to, Jessie. I’m sorry. You’re free to leave once it's over.”
I felt my heart through my chest. “Can I at least take you up on that drink?”
He got up and walked to the fridge, taking out a beer.
“Do you have anything stronger?” I asked.
He nodded and reached under the kitchen counter, then returned with a whisky bottle and two tumblers. He poured two measures and pushed one towards me, then sat back down.
“We’re all out of ice unfortunately.”
“Fuck the ice,” I said, downing it in one gulp. I closed my eyes as I felt my chest burn inside, then signalled for Mike to top me up. After a moment I hit play on the screen.

Mar 7th 2018, 07:54
Jimmy and I eat breakfast. He picks up a strawberry and rubs it against my lips.
“Stop it,” I say, giggling as I slap his arm. “I have to leave shortly.”
“Come on Jess,” he says. “Open wide.” He puts the strawberry in my mouth then gently kisses my lips.
“To be continued,” I say, getting off the stool and grabbing my things.
“No fair!” he sulks.
“Have a good day babe,” I say, kissing his cheek.
“I love you, Jess,” he says, momentarily holding me against him.
“I love you more,” I say, pulling away to run to the door. “See you this evening.”
Jimmy comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him, then goes to the bedroom.
Jimmy sits at the table on his laptop and takes a few work related calls.
Jimmy takes another call. “Hey you. Yeah. No, she won’t be back until like 7 at the earliest.”
I took another sip of whisky and briefly met Mike’s eyes as he watched me. I held the glass close to my chest, my knuckles white.
Jimmy continued. “Absolutely, I’d love to see you… Great, see ya soon.”
The buzzer rings and Jimmy uses the intercom. “It’s open.”
I downed the whisky and pushed the glass towards Mike. He leaned over and poured another measure.
Jimmy opens the door and in comes my best friend Lori. She embraces him.
They sit on the couch together.
“Shit, I’ve got to call Jess,” says Jimmy. “It’s our thing.”
“Seriously?” says Lori.
“Yep, every lunch break without fail. She’ll get paranoid if I don’t.”
Fucking asshole. It was never something I asked for or insisted on. Whatever makes him feel better.
He makes the call and puts a finger against his lips. In the meantime Lori unzips his fly and feels inside.
“Hey baby, how’s your day going? Ah, that’s awesome! Yeah, it’s been a productive morning. I’m gonna heat up some soup, what are you having?”
He puts his other hand behind Lori’s head and pushes it into his lap. His head slowly tilts back.
“That sounds amazing. Okay, well I just wanted to hear your voice baby. And you, can’t wait to see you later. Love you too. Bye.”
They come out of the bedroom and Lori puts on her shoes. Jimmy puts his arms around her from behind and nuzzles her neck.
“Do you have to leave already?” he says.
“What if she comes home?” says Lori.
“I promise you she won’t be home for a while. Come on.”
She turns and slaps his chest. “You’re a bad boy, Jimmy Mack.” They kiss.
They chop vegetables in the kitchen.
“I wish we were cooking for us,” says Jimmy.
“Me too,” says Lori. “We really should tell her soon. It’s gone on long enough.”
Tears stream as I finish my third whisky.
He nods. “I know. I keep trying. I already know how tonight will go. We’ll eat dinner and then she’ll want to watch some shit like The Notebook.”
Lori laughs. “I feel so bad for you.”
“She’s such a hopeless romantic,” he says.
“Hopeless being the operative word,” laughs Lori.
“Me-ow!” he laughs.
Mar 8th 2018, 01:22
The door to our apartment opens and in comes a tall figure dressed in black. They slowly open our bedroom door and creep inside. After a few minutes Jimmy leaves the room in a t-shirt and boxers, his hands up as he’s followed by the figure at gunpoint. They leave the apartment.

I sat in silence staring at the screen.
“I’m sorry for what you’ve been through Jessie,” said Mike. “But as you can see he didn’t deserve your pain and suffering.”
I put the glass on the table and wiped the tears from my face. “Maybe not. But he didn’t deserve to die.”
“Would you say the same if you knew he chose you?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Well, like I said. I take one of the lovers and give them a choice. I’d never experienced something like this, having only observed genuine love. It threw me. He was a lying piece of shit but I still posed the question.”
Mike found another video and played it.
Jimmy is sitting on a chair in a dark room under a hanging light, his arms tied behind his back. He struggles to free himself.
“James Mack,” says Mike offscreen.
“Who are you?” screams Jimmy. “I’ll fucking kill you when I get free!”
“How much do you love Jessie?”
“Would you die for her?”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jimmy shouts.
“Would you die for her?” Mike roars, coming into shot and putting his forehead against Jimmy’s. He holds a gun at his side.
Jimmy recoils. “I… I…”
“It’s you or her James!” Mike cocks the gun and holds it against Jimmy’s head. “Make your decision.”
“Her!” Jimmy cries. “Take Jessie! You’ll be doing me a fucking favor you psycho!”
Mike stopped the video as I covered my mouth. “How does that make you feel Jessie?”
I shook my head. “I’d like to see what your response would be if someone held a gun to your head.”
He nodded. “Fair point. But just so you know, I’ve targeted 5 couples so far and they all chose to sacrifice themselves.”
“It doesn’t matter,” I said. “I hate him for this but he still didn’t deserve to die.”
Mike came over and took a key out of his pocket, then released the cuff around my wrist. I gripped it with my other hand and held it against my chest.
“Oh, he’s not dead Jessie,” said Mike, walking to the kitchen counter. He picked up the box containing the pie.
He walked across the room down the hall, then stopped at the door at the end.
“You’re free to go Jessie,” he said. “Or you can come say hi.”
He pushed open the door then disappeared. I got up and frantically looked around the cabin. I saw my bag sitting on a coffee table and rummaged inside. My gun, my keys, my phone were all there. I ran to the main door and breathed in the cool night air, then hesitated. I looked over my shoulder.
You stupid girl I repeated in my head over and over as I approached the door down the hall. There was a staircase leading down into a dimly lit basement. I could hear Mike’s voice and some groans as I slowly began to descend, my body trembling. There was a vile smell that got worse with every step. It made me retch.
When I got to the bottom I saw Mike standing over the figure of a pale man that sat with his back to me. He was wearing rags, and the skin I could see was dirty and covered in sores. His skin was impossibly stretched over visible bones. He was eating noisily as he groaned.
“Is that good James?” asked Mike, and I saw the figure nod enthusiastically. The back of his head revealed long thinning hair with bald patches.
Mike looked over his shoulder and smiled when he met my eye. “Oh my, James. You’ll never guess who’s come to visit?”
The figure looked up inquisitively, then turned his head in my direction.
I could see it in his eyes. His handsome features had been buried under a pale, gaunt complexion. But I could tell it was Jimmy by his eyes. It took him a few seconds to acknowledge who he was looking at but suddenly his eyes widened, the thin skin of his forehead flaking as it wrinkled. He had pie smeared across his mouth. He had some teeth missing and the ones I could see looked jagged and broken.
“Jessie?” he said, in a voice that wasn’t quite the same. It was weathered, like that of a senior citizen with a bad smoking habit.
My lips trembled as I nodded. “It’s me Jimmy.”
He suddenly stood and lunged towards me, his hands outstretched. I flinched but he was held back by shackles around his ankles.
“Jessie!” he groaned. My heart couldn’t take it, feeling like it was going to explode. I fell to my knees as the 5 year mystery was solved in the most horrifying way.
“Isn’t it nice of Jessie to stop by?” said Mike. “Even after the way you treated her.”
Jimmy became restless, pulling on the shackles. He kept groaning like he was in pain.
“How could you do this to him?” I cried. “Even a rabid beast doesn’t deserve this!”
Mike shrugged. “I guess I felt bad for you. I’d never really considered the feelings of anyone else until I saw just how much you loved this man. And when I witnessed his betrayal day after day I just grew to hate him more. I knew a bullet to the brain wasn’t enough for this piece of shit.”
Mike turned to Jimmy and started rubbing his back. “But you know, over the years this piece of shit has grown on me. We’re like family now, aren’t we James?”
“No!” Jimmy screamed, making me fall back. “No no no!”
He buried his face in Mike’s neck, making him scream in pain. Dark blood cascaded down Mike’s shirt. Considering Jimmy was wasted away to nothing, Mike's attempts at freeing himself were useless. He fell to the floor and pushed himself against the wall, holding the gaping wound on his neck.
“James… Don’t…” he managed before Jimmy pounced. It sounded like a wild animal devouring its prey. I covered my ears as I watched in horror, my body refusing to let me look away.
Before long Mike was silent and still, his eyes remained open as he slouched against the wall. Jimmy turned to look at me, at first appearing shy or embarrassed. His face and chest was covered in Mike’s blood. He licked his lips and attempted to wipe it away with the back of his skeletal arm.
Eventually he started to crawl towards me, only stopping when the shackles wouldn’t allow him to get any closer. He groaned, but it wasn’t in anger. His eyes became glassy and he started to cry.
“Jessie,” he said. “I’m sorry.”
My hands trembled as I reached out to him, scared beyond belief but my heart was breaking all over again. I was in two minds, but eventually my hand met his and I felt his bony fingers between mine.
“Oh Jimmy,” I said breathlessly. “I forgive you.”
We held hands for a moment before I stood up. “I’m calling for help.” I made my way to the stairs.
“No!” Jimmy shouted. His eyes pleaded with me. “No Jessie. Please.
It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I think most people would have done the same from a place of love.
Jimmy Mack is never coming back.
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2023.03.29 21:40 le-dolla-bean How long do received notices usually take?

