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A place for theory crafting and discussion and sharing discoveries per the lore of Elden Ring.

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Memes about Fromsoftware's game Elden Ring.

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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

2023.03.29 22:15 Loeachykkastel Have I shifted (???)

Ok, so I will say a few for context, first of all, English isn't my language so forgive any grammatical errors, I hope I won't make a lot.
Sorry, I've been too excited, the two last paragraphs are where I describe my experience if you don't want to read everything.
I've been trying to shift for a year and a half now, first it was out of curiosity, I didn't really believed in it but I always have a really weird history about dreaming (like I had a all lore and world of dreams really constructed from my 18 to 22 years old which I joined every night and I believed I've never met someone with that before but it's another topic, it was draining and I did my best to erase it because my sleep at a point wasn't effective enough. I did nothing to have that, it just appears one night, and I'm sure it's because I was at my lowest point mentally so my subconscient made me this world to comfort me during my sleep. But it was years ago (I'm getting old))
So I learn about reality shift, I'm curious, I try it, but I didn't have any script I was just like "Ok if it works, it's nice" and most of all, the meditation was really getting me in that sweet deep state of sleep which I love.
But when I've stopped trying to do it, I had the first really vivid lucid dream of a magical world I've had since my "lore" which I've previously explained. It was crazy, I've spend a few weeks in it, but I'm sure it was a dream. Enough to have the first part of a book (which I'm writing haha) the lore of this world was so detailed and made so much sense (The handmaid's tale meet Lord of the ring, I can't describe it better) I NEEDED to comeback to this world in a way or another, so I guess shifting to it as well as trying to induce again this dream wasn't so delusional.
So for a few months the last year I've tried but I guess I wasn't really convinced and then I just didn't tried again. I mean, I had already the first book, my imagination had created the world, I managed to end the story.
BUT, then two months ago I've discovered Red redemption 2, and like a lot of people I have been so into it. I'm in a period of unemployment so I said, let's go, this time I have plenty of time to try, I'm gonna do it, I'm going to shift, get a horse and explore the wild west.
(omg sorry for the ramble, I'm so excited I don't know how to put words on it)
So since a few weeks I've been trying a lot of methods, at a lot of times in the day with various subliminal, hypnosis etc... But today I've decided to lose a bit. I've been reading people saying that trying to push wasn't the way neither trying to stay awake, that you have to sleep but be kind of conscious you're sleeping. I've put one of my favorite meditation and when I've started to sleep, I didn't fight it, I kept repeating that it was ok, that I was ok, I was calm and regularly my mind awaken with the sound of the music. Then at one moment I felt my mind awake for the last time and I simply thought "Let go". This is where the funny stuff begin. Immediately I felt a rush like I was coming back to my body, then I saw myself leaving my body. It was reaaaally weird. But I got no time to think my "shadowy conscious body" fell into darkness and I felt absorb like across the universe. I ended up in a place very futuristic and I was feeling the presence of an help. I awake on a bed in a room on a futuristic loft. Which was definitely not the vibe I was going for. So I've sayed out loud "No I don't want to be here, this is not what I've scripted." and the rush came again, I was being absorb somewhere else to another bed by the guiding presence. I was like "Hum.... Still not where I want to be?" but I've trusted the guiding presence and get inside the bed, closed my eyes. When I tried to open them, I started to see my cr bed superposed to another vision, so I closed them again to ground me and when I opened them again, that's it, I was in the hotel room of Valentines, ready to be a bounty hunter and do camping trip accross New Hanover. But the music in my earphones came again, I tried to get them away and wake up in my CR.
It was the first time I've lived something like that. I can't describe it, it felt so, so real. It was raining and I was cold, and I could hear horses walking in the street. It was brief but so real. But I'm so confuse, like what was that the futuristic universe with a guiding presence? I'm like a Newby at terms of reality shift, so was it a waiting room? But I didn't script or supposed to have one. Or perhaps it was just a very lucid dream which I've jumped from? And what about the "out of body" experience is it suppose to do that? I always supposed you just "open your eyes in a new reality" not being dragged like a puppet accross the universe lol. I don't know but I would love to have feedback about my experience. I can't believed it just happen, to be honest I really wished it was true but I had doubts, but the feeling of leaving my body was definitely something I will remember.
Again, forgive my mistakes, I've tried to correct a few but I'm really bad at correctly use past/present. I do hope it had not made reading me a nightmare.
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2023.03.29 22:15 Morgentau7 Lets talk about Malyen Oretsevs Friends (pls watch all seasons first!)

I just watched the first Episode again, and like seriously, I really miss them. They gave the whole show the vibe of companionship, especially in the scenes with Alina and Malyen, and they acted a little like Merryl and Pippin from the lord of rings did with Frodo. Malyen is really happy around them. In the second season when he was abducted, no one really cared and there I realized that all of his real friends are dead, which is fucking sad. I really hope that he finds new friends now who give him company cause the crows show how important friendship is.
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2023.03.29 22:15 J4S0N_99 23(M), my friends seem to find women who find me attractive but on my own I just cannot. How can I take control of this?

I personally don’t find myself particularly good looking. Fair or average. Although I am clean, good hygiene, dress well, and take care of myself so I give myself credit for that. But my friends tend to find women for me online or through mutual friends who all find me attractive. They will also point out women in public who they say are looking at me when I don’t even notice. My friends also say I am good looking, so that makes me think I must be attractive.
But I’ve had no success on dating sites and other social sites. Even Instagram and Snapchat. No matches, no messages, no one really showing me that I am attractive. Very dry social media.
I’m not introverted, but I am shy and can be awkward. Going out I just don’t feel confident enough to approach women. Never has been my thing. Clubs, bars, lounges, I don’t usually even go. I find myself uncomfortable trying to socialize in public settings around random people. So obviously I’m not meeting women in public.
Seriously if it weren’t for my friends showing me or telling me that they’ve found women who say I am cute then I would truly believe I’m not very attractive but my family has always told me I am.
I’ve had one serious relationship in my life. (Lasted 5 months) And I’ve hooked up with a few girls at my jobs over the years since I turned 18. But otherwise I wouldn’t say I’m very experienced.
So what am I lacking? Missing? How do I take control of this potential with meeting and finding women myself?
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2023.03.29 22:14 Chufilli Should I buy a new gaming laptop?

Hi everyone! I'm currently using a Zephyrus M15 with an i7-10875H and a 2070 MAX-Q. I bought it 2 years ago and it still packs a punch to be honest. Currently playing Elden Ring and God of War at high settings.
With some new games getting released, I fear that my laptop might not keep up anymore. Should I get a new one or like maybe wait for another 3 years or so to buy a new one? Thanks in advance for everyone who will answer!
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2023.03.29 22:12 Low_Top_9715 Where Can I Find A Fellow Writer For A Roommate With a Simple Online Post?

I write fiction in NYC. I have a 2nd empty bedroom. I’d like to offer it to another writer, someone who understands the obsessive focus. I’m not part of any writers group online or in person and never have been. Every writers group I‘ve seen on Reddit focuses only on writing itself. I haven’t seen a single one that would allow a “personals/roommate” ad. And googling around, all writers groups everywhere all seem to be focused on sharing one’s work and occasionally having in-person gatherings. But I'm not interested in sharing my writing nor in waiting several months for a conference. Facebook has many groups, but they too don’t seem to have rooming ads. It’s all about slowly getting to know people with months of messaging. I’d just like to find one person who does what I do, and offer them the room so I can have some daily interaction here but still be focused as though I’m alone. Putting an offer like that on craigslist seems pointless because I can't imagine many writers will see it. And various other “personals/classified” sites online are all sexual posts and seem to have little traffic. I’d love anyone’s advice as to where I could post such an offer online where it would reach the target audience without having to first spend years cultivating friendships in a writers group. Thank you!
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2023.03.29 22:12 Mjr798 50kg Adjustable weights recommendations?

At the moment, I'm unable to get to the gym at my usual rate of 4 times a week. I haven't been for a couple of weeks now due to work and life obstacles I can't get around currently. This might stay like this for a couple more months.
I think I can still do all the major body parts with a pair of heavy dumbells and a bench.
I'm from the UK and I'm looking ideally for a pair of 50kg adjustable weights that can save space and do the job, as well as a bench.
I've checked a few sites (and nearly got Instagram scammed 😅🫠) but haven't been able to spot any yet.
Could anyone recommend a decent affordable pair and possibly a bench off Amazon that is reputable enough to buy as well?
Thanks everyone
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2023.03.29 22:12 birdie-bird94 Asked chatGPT to write a poem from Arthur's perspective. Behold, "Arthur's Poetic Redemption"

Asked chatGPT to write a poem from Arthur's perspective. Behold,
Created an account to see what all the fuss was about and this was my first request of the program. It's a bit corny in places, but overall not too bad for an AI poem. Lol, hope you guys get a kick out of it. (Fan Art tag just for laughs, same with the OC)
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2023.03.29 22:11 Bedroid Bovada lv vs BetOnline ag: 2023 Comprehensive Comparison

Bovada lv vs BetOnline ag: 2023 Comprehensive Comparison
As a seasoned gambler and reviewer of online casinos, I've had the opportunity to evaluate numerous gambling sites throughout the years.
Today, I'll be comparing two popular platforms, and, to help you determine which one best suits your needs.
I've included my referral links to visit each site and claim their bonus.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bovada lv

Bet on NBA games at Bovada sportsbook and casino in 2023.
Wide variety of games: Bovada LV offers an extensive selection of casino games, including slots, table games, and live dealer options.
User-friendly interface: The website's design is easy to navigate, making it simple for both beginners and experienced players to find their desired games.
Promotions and bonuses: Bovada is known for its generous promotions, providing players with numerous opportunities to maximize their winnings.
Restricted access: Bovada is not available to players from certain countries, limiting its accessibility.
Limited deposit options: The platform primarily focuses on cryptocurrencies for deposits, which may not suit all players.
Slower withdrawal times: Some users have reported longer withdrawal processing times compared to other online casinos.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BetOnline ag
All-in-one gambling platform: BetOnline ag offers a comprehensive gambling experience, with sports betting, poker, casino games, and horse racing available.
Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies: not only accepts Bitcoin but also a variety of other cryptocurrencies, making it convenient for crypto enthusiasts.
Availability: BetOnline has fewer country restrictions compared to Bovada, making it more accessible for players around the world.
Faster withdrawal times: Users have reported quicker withdrawal processing times when compared to Bovada.
Less intuitive interface: BetOnline's website design can be overwhelming for new users, making it slightly harder to navigate.
Fewer casino game options: The platform has a smaller selection of casino games compared to Bovada, especially when it comes to slots.
Less attractive bonuses: While BetOnline does offer promotions, they are generally not as generous as those found on Bovada.