I sent in my I-485 & I-130 packet on March 12th, tracked delivery. I can see on my side they received the packet on March 16th but I haven’t had a notice from USCIS. I included the G-1145 E-notification form for each form (i-485, i-130, i-765).
Should I be concerned? I see a lot of people get their receipt notice after a few days. I wouldn’t care too much, but I’m flying domestically soon with my wife and would like the received notice just for peace of mind.
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 21:37 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA V Crowned Best-Selling Game Of The Decade, But Call Of Duty Dominates Top 10 List

The new decade has everyone feeling a little bit reflective, including fans of video games. The NPD Group, Inc. recently released a ton of information about the gaming market over the last ten years. This information included the best selling games of 2019 and the best selling games between 2010 and 2019. Grand Theft Auto V was the best selling game of the decade across all platforms, but the Call of Duty franchise truly won the 2010s.
The NPD Group, Inc. is a New York-based market research company that tracks twenty different industries. Mat Piscatella, a video games market research analyst, recently posted on Twitter the information that the company has gathered both over the last year and over the last decade. Grand Theft Auto V, with an estimated 110 million copies sold. However, the Call of Duty franchise may be the true MVP of the decade. Ten out of the fifteen most popular games in the 2010s were Call of Duty games. This includes the most recent addition to the franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The best selling Call of Duty game was Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game was originally released in November 2010 for Microsoft Windows, the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and OS X and was later released on mobile. There may even be a reboot in 2020.
Several of the other best selling games of the decade are not a surprise. These games include Red Dead Redemption II, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mario Kart 8, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Destiny, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Star Wars Battlefront 2015. All of these games made a splash in the 2010s and some even inspired memes and their own cult followings.
The NPD Group, Inc. also released information about consoles. The Playstation 4 was the best selling console of the 2010s, while PS4 Dualshock 4 wireless controller in black was the best selling accessory. However, the Nintendo Switch dominated 2019. It was the best selling console of the year and Switch Pro controller was the best selling accessory.
call of duty modern warfare gameplay Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
The best-selling games of 2019 were a little more shocking. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was unsurprisingly the best selling game of 2019, but it was followed by NBA 2K20 and Madden NFL 20. They beat out games such as Borderlands 3, Kingdom Hearts III, and the Outer Worlds which were games that were generally better reviewed and received more hype.Games from series like NBA 2K and Madden NFL appear to have a strong, consistent fan base.
What can the numbers from the 2010s tell us about the video game industry? There have been a variety of interesting games that have come out in the last decade, but the most popular genres appear to be first person shooters and action adventure games. It also seems that many video game fans were drawn to the “open world” concept. Will these preferences continue to reign throughout the 2020s? NPD Group, Inc. reported that that video game spending in general declined in 2019, but it is still a major industry. What do you think HotHardware readers? What video game trends will be the most popular in the 2020s?
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2023.03.29 21:37 ChicagoBearz55 Wheelchair Bus Side Rail Removal

Wheelchair Bus Side Rail Removal
Hello skoolies! This is my first post (of many?) on the sub. Me and my gf just purchased a 2002 Chevy Express short bus and are currently underway of converting it for full time bus life.
Right now, we are in the process of taking stuff out of the bus (just removed the seats) and are at a roadblock with the wheelchair rails. We have seen videos on how to remove the rails located on the floor (shown in photos) but have not seen anything online about how to remove the rails located below and above the windows (also shown in photos).
We would like to remove them because we plan on re-insulating all the walls and replacing them with something nicer than sheet metal. The problem is we cant remove the walls yet because the rails are bolted over them with some kind of fixture that has a circular hole (cannot be unscrewed). We could just cut the walls around the rails but that’s something we’re hoping to avoid. The side rails also stick out from the walls about 1-1.5 inches or so which seems like it could be annoying to build around.
Are there any solutions that some of you have found that work? Are people just building around these rails? Any insight or advice is appreciated as we have no idea what we are doing lol.
TLDR: we need a way to remove the wheel chair side rails because they are bolted over the bus walls.
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2023.03.29 21:35 Grimnoir I tested 20% Infernal Blow so you don't have to.