Bonuses and Wagering Requirements

Bovada lv Bonuses and Conditions
Bovada offers a welcome bonus to new players, consisting of a $250 match bonus on their first deposit. However, these bonuses come with specific wagering requirements. For example, a 100% match bonus up to $250 may require a 25x playthrough on both the deposit and the bonus amount. This means that you'll need to wager 25 times the combined deposit and bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings. T&C's apply.
Additionally, Bovada often provides promotions for its sportsbook and poker sections, with separate wagering requirements for each. It's essential to read the terms and conditions carefully before opting into any bonus or promotion. T&C's apply.
BetOnline ag Bonuses and Conditions
BetOnline also offers a welcome bonus for new players, which often includes a match bonus on their initial deposit. However, the wagering requirements for BetOnline's bonuses may be different from Bovada's. For example, a 50% match bonus up to $1000 might have a 30x rollover requirement for both the deposit and bonus amount. This means you would need to wager 30 times the combined deposit and bonus amount before cashing out any winnings. T&C's apply.
BetOnline also features bonuses and promotions for its sportsbook, poker, and horse racing sections. Each promotion comes with its own set of terms and conditions, so be sure to review them thoroughly before participating. T&C's apply.

Conclusion: Bovada vs BetOnline

Both and have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences and needs. Bovada is an excellent choice if you're looking for a user-friendly interface, a wide variety of casino games, and generous promotions. On the other hand, BetOnline is a more comprehensive gambling platform, offering sports betting, poker, casino games, and horse racing, with fewer country restrictions and faster withdrawal times.
In terms of bonuses, both platforms offer welcome bonuses and promotions for their various gambling sections. However, the wagering requirements and bonus amounts may differ. It's crucial to review the terms and conditions of each bonus before opting in.
Ultimately, the decision between Bovada and BetOnline boils down to your personal preferences and priorities. If you value an extensive selection of casino games and a user-friendly interface, Bovada might be the better choice for you.
However, if you're looking for a more comprehensive gambling experience, including sports betting, poker, and horse racing, with a wider range of supported cryptocurrencies, BetOnline may be the better option.
No matter which platform you choose, remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the thrill of online gambling.

Ages 21+ Play Responsibly

Check your local gambling laws before gambling online for real money at any website and only gamble for entertainment purposes.
Online gambling is not a realistic way of making money.
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2023.03.29 22:10 Forrester94 Lost Souls

Walking home, with alcohol swimming in our heads,
Every move misplaced, deliberate and intended instead,
Running together just like all the friends and all the lovers,
Not feeling the need to go and duck for cover,
Just like a dream, buzzing and red faced we’ll be arm in arm,
Smiling and laughing, moving gracefully while tomorrow is no burden at all,
Unlike a million times before we’ve both ignored last call,
There will be no final hurrah or a last night to remember,
Just another two lost souls who became the best of the world beaters,
Heads turn as we're the good looking couple on the street,
Stepping over every little wall laid at our feet,
Everywhere we turn there is always two open chairs and a table,
Doors open waiting to serve us with flowers and our favourite bottle,
Just like a dream, buzzing and red faced we’ll be arm in arm,
Smiling and laughing, moving gracefully while tomorrow is no burden at all,
Unlike a million times before we’ve both ignored last call,
There will be no final hurrah or a last night to remember,
Just another two lost souls who became the best of the world beaters,
Our best clothes in perfect lighting as our eyes are open wide,
Every word beautiful, something to remember, no need to keep it inside,
Not feeling like a stranger,
Where we’re the perpetual beginner,
No creeping fear of the future,
And when our looks fade,
We’ve got something that we made,
Just like a dream, buzzing and red faced we’ll be arm in arm,
Smiling and laughing, moving gracefully while tomorrow is no burden at all,
Unlike a million times before we’ve both ignored last call,
There will be no final hurrah or a last night to remember,
Just another two lost souls who became the best of the world beaters,

Feedback 1 -
Feedback 2 -
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2023.03.29 22:10 moozuba Self-Doubt and Feeling Like a Failure

Hiya. I'm a recent addition to this community and have been reading and thinking about a lot of stuff as I work through my own complex feelings toward Christianity, evangelicalism, and evangelicals in general. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for with this post. Support, maybe? Reading recommendations? The knowledge that I put my thoughts into words and didn't get guilted about it until I broke down in tears? Maybe just confirmation that I'm not insane? Or alone?
Background: I'm a former pastor and still consider myself a Christian but I'm not part of any church right now and am so thoroughly disgusted with American evangelicalism on the whole that I'm not sure I'll set foot in a church again any time soon (if ever). This is relevant. No judgment to anyone who has walked away entirely or is unsure of their beliefs. I'd still value your input. Just want you to know where I'm coming from.
Intrusive Thought #1: Evangelistic Failure
The fellowship I grew up in emphasized evangelism and conversion even more than most (Church of Christ, fwiw). I grew up with a clear message about the necessity of evangelism and "soul saving" and especially (even primarily) baptizing folk. In my 16 year professional ministry, I never baptized anyone. Never had a convert. I felt like a failure. I DO feel like a failure. The sad/funny part is that one of the things that held me back from evangelizing/proselytizing was the knowledge I held even then that the churches I served were NOT the healthy, Christ-like communities they should have been. I couldn't, in good conscience, recommend that people join the church I served because in both cases the priorities and decisions of the leadership were more harmful than helpful to the congregation, not to mention new believers. I wanted to lead people to peace in Christ, not petty church political bickering and callous disregard for the poor and needy. So I never "won a soul" in my time as a preacher. I tried to show love through both my preaching and my actions but I never swayed anyone to convert... and growing up being taught that numbers are all that matter (not in so many words, but that was definitely the emphasis), I felt like a perpetual failure and cannot look back on my tenure as a pastor without feeling that sense of failure and inadequacy.
Intrusive Thought #2: Failure as a Partner
The closest I came to a "convert" was my own wife, whom I love with all my heart. Like, fairytale romance love. I can't even put into words how much I adore her. I'm not flexing or anything weird like that, I only want to impress how central she is to my life and my self-perception. I am incomplete without her. She wasn't an evangelical when we met. Not sure she ever was, really. She was raised by a Christian father, though. In my 16 years of ministry, she never made a public confession and never opted to be baptized into the fellowship I grew up with (having been christened as an infant in the Lutheran church), but she came to trust in God through my ministry. Then came the crisis of faith brought on by the Trump/evangelical toxic bromance of 2015. I was angry, she was concerned, and I ended up leaving the ministry for good as soon as I found another stable job in a different field. She's in the process of deconstructing/deconverting right now, too. And even though we're in mostly the same place, I... I feel like I've failed her. Failed God. Like all my years in the pulpit were for nothing. And even though I've distanced myself from my evangelical roots and the fearmongering and hypocrisy that I experienced, there is a part of me still that is terrified that I am (or will be) to blame for my wife -- a woman I love with all of my being -- being condemned to hell. This thought haunts me. My failure as a preacher and evangelist was one thing, but thinking of my own doubts and deconstruction as destroying her faith only to learn in the end that I led her to condemnation is torturing me. I would happily cast myself into eternal torment to spare her from the same. And even though I'm not really sold on the idea of hell, the fear persists. It's like a religious version of the times when she's driving late at night and I haven't heard from her in a while and my mind conjures up images of horrific car accidents and flashing lights and the Jaws of Life and if the phone rings I jump because I expect it to be the worst possible news. It never is... but the fear is real. And in spite of that fear and the guilt I carry, I'm hesitant to return to church. I'm afraid my anger will flare up again at a point when I've finally managed to move past all of that. But I keep telling myself that I should have been strong. I should have stayed quiet. I should have suffered for her sake and not made it so clear how I was suffering, the doubts I was having, the outrage I felt, and all of those other negative emotions that just ended up dragging her down with me. I haven't told her about this particular intrusive thought. I don't want to burden her with it because I know it for what it is -- an irrational fear. And yet... I can't seem to move past it. The fear persists. I have, however, told her about the last thing I want to share/unburden myself of today. To wit...
Intrusive Thought #3: Failure as a Father
This is the last of the three but it's also the most common these days thanks to grandparent intervention. I had the critical nature of church attendance and exposure to the Bible drilled into me from a very young age. I'm told stories about myself belting out hymns from the second pew at age TWO. My son knows the fundamental teachings of Christianity because he was just barely old enough to understand some things when I was still preaching. He still asks me theological questions from time to time. It's cute. He also, though, knows how anti-church I became over the past 6-7 years. My daughter really only thinks of church as a place to see her cousins and color pictures. She's only 8 and has no real understanding of Christianity as a system of belief or memory of me as a pastor. And almost every week I wonder: am I being negligent as a parent for not taking my kids to church somewhere? Negligent as a Christian? Is it fair of me to refuse to take them to church solely (or at least primarily) because I'm angry at the church for its hypocrisy and lack of compassion? When I was growing up, the roles of parent and kid were clearly delineated. The parents took the kids to church and the kids attended whether they darn well liked it or not. Three services a week: sun, rain, snow, or apocalypse. Now I'm torn between keeping my kids AWAY from potentially damaging or abusive teachings and/or behaviors and exposing them to the love of God and what it means to actively love others. Their (still staunchly evangelical) grandparents regularly lay on the guilt with regard to the kids not being at church and it makes me feel like a cruel and selfish parent.
Guilt, shame and fear were always the primary weapons of the fellowship I grew up in... and they seem to be nearly as effective today as they were when I was in primary school.
I appreciate you all and this subreddit. I genuinely haven't known where to turn in recent years, so it's been amazing to read the stories (as grief-stricken as some of them are) of others who have turned away from American evangelicalism. Conversations with the Church resulted in cookie cutter answers and half-baked excuses while my therapist doesn't really grasp my struggles with my faith as they relate to the church. I guess you could say that we exvangelicals are fucked up in a wholly unique way. But at least now I can be uniquely fucked up together with others.
Any guidance? Hints? Allegations? Things left unsaid?
Thank you for reading. Sorry for venting my spleen all over the forum.
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2023.03.29 22:09 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Leak Has Fans In A Frenzy For Rockstar’s Next Monster Game Title