So against my better judgment after Grimstalker brought us an actually good fire weapon, I farmed Laharback a bunch more to get maximum Infernal Blow. As best I can tell, 20% (a 13% and a 7% talsiman) is the most you have the equip load to allow. So I did just that and tried it out.
Running 20% Infernal Blow and 12% Flame Wielder on a Grimstalker fire bow, against the most fire weak kemonos I was still averaging 1 enflame. On occasion I'd manage two before they died
By comparison, dropping all Infernal Blow and going 14% Flame Weilder with 8% Fire boost and 4% Desperation, the damage output was actually pretty legit and I noticed... no difference in the number of times enflaming.
My conclusion is that Infernal Blow either doesn't work at all, or it is incredibly negligible in the increase it gives to enflame chance. The damage to enflamed kemono boost is pretty unimpressive, given the very limited windows to apply it and at least with bow the low probability you're at that moment ready to detonate a bunch of Haya for it to matter.
So there you have it folks. 45 Laharbacks killed to test this and assure you all killing it more than once just to have done it is wholly not worth it.
Added note: As a side effect of fighting Laharback 45 times and Grimstalker 16 times, every other kemono now seems laughably easy. Like they're all moving in slow motion and attack like kittens. lol
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2023.03.29 21:34 jasoncromey Choosing a Pensacola DUI Attorney for Your Case

Choosing a Pensacola DUI Attorney for Your Case
  • When choosing a Pensacola DUI attorney, look for an attorney with experience and expertise in DUI cases.
  • Read reviews and testimonials from former clients to gauge the attorney's reputation and track record of success.
  • Schedule consultations with potential attorneys to discuss their fees, payment options, and experience.
  • Consider the attorney's communication style and availability when making your decision.
  • Choose an attorney you feel comfortable working with and trust to handle your case effectively.
Suppose you've been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Pensacola, Florida. In that case, having a qualified DUI attorney on your side is essential to help you navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. But with so many attorneys, how do you know which is the right fit for your case? In this article, we'll discuss choosing the best Pensacola DUI attorney for your case.
Experience and Expertise in DUI Cases
When choosing a Pensacola DUI attorney, it's important to look for an attorney with experience and expertise in DUI cases. DUI cases can be complex, and an attorney who specializes in DUI cases will have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle your case effectively.
Reputation and Track Record of Success
Reading reviews and testimonials from former clients can be a helpful way to gauge an attorney's reputation and track record of success. Look for an attorney with a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes for their clients in DUI cases.
Consultations with Potential Attorneys
Scheduling consultations with potential Pensacola DUI attorneys is a great way to get a feel for their experience and expertise, as well as their communication style and availability. During these consultations, be sure to ask about the attorney's fees and payment options, as well as their experience handling cases similar to yours.
Communication Style and Availability
Choose a Pensacola DUI attorney who communicates clearly and effectively and is available to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the legal process. The attorney should keep you informed of any updates or changes to your case and be available to discuss your case whenever necessary.
Comfort Level and Trust
Ultimately, it's important to choose a Pensacola DUI attorney whom you feel comfortable working with and trust to handle your case effectively. You should be able to ask questions, express concerns freely, and trust that the attorney has your best interests in mind.
In Conclusion
Choosing the best Pensacola DUI attorney for your case requires careful consideration of several factors, including the attorney's experience and expertise, reputation and track record of success, communication style, availability, and comfort level and trust. It's important to schedule consultations with potential attorneys and ask about their fees and payment options to make an informed decision.
Q: What questions should I ask during a consultation with a Pensacola DUI attorney? A: During a consultation with a Pensacola DUI attorney, you should ask about their experience and expertise in DUI cases, their fees and payment options, and their communication style and availability. You may also want to ask about their track record of success in DUI cases.
Q: How can I find a reputable Pensacola DUI attorney? A: Researching potential attorneys online and reading reviews and testimonials from former clients can be a helpful way to gauge an attorney's reputation and track record of success. You may also want to ask for referrals from friends or family members who have previously worked with DUI attorneys.
Q: Can I change my Pensacola DUI attorney if I'm not satisfied with their services? A: Yes, you have the right to hire a different attorney if you're not satisfied with your current attorney's services. It's essential to find an attorney you feel comfortable working with and trust to handle your case effectively.
Q: How long does finding the right Pensacola DUI attorney for my case take? A: Finding the right Pensacola DUI attorney for your case can take some time, as you'll need to research potential attorneys and schedule consultations. However, it's essential to take the time to find an attorney who has the experience and expertise necessary to handle your case effectively.
Q: How much should I expect to pay for a Pensacola DUI attorney? A: The cost of hiring a Pensacola DUI attorney can vary depending on several factors, including the attorney's experience and reputation, the complexity of your case, and the attorney's fees and payment options. It's important to discuss fees and payment options upfront with potential attorneys to find one that fits within your budget.
Q: Can I represent myself in my Pensacola DUI case? A: While it's possible to represent yourself in a DUI case, it's not recommended. DUI cases can be complex, and an experienced DUI attorney can provide valuable legal guidance and representation to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.
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2023.03.29 21:27 quasimodo_prediction Snapping window to side of screen on Windows 10 causes crash

Anyone know how to troubleshoot this? It doesn't happen every time but it's happened a bunch of times, always after snapping a Chrome window or some other window to the side of my screen. Seems like it happens when the animation is booting up. I've tried everything I can think of to do with my display drivers and GPU already.
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2023.03.29 21:24 StrivingJarl SGR: Cutscene 7, Chemical Plant, Cutscene 8 & 9, Death Egg Robot, & Cutscene 10

SGR: Cutscene 7, Chemical Plant, Cutscene 8 & 9, Death Egg Robot, & Cutscene 10
AO3 Link

Scene 07: Back To Westside Island
The scene starts off with the two Sonic’s walking out of the now fully-colored Green Hill entrance in White Space, talking about some future adventures.
Classic Sonic: “Wow…so I get to visit TWO different magic book worlds, and fight genies and knights?”
Modern Sonic: “You betcha! Definitely some of my more interesting adventures!”
Classic Sonic: “Right! I’m already eager to see all the sights!”
Modern Sonic: “Mm-hm! I would love to head back to those worlds at some point!”
Modern Sonic: “But first, let’s get back on track. Starting with this.”
Modern Sonic (Or MS for short) points his thumb at the Green Hill entrance, which Classic Sonic (CS for short) stares at curiously.
Classic Sonic: “...So, you summoned this entrance with that clock hand?”
Modern Sonic: “It wasn’t intentional, but yes. Though, it was all ghostly white at first.”
Modern Sonic: “Like something sucked all the life and color out of it.”
Classic Sonic: “Weird…then, why is it normal now?”
Modern Sonic: “Beats me. But I guess it’s a hint that we’re doing something right.”
Modern Sonic: “That clocktower, on the other hand, is a bigger mystery.”
The two Sonic’s walk up to the broken clocktower, and CS inspects it for a moment as they talk.
Classic Sonic: “Hmm…it’s definitely ancient…and dusty, too…”
Classic Sonic: “Got any ideas where it comes from, or what it’s about?”
Modern Sonic: “Not much, but I figure it’s probably from some long dead civilization with advanced technology.”
Modern Sonic: “And this COULD have something to do with that time…eater…”
Classic Sonic: “Time eater?”
Classic Sonic: “Well, it definitely sounds better than ‘that shadow beast’ or whatever.”
Classic Sonic: “Still…we can’t really figure out much…”
Classic Sonic: “But I’m sure once we find your Tails, he’ll figure it out without breaking a sweat.”
Modern Sonic: “No doubt about that! You’d be happy to know how much he’s grown over time!”
Modern Sonic: “He even managed to save an entire city from Eggman, all on his own!”
Classic Sonic: “Really? That’s awesome!”
Modern Sonic: “Definitely! I’m proud of my little bro!”
CS smiles at MS’ words, before suddenly perking up a bit, and going up to the older hedgehog.
Classic Sonic: “Hey! I think I have an idea for what to do next!”
Modern Sonic: “Oh? Nice! What is it?”
Classic Sonic: “I’ll show you, once you hand me that clock hand!”
Though slightly confused at what CS may be suggesting, MS goes ahead with the request and hands the clock hand over to his younger self, who then moves forward a bit, and points it forward proudly.
Classic Sonic: “Take us to Tails!”