So far, Rockstar Games has been rather tight-lipped about its upcoming addition to the Grand Theft Auto series with GTA 6. However, that could be changing soon, based on recent speculation and potential leaks from YouTuber SanInPlay, who previously correctly predicted information about GTA 6’s female protagonist.
In September, GTA 6 gameplay footage leaked online, sending the internet into a frenzy over what was not previously known. That footage quickly spread, being torn down by Rockstar and then popping back up on another site just as quickly. At that time, we expected that Rockstar might leverage the new found excitement about GTA 6, and announce the game properly or even drop a trailer. However, this was not to be, as Rockstar remained silently plugging away.
SanInPlay twitter trailer content leak
As we go into 2023, we expect some GTA 6 news to come out, and we might get it sooner rather than later. YouTuber SanInPlay originally reported that one of the playable protagonists of GTA 6 would be a Latina named Lucia, over a month before we had any information from the leaks. More recently, SanInPlay has claimed that there might be a trailer with a few specific beats, including planes passing overhead, dogs playing, and Lucia in prison exercising, among other details.
SanInPlay twitter Lucia content leak
Of course, this could all be proven wrong by Rockstar in the coming weeks, though prior leaks would suggest otherwise. However, Rockstar could also recut and tweak their trailer if they have one waiting in the wings, should they want to discredit SanInPlay, so future leaks get less coverage. Either way, we will have to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks, because if there is speculation such as this, something of real substance might be coming soon. Where there's smoke there's fire most times, as they say.
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2023.03.29 22:08 Intelligent_Neat_714 Just finished S5E5 and I gotta say

I do not care for Fiona's current relationship. He's probably the best guy she's ever been in a relationship with. (I say probably because I don't know how it turns out. Maybe he ends up being a serial killer. No idea) I just can't buy into getting married after 9 days of knowing each other. She had a great guy that would've done about anything for her and she cheated on him with his cokehead, d-bag brother. I get the whole "addicted to chaos" and maybe this is just more chaos for her but this is a wild commitment to chaos when that chaos has a ring attached to it.
Also, Jimmy/Steve is back! I like Jimmy and am glad he is back. He got gun shy when she legally took on her siblings but I think thats understandable. I think he wanted her for life and never really contemplated having to be the guardians of her siblings (although, maybe he should have). I think Jimmy and Fiona are made for each other. I think they are a lot alike. Both are good people with good hearts that make pretty bad decisions sometimes. Maybe those bad decisions are why they aren't so good for each other. I dunno.
I'm rooting for Lip too. I would love to see him shed "Southside" and become what he's capable of but from what I know so far in this show is good things don't last too long. Just long enough to see good things on the horizon before the bomb goes off. I hope I'm wrong about that but I fear the gun he threw down and didn't even fire is going to hang him and ruin what he's got going for him.
The actor playing Ian is fantastic. He is playing a manic-depressive with bi-polar disorder incredibly well. At least to someone who is far from an expert, it sure looks real. Kudos to that guy.
I love Mickey. He's like an angry old man who is tired of everyones shit but in a young persons body.
Veronica making Kev choose between her and their crying babies really irked me. He may be overprotective but I bet she'd rather have that than the father of the kids next door. He's a new dad and will calm down in time. You also don't need to grind on a strangers leg or have your husband get a handjob from a strange woman just because your sex life has dipped. Do these characters not realize adults can masterbate too?
Lastly, I love Frank. He's a shit person, a worse dad and all around leach on society but he as a fun character to watch and see his crazy shenanigans.
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2023.03.29 22:07 Aggravating-Shoe-191 Weird ringing and pressure changes in ears?

24F, white, does not smoke or drink, 5’9, ~175lbs, no significant medical history other than removal of gallbladder a few years back, rosacea, and ocd. On the mini pill birth control but no other medicines.
Hi-this might not be anything serious but it is very strange to experience it. Sometimes I’ll feel these sort of “pressure changes” in my ear without any prompting—one ear (usually my left) feels like it “hears” much clearer, as though sounds are amplified—and my other ear starts ringing. Its very sudden and always causes chills up my spine and I usually feel a little off balance or stunned. No idea if this is anything to worry about but it’s been happening all day today so would love any advice
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2023.03.29 22:07 Flat_idiott Sponge bob and Walter White start a meth lab