…Nothing happens for a couple of seconds, which leads to CS looking at the clock hand, slightly annoyed, and MS walks up to him.
Modern Sonic: “I’m gonna guess your idea was to summon an entrance that would help us find Tails?”
Classic Sonic: “Yeah…that was what I came up with…”
Classic Sonic: “After all, when you summoned that Green Hill entrance, you just wanted some way out of here, right?”
Modern Sonic: “That was the case. I didn’t really think too hard on where to go.”
Classic Sonic: “Right! So I thought that if we focused on a specific area or goal to head towards, then we’d be able to find your friends!”
Classic Sonic: “Yet, it didn’t seem to work for me at all!”
Modern Sonic: “Relax. Maybe since these areas are all from MY past, I’m the only one who can summon these entrances?”
Classic Sonic: “Eh…I guess that makes sense.”
Classic Sonic: “Here. You give it a shot.”
MS nods with a smile, as CS hands the clock hand back to him. Then, pointing it forward, the older hedgehog closes his eyes, trying to focus on where to go. Meanwhile, CS backs up a bit, eager to see if it’ll work.
Modern Sonic: “...Take me to my best friend.”
After saying that, the clock hand has a strong cyan glow, and then fires off an energy shot that falls next to Green Hill. The feedback of firing it off causes MS to be knocked back a bit, but he quickly recovers, and CS comes to him to check if he’s alright. But after that, the two are focused on the new entrance being summoned…a ghostly-white construction area with caution signs and what appears to be liquid containers…
Already, the two Sonic’s recognize this area as the Chemical Plant from their adventure on Westside Island. But while MS smiles at it, CS looks a little uncomfortable.
Modern Sonic: “Heh…of course it’s an area from Westside Island…”
Classic Sonic: “And of all the places to choose from, it goes with this…”
Modern Sonic: “Come on! It was fun running around this place! Especially with all those boost-pads and winding tubes!”
Classic Sonic: “Sure, but there was also all that Megamak! Which I almost drowned in before!”
Classic Sonic: “Heck, if not for Tails’ help, I’m certain I wouldn’t be here right now!”
Modern Sonic: “Right…I DO remember that part…”
Modern Sonic: “But we’ve both gotten better since then! And our best bud’s in there, so we gotta head in!”
Classic Sonic: “Yeah, yeah…I’m still going.”
Classic Sonic: “And maybe if I’m lucky, I won’t even have to touch that pink water?”
Modern Sonic: “Here’s hoping! And I’ve got your back all the way!”
While still having an uneasy expression, CS at least looks a little more confident after hearing MS’ words, and then the two of them head over to the entrance, ending the scene…

Okay! Don’t have much to say here that I didn’t already with the previous scenes, so let’s get to the next zone!

While levels like Casino Night, Mystic Cave, and Metropolis would have been cool picks for Sonic 2 representation, I think Chemical Plant was the best pick. It’s iconic, people love it (Before it got overused to hell and back), the aesthetic and music are great, and this level in the actual game is tons of fun! Especially for Modern Sonic!
But like with Green Hill, there’s not much I need to change due to the original level already being great. Other than just extending the length a bit (Particularly for Classic Sonic), and maybe adding one or two new things in there. So, let’s move on to the next scene!
And yes, you can play whichever act you want in any order, like in the original game, which will have slight changes for the next scene when you complete both. Though, I won’t cover both versions, and instead just focus on one specifically.
Scene 08: Fox Rescue (Classic Version)
In Chemical Plant, the two Sonic’s are going around, looking for anything out of place, while smashing badniks and doing different tricks. Modern Sonic (MS) is traversing the tall structures while Classic Sonic (CS) is running across the winding tubes and platforms below, looking more impatient than his older counterpart. But eventually, the two stop at an area with a nearby pool of Megamak, and already, CS is eager to voice his complaints.
Classic Sonic: “Jeez! I wasn’t expecting it to be easy, but I figured we’d find SOMETHING note-worthy around here by now!”
Classic Sonic: “It feels like we’ve been running in circles for HOURS!”
Modern Sonic: “Admittedly, I was hoping it’d be quicker than this. Maybe we need to search in places that we wouldn’t normally bother with?”
Classic Sonic: “Like what? Pretty sure we’ve checked everything!”
Modern Sonic: “Even the Megamak?”
MS points his thumb at the body of pink water, which immediately causes CS to shiver a bit, and quickly go back to his annoyed expression.
Classic Sonic: “No way! I’m not going in there!”
Classic Sonic: “Besides, you must have taken some swimming lessons in the future, right?”
Modern Sonic: “Ehhh…I think I can better traverse it nowadays…”
Modern Sonic: “And who knows? Maybe there’s a bubble shield somewhere?”
Classic Sonic: “Maybe, but…?”
Out of the corner of his eye, CS notices something floating around in the water, and points it out to MS curiously.
Classic Sonic: “Hey…what’s that?”
Also having a curious look on his face, MS directs his gaze to where CS is pointing, and sees what’s floating around in the water…something that looks like…a white statue with…two tails…? Once they notice that, they both perk up, now knowing what or who it is.
C & M Sonic: “Tails!”
Modern Sonic: “Wait, why does he look-”
Before MS can finish his sentence, CS suddenly dashes across the Megamak pool in order to grab Tails, seemingly not paying attention to his surroundings and focusing entirely on rescuing his best bud. This surprises the older hedgehog, but he can’t help but smile a bit, seeing his younger self ignore his fears in order to help someone in need.
Once he reaches Tails, CS moves a hand out to grab him and succeeds. However, on his way back to MS on solid ground, he doesn’t notice a few Grabbers attached to the ceiling above the pink water that then try to…well…grab him. And one of them succeeds, which causes CS to panic, and call out to MS, who’s starting to get worried.
Classic Sonic: “A little help over here!?”
Modern Sonic: “Hang on! I’ll get you two!”
In a flash, MS speeds across the water without issue, and then starts performing some homing attacks on the Grabbers, making his way over to CS and Tails. The former has a bit of an amazed look on his face when watching his older self’s cool move. However, the Grabber holding him and Tails explodes before the older hedgehog can reach them.
Panicking, CS is about to fall into the Megamak with Tails, but MS manages to swiftly catch them by speeding across the water just before they can end up submerged in pink liquid, and arrives back at solid ground, gently putting Tails and CS down and checking to see if the latter is okay.
He’s a little hurt and shaken up, but looks overall okay.
Modern Sonic: “You okay?”
Classic Sonic: “Y-Yeah…thanks…”
Classic Sonic: “But…what did you do back there?”
Modern Sonic: “Homing Attack! Pretty useful move, huh?”
Classic Sonic: “Definitely…you didn’t even need a golden shield to do it!”
Modern Sonic: “Yep! Took a while to master it, but at this point, it’s effortless!”
Modern Sonic: “Though, I’ll have to teach you how to do it later…”
Now with a concerned expression, MS turns his attention over to Tails, with CS doing the same as he gets up. They can now see that, much like the entrance to this area, the young fox boy is frozen and without a spot of color on him other than ghostly white. He’s also stuck in a frightened pose.
Modern Sonic: “He’s completely frozen…and he felt weightless when I grabbed him back there…”
Modern Sonic: “Guess that Time Eater’s portal turned him into…this…”
Modern Sonic: “And…the others may be stuck in a similar state, too…”
Classic Sonic: “Now’s not the time to ponder that. We gotta turn him back to normal.”
Modern Sonic: “Right. The clock hand will fix him.”
Taking the clock hand out from behind him, MS points it at the frozen Tails, ready to fire.
Modern Sonic: “Restore my friend to normal!”

…This time, the clock hand doesn’t do anything for MS, which makes him clearly aggravated as he stares at it.
Modern Sonic: “Why isn’t it doing anything? It worked back in White Space!”
Classic Sonic: “Here. Maybe it’ll work for me?”
MS throws the clock hand over to CS, looking hopeful. Then, CS attempts to do the same thing with the clock hand. However, before he’s about to say anything, it’s already glowing with cyan energy, and fires, causing CS to be knocked off his feet for a moment. MS helps him up, but the two see that this time, it actually worked.
Render made by Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt
Modern Tails (MT for short) is now back to normal, and when fully conscious, he tries to process what just happened and what’s around him.
Modern Tails: “Wha…? Where am I-”
However, he’s unable to finish as MS immediately hugs him, relieved to see his best friend is okay.
Modern Sonic: “Man, am I glad to see you’re alright! I was really worried about you!”
Modern Tails: “H-Heh…right…me too…”
The two keep the hug going for a bit longer, before soon breaking out of it, and MT takes a moment to notice his surroundings.
Modern Tails: “We’re at the Chemical Plant? It feels like forever since we went through this place…”
Modern Tails: “And…?”
Before MT can continue, he sees CS, where both are looking at each other curiously. Though, the former’s more confused than curious.
Modern Tails: “Uhhh…why is there another you?”
Modern Sonic: “Despite the different look, he’s basically my younger self.”
Classic Sonic: “We don’t know what it’s about.”
Modern Tails: “Huh…guess that explains why we’re here…”
Modern Tails: “So, that creature is messing with time?”
Modern Sonic: “We’re calling it the Time Eater.”
Modern Sonic: “And this is definitely one of the biggest threats we’ve faced yet.”
Classic Sonic: “One of? What kinds of creatures do I face in the future that come near the level of a time god?”
Modern Sonic: “Oh, Perfect Chaos, the Biolizard, Metal Overlord, Dark Gaia…”
Modern Sonic: “...I THINK that’s all the note-worthy ones? I feel like I’m missing one here.”
Modern Tails: “Regardless, this…’Time Eater’ definitely has the capabilities to tear space and time apart.”
Modern Tails: “Come to think of it…how did you two get here? And what’s with that clock hand?”
MT points at the clock hand in CS’ hands, who decides to give it to him as MS explains.
Modern Sonic: “Well, after that thing kidnapped you and the others, I woke up in some empty white space.”
Modern Sonic: “All that was there was this broken clocktower with ancient language written on it. And one of the pieces that fell off of it was that clock hand.”
Modern Sonic: “For some reason, when I think of a place or goal to get to, it can summon an entrance to an area from my past in order to find what I need.”
Modern Sonic: “Which is how I found him.”
MS points his thumb at CS, who nods.
Classic Sonic: “Yep. And I used that clock hand to free you from your weird white statue state.”
Modern Tails: “Huh…this is definitely interesting…”
Modern Tails: “If I could make a guess, I’d say that whatever’s left of the concept of time and space now is these entrances.”
Modern Tails: “Plus, it could also explain why two Sonic’s are able to coexist at the same time.”
Classic Sonic: “Okay, but why do we look different?”
Modern Tails: “Beats me. For all I know, it’s just because of the energy involved in this time mess.”
Modern Sonic: “You mean like…us looking different is just our vision being messed with? To help us distinguish which Sonic is which?”
Modern Tails: “That could be it. But let’s try to get back on track here.”
Classic Sonic: “Right. But you know…something has been on my mind ever since that Time Eater showed up…”
Classic Sonic: “When it did that purple flash thing…I felt a strong amount of Chaos Energy…”
Modern Sonic: “Same here back at the party.”
Modern Sonic: “Plus, I can feel a bit of it in that clocktower, too.”
Modern Tails: “Hmm…if that’s the case, then the Chaos Emeralds are likely involved, too.”
Modern Tails: “Either they’re being used by that beast, or they’ve been scattered across different points in time, and their energy is affecting everything to some extent due to the state of the world.”
Modern Sonic: “If it’s the former, that would definitely explain why we got our butts handed to us on a silver platter.”
Modern Sonic: “But we can speculate on everything later, when we head back to White Space and investigate that clocktower. We wasted enough time here.”
Classic Sonic: “Agreed. I nearly ended up in that Megamak pool, and I DON’T want to drown again.”
Modern Tails: “Mm-hm. I’m already feeling a bit nervous just looking at it. And this smell is horrible.”
MS nods, and the three start to head off. However, before they can, a sudden purple portal appears nearby, surprising them.
Modern Tails: “Ah! Not again!”
Modern Sonic: “Quick! Grab onto something!”
Immediately, MS, CS, and MT try to grab onto anything nearby that’ll keep them from being caught. However, nothing seems to happen, and when they realize that, they look back at the portal, and approach cautiously.
Classic Sonic: “Okay…guess we have a choice this time around…”
Modern Tails: “...”
MT squints at the area being shown inside the portal.
Modern Tails: “Is this…?”
Before the young fox can say anything about it, a voice that sounds similar to his is heard from inside the portal. MS and MT are confused, but CS looks surprised and worried, likely recognizing the voice.
???: “Ah! No! Stop chasing me!”
???: “Come on! What can I do to get out of here!?”
???: “HEY! LET ME GO!”
Classic Sonic: “Tails!”
Once again, without thinking, CS rushes right into the portal, with MS and MT attempting to stop him.
Modern Sonic: “Hey! Wait a sec-!”
Just before MS can touch the portal, it closes and disappears, leaving him and MT concerned for the younger hedgehog’s safety.
Modern Tails: “Well…he definitely likes to rush into danger as much as you do…”
Modern Sonic: “Pretty sure I’m not THAT brash nowadays…”
Modern Sonic: “But knowing me, he’ll probably be fine. And maybe we can figure out a way to find him, or he’ll do something to get back to us?”
Modern Tails: “Here’s hoping. But let’s just get back to this White Space, and figure out what we can about the situation.”
Despite still having that concerned look, MS nods with a slight smile, and the duo head off, ending the scene…

Now let’s cover some of the stuff here.
First of all, we actually get to see the characters talk about the area they’re in! Sure, something like this happened in the actual game, but this time, there’s gonna be a cutscene like this for every level here! Plus, more interactions with Sonic’s friends, and which leads to the boss fight for the level! Much more interesting and fun!
Second, if Modern Sonic can summon areas to go to in White Space, then I wanna give Classic Sonic something important to do in order to justify his existence here in the plot. So, he’s the one who can free the frozen friends. Both have equal importance!
I think that’s all I wanted to cover here, so let’s get a move on to the scene after this that leads to the next boss fight!