Once upon a time in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SquarePants and Walter White had a fateful encounter that changed their lives forever. One day, Walter White was walking along the beach, lost in thought about how he could make more money selling meth. As fate would have it, he stumbled upon SpongeBob, who was collecting jellyfish for his boss, Mr. Krabs.
At first, Walter White thought SpongeBob was a harmless little sponge, but as he got to know him better, he realized that SpongeBob had a lot of potential. He noticed that SpongeBob was very good at following orders, had a lot of energy, and was willing to try anything once. That's when Walter White saw an opportunity to expand his meth empire by setting up a lab in Bikini Bottom.
SpongeBob was hesitant at first, but Walter White convinced him that they could make a lot of money together. They started building their meth lab in a secret location, hidden from the rest of the residents of Bikini Bottom.
However, their success did not go unnoticed. Darth Vader, a powerful drug lord who had been operating in the area for years, saw Walter and SpongeBob as a threat to his own empire. He started to send his henchmen to spy on them and disrupt their operations.
At first, Walter and SpongeBob didn't take Darth Vader seriously. They thought he was just a washed-up has-been who couldn't compete with their superior product. But as the pressure from Vader's attacks increased, Walter and SpongeBob started to worry.
Things came to a head when Darth Vader sent his most trusted enforcer, Boba Fett, to destroy their lab. Walter and SpongeBob managed to escape, but their lab was destroyed, and they lost all their product.
Determined to get revenge, Walter and SpongeBob decided to take the fight to Darth Vader. They set up a new lab, this time with better security measures, and started producing more meth than ever before. Soon, they had enough product to take on Darth Vader head-on.
In a dramatic showdown, Walter, SpongeBob, and their loyal gang of drug dealers confronted Darth Vader and his minions. The battle was intense, with explosions and gunfire ringing out across Bikini Bottom. In the end, however, Walter and SpongeBob emerged victorious.
With Darth Vader defeated, Walter and SpongeBob became the undisputed kings of the meth trade in Bikini Bottom. They expanded their operations, opening up new labs across the ocean floor, and even started exporting their product to other parts of the world.
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2023.03.29 22:07 afafe_e Today I learned that Arabian Nights is a feminist tale (kinda)

In the spirit of Ramadan bringing back memories of old times, I found myself researching Arabian Nights, the tales that Sheherazade told her husband the king Shahrayar in order to escape execution, making sure to end each night with a cliffhanger, forcing the king to spare her life for one more night until she finishes the story, only for her to start another one and ending the night with a new cliffhanger. This goes on for a thousand and one nights, until the king falls in love with her, deciding to spare her life for good.
The moral of the story that I was told, was that Shahrayar was an idiotic king, fooled by a brilliant well educated Scheherazade, and that's because the story we were told when we were young was rewritten to be more palatable by children, while the original version had more details that put the story in an entirely new context. Though it remains that Sheherazade did indeed outsmart Shahrayar, the story takes on a new meaning after adding the missing bits.
The story starts originally with Shah Zaman, who was Shahrayar's little brother. After their father passed away, they both inherited the kingdom, which they later on split between the two of them, with Shahrayar taking over the bigger section. For a while, all was good, until Shah Zaman, upon returning too early from a trip, found his wife having sex with one of his slaves. This caused him great distress, so much so that not even killing the wife and slave could relieve his pain, and eventually, he was sent to his brother's kingdom where it was hoped he would recover from his pain.
At first, Shah Zaman would not reveal to his brother what had happened, much to the bewilderment of Shahrayar. It wasn't until one night, while the older brother was on a hunting trip, the younger brother witnessed an incomparable scene of debauchery from his chambers: 99 of his brothers slaves having sex with 99 of his harem's women, and the cherry on top : his brother's wife having sex with a slave.
At this sight, Shah Zaman felt more at peace with what happened to him, after all, it was nothing compared to what was happening to his brother. His mood improved, and Shahrayar was surprised to see his brother magically feel better while he wasn't around. After much inquisition, Shah Zaman shared with his brother what he'd witnessed, and suggested he pretends to be on another hunting trip, and hide is his brother's chambers to see it all for himself.
And indeed, Shahrayar witnessed his wife's betrayal with his own eyes, and after killing all 200 people involved in it, decided, along with his brother, to abandon their kingdoms to be governed by ministers, and roam the earth. After all, there was no point in having all that power, if it couldn't protect them from such humiliating betrayal.
While on their trip, and lying on a beach, they witnessed a Djinni (a powerful mythical being in middle eastern lore) rise from water. They quickly hid from him as they watched him put down a box, and pull another box out of it, and so on until he opened the seventh box, from which emerged a beautiful young woman. The Djinni described his woman as his bride whom he'd kidnapped on her wedding night, before she'd even been touched by her groom. He took pride in her virginity, and asked her to sing him to sleep. She did as she was told, and after the Djinni fell asleep, she motioned for the brothers to come out of hiding, threatening to wake the Djinni if they don't comply. She explained that she was going to have sex with them, and threatened to wake the Djinni if they don't. And once done, asked both of them to give her a ring each, which she then put in a box along with 98 other rings. She then explained that she swore to get her revenge from the Djinni by having sex with other men, a hundred to be specific, and now she'd finally completed her collection.
The brothers decided to return home, realizing that, if even someone as powerful as a Djinni can be cheated on, then there's no shame in what they had experienced. But Shahrayar could never fully move on, and so he decided to marry a new woman every night, consummate with her, and kill her before the new day. This went on for a long time, until families started running away with their daughters to save them, and eventually, one young woman was left, Sheherazade, the daughter of the Minister.
Sheherazade was a brilliant woman, and had the idea to take her younger sister with her, asking her to hide in a box, to only emerge when it was time to be executed, and plead with the king to let her older sister tell her a bedtime story one last time.
What happened later on is similar to what we all know, Sheherazade would tell a compelling story to her sister, while the king was in the same room, and end the night on a cliffhanger, manipulating the king into sparing her life for one more night, only to repeat the same thing in the following night. But the part about the story that made me think it was somewhat of a feminist tale, was the focus on female virginity and the way it was portrayed to be detrimental to all those involved. The Djinni was proud to have a virgin bride, but oblivious to her cuckolding him, Shahrayar became obsessed with being the only one to touch his women that he would insist they be virgins, and wait until after they've consummated to kill them, not even divorce them and send them on their way. His obsession also took a toll on his kingdom, as people fleeing the country meant the economy fell apart. The women were the blameless victims, paying the price of betrayal of another woman. It is perfect symbolism of the destruction of society that accompanies the objectification of women, stripping them of any value but the bodily one, and treating them as just another commodity that can't object or have a choice. And it is no coincidence that the happy ending involves Shahrayar saving Sheherazade and spending the rest of his life with her, as the only way he could be relieved of his misery, is to see a woman for more than just a body, but a highly educated intellect who managed to save his kingdom, and specifically its young women.
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2023.03.29 22:07 Free_Seaweed_6097 Advice on burdock root decoction?

I am making one for the first time and I decided to make a bigger batch so I could have some for a few days. Everything I read said to simmer for 20-40 minutes and a few sites said to reduce by half. I used a little under 8 cups of water and it has been simmering for almost 40 mins and has barely reduced. Do I just need to up the time because I used more liquid? Do y’all let it reduce by half?
Would also love to hear anyone success stories with using it! I am primarily using it for digestive and skin health.
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2023.03.29 22:06 Get-me-to-my-Grave 29 M [chat] looking to make friends preferably in the US

Hey, so I’ve recently decided that I’d like to take a longish trip to America hopefully at the end of this year or possibly next year since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and hopefully do a bit of work out there as I’m a tattoo artist, I’m planning to go to Las Vegas and San Fransisco but it’s early days into planning so nothing is set in stone.
I’ve decided to do this since I’ve been in a rut and going through a break up so it’s given me the motivation to change up my life and explore a bit more so I’m hoping to make some friends out there but even if you’re not in the US I’m happy to talk to new people.
A bit about me I’m 29 male from the UK, being a tattoo artist I’m into tattoos, I also play PC mainly Elden ring but don’t really have many friends to play games with so if anyone wants to play games hit me up! I’m into warhammer, anime, films, and like listening to alternative rap like City morgue, Tyler the creator, $uicideboy$, and plenty of other random artists.
So if you’re interested in chatting feel free to give message.
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2023.03.29 22:05 JoggingDaimon Bourbon and Bromance Book Club: Insights and Surprises from 5 Romance Books In!

Hey romancebooks! It's been a while since my last update on the Bourbon and Bromance Book Club, and I'm thrilled to share that we've now read five books and grown to a group of 25 regular guys. We're all new to the romance genre and aren't professional critics, so our insights might not be the most refined—but hey, we're just average dudes who love books, and a few ladies from this sub who've joined our Zoom sessions can attest to our lively discussions (even if we occasionally veer off-topic)!
As requested, here are some insights and surprises we've encountered during our book club journey:
  1. Interestingly, none of us have liked how the male main characters were written in the books we've read so far. The motivations and internal thoughts just didn't ring true to our experiences, leading to many moments of "no man I know would think or feel this way in this situation." Perhaps it's because all the authors have been women, but we're not entirely sure.
  2. We genuinely enjoyed the alien romance, Ice Planet Barbarians! The absence of traditional male characters might have contributed to our appreciation, as it eliminated the issue we had with the portrayal of men in other books.
  3. One of the most rewarding aspects of exploring the romance genre has been the insights we've gained into women's thoughts and desires. As men, we rarely get such an intimate glimpse into the female perspective, and these books have opened our eyes to the complexities of love and attraction from a woman's point of view. We believe there's great value in men reading romance novels written by women for women, as it can foster empathy and understanding between the sexes.
We hope our journey into the romance genre has been as enjoyable for you to read as it has been for us to experience. As we continue to grow and explore new books, we look forward to engaging with this amazing community and sharing our thoughts. Your recommendations, insights, and camaraderie mean the world to us. Happy reading, everyone!
All the best, The Bourbon and Bromance Book Club
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2023.03.29 22:05 ReplacementMinute154 Using the baby to flirt with me 🤢 Awkward experience today.

This interaction made 0 sense but made me soo uncomfortable. I understand if you all are confused because I promise, I am too.
So, I was walking with NK in her stroller past a construction site today. We take the same route everyday and I always smile at the workers to be kind and not make it awkward passing them. One of the workers was standing on the same sidewalk as us so I smiled at him and said hi. He smiles back and then moves to stand in my path and says "Hey I've got a question" so I stopped. He then asked me what this town was called so I told him and he said "Baltimore?". I said no it's [insert town name]. He then said "Baltimore?" I repeated myself again and he said "But what's this town called?" I was so confused cause I had told him three times and even asked to clarify his question. So I said "I don't know how to help you. This is [insert town name]. I'm not sure how close Baltimore is to here." He says "So we're in Baltimore?" At that point I decided its just not worth it to keep talking to him. So I ignore him and maneuver around him to keep walking. As I'm walking away he jogs up to me with his phone out and said "Put your number in my phone." I declined and said "why would you need my number?" He goes "Because your beautiful. We could text and maybe make a beautiful baby like her if you want (Gesturing to my NK)." I left so fast. I'm so disgusted. Reason 10,000 why I'm a lesbian 😭 AND IN FRONT OF THE BABY TOO. I am pretty sure English was not his first language so I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but... yikes.
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2023.03.29 22:03 Dogettt [M4F] Lord of the Rings Plots!