Scene 09: Trapped Aboard The Death Egg!
The scene starts off with Classic Sonic (CS) jumping out of the purple portal, arriving at a facility with brownish walls, light gray platforms, caution signs, and many mechanical machines and parts throughout. Looking around, the young hedgehog is able to figure out where he is, despite his concern for his best buddy.
Sonic: “This place…great…”
Sonic: “Here I was, hoping I’d never have to set foot on the Death Egg ever again.”
Sonic: “But if it means finding Tails, then I’ll deal with it.”
Not taking any more time to pause and think, Sonic runs through the orbital space station, looking around for any sign of a two-tailed fox.
Sonic: “The first time I got here, I had no rings or help to rely on when I fought Robotnik.”
Sonic: “And the second time was better, but all that anti-gravity stuff made my head spin.”
Sonic: “Though, it doesn’t seem like anything’s here at all. Not a single badnik, even.”
Sonic: “Not that I’m gonna complain. It just means I’ll have an easier time finding what I want.”
Eventually, after navigating a few more hallways and rooms, Sonic arrives at an open area, with a metallic floor, machines working nearby, and a large glass window with a view of the planet below. But what really catches Sonic’s attention is a small laser cage containing his young fox friend, who lights up when he sees his hero has come to rescue him.
Tails: “Sonic! I’m so glad you’re here!”
Sonic: “And I’m glad you’re just caged up right now! But how did you get here?”
As Sonic goes up to the laser prison, and scans it while walking around it to figure out how to turn it off, Classic Tails (CT for short) explains.
Tails: “Well, I was just working on some machines back at my workshop while eating mint-candies!”
Tails: “But then I saw some weird purple flash from my window, and when it hit me, I was just…here.”
Sonic: “Figures. Something similar happened to me. And you wouldn’t believe what came later!”
Tails: “Hehe! I’m certain I’ll see once we get out of here!”
Sonic: “No doubt about that!”
Sonic: “Though, I gotta ask who or what put you in this laser cage. I didn’t see a single badnik or soul on my way here.”
Tails: “Oh! That was-”
Tails doesn’t finish, as both he and Sonic are distracted by a familiar voice coming from the com-systems in the Death Egg.
Robotnik: “Hehehehehe! Like a moth drawn to a flame! You really are too easy to lure in, hedgehog!”
Sonic: “Tch! Well, I couldn’t just let you do whatever you wanted with my best friend!”
Sonic: “Now, why don’t you show yourself, and we can get to the part where you lose?”
Robotnik: “Oh, it’s SO cute that you think you have the advantage here! Especially when you’re on MY turf!”
Robotnik: “And with your mutant pet in time-out, you have no-one to get you out of trouble!”
Tails: “You really think this’ll be any different from all your other plans, Robotnik!? Sonic will always take you down! With or without help!”
Robotnik: “Ah, so much misplaced faith, fox boy…I got something in store for your precious hero!”
Classic Sonic: “Really now? What lame machine are you recycling this time?”
Classic Sonic: “That silly drill car? That seal who’s nose doubled as a balloon? Or maybe that overgrown Moto-Bug with treads?”
Robotnik: “Please! I know when to bring out the big guns! Especially when in more familiar territory!”
Robotnik: “Now, get a load of THIS!”
Without warning, the metal floor below Sonic and Tails separates, opening up a hole that leads to the lower floors. The hedgehog jumps back, and the fox’s laser prison moves out of the way on it’s own, as if directed to do so. Once it’s finished, Sonic stares down in curiosity, not noticing a shiny-silver machine with similar features to the hedgehog standing behind him, glaring down with a single red eye.
Panicking, Tails shouts out to Sonic.
Sonic: “Wha-!?”
Just as he turns around, Sonic is grabbed by Mecha Sonic Mk l, struggling to get out of it’s cold, mechanical hands. He ends up having to kick his metal-plated clone in the face, which gets him out, but he ends up falling into the hole, and the machine follows by jumping in. Meanwhile, Tails stares at the hole with worry, but is certain his hero will make it through in the end.
Then, we go back to Sonic falling down to the lower floor, who does a few maneuvers across the different structures as he gets there, eventually landing safely. Though, he takes a breather for a moment, but just as he’s ready to go, Mecha Sonic Mk l lands down with an audible thud.
This startles the young hedgehog for a moment, as he looks back to face him, having a small smirk.
Sonic: “Heh! So Eggman brought you back from the garbage heap, Mecha Sonic!”
Sonic: “Or was it Robo Sonic? It’s hard to remember, since most of you copy-hogs aren’t anything of note!”
The machine stays silent, as it prepares to charge at Sonic. So, turning around towards the nearby hallway, he speeds off. Though, just as Mecha Sonic Mk 1’s about to follow, it gets a call from Robotnik.
Robotnik: “Wait here, Mecha Sonic. He won’t escape us.”
Without any resistance or sign of annoyance, the machine does as ordered and stands idle. His red eye staring right at the camera as the scene comes to a close, and the fight with the Death Egg Robot begins…
Okay! Let’s discuss the changes!
For some reason, Classic Tails was just…there in the original Generations. It’s not explained how he got there or anything. So, I’m changing that right now! Plus, since we’re on the Death Egg, I figured Mecha Sonic Mk l could be brought back! Along with some references to past bosses! It’s all in good fun!
But with that taken care of, let’s get to the second boss fight!

Obviously being the most infamous boss in Sonic 2, and already being featured in the actual game, we had to include it here! Though, since it’s not the first boss fight this time around, we can make it a little more exciting and challenging!
The 1st Phase of the fight has the Death Egg Robot chasing Sonic down a hallway, in a similar vein to Sonic Mania in the future. He’ll shoot his extendable arms at you, shoot out some Eggman bombs, and occasionally jump up to stomp on you. And like Sonic Mania, you’ll have to jump onto his extendable arms after he attacks in order to hit his head.
After 3 hits, the Death Egg Robot will fly ahead, which leads to the elevator sequence from the original fight. Only this time, Mecha Sonic Mk l is here and participates in the fight. Basically, after doing what he does in the original fight, alongside shooting the Eggman bombs too, and getting hit once, he’ll fly into the air and have Mecha Mk l fight Sonic head on.
He does stuff like spinning around in a spiky ball, speed towards Sonic on the ground, shoot out spikes in the air, and even fly around a bit, before striking down to hit Sonic. However, after doing that last move, he’ll struggle to get his fist out of the floor, leaving him open to getting hit in the face. After that happens, the mecha menace will fly up and the Death Egg Robot will land back down on the floor to do his attacks again.
Then, after 3 more hits, Mecha Sonic Mk l starts to malfunction as the elevator floor reaches the top area from the original fight (With Classic Tails in the background, watching in his laser prison) and the Death Egg Robot would end up stomping on the robot, destroying it. This also sends Sonic onto the platforms with the timed bombs like in the original fight, which would play out the same as the original fight for the final phase.
He still mainly attacks via his extendable hands, but will sometimes send out Eggman bombs that’ll land onto the platforms, obstructing Sonic’s progress and hurting him when he runs into them. But after hitting a bomb, he’ll malfunction, and Sonic will ride the arm in order to land a hit on the head. Do this two more times, and the fight is over.
It’s not that much more complicated compared to the original fight, but it’s definitely a nice step-up. Now to the scene that plays afterwards.

Scene 10: Dead-Ends!
At the same open area of the Death Egg, the busted remains of Mecha Sonic Mk l and the Death Egg Robot are seen. Robotnik also crawls out of the mech’s cockpit, coughing a bit and laying down on the ground exhausted and worse for wear.
As for Classic Sonic (CS), he gets right to destroying the laser prison via a spin attack, freeing Classic Tails (CT) and he expresses his gratitude.
Classic Tails: “Thanks for the save, Sonic! I really wish I could have helped out back there!”
Classic Sonic: “Eh. It wasn’t easy, but if I could take them down on my own before, I could easily do it now.”
Classic Sonic: “At least this time, you got to see the action!”
Classic Tails: “Mm-hm! You were amazing as always!”
CS smiles at CT’s words, and the two share a quick fist-bump, before turning their attention over to Robotnik, who sits up, still tired and looking irritated. The two heroes approach the doctor, eager to interrogate him. Though, the round scientist puts a hand behind his back, which holds a remote with a red button on it.
Classic Tails: “Alright, Robotnik! What are you up to this time?”
Robotnik: “Wasn’t it obvious a minute ago? Crushing the hedgehog, of course!”
Classic Sonic: “Yeah, pretty sure it’s more than just a personal grudge. We meant what your endgame is here.”
Robotnik: “Tch! What makes you think I’ll tell you anything?”
Classic Sonic: “Well, maybe it’s because WE’RE now in control of the situation? You certainly don’t have anymore junk piles to rely on!”
Robotnik: “Please! You have NOTHING to use against me! Unless you want to ‘cross that line?’”
Classic Sonic: “Obviously not! But we’ll definitely take you with-”
CS is unable to finish as he and CT are distracted by alarms blaring, red lights flashing, and everything around them starting to explode and/or fall apart. All the while, a robotic voice is heard on the coms.
Classic Sonic: “Wha-!? Okay, you better turn that…?”
When CS and CT look back at Robotnik, they find that he’s completely vanished, and they’re confused.
Classic Tails: “Where did he go!?”
Classic Sonic: “It doesn’t matter! We gotta get out of here NOW!”
Grabbing CT’s hand, CS rushes around in a panic, desperately trying to find some method of escape. However, all the ships are inoperable, and there’s no signs of a teleporter or anything that can help them survive the explosion. So, they’re very worried.
Classic Sonic: “Darn it! There’s nothing we can use to get out of here!”
Classic Tails: “Maybe…maybe I can fix something!?”
Classic Sonic: “We may be quick, Tails, but not THAT quick!”
Classic Tails: “But-!?”
Suddenly, a cyan-colored energy portal appears near CS and CT, where they see Modern Sonic (MS) and Modern Tails (MT) noticing the situation, and immediately beckoning them to head in.
Modern Sonic: “C'mon! Before you two get fried!”
Without hesitation, the two young heroes dash right into the portal, which closes quickly afterwards. And then, we get a wide shot of the entire Death Egg in space, before it explodes in a similar manner to Sonic Forces, ending the scene…

Pretty close call, huh? There’s nothing I can really say here, so when we get to the next post, we’ll get to the next scene, along with the next stage for the Genesis Era!
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2023.03.29 21:24 TitanicMan [Long] That damn dog is still broken. — a thorough analysis of the K-9 Unit, with solutions

(Can skip to Possible Solutions or TL;DR if you do not wish to read a wall of text about FPS video game balancing and how the dog defies it.)
First time playing in a while, started at day 1 and pretty much stopped because that damn cheap ass OP K-9 bullshit.
I see it's gotten a little better, but it still gives me a distinct aggravation because it bypasses so many things about the game. I'm not raging about it, I say well played to every other death, it just feels like such undeserved points when that thing walks in.
The swear words you will see during this post are not death/loss rage, it is my inner Game Dev wondering how the hell such an asinine half-assed weapon passed QA.

The Dog Is Illogical:

If it's a living creature, why the fuck is it completely invisible to proximity weapons?
If it's equipment, why the fuck doesn't EMP or Trophy System deal with or even affect it?
The hit distance is ridiculous. When there should still be a solid second or two to shoot, you die when it nips the air 4 feet away from you. Very little chance to fight back in small rooms because it's an insta-kill before you get 2 bullets out of the fastest SMG. Worse off with that hit distance, it barely has to move to clear out an entire room. Absolute worst case scenario, one so happens to be released near a spawn point. It will sit there and basically skip everyones turns while delivering free points to the other team.
Something else, regardless of what it's technically classified as, it is a living creature. The damn thing should have a headshot hitbox, and it should respond to bullets. A creature that's a fraction of the strength and armor of a human soldier should at least fucking flinch when it gets domed between the eyes, but it doesn't even break stride. Shoot it from ten feet away and it takes one step and kills you without even blinking. Snipers are screwed. Shoot it right in the face with the most beefy sniper and it defies physics to bite you on the next chamber anyway. Something that would "One Shot, One Kill" on the much tougher players doesn't even slow it down.
I will say, at least they put back the paw icon. That thing was even more of a menace when it was just a regular enemy dot.
Overall though, I still can't believe it's this broken, and I still stand by most K-9 users can't even hold a gun. It is such cheap kills, and it's one of those things that nobody wants to address because it benefits them with guaranteed free points. (Like the Oppressor MKII in GTA) Why remove it when you can just join the party and have free points also, completely negating the use of other operator skills?
Everyone uses that damn dog, and it's barely a game at times. You can tell when the shitty players' operator skills finally fill because like 3 of the little shits come running out halfway through the game and they just swamp everyone back to back to back. The only place it's fair is in Frontline because you have that pocket of time in a safe spot to not get insta-killed by a little anklebiter.
And that's just functionality. I love all dogs, but they could've chosen a better looking dog. The real military has like majestic German Shepards and 99% of the players that missed that little tiny event get this creepy ghetto junkyard hellhound. I feel like the broken mechanics would be a little easier to swallow if you didn't see the absolute most kickable dog enter the room to do it. Doesn't feel like military K-9, it feels like "here we go again with the bullshit video game dog"
I see so many easy solutions that balance the dog while keeping it's beloved OP elements. (Not that any of you or Activision will give enough of a shit to do any of them)
Using the Shock RC as a point of reference, as it's the closest thing in terms of functionality. From roughly the same distance, the Shock RC can only zap someone, and only once. Like the K-9 it travels along the ground with the omnipotence to take the most efficient route directly to the nearest player.