Hello! So, as it is almost time for my annual The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings binge, I've decided to dig up some of my older Middle-Earth plots and create a few new ones, too! Romance, adventure, action and more awaits us. As one does not simply walk into a roleplay without being a detailed, literate writer, I ask that you must be able to contribute to the story and not just react to what happened in the previous post.
After the War's been won, Gimli - along with a guard of twenty Gondorian Riders - returns to Edoras as an escort to Lady Eowyn and her brother, the newly-crowned King Eomer, for Faramir son of Denethor perished due to his wounds. Sending the men back to Minas Tirith, Gimli Son of Gloín bids his friends goodbye and prepares for the march back to Erebor, for word has come: King Daín has fallen in battle against Sauron's forces and, as the detached cousin of Balin, his presence would help the coronation proceedings go smoothly. When Eowyn presents him with an impossible-to-refuse offer, he's torn between his heart and homeland. The offer? To join her in a journey around Middle-Earth as she mourns the loss of the man she was supposed to be betrothed to while pinpointing Sauron's remaining holdouts in the darkest caverns and deepest places where even the Son of Gloín would thing twice to step. (OCs in a similar situation are possible, or we can do someone else instead of Gimli.)
The Evenstar is at her wits' end. Not only does her father refuse to let her stay in Middle-Earth and Lord Aragorn has decided to distance himself from her. Imagine her surprise when, during a diplomatic mission to Erebor, Dale or Lothlorien, she's forced into a diplomacy and politically-fueled 'arranged marriage' of sorts with a noble Dwarf or Orcish chieftain. Perhaps he truly loves her? (This works with Éowyn or Galadriel, too!)
The fairest creature in Middle-Earth, standing tall and graceful, her eyes shining with ancient, endless wisdom: Galadriel is beautiful, intelligent and graceful, so why would she remain between mortals while the Grey Havens beckon to her? That's for us to decide! Lórien is almost empty, Mithrandir and your husband have left, yet you decided to stay. Why? Perhaps you have fallen for a human or such? Maybe you yearn to rear a child? Who knows!
Eowyn lost everything. Her uncle, Theoden. Her cousin, Theodred. The love of her life, Faramir, after he died of the wounds he acquired at the Battle of Osgiliath. Returning to the Rohirric capital of Edoras, the Golden Hall of Meduseld felt empty without her cousin and her uncle. She couldn't take it anymore. Spending almost all her time in her room, curled up in bed, having not washed for months or seen sunlight in weeks, a ray of light enters her life. A half-dead boy - Human, Dwarf, Elf, even Orc - is found by a party of Riders tracking down rumours of an Orc Horde running rampant near Isengard. Eomer, seeing his sister's need for love, decides he knows the perfect foster mother for the boy...
After the War of the Ring, Arwen Undomiel, Evenstar of the Elves, is left in Middle-Earth as her father and family sails to the Grey Havens. Her husband's health failed before she bore children, leaving her as the motherless Queen Regent of a throne governed by a gentle prince, but not one of her own blood. Left seemingly without purpose, Arwen dwells the halls of Minas Tirith until, one day, a patrol brings back the child of a slain soldier who had one last wish: to have his son meet the Evenstar. However, she instantly takes a liking to him and, before long, takes him as her own son.
Something with the Lady Galadriel is also possible!
So, those are my plots! Alternatively, we could create our own story, preferably set between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings or just after Sauron's final defeat! Perhaps a plot similar to ÉOWYN, with our characters taking on goblin strongholds? Maybe they're social outcasts who happen to meet by chance? Or a few soldiers defending Osgiliath? All I know is that I'd love some romance!
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2023.03.29 22:02 AutoModerator [I HAVE] AGENCY NAVIGATOR BY IMAN GADZHI Full Updated Course For Cheap

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2023.03.29 22:01 grimydubstep Tracking Multiple Outbound Clicks as ONE event

TLDR; I manage a website that has a button to book appointments that leads to an outbound URL with an appointment form. I need to figure out a way to track if a user fills out the form and clicks “submit”. AKA I need to track two outbound clicks to similar URLs as one conversion.
After clicking the submit button you will be navigated to a second outbound URL with “/confirmation” in the URL string.
I set up an event for an outbound click to the specific new appointment URL already, but since it only tracks the initial click to the first URL, this does not accurately represent if a site user actually fills out the booking form and confirms an appointment.
I’m wondering if we can record one event that can confirm an appointment has been fully booked to have more accurate conversion data.
I can provide additional data/a picture of how I set up my test event if needed.
Thanks all!
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