Possible Solutions:

  • A: if the dogs gonna insta-kill from 4 feet away, usually the first moment you see it in a small area, it can only do that once, as per Shock RC, Hunter Killer Drone, and all other small tracking equipment.
  • B: the damn dog has to actually bite you if it's gonna relentlessly clear out whole rooms of people. It can't just rotate and get everyone in every far corner because it bit the air.
  • C: Make the dog equal to a living creature and/or equipment.
    • Headshot hitbox. It doesn't have to give extra points, just do more damage when it's shot in the damn dangerous-ass face.
    • it moves, it has a heartbeat, it's alive. Walking right past proximity mines is bullshit. If it "smelled" them and avoided them like real military dogs, that'd be one thing. But the little shit standing on a motion sensor and surviving is absolute hogwash.
    • flinching and reaction. If you shoot it, at the very least it should drop it's running speed or stop for a moment, just as the people do.
    • responds to EMP's, toxic gas, and other tacticals. I will say a dog could probably find it's way through smoke, but Krypto the Super Dog over here needs to react to the chemical shit in his lungs and his vest getting zapped.
  • D: make the dog equal to equipment. It's got a glowing vest, it's on the radar, and it explodes when it dies. There's something in that vest for sure, and Trophy Systems among other equipment detectors should be able to see and neutralize it. At the very least, the vest is a solid argument for EMP's and the likes affecting the dog.
  • E: Move it to Scorestreaks. I would like to make mention of one looming argument: "but you keep comparing it to scorestreaks when it's an operator skill" — Considering it's likeness is far closer to scorestreaks, maybe it belongs there. Operator skills are some shit in your hand or something static you drop in one spot, not a magic 2 foot tall killing machine that immediately leaves you and does its own thing. That is 100% the kinda thing scorestreaks do, and absolutely not something ANY of the other operator skills do. Seriously, go check. Exactly none of the other Operator Skills share any traits with the K-9, but many scorestreaks do. Moving it to scorestreaks would add immense balance in itself because you'd have to earn such a killing machine, just like all the others. You wouldn't be guaranteed 3-5 kills just for existing. (Also, it's not much of an Operator Skill if they're not controlling any aspect of what the dog is doing. More of dog skill.)
  • OPTIONAL: Like the Shock RC, Hunter Killer Drone, and etc, there should be a commander announcement saying "Enemy K-9 Unit has been released." For what it is, even with the paw icon, a weapon of that power shouldn't go unmentioned. (Plus it's on the radar. You would think in real life, the commander might be inclined to mention the biggest thorn in your ass has just arrived, and not just let it wander up behind the entire squad) The most harmless things have an announcement, but not the silent insta-kill ninja dog.
  • OPTIONAL: Integrate K-9's into the enemy list for friendly spawning, so you get spawned away from them and don't spawn-die 3 times in a row without leaving the loading screen because of the little shit running in a circle — at least other spawn-killers like the Stealth Chopper, Sentry Turret, and Hunter KilleSwarm have a fair possibility to not lock onto the spawn area. Right now, once the dog is there, it's there til its timer is up, and you can't duck for cover or even run.
  • OPTIONAL: when the K-9 first came out, they immediately demonstrated it can have skins. Make more. A lot more. Why is there only 2 and they don't even sell 1 anymore? Is Activision silly? People love dogs. They'd make a killing selling fuzzy buddies. (Plus how hilarious would it be to get merc'ed by a poodle? Even if the dogs still broken, that'd take the sting off massively.) It's understandable if they want to dodge cute animals in the shooty game, but they could still at least add more fugly ghetto dogs, hell hounds from zombies, and actual military dogs. The default skin looks like it crawled out of somethings ass at a pet cemetery in the south side of hell.
TL;DR / IN CONCLUSION:, the current state of the K-9 poses no logical purpose other than cheaply gained happiness (which is why it stays). It's attack is factually overpowered, unrealistic, and it's defense is through the roof. It bypasses all defense systems and is not behaviorally affected by damage. Coupled with the overly extended bite range, it's nearly a God creature in most scenarios on these small maps. Being classified as an Operator Skill despite acting with the power of a scorestreak means even the worst players can rack up several kills and tip the odds. A whole team could theoretically win Team Deathmatch with 2 dogs used each (in Public) or 3 dogs each (in Ranked) while never having fired a single bullet or swinging a single melee. A couple of people with dogs, and regular players, is not a balanced team. I would even go as far to say one dog can make the odds tipped in the current scenario where's it's dead silent and only on radar. Tweaking any single one of these aspects would make it make sense.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
You may now refuse to read the post, downvote, and argue the dog is good because you personally like it. I am also open to argumentative responses that would've been easily addressed had they actually read my post, but they didn't.
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2023.03.29 21:24 hiitsaiden CMIYGL (essay)

I know nobody wants to hear how hyped I am for this deluxe / album, but let me just rant and do this shi real quick. Im boutta write a fuckin essay MLA included in this bitch.
Let me set the setting. A small New York town in 2021. Im just about to graduate 8th grade (shut the fuck up ight) and I’ve been listening to T since I’d say around Flower Boy, only cause I was too young to care about music during 2015 when Cherry Bomb came out. Anyways, I loved IGOR and played it to death during May 2019, and I remember I was in the corner of my room, I don’t know what I was doing but I was just sitting there. I got a notification for Lumberjack and was excited as I knew he was gonna drop something soon, I just wasn’t sure when. It was June 16th. He announced the album to be on the 25th, the day after I graduated. I was so hyped to see he was really back to rapping, even though I love everything about his instrumentation. I’m a producer myself, and at the time, I was trying to find my sound and what I was capable of making. Anyways, that week was hell waiting, calling the number, seeing the billboards. One of the coolest rollouts I’ve seen and been a part of.
It’s June 24th, I’m outside at my high school’s field waiting for my graduation to start. My friend comes up and asks if I heard any of the album. I told him I’ve been waiting but he told me about Wayne’s verse on HOT WIND BLOWS. (He used the lil VPN thing). I decided to listen just to one track and I was so hyped. I really don’t know when I listened to it all the way through the first time, but I remember every single day of that summer because of this album. Biking in the warm weather with my friends, stopping at the ice cream shop and getting a quick small scoop cone, biking to my friends house and going swimming until it’s so dark out we can’t see anything. I spent my whole summer with this album. I remember my cousins, aunt, and uncle were moving from Connecticut to New York, so for 6 weeks they used our house for the summer. They stayed in my room, while I stayed in the office room. I set up my PC and it was a tiny room but for 6 weeks it would be fine. I opened up FL Studio then thought about how cool it would be to have a collective and have a lot of people just have fun and make music as kids. I made a tiktok about it and soon enough, we had our own lil collective starting up. It didn’t get anywhere by the way, it was just a fun project for the summer. I could go on and on but what I’m trying to say here is that Call Me if You Get Lost is one of my favorite, if not my favorite album of all time. I know it’s a hot take for some people, but the memories I have associated with it alone make it my favorite. The vibe. the instruments he used, the pure joy of the album felt so much like how I was feeling. Not giving a fuck, biking every single day with my friends. “Meet at the baseball field” texts, and just getting on my bike and going. We didn’t know what we were gonna do for the day, but the pure joy of 5-6 friends doing whatever for a few months was one of the best feelings in the world, and Tyler really helped capture those memories and feelings. I remember being in the car with my cousins about to go to the pool and I turned out Hot Wind Blows, looked out the window. and just embraced everything. How happy I was. I had graduation money, friends, it was just the best feeling in the world.
I know this shit is super super corny and I know that some or even any of y’all can’t relate to this, but I just wanted to get me story out because I am so excited for this. I could go on and on. Im sure none of y’all read this all the way through, but if y’all did, thanks for reminiscing with me about what it felt to be a kid again.
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